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Digitizing Mixed Media Related to the History of Health Science Center : NN/LM ( National Network of Libraries of Medicine ) Express Digitization Grant Proposal
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Grant proposal
Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Nina
George A. Smathers Libraries
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Gainesville, FL
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Digitizing Mixed Media Related to the History of Health Science Center grant proposal to digitize mixed media materials. Many of these materials relate to the history of the College of Pharmacy (founded in 1928), the founding of other colleges in the 50s and 60s, construction of the original facilities, establishment of faculty hiring plans and procedures, and early curriculum planning. Formats vary, including reel tapes, VHS, magnetic computer tapes, audio cassette tapes, and reel-to-reel tapes.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Express Digitization and Conservation Award Application 1. Name of Network Member Institution: Health Science Center Librar ies, University of Florida 2. Network Member LIBID: FLUFLO 3. Project Manager: Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig 4. Position/Title of Project Manager: Coordinator of Educatio nal Training Programs 5. Department: 6. Mailing Address: University of Florida Division of Sponsored Research 219 Grinter Hall Gainesville, FL 32611 7. Email Address (e.g., maryc@project.org): nstoyan@ufl.edu 8. Telephone Number [e.g., (222) 222-2222 or 555-555-5555]: 352273-8406 9. Fax Number [e.g., (222) 222-2222 or 555-555-5555]: 352-392-6803 10. Award funding is a maximum of $9,000.00 please supply a brief budget. No indirect costs are allowed. Expenditure Category Total Charges Personnel: Matthew Mariner, $896 Software Equipment Supplies Other: (Outside Professional Services) $8,078 Total Amount Requested ($9,000 maximum):


$8,974 11. How will you spend the award? (Provide a co st break down and justification for each budget line.) All media items will be sent to Scene Savers fo r outside professional digitization services, as follows: 14-16mm reels, 2.5 hours run time, total estimate: $1,263 44 U-matic tapes, 44 hours run time, total estimate: $2,860 10 VHS tapes, total estimate: $800 10 video reels, 10 hours run time, total estimate: $650 23 audio cassette tapes, 20 hours run time, total estimate: $1,380 15 reel-to-reel tapes, 15 hours run time, total estimate: $1,125 To ingest these materials will be managed by UF DLC by Matthew Mariner, library associate 2 at 2% of his time totals: $896 12. Award should be made payable to what inst itution (i.e., Southeastern Regional Medical Center)? University of Florida 13. Federal Tax Id Number (FEIN): 59-6002052 14. Congressional District : 6th 15. DUNS Number : 969663814 16. Proposed start date for project endi ng April 30, 2012 (format: "mm/dd/yyyy" e.g. 07/01/2006): 10/01/2011 17. List your project objectives in cluding the historical or unique collection to be digitized and why it was selected for this project. The collection to be digitized is a selection of mixed media materials from colleges in the Health Science Center, including the colleges of Ph armacy, Medicine, and Nursing. Many of these materials relate to the history of the College of Pharmacy (founded in 1928), the founding of the other colleges in the 1950s and 1960s, construction of the original facilities the establishment of faculty hiring plans and procedur es, and early curriculum planning, as well as material relating to the growth of individual college education pr ograms, student activities and admissions. Thus appropriate conservation and maintenance of this collection is absolutely essential to developing and maintaining a complete historical record for the Health Science Center. These records are, however, currently inaccessible because they are in obsolete and endangered formatsthe collection contains reel to reel tapes, magnetic comput er tapes, microfilm, and VHS, in addition to other formats. There is no equipment in house to access the material. In some cases, the material also is in danger, and in a fo rmat that can seriously deteriorate. The HSC’s distinctive and innovati ve history provides interesting evidence for the development of interdisciplinary healthcare and shows a unique planning process and is of general interest to


historians and particularly to hi storians of medicine. Objectives: This project will 1) transfer mixed media materials to accessible formats; 2) it will rescue and makes this collection accessible; and 3) protect the historical record helping to preserve and make available the unique history of the University of Florida Heal th Science Center, which is of interest to historians and especially historians of medicine and hea lthcare generally. 18. Describe how you will complete the proj ect objectives (your project plan). The project will involve vending out the select ed materials that have been completely inaccessible due to their capture in obsolete fo rmats, and will, after careful review, become available for a wider audience in the UF Digital Collections. 19. List any institutional s upport that will be provided. The University of Florida Libraries’ Digital Li brary Center is one of the largest digitization facilities in the Southeast US, and has developed a robust infrastructure fo r digitization projects. This project will utilize the UF Libraries’ existing equipment, software, procedures, and staff expertise. The Digital Library Center also wi ll provide initial trai ning and ongoing supervision and assistance for those working on this project. The UF Libraries also provides server space for online access to digitized materials in the UF Digital Collections ( http://ufdc.ufl.edu/ ) and redundant archival storage to ensure digital preservation. 20. How will you promote the availa bility of the digitized res ources and to what audience? The UF Libraries actively promote the UF Di gital Collections through a variety of venues including Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, email lists search engine optim ization, printed news stories, blog postings, and printed promotional mate rials distributed throughout the UF Libraries. 21. How will you evaluate use of the digitized resources? Monthly usage statistics are tracked and availabl e online for all materials in the UF Digital Collections ( http://ufdc.ufl.edu/stats/usage ). These are analyzed to ensure usage and promotion of materials. An annual usabil ity study is conducted on the UF Digital Collections to ensure optimal usability of all materials. Further analys is on impact is conducted on different collections on a rotating basis to ensure maximum usage and impact for all materials. Materials already digitized from the Health Science Center are curr ently available on the Internet. For example, a collection of photographs have been accesse d 49,371 since they were placed online. 22. What are the plans to sustain the project? The UF Libraries are committed to providing on line access and ensuring long-term digital preservation for all materials in the UF Digita l Collection; and these mixed media materials will be given the same support. The UF Digital Coll ections are active and on going collections and the UF Libraries also provide ongoing training and support for collecti ons. This includes tools like the online metadata editor and the online self-submittal tool as well as training in using these tools so that those in the Hea lth Science Center and Manuscripts and Archives can continue to enhance metadata and add materials even after this project is completed. 23. Comments