The Jewish Floridian

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The Jewish Floridian
Place of Publication:
Miami, Fla
Jewish Floridian Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
April 3, 1931
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63 v. : ;


Subjects / Keywords:
Jewish newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1927?
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 63, no. 20 (May 18, 1990).
General Note:
Editor: Fred K. Shochet, <1959>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 47 (Nov. 25, 1932).

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University of Florida
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Copyright Jewish Floridian Pub. Co.. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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'-"r ,rtt4 '~~ '~ -'li w T''
17?.i '~T'424,

... .
, ':\ ^. "'^ y ,- ,' ']l .

TI? tT- trTTXT

. IY.-A-N. AlYV.


1545 B. W. 3rd Street
over services will be
ed in promptly at 6:30
Wednesday evening,
1st. On Thursday and
y mornings the services
egin at 8:30 a. m. with
r Nathan Wroobel
[ng the service. At the
es Rabbi Isaac M. Wap-
Sthe Congregation will
on "Freedom and Lib-
The usual afternoon
s will be held Thurs-
Friday -and Saturday
)tly at 6100 p. m. Friday
he usual early services
held at 6:80 p. m. with
e services following at
at which time Rabbi
will preach the usual

i. Saturday morning
s will bein at 9400 a.
public is invited to at-
1 of these services.
ial Yizkor services will
ducted on Next Thurs-
orning with the mem-
rynA&.,* a.*hen.
abbi wil prech on
r." On Wednesday
ig the Rabbi will
on "Miracles on the

Miami. Florida. Friday Anril S. 1981



=l I

We are out a little earlier this week than usual because of Passover falling
on Thursday and Friday. Since we believe in practicing what we preach, we were
forced to advance the date of issuance just one day to allow us the observance of
Of course, it means a financial sacrifice since the usual advertiser does not
furnish his copy until Thursday. We don't mind it, and with your help Good
Reader, and you Mr. Advertiser, we will make it up.
Passover is a grand and glorious affair. We celebrate, have a good time, and
forget our daily woes in the celebration of this great feast of freedom.
Even a newspaper editor and publisher wants to celebrate once in a while and
especially with "knaydlach" (never mind the Hagoda) and "Yayin" decorating
the festive board on Sader night. So even if we weren't so good as some people
think we are it wouldn't be possible for us to resist the temptation to play hookeyy"
from work. We're all set and determined to do our share in taking care of the
goodies and believe it or not, it's quite an undertaking, more so because we cele-
brate two Saders.
So here's asking your forgiveness if we are not just toeing the mark this week
in our usual manner, be good and HOT'S ALLEMEN A FROELICHEN AND KOS-

Seder Dinner." Next Friday
night, April 3rd, the Rabbi
will preach at the services at
8:15 p. m.. on the text "I am

asleep but. my
awake." The subje
Rabi's sermon is "
est of all is a grea
On Next Tuesda
observed by the
the last day of Pas
Rabbi will preach o0
Passover any me
day?" On Wednesa
ing at 11 a. m. the
preach the sermon

heart is
ect of the
the great-
t lover."
.y evening
Temple as
n "Has the
ssage To-
day morn-
Rabbi will
on "Tired,

NG. M DAVID because too easy."
(Conservative)All are urged to attend
I N. W. Tlrd Avenue these services. On Friday
. NM. MACTEI night there will be special
abbi Passover music.
over services at Cong. ONG BETH JACOB
?4xd will begin Wed- (Orthodox)
SeBlning at. 6:80 p. m. L AXELROAD
huAsday and Friday L."ABBI
igs the. services will RABBI
8 the. services will 311 Washington Avenue
at 8:30 a. m. with Miami Beach
. M. Itchei preaching The Passover ceremonies
ssover at .both the will be ushered in at Beth
e swervi s Afternoon Jacob Congregation with ser-
Swill begin at'6:00 p. vices at 6 p. m. Wednesday
e usual late Friday vices at 6 p. m. Wednesday
rvices wil lte Fridat evening. Thursday morning
ith Rabbi S.. M iath- the services will begin at 8:30
aching .a sRa rmon on a.m. and the Rabbi will
i". Th0 telg qual- on preach on "Removing the
"ea. Ther teip n uali- Leaven". On Friday morning
leader p a found in the Rabbi will preach on "The
will be analyzed n Wise Man and the Simple
sowith the qualities Minded." The afternoon ser-
er ; shown by pr vices begin at 6 p. m. each
| lea in Jewry. day during the holidays and
unday ot i in thethe morning services at 8:30
n cl-ases a. m. Cantor Boris Schlach-
f-or man will chant the services.
b ue an- On next Thursday morning
S. u e of special Yizkor services will be
th aelt semes- held at 10 a. m. with a ser-
beginning of a mon by the Rabbi on "Re-
membering Our Souls."
SThe public is invited to at-
400Cos wiu tend all services.
.ma iI IillEl

H*-, THR J],
:" ,, /:,.. S .B .,f

Jewish Agency
Campaign Planned

Plans for the Jew ish
Agency Drive to obtain the
one thousand dollar quota set
for Greater Miami include a
large mass meeting at' which
the well known international
Zionist Morris Rottensherg-o.f
New York or a speaker of
equal standing will address
the audience. A musical pro-
gram will be part of the en-
tertainment that will be pro-
vided for this monster meet-
ing at which it is planned to'
rally Miami Jews to the cause
of the Jewish Agency and the
rebuilding of the Jewish
Homeland in Palestine. In
charge of this campaign is
the well known attorney and
president of the local Zionist
District, Mr. Harry Simon-
hoff. Among those who have
thus far been named on the
campaign committee are Day
J. Apte, Henry Berg, W. L.
Williams, Lewis Brown, Har-
ry I. Lipton, I. L. Mintzer,
Nathan Adelman, Max Kup-
ferstein, Dr. A. D. Halpern,
Mrs. Isidor Cohen as Presi-
dent of Senior Hadassah and
Mrs. Fred Lutzky as presi-
dent of Junior Hadassah. It
is planned to add more mem-
bers to this committee be-
fore the actual beginning of
the campaign, and these
names will be announced in
these columns shortly.
The Greater Miami district
has been divided into sections
and each section will be thpr-
oughly canvassed by a ttm
of workers. Each team wfllbe
headed by a Captain and it Is
hoped that eve0 Jew now int
this District will be reached
--- 4 -- *^ .i .>1

Poll Tax Receipt
Necessary to Vote

With a temporary flurry in
the payment of poll taxes,
which brought 292 persons
to the windows Tuesday, a
total of 25,950 have paid 1929
poll taxes and only 2,266 have
paid for gl O,19o- aeomrd ing t
the records of Bob Simpsoin,
county tax collector. Receipts
for both years will be requir-
ed to vote in the city primary
May 5. The windows today
were not crowded. State and
county real estate taxes col-
lected yesterday amounted to
$43,548.91 and a similar sum
received by letter was being
tabulated today.

