"UF's Asian Students Celebrate Their Culture With A Kaleidoscope Of Events In November." November 4, 1998.


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"UF's Asian Students Celebrate Their Culture With A Kaleidoscope Of Events In November." November 4, 1998.
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Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Asian American Student Union
Independent Florida Alligator
Independent Florida Alligator
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Gainesville, FL
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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=14, ALLIGATOR,WEDNESDAY,NOVEMBER4,1998UF'sAsianStudentsCelebrateTheirCultureWithAKaleidoscopeOfEventsInNovemberForUniversityNews&InformationPre-MedStudentsCanPracticeInterviewingSkillsOnSaturdayUFstudentswhoplantoapplyto medi cal school canbrushuptheir interview skillsata Medical School Interview WorkshopSaturdayfrom10a.m.-2p.m.intheCommunicoreBuildingatthe Health Sci ence Center. Participants will be interviewed for one 15-20minutesessionbyanexperienced medical school interviewer. Scheduled in terviewers include current medical students, prehealth profeSSions adviser John LaibsonandUFparasitologyProfessorGaryRodrick. Participantsshoulddressprofessionallyandbring a resume. Spaceislimited so preregistration is required. For more informationorto register, call 338-9106orsend e-mail to freddycauf1.edu. The workshopisfree and open to allUFstudents. DegreecandidateswhohavereceivedGuaranteedStudent, StaffordorWilliamD.Ford Federal Directstudentloansmustcomplete an exit interview beforegraduation. Diplomasandtranscripts willnotbereleased tograduateswhohavenotcom pletedanexit interview. University Financial Serviceshassched uled severaldaysofexitinterviewsforgraduatingseniors with loans. Interviews areonehourinlength. The following sessions are sched uled for fallgraduates.Completeexitinterviewpackets will be mailed tostudentswithloans. Thereisnoappointmentnecessary. There will be a canned food drive throughKAl,anAsian RhythmandBluesgroupoutKaleidoscope Month with the collected will performatBroward Beach from8-10food donated to a localsoupkitchen. Canned p.m. Friday in a free concert. goods can bedroppedoffat300-5 Reitz There will be a pool tournament7-9p.m. Union. Cansshouldbe labeledwiththe ov.12in the game room of the Reitz Union, donator's name. Participantswhobring in with a trophy going to the winner. the most canned food will be eligible towinFor more information,sende-mail to: gift certificates to area businesses. asu@grove.ufl.eduorcall 392-1665, Ext.326.FirstSessionsOfRequiredStudentLoanExitInterviewsAreOnMondayAll sessions willbeheld in the Reitz Unionauditoriumonthe second floor. Monday9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m.and1:30 p.m. Tuesday-9 a.m., 10 a.m,11a.m.andnoon. Dec. 110 a.m.,11a.m., 2:30 p.m.and3:30p.m. Dec. 2-11a.m., noon, 1 p.m.and2 p.m. Dec. 32:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m.and5:30 p.m. Failure toattendanexit interview will result in a record hold that willpreventthe release of astudent'sdiplomaortranscript. For more information, call 392-0738. Eachyearscholarshipsareavailablethroughthe federally-funded National Se curity EducationProgramforgraduateandundergraduatestudents.Graduatefellowshipawardsareupto $10,000persemester. Applications for thegraduatefellowships can be obtained only from theprogram'sWeb page:athttp://www.aed.org/nseporbycalling (202) 884 8285or(800) 498-9360.Undergraduateawardsareupto $8,000persemester. Ap plications for theundergraduatescholar ships are available through the International Center, Room 123 Grinter Hall.Graduateinternational fellowshipssupportstudentswhostudyunderrepresentedlanguages, culturesandworldregionsthataredeemedcritical to United States national securityandwhowouldconsider the pos sibility of federalgovernmentservice. Ap plicantsmustbe a citizensofthe United States, enrolled in agraduatedegreeprogramorapplying to agraduatedegree programatanaccreditedU.S.collegeoruni versity located within the United States. Theprogramsmay beginnoearlier than fall 1999andnolater thansummer2000. Como' pleted applicationsmustbepostmarkedbyJan.15.TheundergraduatescholarshipsprovideAmericanundergraduateswiththere sources necessary to acquire skillsandex perience in underrepresented culturesandlanguages that are deemed critical to the future securityofthe Unite? States. TheNationalSecurityEducationProgramScholarshipsApplicaitonsAreAvailablescholarships can beappliedtostudyabroadinallcountriesexceptWesternEurope, Canada, Australia,andNewZealand.Allrecipientsofawardsthrough this programincur a service requirement. For the 1999 2000 academic year, freshmenandsopho moresareeligible forsummer,semesterandfull yearprogramswhile juniorsandseniors are eligible for semesterandfullyearprograms.Completedapplicationsmust be postmarkedbyFeb.8.PlanningGroupSeeks1999BlackHistoryMonthParticipantsEach February, UF celebrates the achieve ments of African Americans through Black History Month. The Student Government Black History Month Executive Boardisseeking campus organizations that would like to participateinthe1999celebration. Interested groups can call 392-1665,Ext.459for more information. Themonthof ovemberisAsian Kalei doscope Month at UF, a month dedicated to showcasing Asian culture for the UF com munity. The following events have been sched uled. There will be an information fair Thursdayat the Reitz Union Colonnade from11a.m.