Nailebn =


Material Information

Nailebn = New life
Parallel title:
New life
Added title page title:
Physical Description:
v. : ill., ports. ; 28 cm.
Icor, Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union
Place of Publication:
New York
monthly (irregular)
completely irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Jews -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
periodical   ( marcgt )


Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
Title also in Yiddish and text largely in Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in May 1928.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Volume numbers irregular: Jan.-Oct. 1946 called v. 20, no. 1-10, Nov.-Dec. 1946 called v. 19, no. 11-12; 1947 called also v. 20.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 1937); title from cover.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 19068832
lccn - 50017200
lcc - DS101 .N25
ddc - 296
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Full Text

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Red Cross Phout

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ICOR, 1 Union Square, New York, 3. N. Y.

T113 lDpiNT11E9 T T1 117 W 1 19 "I13UU1 ,,
(4 "13"1 V3 O\u
-iE7 i1 p" n7;ity B 7 [7 1"f lr" tD' .i I W t 'pa i

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Ilyii &{?ii ,JD~;o~?iyi'B'11p "l DNYp'UnYD~Y,, poD h' ?Ii 11^


Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. M. Dubov .................................. 6
Washington, D. C.
Clara Fink ............................................ 5
Cleveland, Ohio
R. Finkelstein ...................................... 2
M. L. Olken ........................................ 2

Albany, N. Y.
M Thuroff .......................................
San Francisco, Calif.
Charles Packerman ........................
Minneapolis, Minn.
D M oses .............................................
Roxbury, Mass.
William Shevin ..................................
Garfield, N. J.
L. K am elhar .......................................
West New York, N. J.
Sam Wartzky ......................................
Seattle, Wash.
Seattle Icor Comm. ...........................
Buffalo, N. Y.
M Sum m er .......................................
Willimantic, Conn.
Jack Hller ..................................
Wishawski, Ind.
B. New m an ........................................

SBinghamton, N. Y.
P. Konick .......................................... 1
Omaha, Nebraska
A. Lewis .............................................. 1
Montrose, Calif.
M H orow itz ....................................... 1

New York Committees

2 B. W oods ........................................... 25
1 Bronx
Bronx Icor Comm. ......................... 13
1 Emma Chupack ................................. 4
Celia Rubin ......................................... 3
1 I. Levy .............................. .......... 3
Rose Arndt ......................................... 2
1 -
1 Nailebn
Sam ......................... .......... .......... 19
1 Ike Newm an ....................................... 2
Solomon Goldman ............................. 2
1 Nailebn Comm. ................................. 1
1 Birghton-Coney Island
Ph. Feider .......................................... 12
1 Israel D avis ......................................... 1

Miriam Shevin .................................... 1
Brighton Comm. ............................... 1
Jacob Freidin ................................... 5
A. Levinson ....................................... 2
Downtown Comm. ............................ 2
M L. O lken ..................................... 1
Ph. Jacobs ........................................ 1
A. Jenofsky ........................................ 1
Louis Plom ........................................ 1
I. Grossman ....................................... 3
A. Safran ..................................... 3
J. Lerner .................... ........................ 1
D. Yanishefsky ....................... ........ 1

L. Bellinson ......................................... 1
Newark, N. J.
N. Landesberg .................................. 4
TOTAL ................................381
Oct. 15 to December 15, 1943....601
Total as of January 25, 1944....982

Jewish People's Committee Leads Fight Against Anti-Semitism

ON January 12, 1943, Congressman
Samuel Dickstein introduced in the
U. S. Congress a Resolution, H. J. Res.
49, to declare non-mailable material de-
signed to cause racial or religious hatred
etc., and to provide a penalty for mail-
ing such material.
On March 29, 1943, Congressman
Walter A. Lynch introduced in the U. S.
Congress a Bill, H. R. 2328, to bar from
the mails material containing defamatory
or false statements against persons
identified or characterized therein by
race or religion, and to provide a penalty
for mailing same.
The National Board of the Jewish
Peoples Committee, aware that millions
of pieces of anti-Semitic material are
being sent through the mails and that
this material causes great harm to na-
tional unity and the war effort as well
as being responsible in great measure
for the physical attacks against Jews and
the desecration of synagogues and ceme-
teries, undertook to organize a national
campaign through national mass organ-
izations in support of these bills. Our
immediate objective was to convince
the Subcommittee of the Committee on
Post Office and Post Roads, which was
considering the bills, to hold open hear-
ing, at which representatives of organi-
zations could appear to testify.
Subsequently, at our June 6th New
York City Conference to combat Anti-
Semitism, more than 300 delegates rep-
resenting trade unions, landsman-
shaften, cultural, fraternal and other or-
ganizations and speaking in the name of
more than 200,000 New York City Jews,

tionalities are vying with each other in
deeds of heroism, fighting the enemy
with extreme self-sacrifice and deter-
Our Red Army is a unified fighting
family in which all nationalities are
knit together with bonds of friendship
that no one can ever tear apart. The
friendship of our peoples is, as Com-
rade Stalin has said, the most precious
possession given us by the Bolshevik
national policy. This friendship is the
guarantee of our victory over the Ger-
man fascist invaders.
Translated by N.N.