Jewish Dairy Here
Begins Operations

The Seaboard Sanitary
Dairy, the first Jewish, dairy
in the Greater Miami Dis-
trict, began operations Wed-
nesday morning in their
beautiful new plant contain-
ing the most' modern equip-
ment to insure the produc-
tion of dairy products under
the most sanitary conditions
known to present day ex-
to do his share in the cam-
Educational work will
precede the campaign proper
and it is expected that the
Rabbis cthe various congre-
gations : the Greater Miami
District Wll te on the sub
d the Pa verw H

t. 4" .

Price 5 Cent |

1t -1

Big Shot
Chicago isn't the only city that
has an "Al Capone."
A gentleman thus named achiev-
ed limited fame here when arrest-
ed on a disorderly conduct charge.
He wants fame, though, for he is
convinced that there is gold in his
For "half a grand," he will let
someone interview him about his
"mysterious past." He thinks his
life story is worth a whole grand,
but because of the depression, he's
willing to let it go for half that :
much. He claims he has had ex-
periences "that would make that
Chicago boy blush."
The line forms to the right.
Blind Players
When the curtain went up at a
Broadway theatre a few nights ;
ago, playgoers witnessed a most
unusual performance remark-
Sable because ever member of the

cast was blind.
The uninitiated observer would
have been unaware that the play
era acting before him, all girls,
were sightless, so smooth was the
performance. 'The audience won-
dered hew two persons, coming on-
to the stage from opposite en-
trances, managed to walk unerr-
ingly toward each other and shake
hsmd without lost motion.

Guided By Carpets
The answer was that the stage
hands haL c.aefully laid strips ot
trpet a th e actreM 't ,
follow certain paths, Al stg
furniture was placed according to
a rigid chart worked out during
rehearsals. Two weeks were
spent learning locations o stage
settings alone.
The leader of the group said
that the girls are so interested t;
dramatics-one of the most .difft.
cult activities thev could chooe--
because it gives them a chance tto
appear in public and show hf#W
nearly the handicap of blindness
can be overcome by well-atuded
They call themselves the Light-
house Players. Most of the mem-
bers live in girl's clubhouses,a rd
are independent arnd Aelf-support-
ing. One teae.p; being and elo-
cution, sever'l, i are steno-
make some
and wish
dresses ther m t of
especially the lights of

Damages and Coats .'t
Vandalismin Central Pakl.,
including such acts as makh
with "Kee Off the Grass"
defacing signs, trampling
on newly sown .gan,
trees by tearing off b
cutting ing t
rather e
In the past j i tal
have cost more
is estimated that men a
4d to 1*#Io1 t* p

fairly ~o pe ,.Opn, ,
lief from- .e dt$s. D!

- A Ii',

na tarratn. ti 't a st i

't flWOi 8K ; *1

SU'NDY i@ *y. *i. ".:
-mill... g q.A.




The General Motsor Corporatioa
nas exIten -d its system of nasar-1
.:1 th:e li-ifes a d empic.7es C.
nzvec i(t agnrst aarf ti,.- ef:mply-
-. (,-pl. wint ha- ii a : thrift i
plan .' n enamp,', w.oyl-es t') aSharC
;n the tmpanya pr-,f.t by invest-,
ing a imal percentage of their1
,wr. wages. This and other larpg
nrmpnies are engaged all lt
t m in effort to work ou eqit-
able methods of iepiag those who
work for them to b eer*aina o
izsipendneet in o d age or became
"if illtness arWitet, aMi to leae
their families prorile fom i case
of death. I
If large iadm.t.-ies can do this
why nAt small oes as well? It
is on the cards that the tme is
oming when everybody who
works for anybroy else will be re-

comIats the iNtdn mJEWS
with thie amcit H wm ad
Israeada, whos -eemi..
.f Padime md t the H*
Lmd to a bie peple.
But tflmge ik th rmI r N
Styr of the buh anaL Tkh
fcMiimting yet peaured idesI
Ibrkuht bittermu and strife
into Jewry. The Reformed
Jew eerAuly regarded the
Effort to make a State for two
mil n oout of the sixteen aml-
| irO Jews as a reflection upon
the patriotism of Jewish iti-
zemn to their respective coam-
tries. The uitra-Orthodox re-
jented a movement that
showed a lack of confidence
in the Almighty tFy .aIteninMg
to build Eretz Yesrcel with-
out waiting for the Messiah
ben David. The Jewish labor
masses, largely socialistic aX
their outlook, considered the
whole business as petty. Ln
view of the world-wide prob-
lem of the oppressed worker
caught under and displaced
by the mass-producing mach-
inery of capitalistic corpora-
tions. The gigantic task of
arousing the Jewish people,

ngtiatxi wi* dte differ t
na~on, and racing large
t Om of money to make Pal-
estine aitable for the thoo-
sands of Jews that came
fEkingd i-. was left to the
Zioist. a zealous. M.[ligenr.
but numerical a smaEl sec-
tor in IsraeL
Meanwhile. thir were
happening. The war 'cane and
went. br gi '- its wake
rew hatreds. w t-.:' .oblter-
ating -?e )ld. A hun-dr-ed
thousandd J-ws were a;ght-
ered in [Kra ne: ::'.: :r :
P-erand: percMteor.' m Rou-
mlania: r'w .r.clc-oL :ni Eas:-
emn Ear'c:.ce r spi-e- :" -
anteed cir-..trtutor.a: rights:
Orthodm)x Judaism melting
away :.i the AtheL-m :f So-
'iet Rusa: the h dred per
cent patriotism of Reformed
Jews challenged in Germany
by Hitlerite. and in the
United States by the Ford
anti-Semitc propaganda, and.
the Kin Klux.
On the other hand. Zionism
r e in respectability and was
even becoming fashionable.
The Balfour Declaration made

