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Vol. 31, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1972)-
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Vol. 31, No. 11

Two new Iranian atlases have recently been ac-
quired by the Library for its cartographic collections.
The atlases, both printed in both Farsi and English,
were compiled to commemorate the 2,500th anniver-
sary of the founding of the Persian Empire. They are
available from the Sahab Geographic & Drafting In-
stitute, P.O. Box 236, Old Shemiran Rd., Iraj St., No.
30, Tehran, Iran.
The Atlas of Iran Whhite Revolution Proceeds and
Progresses was compiled for the Ministry of Interior
by the Sahab Geographic & Drafting Institute (Octo-
ber 1971, 190 p., $27.50). The "White Revolution" is
a program initiated by the Shah to improve the polit-
ical, economic, and social systems of Iran through
major changes in government organization and the
promotion of private enterprise. The atlas contains
102 thematic maps in color, three historical maps,
and accompanying tables, graphs, photographs, and
textual materials which portray the economic and
social progress of Iran during the past 25 years.
The Atlas of Geographical Maps and Historical Doc-
uments on the Persian Gulf was edited by Abbas
Sahab and published by the Sahab Geographic &
Drafting Institute (1971, 300 p., $20). In the intro-
duction, the editor notes that his main purpose was
to prove that the geographical place name "Persian
Gulf" was used for centuries on maps and atlases,
while the "Arabian Gulf" is a relatively new name for
this same body of water. The text consists of eight

March 17, 1971

chapters; the first seven chapters contain 370 fac-
simile reproductions of ancient cartographic represen-
tations dating from 2500 B.C. to modem times. The
final chapter contains a bibliography, a list of early
geographers and cartographers, and an index. Copies
of these atlases may be examined in the Geography
and Map Division Reading Room. [Donald A. Wise]

Part of a draft instruction manual for transcribers
of braille mathematics was reviewed and evaluated in
a two-day session on March 2 and 3 at the Division
for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
Mrs. Maxine Dorf, Head of the Volunteer Services
Section, and Donna Pastore, Braille Mathematics
Specialist of the Division staff, reviewed the draft
with the two authors and two other mathematics con-
sultants. Bernard Krebs of the Jewish Guild for the
Blind and Mrs. Helen Roberts, a specialist in mathe-
matics and a volunteer braille math transcriber, both
of New York, are preparing the manual at no cost to
the Division. The consultants reviewing the draft were
Mrs. Alice Mann, a volunteer with Johanna Bureau
for the Blind and Visual, Inc. of Chicago and chair-
man for mathematics of the National Braille Associa-
tion, and Mrs. Sadi Crawford of Chevy Chase, Md.,
one of 20 mathematics representatives of the Na-
tional Braille Association and a long-time volunteer
transcriber for the Library of Congress.

(3/ /7L2.



LC Information Bulletin


S* % %


Automation Seminar ..................... 114
Ciardi to Read at LC March 27 . 113
Contemporary Chamber Ensemble . 113-114
EO Program Explained . . 110
Equal Opportunity Program Reviewed . 110
Leave Administration . ... 110-112
Library of Congress Publication . ... 115
News in the Library World . ... 117-122
Noteworthy Acquisitions . 109
Staff News . .. .... ... ... 115-117
VisitorstoLC . .. 114
Work on Math Manual Progresses 109-110
Appendix-MCHB No. 89 .. A-37-A-61

Seven lessons comprising about half of the draft
manual were reviewed. The entire manual is expected
to be completed in another six months. Published
versions in print and in braille will be available in
An instruction manual for braille mathematics will
enable the Division to initiate a program of instruc-
tion comparable to the existing ones for literary and
music braille leading to certification as braille trans-
cribers. The text in preparation is based on the
revised braille mathematics and science code recom-
mended by the five-member National Braille Author-
ity and its subcommittee on mathematics, and
officially adopted by an advisory council appointed
by the two organizational sponsors of the Authority,
the Association for the Education of the Visually
Handicapped, and the American Association of
Workers for the Blind.


On February 11,Thomas C. Brackeen, Coordinator
of the Equal Opportunity Program, accompanied by
Mrs. Cathy J. Douglass, EO Counselor at the Navy
Yard Annex, spoke to the Management Group of the
Card Division.

After reviewing procedures to be followed in mak.
ing complaints of discrimination under LCR 2010-3,
Mr. Brackeen explained that one of the goals of the
EO Program was to facilitate the flow of essential
information about the program and to provide oppor-
tunities for full participation and self-expression by
the staff.
A question-and-answer period followed the talk.


The March 1 meeting of Officers and Counselors of
the Equal Opportunity Program, chaired by Thomas
C. Brackeen, Coordinator, reviewed activities during
the first six months of the program. In that period
Counselors resolved 39 cases, Officers nine, and the
Coordinator 14, including 12 carried over from the
Fair Employment Practices Program. One case was
resolved through a Hearing Officer.
There was general agreement that the program was
meeting the objectives of providing information and
resolving the majority of complaints through Coun-
selors, who are most accessible to the individual em-
Mr. Brackeen told the group his plans for contin-
uing meetings with groups of employees to inform
them of the Equal Opportunity Program. He also de-
scribed the procedures for coordinating cases with the
Employee Relations Office so that both offices would
not be considering essentially the same complaint at
any one time.
John G. Lorenz, Deputy Librarian, whu partici-
pated in the meeting, expressed his apprec:;tion to
the four Officers and seven Counselors present for
their dedication and commitment to the program; he
also reviewed some other areas of personnel .Avelop-
ment in which the Library is making progress.

Special Categories of Absences

In addition to annual and sick leave, leave without
pay, and absence without official leave, other forms
of leave covered in the Library's regulations are
maternity, military, court, and administrative leave.
Each is covered by specific regulations to guide the
employee when he requests leave.
A special category of leave-maternity leave-
provides for a period of approved absence, usually 14


March 17, 1972

The Personnel Operations Office is charged with administering the Library's leave regulations, issuing them to the staff, answering
questions regarding them, and recommending changes in leave policy. The Office also maintains the employment records of the
Library's 4,000 staff members and provides orientation for new employees. The staff of the Personnel Operations Office includes
left to rights Beatrice Robinson, Leon W. Seidner-Personnel Operations Officer, Hilda V. Elliott, Mrs. Joy Maxfield, Mrs.

Eleanor Burlison, Mrs. Betsy M. McRae, Jean Connelly, and
pictured is Mrs. Elizabeth I. Gifford.

weeks, which the employee may charge to sick leave,
or any combination of sick leave, annual leave, or
leave without pay. The 14-week absence, beginning
about six weeks before the expected date of delivery
and extending about eight weeks beyond the date of
delivery, may be charged to sick leave (but not ad-
vance sick leave), then to annual leave, or if it is
exhausted, to leave without pay. The period may be
shortened if the employee provides a medical certifi-
cate attesting to her fitness to work, or lengthened if
her inability to return to work is supported by a med-
ical certificate.
An employee wishing to extend the 14-week period
without medical certification must contact her super-
visor and obtain approval to charge the absence either
to annual leave or, if it is exhausted, to leave without
pay. As a general rule, the total period of maternity
leave is limited to 26 weeks, six months, unless the
division chief and and the Director of Personnel
approve a request for an additional extension; the
request must be supported by a doctor's certificate
attesting to the employee's ill health.
Finally, there are several forms of leave, including
court leave and military leave for training, during
which absences the employee remains on the payroll.

Ralph L Adams-Assistant Personnel Operations Officer. Not

Military Leave
The regulations governing military leave provide for
an approved absence with pay for staff members who
are in the National Guard or in reserve components of
the Armed Forces; the leave applies only to those
days on which the employee is engaged in training or
active duty or is providing military aid for the pur-
pose of enforcing the law or providing Federal service
or full-time military service for his State, the District
of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, or a U.S.
Territory. Temporary or part-time employees may
not use military leave, although they are granted
annual leave or leave without pay for military duty.
A staff member who is in the reserves or is a Na-
tional Guardsman, if he presents competent orders,
may take up to 15 calendar days of leave per calendar
year without losing either his Library pay or his mili-
tary pay; a reservist called to an initial period of
active duty training for three months or more may
apply his 15 leave days to the training period. In
addition, a staff member called to active duty to en-
force the law, as in a civil emergency, may be granted
22 workdays of leave in the calendar year; in this
case, however, his military pay is credited against his
Library salary., and he receives only the difference.

LC Information Bulletin

District of Columbia National Guardsmen are granted
up to 15 more days of military leave while on duty in
what is called a "Federalized status" and are entitled
to unlimited military leave to fulfill certain of their
obligations. Other special regulations stipulate certain
exceptions, such as summer training for a member of
ROTC, where military leave does not apply and the
employee is placed on leave without pay.

