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November 14, 1930
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Jewish newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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Began in 1927?
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-v. 63, no. 20 (May 18, 1990).
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Editor: Fred K. Shochet, <1959>.
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Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 47 (Nov. 25, 1932).

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Miami, Florida, Friday, November 14, 1930

Picturesque Senator

NEW YORK-Soft lights. Faint
fragrance of perfume. Dying ::..
strains of the overture. The
mighty curtain parts, and a vast,
excited murmuring expectancy.
Ne wYork society, attired in a bil-
lion dollars worth of fine feathers
and magnificent jewels, sits
around the glittering horseshoe
for the opening of Metropolitan
Meanwhile, a dozen blocks away,
nine hundred men-many of them
well dressed-wait in line through
a drizzling rain to be handed Governor Huey P. Long of
tickets. Not tickets to the opera, Louisiana, winner in the Senator-
no. Tickets that entitle each of ial race over Senator J. H. Rans-
them to one free meal. The Salva- dell.
tion Army opens soup kitchens to
relieve the unemployment. And Officers
18,000 heads of families in Greater Of er Elected
New York walk the streets, won- By B th D vir
during how the little brood will y et Dav
eat tomorrow.
New York ..... A -

* *

Heart-rending scenes occur ev-
ery day in business offices as large
blocks of workers
The Army of are discharged. The
Unemployed streets are full of
Itramping jobless.
But they are not jobless tramps.
Many are well dressed, highly edu-
cated, experts in their particular

Never a day passes that the
working man-is not importuned to
help someone find a job. Any kind
of job. One business man states
that he has so iany calls from
friends seeking employment that
he has done practically nothing for
a week but answer the telephone.
And yet with the situation
thus-New York continues to be
the Mecca for unemployed from all
parts of the country. The moment
a dry-good's clerk or plumber's
assistant loses his job in Cedar
Rapids or Tuscaloosa, he makes a
bee line for Broadway, The last
place on earth to go!
The big city seems to hold out
to such people the same sort of
illusory promise that America
holds for many immigrants; a
land of limitless opportunity, of
glittering hope.
If there were fewer Americans
suffering from such delusions,
there would be fewer despondent
derelicts jumping daily from New
York's high buildings, splattering
themselves inelegantly on the hard
unfeeling pavements.
In view of these facts, I was
vastly amused and surprised at an
incident thSt occurred
He Got the other day.
Homesick A fine-looking young-
ster he was, from a
city in the Middle West. Yes, he
had had training in advertising
and in selling: He was a college
graduate. And looked the part-
neat, suave, and graced with im-
peccable manners. He had been
"laid off" by a firm in the West,
and was very anxious to get back
to work.
Impressed by his appeal, I look-
ed around a bit and-very much
to my surprise-did find a job va-
cant, one that he could very well
have filled. I telephoned the New
York friend with whom the young
man was staying and joyfully ask-
ed that he be summoned to the
"Sorry," came the reply, "he's
gone back to-- ."
"What!" I exclaimed, "surely he
hasn't given up hope already--
he's only been here three days,
and besides I told him there was
something that looked promising."
"I know," said the voice at the
end of the wire lt the kid got
homesick. An besides, I think
there's a girl out o .t..
S' *,5



At tne annual election of
officers held for Beth David
last Sunday night, Mr. Lewis
Brown was elected President
of the Congregation defeat-
ing the incumbent Mr. M. H.
Rosenhouse, who made an ac-
tive campaign for re-election.
Mr. John Wolf was re-elected
1st vice president; Mr. W. L.
Williams, 2nd vice president;
Louis Weinkle, treasurer,
Morris Dubler, recording sec-
retary, Abe Kurman, finan-
cial secretary, P. G. Blanck,
sergeant at arms. Messrs. Isi-
dor Cohen, M. H. Rosenhouse,
Samuel Small and Morris Ru-
bin were elected to the board
of trustees, 'who will be com-
posed of these and the hold-
overs, Daniel Cromer, A. Pep-
per,'Samuel J. Spector and
Harry Markowitz. Among tne
surprises of the election was
the defeat of Mr.Harry Isaacs
who had served the Congre-
gaton actively for several
years with distinction. The
officers will assume their
duties shortly.

