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:. .fe .,- .'V -. -,

S'L, "

BR-. -

Vol. 32, No. 22

June 1,1973


Equal employment opportunity, upward mobility,
and effective employee training programs have been
concerns of long standing to the Library of Congress.
In January of this year, the Librarian reaffirmed the
Library's intention to continue a vigorous and con-
stantly scrutinized program of affirmative action in
these areas, consistent with the Equal Employment
Opportunity Plan for the Library in fiscal 1973
described in Special Announcement 545.
A number of programs have been developed which
address themselves to specific areas in the Library/
employee relationship. The following is a brief run-
down of programs to date:
Public Service Career Program (PSCP) This is a two-
part manpower utilization program, funded partially
by a grant from the Department of Labor. There is
first an upgrading component which aims at those
employees in grade 5 positions and below or those
who have equivalent wage grades in non-professional
The core group of individuals, selected from a com-
puter run of LC employees at qualifying grades yet to
complete high school, attend formal classes during
working hours in basic education and job skills and
receive career counseling. With completion of train-
ing, each is qualified to take and pass the General
Equivalency Diploma test (GED), and tests in a skill
such as typing.
(Continued on p. 190)


The American Revolution Bicentennial Commis-
sion, following a unanimous vote of its membership
on December 8, has presented a certificate of official
recognition to the Library's Symposium on the Amer-
ican Revolution Series. In remarks which opened the
May 10-11 Symposium on the Fundamental Testa-
ments of the American Revolution, Mrs. Elizabeth H.
Kegan, Assistant Librarian of Congress, informed the
audience of the ARBC action. She also called atten-
tion to the banner containing the official Bicentennial
logo, which the Library is entitled to display by
virtue of its recognition by the Commission.


Carpool parking permits for reserved spaces on East
Capitol Street between 1st and 2nd Streets will expire
on June 29. Applications for new permits, effective
July 2 and valid for a six-month period, must be sub-
mitted to the Administrative Department, MB-122B,
on Form LW 27/55 by one member of each carpool
no later than June 12.
Priority of assignment will be based on the size of
the carpool and, when all carpools of a particular size
cannot be accommodated, by the combined length of
service of members. Questions regarding permit

LC Information Bulletin

assignments should be directed
ext. 5560.

to Mrs. Jessie Lee,


The Library Showcase Exhibit opening June 1
commemorates the 300th anniversary of Jacques
Marquette and Louis Joliet's exploration of the
Mississippi River. Located in the west foyer, Ground
Floor of the Main Building, the single-case display
includes prints, rare volumes, and maps pertaining to
the 1673 expedition.
Marquette, a devout Jesuit missionary, and Joliet,
an experienced and competent fur trader, set out
with a small party in mid-May 1673 in hope of
discovering whether the "great water to the West"
flowed into the Gulf of California or the Gulf of
Mexico, information important to the expansion
interests of the French government in Canada. On
June 17 they reached the Mississippi and became the
first while men to see and explore the upper river
valley. Traveling down the river as far as present-day
Arkansas, they were able to affirm that the river did
flow south into the Gulf of Mexico and to collect
important information about the geography and
ethnology of the region

9 0


Of special interest is a volume published in Paris in
1681 which contains Marquette's account of the
expedition as well as a map showing the route the
explorers traveled. Reproductions of two other maps,
one drawn by Marquette as the group wintered near
Green Bay after their journey and one drawn by
Joliet after his return to Montreal, illustrate the
extent of France's knowledge of the New World at
that time. The exhibit includes an English translation
in Marquette's journal, published in 1850 in the His-
torical Collections of Louisiana, which is open to his
description of the party's first sight of the Mississippi.
The exhibit will remain on view through September
10, 1973.


