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Canal record
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Canal rec. (St. Petersbg. Fla.)
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Panama Canal Society of Florida
Panama Canal Society of Florida, Inc.
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five issues yearly
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Description based on: Vol. 10, no. 4 (Nov. 1976); title from cover.

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"* n ,w S

MOt Arnef H. Beaml
11t. ui IMa. A.U.R SUes'.
Cl4vlmnml, am&

Mr. A.N. Rhear, Tampa, F a.

*I. IL. WIlit.,
06land, Pla.
Mr. Troy Hayes,
St. ParBbwhug, PiO.

Mr. and Mrs. George Ritchy
Phoenix, Ariz.

Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Smith
St. Petersburg, Fla.

Miss A. Sugrue,
Ancon, C.Z.
Miss M. Stakelun,
St. Petersbur% Fla.
Mrs. R.L. Wilhite,
Orlando, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Butler,
St. Petersburg, Fla.

Mrs. M. C. McCormack, Mr. Fred Lyons,
Orlando, Fla. Clearwater, Fla.
Mrs. J. H. Weller, Mr. and Mrs. B. Mclntyre,
Clearwater, Fla. Balboa, C.Z.
Mrs. E.P. Beverley, Miss Jane Gadde,
Broard Run, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla.

Capt. Maurenus Peterson,
Glendale, Calif.
Lt. C. T. Tribolet.
Glendale, Calif.
Capt. Carl P. Wanke,
Whittier, Calif.

Mrs. A.L. January,
Glen Burnie, Md.
Mrs. L.M. Abrahoms,
Cleremont, Fla.

The Panama Canal Society of Florida
To preserve American Ideals and Canal Zone Friendships
C. G. Calvit J. F. Warner
President Founder
A. L. Miner F. A. Anderson
Vice-President W. H. Butler
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd J.W. Gray
H. H. Hudson
Mrs. Burt W. Hall H.H. Hudson
Correspond. Sec'y. Ralph H. Oliver
E. M. Kieswetter Dan E. Wright
News Editor Counselors
Lee Burns G. T. Tarflinger
Chaplain Sgt.-at-Arms


The Panama Canal Problem is the title of a memorandum ad-
dressed to the Members of The Congress over the signatures of fifteen
engineers and sanitarians who in various capacities took an active
part in the original building of that great project and who are still
zealously concerned about its future.
The above memorandum was reprinted in full in the Canal Record
for June 1954. ExCanalers will find a rereading of it today more in-
teresting than a year ago.
A step forward toward a solution to the Pan Canal Problem is
now developing in The Congress, through the introduction of compan-
ion bills in the Senate and the House. Senator Thomas E. Martin
(Iowa) has introduced S.766 while Representative Clark W. Thompson
(Texas) has introduced H.R. 3335. These bills are now pending, re-
spectively, before the Senate Committee on Interstate and Foreign
Commerce and the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fish-
These bills propose to create an Interoceanic Canals Commission,
and outline the duties of such commission. Being companion bills
they are identical, being here reprinted in full.

COMPANION BILLS, S. 766 and H.R. 3335
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress assembled, that this Act may

be cited as the "Interoceanic Canals Commission Act of 1955".
SEC. 2. (a) A commission is hereby created, to be known as
the "Interoceanic Canals Commission" (hereinafter referred to as the
"Commission"), and to be composed of eleven members to be appointed
by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate,
as follows: One member shall be a commissioned officer of the line
(active or retired) of the United States Army; one member shall be
a commissioned officer of the line (active or retired) of the United
States Navy; one member shall be a commissioned officer of the line
(active or retired) of tht United States Air Force; and eight members
from civil life, four of whom shall be persons learned and skilled in
the science of engineering. The President shall designate one of the
members from civil life as Chairman, and shall fill all vacancies on
the Commission in the same manner as are made the original appoint-
ments. The Commission shall cease to exist upon the completion of
its work hereunder.
(b) The Chairman of the Commission shall receive compensa-
tion at the rate of $20,000 per annum, and the other members shall
receive compensation at the rate of $18,000 per annum, each; but the
members appointed from the Army, Navy, and Air Force shall receive
only such compensation, in addition to their pay and allowances, as
will make their total compensation from the United States $18,000
SEc. 3 The Commission is authorized and directed to make and
conduct a comprehensive investigation and study of all problems in-
volved or arising in connection with plans or proposals for-
(a) an increase in the capacity and operational efficiency
of the present Panama Canal through the adaption of the Third
Locks project (53 Stat. 1409) to provide a summit-level terminal
lake anchorage in the Pacific end of the canal to correspond with
that in the Atlantic end, and by other modification or design
of the existing facilities;
(b) the construction of a new Panama Canal of sea-level
design or any modification thereof;
(c) The construction and ownership by the United States of
another canal or canals connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans;
(d) the operation, maintenance, and protection of the Pan-
ama Canal, and of any other canal or canals which may be recom-
mended by the Commission;
(e) treaty and territorial rights which may be deemed
essential hereunder; and

(f) estimates of the respective costs of the undertakings
herein enumerated.
SEC. 4. For the purpose of conducting all inquiries and investi-
gations deemed necessary by the Commission in carrying out the pro-
visions of this Act, the Commission is authorized to utilize any official
reports, documents, data, and papers in the possession of the United
States Government and its officials; and the Commission is given
power to designate and authorize any member, or other officer, of the
Commission, to administer oaths and affirmations, subpoena witnesses,
take evidence, procure information and data, and require the produc-
tion of any books, papers, or other documents and records which the
Commission may deem relevant or material for the purposes herein
named. Such attendance of witnesses, and the production of documen-
tary evidence, may be required from any place in the United States,
or any Territory, or any other area under the control or jurisdiction
of the United States, including the Canal Zone.
SEC. 5. The Commission shall submit to the President and the
Congress, not later than two years after the date of the enactment
hereof, a final report containing the results and conclusions of its in-
vestigations and studies hereunder, with recommendations; and may,
in its discretion, submit interim reports to the President and the
Congress concerning the progress of its work. Such final report shall
(a) the recommendations of the Commission with respect
to the Panama Canal, and to any new inter-oceanic canal or
canals which the Commission may consider feasible or desirable
for the United States to construct, own, maintain, and operate;
(b) the estimates of the Commission as regards the approx-
imate cost of carrying out its recommendations; and like estimates
of cost as to the respective proposals and plans considered by the
Commission and embraced in its final report; and
(c) such information as the Commission may have been
able to obtain with respect to the necessity for the acquisition,
by the United States, of new, or additional, rights, privileges, and
concessions, by means of treaties or agreements with foreign na-
tions, before there may be made the execution of any plans or
projects recommended by the Commission.
SEC. 6. The Commission shall appoint a secretary, who shall re-
ceive compensation fixed in accordance with the Classfication Act of
1949, as amended, and shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission.

SEC. 7. The Commission is hereby authorized to appoint and fix
the compensation of such engineers, surveyors, experts or advisors
deemed by the Commission necessary hereunder, as limited by the
provisions in title 5, United States Code, section 55a (1946 edition);
and may make such expenditures-including those for actual travel
and subsistence of members of the Commission and its employees-
not exceeding $13 for subsistence expense for any one person for any
calendar day; for rent of quarters at the seat of government, or else-
where; for personal services at the seat of government, or elsewhere;
and for printing and binding necessary for the efficient and adequate
functions of the Commission hereunder. All expenses of the Commis-
sion shall be allowed and paid upon the presentation of itemized vou-
chers therefore approved by the Chairman of the Commission, or such
other official of the Commission as the Commission may designate.
SEC. 8. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated such
sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions and purposes
of this Act.

The following letter from the Hon. George A. Smathers is in re-
sponse to one from the Panama Canal Society of Florida urging
Senator Smathers to use his efforts, favorably, when H.R. 3335 and
S, 766 came before the Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

Committee on Finance
April 19,1955
Mrs. Lucille S. Judd, Secretary
The Panama Canal Society of Florida
P. 0. Box 249, Sta. A
St. Petersburg, Florida
Dear Mrs. Judd:
Thank you for your letter of April 13th together with enclosure,
urging my support of S. 766 and H. R. 3335, companion bills which
would create the Interoceanic Canals Commission to conduct a study
of the problems involved in connection with plans for the Panama
Canal and other Canals.
This appears to be a very worthwhile legislation and I want to
assure you that when it is taken up by the Interstate and Foreign Com-
merce Committee, of which I am a member, it will have my most

serious consideration.

With kind regards, I am


The March number of the Canal Record discussed bills of interest
to Civil Retirees, particular mention was made of bills H.R. 3791 and
H.R. 3792. More recently Hon. Olin D. Johnston (S.C.) has intro-
duced in the Senate a bill S. 1153 as companion to H.R. 3791.
The purpose of these bills was covered in some detail in our pre-
vious number. It is believed these bills will become the basis of refer-
ence when hearings on Civil Service Retirement subjects are conducted
by the Senate and House Committtes on P.O. and C.S. At this writing
these committees have not scheduled any hearings on these and asso-
ciated bills and subjects.
The absence of scheduled hearings may indicate that too few
Retirees have communicated to Committeemen their interest and con-
cern in their own retirement and economic problems. Unless so in-
formed the busy Committeemen will hardly find time to think how
difficult it has become for the retiree to maintain a reasonable stand-
ard of living on his retirement annuity which, due to the increased cost
of living, now has a purchasing value of only half that as was origin-
ally intended in the Civil Service Retirement System.
Time for this session of the Congress is fast running out. With-
out further delay Retirees should briefly but earnestly ask their Con-
gressman to use his good office to prevail upon the House Committee
to conduct hearings on H.R. 3791 and H.R. 3792 during this first
session of the present congress. If your Congressman is not informed
of your concern in these matters he will become occupied with other
Widows who are now not eligible for survivor benefits will be in-
terested in the following bills: S. 808 introduced by Hon. William N.
Langer (N. Dak.), H.R. 500 by Hon. Gardner R. Withrow (Wis.),
H.R. 2650, by Hon. Edward H. Rees, (Kans.), H.R. 2691 by Hon.
Robert C. Wilson (Calif.) and H.R. 2875 by Hon. George M. Rhodes
These five bills all propose to amend the Civil Service Retirement

Act to establish annuity benefits for eligible surviving widows of an-
nuity eligible retirees who died prior to Feb. 28, 1948. The annuity
is not to exceed $600. a year. The above S. bill is pending in the Sen-
ate Committee on P. 0. & C. S. The four H.R. bills are pending in the
House Committee on P. O. & C. S.
Widows who survive Pan Canal Construction Workers, but who
now are not eligible for survivor benefits will be interested in bill H.R.
2130 introduced by Hon. William J. Green (Pa.) and now pending
in the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. H. R.
2130 proposes to amend the Pan Canal Construction Service Act of
May 29, 1944. (P.L. 319-78th Congress) to change the eligibility
requirements of widows from one full year of Canal Zone residence
prior to April 1, 1914 to a surviving widow who was married on or
before April 1, 1914.
Also of interest to Pan Canal Construction worker's widows is
bill S. 1409 introduced by Hon. Matthew M. Neely (W. Va.) and now
pending in the Senate Committee on Post Office and Civil Service.
S. 1409 proposes to amend the Pan Canal Construction Service Act of
May 29, 1944 to change the eligibility requirements for widows from
one full year of Canal Zone residence, to a suviving widow who lived
with her husband at least ten years prior to May 29, 1944. This being
the date of enactment of this act. This bill S. 1409 also proposes to
increase the amount of present pensions to construction workers by
25 per cent or $300. a year which ever is the smaller.
Pan Canal Old Timers who have become interested in H.R. 842
by Hon. Horace Sealy-Brown (Conn.) and the proposal to amend the
Pan Canal Construction Service Act of May 29, 1944, to increase
pensions by $25 or 25 per cent not to exceed $300. a year nor a total
of $2160.00 will be pleased to know that H.R. 2554 by Hon. Hale
Boggs (La.) and H.R. 3328 by Hon. John J. Rooney (N. Y.) have also
been introduced to accomplish the same purpose. These three bills
are all pending in the House Committee on Merchant Marine and
Fisheries. Also see Senate bill S. 1409 mentioned above.
Civil Service Retirees will be interested in H.R. 4083 introduced
by Hon. John Lesinski (Mich.) and now pending before the House
Committee on P. O. & C. S. This bill, H.R. 4083, proposes to amend
the Civil Service Retirement Act to eliminate the reduction in annuity
made for surviving spouse if spouse does not survive. The proposed
change reads: In the event that the designated spouse shall predecease
the annuitant the full annuity shall be restored as if such election

had not been made, commencing the month following the death of the
designated spouse.

