"Graceful display." November 28, 1995.


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"Graceful display." November 28, 1995.
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Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Independent Florida Alligator
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Weinform.Youdecide.By Nik RobinsonAlligator Writerehw "Mea soutoffcialsAfter sponsoringtheJim Rose Circus Side showattheFloridaTheatre,Student GovernmentProductions isunderfire for its procedures someUFadministratorsandStudentGovernment officials. Student Body President Kevin Mayeux saidhewas not awarethatSGP was sponsoring the sideshow. "I didn't even knowthatwe were bringing Jim Rose," Mayeux said. "Nowthere really iratemembersofthecommumty.TheNov. 8 sideshow featured actssuchasa man who eats glass and bugs, a man who lifts a cinder block with his nipples andanother_ man who actsasa humandartboard. At one point, a man lifted two ho.useh?ld irons with his penis, violating a Gamesvillc ordinancethatprohibits public nudity. Reitz Union Director David Kratzer said SGP officials did not doaproperbackgroundcheckon the sideshow.Ifthey had,hesaid SGPwould have knownthatthemanwas likely to expose himself andthathehad inthepast. "SGP said they didn't knowthat(he was going to expose himself),butother.stu.dents who haveseentheshow before saidItha'happened -before," Kratzer said. Kratzer who works closely with SGP,haskept a dfalogue withtheagency, es pecially since moshinghasbeenbannedfrom UF concerts. He said SGPneedsto more carefully review the history oftheentertainersthatitbringstotheschool. ''Therehastobeproperchecksdone be cause it is a University of Florida contract (that we sign),"hesaid. "My only problem isthatI want to make suretheyaredoingtheproperbackgroundcheckson bands." Complaints abouttheshow led togripesaboutotheraspects of,SG.P.. Mayeux saidthe concert-1?ookmg orgam.za tion overlooksthefactthatit is an executive agency of SG. ". "Itseemssome people in SGP don tthmkthatthey are apartofStudentGovernment," Mayeux said. "They've shown a lack ofrespectfor UF administrators.Theyirritate key ad ministrators. Although SGP Ron broughtrecentconflIcts between .UF s admmlstration,and SGP tothepublIc forefront, Mayeux said hismethodsmaybetoo over whelming. "(Opaleski) definitely standshisground, Mayeux said. "He'sbroughtattention oftheinflexibility oftheadministration onthe ing issue. But youpushthings to acertampoint andthenyou have to stop." Opaleski saidhewas 'not aware problems still lingered. "Ithoughtit was a dead issue before Thanks giving," Opaleski said. "We've already had meetings with Art Sandeen and Dave Kratzer.Ifthey want to have more meetings, we'll do it again." Kratzer saidtheproblems canberesolved. 'We cangetthisbackontrackandensureseeREGENTS,page4thatwe're doingourjob." .NUMBER 66Published by Campus Communications, Inc. of Gainesville, Florida BULKRATE us POSTAGE: PAlDtheindependentfloridatheRegents' power, andsomehavebeenpush ing fora more autonomous governing structure forthestate's schools.AbitofhistoryTheBoard of Regents, in itspresentform, was created in 1965 bytheFlorida Legislature after six schools wereadded totheexistingthreecolleges intheSUS during a nine-year span.Theboardbeganwith ninemembersandgraduallygrewto 14 asthesize ofthe S.uS schools grew. A post-WorldWarII populatIOn explosionmadeitnecessaryto expandtheboard Theboard'spredecessor,theBoard of Con trol wascreatedin 1905 to govern Florida's schools, which atthetime includedtheUniversity oftheState of Florida in Gainesville,theFlorida Agricultural and Mechanical and Florida State' College for Women,both m Tallahassee.Problems,whatproblems?Ithasbeensuggestedinthepastthata UF split fromtheSUS would create abettersituation for UF's future.Italsohasbeensuggestedthata different university system, likethoseinotherstates would allow UF toreachan elite levelthatincludes schools liketheUniversity of Michigan andtheUniversity of North Carolina. But Stonecipher saidtherearenochangesneededin this system. ''Thishasservedthestate of Florida well for 90 years, thissortofgovernmentstructure,"hesaid. "Every institution canusea good look periodically,butstatesthathave different systemsalso don't haveasgood a systemaswe do. ''The states with really good universities haveVOLUME 89PatMongo GaineQville,FL University0fFlorida PERMIT #29UPLibraryEastRoom 7GainesvilleFL32611cNot officially associated with the University of FloridaGracefuldisplay. .. ..Membersofthe Chinese American StudentASSOCiationperform a traditional SilkFanDance Monday evening during Asian Showcase1995,presentedbythe Asian Student Unioninthe University Auditorium.By Kathy BushouseAlligator Staff Writer As tales of UFPresidentJohnLombardi's troubles with his employers,thestate Board of Regents, unfold daily inthe of news papers, one questionremams m themmdsof many.Justwhat exactly dotheRegents,the14-memberpanelthatoverseesFlorida's public univer sities do forhighereducation inthestate? Regents serveasthegoverningboardfortheState University System, which is comprised of Florida's 10 public universities, said Regents spokesman Alan Stonecipher. meanstheysetmajor policy fortheschools, preparebudgetrequeststhatgo tothelegislature,selectuniver sitypresidentsand evaluate programrequestsateachschool toensureprogramsdo not over lap. Oftheboard's14members,12areappointed in six-yearstaggeredtermsbythegovernor,onestudentregentis appointed bythegovernor every year,andthestate'scommissioner of education fillsthelastposition.TheRegents are ledbya chairman, a position currently held byJamesHeekin Jr. of Orlando, whothenreports to SUS Chancellor Charles Reed.Thegovernorisatthetop ofthepower structure.TheRegents insistthereis nobetterway torun the state's schools.Theyarguethatithasworked for a long time and will continue to work, andthatmanyothersuccessful public universi ties have workedunder simil;:tr systems. Buttheaftermath of Lombardi's problems withtheRegentshascreatedfeelings of doubt aboutthecurrentsystem. State legislationhasrecentlybeenproposed to take awaysomeof.Lombardi's troubles rousequestionsabout. RegentsESDAY ----'''EMBER 28,1995