Temple Israel
Holds Services

The usual Friday night ser-
vices will be held at Temple
Israel beginning at 8:15 the
subject of Rabbi Dr. Jacob H.
Kaplan's sermon is "The Eth-
ics of Business." The public
is cordially invited to attend.
Sunday morning at 9:50 a.
m. Religious Scnool will De
held as usual.
Signatures patcong, N. J., home
which he makes every
guest burn his signature. The
piano has 948 names on it. A few
of them are Ring Lardner, Gilbert
Seldes, Robert Benchley, Alexan-
der Woollcott, Bobe Ruth, Chas.
McArthur and Hudson Maxim.
M *

For the foregoing information I
am indebted to Miss Florence
Marks, of the Columbia Broad-
casting System, over which Joe
went on the air the other night.
From the same source it. is learned
that Cook has on his estate a golf
course with onq hole so construct-
ed that the player cannot fail to
make a "hole in one.
-e-Which ought to go down in
history as the greatest invention
since the corkscrew.

Zionists To Hold
Protest Meeting

To express the indignation
of Miami Jewry against the
British Government's recent

Price 5 Cents

Swimming Marvel

declaration contained in the I
so-called Passfield "White
Paper," a mass meeting has
been arranged for next Sun-
day evening, November 16th,
at the Talmud Torah hall for
8 p. m. when appropriate re-
solutions will be drawn. and
presented for approval of the
public present. Rabbi Dr. Jac-
ob H. Kaplan of Temple Israel
Rabbi S. M. Machtei of Beth
David, and Rabbi Samuel B. SMasao Makitto, fifteen, who broke
en of th the Olympic sWimming records at 400
Grinstein of the new Ortho- and1500 meters in a Japanese athletic
dox Congrevation will speak. meet.
Mr. John Wolf, Vice Presi-
dent of the local Zionist Dis- Orthod S
trict will preside. In charge Orthodox Shul
of the meeting are Messrs. T Hear Cantor
Baron de Hirsch Meyer and HearCantor
Dr. A. D. Halpern in addition
to Mr. Wolf, and Mrs. Isidor Services at the Orthodox
Cohen of the Hadassah or- Synagogue this Friday even-
ganization. In view of the ing will begin at 5:45 p. m.
necessity for a vigorous pro-
qaf. +hue hlt ,hi is 'ur d t, for the early services and at

come en masse.

Hebrew Friendly
Inn Is Urged

Mr. Abraham Liebowitr-a
long time resicnt of Miami
and the founder of the Beth
Abraham Congregation is the
sponsor of a plan to organize
a Hebrew Friendly Inn in
Miami. In calling for a public
meeting in the Beth Abraham
Synagogue at 535 N. W. 6th
avenue, next Tuesday evening
at 8 p. m. Mr. Liebowitz and
prominent Miami communal
workers desire to ascertain
the public opinion of Miami
Jewry and the advisability
of its organization. A repre-
sentative attendance of Jews
irom all sections of Greater
Miami is expected to attend
the meeting which will be ad-
dressed by prominent speak-

Beth David to
Hear Sermon

At the late Friday night
services of Beth David begin-
ning at 8 p. m. o'clock Rabbi
S. M. Machtei will preach on
"Stranger and Sojourner."
This dual designation of the
Jew in all lands of his resi-
dence to suit particular oc-
casion for the benefit of the
land without regards to the
fairness of the attitude to-
wards the Hebrews will be
discussed. Saturday morn. at
10 a. m. the Rabbi will preacn
the usual Yiddish sermon on
the portion of the week.
The Bar Mitzva Club will
be the guests of the Sister-
hood and Mr. A. Pepper at
Breakfast immediately after
the services which begin at
8:30. Sunday School at 10 a.
m. will follow.

Soap will clean the hands,
but for the spirit give us a
high wind at sea.

8 p. m. for the late services.
The late services will be con-
ducted by Rabbi Samuel B.
Grinstein who will be assisted
by Cantor Nathan Wroobel. A
volunteer male choir has been
organized under the leader-
ship of Cantor Wroobel and
will lead the Congregational
singing which has been ar-
ranged for the evening's ser-
vices. The Rabbi's sermon is
"Israel is One."
A social hour at which
the Ladies Auxiliary will oe
the hosts will follow the ser-
vices, and will be held in the
vestry rooms of the Congre-
gation. Saturday morning the
services will begin at 8 p. m.
and Mincha will be observed
at 5 p. m. Sunday morning
Sunday school will begin at
10 a. m. and will be followed
by Assembly at 11:30 a. m.
An adult Bible class is be-
ing formed and will meet
shortly as will a class in Fret-
work for boys and girls in
which Jewish art objects will
be made oy the pupils.