Friday, April ,

Zionism a policy of the Brit-
ish Empire. The Mandate in-
corporated the Jewish Home-
land in Palestine into the Law
of Nations. Every American
president. from Woodrow
Wilson to Herbert Hoover, to-
rether with the United States
Congress, endorsed a Jewish
Palestine. Earnest and very
thoughtful Jews everywhere
felt ashamed of their opposi-
tion to a movement that met
universal approval. A new
attitude arose and spread
-apidi-. throughout the Jew-
:h w.-:rld. The building of
Paletine as a Jewish Home-
.and i: the concern of the EN-
not the exclusive task of the
relatively few Zionists.
The Zionists, worn out, and
.taggering under their bur-
den. opened their arms wide
to invite new forces. Dr.
Weizman. head of the World
Zionist Organization, nego-
tiated with the anti-Zionist
leaders. The result of many
conferences produced a part-
nership agreement in which
the Zionists joined with non-

quired to leave a certain percent- E
age of his salary or wages in.o
trust, to be matched by an equal I .
anbant contributed by the em-,
ployer, to form the basis *f a fund 1
to take care of him after a given, RI
nmber of years of work, or at a
given age, or if ineapaeitated. And! TATIO g A
e"p"ed with this win be s" STATION "W Q A M"
form of employment insurance, o0 EVERY SUNDAY 5 TO 6 P. M.
that nobody can be thrown out of
work with nothing to live on-.
The sole heir to $100,00^ 0 .or O by
survivor of six sisters sad b lh-o1 0
er whosegrandfather was __t___'__ ___________**__o______ cIsooooooooos'ooooooooo
nor of John Jacob Atr, the fur- o
trader, lived alone in an old bouse'+ o o
on Fifth Avenue, and died alowe vn r a0
except for doctors and nurses. She NEW YORK AGAN'S
had not a single relation left in I a 0
the world. a i in. ( Palatial Kosher
Every dollar of the great for- : a
tmne which he had to dispose of : Re etaurant
is in NewYork city real etate. 471 8. W. Eighth St.
The lot on which her bome stands' o 265 N.E. Second Street
is raled at nearly four million Pmel 2-177: PR0GRAM _
dollars. Grandfather Wendel laid o THE HOME OP REAL FOOD
down a rule for his family: "Buy a o
land, never mortgage, never sell, o Where Quality sad Kahrua
never build, never make repairs."' O --o Hand Imn Md
Buildings deteriorate, tenants of-i Prlucin the Finest i 0 o
ten sometimes do not pay their o _
rent, but land valne alwaysin- RYE, VIENNA, VOCAL SELECTIONS: O0ocosso*o**o0*o** -
creases. The purchase of land in I! WHOLE WHEA O o
any growing community :s theI wn W W HA, o _"
swiftest certain road to wealth. PUMPERNICKEL, rs. Bertram Raff "ETTA"
ver any twenty-year period the OLL and PASTRIES Mrs. Barney Kraft Bea Sh
owner of well-located vacant land t O AS atL
in close to a big city will have OF ALL KINDS Mrs. Samuel Rcsnick
mn several times more money 2207 N E Secnd Ave. 4
imply by sitting still and watch- o Ir. Martin Chochom n... .s
ing -te population grow than he o one
could havem b uttin theo MACAROONS. SPONGE Miss Bertha Rubenstein of Montreal, Can Speciliin i Eene Per-
purchase price into a savings1 CAKE.NUT CAKE, andall al al i, en
bank, into bonds or endowment g kinds of Easter Goodies. 0 n Rubinsteinl elen
life insurance or any of the other A An JewMiW sto. *o Rhnel T tcl.a_
perfectly safe forms of invest- g treatment
ment. INSTRUMENTAL SELECTIONS Beay in aln It Br anch
------- g oooooooooOnooooooo 0
Ice cream melts more fem- o Mad. Sophie Sanina of New York City O +**** O**
nine hearts than hot words o e i I a
Joeemns Palott Tire Co.
A man kicks more from Jewish news and social program for the week -Incorporated-
habit than from necessity. Fresh Kosher Other Interesting numbers 2242 N. 2nd Ave
Sa o ues2242 N. E. 2Wd Ave.
SMeats and Poultry n... a -
-Meats and Pouly Liberal Allowance on Your Old
STires in Trade for
A o I 166 N. W. Fifth St. o
.. ... Iool SILVERTOWN
r-- 0-o, goooo ,_-,

|T woald seem that the up- g FRESH FISH DAILY 3 Fumitlg S Seaboard
I eFthat the upFurniture Seaboard .
Jewish el ought tg A res Ce xchangeB Ic 1 Sanitary Dairy :
appea powerfully to the Jew- ?T PERMIT NO. 4 J---.d0
al"th/ Cap't. Toms wes!.n ,,-- j Funerm mWe |
Ish mind. It can become a HIALEAHFLOIDA
haven of refuge for several F SE HIALEA, FLORIDA :
*.UFS Rh Mart D: Producincrthe 'fled siDairy .1 .... -. ni
million J persecuted in a 9ar *mI o Iroc n um mI I asl A ~ ls. mos
Eatern i turope. w It would be N.WI Nh River Dr. 0 N. PW. *"
Stl and i ntel- ort ver Dr. 319-321 N. Miami Ave. STRICTLPrOSHER FR
e t Of the piJewirth ual an nl:E IP 2S ON.W.VER|
berof tCe JewAsh L.. M c. n. PERETAAN, 0er PASSOVER Au0Mg ||
ttutt world. ______ PHONE 2-3749 P|oes s -ii.*4gM __
.... *-*******~***********************- -** -
A the J it _,__.__,.-__..__..._..._ .... I T


P mp


I~ -
I, ~ ~tl
13':C ~
Y '


Zionists and Jews of
shade, opinion, and belief.
the purpose of building
estine. During July, 19291
presentatives of every -i
ized country met with t
Zionist leaders to form
Jewish Agency. Louis
shall, the venerable Jewi
leader, virtually dying, *si
ed for the non-Zionists t
"Pact of Glory," as heca
it, and heralded the Jewiaj
Agency as his crownin
achievement in which unit
was finally brought into I~
rael to build its Homeland o
its sacred ancestral soil.

