Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

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1945 ,Xly

~JN29MZ~lJD11 l'~ UJN 1J'13')Ii2 1w 'UU'WN9"UJ3

lwUI'T DU7 119 ]1D'13'N1 .

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Thi 1b a1 fullo1e DL-D ..
Tles r.m or Cibls I- T -de

Tmbolboe or pfe J L JL n.-&U .N/ Iii.L
Tb fUn tim Ue lhoan in the date .oD on ulinn ra ad day lttn is STANDARD TIME at point of origin. Time of ntcipt STANDARD TIME at point of dtination




StS 11$ QlW' y1D'Iv5Sl vTlK,
1tt WlKTi \m "Olt? <1Q1- ^ 1<} ,3\iU liD''ii

-u'o y'r u7a ^^va^ ti <'ti p
`^ It ^n^S~ ^*(8 Q'SlQ3 Tiyasyyic'in 1s ^3~ ,yi'miiyaru'aK yi0'>;i;
-'Q?'a-is~~ ^i~ na 3,^ Iryrowitiiviw-iK1?^~ s)-

a~nD^Iv'sai ^ Wi n p'=vl'? vnptwl
w-I w$11,0ntK3 Ilk" r iV5 S

uyaaQt ~~a~lps-a'-

,^3l^3*^Kay 'lQ*lW 1PS
.oLZGY!35)3 .ty
".^*SyyB P^YK

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I'E fis$ "iiTSlitJ 1^ TIS iu^'aa *j~'i~sn ~'-

-a'l?3 \vs yp<;~i<3sp ->^ CI'K VaKSOO'-II -
~i3lO iy?<' X "iKa yaltt-ins '-wys \^ *lya'^

T'is u'iivi osii ,p'"ia laaYtYi iis *i~aK-I^'IP\
.P'?I$B 1'i~is ^aD IT''? *'i *\' qlo x yp~s-^
-yTx ^*"K 1'S S'7^a-l T'S T3Q3-'Tl. -l'C,,
-'I*'s 1 11D'3-'-T2 na a*pru^Q iy'?

1945 ,ryIY I' V 7 1'4't 2

U'13 Q tW y 'i i 1 ,i D ''pii Dtif Nt ,T'$1 '5 pW R p'1
pi IN Ulu Ti p ,tD'io5wo3 vy5s8 1 nv .3yVypr3
11y-i in YP'iYos 1Ip t5p"1pIy 1 pit 1 In ,Ol un I te n
DMt 1r T ,yDy- t^D-9iys-pwnpyo 19 ,yay1B-t 3DTini
( tty819 lp0oY--8'^D 0 fIK. DjDun TnOIi^ "tDi8'I,;D,,
ItI1W1n 1 D '11 @D0 ym ,, "1 m ;uj < 5Yn N i ?n I "y U1 J,,
nI }yivytpiD i1yD5' 0 "ty3iY?934,, 5'10 (Man Ipm au
npl,, .'t IyosT-ri lIN I-In'l 5ns 5n8 n nI p9n inan OV 'D
tai'ps- ID s .I5 C D. I ,r t yt ivWy -I TI' "? I 5N? DI' I"r U3v;
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y)38a 1- Pt 'its WINK JIN /',"toynD,, IY1i1 n515nm Dn
N3iK ,V'3w^ Y.VP V'nl ,I'Iy Di'y ;Yny9 p 3p19Y03p 1YD5's
.piw-otn s "lD'31)5sD ,, D')
;iy3y ;yvy58 t? ,10Y'nDs) ,irt v.unolntD v ,DNy T, 1i
yw3?19 p I nyVi8' 1Uy t 5i LA D Y TA nyvn .1i3 trYi 1p
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1945 ,rpyp 3I 7 r 4 3 4

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NAILEBN March, 1945

Birobidjan has been 'a splendid venture, a great oppor-
tunity for Jews who have found a welcome there and a
haven. Its expansion now to take care of those refugees
who do not desire to return to the countries from which
they have been driven involves a sound and important social
program. Quite properly, the children have your immedi-
ate and special attention because our future depends on them.
To give these children, whose parents have been murdered,
a chance to live and thrive; to help them create for them-
selves under your auspices a new life; to endow them with
renewed hope; to bring them up in a Jewish homeland un-

der the generous hospitality of Soviet Russia is to give them
the opportunity they need and deserve.
Birobidjan is proof of the fact that' a great nation can
recognize in theory and in practice that justice requires equal-
ity of opportunity for all, no matter what their race, their
creed, their color. That is the atmosphere that will de-
velop healthy citizens within a nation-as well as men and
women alert, too, to world problems and responsibilities.
With the Jewish background that Birobidjan enjoys our
people can again live and flourish and make their contribu-
tion to their fellow men. -STANLEY M. ISAACS,
Councilman, Borough of Manhattan, New YorA

9(onoA. &ofL
Friends and Organizations who contributed $100.00 or more toward the Icor Campaign to settle Jewish refugee
war orphans at the Children's Settlement in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidjan.

