Agreement and letters between Austin Shuey Mann and T.S. Hand


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Agreement and letters between Austin Shuey Mann and T.S. Hand
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Mann, Austin Shuey
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida

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i 1911. -

.:r, E. W. Lane,

Presidcnf AtlantiJ National Bank,

Jacksonville, Fla.

Dear Sir:

I Enclcoed you-will please find copy of the

contract dated -November 1, 1911, between T. S. Hand of

Cook Co., Ills,, and A. S. Mann, of Duval Co., Fia.z

- whioi is self-explanatory, Please hold the original

S; eas, notes and ek besl of the 'capital stcok of the

.Flordla Homoland Company, and other papers enumerated in

caid agreement and the apersrs attached hereto, to be held

in escrow dnd delivered upon the compliance with the t&rms

thereofat any time prior to the 15th day' of 'Tay, 1912,

and at any time Ldring said interval if the tersra and

conditions are complied with, that you deliver al- of said

i~Ayere under the terms and conditiono-mentioned in said copy

of saiu agreement to A. S. Mann or his order.

Yours very truly,

V I,



Nov. 1, 1911.

- r. T. S. Hand,

Eoyoe BluC.,

Chicago, Ill.,
Dear Sir:

I saw Col. Johnson, ard cnclosed letter of

hio, dated Oct. 17, 1,911, is self-explanatory, and I

will have to ask that )ou comply with his requteneents

and have, the notes forwardid- to the Atlantio National

Bank to be attached to the escrow agreement.

My hand is improving-nicely, and while I have

no .artleR with whor, I have any positive arrangement for

a deal, I shall uo my belt to make some arrangeroent by

which the rurohasers will be protected I regret the

delay on ny-part, and trust that you will be able, as you

state in your wire, to return these papers irmediately,

so I may got ,buoy.

With best wishes, I am

Your very truly,


THII ."_RE:;RiIMT MA JYD rnd entered into the 1st. day

of November, 1911, by and between T. S. Hand of Cook County, Ill-

inois, and A. S. Mann of Duval County, FloriAa, shows;--

';iHREAS the said Hand is the holder, or is in pos-

session to control the delivery of seventy-five per cent. of the

capital stock of the Floride homelandd Compa-ony, a corrorrtion or-

ganized under the laws of the Stnte of Plorida, for the p rpose

of colonizing a tract of land in said o.t.te of Ploride, known as

the CeleryCity tract, and WKRiA3: the said Hand is in position

to procure satisfaction of certain l- ims now being asserted r-

gninst said ?lorid:- Homelrnl Conmp-ny, to wit;--

'11 claims against said Company for adtvertisi* snnd

four certain notes in the sur of Five h"ousnnd ')ollr:r each, dat-

ed at Jacksonville, Florida, -'eptember 2Sth. 1910, payable on Ae-
.-- < -~
mrnil to the order of ". J. ritten'en pt the Atlpntio "ntionpl

Bank Building, Jnckps-nville, "loridn, Ai-.ned A. .. 'Innn, pre:-i-

dent, L,. H. ood, "crot-.ry, S. .Bolles, 'uitor, nd. '? .''

r '. I) florid. HRomolnd Comrpa.ny's rff, irs rre in such DoE.ition

thrt it is nccFsn ryto get in additional e -pital, or to re-orga-

nize sAid compj.ny in order to i:roteot all the purh2h.c or- of l:nd

from r ;-id compnny, e-.nd

.R REAS it is tho desire of sail Hr.nn to protect the

interest of all eet'lers on said tract of 1 nd, and all piurohas-

ers of l-&nd from said company, ,'-nd IflR.tA; by reason of the con-

ditions existing with reference to the comp-ny's affairs, the

said Mann is the only person connected with said company -;ho is

rible to protect said settlers rnd scid purchasers from the com-

pany, therefore in consideration of the sum of Ten dollarss and of

the premises herein above recited, the parties to this Instrument

hereby agree as follows:

'The said HEInd will procure eatisf:otion in full of

rll'claims being -rEserted : grinst sid company for advertisingg



and will procure receipts from all said claimants showing the

payment and satisfaction of their claims, and also will procure
possession of the four certain promissory notes -:bove set out,

,nd the certificates evidencing the ownership of seventy-five

per cent. of the capital stock of said company, properly assign-
ed to A. A. Mann, and within days from this date, will

forward to, and deposit in the 'tlantic nationall Bank, at Jack-

sonville, Florida, all said receipts, notes and stock certifi-

cates -bove set out, and ,'lso two deeds of conveyance of two

hundred Fores of land in said tract particularly described at the

foot of this. agreonent, in escrow, together ith instructions

to said bnnk to deliver the same to the said S.Mann, or un-on

his order, at any time within six months from and after 7lovember

lst. 1911, whenever during the said period, Pnm as soon as the

said Mann, or any one on his behalf, or Pny oo-rporation designat-
ed by the said M nn-n, sh-.h deliver to the said "tlantic National

Bank, one promissory note in the siui of Ten Thousand )ollnrs,

carrying six per cent. interest from the date thereof and ;ue

and payable on or before, three years after date, which may be

executed by the saidi Mnn, or by any person or corporation desig-

nated by the said Mann, provided that if the said note is exe-

outed by a person or a corporation, other than the said ann,

that said note shall berr the endorsement of the said rmnn, and

another promissory note in the sum of OnF, Thousand Dollars carry-

ing six per cent. interest from date thereof, due and p:.yable

on or before, one yetr after date, ad executed b:, the said A. S,

Mann, both of said promissory notes being made payable to the

order of T. S. Hand.

