A guide to maternity benefit and grant


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A guide to maternity benefit and grant
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National Insurance leaflet ; no. 13
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8 p.
National Insurance Board
National Insurance Board
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Maternity benefit.   ( lcsh )


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Leaflet no. 13 - gives general guidance on the maternity benefit and grant.

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College of The Bahamas
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College of The Bahamas
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TMATEIlYBEEFITANDGRANT Issued by: .,0;;...\ ,,'iQ

TABLE OF CONTENlS1.PurposeofBooklet1 2.IrJl)OI1antPoiltsToNote1NationalInsuranceNumber1Name1 Address 1OtherLeaflets13.WhatIsMaternityBenefit?14.WhatAreTheContributionConditions?25.WhatIsTheRate01Benefit?36.WhatIsTheMaternityGrant?47.HowAndWhenToClalrn?48.HowIsTheBenefitPaid?49.BeneftPaymentAffectMaternityLeavePay?510.TooIIIToWorkFollowingMaternityBenefitPeriod?511.ContrbrtionCredits 5 12.DisqualifICation5 13.AbsenceAbroad614.lrJl)Iisonment OrDetentionInLegalCustody615.Rlgtt01Appeal616.FurtherAdMCe7'7.Offences7NationalInsuranceOffices


I.PURPOSEOFBOOKLET This leaflet gives general guidance on Maternity Benefit whichisone(I)of the National InsuranceBoard's (NIB), nine (9) benetits. If yOllleed more information on any aspect of the Scheme, please contact the NIB's Local Office nearest you. Each officeisfully staffed with compe tent employees, who will be happy to assist you. You may also call the NIB's Consumer Hotlines for prompt, courteous response to your National Insurance queries.The numbers are 322-2009 and 322-1280.2.IMPORTANTPOINTSTONOTE.....'..NATIONALINSURANCENUMBERYour National Insurance Number which was assigned to you at the time of your registration, must be insertedinthe proper spacesprovided on all medical certificates (Med. 2(R), Med. 3(R)). and on any other cor respondence sent to the Board; this numberisyours for life.If,how ever, you do not know your National Insurance Number, you must still present your claim, the Local Office staff will assist you .NAMEYou should ensure that your full nameison all medical certificates and correspondenceyousend to the Board.Ifyou marry and change your name, you should visit the Local Office with your marriage certifi cate, to update your record.ADDRESSYou should quote your full address, including a telephone contact whenever possible, on all medical certificates and correspondence you send to the Board.Ifyou change your address, you should notify the Board as soonaspossible.OTHERLEAFLETSYou can get copies of other leaflets mentioned in this guide from any of the Board's Local Offices. Maternity Benefitisawarded to a pregnant woman who:


a)Isinsured undertheNational Insurance ActasanEmployedorSelf-Employed person; and b) Satisfiesthecontribution conditions. Matemity Benefitisintendedtopartially replace lossofwages orincome duringtheperiodofconfinement or maternity leave, andtohelp with the general expensesofchild birth. Maternity Benefit consists of:a)Weekly paymentstoaninsured womantobepaid each week that she remainsathomeduring her pregnancy and confinement; andb)A Maternity Grant, whichisa lumpsumpayment awardedtoaninsured womanwhoiseligible to receive the weekly payments, and whose pregnancy ends with the birthofa living infant. Maternity Benefit is payable for a continuous periodof13weeks: beginningnosooner than6weeks beforetheexpected weekofconfinement (the week the babyisdue); or the weekofconfinement, or the week after the claimant stops workinrespect of her confinement; whicheverislater. Normally Maternity Benefitispayable6weeks before the expected dateofconfinement,theweekofconfinementand6weeks after. However,itthe expected weekofconfinementisdelayed, payment of pre-eontinement benefit may continue for a period not exceeding 8 weeks. The total Maternity Benefitperiod,however,' can not exceed15weeks. "CONFINEMENr'means: labour afteratleast28weeks of pre gnancy, resultinginthebirthofa baby whether alive or dead.4. WHAT ARE THE CONTRIBUTION CONDITIONS? .2Inorder to receive Maternity Benefit, a pregnant woman must have:a)PAID contributions foratleast50contribution weeksasan Employed or Self-Employed person; andb)Paid and been credited withatleast 26 contributions in the 40 weeks immediately preceding the weekinwhich benefitisdue to commence; orc)Paidand been credited withatleast26 contributions in the imme diate preceding contribution year.Ifa contribution for an employeeisnotpaid,orispaidafter the due date,andthe National Insurance Board is satisfied that the non-pay-