(as of February 28, 1945)

Mr. & Mrs. M. Drapkin, Millburn, N. J.......... $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. William Gould, Bronx, N. Y........-. 225.00
Anna Lifshitz, Bronx, N. Y.-...........- ...--------.. 200.00
Mr. & Mrs. William Vulcan, New York City..... 200.00
Bklyn. Heights Comm. to Help Settle Jewish
War Orphans in Birobidjan, Brooklyn, N. Y... 200.00
Bialstoker Victory Club, New York City.. ... 200.00
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Silver, Jamaica, N. Y........ 125.00-
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Zable, Newark, N. J....-... 125.00
Mrs. Emma Chupack, Bronx, N. Y.- .....--.. 107.00
Mr. & Mrs. M. Galler, Chicago, 111..-...... .--- 100.00
Meyer Levine Culture Club, Brooklyn, N. Y.-. 100.00
Albert Abrams, Brooklyn, N. Y.........-........ 100.00
Harry G. Altman, Brooklyn, N. Y... .............. 100.00
Jacob Becker, Brooklyn, N. Y. ...-...-............. 100.00
F. Kobak, Brooklyn, N. Y...------.. 100.00
Mr. & Mrs. R. Aronoff, Brooklyn, N. Y......... 100.00

Rae Broudo, Melrose Park, Pa...... .. ..-----------
Mr. & Mrs. J. Olshansky, Brooklyn, N. Y.-.......
Lou Beth Jogada, Youngstown, Ohio.......
Barry Jogada, Youngstown, Ohio ..........--.
Bella Yashon, Chicago, I;I ---..-..-.....-.. ....--
Rubin Brainin Reading Circle, Chicago, III.....-
1. Spool, St. Albans, L. I................. ......... .......
Mr. & Mrs. K. Auerbach, Queens Village, L. I.
Jacob Aisenberg, Bronx, N. Y....---..-..........-
Schaer Brothers, Brooklyn, N. Y. --...... ...
Hyman Davidowitz, Hazeltown, Pa......-..........
W illiam Linker, Philadelphia, Pa.--........ ..... .
Ida Rosoff, New York City --
Samuel Chesnin, Bronx, N. Y....----.
Mr. & Mrs. Sholom Levine, Bronx, N. Y..-----...
Lena Feigelstein, Millburn, N. J.......... .......
Ben Drapkin, Ridgewood, N. J.... ... -..


$100 will maintain an orphan for one year. Send your contribution today to the
ICOR ASSOCIATION, One Union Square W., New York 3, N. Y.


East Side Branch
Frieda Frumkiss ........ 12
Samuel Binch ......... 5
Nathan Krupin ......... 5
Mollie Drexler ......... 2
D. Rabinowitz .......... 2
J. Solnit ............... 2
Celia Binch .......... 1
M Soifer ............... 1
Dave Frumkiss ......... 1
B. Belovsky ............. 1
J. Turchinsky .......... 1
Hollywood Icor Branch
Eva Meyers ............ 9
N. Yaschik ............. 24
Dr. B. M. Nadler ....... 18
Cincinnati Icor Comm... 14
M Kaelis .............. 4
B. Yanofsky ............ 1

W. Weinstein .......... 3
F. Rosenkrantz ......... 2
Miriam Baumel ......... 1
M Yellin ............. 2
S. W einstein ......... .. 1
M ax Sidel .............. 3
Mrs. M. Dubow.......... 2
0. Payne ............... 2
N. Fudemberg .......... 1
Sam .................... 18
I. E. Rontch.. ......... 2

Jamaica Icor
B. W oods .............. 7
J. Posner .............. 2
K. Auerbach ........... 2
B. Lundow ............. 1
J. Chainin .............. 1
I. Spool ................ 1
M rs. Silver ............. 1
A. Rovner ............ 1
Mrs. Holmstock ........ 1
R. Ceboolsky ......... 1
Crotona Icor
Celia Rubin ............ 5
Harry Wolf ............. 5
SBr;rhlton-Coney Island Icor
Philip Feider .......... 10
Brownsville Icor
D. Yanishefsky ......... 4
Anna Safran ............ 2
Eastern Parkway Icor
H. Aronoff ............. 4
Philip Rothstein ....... 1

