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Monthly list of publications
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February 1915
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r 1>r

This circular will be sent regularly to al who apply for it.

united States Department of Agriultu


" r

WAsmHINroN, D. C., Febrry n,




[FEBRUARY, 1915.]

No publications are sold by the Department of Agriculture; therefore do
Mt send money to this office.
Copies of any of the publications listed herein, except the Journal of Agri-
cultural Research and publications of the Weather Bureau, may be obtained
fee upon application to the Editor and Chief of the Division of Publications,
United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., as long as the
department's supply lasts.
When this department's supply Is exhausted, publications can be obtained
on the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing f08ce, Wash-
Ington, D. C,, by purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.
Send all remittances to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His
office is not a part of the Department of Agriculture.


For the convenience of the general public, coupons that are good until used in
change for Goverment publications sold by the Superintendent of Documents may
t purchased from his office in sets of 20 for $1.


Annual Reports of the Department of Agriculture for the year ended June 30, 1914,
Report other Secretary, with Reports of Heads of the several branches of the depart-
ment. Pp. 359. Price, 40 cents. No copies available for distribution through
the Department.

Annual Report of the Guam Agricultural Experiment Station, for 1914.
gs. 6. Feb. 26, 1915. Price, 10 cents.
Annual Report of the Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station for 1914.
Feb. 20, 1915. Price, 10 cents.

Pp. 27, pls. 5,

Ppc 73, pla. 3.

Journal of Agricultural Research. Vol. 3, No. 5. February, 1915. Contents: Life
History of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly from the Standpoint of Parasite Introduc-
tion. By E, A. Back and C. E. Pemberton.-Relation of Simultaneous Ovulation
to the Production of Double-Yolked Eggs. By Maynie R. Curtis.-Brachysm, a
Hereditary Deformity of Cotton and Other Plants. By O. F. Cook.--Ability of
Colon Bacilli to Survive Pasteurization. By S. Henry Ayers and W. T. John-
m, jr.--Fittin Logarithmic Curves by the Method of Moments. By John Rice
ner.--Orgamic Phosphoric Acid of Rice. By Alice R. Thompson.-Two Clover
Anhida BRv Edith M. Patrh Pn_ .34.-3. nr. xliv-lxii. fies. 3. Price. 25 cents.


D *





These conta only information, instructions, and notices governing the enforcement of the pure food
and quarantine laws, and the various regulations of the department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus.
Free distribution is limited to persons in the employ of the department, to public officials whose duties
render it necessary for them to have such information, to journals especially concerned, and to manu-
facturers and firms whose business is affected by same. Others desirmg copies are respectfully referred
to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, who has them for sale only, at 5 cents
per copy.

Bureau of Animal Industry.

Bureau of Chemistry.
ment. Feb. 14, 1915.

January, 1915.

Pp. 1-20.

September, 1914, Supplement.

No. 93.

Pp. 691-738.

Feb. 18, 1915.

No. 9, Supple-

Insecticide and Fungicide Board.
93-108. No. 7. Feb. 10, 1915.

October, November, and December, 1914.

Federal Horticultural Board.
Office of Markets. Pp. 13-15.

No. 2.

1915. Pp. 1-6.
Feb. 13, 1915.

No. 12.

Feb. 20, 1915.


Soil Survey of Goodhue County, Minnesota. By William G. Smith, H. L. Westover,
B. D. Gilbert, and N. M. Kirk. Pp. 34, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1913.)
Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Orangeburg County, South Carolina. By J. H. Agee, E. C. Hall, R. B.
Hardison, J. O. Veatch, and L. Cantrell. Pp. 39, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils,
1913.) Price, 15 cents.

Soil Survey of Boone County
(From F. O. Soils, 1913.)

, West Virginia.
Price, 15 cents.


. J. Latimer.

Pp. 26, fig. 1, map.