-2 p.m. Organizations scheduled to be represented include the Asian Student Union and the six umbrella organizationsunderthat organization, including Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, Japanese and Vietnam esestudentgroups along with the Atlantic Coast Asian American Student Union, the IndianStudentAssociation, UF Shotokan Karate, Students Taking Action Against Rac ism, Asian and Pacific American Law StudentAssociationandthe Hispanic Student Association.Alleventsarefreeandopento the pllblicunlessotherwisenoted.Foracompletelisting of university events, pointyourwebbrowserto UF's homepageatIzttp://lll1tJw.Ilf!.edllandclickonEvents.theStudentGovernmentMulticulturalAffairs Cabinet. (CO TACT: 392-7456) UNIVERSITY JAZZ BAND CONCERT, 8 p.m., University Auditorium, with conduc tor Gary Langford.(CaNTACT:392-0223) FRIDA YNov. 6"THESTATEOFDEMOCRATICTRANSITIONINMOZAMBIQUE,"3 p.m.,471Grinter Hall,withCarrie Man ning of Georgia State University,partoftheAfricanStudiescolloquiumseries.(CONTACT: 392-2187) SATURDAY Nov. 7 "TRIOCOLLAGE," 8 p.m., University Auditorium, featuring music facultymembers Janna Loweronviolin, MarkTanneroncelloandKevin Sharpeonpiano, pre sentedbytheUFmusic department. (CO TACT: 392-0223) SUNDAY Nov. 8 BUCHHOLZ BIO TREK#2,1-4 p.m., FloridaMuseumofatural History, studentsfrom BuchholzHighSchool display their classroom collectionofanimals. (CO TACT: 846-2000)MONDAYNov. 9MICROBIOLOGYANDCELLSCIENCE SEMINAR, 4 p.m., MicrobiologyandCell Science Building Room 1042, "ATP DependentProtein Degradation: Threading a CamelThroughthe Eye of a eedle," with John M. Flanagan of the Brookhaven ational Laboratory.(CaNTACT:392-4095)"MANAGINGTHECITRUSBUDWOODFOUNDATIONGROVEINIMMOKALEE," 4:05 p.m.,2316Fifield Hall, with Bob Rouse,anassociate professor with the Southwest Florida ResearchandEduca tion Center in Immokalee,partof the horti cultural sciencesdepartmentseminarse ries. (CO TACT: 392-1928, Ext. 203)"THECRAESARE FLYING," 7 p.m.,210Florida Gym,partof the 1998 Russian film series. (CO TACT: 392-2101) UFMUSICDEPARTMENTGUESTARTIST RECITAL, 8 p.m., University Au ditorium, with pianist Stella Sungandflut ist Donna Winger. (CO TACT: 392-0223)Nov. 4Nov. 10CAMPUS g DIGESTThe first orientation meeting for the 1999summerstudyprograminMoscow, Russia is 4 p.m.Thursdayin 233DauerHall. Participants can receiveupto nine credit hours during the Summer B session, June 28 Aug.6.Three elective credits can beawardedin addition to six credits of Russian language. Classes are available for beginners, interme diateandadvanced students. For more information, call 392-5206or392-2101 Ext. 220.MoscowSummerStudyOrientationIs4P.M.ThursdayWEDNESDAY Nov. 4GRADUATEANDPROFESSIONALSCHOOLSDAY, 10 a.m.-2p.m., Reitz UnionColonnade,representativesfrom nearly60schools willbein attendance to offerstudentsinformationontheirgraduate programs.(CaNTACT: 392-8258)"MAMABENZ: AN AFRICAN MAR KETWOMAN,"noon,471Grinter Hall, a portrait of awomantraderwhopresides over the cloth marketinLome, Togo,partof the African Studiesfilmseries. (CO TACT: 392-2187) BOTANY COLLOQUIUM, 4 p.m.,211Bartram Hall, "Surf-zone Diatoms:OnMicroscopes, HelicoptersandLong Moonlit Beaches,"withEileen Campbell of the Uni versityofPortElizabeth,SouthAfrica.(CaNTACT: 392-4234)INTERDISCIPLINARYREPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGYGROUPSEMINAR, 4p.m.,BarronConferenceRoomM304, Health Science Center, "Role of ProteasesandTheir Regulation in Angiogenesis," with RoyTarnuzzerresearch assistant pro fessor of medicineandendocrinology&metabolism. (CONTACT: 392-9566) "TROUBLE IDENTITIES: REPRESEN TATION,CROSS-DRESSING,ANDTHECONSTRUCTIONOF GENDERINROCOCOVISUAL CULTURE," 4 p.m.,ArtConference Room, with MelissaHyde,assistantprofessorofartandarthistory. (CONTACT: 392-3365)"COMMUNITYDEVELOPMENTANDDEPOT AVENUE STORMWATER PARK," 5:30-9 p.m., Matheson Historical Center, 513E.University Ave., citizenparticipationandinputused to create goals for the sustainableredevelopmentofthe DepotAvenue/SouthDowntownareaofGainesville,sponsoredbythe UF Center for ConstructionandEnvironment. (CO TACT: 392-9092) THURSDAY -ov.5MICROBIOLOGYANDCELLSCIENCE SEMINAR,noon-lp.m., Microbiol ogy and Cell Science Building Room 1042,"ComparativeAnalysis of the Protozoan PathogensNeosporacaninumandToxoplasma gondii,"with DanielHoweof Washington University.(CaNTACT: 392-4095)MOVIESONTHELAWN,7p.m.,Broward Beach, "Amistad," presented by