Amendment to Code of fair competition for the umbrella manufacturing industry

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Amendment to Code of fair competition for the umbrella manufacturing industry as approved on March 6, 1935
United States -- National Recovery Administration
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"Registry No. 1661-1-01."
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"Approved Code No. 51--Amendment No. 3."

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Approved Code No. 51--Amendment No. 3

Registry No. 1661--1--01








For saleby the Superintendent of Documents. Washington, D. C. - Price 5 cents

This publication is for ~salIe by thle Suplerintendent of Documents, Government
Printing Offlee, Washington, D). C., and by district offices of the Bureau of
Foreign and Domestic Commerce.


Atlanta, Ga.: 504 Post Oailce Building.
Birmingham, Ala.: 257i Federal Building.
Boston, M~ass.: 1801 Customhouse.
Buffalo, N. Y.: Chamber of Commerce Building.
CharlIeston, 8. C.: Chamber of Commerce Building.
Chicago, Ill.: Suite 1706, 201 North Wells Street.
Cleveland, Ohio: Chamber of Commerce.
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Detroit, Mich.: 801 First N\ational Bank ]Building.
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New York, N. Y.: 734 Customhouse.
Norfolk;, Va.: 406 East Plume Street.
Philadelphia, Pa.: 422 Commnerccial Trust Building.
Pittsburgh, Pa.: Chambetr of Commerce Building.
.Portlandl, Oreg.: 215 New Post Offce Building.
St. ]Louis, Mo.: 506 Olive Street.
San Franciso, Calif.: 310 Customhouse.
Seattle, Wasb.: 809 F'ederall Office Building.

Approved C~ode No. 51l-Amendment No. 3



~As Approved on March 6, 1935



Anr appIlientioln having been duly made pursuant to and. in full
-oill;rpl-cn w\ithl the provisions of Title I of the Nattionlal Industr~ial
Recovery\ Ac(t. approved JTune 18, 1933, for approval of an amelnd-
Inen'lt to, a ('(,de~ of F'air eCompiletition for the U~mbrella Marnufactur-
ing~ Iminllstryv, an1d a notice of opportunity to be heard being issuedll
si murlta neoulyl~ with this r~e oltnunenaion, and the annexedl report
on1 said anIlndmellrnt, fonltaining finldinlgs with respect thereto, hav-ing
b~ceen mladt andll cirectedl to the Presid~ent:
NOW~\, 'THItIEREFiORE, on behalf of the Presidlent of the U~nitedl
States,, the Na~tionalZ Indus~rtr1ial RIecovrery Board, p)ursllantf to autholr-
ity re.ted in it byv Executtive Order~s of the President, includ~ing~
Executive Order No. 6859, an1d othlerwise, does hereby incorporfte~,
by reference, said annexed' report and does find that said amlendmllent
and the C'ode as constitu~tedl after being amended comnply in all re-
spec-ts with the pertin~ent provisions andl will promlote the policy and
purposes~`i o.f cnit TIitle of anir Act, and does hereby order that sa~id
amnendmll entt l br and it is hereby approved, and that the previous
approval''n of .-nid `code is hereby modijfiedl to include an app~roval of
said~ 'codc inl its, en~tiretly as amended, such app~rov:al and such amendl-
mlenltc, to tak fct'c.t twfent~y (20) days from the date hereof, unless
goodC c'us~le to flth c.ont~rarly is shown to the ~National Industrial 1Re-
cc\covery Board~t belfore: that time and the Naltionnia Industrial Recovery
BoardC issueCs a unbhsequent.l Order to that effect.
By WT. A. HAnRRIMAN, ,-17 ;idmide-tratinel Opfer.
Approva\'l reconunendedl~cec~:
PREsnss.L; L. CoONLEY,