Court Leave
What happens when an employee is summoned to
court? A variety of regulations in LCR 2015-16,
which was amended by Special Announcement 413
issued last June 11, govern the leave status of the
staff member while he is in court.
Staff members, including temporary ones, who are
called to jury duty are granted court leave, which
means that the Library continues to pay their salaries
from the time they must appear for jury duty until
the court discharges them; during this period, they
are not charged annual leave, but at the same time
any fees they receive for jury duty for their normal
workdays, except payment for travel expenses, must
be turned over to the Library's Disbursing Officer.
When an employee is summoned to appear as a
witness, either in an official or a non-official capac-
ity, on behalf of the Federal or District of Columbia
Government, then he is considered on official duty
and is excused from work to appear in court. He is
also considered to be on official duty and is excused
to give testimony if he is called to appear in his
official capacity in any Federal, State, or local court
either on behalf of a government or of a private per-
son. If he must appear as a witness in a non-official
capacity on behalf of a State or local government,
then he is granted court leave. When he is summoned
to court on behalf of a private person, however, and
not acting in an official capacity or on behalf of a
government, then he is not entitled to court leave and
must take either annual leave or leave without pay.
A staff member on annual leave who is summoned
to appear in court may substitute court leave for
annual leave if he would otherwise have been granted
court leave. If he is on leave without pay, he may not
make such a substitution, but he may keep whatever
jury fees or daily allowances he receives from the

Administrative Leave
Other excused absences affecting Library em-
ployees fall under the heading of administrative leave,

leave granted for activities considered to be in the
interest of the Government. A person who is already
on leave at the time such administrative leave is
granted may not substitute administrative leave for
his annual or sick leave. Several instances of situations
where administrative leave applies have already been
mentioned: hazardous weather conditions, registering
under the Universal Military Training and Service
Act-or the draft, as it is commonly known, and
attending professional meetings which are in the
interest of the Library. An employee is also given an
excused absence in order to vote, to attend the
funeral of a member of his immediate family who
died as a result of a disease or injury incurred while
serving in the Armed Forces in a combat zone, to
make a blood donation (so long as he is not paid for
it), to be treated for an injury received while at work,
to take a physical examination before induction into
the Armed Forces, or for any contingency where the
Library's interests are best served by excusing the
staff member from work. In each case, specific regula-
tions govern the amount of leave that may be granted
and what certification, if any, the employee must
provide to justify his absence.
There are no special provisions in the Library's
leave regulations to grant an employee an excused
absence from work for the funerals of family mem-
bers other than military personnel, for caring for a
member of his family who is sick unless the person
has a specific contagious disease, or for attending to
personal business; in these cases, the employee's only
recourse is to request annual leave. There are, how-
ever, provisions in the Library's regulations for all
sorts of special situations that might occur in some of
the leave situations already discussed. This is espe-
cially true of maternity, military, and court leave.
Leave regulations, like the Library's other regula-
tions, are constantly being revised to conform to
changes in the law or for other administrative reasons.
The changes in court leave announced last summer
were the result of a new law, P.L. 91-563, approved
December 19, 1970. And only last month, on Febru-
ary 9, new regulations were issued to the staff con-
cerning blood donations, treatment of injuries
incurred at work, absence for preinduction physical,
and absence for attendance at professional meetings.
Although there may be some shortcomings in the
Library's regulations, it is obvious that no body of
regulations will ever be written to conform to all the
needs of every human being. But the Library's leave
regulations are a sincere attempt to assure every
employee fair and equitable leave treatment.

March 17, 1972


Distinguished poet, teacher, critic, and editor John
Ciardi will read from his poetry on Monday, March
27, at 7:30 p.m. in the Coolidge Auditorium. Intro-
ducing Mr. Ciardi will be Josephine Jacobsen, the Li-
brary's Consultant in Poetry for 1971-72 and
1972-73. No tickets are required for the program, and
friends and employees of the Library are invited to
Mr. Ciardi was born in Boston, Mass., in 1916, and
was educated at Bates College, Tufts College (B.A.,
magna cum laude, 1938), and the University of Michi-
gan (M.A., 1939). He received the Avery Hopwood
Award in 1939 for his first volume of poetry, Home-
ward to America. A succession of teaching positions
began at the University of Kansas City (1940-42) and
continued after three years' service with the U.S.
Army Air Corps during World War II. He married
Myra Judith Hostetter in 1946, and resumed his
teaching career, first at Harvard University, then at
Rutgers University, with a Salzburg Seminar in Amer-
ican Studies in 1951. Since 1947 he has lectured at
Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, Vermont, and since
1955 has been director of the Conference. In addi-
tion, Mr. Ciardi has served as poetry editor of the
Saturday Review since 1956.
Among the numerous awards, honors, and degrees
Mr. Ciardi has received are a Eunice Tietjens Award
(1945), an American Academy in Rome Fellowship
(1956), and a D. Litt. degree from Tufts College
(1960). He is a member of the National Institute of
Arts and Letters, and a past president of the National
College English Association.
A prolific writer, Mr. Ciardi's first volume of
poetry, Homeward to America (1940), was followed
by numerous others including Live Another Day
(1949), As If: Poems New and Selected (1955), 39
Poems (1959), In Fact (1962), This Strangest Every-
thing (1966), and most recently, Lives of X (1971).
He is the author of a college textbook, How Does a
Poem Mean? (1959); a joint author of another,
Poetry: A Closer Look (1963); books of children's
poems; and a verse translation of Dante's Divine
Comedy (Inferno appeared in 1954, Purgatorio in
1961, Paradiso in 1970).
Tape recordings of this and other programs in the
Library's literary series are made available for delayed
broadcast on radio stations in other cities through the
National Public Radio, Scheduled Tapes Division. In
Washington, D.C., this program will be broadcast by
radio station WGMS-FM on April 8 at 10:30 p.m.

John Ciardi's reading and tape recordings of it are
made possible by the Library's Gertrude Clarke Whit-
tall Poetry and Literature Fund.

John Ciardi

Photo by Alan Caruba


On Friday evening, March 24, the Elizabeth Spra-
gue Coolidge Foundation in the Library of Congress
will sponsor a concert of vocal and instrumental
chamber music featuring the Contemporary Chamber
Ensemble under the direction of Arthur Weisberg.
The Ensemble will be assisted by Jan DeGaetani,
mezzo-soprano; Michael Dash, boy soprano; and Mar-
garitta Ballesteros, Sylvia de la Rosa, Brenda Single-
ton, and Margaret Smith, dancers.
Ancient Voices of Children, for soprano, boy so-
prano, dancers and seven instrumentalists, composed
by George Crumb in 1970 under commission by the
Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation in the Li-
brary of Congress, will be performed for the first time
with dance, choreographed by Lynda Gudde. This
work, which was premiered at the Library's Four-
teenth Festival of Chamber Music in 1970, has re-
ceived several awards. At Unesco House in Paris last
May, the Internation Rostrum of Composers voted it
the most distinguished work heard at the 1971 ses-
sion. The recording of this work, by Nonesuch Rec-
ords, has received two Grammy nominations in the
categories of "Album of the Year, Classical" and
"Best Chamber Music Performance." Other works on
the program are: Dumbarton Oaks Concerto by Igor
Stravinsky; Variations on a Theme by M. B. Tolson
by Thomas Jefferson Anderson, Jr.; and Quartet in
two movements by Stefan Wolpe.
This concert will begin promptly at 8:30 p.m. in
the Coolidge Auditorium of the Library. It will be

LC Information Bulletin

broadcast delayed by station WGMS of Washington,
D.C., at a time to be announced later, and tape re-
cordings for delayed broadcasts will be made available
to stations in other cities by the Katie and Walter
Louchheim Fund in the Library of Congress.
Tickets for this concert will be distributed by Pat-
rick Hayes, 1300 G St., N.W., beginning at 8:30a.m.
Monday, March 20. A service charge of 25 cents is
placed on each ticket, and only two tickets are dis-
tributed to an individual. Telephone reservations may
be made on Monday morning by calling 393-4463.
Mail orders are not accepted.


M. A. Munthali of Zomba, Malawi, recipient of a
Unesco grant for training in the management of ar-
chives and libraries, visited the Library of Congress
for several days beginning February 15. Mr. Munthali
will become Director of the National Archives and
the National Library of Malawi when he has com-
pleted his current training program. Most of his Wash-
ington visit was devoted to work at the National
Archives, and he will have a month of additional
training in England before going home. While at the
Library of Congress, Mr. Munthali visited a number of
divisions, with special emphasis on the African Sec-
tion, Serial Record Division, and Preservation Office.
Another Unesco grantee who visited LC recently is
L. R. Shrestha of Nepal, who is studying copyright
practices. Mr. Shrestha has been Gazetted Class Sec-
tion Officer in charge of the copyright system in His
Majesty's Government in Kathmandu since 1969. In
addition to his work in the Copyright Office of the
Library of Congress, where Mrs. Marjorie McCannon
and Waldo Moore have supervised his program, Mr.
Shrestha talked with Krishan Nehra of the Law Li-
brary and with Edwin Beal, Assistant Chief of the
Orientalia Division.
An instructor in the Keio University School of Li-
brary and Information Science, Kimio Hosono,
visited the Library of Congress on February 22. Mr.
Hosono has spent 18 months at UCLA participating
in special automation projects at the Graduate School
of Library Service. During his visit to LC, he talked
with Paul Reimers in the Information Systems Office
and visited the MARC Development Office as well as
other areas of the Processing and Reference Depart-
The Librarian of the Bank of Ghana, E. K. Nee-
quaye of Accra, who is working temporarily at the

