Family Favorites 3rd Annual Safer family reunion, September 1973


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Family Favorites 3rd Annual Safer family reunion, September 1973
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(Tune: Hi Neighbors)

Hi Cousins, Hi Cousins It
So glad to see you today
Hi Cousins; My Cousins ,
Throw all your worries-away.

Come on and shake your hands
and let a smile do the rest
It's time to sing and shout
And get your chin off your chest.

We-re saying Hi Cousins; My Cousins
Time to smile and say HI IIt

(Tune: Hello Dolly)

Hello Debobes, Well, Hello Debobes
It's so good to have you here again this year.

You're looking swell, Cousins
We can tell, Cousins
We're still glowing, we're still growing
We're still going strong.

We think the room's swaying and we're all saying
All our favorite tales from way back when.
So, laugh and grin, Debobes,
Smile and let's begin, Debobes
Relax and have a happy, happy time....

(Tune: Manana)

We're here at our reunion
We are cousins, one and all
We're singing and we're dancing
and we're having a big ball
If you should have some troubles
and you don't know who to call
Here's some information
That you should have on your wall.

Reunions, Reunions,
Reunions are good for all of us.

We have two Doctors Witten
And dentists they do be
If you should have a toothache
Just holler out and see
They'll look at you and answer
And tell you you're just fine
Just take yourself a number
And find a place in line.

Reunions, reunions, etc...

We have some other doctors
Who are scattered near and far
Jacksonville, Miami and one in Baltimore
There's one in San Diego.
And it's Michael there you see
But there's no use to call him
Cause the phone calls are not free.

Reunions, Reunions, etc....

We're dancing and we're prancing
And our feet are getting sore
We're aching and we're hurting
And we just can't take no more
We look for Dr. Signer, our Podiatrist
He tells us don't be silly
You need a pyschiatrist.

Reunions, Reunions, etc....

(Tune: Yes, We Have No Banana)

Boy, Do we have a mishpoocha
Keeps growing and growing each year.

We have engagements and weddings and
babies and mitzvahs and
Oi Vay! Divorces, too.

We have all kinds of professions
And we can give good suggestions.

But Oi, do we have a mishpoocha,
Do we have a mishpoocha, Oi Vay 1!

(Tune: Coming Round The Mountains)

We'll be coming to reunions when we're young
We'll be coming to reunions when we're old.
There'll be lots of friendly cousins
By the tens and by the dozens
We'll be coming to:reunions strong and bold.

There'll be Falises and Wittens and the rest
And the Safer clan, you bet more or less
And it's nice to see them all
Having fun -- what a ball --
Reunions, are what we do the best.

We'll be coming to reunions ever more
With our families increasing by the score
There is simply no denyin'; reunions
and inspirin'
We'll be coming to reunions ever more....

Reunions, Reunions (cont'd)

If it should be that one of us
Might have some sickly pets
We shouldn't have to worry
Cause we've even got two vets
Edwin's selling tables,
Baby Joe is everywhere
Together these two Ma-Tzeas
Are a real peach of a pair.

Reunions, reunions, etc....

You think you are in trouble
And might even go to jail
You need someone to help you out
And maybe go your bail
We have a lot of lawyers and a
judge to lead the pack
So maybe all together they can
Help you beat the rap.

Reunions, reunions, etc....

Sometimes, you get flablunged
And you don't know what to do
You need a kind of doctor
Who can really see through you
We have this Doc alerted
Case you need to be untwist
He's Dr. Irwin Safer, our psychiatrist.

Reunions, reunions, etc.....

There isn't a profession
That our cousins do not touch
In fact let's not be modest
We are really just too much
We've been a very lucky clan
And we say got-tzu-dunk
In closing, my dear cousins,
We wish us all GEZUNT !t11

Reunions, reunions, etc.

(Tune: Suwannee)

Reunion, How we love it, how we love it
Dear Ole Reunion...
It's fun to see once more
The kith and kin, from Georgia,
Florida, N.Y. City

Reunion, How we love it, how we love it
Dear Ole Reunion
When this night ends and you still want more
Let's all make plans for seventy-four.

(Tune: Bye, Bye, Blackbird)

Packed up all the kids and shlepped
It was fun, what the heck
Bye, bye Cousins.

This is how it ought to be
I kiss you, you hug me,
Bye, bye, Cousins.

Every year it's getting to be better
We raise hell when we all get together
Don't be sad and dry those tears
We'll be back again next year
Reunion, Bye;, Bye .....


6:30 P.M. .......... Meet and Greet

7:00 P.M. ......... Photographer to take
picture of complete group

7:30 P.M. ......... D i n n e r

Judge Morton Kesler Emcee

Toast to Chana Talpalar oldest
member of the family

Songs by The Debobes Five and
all the Cousins.

Humorous Anecdotes

Presentation of Cookbook,
"Family Favorites"
Selection of "Keeper of the Nickels"

Projected Plans for 1974
Reunion in Orlando.

Marcia & Al Coplan
Sheila & Dave Dorman
Doll & Dave Davis
Ida & Dewey Goldberg
Maxine :& Jerry Funk
Sally & Dave Safer
Ruth & Joe P. Safer

SAFER FAMILY REUNION Sept. 1, 2, 3, 1973


Florida Citrus Fruit Cup, Ambrosia, Supreme

Tossed Garden Salad .

Choice of: Broiled Red Snapper
Rock Cornish Hen,
Wild Rice, Perigourdine

Baked Potato, Green Beans, Almondine

ChQcolate or Strawberry Parfaits

Coffee, tea. Ponce de Leon Lodge
.&Country Club
St. Augustine, Florida