WVASsmNoroxS. D). C.,
Malr~ch 6, 1356.
11970 '--103-40 -35 11

Thle Pr:H lEsIDENT
ThG ~Whlite House(B.
SIR: This is a repor~it on anl ninenrth~nenlt to thec Code of Fa~ir Comn-
pectitionl for thne Umbrelln Indul~stry-.
A~rtic~le VII ~a~s amndl~lcedl b\ celeting~ Szection 4 and1~ .sublStitut~ing
therefore a newi Secltioln whlichll'' lo-an-ids fori the collecltionl of assess-
mnents by~J the Clode Authorc~lit!'.
An opportunity to in~ hearird wasr afforded~~~ all interestedl parties
and no objections: were I~re\cive by! thc National; Indlustrial Recov-ery
Board. TIhe ;Natiolnal Imb-lltr~ial Rcoveryc~~ Board~~t has~ car~efully con-
sideredl the reportl~s o~f the Indn.l,~tria~l Advl\isor! Board, Labol r A-
v-isory Board? Con-miners'.~ Advi\; ry1? Bcar~d. Resecr nch~l andc Plannlling
D;~;ci~isio and the Legal D~\ivisinnl of theC Ntionalll Rec~over Adminris-
tration which w~ere madelt ;ln thir ;imendmenltlt.

Industrial Rel~overi y Boalrl onI said~ aunshnit~ ient to anid Codle having
fouznd a,; herein set forth andl~ onI thel bus~i., of all t-he lui~oceedings~ in
this ma~t~ter:
It; finds that:
(a) Thre nlrwnldmentll to, C'ode~ and thec Cod-we as amndiciedl are
wFTell designed to pr~omot e thle policies anll purp'loCse o~f Title I of thie
Naionail~l Industrial Re~overy! Ac~t. ilc~lud~ing~ thet removac\-l of obstr~ue-
tions to the free flow of i~lt1~nte-tat andlc f:r~eign conunetr ~e w~hic~h tend
to diminish the amiounit thereo~f. andl will prov~\id e fo th~e gencrall
welfare by pl~ronw.tingp ther organizations, l of indus.- try\ for the p~urpose
of co-operativ e~ action olf laborl and1~ managemenll~lt underI aldequatf e
governmental anct~lionl mu1l supervl'\isionl, by! e~lninai~itmylr unfair coml-
petitive practices, by promi:1oting ther fullest p~ossible utilization of the
present productive enpa~c~ity~ of ind~ustries, by avoiding undn~c r~estr~ic-
tion of production (exceplt as~ may~~ be tempraiul. rly' r'equjired), b~y inl-
<'rlon.-ing the consumption o-f indul~str'ial andl agrrlicultu~ral products
through increas~ing~ purlchlaSing~ powrer, by' rducingi and relieving un-
employmentlt~~l by imnproving~ stan;ldars of labor,? and by3 otherwise
rehailiatig idustry.
(b) The Code as amlend~edl compllllies inl all recspects withl the per-
tinent prov''isions~ of said~ Tlitle of ~aidl AZct? including~ without. lImi-
tationi iiub ectionl (a) of Siection :1, subsection (a) of Sectionn 7 and~
subsec~rrtion (b) of Sectionl 10 the~reof.
(c) The amendment andl thle C'ode as amended are not designed
to and~ will not permllit mionoupolies o~r monopolistic practices.
(d) The amlenldmen~t andI thle Code as amendled are not designed
to and will not elimilnate or' o~pp~~res small indlustr~ies and will not
operate to discrumnute~lt against thiem.


(e) T~hose engaged in other steps of the economic process ha:ve not
been deprivred ouf tbhe right, to be heard prior to the effective datle of
said. amendment.
F~or the above reasons this amendment has ~eenl appr~ovedc.
F~or the ~National Indu~strial RecoveryT Boarld:

Admi~ nistr~ativec Of)?icer.


TheC follow ingb is to bet u~bstitulte d for ArtIiCle V7II, SeltCtionl 4. of
thle Code of Fair 'comperctitio n for the Umnbrelllu manufacturingg