World Bank Library in Washington, came for a day's
visit to the Library of Congress on February 7. After
a general tour, he visited the African Section, the
Microfilm Reading Room, and conferred with Susan
Sayre of the Exchange and Gift Division.
Wilma Radford, a faculty member at the Library
School, University of New South Wales, Sydney,
Australia, visited the Library on February 3. Miss
Radford, who is an alumna of the Columbia Univer-
sity School of Library Service, was visiting old friends
among American librarians across the country. At LC,
she toured both the Processing and Reference Depart-
ments; she was especially interested in changes made
since her last visit in the mid-50's.
A Canadian librarian, Trudy Bodak, from York
University Library, York, Ontario, who came to
Washington for several days to attend the recent
MARC Institute, visited LC on February 22 and 23.
She was principally interested in the Processing
Other visitors in town for the MARC Institute in-
cluded Grace Maxfield, Head of Cataloging, Eastern
Michigan University, Ypsilanti, and F. Alden Moberg,
Oregon State Library, Salem, Oregon, who visited LC
on February 23 and had a general tour of both the
Reference and Processing Departments. Mary Kay
Dewees, Head of the Cataloging Department, North-
western University Library, and four members of her
staff came to the Library on February 23 for a gen-
eral tour and a visit to the Processing Department;
accompanying Miss Dewees, who is a former LC re-
cruit and staff member, were Mrs. Jacqueline Gelso,
Mrs. Mary E. Martin, Mrs. Elisabeth Janakiev, and
Larsana Nelson.
Six catalogers from the Montgomery County
Schools visited LC on February 29 for an intensive
tour, including a trip to the Card Division. The group
included Mrs. Rhoda Hyde, Head Cataloger, Jane
Tucker, Doris Owen, Edith Rabinowitz, Bhola
Kapoor, and Charles Worsley.


The Information Systems Office sponsored an auto-
mation seminar on February 10 on Computerized
Typesetting and Photocomposition. The seminar was
conducted by John Boyle, Acting Production Man-
ager (Electronics), U.S. Government Printing Office,
who gave a brief history of computerized typesetting
and the role of GPO in this area. He also described
the types of hardware avaiable and the logic required
for developing a computerized typesetting system.

March 17, 1972


Accessions List. Ceylon. Including Cumulative List
of Serials and Annual Author and Subject Indexes.
Vol. 5, No. 4. December 1971. (pp. 57-135.) Con-
tinuing subscriptions free to libraries upon request to
the Assistant Field Director for Special Operations,
Library of Congress Office, American Embassy, New
Delhi, India.
The National Union Catalog: A Cumulative Author
List Representing Library of Congress Prnted Cards
and Titles Reported by Other American Libraries.
January 1972. (xx, 768 p.) Compiled by the Library
of Congress with the cooperation of the Resources
Committee of the Resources and Technical Services
Division, American Library Association. For sale by
the Card Division, Library of Congress, Building 159,
Navy Yard Annex, Washington, D.C. 20541.

Library of Congress Regulation: No. 210-2, page 2 (March
9), clarifies procedures for routing of proposals of functional
and organizational changes.
Special Announcement: No. 463 (February 28) announced
the schedule of the Bloodmobile visit to the Library on
March 9.


Loran P. Karsner, Chief of the Card Division, com-
pleted 40 years of Government service on February
18. On the following Friday, February 25, he re-
ceived his 40-year Federal Service Award pin from
the Librarian. Also assembled to honor him were
John G. Lorenz, Deputy Librarian, and Mrs. Eliza-
beth E. Hamer, Assistant Librarian; William J. Welsh,
Director, Edmond L. Applebaum, C. Sumner Spal-
ding, Robert R. Holmes, and Paul E. Edlund, all of
the Processing Department Office; and James L.
Stevens and John J. Pizzo of the Card Division. To-
ward the end of the working day on Friday, the staff
of the Card Division held a reception for Mr. Karsner
in the division.
Mr. Karsner began his Government service in Feb-
ruary 1932 on the staff of the Architect of the
Capitol, and joined the office of the Building Super-
intendent in the Library in June of that year. Since
April 1933, when he joined the Card Division as card
drawer, he has served in progressively responsible
positions in that division; he was appointed Chief of
the division in February 1968. In addition, Mr.

Karsner has served under all five men who preceded
him as chief in the division's 70-year history.
Following his initial appointment to the Card Divi-
sion, Mr. Karsner served from April 1942 to April
1947, except for military service in 1944, as First
Assistant in the division's Reprint Unit. In November
1947, he became Assistant Estimator and the follow-
ing February was advanced to Supervisor of the Esti-
mating Unit. He was also promoted to Head of the
Inventory Section in 1948, and in July 1961, he
became Head of the Orders Section-then the third-
ranking post in the division. He was promoted to the
position of Assistant Chief for Production in January

Mr. Karsner (left) examining his pin with the Librarian
(center) and John J. Pizzo, Assistant Chief for Operations,
Card Division.

Over the years, Mr. Karsner has made many contri-
butions toward improving the methods and technical
operations of the card distribution service. In 1953,
he received a Superior Accomplishment Award for
planning and carrying through a project for the stock
control of printed catalog cards. At the same time he
was commended for the development of a new
method of overprinting call numbers and subject
headings. In 1965 he received the Meritorious Service
Award for his thorough planning and direction while
moving the card stock to the Navy Yard Annex, and
in 1958 and 1960, he received Outstanding Perform-
ance Ratings for further administrative and technical

LC Information Bulletin

improvements. Since then he has continued improv-
ing the methods used to provide services to the inter-
national library and library-oriented community.

Appointments: Darnel C. Flynn, placement specialst.
GS-11. Place, PA2400; Ronald Grice, production assistant,
GS-2. Cat Publ. OP500-9; Jack E. Henderson, production
assistant-arranger. GS-3, Cat Publ, OP500-9; Marta R. Kras-
now, physical science technician, GS-7, R&T, PA2475;
Wdllam A. Lipford, economist, GS-7, CRS-E, PA2589;
Barbara B. McCormick, librarian, GS-9, Cat Publ, PA2451;
Viginia C. Mandigo, cataloger, GS-7, Cop Cat, PA2337;
Robert V. Runfola, mail clerk, GS-3, Cop Serv, OP200-9;
Patricia B. Sugs, clerk-typist, GS-3, Cat Publ, OP500-10;
Gwendolyn Tyner, clerk-typist, GS4, E&G, OP500-10;
Katherina M. Woodward, physical science technician GS-7
RAT, PA2475.
Temporary Appointments: Eugene E. Batis, cataloger,
GT-7, G&M, NP; Barbara M. Edgerton, library aid, GT-3, Cat
Publ, OP500-26; Thomas Waltz, analyst in transportation,
GS- 1, CRS-E, PB2581.
Reppointments: Oteria Battle, library technician, GS-5,
Cat Publ, OP500-28; Vaughn C. Garner, library aid, GS-3,
Card. PA2562; David E. Lockwood, analyst in national
defense, GS- 1l, CRS-F, PA2513.
Promotion: James W. Brown, to special projects foreman,
WS-2, Bidgs Mgmt, PB2548; Sharon B. Brown, to librarian,
GS-9. Subj Cat, PA2387; Mary E. Erwin. to standing orders
clerk, GS4, Card, PC2382; Ruth IM Fulton, to copyright
technician, GS-7, Cop Exam, PB2591; Leonora G. Gentile, to
library technician, GS-6, Cop Serv, PC2447; Evelyn C. Gib-
bons, to library technician, GS-6, Cop Serv, PC2447; Glenda
R. Nelson, to library technician, GS-6, Cop Serv, PC2447;
Ada B. Simmons, to assistant unit supervisor, general shelf-
listing unit, GS-10, Subj Cat, PB2569; Viola D. Thomas, to
library technician, GS-6, Cop Serv, PC2447.
Temporary Promotion: Janet B. Marchetti, FRD, to ana-
lyst in international relations, GS-11, CRS-F, PA2511.
Transfer Louis R. Mortimer, CRS-E, to position classifica-
tion specialist, GS-9, Clas, PA237 I; Sung Kyu Song, LL-FE,
to subject cataloger, GS-11, Subj Cat, PA2381; Cynthia B.
Wnght, CRS-GGR, to assistant division secretary, GS-5,
CRS-F, PA2566.
Resignations: Joan F. Brown, Preserv; Roberta Hindman,
CRS. Johnny E. Ragin, Cat Mgmt; John J. Vincent, DBPH;
Barbara Wood. Ser Rec.