Chesed Shel Emes
To Meet Thursday

According to an announce-
ment by Mr. Manual Rippa,
president of'the Brotherhood
cf 'Chesed Shel Emes (He-
brew Free Burial society) an

The head of a college of music
has got into the newspapers by
announcing that the pitch of
American girls' voices is getting
lower, and attributing this to
"yelling at football games and
smoking cigarettes."
It is much more probable that
the American type is changing
through the admixture of races,
and "that the average American
girl has a better muscular devel-
opment than her grandmother had.
Physical training rather than cig-
arettes would tend to enlarge the
breathing passages which affect
the pitch of the voice.
If the change which this teacher
has noticed is general, so much the
better. The high-pitched American
female voice, almost shrill, grates
on sensitive ears. Women may
admire sopranos, but most men
prefer the deep-toned contralto

Nearly a year's experience with
the plan, adopted by all of the
large automobile makers, of offer-
ing a bonus to dealers for "junk-
ing" used cars, seems to have had
a good effect, not only in stimu-
lating the market for new cars
but in removing dangerous vehic-
les from the roads.
Ford is paying $20 for each
hopeless Ford car delivered at the
factory. Other makers allow from
$20 to $40 to dealers for each car
junked in the presence of respon-
sible witnesses or factory repre-
sentatives. The dealer has to find
his own "graveyard" for the
wreck, and that is a difficult prob-
lem in some localities. Almost
every abandoned quarry and mine
has been filled to the top with old
cars. On some of the undeveloped
streets in the suburbs of New York
ancient automobiles virtually line
the roadway o nboth sides.
There is a fortune waiting for
the man who will discover a cheap
and speedy way of reducing
ancient cars to their original raw

One of the things we are going
to hear more about in the next
two or three years is the proposal`
for, a Federal Sales Tax on all
merchandise, or on a good many -
items. At present the Government
levies a sales tax on automobiles,
corporation stock sales and some/
other things. A few states have
tried the sales tax as a means of
raising revenue. The gasoline sales
tax is in general use, in almost all
of the states, as everybody knows.
New York levies a tax on the sale
of stock.

important meeting of the or- Advocates of the sales tax con-
ganization to which the en- tend that it is the fairest of all
tire Jewish public of Miami is forms of taxation, being based up-
on definite transactions in which
invited will be held next money changes hands. Since the
Thursday evening, November war many European couitrles
20th at the Odd Fellows hall, have adopted it, and it rai ec-
400 N. W. 2nd avenue at 8 ond only to the income t ra s a
revenue producer. Germany gets
p. m. Because of the encroach- 15 percent of her public funds
ment of certain individuals from the sales tax, Belgium,
and organizations, (accord- France, Austria and Czechoslo-
ing to the president's state- vakia somewhat more.
ment) on the work 'of the Whether our Federal Govern-
Chesed Shel Emes, its funds ment ever tries it on a large scale
or not, the effort to pass a sales.
have been curtained and un- bill is likely to be made in the
less public opinion is united next Congress.
to support Chesed Shel Emes
and prevent individuals and to exist. It therefore behoves
organizations from interfer- every Jew of the City to. .
ing with its, ork, the Chesedted thip meeting, hear
Sbhl Emes wi shortly ceasl acts and judge for hirma~


f-;- :r .




-,rrr 3
5; r.zc-i
I LiTP '

"". :CA' O


Friday, November 14, 1930

A WeId* Nopro
by aI
jwusr nLOAM" r pumJING aO


P. 0. 3m m7
Miami, Florida Pbme 24183
414 UbMft

Entered a second dcla matter,
July 4th, 1930, at the Post Office
at Miami, Florida, under the act
of March 3, 1879.

at mft ............I..........
O. Y a ........................


You've undoubtedly heard
of the old story of the man
not being able to take a hint,
"it needed a house to fall on
him." That reminds us of the
Jewish Miami of today. While
every hamlet, town or City
of the entire World was alive
and awake, up and doing, so
that it's voice, too, would be
heard against the action of
the British Government in
the issuance of the Lord Pass-
field "White Paper," the Mi-
ami Jewry was dead asleep.
With the exception of the
sermon at Temple Israel not
a word was said. Even the
Zionist District, who should
have been the first to have
called for action, was as us-
ual dead asleep.
At last sleeping Jewry of
Mami has awakened. Sunday
T b 1-LL -VA .L



No well-bred millionaire
boasts of his dough.
I !
The charm of the unattain-
able is long drawn out.
A true friend is a link of
gold in the chain of life.
SSome men marry for mon-
ey and some women for ali-

When a man begins to ourn
his money look out for a hot
When a girl in love becomes
thinner it's a sign of "loved
and lost."
Popular music is probably
so called because it soon be-
comes unpopular.