Ralph Cutler has just rushed to us some last minute information
telling that he went to Washington April 26 to attend Committee Hear-
ings on H.R. 842 and related bills, only to be informed that the hear-
ings had been cancelled, on account of the illness of Committee Chair-
man, Hon. Herbert C. Bonner.
He also tells us that he believes the committee has some favorable
reports on these subjects.
While Cutler travelled nearly 1000 miles in a round trip to at-
tend these cancelled hearings, he wants you to know that he will try
to attend the hearings when again scheduled.


S. H. Grauten arrived in Washington during the first week of
March to do all he possibly could for the Bill to benefit two to three
year construction workers. Mr. Grauten has been very active in the
interest of this bill and all interested owe him a debt of gratitude.

The Workers of Wake, Guam and Cavite
Show Their Appreciation

The workers of Wake, Guam and Cavite have recognized, as Pan-
ama Canal workers have, that their best friend and worker for their
organization is none other than our old friend, Bill Hushing. At their
tenth annual convention last December in Boise, Idaho, the members
wished to show in some manner their appreciation. Knowing that Mr.
Hushing has a fast rule and one that he will never violate, that he will
accept nothing outside his salary, the convention decided to give Mr.
Hushing a plaque for the work he had done for the organization.

Isthmian Canal Policy An Evaluation
by Capt. Miles P. DuVal, U. S. Navy (Retired)

In the March issue of the United States Naval Institute Proceed-

ings, there is an interesting article by Capt. DuVal. Graduating from
the U.S. Naval Academy in 1918, Capt. DuVal has had extensive naval
service including duty from 1941 to 1944 as Capt. of the Port, Balboa,
C. Z. He is the author of two books on the Canal, "And The Moun-
tains Will Move" and "Cadiz to Cathay", and is now completing a
third volume in his trilogy.

We are in receipt of an interesting short history of the.First Trans-
continental Railroad, authored by Mr. R. W. Hebard, President of
the Panama Canal Society of New York. It contains about 35 pages
of interesting historical data on the Panama Railroad from its begin-
ning in 1855 up to the present year, the Railroad's 100th anniversary.
There are several interesting reproductions of old cuts and pictures
interspersed throughout the booklet.

from The Panama Canal Society of Florida

Mr. W. J. Grobe of Saginaw, Michigan, celebrated his 90th birth-
day on April 19th.
Mr. T. W. Spriegel of Attica, New York, celebrated his 85th birth-
day in April.
Mr. George E. Carkeet, Sr., of Houston, Texas, celebrated his
80th birthday on April 30th.
Mrs. Eleanor Kennedy of Orlando, celebrated her 93rd birthday
in April.
Mrs. Lucy Goolsby of San Diego, California, will celebrate her
93rd birthday on July 28th.
Mrs. Thomas Waters of Miami, Florida, will be 83 years old on
July 28th.

Can You Help?

Mr. Jack Shope of 20 East 1st St., Peru, Indiana, would like to
know the whereabouts or address of a Mr. Shepherd who worked in
the Administration building at Gatun from 1910 to 1912.

Mrs. Anna Williams, widow of Charles Williams, who died last

November in Gorgas Hospital, would appreciate the help of anyone
who can verify the fact of her residence on the Canal Zone during con-
struction days. Mr. Williams was first employed in 1908 as a drill
runner, later as a pipe fitter and foreman. He resigned in 1912 and went
to Columbia where he and Mrs. Williams were married. They returned
to the Isthmus in October, 1912 and Mr. Williams was reemployed
with the Municipal Engineering Division. They lived in Cristobal or
Colon until his retirement in 1939.


We receive hundreds of letters from members mentioning how much
they enjoy the Record. We want to thank everyone for their kind
words and letters of appreciation. The Editor.


Louis H. Fourcher of Fairhaven, Mass., has been on the move
spending some time in California with his daughter and family. While
in California he saw many old C.Z. friends. Mr. Fourcher also spent
some time in Tucson, Arizona.
Thomas and Catherine Etchberger have a spacious home in Norge,
Va., and while they are a little off the beaten track, they would be
happy to see any of their friends who pass that way.
Chris and George Poole have rolled up 15,000 on their car
since retirement, visiting relatives and friends all over the country.
They are now in Scotia, New York, and are expecting their son George,
who has been in Korea for 16 months. Many friends have dropped by
to see them; Alice and Herb Engelke and family, and Bert Wood
from Monrovia, California, Hattie Roberts and son Ben from Abing-
ton, Pa., Bea and Worden French and two boys, Elsie and Ed Mills-
paugh and son, John, Mrs. Lillian Harris, and Ruth and Leon Egolf
with daughter Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tydeman and the Rev.
and Mrs. Leon De Smidt. She reports that Mr. and Mrs. Jack Patter-
son are moving into their new and lovely split level home near Scotia.
Miss Jean Dobie of Cristobal is vacationing in St. Petersburg,
Fla. She expects to be here about two months.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Callaway, formerly of Magnolia Springs,
Alabama, are now making their home at 3212- 49th St. North, St.
Petersburg. House open to all old friends.
Terrel Toone, formerly of Balboa, C. Z. has been appointed City
Tax Collector in Kerriville, Texas.
Jane Gadde was on a trek through the mid-west enroute to Hous-
ton, and San Antonio, Texas.
H. L. and Gladys Samples of Ancon, C. Z. are leaving the Zone
and expect to make their future home in Leesburg, Fla. after a visit
with Mrs. Samples parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bleakley of
Roscoe, N. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bigaman of Pomona, Calif., are building a
home in the mountains, 14 miles from Yosemite National Park. They
are building on a six acre plot and their address will be Oakhurst,
Madero County, California.
Mary Shivers sent us word of Harry Lee Ferguson's death. Also
that Capt. Harry Lee, Jr., who commands the Franklin Roosevelt
Base in Puerto Rico, flew to the Canal Zone for the internment of his
father's ashes.
Capt. and Mrs. Charles Lillie of Danby, Vt. recently took a trip
to the West Indies and Mexico, arriving home for the season's last
snow storm.
Iretta Austin enjoyed a trip to Detroit, Chicago, and Springfield,
Ill. with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Koontz.
Returned to Fairhope, Alabama, and then took off for Newport Beach,
Calif. for a visit with her younger daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen Freeman.
Mrs. Charles L. Parker of St. Petersburg, Fla. is visiting her daugh-
ter, Dr. Eleanor K. Parker of Coatesville, Penn. After that visit, Mrs.
Parker hopes to visit her daughter, Anita, and son-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Johnston and four children of San Jose, Cost Rica.
Mrs. Elsie Allen of Scarsdale, N. Y. writes that Capt. Sam Roberts
is doing quite well despite low blood pressure and failing eye sight.
She also reports the death of Josephine Bouchard, wife of Capt. Bou-
chard, who for many years was a tow boat master in the Dredging
Division. They resided in Pedro Miguel. Mrs. Allen has recently re-
covered from a virus infection. She also reports that her son William

(Bill) Allen and his wife had their third daughter recently.

Mrs. W. T. Bowen of Coral Gables, Fla. writes that the Boyd
triplets, who have made quite a name for themselves in the entertain-
ment world, were recent visitors at the Bowen home. Billie Bowen and
the Boyd girls are old school chums of Balboa days. The triplets were
enroute to California to join their mother who makes her home there
since the death of Mr. Boyd last year.

Bess and Walter Morton, formerly of the Canal Zone, now resid-
ing in El Monte, Calif. report busy days for the Mortons. Walt has
a job and helps Bess manage the Royal Motel plus a newly opened
dress shop. All the Mortons, Jim 16, Wally 15, and Marjie 9, all pitch
in and help. In addition, Mrs. Morton has taken on the job of Sec'y.-
Treas. of the P. C. Society of Los Angeles.

Florence Miller sends greetings to all her friends and for the next
few months plans to make her home in Utica, N. Y. She reports the
Stone family, daughter, son-in-law, and three youngsters, are all well.

Mrs. Wilfred Van Fleet of Belfast, Maine, writes that Van is con-
fined to his bed and wheel chair. Gets an occasional ride in the car,
weather permitting.

Hattie B. Griesinger, former Cristobal resident, now of Buffalo,
N. Y. sends best wishes to all her friends.

Mrs. Guy Allen of Raleigh, N. C. spent four months in New Or-
leans visiting friends. While there Mrs. Allen spent some time in the
hospital undergoing surgery for removal of gall bladder. She is now
home and feeling greatly improved and looking forward to the return
from Alaska of her son and his family who have been on a two year
tour of duty at Ft. Richardson.

We are in receipt of an interesting picture sent us by Walter G.
Ross of a group of old timers. Unfortunately the picture would not
reproduce well, so we will be unable to use it. Mr. Ross left the
Canal Zone in 1914, went to Europe as Military Attache at Lisbon.
After 25 years in Spain, Portugal, and France, he retired and returned
to the United States. Mr. Ross is now engaged in the importing of
manganese from India and chrome from Turkey.


Captain and Mrs. Clinton Baverstock of Balboa, announce the
engagement of their daughter, Cecilia, to Mr. C. Brenton Battersby
of Mirror Lake, New Hampshire. Miss Baverstock was graduated
from Balboa High School in 1951 and attended the Canal Zone Junior
College for one year. She will receive her B.A. degree from the Univer-
sity of New Hampshire in June. Mr. Battersby served as Lieutenant
in the United States Naval Air Corps during World War II. He was
graduated in 1953 with a B.S. degree from the University of New
Hampshire and will receive his M.A. degree in Animal Industry. He
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Battersby of Everett, Massachusetts.
A June wedding is planned.
The engagement of Miss Marie Janet Fraser to Mr. Harold B.
Green, is announced. Miss Fraser is the daughter of Mr. Harold M.
Fraser of Cristobal, Canal Zone and Mrs. Warren F. McKenna of
Fort Gulick, Canal Zone, and is a graduate of Cristobal High School,
Class of '54. Miss Fraser is now attending the University of Miami
in Coral Gables, Florida, for a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Miss Fraser
was born in the Canal Zone and is the granddaughter of two former
Canal Zone employes, Mr. Herman Kleefkens of Tampa, Florida, and
Mr. Alexander Fraser of Buffalo, New York.
Mr. Green is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Green of Philadelphia,
Penn., and is a graduate of John Bartram High School, Class of '48
and he also attended Radio and Submarine school while in the Navy.
Mr. Green is now attending the University of Miami for a Bachelor
of Engineers Degree.
Mrs. Walter Van Vleet of Balboa announces the engagement of
her daughter, Joan, to Mr. John B. Corliss, Jr., the son of Mr. and Mrs.
John B. Corliss, formerly of Balboa but now residing in Orlando, Flor-
ida. Miss Van Vleet is the daughter of the late Walter Van Vleet.
The wedding date will be announced later.
Mr. and Mrs. Milo F. Kisam, of Miami, Florida, formerly of
Gatun, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Helen Jane,
to Mr. Eric L. Ericson, also of Miami.
The ceremony will take place May 14, at St. James Catholic
Church in Miami.
The marriage of Miss Oleva Hastings, formerly of Ancon, to
Mr. Walter White, of New York, took place Tuesday, March 22, in
the Chapel of the Second Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri.

The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. C. C. Carnahan.
The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. I. F. McIlhenny of Diablo
Mr. and Mrs. White will make their home after about April 10
in Chicago.
Mrs. White was well known on the Isthmus. She was employed
for several years in the Press Office of the Panama Canal at Balboa
Heights. She resigned in August 1953 to accept a position with the
public relations department of the American Red Cross in St. Louis
where she has since been employed.
The engagement of MissAnne Therese Larkin of Bywood, Upper
Darby, Pennsylvania, to John Palmer Smith, 3rd, son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Palmer Smith, Jr., of Balboa Heights, has been announced by
Miss Larkin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Larkin, Jr.
Miss Larkin attended Immaculata College, Immaculata, Pennsyl-
vania. John P. Smith graduated from Balboa High School in the class
of '49 and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and is at
present attending Officer's Candidate School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
They plan to be married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this May.

