Correspondence between Joshua Chase and Sydney Chase regarding Everglades drainage and Lake Okeechobee


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Correspondence between Joshua Chase and Sydney Chase regarding Everglades drainage and Lake Okeechobee
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Business Records of Sydney Octavius Chase
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Chase family
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Folder: 5.68. Everglades Drainage (Bill Number 479)


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida

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,.Aroh 4th 1927

Ir. s. 0. Chase,
Sanford, F lor lt.

Dear 8y4:
Dr. Wilnion oneell came into. the office this
morning and mado a two-hour oall, which was very inter-.
eating. It is always a pleasure to mept and talk with
eowell even if it is necessary to disrupt some of your
own plans.

W. U. iouser, Vice-"relsident of the Fruitman's
Club, is now endeavoring to urrtage a meeting of the Club
to be held on Friay evening. Laroh 18ths Just as soon se
the date is fixed, will notify Rewell, who will arrange to
lewell admitted that the production of many
of the staple products in Floridae both fruit tnd vegetables,
had reached the saturation point in the markets available
under our present freight rate structure. ije is opposed to
the policy of .ayo and ahodea, who have secured an approptia-
tion of fifty thousand dollars to be used to advertise lori.da
as a fruit and vegetable growing territory, and ino. ease the-
soreage under cultivation, increase the production, without
making any effort whatsoever to satisfy themselves that the
results would be profitable to the growers. Layo and Rhodes
are now in California, loading up with a whole lot of co-
operative propaganda which they will broadcast and make the
claim that all of the trouble affecting the growers are
failure to join in a cooperative distributing system* Of
course, if the distribution coull be controlled and restricted
we would still be able to make some money for some growers,
but we never would be able to move all of the orops produced
and still keep themarkets in good condition. neither will
it ever be possible to bring under one marketing head or
under one distributing system all of the people and intereata
engaged in production of all crops or of all of one crop.

The affidavit you made on the Everglade ls -Juast
as applicable now as it was twenty-one years ago. Newell,
however, is of the opinion that it would be pretty difficult
to prove that the drainagg of the Lvergladee has in any wise
affected the temperatures in the territory east, west, north
or mouth of La4i Okeeohobee. Damaging frosts occurred be-
fore there was any drainage and are still happening in this
rnea. .R.Bogue is of the opinion that the big damage by


br.S..O. Chase


the recent cold in the road~ia-Ilooatee territory was dua
to the foot that the ditches had run off the water that
formerly stood in the flatwoode all aroundthe Arcadia-
lopatoe district.

Sorry to miles seeing you at Isleworth today.

The last leeue of the California Citrograph con-
tains a lot of quotations on the Florida cold damage based
on repwtse made by Ramsey, 3ome of these theories of Ram-
sey'o have not worked out as he then thought would be the

Xopre very truly,




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