Your Opportunity!

New ShLpumfet Beatiftl
Printed and phfm, wel as r.
nta received weekly. Get tie
beat at the ehepeat prie.

J. L Kaufman
67 N. E. 4th Street

" .,. "

Friday, Aprl 3, 181

A Wedlr NewMnper
hr te


P. o. Ba nsi
Miami, Florida Phone 2-1188
414 ElAgh Stnrt
Mn. sdichatek, Bere*-ntat"
Entered as second class matter,
July 4th, 1980, at the Post Office
at Miami, Florida, under the act
of March' 8, lt 9
Six Months ...................... 1.W
One Year. ........................


Fair is the twilight,
And fragrant and still;
Little by little
The synagogues fill.
One by one kindle
The night's gleaming eyes;
Candles in windows
And stars in the skies.

Ended in Shool is
The service divine;
Seder is started
With legends and


Father is blessing
The night of al nights;
All who are hungry
To feast he invites.
'All who are homeless
Yet masters shall be,
Slaves who are this year-
The next shall be free!'
Children ask 'questions',
And father replies;
Playfully sparkle
The wine and the eyes.
Hymns of redemption
All merrily sing;
Queen is each mother,
Each father a king.
Midnight. The Seder
Is come to an end;
Guardian angels
.From heaven descend.'
Each one a message
Of liberty brings;
Scattering blessings
Of peace from his w~gs.
Passover is the Festival of
Spring. Its human appeal,
therefore, is as old as human-
ity, and as perennial as
Spring. But it is an histori-
cal festival-Israel's birthday
-as the annual commemora-
tion of an event which has
changed the destinies of man-
kind, that it proclaims the
man-redeeming truth, God is
the God of Freedom. Even as
in Egypt He espoused the
cause of brjifBlat_1g helots
against the mighty royal op-
pressor; He-for ever judgeth
the would' ft righteousness,
and the peole Ith.T equity.
There is a. oveuli ng Provi-
dtnee tat e ~t hteous-
ness and fro and hum-
bbs thaDe i of iniquity
atd. opie g ia iL t oh,


"Love-making is just like
it always was."
"How do you know?"
"I've been reading about a
Greek maiden who sat up and
listened to a lyre all night."
Mrs. Homesteader: "We've
got some new neighbors. Only
10 miles west of us."
Mr. Homesteader: "The
Hoax-I hear Clarabel lost
her breach of promise suit.
Joax-Yes, her heart ac-
tion was weak.
** *
Mrs. Nagger-And to think
you were just a struggling
young business man when I
married you.
Mr. Nagger--Yeah, but I
didn't struggle enough.
Fake Schwager says he
never paid a doctor's bill in
his life.
Bo s c h Exceptionally
healthy, eh?
Fake No; exceptionally
poor pay.
No, Cordelia, hops do not
grow in a ballroom.
Patient-Is the doctor in?
Attendant-No; he stepped
out for lunch.
Attendant-Why, no, that's
what he went out after.
It makes quite a difference
to the actor whether his name
appears on a billboard or a
board bill.
"She's seen 29 winters."
"Oh, she's 40 at least."
"Yes, but they go south
every fall."
"He believes in turning the
other cheek."
"No, barber."
I'm reckoned as a peaceful
I'm not at all belligerent.
A man might stop and drop
his hat
Without me going to the mat.
My gun stock bears no brag-
gart nick
To prove my draw is deft and
I take a deal of rich abuse
And calmly wear the mien I

Where is the profit, what's
the use,
What, pray, do scathing
words produce?

And then, the color of a
Nine times in ten, reveals
its source.
"What do you think of a
man who deceives his wife?"
"I'd say, he writes clever

Precious and historic mem-
ories revolve about this fan-
ly scene-the children turn-

ing to the Spents tor counsel
and teaching, and parents
bringing god and" t -reeg-
nition of His wonderful lead-
*fai~ t9~Crw^^^J*!^:.