The Library of Congress Professional Association
will hold a book sale on Wednesday, June 20, from
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Deck 11 North in the
Annex Building.
Persons wishing to donate books for the sale should
bring them to the Library between June 6 and June
15, where an LCPA member at the front doors of the
Main and Annex Buildings will receive books from
7:30-8:30 a.m. daily. During the day, Kim Dobbs,
Law Library, MB-238D, ext 5068, and Judith
Matheny, Serial Record, A-3012, ext. 5296, will
accept book donations from staff members.
LCPA members accepting books in the outlying
annexes are Janet Hill, Geography and Map; Imre
Jarmy, Massachusetts Avenue; Kathy Krebs, Navy
Yard; Rose Lembo, Copyright; and Evelyn Shapiro,
Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
Staff members attending the sale will be required to
show their LC employee building pass when purchas-
ing books before 1 p.m. Money from the sale will be
used for various projects throughout the Library.

(Continued from p. 189)

While the employee is not assured a certain position
in the Library upon completion of the training, he
has earned the credentials to qualify for positions
that may become available.
The second part of PSCP consists of an entry com-
ponent: persons selected from recent applicants with

ARKBC Recognizes Symposium Series . 189
Exhibit Honors French Explorers .... 190
LCPA To Sponsor Book Sale . ... 190
Library of Congress Publications ... 193-194
LC Training Programs . 189-191
News in the Library World . ... 194-196
Parking Permits to Expire June 29 .. 189-190
Staff News .... . 191-193

June 1, 1973

limited education and skills who have not been able
to pass the LC clerical test, and applicants for wage
grade positions for whom there is no immediate job
opportunity. These people, who also attend classes
and receive career counseling, are assigned temporary
or indefinite conditional status and are trained for
many of the jobs left vacant by those of the upgrad-
ing component.
The Work Study Program (WSP) Designed primarily
for high school seniors, the Work Study Program pro-
vides for students to attend school in the mornings
and work in the Library in the afternoons. The pro-
gram is mutually beneficial to the students and to the
Library: students receive course credit as well as pay
for the work at the Library and the Library fills a
need for additional clerical staff. Throughout the
internship, the seniors are encouraged to continue
their work in the Library on a permanent basis, after
graduation. Some go on to college and some accept
LC employment upon completion of their training.
[This year's graduating class will be featured in the
June 8 LC Information Bulletin. ]
Library of Congress Individual Advancement Program
(LCIAP) The LCIAP has as its goals the identifica-
tion and further development of avenues to individual
career objectives, the development of a comprehen-
sive chart depicting present promotion patterns, and a
projection of total manpower needs from which
selected positions can be included in the program.
Eventually, employees will be able to consult the
chart and tell not only what positions are available
for which they qualify, but also what positions may
eventually be open to them at a higher grade level.
Tuition Support Program (TSP) With funds provided
by a supplemental appropriation from Congress for
the last six months of fiscal 1973, TSP provides
opportunities for improved job mobility through
increased training in skills or in other formal training
on the college level.
Requirements for participation are that the individ-
uals be full-time staff members in grades GS or GT 7
or below with permanent or indefinite status, that
they meet the entrance requirements of the facility
providing the training, that they be willing to partic-
ipate in the training on off-duty time if necessary,
and that their purposes for the training be related to
career objectives in terms of work activities and job
requirements in the Library.
A program which had wide participation in its first
year of operation, TSP has accounted for $17,156.13
spent in training for 133 LC employees. Broken down
departmentally, the figures are: Office of the Li-

brarian, $39; Administrative Department, $2,293.63;
Law Library, $1,181.90; Processing Department,
$7,892.64; Reference Department, $4,484.20; Cup\
right Office, $867.76; and Congressional Research
Service, $397.
In addition to these funds provided by Congress,
each department sets aside monies of its own to be
used for specific job oriented training. The chart be-
low indicates the money spent by the various depart-
ments in the Library in fiscal year 1972 and the
money spent to date in fiscal 1973.

Estimated Tuition, Registration, and Book Fees
Paid and Obigated thru May 29, 1973

Fiscal Year Fiscal Year
1972 1973

Office of the Librarian .
Administrative Department .
Law Library . .
Processing Department .
Reference Department .
Copyright Office . .
Congressional Research Service .
Total . .