Charles Gallozzi, Assistant Chief of the Division for
the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and two divi-
sion staff members represented the Library at a two-

day planning meeting to consider the establishment
of a national repository of taped educational mate-
rials and a tape duplicating center for visually handi-
capped students, held in New York City on February
28 and 29.
Bill West, coordinator of tape volunteers, and Mrs.
Freddie Peaco, coordinator of student services of
DBPH also participated in the sessions sponsored by
and held at the headquarters of Recording for the
Blind, Inc.
In considering the feasibility of establishing a na-
tional repository, participants dealt with items and
factors such as definitions of the material to be de-
posited, financing of the service, administration, and
location of materials, either in a single national center
or in regional centers. A working definition, for pur-
poses of the depository, was generally agreed upon to
include materials required within a narrow time span
for occupation, profession, or school and academic
purposes. Along with four other nonprofit producers
of taped materials for the blind and physically handi-
capped, DBPH will cooperate with Recording for the
Blind, Inc., in a pilot project to further determine
feasibility of a national repository. Tapes to be sup-
plied for the project will be open-reel master record-
ings produced with the aid of monitors, to insure
accuracy and completeness, and in soundproofed
Samuel Iftikhar, Reference Librarian in the South-
ern Asia Section of the Orientalia Division, addressed
the Washington Host Lions Club at its noon luncheon
on February 9. His subject was "Crisis on the Sub-
continent-India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh." He also
addressed the Roosevelt Senior Citizens Bible Class
on February 13.
David Kresh, Reference Specialist in English Liter-
ature in the Public Reference Section, General Refer-
ence and Bibliography Division, read several of his
poems at the first Swarthmore College Poetry Festi-
val, held on February 26 and 27.
John McDonough, Manuscript Historian in the
Manuscript Division, participated in a program on
February 29 to dedicate the new library of the Wal-
brook High School, in Baltimore, to Mary Church
Terrell. Mary Church Terrell (1863-1954), a resident
for most of her life of Washington, D.C., was a distin-
guished educator and author, and a leader of national
renown in the struggles for the rights of the Negro
and for women's rights. The Manuscript Division
holds a large collection of Mrs. Terrell's personal

March 17, 1972

Personnel Policies and Procedures for Supervisors
will be offered in the Main Building on each Wednes-
day and Friday, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, from April
5 through 28. It will be the last opportunity this
spring for Library supervisors to participate in the
course which will not be repeated until the fall.
Nominations should be submitted on form LW
3/61b from divisions through department offices in
time to reach the Training Office by the March 22
The Personnel Policies and Procedures course is in-
tended for all levels of supervisors, with priority to
those exercising independent authority in interview-
ing and selecting new staff, initiating PAR's, evalu-
ating performance, and related supervisory duties.
During the course, topics such as staffing, manpower
development, position classification, personnel
actions and records, and other related subjects will be
discussed by the Personnel Officer having authority
for that phase of personnel management. In short, the
course aims to help supervisors avoid the pitfalls of
their appointed job through knowledge of the Li-
brary's policy on supervision, and through a review of
the various services and support available from the
Library's Personnel Office.
The LC Professional Association will present Alan
Jabbour, Head of the Archive of Folk Song in the
Music Division, on Wednesday, March 22, at 12 noon
in the Whittall Pavilion. Mr. Jabbour will play and
discuss some fiddle tunes.
The Ski Club will elect officers for the 1972-73 ski
season at the meeting scheduled for Friday, March
24, at 12 noon in the Capitol Page School. All mem-
bers and skiers interested in joining the Ski Club are
urged to attend the meeting.
The Library of Congress Choral Society will present
a program of music for the Easter season on Tuesday,
March 28, at 11:45 a.m. in the Coolidge Auditorium.
All staff members are invited to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Husovsky are the parents of a
daughter, Marika Ann, born on February 25, at
Cafritz Memorial Hospital. Mr. Husovsky is a Systems
Accountant in the Accounting Office.


Mary Huffer Appointed Head of Interior Libraries
Mrs. Mary A. Huffer, formerly Assistant Director of
Libraries for the Smithsonian Institution, has been

appointed new Director of the Department of the
Interior's network of Library services, effective Feb-
ruary 20. Mrs. Huffer will administer the extensive
resources collection in the Department's Washington,
D.C., Library and guide the policies of more than 100
sub-libraries in the field.
Mrs. Huffer holds a B.A. degree from Trinity Col-
lege in Washington. She attended the Georgetown
University Law School and the Catholic University
School of Library Science. A member of numerous
library associations, she is Past President of the Wash-
ington Chapter of the Special Libraries Association
and is currently President of the District of Columbia
Library Association.

J. Donald Thomas Named to University Post
J. Donald Thomas, Executive Director of the Asso-
ciation of College and Research Libraries since 1968,
has been appointed Head of the new Undergraduate
Library on the College Park Campus of the University
of Maryland. Mr. Thomas will join the staff full time
in June but will spend some time on campus begin-
ning this month.
A graduate of Tulane University, Mr. Thomas re-
ceived his library degree from Columbia University in
1951. He has worked in the libraries of Columbia
University, the French Embassy in New York City,
Hunter College, Standard Oil Co., the Montreal Star,
and the University of Chicago.
The new Maryland library, built at a cost of over $7
million, is expected to open in late August. It will
hold 200,000 volumes, seat 4,000 people, and house
the School of Library and Information Services.

Murphy Smith Appointed to APS Post
Murphy D. Smith has been appointed Associate
Librarian of the American Philosophical Society Li-
brary, Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. Smith has previously
served as the Society's Manuscript Librarian,
1952-64, and as Assistant Librarian, 1965-71.
A manuscript librarian with special interest in the
archives of science, Mr. Smith received his master's
degree from the University of Tennessee, and did
additional graduate work at the University of Penn-
sylvania. His publications include Guide to the Ar-
chives and Manuscript Collections of the American
Philosophical Society (Philadelphia, 1966), and Guide
to Manuscripts Relating to the American Indian in
the Library of the American Philosophical Society
(Philadelphia, 1966).
Mr. Smith worked with the American Library Asso-
ciation sub-committees on manuscript cataloging

LC Information Bulletin

rules and manuscript acquisitions. He currently serves
as Chairman of the Archives of Science Committee,
Society of American Archivists.

Arbuthnot Honor Lecturer for 1973 Announced
Mrs. Bettina Hurlimann, author of Picture-Book
World and Three Centuries of Children's Books in
Europe, has been selected by the ALA Children's
Services Division committee to present the 1973
Arbuthnot Honor Lecture. Mrs. Hurlimann, an editor
and publisher in Zurich, Switzerland, is also known in
this country for her two children's books, William
Tell and His Son and Barry, the Story of a Brave St.
A library school, department of education in a col-
lege or university, or a library system may apply to
the committee for consideration as the host institu-
tion for the 1973 lecture. Application forms are avail-
able from Mrs. Diane Chrisman, Chairman, Arbuthnot
Honor Lecture Committee, Buffalo and Erie County
Public Library, Lafayette Sq., Buffalo, N.Y. 14203.
Deadline for applications is June 19.

Smithsonian Magazine Features Lessing Rosenwald
The March 1972 issue of Smithsonian magazine
contains an article about Lessing Rosenwald, print
and rare book collector. The illustrated story, entitled
"Lessing Rosenwald, Collector of Great Prints, Rare
Books," was written by Meryle Secrest, and describes
among other things some of the 2,000 rare books
which Mr. Rosenwald has donated to the Library of

France Will Give Books to Newlyweds
In observance of International Book Year (IBY)
and to encourage reading books, the Ministry of Edu-
cation in France will give five books to all couples
married after April 29. France's 38,000 town halls
will distribute the gift after the marriage ceremony
has been performed. Some 350,000 couples are ex-
pected to marry between April and the end of the
year. The project is designed to encourage a taste for
reading. A recent survey showed that 57 percent of
adult Frenchmen have not read a book since child-
The couple will be able to choose between two lists
of classics. One contains Voltaire's short stories,
Hugo's Les Miserables, Balzac's Les Chouans, Stend-
hal's The Red and the Black, and Fromentin's Domi-
nique. The other list contains Madame De La
Fayette's The Princess of Clves, Balzac's Pere Goriot,

Stendhal's The Charterhouse of Parma, Chateau-
briand's Memoirs, and Flaubert's Madame Boary.

FLC Workshop Program Details Released
Detailed program plans for the Federal Library
Committee's (FLC) Executive Workshop in Library
Management and Information Services have been
announced by Russell Shank, Director of Libraries
for the Smithsonian Institution and Chairman of the
FLC Task Force on Education. The sessions will be
devoted to Career Development and Continuing Edu-
cation, Libraries and the Law, New Technologies,
Interlibrary Cooperation, FLC Activity, and Associa-
tion Activities.
Discussion leaders will include Stanley J. Bougas,
Department of Commerce; Frank Kurt Cylke, FLC;
Elizabeth W. Stone, Department of Library Science,
Catholic University; Joseph Price, Air Force Cam-
bridge; and Dr. Shank. The supporting staff includes
representatives from Federal agency libraries and the
private research and development community.
The workshop will be held on April 17-18 at the
Library, Adams National Historic Site, Quincy, Mass.
Federal, municipal, State, and regional governmental
employees are eligible to attend. The cost of the ses-
sion, which is $50 per person, will be borne by the
participants. Personal checks will be accepted.
Agencies will be billed.
Letters requesting registration should be submitted
by individuals or authorized agency representatives to
the Secretariat, Federal Library Committee, Room
310, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20540.
Individuals must include payment with the registra-
tion request.

ASIS Regional Conference Program Announced
The First Mid-Year Regional Conference of the
American Society for Information Science (ASIS),
scheduled for May 19-21 at Kennedy Memorial Union
on the University of Dayton campus, Dayton, Ohio,
will focus on the theme, "Cost Reduction in Informa-
tion Systems."
The program will consist of contributed papers and
discussion periods divided into three broad areas-
input cost reduction, cost reduction in systems, and
general cost effectiveness and benefits.
Papers submitted will cover the spectrum of cost
elements in information systems, ranging from spe-
cific subjects such as computer-based photocomposi-
tion to general topics such as consumer research and
capital investment. There will also be papers question-
ing the feasibility of reducing costs at the input end

March 17, 1972

of the system.
Further information and registration forms are
available from Robert McAfee, Jr., ASIS, 1140 Con-
necticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.

