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George A. Smathers Libraries A catalogers look at the within the Baldwin Library of Historical Childrens Literature at the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries Books as games, games in books. Games and children are inseparable. Whether used for pleasure or education, games as a part of the lives of children are represented in many books. Some books are about games, some teach games, while others are games in of themselves. Oddities: Death and other strangeness. The books in this case question the boundaries of childrens literature in how they deal with death and other morbid themes. Timeline. From The Butterflys Ball and the Grasshoppers Feast (1807) to What do you do with a Tail Like This? (2003), the 32 books chosen for this display present a snapshot of the evolution of childrens literature and publishing contained in the Egolf Collection. Foreign language books. Although Dr. Egolf primarily concentrated on English language books, the titles in this case were selected from 30 in the collection that are in Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, and Russian. Bedtime reading. Snow White has a lot of time on her hands and wants to catch up on the doings of her fairy tale friends. Now that the collection is fully cataloged she can check the contents or added titles to tell which stories are in each volume.The creatorsDisplay created by: Jay Allbritton, Jane Anne Carey, Susan Constantineau, Samantha Harmon, Nicola Hill, Krissy Wilson, and Hank Young. With a great deal of assistance by Laurie Taylor, Randall Renner, Greg Allen, Barbara Hood, Mil Willis, Jennifer Farrington, and Kimball Hobbs.Dr. Robert L.EgolfCollection


The collectionIn December of 2006, Dr. Robert Egolf brought the Baldwin Library in Special Collections the start of a wonderful new collection. Dr. Egolf had been collecting childrens literature for 10 years and amassed the best of the best nineteenth and twentieth century childrens literature with an emphasis on picture books and important illustrators. Now for his collection and thought that the Baldwin Library would be an excellent caretaker of the over 2,800 volumes he wished to donate. After seeing the scope of the collection, Rita Smith, the then-curator of the Baldwin Library, was more than happy to accept this generous gift. Rita Smith has since written, It moves the Baldwin Library towards a higher level of excellence as a research archive. It is a gift that is much appreciated and a collection that offers material for productive exploration by scholars for years to come.The catalogingIn March of 2011, the Cataloging and Metadata Department took on the assignment of completing the records of about 1,000 titles and cataloging the remaining titles. By June 30th ten catalogers, with the assistance of the Special Collection staff, retrieved, evaluated, processed, cataloged, and shelved over 2,900 books. As a result of this work, the public can access a complete description of each book: who wrote and illustrated it, who printed and published it, who engraved and typed it, when and where it was made, and what it is about.The casesThis display highlights several aspects of this collection: Caldecott Award Winners. The American Library Association created the award in 1937 to honor the illustrator of picture books for children. This medal is given to The artist of the most distinguished American Picture Book for Children published in the United States during the preceding year. Autographed books. Meeting in person the author or illustrator of a favorite book can be a thrill for any collector. Sometimes these books have more than an autograph to mark the occasion. In some cases the books carry messages, original works of art, or photographs. Art of Maurice Sendak. Awarded the Caldecott Medal in 1964 for Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak books remain popular in libraries today, drawing in children and adults alike with fantastic and imaginative illustrations. A catalogers look at the Dr. Robert L. Egolf Collectionwithin the Baldwin Library of Historical Childrens Literature