$ 1,294.00 $ 2,320.00
10,875.00 8,204.81
1,542.00 1,182.03
6,704.00 19,451.12
5,943.00 9,529.88
465.00 1,550.00
4,003.00 19,528.10
$30,826.00 $61,765.94

In-House Training In addition to training provided
through the Tuition Support Program, the Library
also offers its own "in-house" training, courses such
as Refresher Typing, Personnel Policies and Proce-
dures, and Supervision and Group Performance for
supervisors. Courses are held at the Training Office
facilities at the Navy Yard and are conducted during
on-duty hours.
To a large degree, the success of training programs
has been determined by the supervisor, who in each
case, is responsible for nominating individuals for
training the Library offers. Continued attention by
supervisors to individual and department need-s. and
to employees' career objectives will have a telling
effect on the benefits of training, both for emplocecs
and the Library.


Logan 0. Cowgill, a former Bibliographcr in ihe
Hispanic Foundation of the Library of Congress, died
on May 20. Mr. Cowgill worked with the Hispanic

LC Information Bulletin

Foundation i.,r two years after the end of World War
Mr. C,..vill was noted as a specialist in the Maya
Indian civilization of Central America and as a rare
book collector with a specialty in books by the
1-tl century publisher of English literature, Jacob
A 30q-car resident of Washington, he served as a
Federal librarian with the U.S. Army Corps of Engi-
neers and the Interior Department Water Resources
Science Information Center.
Funeral services were held on May 22 in Monticello
Memorial Park in Charlottesville, Va.

Robert C. Sullivan, Chief of the Order Division, was
awarded a 25-year Federal Service Award pin on May
7 by William J. Welsh, Director of the Processing
All of Mr. Sullivan's Federal service, except 15
months spent in the U.S. Army, has been at the Li-
brary of Congress, where he began working in 1949 as
an Accessioner in what was then the Serial Record
Section of the Order Division. Since that time he has
served in the Card and Order Divisions and the Photo-
duplication Service. [See LC Information Bulletin,
August 19, 1971, p. 471, for a more detailed account
of Mr. Sullivan's career.]

Appointments: Robert E. Blackman, worker trainee, GS-1,
Cop Serv, NP; Gwendolyn Brady, editorial assistant, GS-4,
CRS E, 4819; David Lewis Evans, worker trainee, GS-1, Cop
Serv, NP; Henry G. Glasgo, janitor, WG-4, Bldgs, 13-100;
George S. High, worker trainee, GS-1, Cop Serv, NP; Richard
H. Hunter, music cataloger, GS-11, Desc Cat, 4628; Alvin
McCaskill, worker trainee, GS-1, Cop Serv, NP; Mary
McCl'lymint. Hispanic exchange accessioner, GS-5, E&G,
4700; Margaret B. Neeley, clerical assistant, GT-3, photodup,
Temporary Appointments: Robert J. Castagna, bill digester
& reference assistant, GS-7, CRS A, NP; Catherine Cooper,
worker trainee, GS-1, Place & Class, NP; John M. DeCicco,
executive office clerk, GS-3, CRS D, 4843; Margaret Fernan-
dez, worker trainee, (S- I, Place & Class, NP; Edward M.
Gaffney, bill digester & reference assistant, GS-7, CRS A. NP;
tarl L. Kennedy, worker trainee, GS-1, Place & Class, NP;
Richard Vcintrauh bill digester & reference assistant, GS-7,
( S A, NP.
Reappointments: Kevin P. Bonner, deck attendant, GS-4,
S&R. NP. Eugene Duckett, janitor, WG-2, Bldgs, 4747;
Edward Dean l'homas, card drawing clerk, GS-3, Card,

11-500; Charles E. White, bibliographic & binding control
assistant, GS-3, Bind. NP.
Promotions: Cher I C. Rich, to editor, GS-7, Cop Cat,
4840; Michael M. Werlein, to card drawer reviser, GS-5, Card,
Resignations: Lola A. Atiya, Restor; Linda K. Bolek, CRS
D; John W. Derrick, Place & Class; Stephanie M. Everett, CRS
A; Laurie A. Gibson, LAPS: Carolyn L. Hatcher, CRS F;
Brian H. Henning, CRS E; Robert J. Hurley, Photodup; Leon
C. James III, S&R; William L. Jaseph, Cat Publ; Alan Stanley
Lunin, Desc Cat; Caroline B. Malloy, Cop Cat; Melitta M.
Morgenstern, Share Cat; Karen Ann Murphy, Cop Serv; James
B. O'Brien, S&R; Hettie B. Prater, ISO; Robert V. Runfola,
Cop Serv; John G. Walzer, E&G; Jeffrey R. Welsh, Mus.