Mrs. Charlotte McLaughlin, former resident of C. Z. and now of
Pitt Street, Patchogue, Long Island, N. Y., has announced the engage-
ment of her daughter, Jacqueline, to David S. Johnston, son of Mr.
and Mrs. D. K. Johnston of Blue Point, N. Y.

Mr. Fenwick Lee Moreland Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. More-
land, Sr., formerly of Pedro Miguel and now of Landover, Maryland,
and Miss Patricia Ann Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Moore of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, were married on February 11,
at Forestville, Md.
On February 5th, Miss Ellen Marguerite Pecor, formerly of
Chestertown, Indiana, was married to Mr. Edward Garode Coyle. The
bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patrick Pecor of Chester-
town, Indiana. Mr. Coyle is the son of Mrs. Eileen Coyle of Hender-
sonville, N. C. and the late Mr. Francis Coyle.
The wedding of Miss Marie C. Kempker to Mr. John P. Corri-
gan, Jr. took place on January 1. at the Sacred Heart Chapel in Ancon,
C. Z. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. George Kempker of West
Point, Iowa and the late Mr. Kempker. Mr. Corrigan is the son of
Mr. John P. Corrigan, now of Washington, D. C. and the late Mrs.

On March 25th at the First Baptist Church at Balboa Heights,
Miss Mary Emma Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David S. Smith
of Margarita, became the bride of Sgt. Paul Randolph McDonald of
Fort Amador. Mrs. McDonald, who was born in Ancon, Canal Zone,
was graduated from Balboa High School and attended Canal Zone
Junior College. Sgt. McDonald is the son of Mrs. Inez Reynolds and
the late Mr. Charles H. McDonald, of Gore, Virginia..
Announcement has been made of the marriage of Mrs. Edith F.
Morton of St. Petersburg, and Mr. William H. Aspden, formerly of
Gatun, now of St. Petersburg, on March 23 at the First Methodist

Mrs. Doris B. MacDonald of Balboa, Canal Zone, and Mr. Lloyd
A. MacDonald of Detroit, Michigan, announce the engagement of
their daughter Gayle to Boyd F. Baldwin Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs.
Boyd F. Baldwin of Seattle, Washington.
The bride to be graduated from Balboa High School in 1951 and
will be graduated from the University of Montana in June. She is a
member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.
Mr. Baldwin was graduated from the University of Montana in
December and was affffiliated with Sigma Chi Fraternity. He is at
present, employed by Boeing Air Craft Company in Seattle, Washing-
ton. The wedding will take place May 29th at Missoula, Montana.
Mrs. MacDonald is leaving the Isthmus April 15th to visit her daugh-
ter and attend the wedding and graduation.
Mrs. Charles Parker of St. Petersburg has announced the marriage
of her daughter, Betty, to Mr. S. H. Phillips of Gulfport, Florida on
February 12, 1955.
Mr. Harry A. Thompson, formerly of Covington, La., journeyed
north to West Asheville, N. C., fell in love with that part of the coun-
try and also with one ofAsheville's fair ladies, whom he is now proud
to say is his wife. Mrs. Thompson is the former Mrs. Ethel M. Maine.
Congratulations and best wishes from the Panama Canal Society.
Mrs. David M. McLaren has announced the marriage of her
daughter, Phyllis Elizabeth, to Mr. Joseph Barkley on April 10th in
Winter Park, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Barton C. Woodruff of Pinellas Park, Fla., announce
the marriage of their daughter Shirley to Edward Eugene Parker, son
of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brady of Baltimore, Md., on May 7th at

Corpus Christi Church in Baltimore, Md. The couple will reside in
The marriage of Miss Caryl Joyce Jackson, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert C. Jackson, of Spokane, Washington, and David Alan
Rubelli, U.S. Air Force, son of Capt. and Mrs. R. W. Rubelli of Mar-
garita, Canal Zone, took place in the home of the bride's parents.
Captain Karl Fenn of Geiger Air Force Base, Bishop of the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, officiated at the ceremony.


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nygard are the proud parents of twin girls,
born on February 13th. They have been named Janet and Judy. The
maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Sam R. Meyer of Tampa.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Hoy of Cleveland, Ohio, announce the
birth of their second child, a daughter, Sherrie Lee, on March 16th.
Mrs. Hoy, the former Billie Berk Mitten, was born and educated in
the Canal Zone.
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gribbin of Penns Neck, New Jersey, an-
nounce the arrival of their first child, Edward Albert, on February 1,
at St. Francis Hispital in Trenton, New Jersey. Mrs. Gribbin, form-
erly Miss Mary T. Ridge, was born and reared in the Canal Zone.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ridge of Trenton,
N. J. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Gribbin,
also of Trenton.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Kinnier of Scarsdale, New York, an-
nounce the arrival of a daughter, Wendy Sue, on February 3, 1955.
Mrs. Kinnier is the former Janet Kimmel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Everett Kimmel of Gamboa, C. Z.
Sgt. and Mrs. Dwight M. Van Evera, Jr announce the birth of
their first child, a daughter, Sharon Lynne, on February 12 at Langly
Field Air Base, Hampton, Virginia. Sgt. Van Evera attended Balboa
High School and the Canal Zone Junior College. His wife, the former
Miss Patricia Farley, formerly taught school at Ft. Kobbe. Paternal
grandparents of the little girl are Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Van Evera of
Diablo Heights.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kollman of Pleasantville, N. J. announce

the birth of their second son on February 4th. The baby has been
named Ronald Carl. Mrs. Kollman is the former Beulah Simons of
the Atlantic Side, who was born and reared on the Isthmus. Her
mother, Mrs. Cora Simons of Cristobal is the baby's maternal grand-
parent and paternal grandparent is Mrs. Anna Kollman of Pleasant-
ville, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Comstock of Tacoma Park, Maryland,
announce the birth of a daughter, Karen Lynn, on April 9th. Mrs.
Comstock was the former Joann Barker. The maternal grandparents
are Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Barker of Silver Springs, Maryland.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred T. Marsh of Coco Solito, Canal Zone, an-
nounce the birth of their second child, Edythe Susan, born on April
9th at Coco Solito Hospital. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
I. W. Metzger of Miami, Florida, and paternal grandmother is Mrs.
Augusta Marsh of Riverside, California.



Samuel L. Brown, Assistant Port Captain, Cristobal-
.-..........----.-.-------------- 27 years, 9 months, 23 days.
Theodort E. Englebright, Policeman, Gatun-26 yrs., 4 mos., 18 days.
Pinckney G. Hogan, Electrical Division-9 years, 8 months, 17 days.
Mrs. Eleanor P. Home, Accounting Division-15 years, 15 days.
Thomas M. McGinn, Lock Operator-26 years, 4 months, 22 days.
Joseph E. Moore, Service Center Division-30 years, 1 month, 16 days.
Clarence H. True, Plant, Inventory and Appraisal Staff-
----------- 23 years, 5 months, 17 days
Mrs. Johanna Hargy, Atlantic Medical Clinics-25 years, 9 days.
Raymond A. Koperski, Customs Inspector, Cristobal-
_-- ------24 years, 1 month, 2 days.
Thomas J. Libonati, Locks Division-26 years, 8 months, 16 days.
Craig S. Neville, Office of Comptroller-32 years, 10 days.
Mrs. Nina P. Robinson, Corozal Hospital-26 years, 9 months, 22 days.
Louie E. Rocher, Navigation Division-15years, 16 days.
Raymond B. Ward, Lock Operator, Gatun-30 years, 8 days.
Kenneth F. Zipperer, Principal Review Clerk-17 years, 4 months.


Gilbert H. Hulcher, Maintenance Div.-17 years, 7 months, 22 days.
Malvern P. Pappendick, Commissary Division-36 years, 25 days.
Capt. Arthur J. Troup, Special Assistant to the Civil Affairs Director
----------.... -----.. ..----_ ------ 30 years, 6 months, 23 days.


Hal Cooper underwent surgery in a Tampa Hospital on April
6th. According to reports he is progressing nicely.
Mrs Paul Warner of Bradenton, Florida has been quite ill in a
Bradenton Hospital.
Mary Cooper Coxe of Upper Darby, Pa. reports that her father,
Tom Dawson Cooper, has been very sick the past year and is now a
patient in a nursing home at 318 So. Orange St., Media, Pa. He is 84
years old and was on the Canal Zone for 40 years. He was with the
Commissary Division.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Patterson of Richmond Heights, Miss-
ouri, are both reported as being very ill.
Mr. Fred Hall of St. Petersburg, Florida suffered a slight stroke
recently. He is recuperating at home.
Mr. Harry Ottman of St. Petersburg suffered a heart attack and
was in Mound Park Hospital.
Mr. Walter Campbell of Cleveland Ohio, is very ill at Benjamine
Rose Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.
Bill Bartlett of St. Petersburg is recuperating at home following
surgery at Mound Park Hospital.
Mr. Charles H. Hill of Zephyrhills, Florida suffered a heart at-
tack, recently.
Jessie Murdock reports she is still in a Toronto hospital but is
making steady progress and hopes to be walking, soon.
Pauline Meredith reports that she is some better but still has
quite a way to go. She is recuperating in Hollywood, Florida.
Mr. J. F. McTyier of St. Petersburg, Florida has been a patient

in St. Anthony's Hospital. Last reports he was doing nicely.
Mr. Warren Love of Gulfport, Florida suffered a severe heart
attack. He spent some time in St. Anthony's Hospital but is now con-
valescing at his home.
Mrs. Ruth Wilson, daughter of Mrs. Archie Stewart, of Tampa,
is a patient in Tampa Municipal Hospital.


Cards of thanks and appreciation have been
Miss Jessie Murdock of Toronto, Canada.
Mrs. Bessie Hunt of St. Petersburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Love, Gulfport, Florida.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett of St. Petersburg, Florida.
Mr. J. T. McTyier of St. Petersburg, Florida.
Miss Pauline Meredith of Hollywood, Florida.
Mrs. Paul Warner of Bradenton, Florida.
Mrs. John Warner of Bradenton, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Cooper of Tampa, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Campbell of Cleveland, Ohio.
Mr. George L. Willett of Tampa, Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cutler of Mystic, Conn.
Mr. Elmer F. and John Ohlson, Largo, Florida.
Mr. John A. Seville, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mr. Harry M. Ottman, St. Petersburg, Florida.
Mrs. Russell D. Heath, Melbourne, Florida.

received from the


Henry W. Bigelow of St. Petersburg, Florida, died on January
21st after a long illness. He was 80 years old. He is survived by his
daughter, Miss Margaret C. Bigelow, of St. Petersburg, Florida and
his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bigelow of Coco
Solo, and two grandchildren, Sally and James Bigelow.
Mrs. Connie Genthon, former resident of Cristobal, died in Feb-
ruary at her home in North Hollywood, Calif. She is survived by her
husband and by a daughter, Jo Ann.

News of the death of Mrs. Mayme Taylor, wife of James D. Tay-
lor of Leavenworth, Washington has been received. The Taylors came
to the Isthmus in 1940 and resided in Gatun until they left in 1946.
She is survived by her husband and two sons.
A well known resident of Colon, Frank S. Parmenter, passed away
after a brief illness, in March. He was 79 years old. He retired from
the Canal service in 1953 after working for ten years in the Municipal
Division. He is survived by his wife, Cecilia, of Colon, a daughter,
Mrs. E. S. Hutchinson of Washington, D. C., whose husband was
formerly Port Captain in Balboa.
John R. Strauss, well known former resident of the Canal Zone
and former supervisor of the Balboa Field Office of the Electrical Div-
ision, died of a heart attack at his home in Indiana. He was 71 years
old. An ardent sportsman, Mr. Strauss was one of the founders of the
Pacific Sailfish Club and well known among the hunting and fishing
enthusiasts on the Isthmus.
John J. Prill, a wireman with the Electrical Division, died in Feb-
ruary after a brief illness. He was 51 years old. He is survived by his
wife Frances who lives in Balboa with two of her three sons, Joseph,
12; and Ronald, 9; and a daughter, Mrs. Carrol White of Washing-
ton, D. C. The other son is now serving in the armed forces.
William John Logan, a 67 year old retired employee of the Mech-
anica IDivision, was found dead in his room at the YMCA on Febru-
ary 2nd in Balboa. He resided on the Isthmus for 40 years.
Harry L. Ferguson, Sr., former employee of the Marine Bureau
and well known Canal Zone resident, passed away on February 9th in
Coronado, Calif. He was 82 years old. In addition to Mrs. Ferguson,
he is survived by his son, Capt. Harry L. Ferguson, Jr., U.S.N., now
stationed in Puerto Rico. Captain Ferguson, Jr. was Captain of the
Port of Balboa from 1944 to 1947.
Joe M. Swain, well known retired Canal employee, died on March
14th in Gorgas Hospital. He was 71 years old. Since his retirement
he has been making his home in Parque Lefevre in Panama City. He
is survived by his sister, Mrs. J. D. Parker of Birmingham, Ala.
Mrs. Frank W. Ekart, mother of the Hoffman family, passed away
on February 20th at Dansville, N. Y. at the age of 88. She is survived
by her husband, two sons, seven grandchildren and ten great grand-

Mrs. Grace Bennett Grefe, a member of a well known Isthmian
family, passed away on February 20th following an operation in
George Washington Univtrsity Hospital in Washington, D. C. She had
been ill for about a year. With her at the time of her death were her
husband, Donald Grefe of Buenos Aires, and her mother Mrs. Dora
Bennett of Panama. She is also survived by two brothers, George
and Richard Bennett.