Could I but sing one tender L. Wk L L~ I
Then there would issue from I was talking recently with T'@ Clarik wbh as seems-
my throat tary to Mr. Coolidge at the White lHom.e. H ltoldzoa about
A rapturous, inspired song one of the famous Gridiron dinners at wMola a- cl&carae
Because, my dear, you came was made up to represent the "Front Page". 'Tle oI
along, fellow was emaciated and despondent; he complained that
Coolidge had ruined him by making so little news.
If I could write a sonnet, Ted said: "I think that one of the best and( truest taib
then utes that could be paid to Coolidge would be to-say: 1ttoolk
What clever phrases I might the government of the United StMaes-off thel front paet~*,
pen He went on to tell half a domen .drmati .i-cidAl
And to what heights I might which might easily have become national isues, if CTold. e
rise had been minded to make a fiss about them. Bat hbraal&
Because I looked into your ed them so quietly that the public knew. nothing about
eyes! them.
The newspapers are the, greatest singleas oanbals iL.
And if I knew a thing of art fluence in our lives. By throwing the fierce glare of their
I'd strive to others to impart' search-light in all directions they hmwe been a;p.we~rfukid
The warmth and wonder of in abolishing secret diplomacy. They have oscosemrri big
your smile business to come out into the open, an& they alr a wft at c tt
And glories equally worth and tremendous deterrent to crime.
while. But under our system of government ~tly. at~am,tuns
willing premium upon the performance:of the istisW
But I'm no singer, and I must and the demagogue.
Admit I find art dry as dust Our Senators are no, longer ehosenm as they 6 uet to ~
And as regards my hand at by responsible party organizations in the state lsgArtimw
verse They are nominated in popular primaries.
These lines prove nothing The easy way for a Senator to, keep.hia voters .roa
could be worse. forgetting his name is to make them think hb is po a
in Washington. And the easy way tohachiev this a ming
I am a dull, uncultured thing importance is to attack something.. or investigate something
Who cannot write, nor paint, or become otherwise noisy and conspicuous.
nor sing, But be not discouraged.
Though I don't mind, because I have stood in.the laboratory where:Bdisoa wari e4 I0
you say many years to give the world electric :light.. I have. see
That you still will love me, the old shed where Kettering first began, the eperi ents
anyway. which culminated in the self-starter for,automowiles. I have
*visited the tiny village where,- ia at modest h)bse, Ch
Mathews I'll bet it was Darwin wrote the book that changed the troria of sient
hot on the desert! No shade, thought. On the gate post is tdrlet with. this, incrip
either, eh? tion:
Jenkins No, the only "Here Darwin lived and tho Igt for
shade there was my own forty years, and here on April
shadow, and I nearly broke. 19, 1882, .be died."
my back trying to sit on it. We can'put up-patiently with quite a lot of Senators, so
long as we know that, back in ten thousand quiet_ ome ad
The melody of living shops and offices, there are Edisons a4 Kettering, nd
Is the only song I know; Darwins.
I hear it in the soft rains,
And feel it in the snow;
The violin plaint of evening,\ rE
The blatant horn of day
Start my dull pulses racing,
To the rhythm of today.
In the street the young
boys were greatly enjoyif J N n: 5
their impromptu foot ball
"Tommy, Tommy," came a. I am glad to hear authors and intepignt ph y slsyiu
woman's voice, but no one talking about the "smooth diet" for their t eirstlv
troubled. Then, after an in ated cases; there has been such an .exast le stresams
terval: "Tom, Tom. Come at "roughage" advice. For a long time ,t,
once." ,his doctor's office has been filled chock fllwi~ 1 t
"Your mother's calling yo~a age fad. This regardless of what is the re .ti'.l
Tom," said his friend. "Had4 sluggish bowel-wall.
n't you better go? She seems A colon may. be ulcerated, or narrowed* ftomi i -
to be getting mad." sease. The X-ray is avaffable now for accurate dmuolli
"It's all right yet," explains and roughage is absolutely contradicted- inr seit
ed Tom. "I don't need to It is. safe to say that one-half the patients ,thkle e-
bother until she starts call; roughage advice get the very wrong thirg fei M
ing "Thomas." Only one class of cases are benefitted by
: namely, the patients that have
Smith Motorigsun tracts, other than over-loaded negct
doubtedly a grand thing. ated colons. And these, I believe are i i j
used to be fat and listless bei the patients that come to my office.
fore the motor craze, but now The contracted or ilceids .wi i e
I'm alert and energetic. roughage. No patient whose .
Brown--I didn't know yet ofhemorrhoitds,and is constipa
motored. by a diet of roughage. He nm .
Smith I don't. I dodge wfl ickly set him right.
'em. What Is the smooth diet?l W ,. t" 'ges
ables, such as "reense" ant sap~
Policeman Hey, where f .ctlb-pr wbbae, or r
are you carrying that sign', rice; mac l otatoes --- .e
Algy-Well, doesn't it say cooked; properly
"Take Notice?" amount of ite br
Visitor-I'd like to see th ding., sweet
boss, please.. ao, r-Jttte .'
Office Ba-Thmn take a I,:imhoL ai g
look at him pleasing the na tinE retold
gonents 'ssar

] .." ,.mm : :41dl ~ LC' "~CX'?Bi ~ +.'-: ..
sTo ,* 4"0- "-
manm has ta-o doi $ S^ ^&^ B^^
mannzers. 1 1

'.n.. r ;~
- U-


Miss Frances Druckerman
will, present her pupils in a
recital at 11 a. m. Saturday,
at her studio. Friends inter-
ested .re invited. Those tak-
ing part will include Maurice
Croier, Sylvia Leibovit, Mar-
win. Shepard Cassel,. Esther
Winier, Rose Marion Golden,
Marion Freed, Kate Morris,
Dorothy Morris, Adelaide
SherMan, Lillian Relman,
Chester Cassel, Arline Aron-
ovitz, Florence Gromer and
Belle Tanenbaum.
Mrs. Art Friedman receiv-
ed the prize at the guests'
bridge Friday evening at the
Columbus hotel. Others play-
ing were Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Cohen of New York, Mrs. Ila
Pifer, MrM. W. C. Reuther,
MJ:s. -Grace W. Parker and
Miss Maude Bellars.
Miss -Beatrice Goldenblank
entertained with a shower
last week honoring Mrs.
Aaron Farr, using a pink and
green color scheme. Guests
were Miss Hannah Mack,
Miss Gertrude Deitz, Miss
Charlotte Kohn, Miss Sarah
Kohn, -Miss Ethel Harris,
Miss Frances Gross, Miss
Rose and Miss Dora Wein-
garten, Miss Irene and Miss
Sylvia Farr, Mrs. A. Waller-
stein, Mrrs. H. H. Farr, Mrs.
F. Wise, Mrs. Billie Orum,
Mrs. F. Goldenblank and
Mrs. E. Orum.
S* *

Mr s. Yetta Hartenstein
entertained a number of her
friends at luncheon at the
Egyptian Tea Cup in the
Roney Plaza hotel gardens
Friday. Her guest included
Miss Bee Ernstein, Miss Hat-
tie Hartenstein, Miss Anna
Ernstein all of New York.
Prince Omar interpreted the
tea dance.
*. *

