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Minutes of the general meetings of the DeLand Band Association
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..inutes of General meetingg
January 31, 1956

meetingg called to order by Mike Davis, President. Thirty-five members

.r. Davis asked that new members be introduced. Imogene Davis introduced
.irs. Nelson, an Sth grade mother. :ir. Heney introduced Mr. Kleirman the
new assistant. xIt. Kleiman came here as an intern and worked out so well,
that IMr. Heney asked him to stay on for the second semester. :r. Kleiman

Mr. Heney gave a treasury rercrt. Pointed out that he has paid $1200.00
in bills, but received only 1300.00 from the School Board this year. A
complete financial report will be made out and be sent to the parents.

Mr. Davis thanked Mrs. Fussell and those that assisted her for their
efforts in the rummage sales. Also thanked .'rs. Goff, Mrs. Cannon, and
Lrs. Davis for thier wcrk in the bake sales.

Mr. Davis asked that those that would like to volunteer as chaperones on
the Gasparilla trip, to contact Mrs. Aldred who'i in charge.

Mr. Brown reported that after the repairs that are being made at present,
the busses will be in cgod condition for the trip.

i.r. Cannon has informed Mr. Davis that the Eusiness Vomen's Club are
willing to put on a drive for new band uniforms. There followed an infor-
mal discussion on the possibility of new style uniforms. It was pointed
out that in all decisions concerning changes in uniforms, that the stud-
ents have the final vote. It was voted by the girls this year that they
continue to wear skirts. The question of rants versus skirts is put to
a secret vote every three years.

It was decided that a special meeting be called so that the Band Assn.
and the Business Women's Club can get together and discuss the uniform

Mr. Heney gave a bus fund report, as part of the rcney being held in the
fund has hAd to be used for some majcr repairs to the band busses.

Lr. Eeney reported that there are about 115 students in the department.
The 7th grade has 29 31 and that twelve or fifteen of these will be
used in the Junior Band for contest.

The Band Calenlar is as follows:
Feb. Eth Gasparilla Parade, Tampa.
Feb. 23rd Senior Band Concert.
~iar 1st & 2nd Lions Club -:instrel.
Lar. 16th District Contest, Cocoa.
Arril 10th St. Petersburg, Festival of states P-irade.
l'ay 9th thru 13th State Contest, Gainesville.

MLrs. H:anscomb made a motion that :Mr. Davis attend GaO parilla Parade so
that he could bring back a report to the parents. Mr. Davis declined ar
he expects to be out of town. S'id that if his plans changed, he would be
glad to make the trip.

page S of minutes
Central meeting
January 31, 1956

Mr. Heney offered to take as many as six parents on the Tamla trip. Said
that the Band views this particular trip as strictly business and not for
pleasure. Due to the crush cf the crowvdo, they would stay only lonr
enough to narch and start home [;gain. He pointed out that the trip to
St. Petersburg was .oree liesurely and that he always rents four hotel
rooms for the band so they may rest and rel:-x for awhile before making the
trip hone.

Mr. Heney asked the parents to get behind the Band for the February 23rd.
concert anrd et out and sell some of the tickets so that we can fill the
auditorium this time.

He discussed District Contest and urged the parents to attend if at all

The busses are scheduled to leave for Gasparilla Parade at 6:30 or 7:30
a.m., depending on the position in the parade, and: will return late. :.r
Heney assured the parents that he would personally see to it that all
children reached their homes safely no matter what hour they returned.

irs. Weaver volunteered as chaperone for the St. Petersburg trip.

Paul Coble made a motion that the band spend five days at State Contest.
Motion seconded and carried.

It was decided that each child needs '38. to cover expenses at State
Contest. Mr. Heney recon~mented e..00 for spending money. He mentioned
the fact that cn the 1955 contest trip that he held !800.00 si-ending
money for the students and they still had more in their pockets.

It was pointed out that we have 92 families in the Asaociaticn.. Mr. Heny
again urged the families to work hard on the concert so it will be a huge
success. He said that if enough tickets were sold Shat we could have the
contest transportation free.

Mr. Butler made a motion that we keep the transportation fee at $5.00
as last year. !Lotion seconded and carried.

