Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

I I I I I I I I I I I II I I II I I I II I I I I I I I l Il i l l l l l IW I lW I l i ll l B II ll l
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"V.bL ,s _-%t "ritt"n i "r*,

\' S" 2 .1 M M
:' T1949 ,~ 2M1 '"11 1 10

American-Russian Relations Key to World Peace
-Dr. John Somerville.

AlIllllBlll~mA IIIl Imillmmll

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,D5p-15B;IN:0153 y I5 15 i'iM 113ian
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pl ,1949 ,yBpVn ]1516-jB15 oIn I5'Il
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Reception to Mr. N.
Frankel and other de-
legates to the Peace Con-
ference in Mexico, given
by the Jewish Women's
Committee of Mexico to
Support Birobidjan.

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103 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.

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Annual Donor Dinner, Los Angeles, Calif., August 14 1949.
Annual Donor Dinner. Los Angeles, Calif., August 14, 1949.

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$3.00 : T "


7t1T 432

i89 Second Ave., N. Y.

1949 ,iyapVj7--pyta-Voe1 3 t 22

iD 'I7I T1 U17'l1l

cap en D-Srpt lD TW 1t< ntsty nty 1fi 3 TW's r

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mByt'Bp IlDVy.IA#4 a 01 B ,III luyIy .0 .1
pb wB ySpyyinB th1 Jim I-eyay



in the




48 page pamphlet
15# per copy

AMBIJAN. 103 Park Ave.. NYC 17

17 O. i T1. IT. 1 17 D'I 111
,orp 173 P"1 ,71:1 z1 Il Jim

-71y 1 .3 ty 1 l3 9p 1373-1,
,yf'IyiB vimBa .nl- Bt|I itpIyn or- B'O
-y IB't8nyia( t' Dall DyiDUp-11' iyi
,7l1ayteyiM f 11 0 tO 15 IUp P II 18t11
1237;f.t1 l9y3I7I y171 "12 ,'0,'D yp3'pya? lir
tyar'opp pliotloDi& 0Q1ui 1132 Ipnl plIm
1y1 TiM 17 l2 31 y 110 ,,li9iy0in'08 0I71 110

5tu%1 7 p11 9 I" .1ia3' ,3,18 Pl 21t1, 1 ar14 lil
,10 p1D iV i5 Bu Dyi T IBla IttiC ,JyIi nViti
.pi '-T^, '5Yyn pesoMii(n on
U ts T) lyltypy. Tt I3n ty rt -Ila a -y am
-Ise ,18iwn70P9 0l1 pia ;1i li-p lyIVT
-'Ii ,tptB'ofp 1yhlBB ity' 11 7yttoC3ip

-.1:TI O I .01 ,"1tT,. ,"1 tnTi2p.. 1 11,,

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1 ifuifl lilt ?-2 09 01 187ii 11. 019.1"11)
,iy ty l-y1 1 tl' ', t1'r 1 ,,r Vi 0 .1

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Dull ;1'51" l ,it3illn yi-1 ll t't1131,Ut 71IN
-O1 fyIT 110 3toi 19 "yT 1s Bt3o p3. yB1 .10
-1 01$ pn iy oT $I 3 71f9 tl IRK 1Pi Imrn112
- j19 ty3i'.lt D'll DyT i p y7 "11 lyoI .:
___ .Dy's3T'3? 7 I< y1l9'T y9i'BI' t1s1 y
:B1IBp 0' 1D09173y ny3 BD' yii Oiy
:1911 011 lt192 1923? T Mil19 1 1200 or
->eao .1 .) oPt IIB iys'rnPI ,ili(sUj y .' -1n
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-B0D'P ,y3"110 1 8i' itt '13iypO3 yoi 1 y1 1p1
,-1i3 .0 .' ;By 'l0it p w 'rral B i ntiD' p1 s 1y)i
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-'10 iY3T 110 "yiDp ,D01930'1 .' ; t#1Wt
-lI.0 o, 1_n l it t lopi )1yi ,pIrikP .e ; ilutn
11p iyt 1y1ie ,180ipyI.ya 1.0 ,"BI n"iBe
7y7yipi .*'ispiyW 9y bi'iiiB iy t'r~l idt?