Edward Blume and David Remington, Chief and
Assistant Chief of the Subject Cataloging Division,
made an audio-visual presentation on the develop-
ment of the LC subject heading system before the
spring dinner meeting of the New York Technical
Services Librarians in New York City on April 27. A
question and answer period followed. Also on the
agenda was the presentation of the association's first
annual award to Maurice Tauber, Columbia Univer-
sity Library School, for his continuing service to the
library community.
Mrs. Arline Custer, Head of the Manuscripts Sec-
tion and Editor of the National Union Catalog of
Manuscript Collections, conducted the morning
session of the 2nd annual meeting of the Society of
California Archivists in Sacramento, on March 24, on
"NUCMC, What It's All About." As one of its first
projects the society hopes to identify all repositories
of manuscripts and archives in California and encour-
age and assist them in reporting their holdings for
inclusion in the NUCMC.
William A. Gosling, Cataloging in Publication Pro-
gram Manager, Processing Department, spoke on the
CIP Program at the 1973 annual meeting of the Ohio
Valley Group of Technical Service Librarians held at
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., on May 4-5.
[For related story, see p. 196.]
James H. Hutson, Coordinator of the Library's
American Revolution Bicentennial Office, addressed
the State librarians and archivists from the successor
States to the 13 original colonies at a May 14 meeting
in Philadelphia. Mr. Hutson spoke on Bicentennial
activities at the national level with emphasis on the
programs of the Library of Congress and the National

June 1, 1973

Donald L. Leavitt, Assistant Chief of the Music
Division, participated in a panel discussion on tapes
and cassettes at a meeting of the \l.Ilamnd Library
Association on May 11 in Silver Spring. Md. The
other participants were Binnie Braunstein, University
of Maryland, Baltimore Campus, and Mary Eidleman,
Baltimore County Public Library. While a variety of
matters were discussed relating to technology and
service, Mr. Leavitt's remarks were directed primarily
toward the possible effects of Public Law 92-140 on
library cassette duplication. The law brings published
sound recordings under statutory copyright protec-
Young H. Yoo, Cataloger of Far Eastern Materials
in the Subject Cataloging Division, is the editor of the
recently published Wisdom of the Far East; A Dictio-
S nary of Proverbs, Maxims and Famous Classical
Phrases of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean (Far
Eastern Research and Publications Center, Wash-
ington, D.C., 1972, 449 pp., $8.80). Each entry is
given first in a romanization of the oriental language,
followed by the original, and both a literal English
translation and an equivalent English saying. There is
also an index to the English equivalents. Because this
volume represents only one-fifth of the number of
phrases thus far collected by the editor, supplemen-
tary volumes are planned.
Marvin W. McFarland, Chief of the Science and
Technology Division, delivered the Founder's Day
memorial address at Girard College in Philadelphia on
May 19. The ceremonies celebrated the 223rd anni-
versary of the birth of Stephen Girard and the 125th
year of the college's opening. The address was en-
titled "Citizen Stephen Girard." Mr. McFarland was
graduated from Girard College in 1936 and received
its Alumni Award in 1964.

Correction: Jeffery R. D. Crockett, Research
Analyst in the Federal Research Division, was in-
correctly identified as a Research Assistant on p. 173
of the LC Information Bulletin of May 18.