4. It being found 1)eceCssary inl ord'~er to 61uppor1t thle admlinistrattionl
o-f this Code and to mainiitain the startndards of fair 'Comp11etitionl
estab~lilished hereunder1~-l andl( to effeCtantefC thC p)oliCy~ of thle A-t, thle
4'ode( Authlority is authorized:
(a) To incur s~c~h Ireasollnable ob~liga~tionls as nee nleceal~nry and1
p~roper for thle forego~cingr p)urposes,~i and' fC to mt 51uch1 ob~ligaltionl s olt
o~f funds which miay be raised as hereinafter provided. lrc and wich
shall be held in trust for the purposes of thle C'ode;
(b) To ubml~lit to thf~e National Indulrstrial Recovery? Bourd1' forL its
approval1, subject to such notice and1 cIloppotunity\ tos be hieardc as it
mayS d~eem necessaryS (1) aln iftemizdc~ budgel~t olf its es~timal;ted~ expeses~l
for the foregocing purposes,~~ andt (") an1 equitab~le bas~is upon' whlichl
tie funds I(c.4ner war to Supp~lort su('h bulle~et hall11 be conr~ibu'i>tedc by!
memberclls of thle bt dust ry:;
(c) After siuchl budgc-t and ba,'is of con~ltr'ibutionl have.C been~l 11p-
pr'ovedi by thie National lndjustr1ia ia Herovry.L\ Boar,nl to decterminel andl
obttain equitable contifriburtionsi as abov,\e set fnlrth~ by\ a11ll nmbr~lrs of
the, Indcustry, and to that endl if necessaryJ to institutes' legal prlo-
ceedingsl therefore in its own name.
(d1) Each mlember of the Industry! sha~ll pay? hlis orI its equ~itablle
co~ntribiut~ion to the expen-asr o~f thle malinlt~nanc-c o~f thie ('ode~ Aulthorl-
ityr, determined ;I hiereinabovc pr1ov;idedl, andt subjet~~ to ruile andi~
Ipreguslations Ipertainingc thfereto issuledl by thle Natiolnal Indltiaf'll Re'-
cotvery Bo0ardi. Onlly7 members of thle Indusrltl'Vry withl the
Codrce atnd co~ntribuiting~ to the e)xpenses~. of itS adm~llintlif ttionl asc here'(-
inabove provided., (unless dutly exempitedC fromll makllingF suICh rontr~i-
bution) shall be entitled to partic~ipu,;te in ther celeCtionl of membersI~1'
of the Code Authlority or to receive thle benefits ofll? any o its volunl-
tary activities or to miake use of aIny emb13'lem or inlsign~ia o.f thet
Nat~ional Recovlery AdmIli nIistra t ionl.
(e) The Code Author~lity. shall netiter~i inlcurl nor pay any! obli-
gattion substantially in excess o~f thle amounlllt th~leref us~ es~timatedP~
in itcs approved budget, and shall inl no evecnt exceedl thie toital oni-
tained in the approved bud~iget, x~ep~t. upon1 a11pproval o.f the Nui-
tina IdutralReovr Board: anld nc hllubslllequet budgcE~t shllll
corlntin any deficiency itemi or expendituresil. inl exscess oif pr!ior. budg~ct.
(est iimates exCept~f those which thle Na:t io~ln Indurstl~ril Recvcr\ery~ B~oardt
,shall haIve so approved\t~l.
Aprll-es1\c~ Code N~o. 51-Amlndennllt ,So. 3.
Registry No. 1661-1-01.


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Approved Code No. 51-Amendment No. 3 Regisuy No. 1661-1-01 NATIONAL RECOVERY ADlVHNISTRATION AMENDMENT TO CODE OF FAIR COMPETITION FOR THE UMBRELLA MANUF AC'fURING INDUSTRY AS APPROVED ON MARCH 6, 1935 WE DO OUR PART 0 = I I ----U r,rrr'M !"f' ..._.....,__ :dmU:il sTATEs GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFIC E WASHINGTON: 1935 For sale b y the Superintendent of Documents, " 'ashington, D. C. --- • --Price 5 cents


This publication i s for sale by the Superintendent of Documeuts, Govemment Printing Office, Washington, D. C., and by district offices of the Bureau ot l1'oreign and Domestic Commerce. DISTRICT OFFICES OF' THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Atlanta, Ga.: 504 Post Ofticc Building. Birmingham, Ala.: 257 Federal Building. Boston, Mass.: 1801 Customhous e. Buffalo, N. Y. : Chamber of Commerce Building. Charleston, S. C. : Chamber of Commerce Building. Chica go, Ill.: Suite 1706, North Wells Street. Cleveland, Ohio: Chamber of Commerce. Dallas, Tex.: Chamber of Commerce Building. Detroit, Mich.: 801 First National Bank Building. Hous ton, Tex.: Chamber of Commerce Building. Indianapolis, Incl.: Chamber of Commerce Building. Jackso n v ille, Fla.: Chamber of Commerce Building. Kansas C ity, Mo.: 10 28 Baltimore Avenue. Los Ange l es, Calif.: 1163 South Broadway. \ Louisville, Ky.: .408 Federal Building. Memphis, 'Tenn.: 229 F ederal Building. Minneapo li s, 1\Iinn.: 213 F ederal Building. N e w Orleans, La.: Ro o m 225-A, Cu s tomhouse. New York, N . Y.: 734 Customhouse. Norfolk, Va.: 406 East Plume Street. Philadelphia, Pa.: 422 Commercial Trus t Building. Pittsburg h, Pa.: Chamber of Commerce Building. Portland, Oreg.: 215 N e w P os t Office Building. St. Louis, Mo. : 506 Olive Street. San Francisco, Calif.: 310 Customhouse. Wash.: 809 Federal Office Building.