Highway Bonds: A Compilation of Data and an Analysis of Economic Features Affect-
ing Construction and Maintenance of Highways Financed by Bond Issues, and the
Theory of Highway Bond Calculations. By Laurence I. Hewes, Chief, Economics
and Maintenance, and James W. Glover, Professor of Mathematics and Insurance,
University of Michigan, Collaborator, Office of Public Roads. Pp. 136, pls. 9.
Contribution from the Office of Public Roads. Feb. 12, 1915. (Department Bul-
letin 136.) Price, 25 cents.
The department has no copies of this bulletin in stock. It can be secured through the Office of the
Superintendent of Documents only. Send all remittances to that official direct and not to this Office.
The Eastern Hemlock. By E. H. Frothingham, Forest Examiner. Pp. 43, pls. 5.
Contribution from the Forest Service. Feb. 3, 1915. (Department Bulletin 152.)
Price, 10 cents.
This bulletin describes the more important characteristics of hemlock, presents tables of its volume
and rate of growth, and gives the chief facts regarding its utilization.

ant, Truck Crop and
bution from the Bu
(Department Bulleti
Gives directions for the

as an Insect Fumigant. By A. B. Duckett,
Stored Product Insect Investigations. Pp. 7
lreau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.)
n 167.) Price, 5 cents.

Scientific Assist-
, pls. 2. Contri-
Feb. 10, 1915.

use of para-dichlorobenzene both as an insecticide and as a fumigant.

Injury by Disinfectants to Seeds and Roots in Sandy Soils.
ogist, Investigations in Forest Pathology. Pp. 35, p1_

By Carl Hartley, Pathol-
i. 1, figs. 2. Contribution

** *

The Production and Consumption of Dairy Products.
Contribution from the Bureau of Crop Estimates.
Bulletin 177.) Price, 5 cents.

By Eugene Merritt. Pp. 19.
Feb. 15, 1915. (Department

This bulletin outlines the changes in the geographic distribution of the dairy industry and gives infor-
mation concerning the consumption of dairy products on farms and in cities. It is of special interest to
those engaged in any phase of dairying or in the distribution of dairy products.
Agricultural Alcohol: Studies of Its Manufacture in Germany. By Edward Kremers,
Special Agent, Plant Physiological and Fermentation Investigations. Pp. 35. Con-
tribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.) Feb. 2, 1915.
(Department Bulletin 182.) Price, 5 cents.
This report brings out the fact that the success of agricultural alcohol in Germany is the result of long-
continued experimentation, backed by a determination on the part of those high m authority that the
project should succeed.

Method of Fumigating Seed. By E. ]
tural Board, and Lon A. Hawkins, Plas
mentation Investigations. Pp. 6, figs
mology and Bureau of Plant Industry.
Price, 5 cents.

R. Sasscer, Chief Inspector. Federal Horticul-
Lnt Physiologist, Plant Physiological and Fer-
. 2. Contribution from the Bureau of Ento-
Feb. 27, 1915. (Department Bulletin 186.)

Fumigation by the method described in this bulletin was found to kill insects without injury to the
seed and with a considerably shorter exposure than is necessary in the usual method of seed fumigation.

Preliminary Census of Birds of the
Biologist. Pp. 11, fig. 1. Contr
Feb. 11, 1915. (Department Bull

United States.
ibution from the
etin 187.) Price,

By Wells W. Cooke, Assistant
Bureau of Biological Survey.

5 cents.

This bulletin is a preliminary report on the number and relative abundance of wild birds.
the information of those interested in the protection and increase of birds.

Insects Injurious to Foresi
Eastern United States,
Snyder, Entomological
ple. III-XVII. figs. 1:
mology.) Price, 20 cen

It is for

ts and Forest Products. II. Biology of the Termites of the
with Preventive and Remedial Measures. By Thomas E.
Assistant, Forest Insect Investigations. Pp. v+13-85,
I. Feb. 17, 1915. (Bulletin 94, Part 2, Bureau of Ento-



Describes injuries done to telegraph and telephone poles and bridge timbers by the "white ant"
and suggests methods of prevention.