Queens College Will Sponsor Library Institute
The treatment of minorities in print and non-print
media will be the subject of a federally-funded insti-
tute for public and school librarians at Queens Col-
lege of the City University of New York July 3-28.
Deadline for applications is April 1.
The institute will deal with the creation, selection,
and utilization of library materials for minority
groups, particularly Black, Indian, Mexican, Oriental,
and Puerto Rican Americans.
Applications should be addressed to Hardy Frank-
lin, Queens College Library Science Department,
Flushing, N.Y. 11367. Minority group librarians who
have experience in library service to the disadvan-
taged are urged to apply. Course credit will not be
given, but those completing the program will receive a
certificate. All students will be paid stipends of $75 a
week plus a dependency allowance.
As a preliminary activity, Queens College Library
Science Department, in cooperation with the sub-
committee on Spanish Materials, Adult Services Divi-
sion, ALA, will sponsor a one-day training program
dealing with library service to the Spanish-speaking
during the Chicago ALA conference on June 28.

Endowment for the Humanities Awards 482 Grants
The National Endowment for the Humanities has
awarded 482 fellowships and summer stipends total-
ling $3.9 million for academic year 1972-73 to 48
States and the District of Columbia.
Announcement of the awards was made by Ronald
S. Berman, Chairman of the National Endowment.
They were approved by the National Council on the
Humanities, 26 citizens appointed by the President to
advise the Endowment, at a recent meeting in Wash-
ington, D.C.
The 482 fellowships were selected from 1,930
applications, and include Fellowships for Junior Col-
lege Teachers, Fellowships and Summer Stipends for
Younger Humanists, and Fellowships for Guided
Study in Selected Fields.

CLR to Offer Fellowships for Librarians
The Council on Library Resources (CLR) is offer-
ing a limited number of fellowships and internships to
mid-career librarians who have demonstrated a strong
potential for professional leadership. The purpose of

the grants is to enable successful candidates to im-
prove their competence in the substantive, admin-
istrative, or technical aspects of their profession.
The awards will cover costs, including travel, per
diem for living expenses while in travel status, sup-
plies and equipment incident to a fellow's program,
for a period of three to nine months. It is expected
that a fellow's salary during leave of absence will be
paid by his parent institution.
Application forms are available from the Fellow-
ship Committee, CLR, 1 Dupont Cir., Suite 620,
Washington, D.C. 20036. Deadline for applications is
November 1.

50 Library Science Fellowships Available
The U.S. Office of Education has awarded grants
totaling some $273,000 to nine colleges and univer-
sities in eight States to train students in the library
science field.
The grants will support 50 fellowships for preparing
personnel to staff the country's two- and four-year
colleges and universities. Two-thirds of the fellow-
ships are awarded to programs directed to the needs
of the economically disadvantaged.
Participating institutions are the University of Den-
ver, University of Illinois, Western Michigan Univer-
sity, City University of New York Queens College,
Long Island University C.W. Post College, University
of Oregon, University of Texas, University of Wash-
ington, and University of Wisconsin.
The fellowship program, authorized under Part E of
the Education Professions Development Act, is
administered by OE's Bureau of Higher Education.
Additional information, application, and admission
requirements are available from the participating

North Texas State Receives $28,000 Grant
The North Texas State University at Denton has
received from the Office of Education a $28,000
grant to plan a research and demonstration infor-
mation services project. The study is designated to
develop a new concept of providing community infor-
mation services in Olney, Tex.
During the three-year project, facilities and library
programs, community structure and attitudes, and
planning and policy development of a community
learning center will be described, documented, and
evaluated. Federal funds for the project are author-
ized under Title II-B of the Higher Education Act of

LC Information Bulletin

Federal Public Information Guide Available
Librarians needing information from Federal de-
partments, bureaus, and agencies will find names,
addresses, and telephone numbers of public affairs or
information officers in the Directory of Public Infor-
mation Contacts, Washington, D.C 1972. Included
also are information contacts at the White House,
Republican and Democratic party headquarters, and
foreign embassies. Published in previous years by the
Bendix Corporation, the directory is now available
for $2 from Daniel J. Edelman, Inc., Public Relations,
1717 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.

IBY Charter Published
A Charter of the Book has been published for Inter-
national Book Year 1972 by Encyclopaedia Britan-
nica, Inc. The pamphlet contains the declaration of
the principles which should guide the treatment of
books, both nationally and internationally, and which
has been adopted by the international professional
organizations of authors, publishers, librarians, book-
sellers, and documentalists.

World Communism Bibliography Is Released
In January, Senator James 0. Eastland, Chairman
of the Subcommittee on Internal Security of the
Senate Committee on the Judiciary, released a
6,000-entry bibliography entitled World Communism.
1964-1969. The bibliography was prepared at the
request of the chairman by Arshag 0. Sarkissian,
Analyst in International Relations, Foreign Affairs
Division, Congressional Research Service, in collabo-
ration with and under the direction and editorship of
Joseph G. Whelan, Specialist in Soviet and East Euro-
pean Affairs, also of the Foreign Affairs Division.
The bibliography is a sequel to one prepared in
1964 by CRS. The purpose of the bibliography is to
provide researchers with a guide to research tools and
literature on world Communism. The bibliography is
broadly gauged and embraces the multiple aspects of
international Communism as a political movement
and as an international system. Special emphasis has
been placed on international relations in addition to
internal developments within each Communist
Appended to the bibliography is a research guide
entitled, "U.S. Foreign Policy and International Rela-
tions," which was prepared by Mrs. Patricia M.
Tsuchitani of the Library Services Division of CRS.
The bibliography is priced at $1.75 a copy and is

available from the U.S. Government Printing Office,
Washington, D.C. 20402.

10th Edition of Sears List Is Published
The new 10th edition of Sears List of Subject
Headings, edited by Barbara M. Westby, Chief of the
Catalog Management Division of the Library of Con-
gress, has been published by the H. W. Wilson Co.
New headings considered for this edition were
assembled from catalogers representing all types and
sizes of libraries, teachers of cataloging, H. W. Wil-
son's subject heading files, and the Library of Con-
gress subject heading lists and proof sheets. Also
incorporated are headings of the Subject Headings for
Children's Literature issued by the Library of Con-
gress in 1969. The use of Negro headings as pre-
viously established has been used in this edition, but
an alternate list of Black headings has been provided
in an Appendix.
An important feature of this edition is a new intro-
duction, "Subject Headings-Principles and Applica-
tion of the Sears List," which is a comprehensive
treatment on the theory and practice of subject head-
ing work.
The volume is priced at $10 a copy (512 for foreign
orders) and is available from the publisher, 950
University Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10452.

Library Automation Handbook Is Issued
Guidelines for Library Automation: A Handbook
for Federal and Other Libraries, sponsored by the
Federal Library Committee's Task Force on Automa-
tion of Library Operations and funded by the U.S.
Office of Education, has been published by the
System Development Corp. (SDC). Edited by Barbara
Markuson, the Handbook was compiled by Judith
Wanger, Sharon Schatz, and Donald V. Black, all staff
members of SDC; Carlos Cuadra, Head of the Infor-
mation Systems Division of SDC, directed the pro-
The handbook is designed to aid librarians in deter-
mining whether it is feasible to use automation for
their libraries. It is organized into five sections,
including an introduction. Section II covers the major
aspects of "building" an automated system, from the
initial survey through systems analysis and design to
full operation. Specific features and problems of the
automation of library functions are discussed. Guide-
lines are provided in a checklist format which codifies
major points conveniently for the reader. Samples of
input formats, worksheets, and output products from
operational Federal library automation projects are

March 17, 1972

used to illustrate appropriate topics.
Section III consists primarily of descriptions of
Federal library automation projects. Each description
provides the name and address of the library, the
name of the contact person, a description of each
major application, future plans, and references. A
number of index charts have been constructed to en-
able the reader to compare his profile of equipment,
application, and size to various operational systems.
When he has identified a relevant system, he may
wish to obtain further documentation or contact the
staff for more information.
Section IV includes brief summaries of topics re-
lated to Federal library automation: machine-
readable data bases, non-Federal automation,
commercial software systems, microform basics, and
a brief review of input and output equipment. Sec-
tion V is a selected bibliography on library automa-
This manual codifies major points to consider when
thinking of automation and is practical in its
approach. Guidelines for Library Automation is
available for 512.50 from the Information Systems
Technology Staff, System Development Corp., 2500
Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, Calif. 90406.
(Guidelines for Library Automation was originally
issued as Handbook on Federal Library Automation.)