Run for
would see
see you.

office and read the
newspapers if you
yourself as others

Some men remind us of
camels; while they may go
several days without drink-
ing, they nevertheless get
their backs up.
The New Boarder-Is this
punkin pie?
The Old-Tunmer-I dunno.
It's punk pie, all right.
Visitor (at film studio) -
How do you make your star
weep so realistically?
Director 1 just remind
her of her come tax.
A scotsman approached an
attendant of a bowling green
and quietly handed him two-
"What's this for?" asked
the attendant.
"A game o' bowls, laddie,"
replied the Scot.
'Yes, but the fee is sixpence
Read that board."
I hae done, laddie," nodded
the Scot with a wink. It says
fees for the green; sixpence a
game, but I'm nae green."


\DI ir]C

rose to new heights of elo- m u % a
quence. Says Judge Maxey, GOOD MORNING DOCTOR
regarding an opponent other One day when I was working at my first job and was.
wise estimable y suppose tt needless to say-hard up, I developed a severe pain.
blatant ass and mental tom- A stranger in New York, I had read in the newspapers
tit. Wherever this bombastic the name of a diagnostician who was internationally famous.
blather-skite is known nis I went to his office, which was in his beautiful home, at
opposition is welcomed and eight o'clock in the morning. The waiting room was already
his support is dreaded and full. There was a rich man who tugged impatiently at his
avoided. watch. There was a haughty woman. And there were
av e v also half a dozen shabbily dressed folk, including a poor
Until we try we don't knw mother with a very sick baby.
what we can do, and that's Without favoritism, each was ushered into the consult.
why some people have such a tion room in the order of his arrival.
good opinion of themselves. Presently my turn came.
** I said to the doctor: "I can not afford to consult you,
By studying the past we but my health is my entire business capital. Therefore, I
can get a pretty accurate idea feel that I simply must come to headquarters."
of the future. j He gave me a careful examination, wrote a prescrip-
tion, and told me that I would be all right again in a few
Isn't it wonderful the way days.
the women keep up the illu- I pulled out my pocket book, which contained two week's
sion that the men do the pro- salary.
posing? "How much are you earning?" he asked.
p I told him $25 a week.
Capital inits broadest sense "Well, if you'll promise not to tell anybody," he ans.
is brains, energy, character; were, "I'll charge you five dollars."
land, machinery, buildings; In the intervening years I have become the father of
in a word, whatever contrib- three children, and my salary has been raised a couple of
utes to the production of times. I have had occasion to employ several physicians
things and the creation of and three different surgeor~g. Some of the bills have
conditions necessary to the amounted to hundreds of dollars. But I have never received
happiness and higher devel- a bill that seemed to me unreasonable or even adequate, con-
opment of humanity, sidering the importance of the service rendered.
I have known several doctors who married rich wives,
Under the new parking laws and some who made money in real estate or the stock
the automobilist practically market. I have met a number who gained modest fortunes
walks to work. from their practise, but none who became really rich.
And the amount of free work done by even the-biggest
Cold chills run up and down men in the profession has always been a marvel to me.
my spine As an advertising man and a former sales manager, I
Whene'dr I meet you on the feel that the health business is still too much an old-fash-
street. ioned one.
And when your eyes look I should like to see dozens of big clinics in every city,
into mine each with its group of specialists. I should like to them ise
My heart begins to race newspaper advertising, and draw most of their revenues
and beat. from the healthy rather than from the seriously ill. I be-
lieve that if we Americans paid twice as much to good doc-
And you command respect tors every year it would be the best money we could possibly
and awe spend.
From many others besides Some developments of this sort will come in the next
me, generation. They are beginning already. Meanwhile, I
For you're an agent of the feel a great sense of gratitude to the doctors. If my exper-
law, ience is typical, they are a swell group of men.
And I'm a motorist, you
ee! A
The Girl Friend says that TH [ FA OILY
no specialist can ease the ear
troubles of a sympathetic
listener. _