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.I 7 7D10p I B'TT I't153 1901711,2 I3M1 71y
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,D3i'cp-iytnBe latT3(T3O ny! IVo Vir
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yt'IWII1y2 8-p"Bu IMY 1( pBUiPt 'It
-IB 1 10 MB iyBl`l<( pyIIy-Ti n 1#ly7y'
-DPuI5 pDt'1 iB ly*' ,\vi3yo 1iM IWoI7tU
',YlV18 Jim ou3l:I-TVyI. Jim Dy T'm};U

pryit'B i yr y't p1 B "TB Dti ,, jblt BhII)I

.Diuwp-n-11. D"32 I"'?t IPp is '12 v yIiy3-i
ny~ I'm Dyi.!w(#p13a ,b3 nIVyIV.t Merln 5p3Jlb .123
-yr pilt .'riveiyftl nwlitx Iut Ila IpB#oii
40V111 'IV`T .JI =3P15W1y 18D IYI V191 VmV p7

1' Y$`

impossible to support the assumption that
these two systems are identical. Yet that
assumption is in the minds of our people
and also, perhaps, at the basis of our pol-
Since no nation can win a war in the
age of atomic and biological weapons, cease-

Brickmaking Plant
for Birobidjan
We know our members and friends will
consider it a good augury for the new year
that we are closing the old year with the
accomplishment of our biggest single proj-
ect for Birobidjan.
The entire machinery we ordered for
the brickmaking plant in Birobidjan, is now
ready. Practically all this machinery, .in-
cluding that built for us by the W. A. Rid-
dell Corp. of Bucyrus, Ohio, and the two
towmotor cars, built by the Towmotor Corp.
of Cleveland, Ohio, have already been de-
livered to us and are now in New York
awaiting shipment on the first available
steamer. Finally, the duoscoop and the
two scoopmobiles, built for us by Colum-
bia Exporters Inc., of Portland, Oregon,
are due for final inspection and will be
shipped within a few days.
The cost of the auxiliary equipment, spare
parts, etc., which is to be covered within
a few weeks, will bring up the total cost
of this project to about $100,000.
The brickmaking plant will have a ca-
pacity of 22 million bricks per annum on
a single shift. It will thus supply enough
bricks for the building of some 1,200 dwell-
ings in four-apartment units. By working
the plant more than one shift, additional
bricks could be supplied for the building
of schools and children's homes.
This plant will be an invaluable contri-
bution to the establishment of the new
ewish settlers in Birobidjan, and the up-
uilding of the Jewish Autonomous Region.
It is a token of the spirit of friendship
and cooperation, and will contribute towards
the strengthening of understanding and
friendship between the United States and
the Soviet Union.
It was a hard task to raise the necessary
funds during the summer season. Our
membership may be proud of this achieve-
ment. We take this opportunity to extend
our warmest thanks to al officers and mem-
bers of our various branches and to all who
responded to our urgent appeal with special
contributions to cover the cost of this im-
portant project.
The response of our members and friends
has been .encouraging. It enables us to
approach our greater task in the coming
new year, with the assurance that we can
depend on the united and enthusiastic ef-
fort of the entire membership and all our
friends, to carry out the program of re-
habilitation on a basis that wil contribute
towards the preservation of peace.

less effort must be applied to peaceful ne-
gotiations. Let 999 conferences fail ,if but
one be successful. The other alternative is
war, after which there will be peace with-
out the, species man or the planet earth,
said Dr. Somerville. He made three gen-
eral recommendations: (1) A strengthen-

From Pittsburgh, Pa.
SEnclosed please find my check for forty
dollars for the brickmaking plant for Biro-
bidjan, a very worthy project.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
From Brooklyn, N. Y.
American Birobidjan Committee:
Enclosed herewith is my check in the
amount of $10.00 in answer to your appeal
for funds needed to make the last payment
for the purchased brickmaking plant which
you are shipping to Birobidjan.
Dear friends, you are doing marvelous
work. Keep it up. The highest commenda-
tion for this noble work goes to you.
Sincerely yours,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Atlanta Continues Its Good Work
Enclosed please find money order for
$100.00. True to our promise not to for-
get the orphans' campaigns during the sum-
With this remittance our chapter has
raised so far this year the sum of $900.00-
thus helping to maintain nine orphaned
children in Birobidjan.
Now we are trying to get up some money
for the Brick Plant project.
Best regards,
Ambijan Chapter,
Atlanta, Ga.