A motion was made to adjourn, al:proved and carried.

Respectfully submitted by,


Hotel 4 nites 23.50 10.00
leals 13 1.00 13.00
Transportation 5.00
Spending money 6.00


-:inutes of Board i meeting
SApril 17, 195

l-embers present: .ike Davis, President, :r. liarrer, 'ice President,
John Eerey, Landmaster and Treasurer, ::rs. Brackett, ecret.-ry. Eoard
embers :irs. Cheater Strawn. and John Canr.on. Duck Holder, advisory.

President called the meeting tc order and asked for open discussion
on the Iroblem of Greyhound busses versus Land busse.s, for State Contest

.r. Davis told the Board that the coot of a Greyhound is $116.00 round
trip. "r. Davis suggested that the Band go by Greyhound cn the trtp to
State Contest, Gainesville, and use Band Pus i- to trans ort the instru-
ments and students during the contest.

ir. IIeney said the plan not practicable as Bus i.' much too crowded, which
would mean ral.ing several trips back and forth for each event.

Mr. Davis then asked each member to express his peracnal opinion. .'r.
Cannon was in favor of a .lan that would eliminate the necessity of using
the Band busses, if a practical rlan could be worked out. l.;re. Strawn
felt that more thought should be given to the safety of the students on
the Greyhounds. "rs. Brackett said she was not in favor of taking Grey-
hounds, and th-at the safety of the students on the Eand busses was not
the factor to be considered. A7r. Harper was in favor of the students
using the Eand busses as the would feel ha.pier an:l more at ease during
the trip.

ir. -eney endeavored to ahcw that the Band bu3ces are as safe or safer
than Greyhounds. That although our busses are 15 years old and have gone
100 000 miles, that the Greyhounds are .erhaps 7 years old and have gone
a half millionn miles.

.lr. Holder reported that the busses are mechanically able to make the
trip safely. Also reported that the tires are in good enough shape to
n.ake this trip.

Mr. Heney pointed out that the Band has made ~1 trips this year and had
trouble 3 times.

iir. Heney felt that the incident on the Cocoa trip was his own f.ult as
he didr.'t check the fan belt before le:'ing an: he knew that from past
experience that it was likely to give trouble.

Ths reason for the trouble on the St. Petersaurg trip dated back to the
year the Band went to T2llahasee. On that trip the bus started to over
heat and the driver i-uled; into a gas station and had the radiator fliah-
ed and sc-.e kin.- of material jut into the radiator. (While this Was
being done the bus was -puled around in the back of the building and
parked in the midst of a lot of debris. When the bus resumed the trip,
Sa flat tire occurred about 5 miles up the road, which was obviously the
result cf parking in the acl: of the station.)

The overheating and subsequent flushing of the cooling system n ust have
caused a crack in the block that never shov.ed ur even though .r. Holder
examined motor thcroughly on different occasions. As tiL overheating of
the tus d2tes tack to this incident. It finally caused trouble on the
3S. Petersburg trip.

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Board -:eetirng
April 17, 195

:r. Heney then related some experiences ,ith Greyhounds that were told to
him by other bandmasters during, the District Contest in Cocoa.

;r. Davis then put the question to a vote. It was voted unarirr~ously that
the Band make the trip to state Contest in Gainesville in the Band busies.

-rs. Strawn made a motion that the Bus Commuittee be reactivated after this
trip. r. Davia said it should be left to the new president to ar.oint
a new con.1.ittee as Mr. Fro'-.n is the only rmem.ber left of the old corn.ittee
:rs. Strawn v'ithdrew her motion, then mide a new motion that it be reo-
ommended to the ne'i president that a new BUG Comi.ittee be formed to look
into our transrortation problem. Seconded an- carried.

INew Business: Mr. C.ly sent r:. IHen.y a note saying that we probably
would not have an assistant teacher this coming year.

It w'as pointed out that the Schcool Eoard allotted the Band $300.00 this
year, although $500.00 had to be taken out of Band funds to pay bills that
were the responsibility of the School Board.