Mary Jack Wintle and James W. Longest were
married on May 19 at the First Methodist Church in
Shreveport, La. Mrs. Longest is Assistant Chief for
Acquisitions in the Division for the Blind and Physi-
cally Handicapped. Mr. Longest is an associate pro-
fessor of agriculture education at the University of

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Edwards are the parents

of a son, Leonard, Jr., born May 4 at Providence
Hospital. Mrs. Edwards is a member of 'lie Account-
ini Office staff and Mr. Edwards is in private
\Ir. and Mirs. Frederick Reenstjerna are the parents
of a J lughter, llisabeth Shields. born May 3 at
Georgetown Hospital. Mr. Reenstjerna is a Reference
Specialist in the Congressional Reference Diviion.


Accessions List: Bangladesh. Vol. 1, 1972. 1973.
(pp. 1-35) Continuing subscriptions free to libraries
upon request to the Field Director, Library of Con-
gress Office, American Embassy, New Delhi, India.
This new list is a record of the publications ac-
quired by the Library of Congress Office in Dacca in
1972. Beginning with Vol. 2, it will be published
twice a year, in June and December. The List is
arranged alphabetically and includes both commercial
and government publications. A cumulative list of
serials will be issued once each year and an annual
index will be included in the December issue. Before
1972. publications from Bangladesh, formerly East
Pakistan, were included in the Accessions List: Paki-
stan compiled by the Library of Congress Office in
Karachi under the PL-480 Program. The acquisitions
activities on which the new List is based are sup-
ported in part by contributions from libraries partici-
pating in a cooperative program.
LC Science Tracer Bullet: Telecommunication (TB
73-9). April 1973. (7 p.) Compiled by Yung-Ying Liu,
this guide points to the literature dealing broadly
with the subject, rather than with specific applica-
tions or individual communication systems. Copies
are available free on request from the Reference Sec-
tion, Science and Technology Division, Library of
Congress, Washington, D:C. 20540.
Library of Congress Publications in Print: March
1973. ISSN 0083-1603. 1973. (viii, 41 p.) The 1973
revision of this catalog of Library publications is
available free upon request to the Library of Con-
gress, Central Services Division, Washingitn. D.C.
Selected I formation Resources on Tranrsp rta, ,n
Shipping (SL 73-1). April 1973. (14 p.) Compiled by
the Science and Technology Division's National
Referral Center, this is an informal listing of 54
organizations that will provide information on various
aspects of shipping. Of these organizations, 26 are

LC Information Bulletin

Federal or quasi-Federal, 3 are international. and the
remaining 25 are state, local, or private. Each entry
gives the name. address, and telephone number of the
organization, and a brief description of the informa-
tion services it provides. Copies of the list may be
obtained free from the National Referral Center,
Science and Technology Division. Library of Con-
gress, Washington, D.C. 20540.

New Microfilm Publications: The Library of Con-
gress Photoduphlcaon Service has available on 35mm
positive microfilm two pamphlet collections, one on
socialism, communism, and bolshevism, and another
on the Spanish Civil War. These pamphlets were col-
lected by the Library of Congress over a long period
of time and eventually microfilmed for reasons of
preservation. Some of these pamphlets are quite
scarce because they were published in limited
numbers and were often printed on poor paper.
The pamphlets in these two collections are in a
variety of western languages, but English is heavily
represented. The positions expressed are varied in
both collections. Each volume on film is preceded by
a sheet listing the authors and titles of the pamphlets
contained in each volume.
The pamphlet collection on socialism, communism,
bolshevism for the period 1849 to 1931 (shelf no.
21396) is available on three reels for $22.50 and the
collection on the Spanish Civil War for the period
1936 to 1939 (shelf no. 21255) is available on two
reels for $14.50. Orders or letters of inquiry should
be addressed to the Library of Congress, Photodupli-
cation Service, Department C-174, Washington, D.C.