One of the prettiest as well
as impressive services in re-
cent days -was the children's
seder at the Miami Jewish
Orthodox Congregation last
Sunday night. In the centre
of the Synagogue was a long
table laden with fruits, cakes
and other goodies and beauti-
fully decorated. At each
child's place was a plate with
a matzo, wine, and the tradi-
tional herbs, charoseth, onion
and salt water. At the head
of the table sat Rabbi Isaac
M. Wapner and before him
was the "Matzo Dekel" with
the three matzos, the tradi-
tional plate with the shank-
bone etc., and a beautiful me-
norah. Several of the officers
of ,the Ladiea Auxiliary lit
the candles and the last can-
dle was lit by the youngest
child present. The kiddush
was recited and followed by
Sthe entire Seder ceremony.
"Those taking part were:
S Charles Adelman, Teddy Si
S mons, Frdrrick [K. Shochet,
A. Srkin, A. Covetman, Ray
Shochet and all of the other
: pils of the Talmud Torah.
At the ed of the Seder which
i sii copluded with the sing-
o.:;. Gaudyoh, Mr.
Mon entertained

sent to watch the more than
fifty children take part in the
Last week's program of the
Jewish hour, the most out-
standing since its inception.
A splendid address on the
Hebrew University by Rabbi
Dr. Jacob H. Kaplan, was one
of the highlights of the hour.
Mrs. Samuel Resnick as usual
delighted the auditog-s with
her splendid rendition of
"Sweet Mystery of Life" and
"I Love Life." Accompanying
her was Miss Frances Kane,
an old favorite of the Jewish
hour who also played several
piano solos. A duet in which
Mrs. Charles Markowitz and
Cantor Louis Hayman sang
"In Meine Augen Bist Du
Shenn," accompanied at the
piano by Miss Evelyn Marks
was the cause of a large num-
ber of calls for a repetition of
the number and the chorus
was again repeated. Miss Eve-
lyn Marks played a very
splendid solo on the piano.
Cantor Boris Schlachman
sang "Ovinu Malkaynu" in
the traditional manner. A
number of popular ballads
sung by Lewis Merlin who
was accompanied by James
Merrill at the piano afforded
Miamians the opportunity of
hearing the new crooning so
popular in recent days. Part
of the announcing during the
program was made by Fred-
erick King Shochet who will
hereafter assist during the
S* *

The Sisterhood of Temple
Israel will hold its annual
election of officers on Mon-
day next April 6th, beginning
with a meeting of the Execu-
tive Board at 12:30, a lun-
cheon to which all members
are invited and at which all
will bring .their own lunches,
at 1 p. m. This will be follow.
ed by a brief business meet-
ing of the P. T. A. Associa-
tion of Temple Israel prompt.
ly at 1:15 p. m. and meeting
of the Sisterhood at 1:30.
The Nomination committee
has reported the following
recommendations which will
be voted upon. For President,
Mrs. Isaac Levin; 1st Vice
Pres., Mrs. Louis Zeientz;
for 2nd Vice Pres., Mrs. H. H.
Miller; Financial Secy., Mrs.
H. R. Klein; Treasurer,. Mrs.
Si Mendelson; Recording
Secy., Mrs. Ben Watts; Corr.
Secy., Mrs. I. L. Rosendorf;
Auditor, Mrs. Harry Rubin.
For Trustees, for the 3-year
period, Mesdames, B. L. Ries-
ner, Louis Snetman and Hen-
ry Bulbin. For the 2-year
term, Mesdames I. L. Selig-
man, H. I. Homa, and J. A.
Richter. For the 1-yearterm,
Mesdames David Slann, J.
Davis and B. Feldman.

The Welfare Committee of
the Miami Chapter of Senior
Hadassah headed by Mrs. P.
Scheinberg distributed a
large number of Passover
baskets last Tuesday to needy
Jewish families. The names
of these families were select-
ed by the Jewish Welfare Bu-
reau. Each basket contained
getables, meats, potry,
7aaet I2L..... -.t

sugar, coffee, teas, matzos of the work, purposes and
and other Passover requis- scope of the organization of
ites. This annual distribution which he is one of the leading
was started several years ago factors. Rabbi Kaplan re-
. A.. .- r .. I .1.I- ^n .An pfib duringo his

8- --- -- **|- *- -
vC" ao*** *** ** *oo** o*
$-:. o

by the Council and has neipea
considerably in relieving dis-
tress which becomes acute a:
this season of the year.
International A.Z.A. Sab-
bath observed in Miami last
Friday night when the entire
membership of the Miami A.
Z. A. (Junior Bnai Brith or-
ganization) attended divine
services at Temple Israel. On
behalf of the organization Mr.
Milton Friedman a student at
the University of Miami de-
livered a splendid exposition

Frid, 8i, 1
, .. ____- -" ^ 5. -, .


The Seaboard




A Jewish Dairy

Producing The Finest of Dairy Products

Strictly Kosher For Passover

Under The Personal Supervision of

Rabbi Isaac M. Wapner
Whose Personal Signature Will Appear on Every Bottle or Package
of Our Products.

jM I L K, per quart --......................................... 25e

| BUTTER, per pound ...... .. ............ 80c

+ HEAVY SWEET CREAM, per pint ...... 60c

a HEAVY SOUR CREAM, per pint 50c

SCOTTAGE CHEESE, per pound ..... ....40c .
* *


PHONE: 2-3749


We extend our sincere thanks
and wishes for an enjoyable Pass-
over to the Jewish people of Miami
who have responded so splendidly
with their Passover orders. We
shall endeavor to merit your further
support by giving you a REAL
Louis Jacobskind


STo All Jewry:-
My sincere' wishes to Miami
SJewry for a "Chag Kosher V'Soma-
ach" a freilichen and kosheren Pe.
sach. Doubly so because I am. e-
tain that the dairy product aserd
them by the Seaboard SQ~t tar
Dairy for Passover have be
pared under my personal asupe
Sand iskosher "afilu limhml
S. hamhadrin..:*-
Sincerely, ..
Rabbi Isaac itM. W
'S^^" Att...t^ .^ ,

spUIolUU ur el i nry ui hi~
sermon. There will be no
meeting of the organization
this Thursday night because
of the holiday but will be re-
sumed the following Thurs-
The Isaac M. Wise Memor-
ial meeting to commemorate
the work of the founder of
Reform Jewry in the United
States, which was held at
Kaplan Hall of Temple Israel
last Monday aftd.rnoon was
attended by a large number


"~ g:


~i~x 1


of members and visitors. 'w
hymns, the words to whiekt
were written by the late Isaac
M. Wise, was sung by Mrs.
Herbert U. Feibelman who
was accompanied by Mr,
Bertram Raff at the piano. A
biographical sketch of the
life of Isaac M. Wise was giv.
en by Mrs. Isidor Weinstein,
Important incidents in his
life were graphically portray.
ed in a brief address by Mr,.
Leonard Epstein. Bridge was
played and prizes were award.
ed at each table. During the
afternoon refreshments were
served. Presiding at this
meeting was Mrs. Herman R.
(Continued on Page 5)


ly, April 8, 1981


- -

(Continued from Page 4)
in who was chairmain--o
rittee of arrangements.
listing in the work of the
mittee were Mrs. Cy Men-
on, Mrs. Leonard Epstein
Mrs. Herbert U. Feibel-
As a result of the after-
n's entertainment quite a
r sum was realized.
n Friday, April 17th, the
ncil of Jewish Women will
hosts at a card party for
benefit of its welfare
d at the home of Mrs. P.
einberg, 1777 S. W. 12th
et, when prizes will be
en for high score and re-
hments will be served.
ets of admission will be
y cents each.
because of the Passover
days the regular bi-week-
card party will be held
t Tuesday evening, April
at 8:00 p. m. in the ves-
rooms of the Synagog
en Mrs. Nathan Wroobel
Mrs. Levin will be the
tesses. -A very splendid
ning of entertainment has
n prepared. Admission will
ifty cents only and prizes
be awarded at each table
refreshments will be ser-
because of the holidays
meeting of the Friend-
League was not held this
dnesday evening. Next
dnesday evening th e
gue will entertain at its
well dance intended as 4
ing for the visitors who
leave for their homes af-
having spent the season
Miami. Vaudeville as well
dancing will be provided to
certain the guests and a
d time is promised all.
n the presence of a large
ience that filled the spac-
s synagogue of the Beth
ob Congregation, Miami
ch, last Sunday night,
being in the audience
h well-known national na-
al figures as Rev. Zvi
sch Masliansky, the Sun-
Sschool and Talmud Torah
the Congregation conduct-
the Sader which was the
in feature of the concert
nsored by the Congrega-
.Opening with a violin
by Mrs. Zinn who was
ompanied at the piano by
s. Doris Adler, and a re-
tion by Shirley Klein, the
laby in Egypt, the Sader
B conducted in the tradi-
lal Jewish fashion by the
Idren under the guidance
Rabbi Axelroad. Miss Ger-
de Ardell then sang
ii, Eili" which was receiv-
with much applause. Can-
Schlachman sang a num-
of yiddish folk songs af-
which Jack Mintzer gave

oanest, Cournrou Serve..
,W. 7th Ave 9 38th Strqet

'!et riA
Director of Fuerals .
krn. ......


a recitation in Hebrew about
Passover. This was followed
by an address by the Rabbi
whose subject was "Out of
the House of Bondage." As
the concluding number of the
program the entire audience
joined with the choir of the
Sunday school and Talmud
Torah in the singing of "Ha-
Last Sunday evening Rabbi
Lazarus Axelroad of the Beth
Jacob Congregation, Miami
Beach officiated at the wed-
ding nuptials of Miss Esther
Caplan o Mr. Alex Hirsch-
man of Miami Beach. The
Mendelsohn wedding march
was played as the bride
marched down the aisle of the
Synagogue where the cere-
mony was performed. A brief
address was made by the Rab-
bi in which he spoke to the
couple regarding the sacred-
ness of the matrimonial rites.
Immediately after the cere-
mony the couple left for a
wedding trip North.
The Junior Hadassah held
its meeting at Kaplan hall,
last Monday night when Rab-
bi Axelroad of Beth Jacob
Congregation, Miami Beach,
addressed those present on
"Passover and the sigpifi-
cance of the Sader." Mrs.
Isidor Weinstein reviewed
Lewis Browne's "This Believ-
ing World." A number of out
of town visitors were present.
During the business meeting
reports of the joint Junior
and Senior Hadassah Dance
were received as was the re-
port of the bridge held re-
cently at the Robert Clay
Hotel. Plans for an affair at
which the balance of "Junior I
Hadassah Time books" will
be disposed of were discuss-
ed and will be announced
shortly. Mrs. Mannie Wesson
was named chairman of the
nominating committee to re-
commend candidates for the
offices for the ensuing term.
Among the prominent
guests celebrating the Sader
at the Palatial Kosher Res-
taurant, Wednesday night,
were the following: Rabbi S.
M. Machtei who was in
charge of the ritual, and his
family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
uM mp.. .BHminimum'mluhut NI m HihmulI M IilllHIIIIIiiilIl iln

Abdos' Market I
Is Now In Its New Quarters
114 N. Rosemary St.
West Palm Beach


For Passover at Reduced Prices

Isaacs, Mr. and Mrs. M. Gal- member of the
anty of Louisville, Ky., Wm. freshman debating
Friedman and party; I. S. *
White and party; Mr. and Miss Margueril

Mrs. Steinberg and son of
New York; Mr. and Mrs.
Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf
of New York City, Mrs. Mill..
man of Cincinnatti, Mr. and
Mrs. Wolf Cohen and a party
consisting of their children;
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Baker; Ma-
dame Beldner and party; Dr.
H. H. Young; S. Persky and
party; Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Kanter; Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Manga; Mr. and Mrs. Marx
and party, Mr. and Mrs.
Plaus and party, Mr. Bigel-
eisen of New York, Mr. and
Mrs. S. Small of Miami Beach
Mr. Louis Marx and party
and Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fried-
man entertained forty guests
last Sunday night in honor of
the birthday of their son
Milton A. at their home 1037
S. W. 20th ave. The large
dining table was decorated
with beautiful roses and or-
chids, and a huge birthday
cake in the form of a large
postal card bearing greetings
on one side of the cake and
the address on the other. Re-
freshments consisting of
chicken sandwiches, all kinds
of sweets, punch etc., was ser-
ved to the guests. Dancing
was enjoyed in the spacious
living room. Milton is a stu-
dent at the University of Mi-
ami where he has been a

Ph=o 23535-31624

SrOf~f Womle Shop trd
Thrifty Women Shop at |

24 26
Noeth NWa
Amwd ai
viL Amt

imnnbrg lOr.
We Deliver
Bundles #
Satisfaction Panama Hats

1 North West Ninth Street $195 and u


Page 6
victorious. .~.~-..- ..~~I. -~


be Green

who was visiting her aunt
and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Friedman 'left Wednesday
for her home in Birmingham,
Mrs. Sam Futterfass is
now at her home in Coconut
A man should always be
polite, but it isn't necessary
for him to remove his hat
when talking to a lady thru
the telephone.