Approved Code No. 51-Amendment No. 3 AMENDMENT TO CODE OF FAIR COMPETITION FOR THE UMBRELLA MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY As Approved on March 6, 1935 ORDER APrnovnw OF CODE OF FAIR Co:nrPETITIOX FOB THE U : : 'lfBRELLA nfA XL"FA 'TUlUNG L:rDu 'TRY An application hav in g been duly made pursuant t o and in f ull compliunce with the provision<..: of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act, approved .June lG 1U33, for approval of an amendment to a Code of Fair Co mpetition for the rmbre lla 1\Irrnufac.turing Industry, and n notice of opportunity to b e h eard being i . nc l l simulta neou s l y with this r e c ommendation, and the annexed report o n said amendment, contain in g fin<-lings with re spect the reto, havinn been made and directed to the Pre ... iclent: NO\V, THEREFORE, on behalf of the P r e i lent of the U n i t ed States , the National Indnstrial R ecove r y Board, pursuant to authority ve sted in it by Executive Orders of the Pre ident, incluc1iiJg Exec utive Orde r No. 6859, and othenvise, does h ereby incorporate, by r e f e r e n ce, said annexed r eport and does find that aiel amendment and the Code a s constitute d after being amended comply in all r e . pect s Tfi th the p ertinent provis ions and will promote the p o li cy and purpo es of said Title of said Act, and do es h ereby orde r that aiel amendment b B and it i s h e reb y approved, and that the previo u approval of .-aiel Code i s h e r e by modifi e d to include an approval of said Code in its entirety a s amended, s uch approval and s u c h amendment to take effec t hTenty (20) days frmn the date here of, unle s good ca u se to the contrary i s hown to the National Industrial R e covery Board b efore that time and the National Industrial Rec.oY ery Board issue s a s ub . eq u ent order to that e ffect. NATIONAL L DUSTRIAL RECOYEHY BOA RD , By \V. A. HAnRnrAN, A dm inistJative Officer. A pproYal recomm ende d : s L. CooNLEY, Dim"sion Administr ator . \V D. c., lfl arc h 0, 19 35 . (1)


REPORT TO THE !RE The The lVh ite H r )use. SrR: Thi i s a report on an mnenument to the Cod of Fair Com p etition for the Umbrella Indus try. Arti,...l e VII ''a amended delating ' e c tion and :ubstituting therefor a n e ' v S e ti o n ' 'hi.c h provide . for the c olle c tion of a s e s ment by the Cod e Authority. An opportunity to b e h ar l \\ a . aiforded all intere ted partie and no objection s " . r e rece.i,ecl by the National Inclu 'trial Recovery B oard. The uti onal Indn. t ri a l Rec::n-er y Boar l has carefully con s ide r ed the r e 1".Jorts of the In lu trial Ad\i or v Board, Labor AclYisor:v B oard. C o n : mm e r:: .A.chisory Board Research and Planning DiYi. ion and the L ega l DiYi i o n of the National RecoYery Administratio n W"hic h \ Tere made o n this a m endment. Th D eputy .\.clmini tra t o r in his fin a l r e p ort to the National Inclu:-trial Reco,Te1y Board on s ai d am enclment to said C o de having fou nc.l a .::> h e r ein . et forth and on the b m ; i : o f all the proceeding in this matter : I t find that : (a) The a m endment to aiel Col1c a n d the Co 1e a s am ende d are '\Yell design e d t o promote the policie s an d purpose s of Title I of the National Indu trial Recov ery ... \.c t, including the removal of ob struc tion to the free flow of inter tate and foreign comm rce which tend to diminish the amount the reof, and 'ivill provide for the general w elfare by promoting the organization of indu. try for the puTpose of o->perativ e action of labor and management under adequate goyernmental u anction and uperYi:ion, by eliminating unfair COffip etiti\e pra tic e b) promoting the fullest po sible utilization of the Ire. ent. procluctiY e capacity of indu trie , by avoiding undue restric tion of production (except a . ma y be temporarily required), by increa...:ing the con umption of in lu trial and agricultural products throngh increa ing purcha ing pmver, by reducing and relieYing un empl yment, b. improYing tanclards of labor, and by otherwise r ehabilitating inc1u. try. (b) The Code a amended complie in all respects with the pertinent provision s of said Title of said Act, including without limitation . ub ection (a) of Section 3 sub ection (a) of Section 7 and nb e ction (b) of Section 10 ther of. (c) The amendment and the Code as amended are not designed to and will not p ermit monopolie s or monopolistic practices. (d) The amendment and the Code as amended are not designed to and will not eliminate or oppress small industries and will not operate to discriminate again 't them. (2)