NARS Study Provides Data on Microfilm Readers
The National Archives and Records Service has
published User Evaluations of Microfilm Readers u'
Archival and Manuscript Materials, a study under-
taken at the suggestion of the National Archives
Advisory Council. It was intended to supplement the
technical and scientific evaluations of nucri,',i
readers produced by the Library Technology Progicai
of the American Library Association and the National
Reprographic Center for Documentation, evaluations
that did not fully take into account user preferences.
The study, it is hoped, will provide NARS and
other archives and research libraries with guidelines to
assist them in the selection of microfilm readers; pro-

vide manufacturers of microfilm readers with data to
improve their product; and provide ALA and NRCD
witll information that would serve as a check on their
own technical evaluations. The tests were conducted
by the National Archives, with the advice of an ad
hoc committee of which Charles G. LaHood, Jr.,
Chief of LC's Photoduplication Service, was a mem-
ber. The publication presents the methodology, 18
tables of findings, specifications of the various
machines tested, and sample questionaries.
Copies are available free from the Publications Sales
Branch, National Archives and Records Service, Wash-
in[t.,in. D.C. 20408.

Catalog Card Reproduction Papers on Microfiche
Joseph Z. Nitecki, Chairman of the Reproduction
of Library Materials Section of the American Library
Association, has compiled in preparation for the Pro-
gram meeting at the June ALA Convention in Las
Vegas a collection of 22 papers concerned with the
technology of card reproduction for library catalogs.
The collection brings together for the first time a
broad review of the technical skills utilized by li-
brarians in the production of catalog cards.
In order to make this compilation available in
advance of the conference, the Library of Congress
Photoduplication Service has reproduced the papers
on microfiche. A copy of the microfiche (on 5 sheets)
may be purchased for $7.50 from the Photoduplica-
tion Service, Department C, Library of Congress,
Washinglun D.C. 20540. Hard copy reproductions
may also be purchased from the Service for $18.

UNESCO Publications Catalog Issued
UNESCO has issued a new and fully annotated
calalog of its publications. The 208-page illustrated
.dtal.ig lists all in-print titles, including series publica-
tions, symposia proceedings, monographs, maps and
atlases, art slides, and periodicals. Also available is a
new list of audiovisual materials, as well as individual
UNES O subject catalogs for education; science;
social and human sciences; mass media; art and litera-
ture; documentation, libraries, archives; and periodi-
cals. The catalogg and subject listings are available free
upon request from UNIPUB, Inc., Box 433, Murray
Hill St.itiin. New York, N.Y. 10016.

Arizona Library Group Publishes Listings
The third edition of Intermountain Union List of
Serials, a listing of the serial holdings of 44 university,
college, public, and special libraries in Arizona and
Nevada. has been published by the Arizona State

June 1, 1973

Library Association. The two-volume set is priced at
$49.50 and is available from the editor, Larry
Kusche, Hayden Library, Arizona State University,
Tempe, Ariz. 85281. Checks should be made payable
to Intermountain Union List of Serials.
The Association has also published Bermuda Tri-
/' angle Bibliography, a listing of approximately 240
newspaper articles, reports, books, book chapter, and
miscellaneous papers. It is priced at $2. Checks
should be made payable to Larry Kusche and sent
with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the
address above.

China Exchange Newsletter Is Published
The Committee on Scholarly Communication with
the People's Republic of China has issued the first
number of China Exchange Newsletter (Spring 1973),
a quarterly published to inform American scholars of
the progress of scholarly exchange with the People's
Republic of China and to serve as a channel for com-
munication of ideas on that subject. The Newsletter
replaces China Science Notes which was published by
the Committee from December 1969 until its suspen-
sion in January 1972. Editor of the Newsletter is
Patricia Jones Tsuchitani, a former staff member of
the Chinese and Korean Section and Congressional
Research Service of the Library of Congress.
The first issue provides a background on the
purposes and functions of the Committee. Further
issues will contain a review of the development of
Sino-American scholarly exchange, including the
names of American scholars who have visited China
and Chinese scholars who have visited the U.S.; a
bibliography of articles and books written by visitors
to China; information on how to contact the Chinese
for visas, for permission to visit Chinese research
institutes, and for inviting delegations to international
meetings; and resource material available in this
country on the PRC.
Correspondence regarding the Newsletter should be
directed to the Committee's Editorial Staff, National
Academy of Sciences, 2101 Constitution Ave., Wash-
ington, D.C. 20418.

