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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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January 1915
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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Thi circular will be sent regularly to all who apply for it.

United States Department of Agriculture,

WASHINGTON, D. C., January 30, 1915.


.. [JANUARY, 1915.]

No publications are sold by the Department of Agriculture; therefore do
not send money to this office.
Copies of any of the publications listed herein, except the Journal of Agri-
eultural Research and publications of the Weather Bureau, may be obtained
free upon application to the Editor and Chief of the Division of Publications,
flited States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., as long as the
department's supply lasts.
when this department's supply is exhausted, publications can be obtained
from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash-
Ington, D. C., by purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.
Send all remittances to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His
office Is not a part of the Department of Agriculture.
For the convenience of the general public, coupons that are good until used in
echan ge for Government publications sold by the Superintendent of Documents
may be purchased from his office in sets of 20 for $1.

Deeritin of Some Weevils Reared from Cotton in Peru. By W. Dwight Pierce,
.ntomological Assistant, Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 16, pis. 2, figs. 6. Con-
ttibution from the Bureau of Entomology. Jan. 25, 1915. (Report No. 102, Office
of the Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.

Journal f. Agricultural Research. Vol. 3. No. 4. January, 1915. Contents:
Observations on the Life History of Agrilus bilineatus. By Royal N. Chapman.-
Effect of Dilution upon the Infectivity of the Virus of the Mosaic Disease of To-
bacco. By H. A. Allard.-Moldiness in Butter. By Charles Thorn and R. IE.




NoTE.-Contain information, instructions, and notices of a regulatory nature. Issued monthly by
certain bureaus. Free distribution limited to individuals, firms, establishments, and journals espe-
cially concerned. Others desiring copies may obtain them from the Superintendent of Documents,
Government Printing Office, at 5 cents each.

Bureau of Animal Industry.

December, 1914.


. No. 92.

Jan. 26, 1915.



Jan. 11, 1915.





. Supple-

Bureau of Chemistry.
ment. Jan. 14, 1915.
Bureau of Chemistry.

August, 1914.


December, 1914.

Pp. 637-686.


No. 8.


Jan. 25, 1915.

Federal Horticultural Board.

December, 1914.


No. 11.

22, 1915.

Office of Markets.

Pp. 1-11.

No. 1.

Jan. 19, 1915.


Soil Survey of Washington County, Texas.
L. Cantrell, and L. V. Davis. Pp. 31, fig.
Price, 15 cents.


Meyer, ]
(From F.

0. Eckmann,
. Soils, 1913.)


Correlating Agriculture with the Public School Subjects in the Southern States. By
C. H. Lane, Chief Specialist in Agricultural Education, and E. A. Miller, Assistant
in Agricultural Education. Pp. 41, figs. 9. Contribution from the Office of Exper-
iment Stations. Jan. 21, 1915. (Department Bulletin 132.) Price, 10 cents.
This bulletin is prepared especially for the use of rural school teachers in the Southern States.
The Effect of the Cattle Tick Upon the Milk Production of Dairy Cows. By T. E.
Woodward, W. F. Turner, Dairy Division, and Cooper Curtice, Zoological Division.
Pp. 22, figs. 6. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry. Jan. 16, 1915.
(Department Bulletin 147.) Price, 5 cents.
Cows carrying ticks did not hold up so well in milk flow as the cows kept free from ticks and did not
increase their flow of milk when the feed was increased, as did the tick-free cows.
Utilization of the Fish Waste of the Pacific Coast for the Manufacture of Fertilizer.
By J. W. Turrentine, Scientist in Soil Laboratory Investigations. Pp. 71, p1s. 6.
Contribution from the Bureau of Soils. Jan. 23, 1915. (Department Bulletin 150.)
Price, 15 cents.
This bulletin discusses the utilization of fish waste in the salmon-canning and similar industries on the
Pacific Coast as a source of fertilizer material.
Forest Planting in the Eastern United States. By C. R. Tillotson, Forest Examiner.
Pp. 38, pls. 7. Contribution from the Forest Service. Jan. 28, 1915. (Department
Bulletin 153.) Price, 10 cents.
This bulletin is suited to conditions in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey, New York, and all the New England States.
The Life History of the Lodgepole Pine in the Rocky Mountains. By D. T. Mason,
Assistant District Forester, District 1. Pp. 35, pls. 5, fig. 1. Contribution from the
Forest Service. Jan. 14, 1915. (Department Bulletin 154.) Price, 10 cents.