Mr. Eeney asked that a group of rnmbers be appointed to meet ;;ith -:.r
Bukur at the Band Hall arcm: make an estimate on the cost of having the
school owned instruments repaired. A tentative estimate has teen made
at 4800.00

Mr. Davis and l.r. Cannon felt that the Eand activities should be cut
down to bare classroom work, ani that the bills and instrurr.ent repairs
be paid by the School Board, because of the lack of School Board and
public interest in the Band.

It was ;rol.osed that a con i;.ittee be forced imrr-ediately to investigate the
assistant teacher problem.

:-eeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by,



Minutes of General meeting
:Ly 31, 1956

meetingg called to order by Ralph Harper, Vice President.

Rev. Arch :LcUair opened the meeting with a short talk on his confidence
in the Eand and 1-r. Heney. Then followed with a reading from the Bible
followed by prayer.

Finance Coriittee report given by John Ieney. A full explanation was
given of the complete financial statement for the period .zrch 31st, 1955
to LA.y 18th, 195E. This statement was prepared by I-r. elirilan and ..r.
Heney and mimeograrhed copies made for all the parents.
J.r. Ieney voiced his milration of "-r. Keliman's help with the office and
bookkeeping work. lr. Kleiman Irepared a 16 page financial staten-ent
plus a 7 page inventory report on the condition of publicly owned musical
instrume-nts in the Ean-1 Department.
'Lay I~, 1956 Balance #4.76. High School Contest Account (Bus Fund),
Balance &3,94F.11.

A new member, irs. Tmily T. LcCloskey (Peggy Wilbur's mother) was intro-

Rumiage Sale Committee report given by rse. Russell, Chairrmn:
7 rummage sales were held, bringing in total of ;374.41. Two food sales
were held, with a total of $54.79. Mrs. Goff, i:re. Cannon and -:.rs. Davis
held the Bake Sales. The members gave thanks by applause for the work
done by rIs. Russell and her workers.

-Secial Committee report, ers. Strain, chairman. Cormplqte report given
by isrs. Strewn on the problem of retaining an asistant bandmaseter.
Report attached hereto.

:i. Heney told the members that a '.r. Wolf from Pennsylvania will be down
this fall to take over the job of assistant.

A ln-otion made by John Cannon to accept all the recommendations made by
the special com..ittee (see attached report). option n secon-ed and carried

:Ir. Harper asked for discussion on bus problem. It was re.crted that $700.
was spent this past year on our busses. Have spent a total of W?70C.00
of our money.

Lotion made by 1:r. Canyon to check into the cost of a new bus. option n
seconded and carried.

A motion made by Gladys Cannon to give Mr. Heney a vote of confidence.
.lotion seconded and carried. A rising vote of confidence was given.

A motion made by `rs. '-btt to allott $50.00 for the Senior Banquet to be
held in the San Remo Restaurant, D.ytona. l:otion seconded and carried.

The problem of trousers for the girls and LIajorettes was deferred until
fall. The question of whether or not to participate in the contests
was deferred until next fall.

page 2 ofminutes
of Gen*l. L-t:.
: uy 31, 19 5c
The estimated cost of repairing instruments seemed excessive. It was
out- ested that the rer-irs be put cut for -iis.

The rrci-osal that a guest conductor be obtained for the fall concert
was dror-ed.

I.ction n':.de by I.r. Canron, for a resolution protesting the policy in
the Junior Hijh School of using low citizenship gr:,-Aes to prevent band
students i.akinig ban, trips. ..ction seconded ani oar'isd.

:..:ction nale by HIelen Ccble to ar-oint Jlra. Carter chairman of Resolution
Committee. action n seconded ni carried.

optiono n made by 1dna Lcl;ry, that the Band mke the trip to Crangeburg,
S. C. in r'oveinber. i otion seconded and carried.

.r. IEeney reported thant Q atudent3 were lost this year, due to scn.e
children mcvin~: out of town and others attencincg private schools.

Election of officers: 7oninating committee, C. Eusrell Chairnman,
proposed !~r. Goff, Mr. Harper, and M:r. Erackett for the offices of
President, Vice President and Secretary, respectively.

.:embers to the Loard:- .:rs. Strawn, '.r. Furlong, Mr. Cannon Acting
Treasurer, and l:`r. Schmeirer.