S family s

A completely finish-
ed service at rea-
sonable rates.
phone 3-2661

Condensed Stateament
Comptroller's Call, March 25, 1931

Cash on Hand and in Banks........$262,969.08
U. S. Qlvqmnment Securities........ 69,819.03
St nd .................................... 16 ,97 .20
iRailrod, Public Utility and
I dqstrtia Bonds .................... 256,434.50
Municipal Bond at Market ........ 41i,0.00
Accrued Interest
Receivable, (net) ................... 6,180.87
Commercial Paper and Stock
Exchange Collateral Loans.. 88,070.35 $ 896,945.53
Loans and Discounts ........................................ 120,756.89
Furniture and Fixtures .................................. 10,000.00
Overdrafts ...................................................... 6.94
Capital Stock .................................................... $ 100,000.00
Surplus Profits and Reserves ........................ 67,742.74
Deposits .............................................................. 859,966.62
Philip Liberman, President
C. L. Clements, Vice President and Cashier

Miafla <-- a- fa----- a- ii-fIfl-- a-ee aaa


629 W. Flagler St.
Phone 2-8862

Chas. Tannenbaum,
(reg. pharmacist for 17 years)
Cor 22nd Ave. ad 8th St W.
Dr. A. D. Halpae Ph. 6. Ph. D.
Prescriptions Our specialty
128 N. Miami Ave. Phs 3713

53 NortL earst 25th BSr
Phone 818Us
S N. L B ":;i
Aat IF.LC IL Pheow-2M

.-. 7 -. t3 -
k : 'ISf 'B .".*'.....

- v


City Wood Yard, Inc.
Fireplace Stove and
Kindling Wood
Phonw 2-41252

W. H. Combs Co, Estab. 1896
Phone Miami 82101
I1N N. 2nd Avenue
Phone M. B. 5-2101
121a Wuhington Ave.

D[[M AlRil.

Buyer of All Kinds of Scrap Metal
We Sell Auto Parts'
2141 N. W. SECOND AVE.
Phone 20621

435-446 N. W. 8th Street
Phone 4485
Scrap Metal and Machinery
N. W. Cor. W t Ave, ad 14th St
Phone 2B54l

nBuln Materials
Roofint Paper, Ahpiit
423 N. W. N. River Drive
Phone 7251


176 N. W. 5th St
V. we W X .
'rn. aw. tOm S
*TsftUelA-A 91

t--q-pq F RN PIR P





Pap6 ThE F[~

w r PAI MBsAn
Mr. and NIs. A. KkA, a
and unde of Mrs. Kafk
of 420 Jzie street, left
fo their hoe n Dao, 0.,
after sp several r
Mrs Harry G. Lee enter-
taized at the seami-oithly
meeting of Beth E Sister-
hood at the Cuaumiby hora
whena lar mer e f um- k
ben and guest attended.
A special ofg Of Q-
gregazim Beth a w be hel.
at the hme of T. Si.m, 835
Biarame Drive next ee.,
Mrs. Hrshknm. other of
Mr. and A. -Hizkn ad
420 Fbijifd Drive, left for
New Yrk Ta hrsda Imr-
in after spe.agr the widwer
eson here.
The second S il be
clbrated with a iem mit
Seder at Beth Israel Temple
Thursday night, April 2.
when ddmeaa Carl Herm
and Feklman be in
The usal P rraw mSrige
are being nduted this year
m Thursday and Friday by
Rabbi S. Wrubel, ht ining
at 8 a. m., when the RBabi
via preac a special serm
on the signfficane of the
M Hannah P a af3
New York city is itig her
father. Myer Pamuf at the
Gardenia An -,rtt, whe,
she viD remain for indef-
unte period.
Mrs. M. Schrebick wil
have as her guests for the
Paover holidays Mr. and,
Mrs. J&. Lesser.
Mr. and Mr. Mary Scre-
nick ear mpanied by her
daughters and son, and Wr.
and Mrc. Joe Leser were vis-
itors to Miami last Sunday.

Jewish Student
Excels at U. of M.
Honrabe mention has been
received by Charles Seige!,;
student of architecture at
University of M imi iho
competed with hundreds of
other students in the Beauxr
Art society, New York. The
project was a water fountain
amd was open only to soplo-

The water that lies at the
bottom of the well nerer gets
into the mnlk.

. YOUI .
.r-e ssU


... of the...


Miami Jewish Orthodox Cong.

pledges co-operation with




"A true Jew. following the

dictates of the

Bible and

Jewish traditions is always
mindfal of the safety of Ffe
and limb." said Rabbi Isaac
M. Wapner of the Miami

Jewish Orthodox


gtiM "'Ie Lague can

forge a public
which well mal

ke careless

driving disgraceful and it
is my duty and pleasure to
sport any and every


movement in the right di-
rection, and I shall use my
influence to help this splen-
did cause."

Pledges may be signed at
the Norton Tire Company's

One Stop Service


500 West Flagler Street, or
at the Pallott Tire Company
2242 N. E. Second Avenue,
where you may obtain the
beautiful safety emblem of
the League.

m mmt to reduce the Give your support to make
fatal accidents on the high- the streets and highways
ways. The establishment of safer for your family and
this League is a worthy yourself. Come in Now!

CA emrn Sl
.. f bvmw I
wrI.. u. a
'e d e e


I fwdffr& .


jA ooccA productd

Pallott Tire Co B

Phone 3-1266 .


Hi, Pie as a lemerof

1 Teiri do fuiii .rwih tshe .w afey of others
2 To -p dris a. e of the road. emrept when
3 Toep.---i.mieI.. i mder. isampetaand spae
a- cv- r r kemering the crest
r. a ..
4 Ta go uip hiireai.I m -L I kIare. thr right

6 Toe -se Mis miwf btcma n-be derfy m iand uIn-
$ e & Mu r twmt Sw r piis i rn k.
a Te h ap m .gra ds, ad kmiurf medcondision.
9 T",p m f *s* ard**** w M apositivem
a~.-d fresdm from
Ardmw mire fmA

Norton Tire Co., Inc.
tOke Spta Serai Steta"
P e 2-214

_* f 7 .1
_______ gr^yfi t





* *' 'aA -a f -' ti '- '



. IW

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