Checklist of reports issued by the Agricultural Marketing Service


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Checklist of reports issued by the Agricultural Marketing Service
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United States -- Agricultural Marketing Service
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May 1956
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CL-1 (Jan. 1955)-CL-106 (Apr. 1964).
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CL-16, Supp.




Agricultural Marketing Service

MAY 1956


** 1: Survey of Canvas

Awning Fabricators. April 1952.

** 2: Transportation and Handling Costs of Selected Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the San Francisco
Bay Terminal Market Area. May 1952.

** 3:

Eating Places

as Marketers of Food Products. 1952.

** 4: Marketing Charges for Head Lettuce Sold in Pittsburgh,
** 5: Marketing Charges for Potatoes Sold in Pittsburgh, Pa.,

December 1949-June 1950. Apri

, December .1949-June 1950.


May 1952.

** 6: Marketing Charges for Head Lettuce Sold in Cleveland, Ohio, February-June 1950. June


# 7: Some Improved Methods of Handling Groceries in Self-Service Retail Food Stores. May 1952.
** 8: Problems of Establishing a Consumer Panel in the New York Metropolitan Area. May 1952.
** 9: Flue-Cured Tobacco: Price Differences Among Types 11(a)-13. 1952.
**10: Tung Processing and Marketing Practices and Costs. June 1952.

55 cents.


Economic Effects

of Federal Regulation of the Minneapolis-St.

Paul Fluid Milk Market.

May 1952.

*12: How Some


sale Grocers Build Better Retailers. May 1952.

Methods of Handling and Delivering Orders Used by Some Leading Wholesale

Grocers. May 1952.

Early Development of Milk Marketing Plans in the Kansas City, Missouri,


May 1952.

An Analysis of Some Methods of Loading Out Delivery Tracks of Produce Wholesalers.

May 1952.

*16: Peanuts and Their Uses for Food. 1952.



Produce Markets in the United States. Part 111

- Shipping Point Fruit and Vegetable

Markets. May 1952.
**18: Planning a Wholesale Frozen Food Distribution Plant. June 1952.

**19: Retail Market News
market news as a

as an Aid in Marketing. A study of opportunities for making further use of retail
n aid in the marketing of food products. May 1952.

Prepackaging Tomatoes. October 1952.

**21: Marketing Charges for Potatoes Sold in Cleveland,


Ohio, February-June 1950. 1952.

Poultry Farm Practices and Egg Quality. May 1952.

**23: Factors to be considered in Locating, Planning, and Operating Country Elevators. June 1952.
**24: Costs of Retailing Meats in Relation to Volume. August 1952.

**25: Market Outlets for Cotton in Some of the Principal Cotton Fabrics. Supplement 1.

September 1952.

**26: Opinions of Homemakers Regarding Fibers in Selected Items of Household Furnishings. November

**27: Marketing Charges for Oranges Sold in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. 1949-50


January 1953.

Regulations an Weight of Motortrucks. Problems Illustrated by Wisconsin's Experience in Hauling

Fluid Dairy Products. November 1952.
**29: Peanut Snack and Peanut Spread: Potential New Products. December 1952.
*30: Better Utilization of Selling Space in Food Stores. Part I. Relation of Size
of Canned Fruits and Vegetables. November 1952.

**31: Marketing Charges for Carrots Sold in Pittsburgh,

of Shelf Display to Sales

Pa., Dec. 1949-June 1950 and in Cleveland, Ohio,

Feb.-June 1950. February 1953.
**32: Margins on Fluid Milk in the Duluth-Superior Marketing Area, 1947-48. January 1953.
**33: Trade in Horticultural Specialties, 1890-1950. April 1953.
**34: Buyer Preference for Cranberry Packaging in Boston and Topeka. May 1953.
**35: Soybeans. Economic Analyses Relating to Processing. May 1953.
*36: Produce Department Space Utilization, Gross Margins, and Operating Costs in Selected Retail

Stores, Charlotte, N.