A Lotion made by Helen Coble to give a unanit.ous vote for all candi-
dates. motion seconded and carried.

'lecticn of candidates by vote of acclimation.

..:r. E:rper relinquished -avel to Mr. Goff.

A special meeting' will be held Tuesday June l1th, at 8 p.r-.. for fur-
ther discussion of the bus problem.

:otior. nade by John Canncn to adjourn. Motion seconded *-inl carried.

Resi.ectfully submitted by,

L. c& *- U .
secretary .

COF~TCTIOI.: i-r. Furlon, was not nominated and elected to the Board.


Board :eeting
June 7, 1I56

Meeting opened by Arthur Goff, President.

Other members present:- Ralph Harper, Vice Pres.; John Cannon, Treas.;
Adela Erackett, Ssc'y. Board mermbers:- "'r. Schmeirer, :rs. Strain,
and John -eney.

Rercrt on bus situation: 'r. Heney contacted the DeLanzd merchants by
letter and had one reply, Cr.Clifton of Jacobs '.tcrs. Alac heard
fron the Bluebird Body Co. Georria, and the Rivers '.otors of Jackcsn-
ville. They will have representatives at the June lzth meeting .

T:r. Coff appointed the following members to serve on the Bus Cor.:ittee
ending their acceptance.
:i~. Schmeirer, Chairman; Ralph Harper, P.ul Coble, and to serve
as ex officio members, Jr. Goff ani John Heney.

The following members were appointed to serve on the 'ays and leans

Gladys Cannon, Chairman; George Butler, John Cannon, W. H. Fields,
L.r3. Tarold Weaver, Imogene Davis, and '.. C. C. Russell.

.'r. osierer of Rivers Motors, c~me to the office during the meeting and
g-.ve the Board a run down on prices and Mechanical data.

Meeting was adjourned and members invited to meet later at :'r. Keney's
home if they desired, for further discussion with :.r. osierr.
Respectfully submitted by,


0::IS"O I:: r. peney reported that the Senior Banquet cost $36.87,
and the balance was returned.

JU:;.M 12, 1956.

Va. ,


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General :Meeting
June 12, 1956

Meeting called to order by Arthur Goff, President. Thirty-eight mem-
bers were present.

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

Mr. Goff named the members that have been appointed to serve on the Bus
Committee:- M;r. Schmeirer, Chairman: Chester Strawn, Paul Coble, Ralph
Harper, John Cannon, and Buck Holder to serve in an advisory capacity.

Mr. Goff read a telegram sent by Mr. Mosier of the Rivers Miotors in
Jacksonville, saying that he would be unabel to be present at the meet-
ing. The wire also said that he had sent the specifications to the
manufacturer and asks the Association to withhold their decision. He
said that he would keep his trice on a rar with other makes.

tr. Ettings of the Bluebird Bosy Co. and 1r. Clifton of the Jacobs Mlotors
Co. were present to describe their respective buses to the members.

MIr. Goff set a time limit of 20 minutes for each representative to talk.

Mr. Ettings described the difference between a "conventional" type body
and a "transit" type body. He then described the features that his oom-
pany would have in the bus that we buy.

Transit Type: Wheel base 309 inches, as against 284 inches on our
present busses. 73 passenger school bus capacity, but allowing for a
bunk and more space between the seats and seating two to a seat instead
of three, it mill be 45 passenger capacity. The bus comes equir:ed with
9:00 tires, but for added safety the company will furnixh 10:00, 12 ply
tires. The engine is a standard Ford engine. 200 horse power, 5 speed
forward transmission with bus type steering. Rear eni is styled to go
with Timpkin axle. Bus is sealed with neoprene rubber to insure their
being no fumes to leeak inside.

Mr. Clifton described the G. MI. C. bus chassis that his company handles.
6 cylinder, overhead valves, 5 speed forward transmission, 160 horse
po.-er. His company uses the Bluebird body, but they do not build a
chassis for a transit type bus body as described by Mr. 7ttings. They
will furnish a conventional type body. The next size they handle is in
the cruiser class, costing $18,000.00 and over.

The company representatives were asked to leave the meeting while the
members discussed prices and to take a vote.