adopted a Resolution in support of these
measures. Congressmen Dickstein and
Lynch, sponsors of the bills, addressed
the Conference.
We contacted organizations all over
the country and asked them to support
the measures and to write to Congress-
man Samuel A. Weiss, Chairman of the
Subcommittee, and ask for open hear-
ings. We are pleased to inform you that
on November 15th and 16th open hear-
ings were held and more than fifty wit-
nesses, including representatives of the
A. F. of L. and the C. I. O., speaking
for more than twelve million organized
workers, appeared before the Subcom-
mitee. During the hearings Congress-
man Weiss announced hat he had re-
ceived more than fifteen thousand com-
munications from every .state in the
union. Among the witnesses were Pro-
testants, Catholics and Jews, Negro and
white, ministers and rabbis, trade union
leaders, leaders of national organiza-
tions, and Congressmen. Judge Perlman
for the American Jewish Congress, Max
Perlow for the Jewish Peoples Commit-
tee, and the others, testified to the fact

that this material was the chief cause
of most of the anti-Semitic outbreaks in
Boston, Hartford, Bridgeport, Pitts-
burgh, Chicago and New York, and that
it was the duty of the Congress of the
United States to see to it that the U. S.
mails should not be used as the main
medium for the spreading of this poison-
ous propaganda. To date, the Subcom-
mittee has not rendered it report.
We have been informed that many
thousands of communications have been
received by Congressman Weiss since
the hearings and we urge you to add
your voice to this swelling chorus against
race-hatred and bigotry. We suggest
you immediately send letter, telegrams
and resolutions approving H. R. 2328
and H. J. Res. 49 to Congressman
Samuel A. Weiss and your own Con-
gressman at House Office Building,
Washington, D. C.
This legislation, while it will not out-
law anti-Semitism, which must ultimately
be outlawed in the United States, will
help put a stop to the serious wave of
anti-Jewish acts. Your action may help
decide this matter favorably.

OCTOBER 16, 1943 TO JANUARY 25, 1944

Pittsburgh, Pa.
D. Gerson .......................................... 39
M Jenkins ........................................ 17
B. Chosky ........................................ 8
Pittsburgh Icor Comm. .................. 5
R. Turner .......................................... 4
M M azur .......................................... 3
S. Freedm an ...................................... 3
R. Liff ............................... ......... 1

Los Angeles, Calif.
East Side Icor Branch .................... 63
Friday Frim kiss ................................... 3
Abe Victor ........................................ 2
Zena Collins ..................................... 1
D Rabinow itz ................................ 1

Boston, Mass.
M Savin ..................................... .. 17
Boston Icor Comm. ........................... 6
M. Yellin ........................................... 3
M rs. B ush .............................. ............ 1
R. Chaim son ....................................... 1

Detroit, Mich.
Detroit Icor Committee .................. 16
S. Lipshitz ....................................... 9
Max Licht .................................. ..... 1
Philadelphia, Pa.
R. Brownstein .................................. 2
B. Y anofsky ....................................... 2
M K aelis .................................... ...... 2
Broine Stern ....................................... 2
R. Fleisher ................................. 2
Chicago, Ill.
Chicago Icor Comm. ......................... 1
D r. N adler ......................................... 8
Lakewood, N. J.
D ora A st .......................................... 6
Mrs. E. Levine ................................... 1
Sioux City, Iowa
H Gurshtel ......................................... 5
P Silver .......................................... 2




corded not by national origin but for
intelligence and bravery. One who lacks
intelligence and bravery will not ad-
vance. Let the individual-soldier or
officer-display intelligence, initiative,
and he is sure to go far, irrespective of
national origin.
Our Hligh Command holds fast to this
principle. No one will ever say that
Stalin shows preference to this or that
nationality. lie is a. father to all alike.
lie encourages and punishes in an equal
measure, according to merit; he bestows
advancement on gifted persons of any