Report Cites Technological Chllenges
In early 1970, the Information Systems Panel of
the Computer Science and Engineering Board, Na-
tional Academy of Sciences, initiated a major project
to examine information systems. The panel, under
the sponsorship of the Council on Library Resources,
determined to "assess the state and trends of com-
puter and related technologies relative to the require-
ments of library and related information systems
[and to] identify roadblocks to more effective and
rapid employment of these technologies for informa-
tion handling." Results of the study have now been
reported in a 1972 National Academy of Sciences
monograph entitled Library and Information Tech-
nology: A National System Challenge.
Following a brief introduction, the 84-page report
presents observations and recommendations, findings,
and a full discussion of problems and issues. Cost,
usage, characteristics, and developing trends in var-
ious technologies are discussed in three appendixes.
Two observations which were cited as paramount
are (1) to enable information technology to be
applied to improving national information handling,
science policy must assume a more effective role in

stimulating public and private actions to weld local
and fragmentary efforts into a national program, and
(2) comprehensive, consistent, and timely data on
actual services and on costs for the library system of
the United States must be obtained to provide a firm
basis for planning and evaluating a coherent program.
All libraries-school, university, industrial, special,
public, Federal, national-must be included.
Among the recommendations made were (1) to
integrate the present local and fragmented efforts by
a comprehensive pilot system; and (2) to place in-
creased stress on scientific design and modeling
studies of broadly based information networks to
develop information systems on a geographic basis.
Attention was also directed toward data base organi-
zations and management with specific consideration
of large capacity digital storage technology, machine
readable catalogs, microform technology, nonprinted
primary media, and education.
Census information on magnetic tape was identified
as a type of nonprint primary media valuable to the
scholarly community which should be handled by
libraries. This reflected views expressed at December.
and June 1970 Federal Library Committee meetings.
The Information Systems Panel stressed the impor-
tance of an "appropriate national body" to assume
leadership and to identify both appropriate projects
and institutions capable of implementing "pilot na-
tional systems." This charge is vital to the success of
any program.
Copies of Library and Information Technology are
priced at $3.25 each and are available from the Print-
ing and Publications Office, National Academy of
Sciences, 2102 Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington,
D.C. 20418.

Maell Produces Reference Work in Microform
Mansell Information/Publishing Ltd. has announced
the publication of Archives of British Men of Science
in microform. This work is an original microform pro-
duction and not a reprint of material which has
already appeared in hard copy formats.
The Archives represents the first stage of a survey
of the biographical and conceptual history of science
carried out at Sussex University and is the result of
specific projects supported by the Social Science
Research Council and the Royal Society.
The archival set is contained in 59 microfiches,
prepared to the international COSATI standard. Each
fiche on the average details information on 60 people,
arranged alphabetically by surname, and the complete
work is indexed in an accompanying booklet. The set

LC Information Bulletin

is priced at $50 and is available from the publisher,
Bloomsbury PI., London WCIA 20A, England.

MIT Press Publishes Conference Papers
The MIT Press has recently published the papers
from two invitational conferences held in 1968 and
1970 which dealt with the Collaborative Library
Systems Development (CLSD) project carried out by
the libraries of the University of Chicago, Columbia
University, and Stanford University.
The volume, Collaborative Library Systems Devel-

opnent (MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1971), con-
tains papers describing the CLSD project and invited
papers on general interest topics by recognized people
in the field of library automation. Among the con-
tributors are John G. Lorenz, Deputy Librarian of the
Library of Congress; Herman Fussier, Professor of
Library Science at the University of Chicago; and
Carlos Cuadra, Manager of the Library and Docu-
mentation Systems Department, System Develop-
ment Corp., Santa Monca, Calif. The volume was
edited by Paul J. Fasana and Allen B. Veaner.


Vol. 31, No. 11

March 17, 1972


Yale University Library Catalog
The Yale University Library recently published on
16 mm microfilm the main catalog of the University
Library. The Sterling Memorial Library public catalog
contains full card sets for all books housed in the
main library-over 3.5 million volumes-and at least
main entry cards for books housed in other libraries
at Yale-over two million volumes. The microfilm ver-
sion contains 724 reels and was produced during
The price of the microfilm catalog is $5,600; the
cost for orders of 10 or fewer reels is $15 per reel.
For further information write to the Publications
Office, Yale University Library, New Haven, Conn.

The London Times
The New York Times Company has acquired exclu-
sive rights to produce and distribute The Times of
London, its literary and educational supplements, and
The Sunday Times on microfilm in the United States
and Canada, effective July 1972. The collection, dat-
ing from 1785 to the present, is being refilmed page
by page from the original newspapers and produced
to modern library standards by Microfilming Corpora-
tion of America, a subsidiary of the New York Times.
An annual subscription costs $288. For further in-
formation write to Karl Horwitz, The New York
Times, Library and Information Services Division,
229 West 43d Street, New York, N.Y. 10036.

The Royal Gazette
The Bermuda Library has embarked upon a pro-

gram to microfilm its files of The Royal Gazette,
formerly The Bermuda Gazette, Bermuda's first news-
paper dating back to 1784. A price list is not yet
available. For further information write to the Head
Librarian, Bermuda Library, Hamilton, Bermuda.

LC Preservation Microfilming Office
The Microfilming Clearing House Bulletin No. 88
contains a list which represents the output of the
Preservation Microfilming Office of the Library of
Congress for the first quarter of 1971. The favorable
response from readers prompts an explanation of the
reasons for publishing such a list.
The Preservation Microfilming Office reports its
output of titles microfilmed to the National Register
of Microform Masters. The reports are edited by the
Register staff and proper bibliographic entries are pre-
pared for inclusion in its yearly issues. The Register,
however, has been behind schedule for some time
[see MCH Bulletin No. 87] and will not become cur-
rent before the summer of 1973. The Preservation
Microfilming Office suggested that in the meantime
the MCH Bulletin publish periodic lists of their pro-
duction until the Register is current again. Such infor-
mation, they reasoned, would be useful to the library
community and the general public. The Office even
graciously offered to prepare the entries for their
The following list is the Preservation Microfilming
Office's output for the second quarter of 1971.
Orders for positive microfilm should be placed with
the Photoduplication Service, Library of Congress,
Washington, D.C. 20540.

LC Information Bulletin

30604 Aborty. 1925-


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March 17, 1972

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LC Information Bulletin

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March 17, 1972

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LC Information Bulletin

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March 17, 1972

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LC Information Bulletin

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March 17, 1972

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LC Information Bulletin

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March 17, 1972

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LC Information Bulletin

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March 17, 1972 A-49

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LC Information Bulletin

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March 17, 1972

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LC Information Bulletin

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March 17, 1972

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LC Information Bulletin

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March 17, 1972

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vate advantages of the African trade
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The Franco-German war, 1870-1871 ...
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dee "El Partido Iberral [:)" 1895-1961
S v. AP63.R495

30658 La revista modern. Madrid.


A-56 LC Informaon Bulletin
LC Information Bulletin

323 1 rI* airtitlqque. Aner (1878-
7 v. I2.135

3028 Revue bourfguignnne .. Dijon, 1891-
1914 24 v DC6 .877Ikn

32114 *ve economlque de Bordeau ..
bordesam, Yferet a f(il; (Ic., etc.l
188-1934. Hl 3.435

3W005 aeyes, 1. MilIon diplomatic y litar.
Bogota, lopr*eta nacional. |1904]
I v. Fba ks45

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realiste Paris, Hachette et cl ,
912. 340 p. PQ637. R4S

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ir, LnglLth poetry herWen Pope and
Uords-orth ac.aIgo. the
University of Chicago pre,. 1909.
388 p. PRao. N3RS 1909

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E, J. Clode, inc. lc1925] 320 p.

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the uritinig of Albert D0 Richardson
Hartford, Conn., Columbian book
company. Toledo. 0., W E. Bliss;
[etc., etc ) 18'l 430 p.

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cal exegesis on the iProdlal son ...
Topeka, Kan., asas home publishing
co., 190. 28 p. PS269.R31

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operation and Amercan research books
rardle>, Pa., F. S. Cook & son,
inc., 1930. 144 p.
Z100L. 51

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practice Edinburgh. T. Clark.
1184 2 v. S('Iol

30579 Riddell. Our little ones.
IRarmnr.d. Neb.) elj89 32 p

321631 i Mt tap. J. I. apenboek van dent
Ntderlandchen adel met genealogiache
en heraldische aanteekeingen ...
Croningn, J. B. Wolter, 1883-8
2 v. CS817,16

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uarlid Brigle .., Paris, Librlirie
Stock, 1923 122 p.
PT2635. 65A84

2396 Rivers y Senrom Los hl]os de
Jalisco ... Gu.dilalra. 1897
13) p. LE7.CII S 1897

30842 obbin*, 6. S. HoN to wrestle ...
.Chclgo III lx Stesr publflilnl
home. C19d4 64 p
N 1195 72

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rebellion of Jas, duLe of Monmouth.
Sc., to hil capture and executi ...
L.ndsn. Lanmaer. Irawn. Green. and
Lonsim,. la .:
DA448.9 6

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trapper luide. New York, G. W. Carle-
ron I co [etc.) 1877. 412 p.

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Printed by Hazell, *atson 4 Viney, 1903.
215 p. ACS.RS47

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... London, Mw York and Bombay,
Longmans, Green, and o., 1904. 670 p.
PEIS91.R7 1904

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Sloni a v relilioznom otnohenil v
Litvie. Valn, 119' 38 p.
8938 .55864

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hispanicas Nornmbergae, in
officina eIspeanu, 1796 184 p.

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Lime, Peru. Compalia de I-presones
y publicidad, 1932

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people to rule. Washingron (Govt.
print off.) 1912. 14l p.

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti .. lo~on.
Ellis and Elvey, 1893 380 p.