mentorlate payment did not have the consentorconnivance of the employee, andwas not due to any negligence onherpart for the purpose of her claim for Maternity Benefit, the contribution is regard ed as having been paid on the due date.: 5. WHAT lSTHERATEOf:8ENefIT?.'..;':,..:...-,:.;:..." Maternity Benefit is paidata weekly rate of 60 percent of the insured woman's average weekly insurable wage 'or income. However, Mater nity Benefit will not be less than $23 per week. The maximum amount payable is$150per week. The insurable wage or incomeisthe wage or income on which contri butions are paid; the maximum being $250 per week or $1,083permonth. The averageweeklyinsurablewageorincomeis the total of the insurable wage or income during the 40 weeks immediately pre ceding the weekinwhich benefitisdue to commence, or during the preceding, contribution year, divided by the number of weeks for which contributions were paid. The table below show examples of wages, contributions and benefits for persons earning the salaries listed:WEEKLY CONTRIBUTIONS AND SHORT-TERM BENEFIT RATES FOR EMPLOYED PERSONSWAGES TOTAL SICKNESS AND MATERNITY INJURYICONTRIBUTIONS BENEFITS BENEFIT$ $010$/0$/040 3.52 8.8 24.00 60 26.67 66 59 5.19 8.8 35.40 603933661008.80 8.8 60.00 60666666 150 13.20 8.8 90.00 60 99.99 66 200 17.60 8.8 120.00 60 133.32 66 250 22.00 8.8 150.00 6016665663


&.WHAT.$THEMATERNITY GRANT?TheMaternity Grant, provided underTheNational Insurance (BenefitsandAssistance)Regulations,1984,isawardedtoaninsuredwomanwhoisqualifiedtoreceiveMaternity Benefit, providingthather pregnancyandconfinement resultsinthebirthofa live infant.Ifmorethanone(live)infantisborn,thegrant willbepayableinrespectofeachlivingbaby.TheMaternity Grantisintendedtoassistthenewmotherinmeetingtheadditional expenses incurredatbirth.Theamountofthegrantis$250.7.HOW AND WHEN TO CLAIM? _ClaimforMaternityBenemistobemadeinwriting eitheron:a)FormMed.2(R)whentheclaimismadebasedontheexpecteddateofconfinement;orb)Form Med. 3(R)whentheclaimismadeaftertheconfinement.WheretheclaimhasbeenmadeonFormMeet2(R),aFormMed.2A,givingtheactual dateofconfinement, shouldbesentintotheLocalOffice withinthree(3)weeksaftertheconfinement,inorder fortheclaimanttoreceivetheMaternityGrant.Claimsmadeafter confinement,onFormMed.3,automaticallyincludetheclaimforMaternity Grant,andinsuchcases theFormMed.2Aisnotneeded. Claim for benefit must be made within six(6)monthsofthe confinement. The benefit may be lostifthe claimismade after this date.8.HOWISTHEBENEFiT PAID? ,4Maternity BenetitisgivenoutattheLocalOfficeandisnolIT11allypaid weeklybychequeorcash.Ifpossible,youshouldcallinpersontocollect your benefit.Alternativel,y,youmustgivewritten authorizationtoa responsibleadultoneach occasion apaymentis10becollected.