Contents and Index to Bulletin 115, Bureau of Entomology
5, 1915. Price, 5 cents.

Contents and Index to Technical Series No.

Feb. 13, 1915.

. Pp. xi+183-186.

27, Bureau of Entomology

Price, 5 cents.


. Pp. xi+111-

Grasses and Forage Plants of Hawaii.
ols. 9. Feb. 20. 1915. (Bulletin

'ice, 15 cents.


By C. K. McClelland, Agronomist. Pp. 43,
, Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station.)

Ammonification and Nitrification in Hawaiian Soils. By W. P. Kelley, Chemist.
Pp. 52. Feb. 25, 1915. (Bulletin 37, Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station.)
Price, 10 cents.

Fungus Diseases of Coffee in Porto Rico.
29, pls. 8. Feb. 9, 1915. (Bulletin 17
tion.) Price, 10 cents.


rules and Regulations of
ton Futures Act of August
the Secretary.) Price, 5

How To Kill and Bleed Mar
T .nb+nnrov nrl A IT M P

By G. L. Fawcett, Plant Pathologist. Pp.
, Porto Rico Agricultural Experiment Sta-

the Secretary of Agriculture under the United States Cot-
. 18, 1914. Pp. 24. Feb. 11, 1915. (Circular 46, Office of
ket Poultry. By M. E. Pennington, Chief Food Research
fln+,o Pni ha 19 ^ro nAR+rnn~ P0nk lT A 10Th



A 3 1262 08ill53 lillI132IIIlNE
b 3 1262 08853 1362

Tomato Grow' in the South. By H.. .
cultural and Pomological Investigations.
Bureau of Plant Industry. Feb. 8, 1915.

n, Horticulturist
, A6. 9. Contri
ers' Bll"en 642.

SOffiece of Herti-
bution from the

Of spal iterest to tuck grow md members of nin in the South.

Crimson Clover: Seed Production. By J. Westgat, A
Clover Investigation, Office of Forage-Crop Invstigations.
tribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Feb. 19, 19

agronomist in (
Pp. 13. figs.
115. (Farmers'

Charge of
13. Con-

This bulletin is aapdted primarily to the assn-ea ection, p thoe rtea -t a or the United
Stats south of Pennyvania.

Alfalfa Attacked by the Clover-Root Curcul

and Forage Insect Invetigations.
Entomoloy. Feb. 27, 1915. (F

Pp. 8
warmer '

io. By F. M. Webster, In Charge of Cereal
, figs. 6 Contribution from the Bureau of
Bulletin 649.)

In this bulletin attention ib directed to the serious injury to clover and .tlfauwed tbe -
root curalio, and a description of the nsect, its feeding habits, and remedial and pr
ixiden+iir ^

b. 6. 1915.





(Farmers' Bulletin 651.)



Contents: Lirve stock on farms, January 1915.-Live-stock values per heYearly ma of
live stock.-Effect of war upon exports of horses.-Foot-and-mouth dsese.-Stock of potato January
I, 1915.- Fall seedings in cotton States.-Crop-value comparisons.-Trend of prices of am products.-
Apple cold-storage holdings and the market.-Production of upland long-staple coon. st
number on farms and value of domestic animals (tables).-Prices of farm products (tae).- te




Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the Chief of the W~ther utesa the
Superintendent of Documents, Government printing Office, at the price no hern.
National Weather and Crop Bulletin, No. 2, February, 1915, reporting temperate
rainfall, and crop conditions throughout he United States. (Iud weekly, on
Tuesday, April to October; monthly remainder of year.) Price, 25 cts a y .

Snow and Ice Bulletina for February 2,

16. 23.

These bulletins are ed weekly

during the winter season, based upon data from regular Weather Beau tt
supplemented by from selected cooperative observers. Pce, 25 ct a


Jos. A A ArMo,
Edior and Chkif Division of Publcctous.



".. "


~;, F
I 1
~ E": "E




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