3 (e) Those engaged in other steps o the economic proce -hn Y not been deprived o the right to be heard prior to the effective date o aiel amendment. For the above reasons this amendment has been approYcd. For the National Industrial Recovery Board: l\lARCH 6, 1935 . ,v. A. HARRIMAN, Ad m .inistrative Officer .


T O CODE OF F1-UR CONIPETITION FOR THE U1t1BRELL A :fi1 ANUFACTURING INDUSTRY The follmvjn g i..; to b e --ub stituted for Article VII, S e ction 4 , of the C od e of Fair Competitio n f o r the Umbrella Industry: 4. It b eing found n eces :uy in order to support the aclmini tration uf this C o d e mH.l to maintain the standard of fair competition < : stabli h eel h e r eunde r and t o effectuate the poli c y of the Act. , the Co d e Authority i s autho r i z ed: (a) To incur r e asona b l e obligation s a . are n ecessary and pro p e r for the fo r egoing pnrpo and to me e t s u c h obligation . out of funds whi h may b e rai.eLl a s hereinafte r provi<.le d and , vhi c h . _ h a ll b e held in tnr t f o r the purpos es of the Code; (b) T o ubmit to the National Industrial Recovery Board for it. approval, s ubj ect t o s u c h n otice and opportunity to b e heard a it m a y d eem neces. ary (1) an ite miz e d budget of its estimate d e x p e n . e fo r the forego in g purposes, and ( 2 ) an equitable bas i s upon '' hi c h t h e funds t o support s u c h budge t shall b e contribute d b y m e mb ers of the ( c ) Afte r s u c h bm.loet. and ba i of contributio n ha,e b e en ap proY ecl b y th e Na t io n a l Inclu . ttial R eco v ery Board, to d e t ermine and obtain equita bl e contrib u tio n a s a b o Y e set f orth b y all m e mb e r . o f the Industry, and to that end, if n ecessary, to in stitute l egal pro ceedings the r e f o r i n it. own name . (d) Eac h m embe r of the Indu. try shall J iay his or it equitable con tributio n t o the e xpent>es of th e maintena. n ce of the Cole Autho rity, d e termine d a.s h e r e in a b o Y e provide d , and s ubj ect to rules and r egulations p ertai ning t h e r et o i . n e d b y the Natio n a l Industrial R e coYe r y B oard. O n l y m em b e r s o f the Indu..-try complying with the Co d e and contributi n g t o t h e ex p e n ses of it ad mini . tra tion a s h e r e inabove prov id ed, ( unle . duly exempte d fro m making s u c h contribution) shall b e entitled t o participate in the s el e ction of m e mb e r of the Cod e Autho r i t y o r t o receiv e the b e n e fit of any of it Yoluntary a c ti vities o r t o make u s e o f any emblem or insignia of the National Recoy e r y Auministra tion. ( e ) The C o de A uthority shall n eithe r incur nor pay any obligation s ub tantially i n xce o f the am ount thereof a s e timatecl in i ts a pproY e d b udget a.ncl hall i n no event e x cee d the t otal c ontaine d in the approved b u d g et, e x cept upon approval of the N ationa! Industria l R ecove r y Board; and n o s ub s equent budge t shall contain any d eficie n c y ite m o r e xp enditures in e x cess of prior budget. estimates e xcept tho e whic h t h e Na t i onal Industrial Reco\ery Board nhall have s o appro Y ed. A m w o v e a Cod e N0. 5 1-Amemlmcn t X o . 3. R e gistr y N o . lGGl-1-01. 0 (4)


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