Mother Tongue and the Russian

I wish to dwell on one more important
subject, that non-Russian fighting men
shall learn the Russian language. This
is exceedingly necessary. Without Rus-
sian it is impossible to get along in the
army. All our military rules are writ-
ten in Russian; all military orders are
written in Russian, all commands are
given in he Russian language. The
Russian language serves as the means of
communication between the peoples of
the Soviet Union. Russian is the lan-
guage of Lenin. II is in this language
that our leaders, Comrade Stalin, ad-
dreses the entire Soviet nation and
speaks to the Red Army.
It stands to reason that in the begin-
ning the knowledge of Russian will be
limited 'among the non-Russian fighting
men, and each will continue to think in
his own language. Therefore, if you
wish to transmit to them something that
should stir them, it is better to address
them in their mother-tongue. Your listen-
ers will 'immediately grasp what you
wish to convey. Their mother-tongue will
reach their heart and will transmit all
the nuances of your thought.
The study of Russian, therefore, does
not stop the educational worker from
working with non-Russian fighting men
in their own language. Do teach them
the Russian language, by all means, but
the path to the fighter's heart must be
blazed in his mother-tongue. It is a good
thing that our educational workers are
mobilized from the ranks of the same
nationalities as the fighting men.
The war requires great sacrifices from
all our nationalities, material sacrifices
as well as human. But is also forges in
our nationalities the spirit of steadfast-

ness and of civic responsibility; it
widens the horizons. They acquire a taller
stature; they emerge, as it were, upon
the world arena. Try to imagine really
how you will look when you come back
home after crushing the Germans. You
will come home new men, I would say,
men with world renown, men who realize
their direct part in shaping world his-

Preserving National Customs

Tht educational workers who spoke
here were correct in saying that each na-
tionality must be approached differently,
because members of each nationality live
in different surroundings and under
different conditions which necessarily
leave their traces on these peoples. Such
national customs, habits and ways of
life must well be taken into considera-
tion by the educational worker.
Nevertheless, I wish to state that there
is also a universal approach to all na-
tionalities. You know that with a soldier
who puts up a good fight and has a good
idea of what is going on, the educational
worker can save himself a great deal of
talk. On the other hand, where a soldier
is a poor fighter and displays faint-
heartedness, the educational worker may
say to him approximately as follows:
"Would you like that we should not
take part in this war at a time when all
other nationalities are fighting like
lions? Can we stand aside in this war?
Would you like to hear people say just
because of you alone, that our whole na-
tion consists of cowards? Just think of
it: Will it be nice that our republic
should be looked upon as a land whose
people are unable to put up a fight, are
incapable to wage war and defend them-
selves? How are we going to look other
peoples in the eyes? How will we be
able to go forward and develop our
culture? Are you alone in this war?
Everybody is in the war now, and you-
would you wish to stay out of it? Would
you prefer that we become slaves? No,
brother, I beg your pardon, this we will
never allow. It is better to die in battle
than to come home with the stain of a
coward and a traitor. The war is being
waged not for the possession of some
city or so much territory; we are fight-
ing the war because the Germans are
out to make slaves of all of us, and to
build their world domination over our
dead bodies. From the territory occu-

pied by the Germans many Soviet citi-
zens have been driven to hard labor in
Germany. Many of these people have
died of hunger and hard labor. It is this
against which we are waging war. No
longer will you say now that the war
is being fought somewhere in the west,
and it is none of our concern."

Be Proud of Your People Through
Proud Deeds

Everybody, Russians included, feels
proud of his nationality. It cannot be
otherwise, for are we not the sons of our
people? This is an important factor
which the educational worker must take
into account. We must instill in our men
Soviet patriotism, pride of nationality;
tell every fighting man of the heroic tra-
ditions of his people, his beautiful epic
lore, his literature, his great men, his
generals and warriors, his fighters for
the liberation of his people. But this
alone is not enough. The national pride
and patriotism of every fighting man
must be embodied in fighting deeds.
Every nationality has its national heroes,
let their number grow ever larger. There
is a war going on, and a war, as every-
one knows, produces heroes. Let your
work help produce brave, intrepid fight-
ers, let it increase the commanding per-
sonnel of the Red Army with members
of non-Russian fighting men.
The peoples of the Soviet Union justly
look upon the Russian nation as their
older brother; therefore, you should
have a good knowledge of the heroic
past of the Russian nation, of its national
heroes and its great personalities. You
must communicate this knowledge to the
non-Russian fighting men. This will
unite still more closely all the nationali-
ties of our land and strengthen their
friendship with ever stronger bonds.
The friendship of the peoples must
be strengthened not merely through re-
counting of past deeds. The front fur-
nishes us with many wonderful examples
of fighting ties of friendship between
fighting men of different nationalities.
Broadcast these examples far and wide;
make these facts the common property
of all the fighting men. Educational
workers can accomplish a great deal in
this direction.
The war is assuming for us an increas-
ingly favorable character. This is the
result of the common effort of the fight-
ing men of all nationalities. Our na-