Downtown Icor
J. Freidin .............. 3
J. Eidelkopf ............ 1
Yonkers Icor
S. Leskin ................ 1
Staten Island leor
Morris Moss ............ 1
Total ..................... 194
Previously ............... 236
As of Feb. 28, 1945.......430

Greeting to the Icor Campaign
To Rehabilitate Jewish Colonies
in Crimea
SAM BOGOROD, President

March, 1945


March1 1945 NAILEBN

the organization of a committee of 200 sponsors (including
each organization present at the conference), wide pub-
licity campaign, immediate formation of a speakers' and lec-
turers' bureau and the endorsement of the "Nailebn" and
the Icor Association (full text of the resolutions and deci-
sions adopted will appear in the April'issue of "Nailebn.")
At the dinner concluding the conference, at the Pythian
Plaza, New York City, over $7,000 in cash and pledges
was realized.
The armies of our country, the Soviet Union, Great
Britain and the other United Nations are rapidly approach-

ing the lair of the fascist beast-Berlin. Fascist Germany
is doomed. Our duty is to help our government and our
Commander-in-Chief, President Franklin D. Roosevelt,
hasten that day. As Jews who have already paid a stagger-
ing price to the fascist monster, the delegates have adjourned
the conference in the spirit of our time, in the light of the
historic decisions in Crimea, determined to respond to the
Icor's call for immediate and substantial help to the Jewish
refugee war orphans in Birobidjan.
More power to them!

And Thus Shall You Speak to the Orphan

(Written in the Vilno ghetto in 1942)
Translated from Yiddish by N. J. Nelson

. And thus shall you speak to the orphan
when, lifting numbed fists, he will ask you:
"Who am I?"

Your father with faith carried upright his head.
A horrible deluge, with ashes and brimstone,
broke loose and engulfed him
and carried him off
with his wife and his children,
his temple and graveyard.
It took in its wake all his past generations
and the seed that is veiled
in the scheme of the future;
for whoso perishes carries destruction
to all future issue
that stirs in his loins
in its wait for deliv'rance.
Only you here remained,
so you are the heir-
a granule of holiness grasped by the wind
and crumbled o'er desolate fields of destruction-
a speck that comprises
a miniature whole.

And should he demand of you:
"What is my name?"
Then answer the orphan:

Your name is The People;
for this was the name of your bearded grandfather
in his wand'rings eternal o'er bypaths of sorrow.
For the drop that is you
is a wrestling arena
of worlds in grapple;
and nations that smite you
are smitten in turn
as palsied they fall

on the swords they unsheathed.
Then weave in the bleakness of night and exclusion
your springtide,
pure as a fountain
against the body of dawn.
For you are a wonder in blood,
a speck that comprises
a miniature whole.

And should he demand:
"For whose sake?"
Then this be your answer:

For the sake of all those who will spring from your heart,
who will turn
the spirit of millions
into homes full of warmth
for all orphans;
for those who themselves will their destiny fashion
in molds of their making,
to the shape of their vision.
And you whose name is The People,
whose face
is a desolate nest
bare of birds, still of songs,
climb up to the end of the stairs of the night,
encounter the daybreak
and cry to the sunrise:
"Cleanse me, O Sun,
cleanse and forgive:
it all was an error of fate!"

No more grief of graveyards, I bring a new dawn;
New cities will rise by my hand, by my brawn!
And then will eternity dwell in our towns
Our days will be radiant with glittering crowns!

March, 1945


NAILEBNMarch. 1945

and sketchy, affords a proper vantage ground whence to
view Birobidjan in its true perspective. Yes, we know now
What and Whom is fighting for; we know that war, ex-
ploitation, cut-throat competition are but expressions of this
internecine struggle, and we know that at their historic
conferences, in Teheran and Crimea, the Big Three have
been laboring to create means and ways whereby to mitigate
if not to abolish the causes underlying this cruel paradox
of man fighting man. And how fervently oppressed man-
kind is hoping and praying that these labors of the Big Three:
be crowned with success!
In the light of this knowledge, Birobidjan assumes the
aspect of a harbinger. For by its reality it foreshadows the
realization of all the ideals and aspirations of humanity for
the attainment of which bloody wars and reckless revolu-
tions were fought by man against man, all throughout the
course of civilization. Verily, Birobidjan reveals as though
by way of an object lesson that at a certain point in the evo-
lution of human society the logic of Man and the logic of
History coincide, and when that point has been reached the
brutal "law" that Man fights Man passes into oblivion and
its place is occupied by the majestic law of Reason that Man
cooperates with Man.
And so whenever we celebrate Birobidjan we do not