Just Off the Press
The Truth About
in the Soviet Union
As printed in
The Daily Compass
5o a copy
Published by
103 Park Ave., New York 17, N. Y.
Suite 414

ing of and reliance on the United Nations
rather than the cold war; (2) negotiation
among the Big Powers on their respective
zones of influence; (3) a general disarma-
ment conference led by the major powers.
-"The California Eagle"
August 18, 1949.

In Memory of Pauline Dain
The National Committee of the Ambijan
wishes to express its deepest sympathy and
condolence to the family and friends upon
the untimely passing of Pauline Dain, whose
contribution to the cause of the Ambijan
for many years was of utmost sincerity
and devotion.
Pauline Dain was one of the founders
and chairman of the Spruce Street Group
in Philadelphia, Pa., which has been mak-
ing a very valuable contribution to many
worthy causes, and constantly supporting
the Ambijan Rehabilitation Fund in Biro-
bidjan and Israel.
The funeral took place on Sunday, Sep-
tember 18, 1949 from Levine's Funeral
Chapel, Philadelphia. Abraham Jenofsk
delivered a eulogy about the deceased
Mr. Herman Needleman chanted the tradi-
tional Hebrew prayer for the dead. The
funeral was attended by several hundred
relatives and friends from. Philadelphia and
New York.

Dr. A. V. Nasapir
We, the members of the American Biro-
bidjan Committee of Los Angeles Cali-
fornia, express our deep sympathy to our
dear member Mrs. Mary Ostrow on the
death of her beloved son-in-law, Dr. A. V.
Nasapir, who passed away on August 5,
We also cnvey our condolences to Esther
Nasapir, wife of the deceased and the
children David and Harvey.
May they find consolation in their great
loss in the work for a better and happier
American Birobidjan Committee
of Los Angeles
Aaron Kertman, President
Samuel Rosenfeld, Exec.-Sec'y.
ammemm mmmmm


!949 .io tYiY

~Ecc: .

Ambijan National Conference

Sunday, Dec. 11, 1949

The serious problems in the field of Jewish rehabili-
tation, will be considered by the National Conference
of the Ambijan. The Conference will take place in
New York City on December 11, 1949.
During the past period, we have assumed additional
obligations' We are cooperating with the Central Com-
mittee of Jews in Poland, for the;ehabilitation of the
Jewish children in Poland. We are sponsoring two re-
habilitation projects in Israel, a bookbinding training
shop for refugee girls in Haifa, and a children's home
in Tel Aviy. We have also received, and are considering
urgent appeals for cooperation from the Union of French
Jews, especially for the rehabilitation of Jewish war
orphans. The projects enumerated above are in addi-
tion to our cooperation with the Jewish Autonomous
Region, Birobidjan, and our sponsorship of the Chil-
dren's Homes' in Stalingrad. These constructive efforts
must be continued and expanded.
The aggravated international situation, and the seri-
ous problems it creates for the Jewish people, impose
upon us greater responsibilities and obligations. It will
be the task of.our National Conference to carefully con-
sider all these problems, to perfect our program, and
to adopt a plan of activities and a budget for the coming
period, which will enable us to do our full share in the
rehabilitation effort of the Jewish people in a way that
will contribute towards the development of international
friendship and the preservation of peace, as the very
foundation on which all rehabilitation work must rest.
We call upon all our Branches and members to start

preparing immediately for the National Conference.
Branches are to arrange special meetings to discuss
the various problems mentioned above, with a view of
making recommendations to the National Committee
for the,agenda of the Conference. All branches should
make a real effort to be represented at the Conference.
National Dinner
Saturday, December 10
This year our Annual National Dinner on December
10th, will be the opening session of the National Con-
ference. The Dinner will be held at the Commodore
Hotel, New York City. As usual, the Dinner will be ad-
dressed by speakers of national prominence.
The program of the Dinner will be arranged so as
to give the delegates 4nd guests a review of the inter-
national and national scene in their relationship to the
special problems and tasks of the Jewish people and
of our Organization.
The Annual National Dinners of the Ambijan have
always been outstanding events and mileposts in the life
of our Organization. This year our National Dinner
will be of even greater significance. In the complex in-
ternational and national scene, the work of our Or-
ganization is gaining in importance. It is indeed of his-
toric significance.
We call upon all our members and friends to re-
serve these dates and join with us at the coming Na-
tional Conference and National Dinner on December
10th and 11th, 1949.

