SobekCM v. Islandora Feature Comparison Longitudinal Analysis

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SobekCM v. Islandora Feature Comparison Longitudinal Analysis
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Sobek v. Islandora Feature Comparison Longitudinal Analysis
Sullivan, Mark Vincent
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At its March 2011 meeting, CSUL “approved that DISC investigate a common digital library system, and expand their investigation of the common digital library system to include consideration of the needs of the college system libraries for digital library systems in our merged environment.” To carry out this action item, DISC revised and approved a checklist of Features Required in a Digital Library System and involved the State University Libraries (SULs) and Florida College System libraries in weighting the importance of the features itemized in that document. They also identified nine systems for preliminary investigation, and conducted a more in‐depth investigation of four systems. The in‐depth investigation included setting up test versions of the systems for hands‐on use, and evaluating known features of the systems against the weighted checklist. The result of the investigation is that only two of the systems examined, SobekCM and Islandora, appear to be promising candidates for a future common digital library platform. SobekCM powers the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) and the UF Digital Collections (UFDC) and has been and is being developed by Mark Sullivan from the University of Florida. Islandora is a Drupal interface on top of the Fedora content manager, and is being developed by the University of Prince Edward Island. DISC believes that further investigation on a defined timeline would be useful in developing a recommendation.

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Feature Comparisons : SobekCM v. Islandora The analysis of the sy stems used the Features Required in a Digital Library System document approved by the State University System of Florida s Digital Initiatives Sub Committee (DISC ). Three feature comparisons were conducted between these two systems over the last 26 months. In the firs t comparison (September 2011), SobekCM had an edge in features satisfying 16% more of the originally stated minimum features. As we began working more directly with Islandora, we found the feature set originally boasted did not materialize, increasing the feature gap which exi sted to 23.4% When the comparison was done in March 2013, FLVC completed the list of features expected to be i n Islandora 7 during the eminent release. Finally, the most recent comparison includes only the features which have been configured and are proven to be functioning in our instance after twenty months of implementation. At this point, the SobekCM satisfied 40% more of the requirements, with the Islandora system satisfying 47% of the requirements and the SobekCM system satisfying 88.3% of the minimum requirements. As the chart above shows, the great disparity in features came as the number of features proven to be supported by the Islandora system continually dropped, widening the gap between the systems. While some of the features may exist in the Islandora system with sufficient c onfiguring, this process of configuring and installation of the system has now been ongoing to 20 months. September 2011 March 2013 November 2013 Islandora 121 111 81 SobekCM 148 151 151 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Number of minimum features Feature Comparison