Correspondence between Wallace R. Moses and Joshua Chase regarding Lake Okeechobee and hurricane season

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Correspondence between Wallace R. Moses and Joshua Chase regarding Lake Okeechobee and hurricane season
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Business Records of Sydney Octavius Chase
Chase family
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5.68. Everglades Drainage (Bill Number 479)


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida

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Wallace R. Moscs
FORT PIERCE,LA.( N.AN .A v. ) West Palm Beach, Fla. RYE,N. H

Oct.30,1928. "^L

Mr.Joshua 0.Chase,

My Dear Mr.Chase;-

I was much pleased to receive your letter
of reference to harnessing Lake Okeechobee.
I have spent 15 minutes hunting for carbon of my letter to
Mr.Ranson,but it has got away from me sonmehow,which is not unusual.
I sometimes think I will stop making copies of letters I write
since it takes so much time to find it. Perhaps my system of
filing is at fault.

Why I wanted to see what I had written is because I think it was
merely a comment on what some one else said in a letter to the
Palm Beach Post and not a well digested opinion as to what should
be done;that I do not feel competent to pass on;its a matter of
careful engineering an ascertainment of the bhes of water that
in flood times falls on the water shed that pours into Lake Okee-
chobee and providing enough outlets to the ocean to carry it away
faster than it accumulates if that be possible. Then,too,I think
the permanent level of the lake should be much lower than the
U.S.government now requires,so as to leave as large a basin to hold
the flod waters until the various outlets can carry them off. The
present engineer has failed to appreciate in the past the necessity
of keeping the water level at the minimum. Th'waT a Epparently at the
maximum,nhich has been the custom I infer,so as to conserve the
water in a dry time. Permanent level in the lak:e of 10 feet
would furnish all the water needed for local purposes and if a ship
canal is demanded extend St.Luxie canal through to the Calcosa.
hatchee river widening and deepening as may be necessary. -

I agree with you that a concrete dike should go around the
lake if built at all,which is open to question.

Whether it is feasible to get off the land entirely during the
gale season is another problem. When a person has a home with
stock,poultry etc.with buildings to house them as well as theit own
dwelling it would work a hardship to leave it for 4 months each year.

It avould be a pity not to utilize this great area of muck
lands for such crops as are adapted to it and how it can be done
to best advantage is the question to be settled. I am inclined
to agree with you that spending huge sums of money to build dikes
is an extravagance.

Sheet 2-- J.C.C. 10-30-'38.
I recently had occasion to go through a trunk containing an
accumulation of old letter books,photografs,correspondence and other
things that at one time seems desirable to keep and have been living
in the past,extening back more than 70/years for several days
and was astonished to see how vividly past events presented themselves
I have often wondered if our brains contain pigeon holes in which
things of moment or otherwise automatically file themselves .
This is called out by the second paragrai of your letter, refer-
ing to our association at Sanford ,which goes back nearly 40 years.
Time is surely slipping away I am certainly glad to see how well
you retain yourvitality and ability to remain in active business. I
am getting to be a back number especially in muscular activity,but
otherwise enjoy good health. The two hurricanes nearly demolished
my present citrus crop west of Ft.Pierce,though the wind was much
greater here at Palm Beach and W.P.B.
Remember me to S.O. when you write and with best wishes for
you both,I ank,
Very ncerely rs,

October as, 198*
Mro ^alleo* Rf K"060
Pi. o0 Dmrae B U a ,
Ws'- afm Beamh, ha
Door, Dos, -
ht writeW is in reoeipt of a letter
fra -isL brother,. Jar 8 o. OCaheS now la Aaheville, with
a espy I latter wstUh you wte to ixr Robet HMana, -
of St JUatiune, ane date orf october 13th.
FA "ps l et a z ay, "a2wa7 o-Bowmo" ,
tW.#u W besaume it has bhe a go" a ny m anIDe our
trlls oressedO Your nae bring up mafmnorle and
reoollntiosa of the mseelatlio of early Says In Florida,
that. will always reatt moastITvA, s a spite of the jppfe
of tine S are MWhtppy qud 8 ame atd
the tliUt paragraph of your letter
speaUa of a ,oaerte dBte 86 frea hIt *a the south side of
nkla Okmese ob e to lbrest a disaster asailer to the one
that happened J the stema or September 16 th
t e writ does not eooaur In the
views ya eMpresM niBMee this Oyte is exoated estirely
area the Lae. ,
MTe fatait les l e e go as to the Xbumleaen
fta the seort that tere aup the tears of the JAmo in
to a tidal wave that overwheat-eaorythixg la its pU
zr you per eoetbe la a smet, you eould easilyy blow It
all out if you ble6 harat enfl4
Laf OnOlceoboe is a bage sueOmr* t
a burraioae ams'at tUe rate a troam 1 to 100 males, ant
it way ease ftm W direction of th e'mpa it is apt
to blow the mates ~e ea ebatt a so sdter hew high*
the writer believe it walA be better net to hare say tyBas,
bat to saluae aU settles from the teaos In this teritt s
traZ July let to fev. b r let iLa no hurioaneM oe.ur "Vri
t0i tisfm X eay s9ttoes clt upon rn aisax ns
thea t 6 ,ue a hWase boats at their on rlA ti sT t
be far man s6ameala tau sa speaStng WM& sm la dy12 s
or .high mm in, bauittla new am is* nt S aterm ofa


*1se O h6ob"Ie" $rb .w surag atrus Jaut
'a the havw fhe 1w atate.s

thile and

- hat 61 yeo thblm about



a plan of

Xerw vnfy truly,

''' %


.; 4



1. N

itiir lt fA Rema *s. 10/PA/st

'^ '


* Ij

tNPWabWT 1988.

1?8t rain B-a

ft yn tYOe yeu a tin of
tay UteM ) Man ewae tote a- bM f OSVa U U .

s* pepl fitu It. wntens ofroft an6 9 tolh em cna
ame of your tripsa A bot of eA ln wiUh youm rr e d
vsi al2o e a Ut the ontteta s out all overa
th trouss of your line suit atm ate o"e thak that
yea veon blee.Lnc to dat ? V? omtstlny we .
sied up in ame interesting time.
R evaBt wou eveT visit Orlan.o
daot ftaU to te am kow*. Zt "puLt gte no a oeva -
deal of plesauro to rease ow asquaintense|
Vory awry to enam that US
hurinas t S reat yaatxu op so, x.ds. anA tu M
that fture xani a nea, it thi have to ease to Frloaia, 4
913 not pick Oft you.

IXOn very -.A ,


S4 ]

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