evening at Betn huaviu a We are maae whole by the so JO PH D. U
voice of Miamians will be familiar "So lora's divorced her J N J05 HINE.
heard. Miami too, will show And all the homely tasks of parlor magician? Couldn't he
that when Jews are affected co on days pull enough rabffts out of his EXCESS F EATING
its voice will be heard. hen the tired soul is buffet- hat to keep the pantry "We Eat More and More," reads a recent headline. A
With all three Rabbis of ed about filled?" writer and compiler of statistics quoted from the Literary
the City to address the meet- The kindly walls of home put "Yes, ut he couldn't pull Digest says, "One hundred and fifty pounds a year is our in-
ing, and with first hand fear to rout. enough hats out of his pocket crease in food consumption during a generation." He adds
knowledge of conditions in to keep her wardrobe filled." that, "We consume fewer cereals and more sugar, fruits, and
Palestine to be told by one The heart is like a bird that p milk products."
of them, the facts will e spreads its wings Don't you patronize the He says quite an earful; he speaks of a time when din-
plain enough. We urge upon And flies for rest to the fa- hotel barber any more?" ner arrived at noon, and was the big meal of the day. Sup-
every Jew and Jewess of the miliar things- No. He's too absent-mind- per was usually cornmeal mush-and-milk, with fried mush,
Greater Mami District to be Theshade of a loved tree, the ed. Last time I went in for a butter and molasses for breakfast the next morning.
on hand Sunday night and by shabby nest, shave he pinned a newspaper Those were the days when people got along with some
their presence express their The sweet monotonies that around my neck and handed 500 fewer diseases than we "enjoy" at the present time--
indignation a g a inst the make life blest. me a towel to read. and when a fellow died of old age. There is everything ex-
treachery of the McDonald 1 1 I cept wisdom in many of the dietary customs of this on-
government. The more people A Pennsylvania candidate When Farmer Wheatley rushing age of early death and big inheritance taxes.
there are present, the better A -- -a i saw an ad in the paper: "For In the last generation we have jumped from thirty-four
the effect will be. are hampering its work the $5 we will tell you how to to forty-four pounds in fats and oils; thirty years ago, we
fact should become known. cure your horse of slobber- consumed sixty-one pounds of sugar; today we swallow our
And while we're talking of The Jews of Mami should ing," he sent in the money. A hundred-and-fifth pound for the year just past. We eat,
duty of Miami Jewry we want help by taking an interest and few days later he received the according to this authority, 142 to 145 pounds of met each
to call their attention to the taking command of the sit- information: per year-not varying much, except perhaps less when the
meeting of the Chesed Shel nation that confronts this "Teach him to spit." price of meat goes up.
Emes at Odd Fellows hall, organization. Our increase in dairy products is wholesome-from 840
next Thursday evening. The We respectfully urge that Ripsnort What is Gee- pounds to 1040 pounds; the same may be said of fruit; the
Chesed Shel Emes is an im- the work of this necessary foozlu doing these days? gain from 169 to 192 pounds of fresh fruit, points the way
portant need and necessary organization should be sup- Shush-I near he's doing to better and more healthful living. There has bma.lsOt
organization in this district. ported by every wing of local settlement work. striking decline in the use of corn-meal, the sumznsgII
The public must become in- Jewry; that every Jew Ripsnort-So his creditors us. And here is the best and most correct o
terested. If there are organi- should and must attend next finally cornered him, did all! It's a pity we can't get any statistics on t -i oi
nations or individuals who Thursday's meeting. they? increase of loaded colons and constipation.
T..... JEWI.- ..OR.IA.. ......

.. ,Lt

Page 2

_ r

w w w

S I .. --" t .. v A


Friday, November 14, 1930


Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Mr. and Mrs. M. Steinberg of
Davis entertained at bridge this City has just been an-
Thursday evening in honor of nounced this week. Miss Gold-
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. H. Leuch- stein was born in Louisville,
tag of Brooklyn, who recently Ky., her parents having been
arrived to spend the winter, engaged in business there for
Among those present were a long number of years now
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Raff, being retired. She graduated
Mr. and Mrs. Resnick, Mr. from the public and nigh
and Mrs. Harry Markowitz, schools of Louisville, Ky., and
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Kopelwitz, later graduated from the Uni-
Mrs. B. Gould, Mr. and Mrs. versity of Louisville. Mr.
N. Markowitz, Mrs. Edelman Steinberg who is associated
and ~r. and GMrs. Bertram with his father in the drug
Raff. Bridge scores were sundry business is a native of
won by Mrs. Martin Raff and Savannah, Ga., where his par-
Mrs. Kopelwitz. ents resided for many years
and where his grandfather is
Members of the Ruth Bryan one of the oldest members of
Owen Oratorical club form- the Jewish community there
ulated a circulating library and active in its communal
among its members Friday at affairs. They have been resi-
the home of the president, dents of Miami for the past
Mrs. Sydney Weintraub. An si years. The wedding will
autographed portrait of Con- take place the early part of
gressman Owen, for whom January 1931 and Miss Gold-
the club was named, was ap- stein will arrive here some-
preciated by the niembers, time in December.
Discussion of plans for the *
year's activities took place. It! The Adult Bible class of
was decided that the next Temple Israel will meet next
meeting will be devoted to Wednesday morning at 10 a.
current events and will be at m. and all Jewish women are
the home of Mrs. George Wol- invited to attend.
nDrt in Shadowlawn at 2: 0 1 *

p. m. Friday.
Mrs. Ralph G. Holberg left
for Athens, Georgia, where
she will visit her daughter,
Mrs. B. P. Joel, for two weeks.
Later she will spend the win-
ter at Tuscaloosa, Ala., to be
near her son, Ralph Holberg,
who is a student at the Uni-
versity of Alabama.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
smith and daughter,
Lucile Hylda, New York
have returned for their
season at the William
hotel, Miami Beach.