Prices are as follows:
Rivers Motors, as quoted by Ur. Hosier at board meeting:- Wayne body
on White Motor & chassis, equipped approximately $13,000.00
Bluebird Body Co. Transit type body on Ford motor and chassis,
equipped $9,632.74.
Jacobs Motors Co. Conventional type body on G. M. C. motor and
chassis, equipped as a school bus le,631.16.

Mr. Goff asked for a vote as to whether or not to buy a transit type bus.
Voted unanimously by show of hands to buy a transit type bus.

Page 2 of minutes
general meeting
June 12, 1956.

Mr. Cannon made a motion to purchase the Bluebird transit type bus at
$9,633.74. Motion seconded by John J. Heney and carried unanimously.

Chairman Schmeirer and Bus Committe were authorized to act in all matters
pertaining to the purchase of the bus.

Motion made by Dr. Ellis to keep one old bus, and let the Bus Committee
dispose of the other bus. Lrotion seconded and carried.

Mr. Goff made a proposal to use the dedication of the Crow's Bluff Park
as a means of raising money with a fish fry, etc.

Mr. Goff named the members that have been appointed to serve on the
Ways and Means Committee. Gladys Cannon, Chairman: lrs. Harold Weaver,
John Cannon, W. H. Fields, Mrs. Evans, George Butler, and Mrs. Russell.

In answer to a question as to how we would finance the balance on the
new bus, Mr. Heney pointed out that we have $2,946.11 in the Bus Fund,
and that this coming year about $4,000.00 can be saved in the Band
Department. Leaving about $2,000.00 to be raised for the balance on the
new bus.

Mr. Cannon announced that an Association member has volunteered to in-
crease the amount of the Bus Fund to $5,000.00, and that the Barnett
Bank will arprove a loan for the balance to be raid in 84 months at 5

Mr. Ettings thanked the group for the business that they had awarded to
his company and for their kind reception of him.

motion to adjourn was made and carried.

Respectfully submitted by,



Board meetingg
June 18, 195C

meetingg was called to discuss the dedication of the Cro-.v's Bluff Park.

::embers present: Arthur 3off, John Heney, Helen Coble, Joe Schmeirer,
.'"rs. Fans, Mrs. Strain, Doug Brcwn, "r.& Mrs. Weaver, -rs. Goff,
,r. Canncn, anmd "rs. Br-ckett. (l1).

Ed tone and Ric.y Green are aCre:eble to our plans. Mayor Jack
Jchnson ha offered to help any way he can arA will have an officer
there to assist.

It was sug ested that it be held Wednesday July llth. .. ::eney
checked to find out the time the sun sets. It set that day at 7:30 p.m.

It was decided to ask tlh Jaycees and other fraternal organizations to
help us.

Mr. Heney has been asked to send a letter to all r-ast band members who
reside in the central Florida area, to sur. ort us and .participate in
the activity.

The price of the fish fry dinner has been set at 1.00.

actionn rade :re. Weaber to hold the dedication Wednesday July llth,
19 5E. Seconaed by Doug Brown ani carried.

Buck Holder has asked M.r. Heney if he could beconre an associate Eand
Association member. According to the by-laws, a personn who hasn't
anyone in the band can beccn.e an associate member ty paying $10.00
in dues annually.

George 8. Butler has given the Association a check for $.5.00 as a

Helen Coble suggested that we have a Band Boeter list. Any person
can become a Band Booster by donating 1.00 or more and we will have
zome sort of a badge to pin on them so they may ce recognized at the

It was decided to use one of the Band busses for free transportation
to and from DeLand and the park.

Y.r. Weaver has said that he will try to -.et the Highway Patrrl car that
is equipped with a public address system to be stationed out at the
park that d3y.

It was decided to ask the wildlifee Association to give us their help.

1r. Goff has appointed the following people to serve as chairmen on
the following committees.

c.-nt'l 1je 2

1-age S of Irinutes
Eo.rd '.e-tting
June 18, 1956.


Doug Erown
Adel D Brackett
I;cmer Smith
John Heney
Stanley Culp
rdith Smith
Arthur C-off
Helen Coble & Arthur Goff
: rs. R-Lnd

C ..:..I i T

Boat Rides
Electric Trains
Pony Rides
snowv Cones
Pro rram
Eand Ecoater Ead;es

John Car.on was put in charge of money.

