Asian Awareness Week advertisement, November 17, 1992


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Asian Awareness Week advertisement, November 17, 1992
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Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Mixed Material
Asian American Student Union
Independent Florida Alligator
Independent Florida Alligator
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Gainesville, FL
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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She talks to me a lot about howtosetcertain hitters. She knows when I'm getting frustrated." Aggertt saidshehopes to someday step into that leadership roleaswell. Aggertt was the team captainhersenior season at Jacksonville (Ill.) High School, wheresheset school records forcareerkills and assists."Ithink Iwillgeta lot more comfortabl with it (leading) as the season goes on," Aggertt said. "It's something that comes with time.Inthe Spring season, I'm going togeta lot of practice. I'm tarting to think I'll be ready." justhanginthere."AggerttsaidsheadmiresAnderson's abilitytohold the team together emotionally.TUESDAY,NOVEMBER f7, 1992,AlliGATOR,15Majors'. Basketball coach Don DeVoe's 1989 forced resignation brought him only his base salary $72,345 ayearduring the27months left on his contract. Majors' predecessor, Bill Battle, resigned under firein1976 with the university recommendinghereceive only the $48,000 salaryhewas due for the one year remaining on his contract. Dickey said Majors "did notchoosetoacceptcontinuingemployment at the universityinany way." "He saidhedid not choosetodothat. He wouldratherhave the freshman outside hitter Meg Fitzgerald. "Missy's going tobeoursetterthe next three years." Aggertthasnot made the impact that fellowfreshmenFitzgerald,Aycan Gokberk and Chanda Stebbins have made. Butshehasreceivedasubstantialamount of playing time. "Lots of times, I'll play the secondorthird game," Aggertt said. "I make sure I watch Heidi toseehowshehandles certain situations." Anderson keeps an eye onherheirapparent, too. She noticed Aggerlt was upset after an Oct.11match against Mississippi. "She thoughtifwe were goingtolose the game it would beherfault," Anderson said. "I just toldhershehas time to learn andtohead football coach past this cur rent season."Theletter said Majors' "decisiontoretire is voluntary on your part." It also said Majorswillgeta lump-sum payment of $600,000 onorbefore Dec.3l. "It's generally the amount of moneyhewould have madeifhehad remained as the coach over the remaining two years (of his contract),"Dickey said Monday. Majors' base salary is $96,000.Therest is largely income from radio and television.Theuniversityhasn'tex perienced a contract buyout before ofanywherenearthesizeofBut come next year, it will be Aggertt's turninthe spotlight. 'We didn't expecthertobeat Heidi's level whenshecame in," UF coach Mary Wise said. "But startinginthe spring, she's calling the shots. It'shershow." Aggertt has had a taste ofherfuture roleinrecent games. In the Gators' final home matchSundayagainstMississippiState, Aggertt set the middle game of UF's15-2,15-10,15-1victory. She finished with15assiststoAnderson's13.Thestatistic is a bit mislead ing. UF's hitting efficiency withAggerttAggerttinthe game was .085.InAnderson's two games, the figures were .615 and .455. But UF's players aren't complaining."Ilike it when Missy comes in," said three-game losing streak,heartsurgery, erosion of support and timing.Theletterwas from athletic director Doug Dickey and UT ex ecutive vice president Emerson Fly. Majorssignedit, acknowledginghereceived itandap provedit.Copies wenttoUT president JoeJohnsonand Knoxville campus chancellor William Snyder.Theletter was datedNov.13.That same day Majors told a news conferenceinMemphishewas stepping down "since I have not been given the opportunity by theUTadministrationtoremain asrttpatientlywaitstobecomeUs'retires'fromTennessee,receives$600,000EllETHRESHERgator Wnteri the understudy. setter, Heidi Anderson, ight while adding toherord withtheGatorvolertt is spendingherfresh bench taking notes. f the big ways to learn is said. "During the recruit -now you can gotoa school bably going to start. 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