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Moskau, Berlin [a9i1lFeb 19331 5 v.
hD641'5 AR35

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literature uruguaya Monte-
video. A. Barreiro y Kamos 1912-16
7 PQBS10 R7

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philosophy ... Boston and New Y.rk.
Houghton, Mifflin and co. [CIB19:
519 p. 1791.38

30234 Ro:anov, V Semeinvi Voproi v
Rossij. St Fersburg lon, v
.w, -. R

30623 Rozhdestsenskii, N %. 0 ausul anstvie
i khristianstvic [SI retershur.
1877) 36 p. BPI: R.6

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vorkalmpfer fr fortschritt ..
rfeveland. 0., Forest City booxbinding
co., 1888, 500 p.
1b4. G3R9

30213 Ruger. Dasu go-spel, leMhrbuch zur
erlermun| del alTlesen brettspiLesl
Leipig J. Kllnkhardt 19'11i
IS p. vIjatRq r'P

32110 Rule de onto v, Lesico k haspn
guarianlus. Stjttgardlae, inaedibus
C.1Ileieil ol.lhammer. 1)9 5415 p.

30371 tu ,ell. C E. eire shifting scenes
Ne' Tork. Hodder 6 Stoughlon.
.reorge H DIran company [c19141
311 p ACe RB

32203 Ruasell. J. E. The eacension of unlver-
ilIy Iesaeing an Lnglind and Amerlc.
Lelpail. 1S95. 253 p.

32325 hurla (1923- U. S. S. .* ..
C.oaudaree rvenola pLanovaL komLadalia.
DEonoaio-stacrelsichsakir ,etor.
Sbvgl v eelaekom khozvayslve
Pl.tkva. 1930 :4L p.
HD1991.AS 1127 -0

32301 Ru14,la 1921- (U. S. S. R.))
Narod,.i k.mLaiarlta pj snoorarnnmv
de-am. nirodooag koal.-
artial* ... mHoakv, 1925-26. v

30870 Russia 1923. U. S. S. tR
TSenTral'noe upravlenIe narodno-
kioziastvmenogo ucheta. Oborudo-
vanie metalloobrabatyaiushchel promy-
shlennosti. Mosbva, 1935.

30405 Saavedra Laues C .. Problems
anricanos Buenos Aires., lr
de Coni hermanoa, 1916. 26 p

30443 Saavedra Nogales. A. Aspectos juridicos
y Id'icos en el problem del Ria Lauca
Potos.. Boliva. 1962. 24 p
F3321 3 CS43

30489 sahrv, M Le genese de I'eprit
national egyptien (1863-1892)
[Parts. Librairie Picarrl 1924.
28h p DT106 532

32334 Saila-Sulplce-la-Forei. France (Benedlc-
lne abbey) Carculalre de l'abbaye ...
Ilennes. Im1r Proec. 1911
SA. p 3CI01.5S315i

30423 Salazar ROIr. S La novels en
Cuba Habana, 1 Holine v | c,a
1934 45 p PQ7382.53

30494 Salmon. L M HisIon of the
appointing power of the PreslJent .
New York 6 Lond, G P Putnam's
sons. 186 129 p.
JK731 53

1:207 SaLzburg. uerium CJrolino Augulceum.
dlbllothek. KaLalog laber die In der
bibll-.hek der St'dtlicha ... Sail-
burg. Launrli('ashe buchdrucheret.
16 7'. Ill p. Z2124.S28 3

30394 Sanchez Albornoz y Mendui a. C Lectures
de hlsloraI de Espajna Madrid.
Editorial Plutarca. S. a., 1929
633 p OP66 53 1929

30496 Sancher de Ocana, I Estudio critic
de la diversas esperles de census en
Is hisloria Madrid, lpr y It.
de los Huerfanos. 1892. 166 p
HD?78 S3

3227. Sinches Sorondo. N. C ... La cumttio
de ILl lta can Bolivia ... Bumnos
Aires [1938] 15 p.

32314 Sandford. E (P.) Uoma In her aocial
and domastil character. London.
Printed for Longmai, Or., Bromn.
Creen. & lanpmm. 1839. 226 p.

March 17, 1972

30873 Sartre, J. P. ... L'age de raison,
romn. [Paris] Gallimrd [1945]
309 p. PQ2637 A82A7

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the first settlers of Ne. England ...
Boston, Little, Brown and company,
1bO-b6, 4 i F7 S2b

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London, R. K. Burt [etc., etc.] 1860.
583 p. ACS.S32 1860a

3065. Schay" P A. L'eiat e a marine
narcjande fn aise. Paris, A, Fonte-
oing, 1900. 198 p

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Scrsbner. Armstrong & company. 1878.
384 p. OF:21 MS34

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Frederick Schon and Mr. Samuel Crowther
London, Hatchard'and son [etc.]
1842 393 p. DT515.S37

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and folk-lore. London, Tinsley Bros.,
1870 485 p. Q162.544

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436 p. HQ31.S44

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minstrel. Boston, Ginn and company,
1888. 144 p. PR5309.A1 1888

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Atlanta, Ga., Constitution publishing
co., 1889. 214 p.

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.. Atlanta, Ga., The Franklin
printing and publishing co.. 1896.
91 p. F2331.B72S46

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irrfahrten. Berlin, K. Siegismund,
1943. 238 p. PT2S16.S4MS

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data ... Philadelphia, Pa. (1927]
[20] p. CS71.C899 1927

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gree of the Right Worshipfull and
*orthie Captaine Sir William Cole ...
[London?] Priv. pring., 1870. 19 p.

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corssed Africa ... Philadelphia. J. B.
Lippincott 4 co., 1881. 2 v

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comunes Lagalo-castellana. Mani .a
1854. 151 p. PL6OSb.S5

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of the Merchant of Venice. Chicago,
S. R. Winchell & co. (cl889] 188 p.
PR2825.A2S7 1889

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Shelley ... London, W. Scott, 1887.
201 p. PRS431.SS

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[Erie, Pa.] 1906. (599] p.

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isly dlia spravochnoi knigi po russ-
kim portretan ... Moskva, 1910.
2 v. N7622.545

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atlas. genealogical. chronological
and geographical New York and
Chicago, Warren, Cockcroft and
company, 1873. 282 p.

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Jaems W11linaon'a relations with
Spain. 1788-1789. (New York, 1904]
166 p. E303.S54

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Vaughan family ... Boston, D. Clapp
& son, printers, 1865. 40 p.
CS71.V367 1865

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London, T. F. Unwin, ltd. (1926]
212 p. DS785.S45

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Chatto 8 Windus, 1893. 288 p.

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Antrim. Ireland ... New York, T. A.
Wright. 1903. 18 p.
CS71.S5545 1903

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led to the war with Mexico ...
[Washington, 1848] 8 p.

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chemistry. New Haven, Conn., Printed
by C. C. Chatfield & co., 1871.
65 p. RS410.S5

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evideo, Palacio del libro, 1930.
155 p. PQ8519.5616

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grand international exposition of
1876. Philadelphia, Glaxton, Rensen
& Haffelfinger, 1877. 73 p.

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Psaga, 1932. 319 p.

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Philadelphia, J. B. Chandler, printer
[L87ij 26 p. Z997.S614

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Odessa, 1903. 21 p.

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manual. New York, "Wild oats" office
(C18721 27 p. GV849.S63

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George Small, Philip Albright ..
Philadelphia, Printed for private
circulation by J. 8. Lippincott
company, 1905. 362 p.
CS71.S636 1905

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Chicago, F. H. Revell (1886] 45 p.

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sonian institution, 1846-1896. Wash-
ington, 1897. 856 p.
QI1.S8A4 1897

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leagues of land ... Washington, D. C.,
Buell 6 Blanchard, printers, 1858.
155 p. F392.C8S6

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de la province d'Oran. Bulletin tri-
estriel de geographic et d'archeologie.
Oran. DT298.08S622

24437 Societe des lettres, sciences et arts
du department de la Lozere. Bulle-
tin. Mende. DC611.L924S6

32313 Soclete d'etudea et d'expanaion. La
Belgique colonial ... Liege, 1920.
96 p. t8421.06 1920

32019 Soaieons, G. J. R. E. C. E. de S.-C.
A Parisian in America ... Boston,
stees and Lauriat IcI896) 259 p.

30465 Soiuz rabochikh neftianol ptomyshlen-
nosti SSSR. Tsentral-nyi komitet.
Pervyi Vsesoyuzbyl s'ezd Soiuts
rabochikh promyshlennosti SSSR.
Moskva, 1931 60 p

32394 Soldan, W. G. Soldan's Geschichte der
hexenprozesae. Stuttgart, J. G.
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Universelle ... Paris, J. Lecoffre
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ment des beaux-arts en Portugal ...
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sion. ... Report of the Asiatic
inquiry commission ... Cape Town,
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lynching. Lynchings and what they
mean ... Atlanta, Ca., The Commission
[1931] 76 p. HV6457.56

30786 Southern sociological congress. 2d,
Atlanta, 1913. The South mobilizing for
social service ... Nashville, Southern
sociological congress. 1913. 702 p.
HN'9 A2S7 1913


LC Information Bulletin

?S thwart D0 1. (N ) Th curse of
Clhfton ... kr.Ladelpi.a. T. 8,
**er) I bri-ir- e'm*c' d6' p.