American-Russian Relations Key to World Peace

Summary of lecture by Dr. John Somer-
ville, author of "The Philosophy of Peace"
and other works, presently visiting profes-
sor at Stanford University and participant
in various cultural projects of Unesco. Lec-
ture delivered at the Donors' Dinner of
The American Birobidjan Committee Los
Angeles Chapter, at the Hollywood-Roose-
oelt Hotel, on the evening of Aug. 14, 1949.
The way to world peace, said Dr. Som-
erville, lies in American-Russian relations.
Educational effort in the spirit of Unesco,
he asserted, can make a genuine contribu-
tion to the improvement of these relations,
because a significant proportion of the fear,
tension and hysteria to which our people
are subject today is founded on factual mis-
"For example," said Dr. Somerville, "the
main problems between our country and
Russia concern two principal factors: terri-
tory and ideology. Few of us realize the
historical fact that Russia, as a result of
World War II, has acquired no greater
amount of territory than what she lost as

a result of World War I, although in World
War I she fought on the winning side and
made the greatest sacrifice of any of the
Allies to the common cause. This para-
doxical situation came about because in-
ternal upheavals in Russia brought on a
civil war, and, during her hour of weak-
ness, Russia was stripped of territory by
her neighbors. What she has re-acquired
since is by actual computation no greater
in extent than what she lost then. Judged
by historical standards, this could hardly
be called abnormal expansionism."
However, when people discuss the prob-
lem of Russian expansion, Dr. Somerville
pointed out, they not only think of territory
which has. actually been incorporated into
the U.S.S.R. but also of what may be called
ideological expansion. While many grave
problems are involved in this matter we
can see here again said Dr. Somerville the
dangerous role played by misinformation.
For it appears to be the dominant impres-
sion of our people and even of our law-
makers that the Soviet ideology is the same
as, the Nazi-Fascist. But the facts do not
bear out this impression.

Dr. Somerville who has conducted nu-
merous researches in this field, including
two years in Europe examining theory and
practice in both Soviet Russia and Nazi
Germany, summarized some of his find-
ings as follows: On the central question of
war, Nazi-Fascist regimes teach that the
values of war are superior to those of
peace, that war alone brings out the great-
ness of a nation or people. Soviet teaching
in its philosophical literature and school
system is the opposite. Nazi-Fascism teaches
race superiority. Soviet teaching and law
enforcement are in terms of race equality.
Nazi-Fascism teaches that women are in-
ferior to men. The Soviet idea stresses
equality in this area also. Nazi-Fascism had
little confidence in intellectual training, and
under its regime, in Germany, for example,
school offering decreased. Soviet Russia by
contrast increased its literacy from about
25 per cent to about 82 per cent in 22 years.
The economic system of Nazi-Fascism is
basically capitalist. That of Soviet Russia
is basically socialist. All these are very im-
portant differences, which make it quite

