Official opening of The Harry C. Moore Library


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Official opening of The Harry C. Moore Library
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Harry C. Moore Library opening ceremony
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The College of The Bahamas
The College of The Bahamas
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Nassau, Bahamas
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Library (Academic) -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )


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The official opening of the Harry C. Moore Library held on Friday, April 8, 2011 on the grounds of The College of The Bahamas.

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The College of The Bahamas
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The College of The Bahamas Library
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PROJECTSUMMARYCentraltoTheCollege ofTheBahamas' planned evolutiontoa university,theHarryC.MooreLibrary&Information Centreisakeyfacilitatoroftheinstitution's focusonresearch and innovation.The$28million library, atthesouthwest quadrantofTheCollege's Oakes Field campus, was constructedtomeettheneedsofa growing student population, expanding baccalaureate and master degree programmes andtheincreased demand for library services and holdings bytheCollege community andthepublic.Thelibrary memorializesthelate HarryC.Moore, former ChairmanoftheLyfordCayFoundation, and a former member oftheCollege Council(1996 20011, by bearinghisname. Mr.Moorewas an outstanding friend ofTheCollege and advocate ofthelibrary project. He persuaded members oftheLyfordCayFoundation and friendstocontribute, securinganextraordinary$5million commitmentfromtheFoundation;$3.5million forthefurnishings, fixtures and equipment and$1.5 million fortheVirtual Library.Theproject also receivedinexcess of$5millioninfinancial '-'rr"""d Milestonessupportfromthegovernment which also guaranteed a$23million loan facility. Additionally,TheSirLynden0Pindling Foundationhasalready given$300,000toward a$500,000commitment.Thelibrary will house a permanent exhibitioninhonour ofthelife and legacyofformerPrimeMinisterSirLyndenPindling. Overtheyears, faculty and staff members have given approximately$120,000.Witha holdings capacity for150,000volumes, institutional archives and special collections,thelibrary's phenomenal digital capacity facilitatesanelectronic catalogue, full-text periodical databases and multi-database searching forfullinformation discovery. A circular design that lendstovistasofTheCollege's Oakes Field campus,the60,000square foot library can accommodate approximately650libraryusersandhasgroup and study spaces, a 75-seat auditorium andishandicap accessible.Italso features a 24-hour Internet cafe andhaswireless access throughouttheproperty.April 2005Ground breaking ceremony heldMarch2009LaunchofVirtual library and opening of Information CommonsSeptember2006TuckerRoadaligned to accommodatetheprolectDecember2010Migration of existing librariestonew library beginsMay 2008Sitepreparations beginFebruary2011Occupancy certificate received andJune2009Construction begins unofficial library opening held


MESSAGEFROM THECOLLEGELIBRARIANTodayisboth an emotional and joyous occasion.Wewarmly welcome youtotheseceremonies which marktheofficial opening oftheHarryC.MooreLibrary&Information CentreIthastaken more than twenly-six ofmytwenly-eight years atTheCollege toseethefruition ofthisgoal, initially conceived by former College Librarian, Mrs. VanreaThomas-RolleAlongthejourneytothismomentous occasion today there have been many playersonthescene. Regrettably,someofthekey individuals are no longer withus,like Mr. HarryC.Moorewhose dreamitwastoseetheconstruction of a universily library, Bishop Michael H. Eldon andDr.KevaM.Bethel, although I daresay that their spirits are rejoicing withustoday.Thoseofuswho are present to experiencethisnational landmark event, however, knowofthestruggleithasbeentolandusatthismoment. There were many changestothedesign,inthearchitectural team, andmostof all scaling backtomeet cost constraints. Today,weofficially open whatisexpected to be a wonderful national facilily to educate, inspire and inform2present andfuturegenerations of Bahamians, residents and visitors.Weoffer our deep gratitude and appreciationtothemany staffofthelibraries overthepast twenlyfive years who have all contributed ideastothisproject, includingthepresent library teamwhodid a yeoman'staskinamalgamating three libraries into a single facilily.Wealso offer very special thankstopresent and former College Councils, present and formerPresidents,theLyfordCayFoundation,theMoorefamily,theproject managers,Dr.Pandora johnson and Melanie Roach, architects, Mr.Lesliejohnson and Mr. jackson Burnside,thecontractor, CarlG.Trecoandhisteam, includingthesub-contractors,thelandscapers, and any other individualsand/orgroup that I have failed to name. May,theGodofpeace and wisdom crown all thosewhoenterthesehallowed halls to learn andgrowsothat togetherwecan build a Bahamas thatisbetter tomorrow than yesterday or todayl BlessingstoallWillamaeM.Johnson


ORDEROFCEREMONYITheCollegeofTheBahamas Choir m................. Canon Warren RolleAssistantProfessor,School of Sociol SciencesMr.T.Baswell DonaldsonCollegeCouncilChairmanMr. StuartRayPresident,LyfordCayFoundationMrs. MoniqueMooreWidowofHarryCMooreMrs. Sharlene SmithAdministrativeAssistant,CollegeLibrariesHon. Desmond BannisterMinisterofEducation rtJPAVUM/f) ......................."" ,",UI....=.. .Rt.Hon. HubertA.IngrahamPrimeMinisterTheCollege ofThe Bahamas Choir .,_ _."___ Prime MinisterRt.Hon. HubertA.Ingraham, College Council Chairman Mr.T.Baswell Donaldson and Mrs. MoniqueMoore Q2)ocn _-,,__ ..,.",-,'..Ms. Jasmine RahmingStudent,Bio-ChemistrymajorMrs. Monique Moore3


Construction progresses. [March2009].,A viewofthefoyer and second floor.Anaerial viewofthelibrary. [August2010]TheLibrary's auditorium. Canon WarrenRolleblessesthenew library. [February 28th] LibraryusersintheInformation Commons4