12317 Set professional 'v eo loluJv Clruti.
Htatelly o p r. Imealonl .1 u,
selttrtike. Till,. 1122. 1 v.

3)*2T SouStrtlanre eoftsheft. Berlin, Ver-
1*1 der Sosalistlschcn monashefte
11897-1931! HX6.56

32093 Spain. June* direcrlva del cuaro
centrnurlo del deacubriminto de
murAs ri El co ncetarl. M4rld, Tip.
de k. #or-reo Oiicoriel.' 1891.
S. Elll1.Sy3

21: Spain. nWint ar-o do ultrar. Spanish
rule ti C*ua. Iv York. 1896. 67 p.
JL1000.A3 1396*

30331 Spalding, J. L 'Opportunlte." ...
Paris, F. Lithielleuz (19011 344 p.

32051 Speuldina, C. Speed of Hon. E. C.
Spauldlan ... Vauhhtngon, 0. C.,
Scmll & co., printers, 1662.
16 p. 1J252.S7

3047S Speniler, Der unterqng| des
Abendiandes ... MIr--,. sBeck, 1919-
22. 2 v. CB83.56 1919

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-polted to furniture. ew York,
Harper 4 brothers. 1S71 23' p.

30637 Sprrivng life ... Philadelphia [etc.]
'he Sprwting life publishing company,
183-:oce 74 v. CV.s 57

32157 Spring, L. ... ark Hopkins. richer ...
New York, Industrial education
mesocation, 1898. 128 p.

30285 [Stanard, Mrs. H E. V. (P.) ...
es.:ment1l l eends ... NHe York,
Harper I brothers, 1M87. 216 p.

32128 Sctarood, E. A history of presidential
laectlons. ac*Es aod Hie TYork.
Ho. hrLn. Mifflin and coa (y196)
511 p. Jll1.S66 1896

30779 StarrT F The Hilliseon and Cobtb
flmlies in the linvs of Cael and
ary ... Hartford, Conn. Cambridge.
univesity press. Wilsion Ison
196 66 p. CS71.1729 1b96
rC oprig1 1896-

30413 Ste n V A. 'blioiec)snles tsttistika
tcek.. 119:1% 100 p.

175 Stklltv, !U Ovsi Wroseevich
MkIlmis Ptrgrsa 1924 54 p.
n(1216 135?

j54M : p-shr. 7 A i is hunters
..- .Sill**q I o.e r t. 1t682.
1p P7 5A3mf2 S

3310 stnhi n, Fr. nFlei rols -
London, A W. Bennet, 1666. 178 p.

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Lnedon, Chapean i n 'l, i [:31
30 p. PRSPS9 M3rin IJl

30288 Stevenson, S. W. A dictionary of
tlomr coins ... London, G Boll
Md sons, 189. 9? p
r1829 SA

30831 Stocking, C. H. W. The history and
geneIlogy of the Knaultou of England
ard Amric. Nw York, The nicker-
bcrker press, 1899. S97 p
(571.J73 1897

30628 Stouff, L. ... EssIa sur e lieutenant
general baron Delort ... Dijon,
Damdot freres, [etc.. errc 1905
177 p. DCbll B77115
t.IS, no.2-S

30628 Stouff, L. ... Les orgines de I'nne-
ion de 11 Haute Alsace a Ia ourgogne
on 1469 ... Dalon. ODaidot, Itc,
etc.) 1900. 197 p
t.10, no.3 at 4

30628 Stouff. L. i.e. Marie Xavier
Loui ... Catherine de Bourgogne et
Ia 1'eodalite ... Dijor, Demudol
frers; l(etc., etc., 1913]) 88 p.
t.23, no.2-4

30731 Stnurton. Eng. (Parish) The re~isters
of Stourton ... London Ittl'thell F
Hughes, printers] 1887. 94 p.
CS434.13 v.12

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The American home mislonmry society,
1885. 229 p. BV2775.S 1885

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progress, and prticiples of the Relief
church ... Glasgow (etc.l A. Fuller-
con and co., 1863. 513 p.

32357 Stuck, F., rittr von. ... FrrTa von
Stuck .. Bergsao. Iltituo ltaliano
d'arti gafllche 119361 26 p.

30269 Sullivan, Sir E. R., bart. Stray shot
.. Lon Lonu, L nns. Green, n
co.. 1884. ,'S 7 p

30445 Soen Sosialideoakraatinen Puolue.
Puolueroitkutra. Kertomukiet Suame
Soslialldoratelien PuoluetoiLikunnan
Helsingisse l Ti1r tl p.
rPI'A", Rj

3069 tustar J. D)rpisrcrtl. jeho vvoJ v
ct ls!t V:delnoTs. Ei.1ar.! V
Pfrzet, tll K'.stor:Cle.o 0lub. 1946.
22 p. r[.: 5M 1946

3086 SIssiitlIts. ?7 Zoskte pod
pereplsi 110 1711 ... 19si 6, l926
3125 HA1435..S

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c .p*Er'J cmlpanLoa and bullifer'
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A .8

March 17, 1972

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LC Informauon Bulletin

)ar U asr t tc-6*y'as* V.A.+
The *rry oT 1-Civ.u. vLsea and
Lil-e*u t., .l:sm *>.' l- *gere 116t.
l2 p). "T. *' tL)!

SOw2I Vifne.. "inate aOl s8
379 p. VI W2 .VT

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colontlaclOn cFilracion ruropra a
Dle .. Ranriagn da* '" i Isprrnta
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F321S A:%l

.si tircl, lr + T r search of I~r esrMtes
ola nm curnus. .anon, NitYtll 4
Hughes, 18t. 114 p
N1450 VS

30362 Visitors' ad urtoblltsrt' guide book
o $ Sarn. pnrrings. l ork, with
osp a if .llte Saratotga jertsgs,
N Y The ' ciO C.I
aCT !. Ft. *,is

3037' Vogler, J. W. The death-kiell to the
boll-we-vil lexandrL, Li
[Cironicle pub.shinIg ro I lHJ 1914
69 L fR94S icdi-

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vie .. PariT CaGulhier-i lllarl et
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sarlin |19231i 32 p.
DK26 ,1'.V7

3040 Vsesoiutnyi sove prylroyva kooperpratsl.
Pe;ol r r eb-',.rrnoa o .. r" I-1
ek-.. .i aI.ven k %nk i I
53 p. H135.5 51

e r. res 'ir "r -,
r Is ,n; .,., ". .' p

321B. thaliafs, l. Thae esarit S<*nct .

c&apel sI Narsas 1alle Besto2,
X1 Ir in and j ..e-, yi56. 37 p.
r.... i i ,n
tit -i ii, :C A 1
Tl-- & Id 361- 'o?4

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the Cuban mrtyr. Harford. J. B.
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nr'e s-. e York, 'e rtntupy to.,
1I:t. t31 p. NtOB.a

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of trhe S. Sdete p ,tll bulld-
Ings ... (lashintonj Towers,
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La mINisiI noveII .. New York,
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United States P..ladelchra Jecrrruu
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QC, ") .. I-

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0on--cnie car. L..t.. rlir r ... Parts,
So Cl.", 'Irn~a,xe d edl'r.-r.s d'art
119021 : D Da 2 2Us*

3C602 i C, ,,b.a e, wellum.
nres irmen istaners I'rdr. *4 EiSt,

320 =....'nc,.. C. L. The -a: : South

0. W lsh, U. ha.potr a an lr v tll '

.a.d .ide 1 *. a;e...Is'
inrtr.L si1. rfierte O ti..h alnn.a.
pt r, Id t1. Oido .'I i14 MP .R ii

F.Yo 11 l"..

3238 Dlir .>- Llcuin. habl Thr Press
DuDlInslnI co.. 10O1-I. v.

304163 *,Il .rdi,. .'.nh Loa., itaitul..
rtl ko'.ni.llov hr :24.19G6,
4usaIenln*q den LrT April 190,.
11 rhomos L holt. Solitr 190Q
.*. T' JL'1 190t AS

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bsi' ar IP.iirsnl Th regslter book of
maria ges belonging ro the of
St .',rgr London Ihtchell I
HuglaS, printers] 186.-97 4
C5434.13 .11, 14,
22, 24

30737 nesltarfer InI St tirin-in-the-
Fir:O (Parish) A relister of
baptias .. London [iditchell & Itucts,
rinlrsJ n 9 .19-1Jo. 2 ..
CS434.H13 v.25. 6

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... Lorr.n. u hu c 1 1 .'I p.

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it [PhlalMelphas. T. Dando, 1876)
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.ine question Fredonia. Censor
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HV51B3 w5

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aIlkeman. T,'lor I co 1876 25 p.
iC6.0 5S9 1876a

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cerlrriec o=uncatilons. arctiC and
intarctll erirDlr..rons Edinburgh.
[Lh.Ierr I 185C.SI I v.
4CA N6bS

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Duhirt. o.linec Sia til I Fo.ter.
koB 4'B p AC8 s4"

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paoer n 1 ida Mes tinster,
A Constalle 6 to 1899 357 p.
DS498 3 MS

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London. K Brntl.' i50 2 v.

30485 Wht, ore s H erlte concerning Perer
Pellr r Cl'r'de Mass I Press of
Sill.'in aIn5 on. Ie' 31 p
NSiS *5S

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ULtrr w;ebr Vn der PLr,. !892.
-C p 0DJ22b.Ub

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iChicagm, rr's of Church, Good-
an and nonnrlle), 1869 30I p.


March 17, 1972

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PK6101 .AS


I lllllllll I I 11111 gl 111111tIDIIi1 tlll l i
3 1262 08492 9867

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