}.J))9.WILLBENEFIT PAYMENT AFFECT MATERNITYLEAVEPAY? Whereanagreementexistswithyouremployer,bywhichyouremployerpaysyourtotalwages during a portion orallofyour maternity leaveperiod,theemployerisentitled,bylaw,todeducttheamountoftheNationalInsuranceBenefitpaidtoyouduringthisperiod. Youshouldtherefore, inform youremployer,ifrequestedto,oftherateandamountofbenefityoureceived.Youshouldreceive,intotal,bywayofyourmatemity leavepayandNationalInsuranceMater nity Benefit,thetotalamountwhichtheagreementguaranteed initially,thatis,theMatemity Benefitplusthepartialwageamounlshouldtotal yourweeklysalary.10.TOOILLTOWORKFOLLOWINGMATERNITVBENEFIT::.PERIOD?..,"If,whenyouhavereceivedtheallottedmaximum13or15weeks MaternityBenefit,youarestill incapableofworkandproduce amedicalcertificatesignedbya doctor,youwillbeentitledtoclaimSickness Benefit,ifyouqualifytoreceiveit.Wheretheillnessiscaused'bycomplicationsresultingfromyour pregnancy,thereareno''waiting days"andpaymentofSickness Benefit would beginontheMondayfoll'owingthelast week for which Mater nity Benefitwaspaid.-11. CONTRIBUTION CREDITS For every contribution weekthatyoureceiveMaternity Benefit, a con tributionistobecreditedtoyoubytheBoard,which will helpyoutoqualifyforfuturebenefits. Neitheryounor your employerwiUberequired10payanycontributions duringthebenefit award period.Ifcontributionsarepaidduringthisperiod,youand/or your employermayapplyfortherefundofthese contributions.12. DISQUALIFICATION5


The Director may cause paymentsofMaternity Benefittostop,ifdu-ring the Maternity Benefit period, you:a)engage in any work for whichyouarepaid, or would normallybepaid; orb)fail without good causetotake due careofyourortoanswer reasonable enquiriesinthis regard; orc)fail without good cause and after written noticetosubmittoamedical examination. 13 ABSENCEABaOA'".'',,'.;....,.'.:1:,:'";:":.. Shouldyoubeposted abroad by your employer, whose businessisbasedinTheBahamas, he/she must continuetopaycontributions on your behalf, andyouwouldbeentitledtoreceive Maternity Benefit,providedyouqualifyandsubmit a claim. Youmaybepaidinthe countryofposting.Inother circumstances, benefitispayableinThe Bahamas,toa representative actingonyour behalf, oriscreditedtoyour bank accountinTheBahamas basedonthe approvalofthe Director. Altematively,ifyoutravel abroad,anddeliver a child during your stayyouareentitledtoreceive Maternity Benefit, provided thatthecontri bution conditions were fulfilled beforeyouwent abroad. .614.IMPRISONMENTORDETE.NTIONINLEGAU"GOsTOOy..'.::'':::,':.'Youwouldbedisqualified from receiving Maternity Benefit foranyperiod during whichyouareimprisoned or detained in legal custody, but wheretheDirectorissatisfied that therearedependants, who,immediately priortoyour imprisonment or detention, were being main tainedbyyou,theDirectormayauthorize paymentto,orinrespectof,those dependants ofanamount not exceeding three-quartersofthe benefit or assistance which would otherwisebepayabletoyou.15. RIGHT OF APPEAL .......'.: Shouldyounotbesatisfied with the decision that wasmadeonyour claim, andfeeJthat there was a misunderstanding,youhavetherighttoappealthedecisioninpart orintotal.Askatthenearest Local


Officefortheformonwhichtogivenoticeoftheappeal.This notice mustbesentInwithin21days of the date you were notifiedofthe decision of the claim.16. FURTHER ADVICEThefollowing benefitsareavailabletoeligible insured persons under the NationalInsuranceScheme:*Death*DisablementBenefit&Grant*FuneralBenefit*Industrial'InjUryBenefits(includingfreemedicalcare for injuredworkers)*Invalidity Benefit*RetirementBenefit*Sickness Benefit*Survivor's Benefit Shouldyouneedadditional information, or information onanyoftheBenefits mentionedabove,pleasecontact yournearestNIBLocalOffice,orcalltheBoard'sConsumerHotlines,322-1280or322-2009,between9a.m.,and5:30p.m.,forpromptcourteousanswers.17.OFFENCES forfalseormisleading statements thataremadeinorder toreceiveMaternityBenefit,willresultinfinesofupto$1,000,or impri sonment forupto6months.orboth.PLEASE NOTE:Matemity Benefitthatisawardedasaofanyfalseor misleading statementmadebythe claimant, orbyanyotherpersonfor or onbehanofthe claimant,mustberepaidtotheBoard.Themoney canberecoveredbytheDirectoroftheNationalInsuranceBoardthroughlegalproceedings, orbymakingdedJctions fromanyfuture claims to which the personbecomesentitled.leaflet#t3Revised 19871


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