celebrate a mere geographic concept. Nor is our exult-
ance motivated exclusively by what Birobidjan connotes for
the Jewish people. We celebrate Birobidjan as the offspring
of the socialist revolution, of that evolution which alone could
have, and indeed has, put an end to the awesome paradox
of man fighting man; of that revolution which alone has
made real the ideal of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood,
and has done so not merely in Birobidjan but on One Sixth
of the Globe, and not merely for the Jews but for all the
many nations inhabiting the land of socialism! Again, we
celebrate Birobidjan most enthusiastically NOW, at the
crucial period in the life of oppressed mankind, for the So-
viet Union, of which Birobidjan is an integral part is one
of the Big Three who are so unitedly working for the speedy
ending of the war and for the establishment of a lasting
peace. Clearly by virtue of its intrinsically peaceful nature,
by virtue of its physical and moral-cultural might the Soviet
Union is contributing a "lion's share" to the winning of
both the war and peace.
It may thus be said in conclusion that the celebration of
the present Birobidjan anniversary is greatly enhanced by
this well-founded universal hope: The coming days bid fair
to usher in if not the final fulfillment of the ideals adum-
brated by Birobidjan at least a close approximation thereto.



The Icor conference to help settle Jewish refugee war
orphans in Birobidjan, U.S.S.R., convened on Sunday,
March 25, at the Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City. It
was an outstanding success. In compliance with our gov-
ernment's request to abstain from calling national gatherings
and thus alleviate the already overburdened railroad traffic,
the conference consisted of delegates representing organiza-
tions of Greater New York only.
Close to 400 men and women representing 122 organi-
zations and scores of guests devoted a Sunday afternoon in
deliberating on a plan of action on giving help to a cam-
paign whose purpose it is fo aid settle Jewish war-orphaned
children in the Jewish homeland-Birobidjan. Here were
assembled representatives from Jewish Societies, congrega-
tions, branches of the Workmen's Circle, lodges of the Jew-
ish Peoples Fraternal Order, trade unions and women's
clubs, auxiliaries, cultural organizations and Icor committees;
people of various political affiliations, English speaking and
Yiddish speaking, native-born and foreign-born-Jews all,
Americans all. They came to a conference organized by
the Icor Association, now in its twenty-first year of activities
in the field of bringing true information regarding the social,
economic and cultural life of the Jews the world over and
especially concerning the historical events that took place
in the Soviet Union that affected the status of the Jewish
people there: upr6oting of anti-Semitism and discrimination,
absolute equality with other nations, the creation and devel-
opment of Birobidjan-a territory designated to become a
Jewish Socialist Republic.
While the main purpose of the gathering was to formulate

plans for the campaign to help the youngest victims of Hitler-
ism-Jewish orphans, nevertheless the delegates wanted to
know more about the conditions of the Jews everywhere, the
developments in Birobidjan, the solution of the problems con-
cerning the Yishev in Palestine, what was Icor's contribu-
tion towards the building of the Jewish colonies in Crimea,
in Birobidjan and in the recent period-the contribution of
the Icor to our national war effort, help to the heroic Red
Army and in the rehabilitation of the Jewish people. This
desire by the delegates was satisfied by the concise, brief re-
ports of Professor Charles Kuntz, President of the Icor
Association, Abraham Jenofsky, national secretary of the
Icor and the well-known Jewish writers and authorities on
Jewish life, B. Z. Goldberg and Moishe Katz.
The decisions of the "Big Three" in Yalta affecting, as
it does, every action of people everywhere, were made part
of the reports and were fully endorsed in resolutions adopted
by the conference. The cable from the Jewish Anti-Fascist
Committee in the U.S.S.R. received at the conference was
greeted with great enthusiasm (see photostat copy front
page of this issue "Nailebn"): The appearance and greeting
of the Hon. Eugene D. Kisselev provoked great joy among
the delegates and guests when the Consul General repeated
Marshal Stalin's recent statement: "Complete Victory is
The plan of action for the fulfillment of the campaign
to help settle Jewish refugee war orphans in Birobidjan was
submitted on behalf of the Resolutions and Organization
Committee by M. L. Olken, national organizer of the Icor
Association. It calls for the raising of a fund of $100,000,

March. 1945


" IIIL C Bn"