PPPFVT~~;tWR,rrn;-.. __ lr-

So. California D:vision, ABC, Los Angeles, Calif. $8,00,.00
Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order (IWO), New York
City, N. Y. ............................ 5,000.00
Minneapolis Chapter. ABC, Minneapolis, Minn... 3,100.00
Dr. Joseph Neff (in memory of Harty Neffj, Los
Angeles, Calif. ......................... 2,000.00
Chicago Division, ABC, Chicago, III. .......... 1,600.00
Hollywood Chapter, ABC, Los Angeles, Calif.... 1,390.00
East Side Branch, ABC, Los Angeles, CaL ...... 1,000.00
Esther Levitt Women's Club, ABC. Los Angeles,
Caif ....... ........................ 945.00
Eastside Committee, ABC, Los Angeles, Calif. 900.00
Friends of Birobidj.m;i. Brazil ................. 780.00
Sea Gate Chapter, ABC, Brooklyn, N. Y......... 565.00
Solomon Jesmer. Chicago, IIl. ................ 500.00
Bay Cities Chapler, ABC Los An'elc.i, Cali.... 500.00
Petaluma Chapter, ABC Petaluma. Calif. ...... 500.00
Cincinnati Chapt.-;'. ALC. Cincinniti, Ohio..... 500.00
Brighton Beach Ch.t.- er. ABC, BRooklvn, N. Y... 50000
Fairfax Branch. ABC, Los Angeles, Calif. ....... 475.00
Staten Island Chaiper. ABC. Staten Island. N. Y. 425.74
Ciy Terrace Blaini.h. ABC, Los Angelc., Calif... 425.00
\'ashington Clap:c-r, ABC. \V.Lshinton. D. C... 400.00
Eastern Mutual Social Club. Lcs Anteles, Calif... 300.00
Loog Beach Branch, ABC, Long Beach, Calif.... 300.00
Eastern Parkvay Chlpter. ABC, Brooklyn, N. Y.. 300.00
Mohegan Colony Re! et Club. Crompond, N. Y. .. 270.00
Croton-on-Hudson Chapter, ABC, Croton-on-
Hudson, N YV ......................... 263.00
Atlantic City Chanter, ABC. Atlantic City, N. J.. 240.00
Maud's Summec-r Ray. North Brarch, N. J. ..... 232.00
Camp Woodland, V\'e,I Norwood, N. J. ....... 200.00
Detroit Chapter. ABC. Detroit, Mihch. ......... 200.00
Mr. & Mrs. MN. A. Halperiu, Los Angeles, Calif... 2'0.00

Mr. & ':r';. David Sliuwarger, Los Angeles, Calif..
F'ji. ie esbord tin rnemory of >it. Reisbord),
Los An:eles, Calif. ....................
\Varsaw Young Men's Society & Ladies Club, Los
Angeles, Calif. .........................
Zwiller & Vicinity So.i -ty, Los Aneles, Calif.
Gloversville Chapter, ABC, Gloversville, N. Y....
Zlatopol Aid Society, Los Angeles. Clif. .......
Workmen's Circle Branch No. 933, Los Angeles,
Calif. ..............................
Reuben Brainin Jamaica Chapter, ABC, Jamaica,
N Y. ..................... ... ......
Jewish Culture Club of Elsinore, Elyinore, Calif..
Chaver-Paver Read'ng C:rcle. Los Angeles, Calif..
Health Re.t, Nanuet, N. Y. ..................
Mozyrer & Umgcgend Society, Los Angele;. Calif.
Sholom Asch Reading Curle. Los Anreles, Calif..
Mr. & Mis. larrv Zarbin, Pacific PAl.'.des, Calif..
Nir. & Mr;. J. N.cvers. Los A:.ieles, Ca!tf........
Mr. & Mrs. M~a. Paller. La-. An.eles. Cal ......
Mr. & Mrs. I Freedman, Lo; Ancge!is, Calif......
Mary Ostrow in memory of Dr. \'Vitcr Nasnpir),
Lo; Aucdles, C.l. ....................
I. Levine, Los Angeles. Calif. .................
Yidd'sh Cartenter's Club. Los An.eles, CaLhf.....
Solomon Cotitin, Los Angeles. Calif ..........
Rose Cibs, Chicago, Ill .....................
David Beloff, Hackensack. N. ...............
Atlanta Mothers Club, ABC, Atlanta, a. ......
Jennie Cores CLnpter. ABC. New York City.....
East Bronx Chapter, ABC. Bronx, N. Y .......
Neighborhood Women's Club, New Haven, Conn.
Hebrew Ladies Progressnie Club, Duluth, Minn..
-ederated Jewish Fund, Seattle, Wash. ........

$100 will help maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today.
Contributions to this campaign can be deducted from income tax.