John Joseph Millett, former employee of the Mechanical Division,
died on February 8th at the Lebanon Hospital in Elmwood, Tennessee.
He was 59 years old. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Rosetta
Millett of Carthage, Tenn., a daughter, Mrs. Rosemary Gilead of N.
Y., two sons, Thomas Millett of Kansas City, Mo. and John Millett,
Jr. of Washington, D. C., six grandchildren and several brothers and

David C. O'Connor, first superintendent of Canal Zone Schools,
passed away in February at Interlacken, New York. He would have
been 98 years old on his next birthday on February 22nd. He had been
ill for several years. He is survived by a son, R. P. O'Connor of Bal-
boa, a daughter, Mrs. Leroy Smith of Los Angeles, California, and a
son E. G. O'Connor of Seneca, Falls, New York.

Henry B. Clements, former employee of the Commissary Division,
died on March 22 at his residence in Silver Hill, Maryland. He was
83 years old. Surviving him are six sons and two daughters.
A well known Canal Zone resident, Mrs. Frances Morrison Griggel
passed away onFebruary 23 at the home of her sister and brother-in-
law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Wieman of Balboa, just thirteen hours
before she was scheduled to leave for a States vacation. She was 58
years old. Besides Mrs. Wieman, she is survived by two other sisters:
Mary C. Lowe of Balboa and Nanny Brown of Fayetteville, Ark., a
daughter, Mrs. Fritz Helmerichs, now of Venezuela and a son, David
Moon in Houston, Texas, whom she was going to visit.
Clarence H. Williams passed away on March 9th. He was a
member of the Panama Canal Society of Florida. He is survived by
three daughters, Mrs. Eva M. Foster of Troy, Pa., Mrs. Annabell
Kinney of Erie, Pa., and Mrs. Mildred Pine of Troy, Pa.

Mrs. Louise Anna Tezanos, wife of Anthony Tezanos, passed away
in Orlando the last of February. She and her husband had just retired
from the Canal Zone after 25 years on the Isthmus. Her husband is

the only survivor.
Mrs. Iasbel Mary Reed passed away on March 4th in Margarita,
C. Z. She was the wife of Virgil C. Reed of the Grounds Maintenance
Division. She is survived by her husband, a sister in Lancaster, N. Y.
and a brother in Niles, Ohio.
Engene E. Orvis. employee of the Industrial Division at Mt. Hope
and former member of the Cristobal Police Force, died suddenly at
his home in Margarita on February 14th. He was 59 years old. He is
survived by his wife, Mrs. Glendia Orvis, two daughters, Mrs. Betty
Page of Kittery, Maine, and Judy Doris Orvis, of Margarita; and a
sister, Mrs. Vivian Rader of Los Rios.
Mrs. Max Kelly, of Balboa, passed away the last of January at
the home of her daughter Mrs. F. H. Robinson. She had been ill for
some time. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Patricia Robinson
of Balboa, Miss Elaine Kelly, in college in Syracuse, and Miss Marilyn
Kelly, who is in school in Canada.

Eddie Johnson Cochrane, supervisory baker assistant in the
Commissary Division, died suddenly on January 31st, from what ap-
peared to be a heart attack. He was 49 years old. He is survived by
a brother, Joe Cochrane, of Winton Salem, N. C.

Mrs. Anna Love Ohlson passed away on April 16th at Morton
Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida. She and her husband, Mr.
Elmer Ohlson had resided in Largo, Florida, for seven years. She is
survived by her husband, and a son, John Edward, and two sisters,
Mrs. Donald Miller of Huntington, West Virginia, and Mrs. Thomas
O'Malley of Denver, Colorado. Burial was on the Canal Zone.
Harrison B. Cutler of Redfield Parkway, Batavia, N. Y., died on
April 7th at the Highland Hospital in Rochester, N. Y. Mr. Cutler was
77 years old and was a brother of Ralph Cutler of Mystic, Conn. He
is also survived by another brother of Batavia, N. Y. Mr. Cutler was
employed on the Zone from 1909 to 1918 as a ship carpenter.

It is reported that Mrs. John Seville of 6946 Westham St., Phila-
delphia, Pa., died March 18th. Mr. Seville, who survives his wife,
worked for many years in the Electrical Division and resided in Gatun.
Asa White Billings of Martha's Vineyard, Mass. passed away on
January 19th. He had been in poor health for some time. He was 53
years old. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Doris Coburn Billings,

and a daughter, Miss Doris Alden Billings of Jackson Heights, N. Y.
His step-mother also survives him and a sister, Mrs. Leslie Warner,
both of Winnetka, Ill.
News of the death of Navy Lt. Robert R. Chapman in a U.S. Navy
transport plane crash off the coast of Newfoundland early this year
has been received. He was 31 years old.
Lt. Chapman was well known on the Isthmus, having been grad-
uatedfrom both Balboa High School and the Canal Zone Junior Col-
lege. He was the son of Roscoe E. Chapman, formerly with the Panama
Canal Special Engineering Division and later with the U.S. Navy
Public Works Department at Coco Solo.
Lt. Chapman is survived by his wife and two daughters, residents
at Patuxent River, Md.; his father and mother, who are now living
in the States, and a sister.
A sister of two Monrovia, California women, Mrs. William Nay-
lor of 235 W. Greystone Ave. and Mrs. Docia Hodges, local realtor,
was recently killed when a small tornado struck her home on the out-
skirts of Pine Bluff, Ark.
Victim of the twister was Mrs. Ellis B. Leslie. Her husband and
their teen-age son, Robert, are both hospitalized with injuries but are
expected to recover.
Mrs. Madge Culp Tackaberry, a 67 year old resident of Balboa,
died at her home, recently. She is survived by a brother, Oliver C.
Culp, supervising plumber for the Maintenance Division.
Mr. S. G. Hussey, Past Vice-President and charter member of the
Panama Canal Society of Florida, died suddenly on April 29th, at his
home in Tampa, Florida. He is survived by his wife, Nellie Hussey.
News has been received of the death of Mrs. Mary W. Foley of
Balboa. She is the widow of Thomas Foley, former Canal Zone police
lieutenant, who died last year. The Foley's have lived on the Isthmus
for 40 years. Surviving her are three daughters, Mrs. Ellen Husum,
of Diablo Heights, with whom she lived, Mrs. Mary Cronan and Mrs.
Genevieve Fields, both of Margarita, and a son Thomas, Jr., who re-
sides in the U. S.
Harry F. Bevington, well known retired employee of the Panama
Canal, died at his home in Pasadena, California. He was 80 years
old. He is survived by his wife, two sons, Harold P. Bevington, of
Rock Stream, N. Y., and Boyd Bevington, who is employed on the
Zone, and a daughter, Mrs. T. J. Kenney of Santa Ana, California,
three grandchildren and one great grand-child.

Courtney Lindsay died Sunday, May 1, in Fish Memorial Hospi-
tal in DeLand, Florida. Private services were held at the Allen Sum-
merhill Funeral Home and internment will be at Spartanburg, South
Carolina. Mr. Lindsay is survived by his wife, Mrs. Olive Lindsay.
Mr. William Shewe passed away on May 5th at Long Beach,
Calif. Mr. Shewe is survived by his wife and a son, Bill Thompson.
Other deaths reported:
Mrs. George L. Willett of Tampa died on April 8th.
Mrs. Lillie M. King, 85, died in Tampa in February.
Albertus W. Church of Tampa passed away recently.
Mrs. Harry Otis of Pasadena, California, on April 21st.

Shall claim of death cause us to grieve,
And make our courage faint or fall?
Nay, let us faith and hope receive-
The rose still grows beyond the wall,
Scattering fragrance far and wide,
Just as it did in days of yore,
Just as it did on the other side,
Just as it will forevermore.


The last of the four-family quarters in the Balboa Flats area will
soon disappear. Fourteen old houses, together with the old Knights
of Columbus building and two garage buildings, will soon make way
for new homes. During the past year the Flats area has been rebuilt
with new roads and 63 new houses, built to replace the old four-family
The freighter Robert Luckenbach was freed from mud by a Pan-
ama Canal dredge after running aground one and a half miles north
of Gamboa. It was necessary to remove about 1000 tons of cargo to
lighten the load.
The Panama Canal Company faced two damage suits; one for
$25,000 and the other for $14,000. The $25,000 suit was brought by a
New York tourist who claimed she slipped and fell while boarding a
Canal Launch in Cristobal. The $14,000 suit was filed by the owners

of the motor-ship Lisholt for damage to provisions and equipment dur-
ing the explosion and fire aboard the ship last February.
Nine Canal Zone students have been nominated by Gov. Seybold
for the Air Force Academy. The one vacancy will be filled by one of
the Governor's nominees. Those nominated were: Ernest L. and
Lawrence F. Cotton, Balboa, twin sons of Ernest L. Cotton; William
R. Evarts, Balboa, son of W. R. Evarts; Daniel H. George, Cristobal,
son of Curtis R. George; Thomas F. Gibson, Cristobal, son of Thomas
F. Gibson. Donald Huff, Balboa, son of Maenner B. Huff; Charles W.
Hummer, Balboa, son of John W. Hummer; Michael H. Morrison,
Cristobal, son of John H. Morrison; and Stanley P. Smith, Cristobal,
son of Joseph C. Smith.

Medical history was made at Gorgas Hospittal, recently, when
William J. Stetvenson's heart stopped beating during an abdominal
operation. Two Gorgas doctors, Dr. Harvey Henderson and Dr. Wil-
liam Shaw, when notified their patient had no pulse, made a quick
decision. A five inch incision was made in Stevenson's chest and the
Dr's massaged the heart for 30 seconds until it began to beat again.
Stevenson is a wireman in the Marine Division in Cristobal and lives
in Gamboa.

Because of an increase in air travel by Canal employes now re-
turning home on leave, the Panama Line will take one of the passenger
ships out of service and convert it to freighter use. The S.S. Ancon
and S.S. Cristobal will continue to cater to the needs of company
Government employes.

The case of the ten United States truck drivers, who were notified
that their jobs were being down-graded, has received the attention and
support of the Central Labor Union and the United States Citizens
Association. Through its legislative representative, Howard Munro,
the C.L.U. had taken the truck drivers complaint up with the State.
Dept., the Civil Service Commission and the House Post Office and
Civil Service Committee.

The packing and crating of employes household effects, now be-
ing done by a unit of the Maintenance Division, will soon be done by
independent packing firms. The Panama Canal Co. is seeking bids
on crating and packing.

Both the Canal Zone and Panama rolled out the red carpet for
the arrival of Vice-President and Mrs. Richard Nixon. The Nixons

were guests of the Canal Zone and Panama for three days. The Vice-
President and Mrs. Nixon visited many interior towns from Chiriqui,
south. Also visited the hospital and Palo Saco Leper colony. The
Vice-President said work on the Pan American Highway was moving
too slow and urged action to speed it up.
Judge Guthrie F. Crowe, in a decision, held the Canal Company
liable in Mrs. Marian Wagner's suit for injuries suffered in a fall on
the back steps of her home in Balboa. Judges Crowe said that Zonians
were captive tenants in that they had little choice as to quarters in
the Canal Zone. Mrs. Wagner had sued for $7,752 but was awarded
$582. Judge Crowe said Mrs. Wagner had been guilty of some negli-
gence, herself.