One of the prettiest card
parties of the season was that
of the Ladies Auxiliary of the
Jewish Orthodox Congrega-
tion held last Tuesday night
at its new building. In charge
of the affair were Mesdames
M. Pritzker and Philip Aug.
ustine and J. Louis Shochet
who were assisted by a
number of the members of
the organization. More than
thirty tables of bridge were
played. Refreshments consist-
ing of a salad course, cakes
and coffee were served dur-
ing the evening. Prizes were
awarded to the highest scores

at each table. The raffle of a
The next card party of the Door Stop was won by Mr. A.
Ladies Auxiliary of the Or- Cohen. A cake donated by Mr.
thodox Congregation and A. Bacher was auctioned off
Talmud Torah will be held at and brought a considerable
the new building 1545 South sum.
West Third street on Tues- The proceeds will be used
day evening, November 25th, towards defraying the ex-
at 8:00 p. m. Mesdames Max penses of the Talmud Torah
Rappaport, Morris Rappa- and Sunday School operated
port and Max Jacobskmd by the Congregation at its
will be the hostesses for the building, 1545 S. W. 3rd St.
Evening. Refreshments will A number of events are being
be served ana prizes will be planned and will be announc-
awarded to the highest score ed in these columns shortly.
at each table in addition to a- *
beautiful door prize which Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Adel-
las been donated for the man were the hosts of a large
purpose. number of the members and
directors of the new Ortho-
On November 26th, the dox Congregation last Sunday
Sisterhood of Temple Israel night immediately after the
Will be the hosts at a dinner installation banquet. All gath-
lance at the Alcazar Hotel ered and sang "Zmiros" and
Roof. All guests at the din- drank tea and enjoyed fruits
her dance have been invited and cake that was served.
o remain in order to epjoy The party concluded at
he regular show, without about three o'clock in the
ly additional charges. Those morning. Rev. Nathan Wroo-
sehing to attend and enjoy bel who will be the Cantor of
he Thanksgiving event are the new congregation led the
ged to .make reservation singing.
"th Mesdames Dave Roth *
d Mendel CrOmer who are The Senior chapter of Ha-
lid MndelCpnmi wh areI o_

dassah held its regular meet-
ing at the Beth David Talmud
Torah last Monday and trans-
acted much Important busi-
neas. Plans were announced
for a cardparty to be held
at an ealy date, as will a

(he engagement of Miss
ldatein and du ter of
r and Mrs. Gold-
0r< of S e( o
1* 4.o


A board meeting of Beth
David Sisterhood was held last
Wednesday following a noon
luncheon at the Talmud Torah
hall. Mrs. B. Kandel and Mrs.
M. Arnold were the hostesses.
Mrs. Lewis Brown the presi-
dent presented Mrs. S. M.
Machtei with a birthday gift
on behalf of the board. A reg-
ular meeting of the entire or-
ganization followed. Mrs. Isi-
dor Cohen presented the pres-
ident, Mrs. Brown with a
gavel on behalf of the Board.
Mrs. A. Wallerstein donated a
curtain for the stage of the
Committee chairmanships
were announced as follows:
Membership, Mts. M. Arnold
who reported an increase in
membership; Mrs. S. M.
Machtei as Chairman of the
Confirmation committee. Dur-
ing the Peace Program that
was presented, Mrs. Sol W ein-
kle made the opening and
closing prayers. Rabbi S. M.
Machtei and Mrs. S. L. Wein-
traub delivered addresses. A
card party will be held next
Tuesday evening at the Tal-
mud Torah at which Mes-
dames A. Pepper, Lewis
Brown, H. H. Farr and J. Sil-
berstein will be the hostesses.

Mr. Arthur Hirtenstein a
member of the Republican
Committee of Dade County
and former Deputy U. S. Mar-
shall resigned recently and
has resumed his former voca-
tion of general auditing.
Florida, and particularly

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'F -----~


Dramatic night under the ui-
rection 'of Mrs. Geo. Stone. A
dinner dance is being planned
for New Year's Eve.
Mrs. M. Krieger spoke in-
spiringly of the National Ha-
dassah Convention held at
Buffalo which she attended.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Van-
gilder entertained a number
of friends at their home, 2161
S. W. 14th Terrace last Mon-
day evening in honor of their
cousin Miss Sonya Marans of
Brooklyn, N. Y. Miss Marans
spent a two weeks vacation in
Miami and returned to her
home on the S. S. Mohawk
last Tuesday.