It is further agreed that if said 'Florida Homeland

Company, or tho snid -i nn, or his assigns shall be compelled to

pay any, or any part of .ny, of the olaimsbeing asserted against

apid company for advertising, that any sums of money so paid to

advertising claimants, or for advertising shall be deducted from

o- *

the first of the promissory notes hereinbefore described. The
sid ann on his behalf greens s that within periods of time above

set out to make ever reasonable effort to rehabilitate s id

Plorids IIoneland Company or to re-organize the snne in order thrt

the interests of settlers -nd purchasers from Paid company, m-y

be fully protected, nnd ilso within said period of time, to pro-

cure the execution and delivery of the said two notes hereinbe-

fore set out.

Ii "VITIrSS.: HERECOF the parties hereunto set

their hands and seals the day end year first above written.

signedd sealed and 'lelivered

in our presence as witnesses _____.. -(Seal)

as to; T. b. Hand

signed see'led and delivered

in our presence as witnoebes

as to A. S. oMann;

1__ I_ a

* 4 -- I "
.' -

Nov. 9, 1911.

Col. Ti S. Hand,
o/o Wilberding-Hand Co.,

Chicago, Ill.

My dear Colonel:-

Just returned. from Atlanta, where, as I wrote you, I.went
to try to interest MoCall & Co., as they had a co tract from the.
Rodsbe, O'Hara & Russell Co.; but, aB I have written you, they ad I
not plose the same on account of my ;ability to fix the aeact
amount of liability or turn over thb complete control of tlhe.W,1.
.which they d.emandet. They enooragp ..Hodge- O'Ear .....
Co. In starting-the'suit of fordel esu,1 hoping in this way to-get-a
clear title, but as I was not willing to allow the matter to go far-
ther, wiping out the settler, unless the Hod age O'Hara & Russell
Co. would enter into a contract to finally protect all of the pur-
chasers' interests, they saw a long-drawn-out contest, causing them
to drop the matter. WAIe I am not certain what action they w.ll
take, they are to let me kow t.pmatime the early part of next week
what they can do. The question of raising the money at this tjme,
which they claim they had before, is oie of the troubles. 7hey are
going to make an effort to do so, however. I am to notify them
when all the papers are in bank according to the escrow agreement,
df which I showed them a copy,, when they feel inclined, if they can
raise the money, to come here and see if Hodges, O'Hara & Russell Co.
are still willing to deal on the lines of the former agreement with
them. My own opinion is that we will do business with them if.we
have everything in proper shape.

Now, Colonel, I have been to so much expense-and still have
so many calls for money and for a long time there has been no money
coming in, I find it almost impossible for me to send the $250.00 to
Johnsol which he-requires before sending the papers forward, and it
means so much to both that I must urge you to send him a cheek
for that-amount. Later, if a deal is made, we can and I will adjust
the matter to your eatisfaotion. At this time the other expenses I
am compelled to bear make it important in your interest that yoq as-'
sist in making a deal to that amount. It Is important even if no
deal was made that you get a settlement with Johnson, as he is dis-
posed to sue Crittenden for a large amount and the making of a proper
defense would cost Crittenden considerable money, even if he were
successful. This will get him out of the way and I assure you that -


S *. ;

p .-m

Every effort possible will be made by me to make a sale to these or
sope other parties. With me it is not a question of money any
more, as -L am quite confident if we do not make a sale in which our-
people are properly roared for, the government will take a hand,which
would be a very serious question for us to make and very expensive.
On this subject, however, you are better advised, most likely, than
I am.

Your suggestion that we turn the, matter over to Rodkese
O'Hara & Russell Co. in ease we.can do no better is something I do
not, as I wrote you, think we can da, and it would be. better for us
:to .make a sale and take care of our own people if we possibly Ban,
pgd I am looking to you for every possible assistance and urge you -
to send Johnson $250.00 and get your papers all together, as I amn
even lacking in funds to do as nmch as I would like in forTing a
sale of the property, which, as you know, takes time and money. I,
have a party in Toledo, 0., interested now,and if McCall & Co. do not
go ahead, I shall make a trip up there inside of the 'next ten days to
meet them and I shall advise you and to join me there,

Mrs. Mann often inquires about you and yours. She was
strongly Impressed with the young boy, and says he bids fair to be as
good looking as his .father and mother, and "that is going some". /

Asvise me at once by wire if you will do as requested.

Your friend,


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