Vodou songs in Haitian Creole and English = Chante Vodou and kreyòl ayisyen ak angle : Book Record and Book Cover

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Vodou songs in Haitian Creole and English = Chante Vodou and kreyòl ayisyen ak angle : Book Record and Book Cover
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Haitian Creole
Hebblethwaite, Benjamin
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Temple University Press
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Latin American/Caribbean Studies
Folk songs, Creole -- Haiti
Folklore -- Haiti
Popular music -- Haiti
Songs, Creole -- Haiti -- Translations into English
Haiti -- Social life and customs


Vodou Songs in Haitian Creole and English. Chante Vodou an kreyòl ayisyen ak angle. With the editorial assistance of Joanne Bartley, Chris Ballengee, Vanessa Brissault, Erica Felker-Kantor, Andrew Tarter, Quinn Hansen, and Kat Warwick. "Benjamin Hebblethwaite’s Vodou Songs in Haitian Creole and English is an extraordinary compilation of the sacred oral traditions of Haiti. Hebblethwaite brings the combined talents of an ethnographer and linguist to the translation and interpretation of over six hundred Vodou songs, spanning several decades, contexts, and moods. Many are from important collections that have never been published. Accompanying this remarkable project is a hundred-page dictionary of Vodou terms, which will be an invaluable resource for students of Haitian culture and religion." —Joseph M. Murphy, Georgetown University, author of Working the Spirit: Ceremonies of the African Diaspora. Vodou songs constitute the living memory of Haitian Vodou communities, and song texts are key elements to understanding Haitian culture. Vodou songs form a profound religious and cultural heritage that traverses the past and refreshes the present. Offering a one-of-a-kind research tool on Vodou and its cultural roots in Haiti and pre-Haitian regions, Vodou Songs in Haitian Creole and English provides a substantial selection of hard to find or unpublished sacred Vodou songs in a side-by-side bilingual format. Esteemed scholar Benjamin Hebblethwaite introduces the language, mythology, philosophy, origins, and culture of Vodou through several chapters of source songs plus separate analytical chapters. He guides readers through songs, chants, poems, magical formulae, invocations, prayers, historical texts and interviews, as well as Haitian Creole grammar and original sacred literature. An in-depth dictionary of key Vodou terms and concepts is also provided. This corpus of songs and the research about them provide a crucial understanding of the meaning of Vodou religion, language, and culture.
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Contents: Acknowledgments ; 1. The World of Vodou Songs • Benjamin Hebblethwaite ; 2. Historical Songs • Benjamin Hebblethwaite ; 3. Jacques Roumain's, Werner A. Jaegerhuber's and Jean Price-Mars’s Songs • Benjamin Hebblethwaite ; 4. Milo Marcelin’s Songs • Benjamin Hebblethwaite and Joanne Bartley ; 5. Laura Boulton’s Songs • Benjamin Hebblethwaite and Joanne Bartley ; 6. J.L.’s Songs • Benjamin Hebblethwaite and Chris Ballengee ; 7. Benjamin Hebblethwaite’s Songs • Benjamin Hebblethwaite ; 8. Harold Courlander’s Songs • Benjamin Hebblethwaite and Erica Felker-Kantor ; Appendix A: Dictionary of Vodou Terms • Benjamin Hebblethwaite, with contributions from Joanne Bartley, Andrew Tarter, Quinn Hansen and Kat Warwick ; Appendix B: Outline of Haitian Creole Grammer • Benjamin Hebblethwaite and Vanessa Brissault ; Notes ; References ; Index ; Photo Gallery
The first comprehensive collection of Vodou sacred literature in bilingual form.
Benjamin Hebblethwaite is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at the University of Florida. He is the coeditor (with Jacques Pierre) of Arthur Rimbaud's prose poem, Une saison en enfer / Yon sezon matchyavèl.

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