An air of mystery surrounds the amount and whereabouts of the
estate of the late John Clifford Stone, old time employee. Three heirs
of Mr. Stone, who flew to Panama, returned to the States empty
handed. Mr. Stone, since his retirement, had made his home in Rio
Abajo and was considered by many to be quite wealthy.

For the first time in fifteen years, the Canal Zone civilian popu-
lation has dropped below 40,000. According to the census taken last
December the population dropped 3,096 from the census taken in
June 1952.

Gov. Seybold's bid to change the status of Albrook Field has hit
a snag. The Defense Department has notified the Government that
the cost of transferring personnel from Albroock Field prohibited a
change in the field status, but that maximum precautions would be

Canal Zone military pay rates went up by $7 200,000 a year
starting April 1st. The new pay bill will hike C.Z. service pay checks
by $600,000 monthly.

Canal Zonians, from all walks of life, have expressed regret that
Lt. Harry 0. Paxson is leaving the Canal Zone. Lt. Governor Paxson
has been assigned to the office of Assistant Chief of Staff G2.

While Governor Seybold was speaking to the members of the House
Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, where he said he believes
the U.S. citizens on the Zone are paying their way in so far as they
defray tthe cost of facilities, Rep. George P. Miller broke in to say
that he believes United States citizens on the Canal Zone are not get-

ting half the breaks that Americans in Germany and elsewhere around
the world get. Miller asserted that it is unfair and unrealistic to com-
pare the wage scale and benefits received by U.S. employes in the
Canal Zone with the economic status of persons living and working
in the Continental United States.

The cost of home leave travel will be in the vicinity of two million
dollars per year. There is no hint from Washington as to Congressional
thinking on how to meet this expense.

Mary Easly, an old time Ft. Amador Post Exchange sales clerk.
was assaulted while watering the garden at her Juan Diaz residence.
Her house was ransacked and many items of value, including $40 in
cash was taken. The blow Mrs. Easly received required five stitches
and she also suffered a hip injury.

More than two and a half million dollars was spent during the
last six months of 1954 by the Armed Forces for products and services
in Panama, according to a report released by the Headquarters Car-
ribbean Command. The purchases ranged from food and agricultural
products to native lumber

We are in receipt of the U.S. Citizens Association news letter put
out by the young organization by that name. The organization was
formed last year and is very active in all matters affecting U.S. Citi-
zens on the Canal Zone. The news letter will be issued four times each
year. The membership fee is $2.00 per year and $1.00 per year if you
wish to receive copies of the quarterly report. Open to all former U.S.
citizens employes of the Panama Canal on an associate basis.

Enough anti-polio (Salk) vaccine for 3000 children has arrived
on the Isthmus. The vaccine was shipped under refrigeration on a Pan
American plane and was destined for distribution in the Canal Zone.

Canal employes who have been notified that free travel leave,
henceforth, would be figured by a new system. It means most em-
ployees would travel via Panama Railroad boats wherever possible.

During the month of March, commercial ship traffic through the
Canal set a new record, according to statistics on traffic.
The S.S. Panama will resume regular passenger service with the
April 30th sailing from Cristobal. The change of the Panama back
to passenger service anticipates an increase in travel by Canal em-

ployees as a result of the recent instructions to use this line for free
home leave travel when the costs at reduced rates are less than those
by other means of transportation.
Ex-President Guizado was convicted by the National Assembly
for complicity in the January 2nd assassination of his predecessor,
Jose Antonio Remon. Guizado received a six year, eight month sen-
tence and was also ordered to pay the costs of the trial which may run
into something like $120,000. Guizado still maintains he is innocent.
The long delayed Roosevelt monument on the Tocumen highway
will be completed when the ten foot statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt
is put in place. The statue is the work of the noted Italian sculptor,
Angelo Vanetti. The Rotary Club of Panama sparked the drive to
complete the monument and is standing much of the expense.
Remember the Holy Week traffic restrictions to the interior in the
years gone by? 35 minutes from the boundary of Chorrera, 30 minutes
from Chorrera to Capira and so on? The annual exodus of Panaman-
ians and Zonians to the beaches and Interior towns was greater than
ever this year and many families drove to their favorite spot all the
way from El Valle and Santa Clara to El Volcan and Boquette.
The Panama Government has cancelled two bills totaling $1,046,
215.28 owed the United States. One bill for the sum of $174,896.35
was the unpaid balance of El Encanto land claims agreed upon by the
two governments in 1951. The other bill was for $871,318.93 to cover
payments for water and other necessities supplied by the Canal Zone
government to Panama.

Covering the period from February 2, to April 20, 1955, inclusive

Before I go into the business of the day, I would like to explain
a little more about the WANTED on page 60 of the March Record.
Since so many folks have children who are not interested in what hap-
pened a long way back during the Canal days, and since it is so hard
to get information concerning the real old timers, this WANTED was
just to ask if any of you had books of the "old days" on the Canal, and
no longer wanted them. If not-your secretary-treasurer would greatly
appreciate them rather than having them destroyed perhaps, later on.
Unfortunately I had many books, which were greatly prized but owing
to the various places where I have made my home the books were not

considered of any account by those who moved other possessions, and
were given away.
At present we have sent out 968 paid up memberships for 1955.
27 have paid their 1956 dues. In February we took in 12 new mem-
bers, March 15 new members, and so far in April we have taken in 9
new members, making a total of1,282.
Please do not send a check on a CANAL ZONE or PANAMA
bank. It is alright to send a check from the Canal Zone or Panama on
a States bank however. We have heard that it is difficult to obtain
money orders as so many towns do not have the facilities for writing
money orders at their post office. We wish we could say something,
but the only thing we can do is this-if you must use a Canal Zone
check be sure and include 35 cents extra for cashing.
There are still many who have not paid their 1955 dues-I am
very happy to state however that many states have paid their dues in
full-the following will show the number who have not paid their dues
in the various States, etc.:
Canal Zone 40; Alabama2; Arizona 3; Arkansas 1; California 36;
Connecticut 3; Washington, D. C. 5; Florida 72; Georgia 6; Illinois5;
Louisiana 2; Mainel; Maryland 4; Massachusetts 4; Michigan 4;
Missouri 3; New Jersey 6; New York 16; North Carolina 17; Ohio 4;
Oklahoma 1; Oregon 3; Pennsylvania 14; South Carolina 5; Tennessee
6; Texas 8; Virginia 6; Washington 3; West Virginia 2; Wisconsin 3;
ARE YOU LISTED IN THE ABOVE? If you are, please send me a
money order for $3.00 or a check for $3.10. THIS YEAR THE CARD
IS GRAY WITH BLUE LETTERING-Look in your wallet and
see if you have one-
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL MEMBERS whose birthday falls
in March, April or May.
May I at this time tell you how your dues of $3.00 is spent.
4 Records @ .50 each ------ $2.00
1 Year Book ------ .25
Mailing the Records and Year Book---. .24
Stamps during the year ----- .06
Actual cost per member---....- ----- 2.55
Working capital per member .- .45
Dues . $3.00
May I take this opportunity to thank the following for their con-

tributions of books, pictures, etc. We are most grateful and they will
certainly be used.
Mrs. Guy Allen, Raleigh, North Carolina.
Mr. Henry W. Hall, Fernandina Beach, Florida.
Mrs. Wilhelmina Sandiford, Tampa, Florida.
Mrs. Roy W. Watson, Burlington, Iowa.
Mr. Joe Mackintosh, St. Petersbusg, Florida.

February 14, 1955 Tourist Center

About 100 members were gathered at the Tourist Center for the
Society's regular meeting.
Meeting was called to order at 2:30 P. M., by President Harry
J. Lewis, who requested all to rise, and sing one verse of "America";
Mrs. Everett accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
The following officers were present-
President -------- Mr. Harry J. Lewis
Vice President ------- Mr. Troy Hayes
Secretary-Treasurer .---- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Corresponding Secretary __----- Mrs. Burt W. Hall
Mrs. Bessie Lyons introduced out-of-town members and visitors,
who responded to the welcome; among them-
Mrs. Annie Calvit (Mother of Past President Charles G. Calvit)
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Murray (from Pennsylvania)
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Quinn (of Toms River, N. J.)
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lambert (of Chestertown, Md.)
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Cornthwaite (of Terra Haute, Ind.)
Mrs. Vernon Bradfield (of Indiana)
Mrs. Edith Minnix (of Springdale, Ark.)
Mrs. Francis Pilkerton (of Washington, D. C.)
Mrs. Frances Jones (of Front Royal, Va.)
Mr. Archie Burn (of Ocean Gate, N. J.)
Corresponding Secretary read minutes of Annual Anniversary
Business Meeting, and report of Luncheon, held at the Soreno Hotel,
January 11th and 12th, 1955. President, hearing no objection, declared
them approved.

Committee Reports: Mrs. James Bradley, Sick Committee, re-
ported her activities on behalf of Mrs. Michael J. Considine, of Glou-
cester City, N. J., whose husband passed away while they were vaca-
tioning in St. Petersburg.
Mrs. W. J. Bartlett, on behalf of Mrs. Earl Walling, Chairman of
thte Reception Committee,reported that everything went off beauti-
fully during the two days of our Annual Anniversary Reunion.
President Lewis announced that the next regular meeting would
be held Monday, March 14th, at the Tourist Center, and that the fol-
lowing Monday, March 21st, the Archie Burn picnic wiuld be cele-
brated at Lake Maggiore.
Mrs. Judd said that 233, plus 4 guests (Mayor Samuel Johnson
and Mrs. Johnson, and writer and photographer from the "Times")
attended the Anniversary luncheon on January 12th; a total of 373
signed the register, though many more were in attendance; 286 were
from the State of Florida.
Secretary-Treasurer read many letters of interest to the Society
members, and made several announcements.
On the Sick List-Archie Gibson reported improved, although
confined to the hospital.
Capt. William Will in the hospital, at Staten Island.
Miss Pauline Meredith coming along nicely-still in Florida.
Mr. Warren Love, of Gulfport, progressing nicely.
Mr. C. G. Hodge ill in hospital, at Dublin, Ga.
Letter from Su eReynolds saying that her father, who was taken
ill during Reunion time, is suffering from virus pneumonia.
Mrs. Maude A. Kilcorse, of Long Island, underwent eye surgery.
The demise of the following was announced-
Mr. Joe Oliver, at Gorgas Hospital.
Mr. Michael J. Considine, of Gloucester City, N. J.
Mr. Fenton "Red" Whalen.
Mr. Jack Logan, at Y.M.C.A., Balboa.
Mr. Jack Millett,'at Knoxville, Tenn.
Mr. Banton, in Arkansas.

Mr. Palmer took the floor, and suggested that the membership
give some thought to the erection of a building by the Panama Canal
Society of Florida; he stated that several members have expressed a
willingness to advance funds for such a project.

Legislation-Mr. W. L. Hersh explained in detail the many bills

introduced in the Congress of benefit to retirees of the Construction
Era, as well as Civil Service retirees. Mr. J. F. Everett spoke of a
letter he received from Mr. Bill Hushing.
New Business-Mrs. Judd said that Messrs. Howard Dworak and
Frank Hayes, who in the past have been operating the addressograph
machine and mailing the Record, had given up the job. She has typed
the addresses of the membership on stickers, and requested two volun-
teers to take the books to the post-office for mailing. Mr. Troy Hayes
and Mr. Charles Conkerton volunteered to take care of the mailing
of these books in the future.
There being no further business before the meeting, President
Lewis said he would entertain a motion for adjournment; motion made
by Mr. Calvit, seconded by Mr. Hersh, and carried; meeting adjourned
at 3:45 P. M.