-eeLting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by,



minutess of Gener-l meetingg
September 11, 1956

Meeting cas called to order by Arthur Goff, President.

5~ embers were present.

i:ew members introduced are: Iras. Casket, rs. L:o.dy, ..~rs ;ick Owens,
:.r. .;oC-lumphy, and Lr. & Ers. Coomley.

minutes s of last meeting were read. Correction of previous minutes
by lr. 7 eney. :r. Heney estimated that he would be able to save
$-000.0C in the Band Depa'rtment this year, 14000.00 in two years. ot
;4000.00 in one year as read in the minutes. minutess stand as corrected.

Mr. Cannon reported that we have n,83a.17 in the Bus Fund. He advise
that we make a ;J1,000.00 down payment on the new bus.

Report from the Ways and ..e.ans Committee given by Gladys Cannon,Chairman:
It-is asked of all the parents to sell all the tickets allotted to them
for the three concerts and not to return them.
The concert dates are:- Fall Concert, lcov. 14th & 15th. Jr. Band Concert,
Jan. 17th. Sr. Band Concert, Feb. 21st.
The following list of activities were reccocr.ended by the co.r,.ittee.
Record Eor, Sept. 29th, 1956. Pand Family Dinner at Chamter of Commrerce
building, Oct. llth, 1935. Eenefit Card Party to be held in loverLber
or December. Pancake Day, to be held in December.

Lotion mde by Imogene Davis to accept recccrmendations. option n sec-
cnded and carried.

A suggestion by !r. Heney to have the "Grand Ole' Opery" for a public
engagement. optionn by Imogene Davis revised to include .r. Heney's
suggestion in the list of recommendations by the W'ays and :e0.ns
Cor~ittee. Seconded and carried.

John Cannon Save a firnanial report on the Fish Fry. The Association
mide $500.00 at tLe Dedication arnd '400.00 in contributions have been
received to date. .ilking a total of '"00.00.

:r. -eney rejortea that *Ae have CO students in the Eand Derartment.
He also reported that ; 300. to $500. is needed for instrument repairs an
publicly owned instruments.

:.r. Eeney listed the following sources of inccrs.e cut of which the
,4CO0.O0 towards the bus will be saved this year. Paraes, N,050.
Other Concerts $,50. Donations, $100. Three Concerts, $8l00. Tot l

:.oticn made by -lraJh Harrer to talk with the school board a-out p~yinZ
for the instrument repairs. .ir. Soff asked .irs. Butler aAnd r. Cannon
to take care of this matter.

1-ction made by John Cannon to have instruments repaired. -ction
seconded and carried.

cont'd. ra-e 2

Sa-e 3 of n.inutes
of General .:eetinr
Sept. 11, 135.

lew schcjl rulings:- 1io band activity if student has a "4" in
Citizenship. I~ band Er-.ctice 3tudy Hall. ITo lunches in the Exri -all
or anywhere in school except in the lunohrorm.

..r. Eeney pointed out that instrument rent for nine v.:ntlhs an.munts to
(13.50 at 41.50 1er month. V'hereas an average of 418.00 a ye'r is
neeIed for re-irs on each instru..ent. Asked if the rental rate cculd
by raised to ,4.00 .er month.

:otion by "ir. ,c0 lurrnhy to raise the instrument rent to ..C0O per
.onth. Seconded ani carried.

Proposed that a petition be drrawn up objecting to the ruling of no
band activity if student has "4a in Citizenshir. Dr. i1lie an, inted
to c:-nfer with ors. OCtrter and draw ui- the petition.

lMr. Ieney introduced the new a:i.sietarnt, .r. Wolfe of Lebanon V-lley
College, Pennsylvania.

-r. Heney reported that the new bus is due October 3rd. Firot trip to
be m'de October 5th.

:-r. Heney infort:ed the parents that of a senior band of 40, only 3
could pl&y the required street marches.
Thirteen seniors voted 8 to 5 to paly only "B" music this year. iie
suggested that a members' committee be formed to look into the problem.

First Ruimmie Sqle to take place Saturday, Sept.