1933, AND JULY 2, 1946, of "NAILEBN" (New
Life), published monthly, except July-Aug. and
Sep.-Oct. when bi-monthly, at New York, N. Y.,
October 1. 1949.
State of New York
County of New York ) ss.
Before me, a Notary Public in and for the Stare
and county aforesaid, personally appeared Abraham
Jenofsky, who, having been duly sworn according to
law, deposes and saVs rhar he is the Business Manager
of the "NAILEBN" (New Life) and that the follow-
ing is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a tre
statement of the ownership, management (and if a
daily, weekly, semiweekly or rriweekly newspaper, the
circulation), etc., of the aforesaid publication for the
date shown in the above caption, required by the act
of August 24, 1912, as amended by the acts of
March 3, 1953, and July 2, 1946 (section 537,
Posted Laws and Regulations), printed on the reverse
of this form, to wit:
I. That the names and addresses of the publisher,
editor, managing editr, and business managers are:
Publisher, American Birobidian Commirtee (Ambijan),

103 Park Ave. N.YC. 17; Editor, A. J. Bick. 103
Park Avenue., N.Y.C 17; Managing Editor, None;
Business Manager, Abraham Jenofsky, 103 Park Ave.,
N.Y.C. 17.
2. That the owner is: (If owned by a corporation.
its name and address must be stated and also immedi-
arely thereunder the names and addresses of stock-
holders owning or holding one percent or more of
total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation,
the names and addresses of the individual owners must
be given. If owned by a firm, company, or other un-
incorporated concern, its name and address, as well as
those of each individual member, must be given.)
American Birobidian Committee (Ambiian), a non.
profitable association, 103 Park Ave.. New York 17.
N. Y.; J. M. Budish, Executive Vice-President, 103
Park Ave., New York 17. N. Y.; Abraham Jenofsky,
Executive Secretary, 103 Park Ave., New York 17,
N. Y.
3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and
other security holders owning or holding 1 percent
or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or
other securities are: (f there are none, so state.)
4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the
names of the owners, stockholders. and security hold-
ers, if any, contain not only the list of stockholders

and security holders as they appear upon the books of
the company but also, in cases where the stockholder
or security holder appears upon the books of the coarn
name of the person or corporation for whom such
pany as trustee or in any other fiduciary relaton, the
trustee is acting, is given; also that the said two para-
graphs contain statements embracing afiant's fall
knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and coon
ditions under which stockholders and security holders
who do nor appear upon the books of the company
as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other
than that of a bona fide owner; and this affiant has no
reason ro believe char any other person, association, or
corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the
said stock, bonds, or other securines than as so smaed
by him.
5 That the average number of copies of each issue
of this publication sold or distributed, through the
mails or otherwise, to paid subscribers during the
twelve months preceding the dare shown above is
(This information is required from daily, weekly.
semiweekly, and triweekly newspapers only.)
ABRAHAM JENOPSKY. Executive Secretary
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5th day
of October, 1949.


( My commission expires March 30. 1950.)





100 I00
100 ')

100 03'

Subscribe to "Naileben" (Cut out and use this form)
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New York 17, N. Y.
Please enter L or renew O my subscription to NAILEBN for
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Remember Our Work in Your Will
The work of the American Biro-
bidjan Committee has occasionally
been helped by bequests made to it
by members and friends of the Or-
We suggest that our members and
friends, in making their wills, add a
provision for our organization. This
provision can also be taken care ot
by a codicil to a will already made.
For this purpose please note that the
full official name of the organization
is "American Committee for the Set-
tlement of Jews in Birobidjan, Inc."

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[For the Months of August and September, 1949)

"IRILCBII" (new Life)
Vol. XXII, No. 8 (121), New York, N. Y. September-October, 1949 C -"o0 Single Copy: 15 Cents
NAILEBN, 103 Park Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. Telephone MUrray Hill 3-8895, published monthly, except July-August, September-October, when
bi-monthly, by the American Birobidjan Committee (Ambijan). Yearly subscription $1.50. Re-entered as second-class matter August 22, 1938, at the
Post Office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1879. Business Manager-A. JENOFSKY.


Gift of the Ambijan to the Jewish Autonomous Region being transported by railroad
from Bucyrus, Ohio, to New York for shipment to Birobidjan.