March 14th, 1955 Tourist Center
About 100 members were gathered at the Tourist Center for the
Society's regular meeting.
Meeting was called to order at 2:30 P. M. by President Harry J.
Lewis, who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs.
Stutzman accompanied on the piano.
Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burns.
The Following officers were present-
President -. _-- Mr. Harry J. Lewis
Vice President _------Mr. Troy Hayes
Secretary- Treasurer ---_- Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Corresponding Secretary ...-- -- Mrs. Burt W. Hall
Mrs. Bessie Lyons introduced out-of-town members and visitors,
who responded to the welcome; among them:
Miss Jennie Johannes.
Mr. and Mrs. Berle Hardwick, of Alabama.
Mr. Rudolph F. Huldtquist, of Kansas.
Col. and Mrs. John J. Fitzpatrick, of New York.
Col. and Mrs. Tom Mooney, of New York.
Mrs. Charles January, of Maryland.
Membership Report: 1261 members on February 1st, 12 new
members during month, making total membership March 1st, 1273.
Corresponding Secretary read minutes of Regular meeting held

Feb. 14th. President, hearing no corrections, declared them approved.
President Lewis announced that a week from today, March 21st,
the "Archie Burn Paul Curtis" picnic would be held at Lake Mag-
giore Park, and the next regular meeting would be held April 11th,
1955, at the Tourist Center.
Mrs. Judd read many letters of interest to the Society members
and made several announcements; among them-
Letter from Herbert Hoffner, saying that Walter Pollack still in
Letter from Mrs. Bessie Hunt thanking the members of the So-
ciety for material aid given her during her mother's illness in the
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Powers, of St. Petersburg, will celebrate their
golden wedding anniversary on March 7th.
A request that anyone who can verify that Mrs. Anna Williams,
widow of Charles Williams, was living on the Canal Zone between
1912 and 1914, notify the Retirement Clerk, Panama Canal Company.
Announced the demise of the following-
Mrs. Grace Bennett Grefe.
Mr. Parmenter, in Cristobal
Mrs. Albertis W. Church.
Mrs. Lillie King.
Mrs. Anthony Tezanoa.
Mr. John R. Strauss.
Mrs. Judd read a letter received from the Visiting Nurses' Asso-
ciation, saying that a member would like to talk to our Society regard-
ing help that may be obtained from their Association. A motion was
made by Mr. Lee Burns, seconded by Mr. Hussey, that we notify the
Association that we would like to have a representative talk for about
10 minutes at our next regular meeting, April 11th; Motion carried.
Legislation-Mr. Hersh spoke of Bills H.R. 3791 and 3792, in-
troduced by Hon. James M. Morrison, of the House Post-office and
Civil Service Committee; these bills are contained in the March, 1955,
Record. Mr. Hersh again pointed out the necessity of retirees writing
to their Congressmen, and advising friends living in other parts of the
United States to write to their respective Congressmen, urging their
support of these bills.
President Lewis called upon Col. John J. Fitzpatrick, Sec'y-Treas-
urer of the New York Society for a few words. After greeting the of-
ficers and members of the Society, Col. Fitzpatrick spoke of Bill H.R.

842, beneficial to retirees of the Construction Era, introduced by
Congressman Seely-Brown, of Connecticut, and a similar bill, H.R.
3328, introduced by Congressman Rooney, of New York.
There being no further business before the meeting, President
Lewis asked for a motion to adjourn; motion made by Mr. Howard,
seconded by Mr. Burn that we adjourn; motion carried and meeting
adjourned at 3:30 P. M.
Mrs. Burt W. Hall, Recording Secretary


There were close to 100 people there, and a great many brought
lunch. As you well know, the weather was simply beautiful.
Mrs. Bessie Lyons was not there, so I tried to find out who the
visitors were, and gleaned the following-
Mr. Charles F. Van Steenberg, of Chicago, who spends his winters
in Leesburg, Fla. Mr. Van Steenberg retired from the Dredging Div.
Mr. Henry V. Pilot, of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Mr. Pilot retired
in 1950-he was mechanical supervisor in the Power System. He met
many of his old friends of Canal Zone Days, and joined the Society.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Boyd, of Hudson, Mass. Mr. Boyd was
with the Dredging Division from 1913 to 1916.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Cameron, of Long Beach, California.
The Camerons are visiting in Florida, will leave the first of May to
spend the summer months in Wiscassett, Maine.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Ardern, now of St. Petersburg. Mr. Ardern
was Ass't. Postmaster at Gatun, Canal Zone, from 1907 to 1912.
Mrs. Dora B. Green, who was on the Canal Zone from 1907 to 1910.
(Ruggie). Mrs. Burt W. Hall, Recording Sec'y.

April 11, 1955 Tourist Center

About 100 members were gathered at the Tourist Center for the
Society's regular meeting.
Meeting was called to order at 2:15 P. M. by President Harry J.
Lewis, who requested all to rise and sing one verse of "America". Mrs.
Stutzman accompanied on the piano.

Invocation was offered by Chaplain Lee Burs.
The following officers were present-
President ----- ---_ -----Mr. Harry J. Lewis
Secretary- Treasurer __ --Mrs. Lucille S. Judd
Corresponding Secretary ___---Mrs. Burt W. Hall
Mrs. Etta Conkerton, in the absence of our Receptionist, intro-
duced out-of-town visitors, who responded to the welcome; among them
Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Brown.
Mr. W. Gambrill.
Mrs. Raymond Minnix.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffman.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Cameron.
Mr. J. B. Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Hoffman.
Mr. Paul H. Warner.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Feeney.
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Trout.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Shay, of Balboa, C. Z.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. White, of Balboa, C. Z.
Mrs. Lillie Griffith (Sister of Mrs. Thomas Rath), of
Niagara Falls, N. Y.

Corresponding Secretary read minutes of Regular Meeting held
March 14th. President, hearing no corrections or commissions, declared
them approved.
President Lewis announced that next regular meeting would be
a picnic meeting at Lowry Park, May 9th, 1955.
Special Interest-Mr. Palmer said that he had Mr. Michael Con-
sidine's (Deceased) car, which he would like to get delivered to Mrs.
Considine, in Gloucester City, New Jersey.
Mrs. Judd read many letters of interest to Society members, and
made several announcements; among them-
New address of W. H. Calloway is 3212 49th Street North, St.

On the Sick List-
Mrs. Elmer Ohison, of Largo, very ill.
Mr. Hal Cooper, in Tampa Municipal Hospital.
Mr. Harry M. Ottman, in Mound Park Hospital.
Mr. C. H. Hill, of Zephyrhills, suffered heart attack.
Mr. Walter Campbell hospitalized in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. Fred P. Hall, suffered slight stroke.
Mr. Tom Dawson Cooper (old timer) hospitalized.
Mrs. Bess Heath, of Melbourne, progressing slowly.
Mr. W. J. Bartlett, of St. Petersburg, underwent surgery, but
was present at the meeting looking fit.
The marriage of Mr. William H. Aspden, of St. Petersburg was
The demise of the following was announced-
Mrs. Mamie Taylor.
Mr. Henry B. Clements (Father of Leo Clements).
Mr. Joe M. Swain.
Mr. Clarence H. Williams, of Troy, Pa.
Mrs. Frances Griggel.
Mrs. Geo. L. Willett, of Tampa.
Mrs. John Seville, of Philadelphia.
Legislation-Mr. Hersh spoke of the many bills introduced to
give pensions to widows of Panama Canal Workers.
Mr. Everett spoke on the bill beneficial to retirees of the Con-
struction Era. Both Messrs. Hersh and Everett again urged the mem-
bership to write their Congressmen asking their support of bills ben-
eficial to retirees.
Mr. Paul Warner, of Bradenton, took the floor and spoke on the
last illness of his father, our beloved founder, Mr. John F. Warner.
He also expressed great appreciation for flowers and many expressions
of sympathy received by his family from the Society membership.
There being no further business before the meeting, President
Lewis requested a motion to adjourn; motion made by Mr. Cullen,
seconded by Mr. Dworak; motion carried and meeting adjourned at
3:30 P. M.
Agnes V. Hall (Mrs. Burt W.)
Recording Secretary

News from the Panama Canal Society
of Northwest Arkansas

First of all, congratulations to the FLORIDA SOCIETY for the
March issue of the CANAL RECORD with the many interesting pic-
tures of friends and associates of CANAL ZONE days.
The President and Secretary of the above named Society, with

their respective spouses, had planned a newsgathering trip to North
Arkansas to see our members in Mountain Home and Jonesboro. The
Mathues became involved in another one of their many projects in
"Operation Kindness" while the Secretary experienced an. attack of
whatever it is that puts your head in the Tropics while wading up
to your knees in the Artic Ocean. Hence, not much in the way of per-
sonal news of our members. Winter went out with a blast; now known
as the "Big Freeze" which killed the fruit crop of 1955. Now Summer
is here-and you can have it-before Spring had much chance to dis-
play her finery. The country side is lush and green again with sleek
cattle knee-deep in pastures.
Our friend and neighbor, Ed Booth finally got off on his trip to
the Zone where he is the guest of the Mack Baileys and his sister-in-
law, Mrs. Collie Reimann of Balboa. Ed was delayed because of the
tragic death of his sister-in-law (Omi's sister) and brother-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clark when they were burned to death in their
home in Fayetteville. The Lynn Cooks of Rogers are enjoying the
annual vacation of their son Bud from Venezuela. Bud and his mother
plan a trip to Colorado Springs to visit Lucille Cook Nanny and family
and may go on to California. Lynn just won't be pried loose from
Northwest Arkansas so he will stay at home and be nurseryman to
his four acre vineyard.
Not having seen the Comans and Williams of Bentonville or the
Whitneys of Siloam Springs, nor heard anything to the contrary, will
assume they are well and busy. The many local friends of Mrs.
Nannie Brown were shocked over the news of the sudden passing of
her sister, Mrs. Frances M. Griggle of Cristobal the day she was to
leave for her annual vacation to Houston and Fayetteville, accompan-
ied by Mrs. Minnie Danielson of Houston, sister of the late Walter
Brown, who is now visiting with Nannie. Latest news in the Brown
family is the marriage of her grandson, Dennis White, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Alton White of Gamboa to a petite young lady working for the
Army in Honolulu where Dennis is stationed with the 7th Fleet. Sorry,
Nannie does not know the former family name of the new grand-
Bill Keller has returned home from St. Louis where he went for
treatment in connection with a recent eye operation. The Jimmie
Meigs announce the arrival of their second daughter, Susan Elizabeth,
at their home in St. Louis. The Tom Mocks of Prairie Grove have
gone trailing down to Florida. We leave tomorrow to spend Mother's
Day week-end with the Jr. Shaws in Kansas City, Missouri. Plans

are under way for the Annual Picnic to be held Thursday, June 9th.
If you are anywhere near this section at that time, come and join us
in ai happy day of fellowship.

Panama Canal Society of Washington, D. C.

The Panama Canal Society of Washington, D. C. will hold its
Annual Noon Meeting on May 21st at the Burlington Hotel. Promin-
ent speakers are being invited and a good attendance is expected.
There will be election of officers at the meeting.
Mr. Otis Fuller of St. Petersburg has been the house guest of his
uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Fuller, Powder Mill Road, Hyattsville,
Maryland, with his son Joseph who is serving in the Navy, stationed
on a destroyer at Norfolk, Virginia.
Mrs. Berger Olson, whose husband was employed in the Health
Department in early construction days, was a Washington visitor last
week She makes her home in Brockton, Massachusetts.
Mrs. Emelia Winquist of Los Angeles, California, had the mis-
fortune to break her hip last week. She is recuperating well but will
be confined to the Crescent Bay Convalescent Home, 1439 14th
Street, Santa Monica, California for several months. Mrs. Winquist
broke her other hip three years ago but recovered and walked without
assistance and it is hoped she will do as well this time.
Mrs. Seiler is now employed by the General Services Administra-
tion in the office of the Regional Director of the Virginia Area. She
is enjoying being one of the 30,000 employees in the Pentagon Build-
ing and has lunch frequently with Mrs. Emerson Fuller who is em-
ployed there by the Army.

