Letters between U.S. Representative Joe Hendricks, Randall Chase, and others regarding the Cross Florida Canal (5 letters)


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Letters between U.S. Representative Joe Hendricks, Randall Chase, and others regarding the Cross Florida Canal (5 letters)
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Hendricks, Joseph Edward, 1903-
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Folder: Cross Florida Canal, correspondence. Jan. 1937-Jan. 1946


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LVER' motS.
Ipril 5, 1937

Hon. Joe Hendricks
D. C.

Dear Mr. Hendriokst

It is our understanding that you have been
favorably disposed toward the construction of
the Florida Ship Canal and we are very grati-
fied to know that you are. It is clear to us
that the project has real merit and will be
beneficial not only to the State of Florida,
but to the other southern states bordering on the
Gulf of Mexico,

In view of the fact that this has reached a
point where a definite decision is likely to
occur, it behooves those who are in favor of
the project to utilize every means possible to
accomplish the desired result. We are confident
that were it put to a vote you would have an
overwhelming majority of the Democrats of
Florida who would support it and we very earnest-
ly hope that your very best efforts may be put
forth just at this time in the interest of

As Vice-president of the Milton A PFuller Inc.,
I am signing this both for the company and as an

Very cordially yours,


C,.F: EP

', .ril 3
-? r7

Nr. G. m. F-U-ll-r
M ilt n ,i.. u.IL-' Inc
LJ tu.^t^ivilc, Flori-Lm

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'L J-E.

Ja c i

- S


A-ril 10, 1957.

Mr. Joe Hendricks,
House of Representatives,
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. Hndricks:

It is seldom that it is wise to demand a ful-
fillment of campaign promises and reitterations thereof.
The matter of the Florida Cross-State Canal is of such im-
portance that I feel it justifies our making such a demand
of you at this time.

',hen -'ou were campaigning in Sanford you will
recall that you stated you were willin- to leave the matter
up to the Board of En:ineers for Rivers and Harbors of the
U. S. Army. We now expect a fulfillment of that promise,
namely to oppose any appropriation for the construction
of the Florida Cross-State Canal. It would be unnecessary
for me to call your attention more specifically to the
report, other than to say:

1. The report shows very definitely that the project
is not economically justified.

2. That the transit hazards of the canal are greater
than .oing around thru the Florida Strait, including the

5. That thru the construction of the canal and the re-
sulting release of ground water the underlying salt water
is exDPcted to rise. That the canal m':, reduce the
artesian head in wells. That there would be claims for
dpmises to Florida's underground water ~in1l:.r.

4. That the Board is unable to see sufficient commerce,
either present or future, to warrant the undertaking.

5. That modern vessels would have to decrease their
speed to such an extent ;oln: thrw the canal that they could
--o around thru the Florida Strait in the same of less time.

? in (. -



#2. Mr. Joe Hendricks.

In addition to the few reasons mentioned above
from the Board's adverse opinion, there are many others
contained in the report showing why the canal should not
be built. We now feel that it is up to you and others
to take this project out of politics and consider it only
on the basis of factual merits.

With kindest regards,

Yours very truly,


April 10, 1957.

)10 's~F.
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4 I~-


April `0, 1957.

Hon. Joe Hendricks,
Member of Congress,
Washinrton, D. C.

Dear Mr. Hendricks:

This acknowledges ",;nu letter of April 12.
I apolo ise to you for the letter on our stationer" that
went to "r"o, with no si -ature. It was an oversi--ht on
my part.

In all fairness to -ou and others who are
vitally interested in this canal question, we mu-+. say
that your letter leaves no doubt in our mirn but what
you are comnelled to consider the matter from a political
standpoint rather than on economic --r,,nds and for the
good of the taxpayers of the nation, as well as the
proo,-rt:. owners and taxpayers of the State of Florida.
Unbiased opinions leave no doubt as to the results which
mr:' be yxnprtpd if the canal is constructed, and those
opinions plainly and unmistakably show that the project
is economically unsound.

I still hoi : that you will make good your
pledges to the people in this county, namely that if it
can be shown ~" the Bo-rd of Fn.ineers that there can
be -nr drms,-v to the under-'roundr water surnl:y ou will
not be for the c:nl1. These statements are made with
the utmost sincerity, and are based on fcets and not
technical procedure of routine. Your statements were not
cn.rlified as to which oo-rr's advices you would follow.
You rn state at the Hearin, in Washington in December,
before the Bo- r' of Army i.nrineers, that ".nu were willing
+o leave the matter up to the Ar-',' Engineers, that r-u
had confidence in them. This statement is a matter of
record, and was m-v'e before that Board.

General M'rkham's advice is thst of one man,
and not of the Board. I re r*' that it is necessary for
me to diss-'.rp with your letter, and that it is further
necessary for me to call -,your attention to the commitments
you m'de, but as my representative I feel that it is my
duty fnd privilege to call these matters to your attention.

Yours ver-" truly,
HM (RouAj GA...
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