NEH Report Covers Fiscal 1972 Activities
The recently-published Seventh Annual Report of
the National Endowment for the Humanities for
fiscal year 1972 contains an article entitled "Learning
More about Knowledge," written by economist Fritz
Machlup specifically for the publication and a listing
of panelists who served as advisors to the Humanities
Endowment during fiscal year 1972. The report in-

cludes descriptions of the activities of the Endow-
ment's four divisions (Public Programs, Educuliin
Research, and Fellowships), its Office of Planning, a
brief history of the Endowment, information for
applicants, financial reports, a summary of grants and
awards, donors to the Endowment, and past and
present members of the National Council on the
Humanities. The report also carries a list of the 1,109
grants made during the year, their recipients, subject
areas, and amounts by State.
The 132-page booklet is available from the Superin-
tendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing
Office, Washington, D.C. 20402 for $1.75 prepaid,
$1.50 when bought in person at the GPO bookstore.
Stock number is 3600-00014.

Bengal Studies Conference Held at Columbia
The Ninth Annual Conference on Bengal Studies
was held at the Southern Asian Institute, School of
International Affairs, Columbia University, New
York, on April 27-29. The Bengal studies group is one
of four regional groups under the aegis of the Associa-
tion for Asian Studies.
The Bengal conference consisted of four panel dis-
cussions. The first, "Women in Bengali Society and
History," was chaired by Dennis Dalton of Barnard
College. Papers were presented by David Kopf of the
University of Minnesota, Manisha Roy of the Univer-
sity of Chicago, Shirley Lindenbaum of York College,
and Geraldine Forbes. Participants in the second
panel, which dealt with "Topics in Modern Bengali
History," were Richard Cronin of Syracuse Univer-
sity, Eduard Lavalle of Duke University, Paul
Greenough of the University of Chicago, and Jnan
Bhattacharyya of the University of Southern Illinois.
This panel was moderated by Warren Gunderson of
the City University of New York. The third panel,
which was held on Saturday afternoon, dealt with
"Political Economy and Modernization." A business
meeting was followed by a movie on the Bengali folk
singer, Laxman Baul.
The final session of the conference on Sunday
morning on "Bengali Literature and Cultural History"
was chaired by Philip Calkins of the University of
Chicago. Among those who presented papers in this
panel were Mary Dunham of New York, Rachel Van
Meter Baumer of the University of Hawaii, Shamsul
Bari of the University of Minnesota, Himani Bannerji
of the University of Toronto, and Anjishnu Roy of
the University of Minnesota.
The conference was co-ordinated by Leonard
Gordon of Columbia University. [Ranian Borral


3 1262 08493 8801

LC Information Bulletin

Federal Lbrarians Association Elects Officers
The newly-formed Federal Librarians Association
held an election of officers at its first organizational
meeting on May 19 in Arlington, Va. [See LC Infor-
mation Bulletin, April 20, for related story on the
Association.] The officers are Stanley J. Bougas,
Director of Libraries at the U.S. Department of Com-
merce, President; Cathryn C. Lyon of the Naval
Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, Va., Vice President;
Margaret Thornton of Edgewood, Md., Secretary/
Treasurer; and Kevin Keany of the National Agricul-
tural Library, General Council. The group's next
meeting will be held on September 8 in Alexandria,
All Federal librarians interested in participating in
FLA activities should contact Mrs. Lyon at (703)

Ohio Technical Services Librarians Meet
The Ohio Valley Group of Technical Service Li-
brarians held its 1973 annual meeting May 4-5 in
West Lafayette, Ind. Sponsored this year by Purdue
Libraries, Purdue University, the two-day meeting
included tours of the Purdue libraries and audio-visual
center; a progress report on the project study for a
Cooperative Bibliographic Center for Indiana Li-
braries by Barbara J. Markuson, Project Director; a
speech on the Library of Congress Cataloging in
Publication Program by William A. Gosling, CIP Pro-
gram Manager; and reports on the Indiana Libraries
Serials Data Bank Project and the ARL Management
Review and Analysis Project.

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