Ditch Diggers of South Florida

The Panama Canal Ditch Diggers of South Florida held their
first summer picnic in Matheson Hammock Park, Sunday, April 17th.
A very nice time was enjoyed by all. Dr. D. F. Reeder became a new
member, he is now permanently located in the Greater Miami area.
The following picnics are scheduled for the balance of 1955, all
to be held in Matheson Hammock;

Sunday, June 19th
Sunday, August 21st
Sunday, October 16th
Officers elected for the ensuing year:
President -------Mr. Claude A. Ott
Vice President --__ Mr. E. B. Pearson
Secretary-Treasurer ------- Mr. A. G. Dunham
Yours truly,
Sec'y.-Treasurer, Panama Canal
Ditch Diggers of South Florida

New York Society of the Panama Canal

Dear Canal Digger: April 4, 1955
Our 31st Annual Reunion will be celebrated this year with a
LUNCHEON in place of a Dinner. This will enable those who live out
of the City to get home in daylight.
THE PLACE National Republican Club, 54 West 40th
Street, New York City (East of 6th Avenue)
THE DATE Saturday, May 7, 1955
THE TIME 12 Noon for Get-together
1:30 P.M. for Luncheon
THE PRICE $7.50, which includes dues of $1.00
Our guest Speaker will be Hon. Maurice H. Thatcher, of Wash-
ington, D. C., who was a member of the Isthmian Canal Commission
from 1910 to 1913.
There will be a good lunch-lots of good fellowship-and ample
time for conferences with old friends.
If you know of any fellow Canal Digger (member or not of the
Society) who has not participated in previous reunions, bring him
along as guest of the Society. Time is marching on-our ranks are
thinning each year and none of us should pass up the chance to greet
old comrades again.
If you know of the death of any member during the past year,
please advise the Secretary.
272 Stratford Road, Brooklyn 18, N. Y.

News from California of Old Timers,
Friends and Children

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lockwood of Monrovia are vacationing in
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Thomas of Arcadia are expecting their son
Bill and family from the Canal Zone, for a States vacation soon.
Mr. Henry Needham of Monrovia is a patient in the hospital, he
has not been in good health for several years.
Mr. Otis Pritchett of North Hollywood, our new president, and
his wife took a Cruise on the Meliterranean. He writes that during
the Cruise they played hide and seek with Col. and Mrs. Dan Wright.
Col. Wright is with Ford Foundation Headquarters at Beyruth
Mrs. Flora McLean of Monrovia, is leaving next week for the
East, where she will visit her son Louis, in Wantagh, N. Y. and daugh-
ter Mary, in Agusta, Kansas.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Hoecker of Monrovia are expecting their daugh-
ter, Mrs. Donald Welty, and children from Palo Alto for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. King of Monrovia have returned from a visit
with friends in Palo Alto, Calif., also with some Canal Old Timers,
Mrs. Paul Davis, daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ambort,
Menlo Park, Calif., and The Arthur Beards and George Coffees, in
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Dalton of Panama visited Mr. and Mrs.
Glenn Kerr of Monrovia (Mrs. Dalton's Mother) also Mrs. Dalton's
sister and family Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Morton of El Monte, Calif.
Mr. Dalton was on an extended business trip. The Daltons visited
Gordon's parents in Deming, N. M. and Mrs. Dalton stopped in
Houston for a few days visit with her son Carl Posey, where he is a
student at Texas A & M. They were guests in the home of her uncle,
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Turner.
Mrs. Harry W. Otis, of Pasadena passed away recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Persons of San Gabriel have sold their
home and are leaving shortly for Florida where they will make their
home. Enroute they will visit their Grand daughter Shirley, husband
and Great Grand Daughter, of Atlanta, Ga.
The Samba and Canasta group of Old Timers met at the lovely
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Langdon (April 23) Hillcrest Blvd., Mon-
rovia, for their monthly Pot Luck dinner and evening of fun. About
twenty were present.

News from Orlando

April 24, 1955
Mrs. Mary D. Hunter, 1109 W. Yale Ave., wife of the late A. A.
Hunter who was manager of the Missouri Botanical Garden while he
was employed at the Balboa Post Office, invited me over to see a most
beautiful orchid sent to her from M.B.G. in memory of Mr. Hunter
and named in his honor. The orchid is a hybrid and has been given
the name "Laclia Cattleya" and is of the large variety.

Our C.Z. Society here in Orlando were grieved to learn of the
death of Mrs. Louise A. Tezanos, wife of Mr. Anthony Tezanos re-
cently retired from the Panama Canal Ferry Service. Mrs. Tezanos
died in the Orange Memorial Hospital February 28, 1955. Many of
their C.Z. friends attended the services.

Mr. and. Mrs. Ernest A. Erbe left by plane April 13th for John
Hopkins Hospital where Mr. Erbe will undergo treatment.

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Odom of Dothan, Ala. visited the Wilhites
during their recent visit to Florida. Both looked fine.

Miss Phillis Elizabeth McLaren and Mr. Joseph Richard Barkley
unchanged nuptial vows before the Rev. R. C. Forbes at 4:30 P. M.
Easter Sunday in a garden setting at the Winter Park home of Mr.
and Mrs. L. D. McCrew, 71 South Trisman Terrace. A reception was
held in the garden following the wedding. Mrs. Barkley is the daugh-
ter of Mrs. David M. McLaren and the late Capt. McLaren. She was
attended by her sister, Miss Virginia A. McLaren, as maid of honor.
Dr. John D. Odom a long time friend of the McLaren family gave
the bride away.

Mr. Walter Pollack who has been seriously ill since his first oper-
ation November 19, 1954 (followed by two other operations) is coming
along nicely at his home, 15 East Harvard Ave. My recent visit found
him up and dressed for the first time in several months.

Miss Carilyn Pollak, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pollak
spent the Stetson College Easter Holidays with the Lee Wrights of
Houston, Texas. Miss Pollak traveled by plane and reports a most
enjoyable time was had with the wonderful C.Z. folks that live in

The Panama Canal Society of Chicago

The Panama Canal Society of Chicago will hold their 32nd annual
reunion on May 14, 1955. The reunion will be held in the Assembly
room of the Lawson Y.M.C.A., 30 West Chicago Ave. They will cele-
brate with a dinner at 5 P.M. This notice will, of course, reach our
members after the meeting has taken place. However, our Secretary
will read the notice at our regular April meeting and anyone intending
to be in the Chicago area will be welcome at the reunion.


Mrs. Gerald D. Bliss of Miami, Fla., a real Canal Zone old timer,
(April 1906) has improved enough after her illness, to fly out to Cali-
fornia for a visit with her daughter, Zonella Bliss Fields, in San Fer-
nando, where she is employed as a registered nurse in the Veterans
Hospital. Mrs. Bliss will also visit Gerald, Jr. (Bud) in San Rafael,
California. Rae Bliss Barnes is living at the Barnes comfortable farm
near Ridgeley, West Virginia. Gladys Bliss Humphrey resides in Cris-
tobal, C.Z. where her husband is a Navy technician. The Bliss younger
son, Curtis, accompanied his mother on her trans-continental flight
to California. Left Miami at 10 A.M. arriving in San Francisco at
8:05 P. M. Gerald Bliss arrived on the Canal Zone Dec. 16, 1905.
Mr. and Mrs. Bliss left the Canal Zone in 1943 and recently celebrated
their 50th wedding anniversary at their home in Miami with an open

At the 20th Triennial Congress of the General Society of May-
flower descendents held last fall in Plymouth, Mass., our good friend
Maurice H. Thatcher was elected Counsellor General of the Society.

Herb Hoffner writes that Mrs. Hoffner and a friend were in Europe
for two months visiting in England and Switzerland. He reports Walter
Pollack as being in the hospital. He ran into Macy Edwards, Katie
Swain and Mrs. Onderdonk in up town Orlando one day and had a
nice visit with them.

Bess Heath writes that since her operation in New York she has
lost considerable weight and does not have much strength for extras.
Just keeps her house in order and does only other necessary things.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith of St. Petersburg have their daughter-
in-law from Chicago visiting with them. Also their year and a half
old grand-daughter.
Mrs. Marie Coffey is going to Panama early in May for a stay of
about two months.
Old timer Ed Luce, who spent most of his time on the Zone in the
Refrigerator room at the Commissary, is enjoying the 15 below zero
weather they have been having up at St. Albans, Vermont, where he
now makes his home.
Mrs. Ethel Boyd, formerly of Balboa, now of Monrovia, Calif.,
writes that she is just the same, fat and sassy. She reports that Tot
Taberhas been quite ill and is staying with her daughter, Alice, until
she is stronger. Many will remember Mrs. Boyd for her voice. She
gave unsparingly of her time and talent whenever called upon at U.S.O.
civic or charitable affairs.
Mrs. Peggy Evans Darden, now visiting her father in Balboa, is
leaving soon for Germany with her youngsters, where she will join
her husband, jet pilot Lt. Jerry Darden. They expect to be in Europe
for two years.
Mrs. Clarence Wickham, formerly of Pedro Miguel, now of Mid-
dletown, N. Y. says her traveling days are over but she would love to
attend a reunion. How about flying down, sometime?
Martha Fletcher, former student in the Canal Zone schools and
now a resident of Parrot, Georgia, has been selected as the annual good
citizen at Terrell High School where she is a member of the Senior
class. The award was made by the Stone Castle Chapter of the D.A.R.
The selection is based on outstanding qualities of leadership, diligence
and devotion to duty. Miss Fletcher is also President of the Senior
Class at Terrel High.
Florence and Charles Harrison report their daughter and husband
and four children have returned to the Zone. Their son, Tom, and wife
are living in Needham, Mass., and Charles, Jr., is attending Oklahoma
University, working for his degree.

Mrs. Anna T. Piper of Hot Springs, Ark. expects to sail for Ger-
many in June to spend the summer with her grand-daughter, Marian
Piper, a Lt. in the Air Force.
The Ben Kullers report two new grandchildren, a daughter to Mrs.

Ray Gill of Reseda, Calif. and a daughter to their son and his wife
of Tarrytown, N. Y. They now have seven grandchildren, four boys
and three girls.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Haw of Seattle, Washington, report they are
enjoying good health and getting a reasonable share of enjoyment out
of the so called declining years.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shirley of Hot Springs, Ark. celebrated their
38th wedding anniversary on December 26th, 1954. (See cut). The
Shirleys are very happy in their new home and are feeling fine. Con-
gratulations from their many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Clare Comins of Silverton, Ore. recently made a trip
to Detroit to visit with Margaret. On the way home they stopped in
California where they saw the Elra Hartmans and Fred Pruner.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Boyd of Hudson, Mass had an auto ac-
cident in North Carolina and spent five weeks in the Roanoke Rapids
Hospital. They are now recuperating in the sun at Englewood, Florida.
Capt. E. B. Rainier, Panama Canal Pilot for the past 15 years,
has been promoted to Assistant Port Captain in Cristobal. He replaces
Capt. Samuel L. Brown who retired on February 1st.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Renz and Mr. and Mrs. John Hower of Fair-
hope, Ala. have been enjoying a visit from Mrs. Renz's and Mrs.
Hower's father who came over from Hamburg, Germany for a two
months stay.
Mr. John Hower has accepted a position with a Dredging Com-
pany in Venezuela. He will be in the Orinoco River section of Ven-
ezuela for several months. Mrs. Hower hopes to join him later.

The William H. Bruces of Zephyrhills, Florida spent a couple of
months in the wintry north visiting with their two daughters in Carmel,
N. Y. and with their son and his family in Pennington, N. J.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gerchow visited several of their friends on
their way north after attending the reunion. They stopped in Alabama
to see the Jack Evans, the C. V. Hursts, Frank Browns and Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Neil and family. In Atlanta, they visited Mae Robertson
and family. They report that the S. B. Bubbs of Loyalsock Creek, Pa.
have left Pennsylvania for a tour of the Southland.

Mrs. Lydia Whitaker spent the winter in Seattle with her daugh-

ter Charlotte and family. Her son, Lt. Col. John Whitaker is in
Japan but expects to be mustered out real soon. He will resume his
Dental practice.

Connie (Clinchard) Spitznogle reports that she and her husband
operate the Spitz Electric Co., in Melbourne, Fla., and are doing right
well with it. Keeps their nose to the grindstone but at least its their
own business. They have had many Zone visitors and invite any of
their friends who might be in the area to drop by to see them.

Leo Welling, President of the Gila Land Company of Santa Bar-
bara, California, writes that Pembroke Taylor, who worked on the
Zone from 1913 to 1918, died recently. He is survived by his wife,
Ruth Medinger Taylor. Mrs. Taylor is an aunt of Bob Medinger of
Diablo Heights.

Jim Olive, well known to many Canal folks, now makes his home
in St. Petersburg where he seems to be in demand as a speaker at Civic
gatherings. Jim is chairman of the Inter American Committee of the
Chamber of Commerce and owner of the Cadillac Apartments on
Fourth Avenue North.

"Sis" Gardner writes that while in a hotel in London, England,
she and her husband met Ed Sullivan and his wife. The Sullivans were
on leave from Belgium. These Canal Zone folks sure get around.