C. June






**37: Federal Regulation of Fluid Milk Marketing in the Clinton, Quad Cities, and Dubuque Marketin
Areas April 1953.
**38: The Mixed-Feeds Industry. May 1953.
**39: Milk Products: Consumer Purchase Patterns and Use, Memphis, Ten. My 193 :
**40: Establishing a National Consumer Panel from a Probability Sampie. June 1953..
*41: Receiving, Blocking, and Cutting Meats in Retail Food Stores. June 1953.
**42: Views of Independent Grocers on Wholesaler-Retailer Relations, July 1953.
*43: The Marketing of Milk in the Louisville Area Under Fderal Regulation. June 1953.
*44: Packaging and Displaying Meats in Self-Service Meat Markets. June 1953.
**45: Visual Inspection of Products for Surface Characteristics in Grading Operations. June 19:3.
*46: Detergents, Emulsifiers, and Emulsion Products as Market Outlets for Fats and Oils. June 1: .
#47: Candling, Sizing, Packing, and Materials-Handling Equipment and Methods Used in Egg Assembly
Plants. June 1953. 40 cents.
**48. Improving the Performance of Retail Food Store Cashiers Through Better Training. June 1953
**49: Apple Handling Methods and Equipment in Pacific Northwest Packing and Storage Houses. June
**50: Cotton Handling Guide for Warehouse Managers and Foremen. June 1953.
*51: Fibers: Opinions and Practices Among Manufacturers of Cordage and Twine. June 1953.
**52: Marketing Liquid Sugar. June 1953.
**53: The Establishment of Central Market Butter Prices in Chicago and New York. June 1953.
**54: Comparative Economies of Different Types of Cottonseed Oil Mills and Their Effects on Oil Sup-
plies, Prices, and Returns to Growers. February 1954.
*55: Methods and Costs of Loading Apples in the Orchard in the Pacific Northwest, Janu~
**56: Cotton Linters-Production, Marketing, and Market Outlets. November 1953.
**57: The Causticaire Method for Measuring Cotton-Fiber Maturity and Fineness: Improvement and Evalu-
ation. December 1953.
#58: Processing the Three Major Oilseeds (Cottonseed, Flaxseed, Soybeans). April 1954. 25 cents.
**59: Technological Progress in the Meatpacking Industry, 1919-47. January 1954 .jiCrjd *i..:




Purchases of Frozen and Canned Foods by Urban Families as Related to Home Refrigeration Facil- "
ities. February 1954.
Breaking Out Bales of Cotton Stored on Head. May 1954.
Studies of Watermelon Loading for Rail Shipment, 1953. May 1954.
Seasonality of Milk Production under the Louisville Fall Premium Plan. May 1954.
Meeting Dairy Market Sanitation Requirements Economically. A Preliminary Report. May 1954.
Estimating the Solids-Not-Fat Content of Milk. May 1954.
Sampling Routines and the Accuracy of Patrons' Butterfat Tests. May 1954,
Homemakers' Use of and Opinions about Fats and Oils Used in Cooking. June 1954.
Supplement to Marketing Research Report No. 67. Same Title. Contains statistical tables. June 1954.
Innovations in Apple Handling Methods and Equipment. January 195&S
Changing Patterns of Milk Consumption in Memphis, Tenn. June 1954
White Potato Storages for New Jersey, Long Island, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. June 1954.
Handling Empty Apple Boxes in Pacific Northwest Packing and Storage Houses. June 1954.
Nonfanm Consumption of Fluid Milk and Cream. A Revised Series of Statistics. May 1954.
Availability and Display of Frozen Foods in Retail Stores in Washington, D. C. August 1954.
The Marketing and Pricing Structure for Bulk Sweet Cream in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma
Markets. November 1954.
An Economic Study of Rough Rice Storage in the Southern States. November 1954.
DracMTcnroa Fn rarrn a fl irenna irSina tho)IU^sw Vi fliwsAid Dnin flrantf^ )am 10IS4 .k..|....


-** 79:
*S 79:

** 81:


** 87:
** 88


::.: f:::^ "E lA W;
** lJ3:0

** 9: .


I**12 K

N **11

Costs of Operating Selected Feed Mills as Influenced by Volume, Services, and Other Factors.
February 1955.
Space Allocation for Grocery Items in Food Stores. Some Keys to Faster Turnover. February 1955.
Prices and other Payments for Milk by Manufacturers in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma Markets.
'M atc 1955.
Improving the Efficiency of Retail Grocery Clerks by Better Training. March 1955.
Marketig Georgia Broilers Through Commercial Processing Plants. March 1955.
The Market for Food in Selected Public and Private Institutions. March 1955..
Opinions and Practices of Manufacturers Regarding FibersUsed in Insulated Wire and Cable.
April 1955.
Packing and Shipping Lettuce in Fiberboard Cartons and Wooden Crates. A Compaison. April 1955.
Some Economic Considerations in Storing Seed Cotton at Gins. April 1955.
Storage in Marketing Farmers' Stock Peanuts. April 1955.
Wool Grease: The Economics of Recovery and Utilization in the United States. June 1955.
The Market Potential for Fats and Oils in Drying-Oil Uses. April 1955.
Wholesale Produce Markets-Management, Operating Expenses, Income. April 1955.
Methods, Equipment, and Facilities for Receiving, Ripening, and Packing Bananas. June 1955.
Costs of Storing Reserve Stocks of Corn in Country Elevators, at Bin Sites, and on Farms. June
Methods of Increasing Productivity in Modern Grocery Warehouses. June 1955.
Possibilities for Expanding the Market for Sugarcane Bagasse. October 1955.
Commercial Ornamental Horticulture-Size of Establishment and Crop Specialization of Growers.
June 1955.
Commercial Flrialture-Size of Establishment and Crop Specialization of Growers. June 1955.
Regulations Affecting the Movement and Merchandising of Milk. A Study of the Impact of Sanitary
Requirements, Federal Orders, State Milk Control Laws, and Truck Laws on Price, Supply, and
Consumption. June 1955.
Prospective Demand for Meat and Livestock in the South. October 1955.
Grain Marketing Facilities in the Coastal Plains Area of North Carolina. August 1955.
The Auction Marketing of Flue-Cured Tobacco. A Preliminary Appraisal. September 1955.
Merchandising Winter Pears in Retail Food Stores. September 1955.
Costs of Marketing Carolina Peaches in 1954. August 1955.
Improved Handling of Frozen Foods in Retail Stores: Loading at Warehouse, Delivery to Store,
Price Marking, Display. September 1955.
The Commercial Potato Peeling Industry: A Survey. October 1955.
Economic Factors in Marketing Farmers' Castorbeans. November 1955.
Some Improved Methods of Handling Frozen Food in Wholesale Plants. November 1955.
Preferences for Canned Grapefruit Juices. December 1955,
Influence of Yar Size on the Relative Contributions of Six Cotton Fiber Properties to Strength of
Carded Yarn. December 1955.
Froms Grapefaut Sections: Evaluating a New Product by Retail Sales Audit and Household Survey.
December 1955.
Merchandising of Selected Food Items in Grocery Stores-Canned Red Sour Cherries, Carrots,
Bananas. February 1956.
Wl~uets Opinions of Cotton and Other Fibers in Selected Items of Clothing. March 1956.
Homemakers' Preferences for Selected Cuts of Lamb in Cleveland, Ohio, March 1956.
Equations for Prediting Cotton Processing Performance and Product Quality by Improved Evalua-
ton RawCotton Quality. April 1956.




Title Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Cotton Situation..................... 30 29 29 27 28 27*
Dairy Situation ................ ... 20 20 18 19 19 16*
Demand and Price Situation........... 24 27 26 24 24 25 25 24 25 24 20* 21
Farm Income Situation ............... 6 25 17 17 28*
Fats and Oils Situation .............. 31 30 31 24 26 26*
Feed Situation ...................,. 1 2 21 30 21 23*
Fruit Situation...................... 25 22 27 25*
Livestock and Meat Situation ......... 2 9 9 17 15*
Marketing and Transportation Situation. 30 26 24 29*
National Food Situation .*..........,, 21 1 27 2*
Poultry and Egg Situation .,........ 26 16 25 18 28 19*
Sugar Situation......... ............ 12
Tobacco Situation................... 28 26 27* 26
Vegetable Situation...............,.. 2 26 26 30*
Wheat Situation ..................... 28 27 29 22* 31
Wool Situation .................. ... 21 17 13 14*
*Outlook issues.


Agricultural Economics Research. Quarterly. Free distribution limited to professional workers in agri-
cultural economics and marketing, press, and libraries. Subscription price, 75 cents a year (foreign
Agricultural Outlook Digest. Monthly.
Agricultural Situation. Monthly. Free distribution limited to voluntary crop, livestock and price reporters,
county agents and other local agricultural workers, libraries, the press, and Government officials. Sub-
scription price, 50 cents a year (foreign 70 cents).2
Checklist of Reports Issued by the Agricultural Marketing Service. Monthly.
Consumer Purchases of Selected Fruits and Juices. Monthly.
Consumer Purchases of Selected Fruits and Juices by Regions and Retail Outlets. Quarterly.
Consumer Purchases of Fruits and Juices by Family Characteristics. Annual.

Crops and Markets. Annual.
Farm Population Estimates. (Census-AMS Series). Irregular.
Household Purchases of Fluid Whole Milk and Fluid Skim Products.
Household Purchases of Fluid Whole Milk and Fluid Skim Products
Household Purchases of Fluid Whole Milk and Fluid Skim Products
(The above three reports were formerly titled, Household Purch
Milk Solids, and Margarine).
Marketing Activities. Monthly. Free distribution limited to marketing
and others engaged in agricultural marketing or allied fields, the
cials. Subscription price, $1.50 a year (foreign $2.00).2
Statistical Summary. Monthly.

by Regions and Retail Sales Outlets.

by Family Characteristics. Annual.
ases of Butter, Cheese, Nonfat Dry

g officials, marketing associations,
press, libraries, and Government offi-

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dition to the mailing lists to the Agricultural Msaketing Service, U S. Department of Agriculture, Washington 25, S. C.
Sabscriptins may be ordered though the Superintendent of Docunanta, Government Printing Office, Washington