Tillage and Rotation Experiments at Nephi,
distant, Office of Cereal Investigations. I
Bureau of Plant Industry. Jan. 21, 1915.

Utah. By P. V. Cardon, Scientific As-
'p. 45, figs. 21. Contribution from the
(Department Bulletin 157.) Price, 5

This bulletin should be of interest to agronomists and to dry-land farmers, particularly in the Great
Basin area.

Soils of the Sassafras Series.

pls. 9, fig. 1.
Bulletin 159.)

Contribution f

By J. A. Bonsteel, Scientist in Soil Survey. Pp. 52,
rom the Bureau of Soils. Jan. 14, 1915. (Department

Price, 15 cents.

The Atlantic Coastal Plain from the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay to the western end of Long
Island contains the soils of this series, and it is to farmers within this region living on the low-lying ter-
races which border the chief tidewater estuaries and the ocean that this bulletin is of special interest.
Cactus Solution as an Adhesive in Arsenical Sprays for Insects. By M. M. High, En-
tomological Assistant, Truqk Crop and Stored Product Insect Investigations. Pp.
20. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.) Jan. 22,
1915. (Department Bulletin 160.) Price, 5 cents.
This bulletin describes the use of cactus solution as an adhesive in the application of arsenical sprays
against the belted cucumber beetle. It is applicable to regions where prickly pear is easily obtainable
for the treatment of insects of related habits, such as the striped and twelve-spotted cucumber beetles,
Horticultural Experiments at the San Antonio Field Station, Southern Texas. By
Stephen H. Hastings, Farm Superintendent, and R. E. Blair, Scientific Assistant,
Office of Western Irrigation Agriculture. Pp. 26, figs. 8. Contribution from the
Bureau of Plant Industry. Jan. 13, 1915. (Department Bulletin 162.) Price, 5
This bulletin indicates the selections and cultural methods best adapted to successful fruit growing in
the vicinity of San Antonio and is of interest to the inhabitants of that region.
A Field Test for Lime-Sulphur Dipping Baths. By Robert M. Chapin, Senior Bio-
chemist, Biochemic Division. Pp. 7, fig. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of Ani-
mal Industry. Jan. 12, 1915. (Department Bulletin 163.) Price, 5 cents.
This bulletin describes a portable testing outfit for estimating the strength of lime-sulphur dipping
baths; it is of interest to makers and users of such baths, as well as to officials charged with the enforce-
ment of dipping regulations.

Field Test With a Toxic Soil Constituent
Soil Fertility Investigations. Pp. 9, pls
(Professional Paper.) Jan. 30, 1915. (]

: Vanillin. By J. J. Skinner, Scientist in
.4. Contribution from the Bureau of Soils.
Department Bulletin 164.) Price, 5 cents.

The effect upon plant growth of vanillin, a toxic soil constituent, as demonstrated in pot experiments
and field tests, is described in this bulletin.
Ophthalmic Mallein for the Diagnosis of Glanders. By John R. Mohler, Assistant
Chief of Bureau, and Adolph Eichhorn, Senior Bacteriologist, Pathological Division.
Pp. 11, pl. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry. (Professional
Paper.) Jan. 22, 1915. (Department Bulletin 166.) Price, 5 cents.
This bulletin points out the advantageous and satisfactory use of the ophthalmic mallein test in the
diagnosis of glanders and the necessity for prompt action on reactors to this test in eradicating this
disease. Of interest to veterinarians and State live-stock sanitary authorities.