It has come to our attention that Dr. Marjorie L. Warner is the
President of the Manatee County, Florida, Medical Society. Quite an
honor for an ex-Canal Zone girl. Dr. Warner is the daughter of Paul
and Nina Warner of Bradenton, Florida formerly of Balboa, C. Z., and
also the granddaughter of our founder, the late John Warner.

Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Woodruff of Pinellas Park spent three weeks
in Baltimore, Md. visiting their daughter Shirley. They went north to
attend the marriage of Shirley to Mr. Edward E. Parker, which took
place in Balttimore on May 7th.

Lt. William C. Royals made a quick trip from Boston for a short
visit with his mother in St. Petersburg. Lt. Royals is the son of the
late William Royals and Mrs. Margaret Royals, formerly of Balboa,
C. Z. Lt. Royals is stationed at Fort Banks, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Lenow, formerly of Macon, Miss. have
purchased a home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

31st Reunion of the New York Panama Canal Society
MAY 7th, 1955

The New York Panama Canal Society held its 31st Reunion on
Saturday, May 7th, with a Luncheon at the National Republican Club.
The ladies of the Auxiliary joined the men for the speaking program
following their own separate luncheon at the same Club. The Honor-
able Maurice H. Thatcher and Mrs. Thatcher of Washington were the
Guests of Honor and were given a warm welcome by all present.
In introducing Mr. Thatcher, R. W. Hebard who presided, men-
tioned Mr. Thatcher's long and distinguished career and the many ser-
vices he had rendered the Panama Canal and its employees over the
years. As Member of the Congress (1923-1933), he had fathered the
legislation which created the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, and the
construction of the ferry facilities and the highway to Arraijan. Refer-
ence was also made to the time and effort he had so generously given
in obtaining the legislation authorizing annuities to the civilian Canal
employees, and the later ruling from the Court of Claims exempting
such payment from income tax levy. "For these and other services
Mr. Thatcher deserves the gratitude of an army of former Panama
Canal and Railroad employees who have benefitted therefrom."
Mr. Thatcher, sole surviving member of the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission, made a strong argument in his address for favorable action
on the Bill now in Congress authorizing the appointment of an Isth-
mian Canal Commission for the purpose of making further study and
recommendations on the future Panama Canal. Mr. Thatcher pointed
out the apparent advantages of the lake-lock type, and felt that any
attempt to build a sea level canal at Panama would be faced with all
but insoluble problems and difficulties and a cost in money impossible
to now estimate. The speaker demolished the fallacy that the sea
level canal was in less danger of destruction from aerial bombing than
the lock type, for the reason that no canal of any type will enjoy im-
munity from destruction from atomic bombing. Upon completion of
his address, Mr, Thatcher received a standing ovation.
Among those present were Mrs. Eileen Gorgas Wrightson, Gen-
eral James Steese and Walter Ross of Washington; Col. Ralph Sartor;
Thomas Rossbottom, former Vice President of the Panama Railroad;
George M. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stevens, Jr., W. G. B. Thomp-
son of New Haven and Maurice DuPutron.
The following Officers and Directors of the Society were re-
elected: President-R. W. Hebard; Vice President-John F. Stevens,
Jr.; Secretary-Treasurer- John J. Fitzpatrick; and Directors-Frank
H. Moore, Maurice B. DuPutron, James T. Eason and William E.

New Members and Changes of Address
The following have been added or addresses changed since the March Record
went to press. (*) denotes change of address or correction.
CANADA (British Columbia)
Fernie, Mr. and Mrs. C.-R. D. No. 1-----------------------. ----Duncan
Deerwester, Col. and Mrs. Charles H.-Apartado 542----------_-------Panama
*Abou Saad Shrine Temple-P. O. Box 3668---- -----------Balboa
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. L. F.-P. O. Box 182--------------------- Margarita
Benthall, Mr. Lyman J.-P. O. Box 2833------- ------------- Cristobal
*Cain, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B.-P. O. Box 62 ----------------- Gamboa
*Corn, Mr. and Mrs. Harry H.-P. O. Box 662---------------- Balboa
Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L.-P. O Box 3670-- ---------- Balboa
Grady, Mr. and Mrs. William F.-Pfl O. Box MM----------------- Cristobal
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.-P. O. Box 3---------------------Balboa Heights
Hannigan, Mr. Joseph C.-P. O. Box 464 ---------------- Balboa Heights
Hargy, Mr. and Mrs. Francis F.-P. O. Box 2381---------------- Cristobal
MacDonald, Mrs. Doris B.-P. O. Box155------------- ---------Balboa
Mcllvaine, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.-P. O. Box 1075 -- --------------Balboa
*Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Roy W.-P. O. Box641--------------- ----- Balboa
Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Jack O.-P. O. Box 103---------------Balboa Heights
Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. George-P. 0. Box 454----------- Balboa Heights
*Schuler, Mr. and Mrs. August E.-P. O. Box "O"-------------------Ancon
*Smith, Mrs. Halan L.-P. O. Box 72--------------- --- ---_ Balboa Heights
Stone, Mrs. H. A.-P. O. Box 1104-------------------------Cristobal
*Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. T. F.-P. O. Box 251 ---------------- Gamboa
Terry, Capt. and Mrs. Norman A.-P. O. Box 603------------------Balboa
Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Macon A.-P. O. Box 1660---------------- Balboa
Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M.-P. O. Box 364------_----- Diablo Heights
Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.-619 Hobson Ave.-------------... Hot Springs
Brown, Mrs. Nannie I.-6 East Maple Street--------------- Fayetteville
Dorn, Mrs. Frances S.-Box 157, Crystal Springs Route
-------------------------------------Hot Springs National Park
Pilot, Mr. Henry V.-P. O. Box 614-------------------------Hot Springs
*Bingaman, Mr. and Mrs. John R.----------- ----- ------------Oakhurst
*Brady, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.-4816 Fountain Ave., Apt. 200 ..Hollywood 29
*Cassell, Mr. and Mrs. George H.-422 Miramar Drive-------- Redondo Beach
Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M.-10 West Pine Street--------- ----- Lodi
*Irwin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H.-51 Billou Street-------------- San Rafael
*Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald E.-12012 Washington Place, Apt. 5
------------------------------------------- Los Angeles 66
*Smith, Mr. Walter R.-P. O. Box 54------------------.--------- ... Rowayton
Cheeseman, Mr. Joseph A.-2800 Quebec Street N. W.--------Washington 8
*Grauten, Mr. Sylvester H. (Temp.)-3743 Upton Street--------Washington 16
Mann, Mrs. F. H.-1228 Eye St. N. W., Apt. 1022------------ Washington 5
*Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. B. J.-c/o Mrs. Ernest Lucas
3301 Gainesville St. S. E. _-------- _---------- -------Washington
*Aspden, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H.-835 37th Avenue South-- St. Petersburg 5
*Calloway, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H.-3212- 49th Street No.----- St. Petersburg 4
Dey, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew-3311Lawn Avenue------------------Tampa 9
*Granberry, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 0.-5500 7th Avenue No.----St. Petersburg 2
Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. George J.-Route 2, Box 88 B-3-----------..De Land
Home, Mrs. Eleanor P.-2525 7th Avenue West------------- Bradenton

*Kent, Mr. and Mrs. E. A.-P. O. Box 1006--------------------- Pinecastle
*Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R.-2518 N. Westmoreland-----------Orlando
McCombs, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.-Route2, Box 106..------------------- Lutz
Peterson, Mr. Walter-P. O. Box 1655-----------------------Hollywood
Reichenbach, Mr. and Mrs. G. E.-Route 3, Box 270------------ Fort Pierce
*Samples, Mr. and Mrs. H. L.-c/o First National Bank of Leesburg----
Temporary ----------------- ------------------------- Leesburg
*Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Carl-4921 35th Avenue No.-----------St. Petersburg 4
Spitznogle, Mr. and Mrs. John J.-P. O. Box 865-----------------Melbourne
Vincent, Mr. and Mrs. C. J.-2649 Cleveland Street-------------Hollywood
*Compton, Mr. and Mrs. R. A.-R.R. No. 3, Box 143-A-------- McLeansboro
*Strauss, Mrs. John R.-419 Wheeler Avenue---------------------Anderson
*Swain, Mrs. Kathryn M.-218 McDowell Road ------ --------- Lexington
*Hodnett, Mrs. Ethel M.-1551 Westbrook Drive--------------.New Orleans
*Tezanos, Mr. Anthony-901 Stewart Court, Apt. B .....--------New Orleans
Dryden Mrs. Mary I.-Glen Dale Hospital ------- ------ --Glen Dale
Jeffers, Mrs. Barbara Schnake-2851 Highland Drive, Route 2 --Birmingham
*Hollowell, Mr. Cooper-325 North Avenue, East .....---------- Missoula
*Halverson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold D.-305 East Liberty Street----------Reno
*Humphrey, CDR. W. C. SC USN-
Officer in Charge-Naval Supply Res. and Dev. Fac.--------- Bayonne
*Rinke, Mr. William H.-88 Ackerman Avenue --------------Rochelle Park
*Green, Mrs. Frank H.-69 Ocean Ave., Bay Shore---------------Long Island
Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.-65 Colvin Street -------------- Rochester 11
*Miller, Mrs. Florence N. (TEMP.)--c/o General Delivery ----------- Utica
Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.-14 Seneca Street ---------- Salamanca
*Smith, Mr. and Mrs. E. Curtis-14 Commonwealth Ave., Merrick-Long Island
Light, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.-6300 Cambridge Ave.--------------Cincinnati 30
*Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Albert-2039 Williamsburg Road .-- Huntingdon Valley
*Ganter, Mr. and Mrs. William J.-226 Brobst Street------------Shillington
*Hoverter, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.-Rural Route No. 2 _-------_------Gardners
Kelly, Mrs. Mary T.-508 East Westmorland Street-----------Philadelphia 34
*Kromer, Mrs. Wilson K.-124 North Walnut Street-------------------Bath
Burmester, Mrs. Ruth-Broadway Station, Box 47---------------Newport
Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. William C.-168 Canonchet Ave.---------- Edgewood 5
*Love, Mrs. C. R.-3328 Broadway, N. E.__ -----------------------Knoxville
Carkeet, Mr. George E., Sr.-818 Highland Avenue-------------Houston 9
*Gaudette, Mr. and Mrs. William-Hotel McLemore-----------------Albany
Leeser, Mr. and Mrs. C. L.-1202 Cascade---------- --- ----- Pasadena
*Maas, Mr. and Mrs. T. O.-701 Elizabeth Road ---------San Antonio 9
*Sundquist, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore-2930 Spencer Highway-------Pasadena
*Brown, Capt. and Mrs. Samuel L.-c/o Capt. Walter V. James
(Mathews County) --------------------------------Moon Post Office


Dear Ex-Canal Friends:
You are cordially invited to join the Panama Canal Society of
Florida if you are not already a member. The Canal Record, our news
booklet, is issued quarterly, and a Year Book is mailed to members in
December of each year.
Dues are $3.00 annually, and payable in January. Members com-
ing in after July 1st will pay $1.50 for balance of the year.
Our membership is now more than 1,290.
Please fill in the application below and send your dues to the
P. O. Box 249, STATION "A"


N am e ---- -- --..... ... -- --- -

Wife's Name _- ----_-----

Address .--- ..

City ---._- __ ---State_....___.-____.

Number of Years on Canal--------_-- -------

What Division .-.--------- ---- ---.--...-..... -----

Amount Enclosed

- -- -- --- ---- --- ---- -

Pipe Fitters and Plumbers
Mr. L. Brain Mr. W. Bolz
Mr. E.I. Palmer Mr. F. Lyons
Mr. E.M. Boggs Mr. A. Russon
Mr. J. F. Bashner Mr. S.H. Sullivan
Mr. J. Norbury Mr. F. C. Hayes

Mrs. Klara Weisiger,
Dade City, Fla.
Mrs. M.J. Considine,
Gloucester City, N.J.
Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Hill,
Zephyrhills, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hall,
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Knecht,
Catonsville, Md.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Shirley,
Hot Springs, Ark.
On their 38th
wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pruner
Sioux Falls, So. Dakota. r

L A?

Mr. and Mrs. Durwood Dennis
De Land, Fla.

Home of Thomas and Catherine
Etchberger, Norge, Va,

Home of R.A. Comptons
McLeansboro, Ill.

P. O. Box 249 STA. A

U. S. Postge
St. Petersburg, Fa.
Permit No. 603





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