1ootion made by re. Clift to register our a:proval or disapp.roval of
rrcving the Band Shell. 'lotion seconded and carried.

.'lotion made by "r. i -cGlumphy that previous :.otion be t. bled. lotion
seconded and carried.

L'eetin: was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by,

Seo rotary. .


l.inute3 of Oombined Leeting of Eoard of Directors and W'ays & I:e-ns CorLlittee,
December 10, 1956

eatingg opened by Arthur Goff, President. .-embers present were:-
Mr. & L.r. "off, Ralph Harper, ..s. Strain, r. Wolfe, .:r. Heney,
Buck Holder, mirs. Weaver, -.rs. Russell, L-r. & .rs. Cannon, Adela
Brcck ett.

Reading of letter from Fuclid High School Eandmr.ater L'-iddleton. Letter
asked if the Band Delmrtment has any "unusable" music, or music stands
that the Fuclid Band can use until they oan obtain other equipment, as
he states they lost '.4000. in music and equipment in the fire.

A motion by Mrs. Strawn that the secretary write a letter to ..r.
iidileton sug-esting that he contact the School Board as the equipemnt
must have been insured. Seconded by -r. Coff rnd carried.

.:r. Heney reminded members that we haven't received an invitation to
the Gasparilla Parade. Feels that it is due to the new ruling of the
Florida Band .laters Assn. raising the rates frori.01 J, er mile per
student to.02 per mile. Lr. Heney has written to the P-rade Comriittee
seeking further information.

Discussion on how to proceed on our payments to the Barnett Bank and
to ..r. Schmeirer. r. Cannon suggested main: a prol.ortionate payment
to -r. Schmeirer when making a payment to the b:ink.

L.oticn made by Ralph harperr and secon.ied by .'re. Strawn to nmke a
one-third payment to 'ir. Schmeirer and a two-thirds payment to the bank
with a minimum amount of 172. to the bank. optionn carried.

Motion made by John Cannon and seconded by Ralph Harper, not to accept
the proposal of the Miami University bund to play here. Further dis-
cussion of this proposition at some future date. Carried.

I.-. Heney gave an explanation of the Caskey .,uaic Store bill tLnd also
pointed out that there are 35 students without instruments.
.r. Cannon suggested that :,r. Heney contact C.askey albut second hand
instrument .

-:otion :.?.de by :r. Cannon and seconded by -r. ::?.rer that Ir. -eney
be env;.owered to nsE-tiate with .r. C.a3ey on the =urch.se of ailiticn--l
instruL.ents. Carried.

:.r. .off set the dite of the next general meeting for January 3S, 1957.

lMr. Eeney aIoke of the time and -ork that puck ITclder don-ted in check-
in- the new tbu3 on t.vo different cc.sion,. Time ai:,,.ntin- to two d-ys
labor. Caid that we owe a bill for fog lights.

.:.r. Gcff thanked :r.r. Holder on behalf of the members for this and all
the help that he has given the Asscciation in the p-Ft.

con'd rpae 2

pace 2 of minutes
Board meeting
Dec. 10, 195~

There followed a discussion on the need of waterproof covers for the
instrument boxes. .Ir. Goff asked Buck Holder to/~ices for this item.

1Ir. Coff asked the members if they thought it would be a .- cd idea tc
have Art 'o'ney and his band at a cost of $1450. The idea was rejected.

lrs. Canr.on reported that Pancake Day will have to be postponed until
the new year, due to a lack of proper equipment etc. The card party
will also be rostioned until the new year.

There followed and open discussion on the following proposed projects.
Selling oranges from the new bus which would be parked downtown on the
A carnival-bazaar sometime next year.
Having a booth at the County Fair.
Sponsoring the circus for one performance.

1r. Heney asked Mr. Cannon to see what he could do about contacting
Mr. 2ickler of Tamnpa conpernin: our bid to the Gasparilla Parade.

It was decided that in the future parents will be contacted by phone
before each concert, to stimulate ticket sales.

A com0bineqdJ &nf i5rh ctors and Ways & 'eans Comnittee, is. boheduled
for Tuesday, Jan. 8, 1957 at :rs. Strawn's home, 7:30 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by,