Contrioutions Toward a Monograph of the Scolytid Beetles. II. Preliminary Classi-
fication of the Superfamily Scolytoidea. By A. D. Hopkins, In Charge of Forest
Insect Investigations. Pp. iv+-165-232, pis. 8, figs. 17. Jan. 9, 1915. (Technical
Series 17, Part 2, Bureau of Entomology.) Price, 20 cents.
^- A> fl* I 1 "-1 *t T 1 I C. nf l/'Wi **V J -r' *. -


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Breeds of Beef Cattle. By W. F. Ward, Senior Animal Husbandman in Beef Cattle
Investigations, Animal Husbandry Division. Pp. 23, figs. 18. Contribution from
the Bureau of Animal Industry. Jan. 21, 1915. (Farmers' Bulletin 612.)
The distinguishing characteristics of the several breeds of beef and of dual-purpose cattle are presented
in this bulletin. The information is of interest to cattle raisers desirous of securing the breed best suited
to a particular locality or to certain conditions.
Ice Houses and the Use of Ice on the Dairy Farm. By John T. Bowen, Technologist,
and Guy M. Lambert, Dairyman, Dairy Division. Pp. 24, figs. 11. Contribution
from the Bureau of Animal Industry. Jan. 16, 1915. (Farmers' Bulletin 623.)
The use of ice on the dairy farm for the keeping of milk and cream in the best marketable condition
is discussed in this bulletin. Plans and specifications for ice houses are given. The bulletin is appli-
cable to dairy sections where natural ice is obtainable.

Growing Peaches: Sites, Propagation, Planting, Tillage, and Maintenance
Fertility. By H. P. Gould, Pomologist in Charge of Fruit-Production
gations, Office of Horticultural and Pomological Investigations. Pp. 24,
Contributions from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Jan. 23, 1915. (I
Bulletin 631.)

of Soil
figs. 7.

This bulletin is intended for general distribution. Farmers' Bulletins Nos. 632 and 633 continue the
general subject of peach growing and treat of other fundamental orchard operations.

Jan. 15,

Peaches: Pruning,
Practices. By H.
nations. Pp. 23, fig
1915. (Farmers' B

Renewal of Tops, Thinning, Interplanted Crops, and
P. Gould, Pomologist in Charge of Fruit-Production
s. 19. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry.
bulletin 632.)

This bulletin is intended for general distribution.

The Grasshopper Problem and Alfalfa Culture. By F. M. Webster, In Charge of
Cereal and Forage Insect Investigations. Pp. 10, figs. 8. Contribution from the
Bureau of Entomology. Jan. 25, 1915. (Farmers' Bulletin 637.)
This bulletin describes the species of grasshoppers that work special injury to the alfalfa fields and
suggests methods for their destruction. It will be of interest wherever alfalfa is threatened by an attack
from these insects.
Laboratory Exercises in Farm Mechanics for Agricultural High Schools. By Daniels
Scoates, Professor of Agricultural Engineering, Mississippi Agricultural and Me-
chanical College. Pp. 26, figs. 26. Contribution from the Office of Experiment
Stations. Jan. 23, 1915. (Farmers' Bulletin 638.)
This bulletin is intended primarily for the use of teachers of high-school agriculture.

Blackberry Culture. By George M. Darr
cultural and Pomological Investigations.
Bureau of Plant Industry. Jan. 29, 1915.

ow, Scientific Assistant, C
Pp. 13, figs. 8. Contrib
(Farmers' Bulletin 643.)

officee of Horti-
ution from the

This bulletin is of interest to blackberry growers all over the United States.



Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the Chief of the Weather Bureau or the
Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, at the prices noted herein.

National Weather and Crop Bulletin, January, 1

.915, reporting

temperature, rain-

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