Vol. XIX, No. 3 (172)

New York, March, 1945

(new Life)

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NAILEBN, I Union Square, New York 3, N. Y., Telephone ALgonquin 4-2045, published monthly by the ICOR Association for information on the
economic, cultural, and social life of the Jews the world over. Yearly subscription, $1.00.
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Business Manager-A. JENOFSKY



OURS is an age of utter madness, an age of awakening
Reason. Humanity is passing through a crisis unknown in
its history. True, the record of man's millennial civiliza-
tion is a record of bloody wars, of bitter struggles of Man
against Man. But the present war, global in scope, inex-
orably places the whole human race before the fatal alterna-
tive: either die like a mad dog, or begin to live decently as
befits a creature who claims the title "Homo Sapiens," the
man of wisdom.
Behold-on the one side the fascist Axis'has turned our
planet with all the wonderful creations of the human genius
into a shambles, into a homicidal stock-yard; on the other
side the United Nations while victoriously subduing the
Axis are at the same time exerting superhuman efforts to
enthrone Reason as the ruler of Man's behavior. Clearly
the events of the day are so momentous, so engrossing that
any other event of however historic significance might fall
into neglect and so escape the attention its deserves. Indeed,
to superficial observation the Birobidjan event might ap-
pear as but a tiny by-product of the historic process, a mere
detail now lost in the maelstrom of the times. Now it is
the purpose of the following paragraphs at once to point out
the error of such an attitude and to remind us that Biro-
bidjan is so outstanding, so encompassing a work of history
that it focuses the harbinger of that world order which
reason is expected to bring out of the present chaos.
This is the paramount question. Reduced to its simplest
terms, the answer to this fundamental question reads some-
thing like this: Man is and has been fighting for the inalien-
able right to work in cooperation with his fellow-workers;
for only by working can he live out his lifehumanly, that is,
both materially and culturally. Thus far the answer is in-
deed simple. But the above question is complicated by an-
other inevitable question, namely: Whom does Man fight?
Also here the answer is simple, to wit: Man fights Man;
simple but shockingly paradoxical, and. the paradox is the
stark truth.
Without venturing upon a detailed analysis of this awe-
some paradox it will serve the above indicated purpose to
illustrate how history is grappling with it right now. The
war is approaching its final conclusion with the United
Nations victorious. To common sense it would appear that
once-the war is ended peace ensues automatically, as it were.
For does not, according to sound Reason, peace mean the
cessation of men's fighting men, and their solemn resolve

to live happily together for ever after? Unfortunately, No!
The logic of history is not the same as the logic of ordinary
man. Viewed from the standpoint of history peace is the
result of bargaining; it is so among nations fighting on the
war front, and it is so within every nation fighting on the
home front.
Now to illustrate the way in which history is attacking the
foregoing paradox: The recently concluded Crimean Con-
ference of the Big Three is verily a monumental milestone
marking a decisive turning point in the course of history.
The concise and precise document embodying its resolutions
states in paragraph two of its last section: "Only with the
continuing and growing cooperation and understanding
among our three countries and among all the peace-loving
nations can the highest aspirations of humanity be realized
-a secure and lasting peace which will, in the words of the
Atlantic Charter, afford assurance that all the men in all the
lands may live out their lives in freedom from fear and
Clearly from this resolution which, mark ye well, is
phrased in conditional terms ("Only with .") one learns
that after long deliberations a formula for a lasting peace
has been agreed upon by the Big Three, notably "the as-
surance that all the men in all the lands, etc .. Ob-
viously this peace will have been attained after the prob-
lems besetting the peace-loving nations have been solved
to the satisfaction of all concerned.. And, it will be remem-
bered, these problems are in the main: The fight for free-
dom from want and the fight for equality of all men
which fight expresses itself in the. struggle against national,
racial and other discrimination.
Again, let us not lose sight of the stubborn fact that there
is not a single country in the capitalist world where the peo-,
pie, that is the common people, fully enjoy this freedom
and this equality. The big two democracies, namely, the
U.S.A. and Great Britain, are only beginning to fight for
the realization of these objectives which are still far-off
ideals. Indeed it will be remembered in this connection that
the so-called Beveridge Plan in England and the Economic
Bill of Rights in our country are meeting with almost in-
superable obstacles on their thorny road to fulfillment. And
what are these Plans and Bills if not a rudimentary way of
bargaining, of seeking a compromise peace to mitigate the
fight of the "forgotten" Man as over against the Man on
the top?
The above picture of the world situation, however abrupt