The Loyalty Club, auxiliary
of the Emunah Chapter will
be the hosts at a bridge party
next Wednesday, November
17th, at 8 p. m. at the Ever-
glades hotel: Prizes will be
awarded and refreshments
will be served. Those in
charge of the evening's enter-
tainment promise that the
event will be well worth at-
tending and urge the public
to attend.

the Greater Miami District
has received much of its fame
because of its health giving
climate. In recent years a
number of health foods,
amongst them beverages have
been developed in this district
for the purpose of developing
health. One to receive com-
mendation from nealth auth-
orities and magazines is
"Celo," a drink for which
celery juice is the base. This
drink was originally started
went ynine years ago by Dr.
R. A. Thorne who realized the
health qualities of celery and
this drink recently received
the unqualified endorsement
of "Child Life," a health au-
thority. Though Tampa is the
headquarters of the parent
Company, Miami by the
establishment of a large bott-
ling plant and the acquisition
of equipment permitting tne
batting of more than 2800
bottles an hour has naturauy
begun to take an active inter-
est in this product. Since its
introduction into Miami it has
gained favor daily and its
plant on N. E. llth street -is
visited by many, both tour-
ists and residents.

Its very doors packed to
the fullest capacity and a
large number of guests being
turned away, the G. & R. Res-
taurant was the scene of the
joint installation Sanquet.of
the Congregaton Chesed Shel
Emes, the Orthodox Synago-

Eaunbrg (Iorp.
We Deliver
of .
Phone 3-8687
21 North West Ninth Street

W. H. Combs Co., Estab. 1896
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1Sle N. 3. nad Avmue
Phone M. B. 5-2101
12ae WalMaItw Ave.

Undertaking Co.
Phmsm 23535-)3124

Buyer of All Kids of Scrap Metal
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N. W. 17th Ae. at d St.
PhoFe 361l
The LagaSt eu war wre

"., ; :.*. A -. K
ib '.*'^H

si~~~~~ ~ eeossbuesoose o~soos I*~s



gue of Miami, last Sunday
night. After a brief welcome
by Mr. Julius Simpson who
acted as Toastmaster, Rabbi
Grinstein said the customary
blessing which was the begin-
ning of the evening's proceed-
ings. During the evening a
number of addresses were
made by Mr. Manuel Rippa,
Max Kupferstein, H. M. Dre-
vitch, N. Pritzker, Ed. Wolf,
and Mrs. Sadye G. Rose. Mrs.
Julius Simpson read a poem
specially composed for the
evening. Rabbi Samuel B.
Grinstein made the principal
address of the evening and
called upon all to forget the
past and lend their energies
to the upbuilding of the new
L. Vangilder then formally
installed the officers of both
organizations, including those
of the Ladies Auxiliary in a
very impressive ceremony. At
the conclusion he made an ur-
gent appeal for cooperation
towards the successful cul-
mination of the program laid
(Continued on Page 4)

. 'I

. --IFAW "%A& Vw"% .


. .


Page 4


(Continued from Page 3)
out for the coming year. As
theresult of an appeal several
hundred dollars in cash was
realized in addition to the
gifts of Two Porochos, Two
Mentelech, One Crystal Chan-
delier, Two Menoros, and oth-
er equipment for the Synago-
gue. At a late hour the Ban-
quet was concluded with clos-
ing remarks of the Toast mas-
ter who was complimented
upon the splendid conduct of
the Banquet, and the singing
of Hatikvo.

The Friendship league had
an "open nouse" and get ac-
quainted party recently at the
home of Miss Selma Meyer-
son. Bridge was played and
prizes were awarded Miss Bee
Silver and Gilford Ornstein.
Guests included Miss Jean
Mohilner, Miss Anne Simon,
Miss Anne Weis, Miss Ruth
Davis, Miss Mildred Green-
berg, MIiss Syd Klein, Miss
Bee Silver, Miss Mary Zonn
and Miss Sophie Gordon; Gil-
ford Ornstein, Jack Lapin,
Sam Lesnoff, Milton Traeger,
Joe Traeger, David Traeger,
Morris Shemmer, Henry Ha-
ber, Irving Greenbaum, Irvin
Gobergman, Mr. and Mrs.
Milton Klein and Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Platt.
.. *
Mrs. Mose M. Rippa will en-
tertain a number of friends
at her home, 1120 S. W. 19th
avenue, next Sunday after-
noon at 2:30 at a bridal brdge
in honor of Miss Minnie
Blanck whose engagement
was announced recently.
Victors in the recent track
meet of the Yeddidim club
were Lewis Stein, Mike Sil-
berstein and Hal Cromer.
Runners up were Joe Mandel-
baum, Ed Miller, Geo. Davies,
Harry Feinstein, and Hilliard
Cline. Prizes for the winners
of the meet as well as for
all participants making five
points will oe presented at the
"Yokel's" dance to be held at
Kaplan hall, Sunday evening,
November 23rd, at 9 p. m.
The committee n charge of
the dance reported that the
arrangements for the even-
ing's entertainment had been
completed. All are to be dress-
ed in appropriate costume.
At the regular meeting of
the Friendship League held
last Wednesday plans were
announced for the dance to
be given under the auspices
of the League at the Alcazar
Roof, on December 3rd.