"nflIL B (new Life)

Vol. XVIII, No. 2 (159) New York, N. Y., February, 1944 "'~ 219 Single Copy 10 cents
NAILEBN, I Union Square, New York 3, N. Y., Telephone ALgonquin 4-2045, published monthly by the ICOR Association for information on the
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The Soviet Union's Most Precious Possession

Is the Friendship of Its People


EDITOR'S NOTE:-The following is
taken from a speech by Mikhail Kalinin,
Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the
USSR, delivered before front-line edu-
cational workers signed to non-Russian
fighting men and officers.

W HEN the German fascists started
the war, they did not consider us
human beings; they looked upon us as
cattle. That is what they thought before.
Now that they tasted our crushing blows,
they are beginning to realize what the
Soviet Union is.
In the beginning they regarded all our
fighting men as "those Russians," now
they found out that fighters, and good
fighters at that, are not necessarily Rus-
sians alone: there are also Turkmenians.
Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Azerbajanians, and
In the beginning the Germans thought
that the Ukrainians and the Byeloruss-
ians would receive them with joy and
would rise up against the Russians. As
for the other nationalities, the Germans
did not even find it necessary to con-
sider them.
The war has demonstrated that the
Soviet Union is a unified, closely knit
family of peoples; it has shown that our
solidarity is such that the world has
never seen the like of it. Of course.
there are also negative exceptions, as for
instance, some individuals who are even
ready to work with the Germans as
village elders and the like. But these are
only isolated individuals, and for a coun-
try as large as ours their significance is
nil. The fighting men of all nationalities
represented in the Red Army defend
their fatherland with extreme self-sacri-
fice, putting up a remarkable fight and

displaying the greatest bravery and hero-
ism, something our enemies did not ex-
pect at all.
In our country everybody is in the
war. Under the Tsar's regime none of
the peoples of Central Asia, such as the
Turkmenians, the Kirghizians, the Uz-
beks and others, ever took part in the
war; they were never called into the
army to begin with. The Tsar's govern-
ment did not trust them and did not
want to train them in the arts of war.
You know full well that if the war de-
mands from the peoples great sacrifices
on the one hand, it also gives the male
population the possibility to muster the
use of arms. And a people that knows
how to make good use of arms will not
readily submit to being stepped upon.
That is why the Tsarist government
never admitted members of these na-
tionalitcs into the army, except for a
small number of land and property own-
ers, who in fact were agents of the
Tsar's government, charged with the
task of carrying out its policies among
their own people.
The Soviet government has no reason
for treating the peoples living on its
territory in a similar manner. Here all
peoples enjoy equal rights. All peoples
of the Soviet Union, even those that
have ben previously considered back-
ward, are taking part in the war, let
alone the Georgians, Armenians or the
Tartars, who participated in wars even
under the Tsar.
Indeed, it was not such an easy mat-
ter to train the populations of the na-
tional republics and regions in the arts
of war and in the use of arms. It was
only the Soviet power that was able to
cope with this task.

What Is Genuine Internationalism?
We often speak of being internation-
alists. Yet not everybody understands
what it means. Some think that by call-
ing themselves internationalists they
cease to be Russians, Jews, Uzbeks, or
the like. Such view is naive. To be an
internationalist means to respect every
nationaltiy; herein lives the crux of the
matter. Our teacher on the national
question is Comrade Stalin, who has
been directing our national policy since
many years. Even before the revolution
Stalin was Lenin's adviser on the ques-
tion of nationalities. Stalin teaches us
to value every nationality. If you treat
all nationalities with respect, then you
have the right to consider yourself a
good internationalist.
If, on the other hand, let us say, you
are a Russian and think that only every-
thing that is Russian is good, then you
are a narrow-minded Russian, not an
internationalist, you are a man of
limited views, one who cannot see
further than his nose.
The Stalinist national policy made it
possible to arouse all the peoples of our
country to rally to our patriotic war.
The Stalin policy makes heroes of all
our nationalities and it opens a wide
path for every gifted person of our land.
Indeed. any person in our Soviet land,
no matter what his national origin, once
he possesses any talent, is certain to rise
higher and higher. You know how many
exceptionally qualified officers of all na-
tionalities there are today in the Red
Army. Today they are the lieutenants,
the colonels,-tomorrow they will be
generals and marshals.
Advancements in our country are ac-