Miss Bee Silver was ap-
pointed chairman of the mem-
bership committee and Mur-
ay Grossman was elected
vice president and chairman
of the board of Governors.
After the business session
dancing was enjoyed as was
a humorous recitation by
Martin B. Becker of New
York. *.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Goro-
dess of Newark, N. J., are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Green of 727 S. W. 11th ave.,
and will remain as their
house guests for a short
Judge and Mrs. Isadore
Bookstein of Albany, N. Y.,
are visiting in Miami Beach
for a brief vacation at the
Pancoast hotel. They were the
dinner guests last Wednesday
of Mrs. R. Vince Rose of So-
rolla avenue, Coral Gables.


Miss Mae Gruner, bride-
elect of Rabbi Samuel Wru-
bel of the Beth El Congrega-
tion, was guest of honor at a
miscellaneous shower and
bridge luncheon given by her
sister-in-law, M4s. 0. P.
Gruner at her home on Wash-
ington Road, Prospect Park,
The lower floor of the
house was artistically decor-
ated with cut flowers, ferns
and palms and cut flowersI
decorated the individual
tables at which luncheon was
High score bridge awards
were presented to Mrs. Morns
Tesser, Mrs. Harry Halpern,
Mrs. I. M. Prager, Mrs. Phil
Blicher and Mrs. Harry Lee.
The honor guest was pre-
sented with a large basket,
decorated in pink and white,
filled with lovely miscellan-
eous articles from her friends.
Beth El Sisterhood was
hostess at a benefit card par-
ty for its Hebrew School last
Sunday evening, at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Sneider.

We Regret the Delay in the
Opening of
5th St. Kosher Dairy
and Vegetarian
158 N. W. 5th Street
Vegetarian and Dairy Dishes
Our Specialty

1st prize was won by Mrs.
John Wolf, 2nd prize by Mrs.
T. Myers, 3rd prize Mrs. Sam
Berner, cut prize Mrs. Harry
Sirkin and consolation prize
Mrs. M. Tessler.
The children of the Talmud
Torah and Sunday School of
Beth El Congregation had re-
hearsal of their Chanukah
play at the Community House
last Wednesday night. The
play will be presented on De-
cember 21st and is under the
direction of Miss Sarah
Bergman and the Rabbi.
*, *

-- ---- .~i---- --------- --- -

Last Tuesday nght the Sis-
terhood of Beth El held its
regular meeting at the Com-
munity House and plans for
a Thanksgiving dance were
announced. A bazaar will be
held at a later date. Mrs. J.
Sneider was hostess.
At the Friday night ser-
vices Rabbi S. -Wrubel, wUl. A
speak on "Eyes They HaveI
but they see not." Refresh-

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N. W. Station at Third Street and Ninth Ave., N. W.


Col. H. M.




Colonel Bankhead is quali.
fled by virtue of his back-
ground, training and expert.
ience to minister the affair
of a city as cosmopolitan u
Miami Beach.
Colonel Bankhead is not
bound by the barriers of
A vote for Bankhead is a
vote for ability and exper-
He is familiar with city
affairs and has always sided
with progress and liberalism.
Henry M. Bankhead is ti
logical man for the office.
His record of service to his
nation is brilliant wit
achievement. Compare hW
record with those of other
candidates and you will
readily understand why he
is the logical candidate.

... FOR...

Col. H. M.




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Well Worth
Corner of
5th St. & 2nd Ave. N. W.

By The Most Modern
Method. Makes It Well-
Worth Your Coming.

At 8:00 P. M. at the

535 N. W. 6th Avenue
To Discuss The Establishment of a
(Hachnosas Orchim)


= -

ments wll be served by the
Ssterhood ot the social follow-
ing the services.

Corner 1st St.

Fancy Groceries
The Finest in Fresh
Meats Fruits and
We Deliver Phone 2-3544


Friday, November 14, 1930

1201 South Olive Ave.
Phone 5272
West Palm Beach, pa.

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