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Monthly list of publications
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This circular will be sent regularly to all who apply for It.





WASHINGTON, D. C., December 81, 1914.




[DECEMBER, 1914.]

No publications are sold by the Department of Agril
not send money to this office.
Copies of any of the publications listed herein, except
culturalResearch and publications of the Weather Bur
free upon application to the Editor and Chief of the Divi
United States Department of Agriculture, Washington,
department's supply lasts.
When this department's supply Is exhausted, publicat
from the Superintendent of Documents, Government P
ington, D. C., by purchase only, and at the prices note
Send al remittances to the Superintendent of Doi
office is not a nart of the Department of Agriculture.



culture; therefore do
the Journal of Agrfn
eau, may be obtained
sion of Publications,
D. C., as long as the

Lions can
printing I
d herein.

L be obtained
Office, Wash-



Journal of Agricultural Research. Vol. 3, No. 3. December, 1914.
Changes in Composition of Peel and Pulp of Ripening Bananas. By H.
Assimilation of Colloidal Iron by Rice. By P. L. Gile and J. O. Carrero
Matter of Raw and Cooked Salted Meats. By Ralph Hoagland.--Oil
Seeds as Affected by the Nutrition of the Plant. By W. W. Garner, H.
and C. L. Foubert.-Studies in the Expansion of Milk and Cream.

C. Gore.-
Content of
A. Allard,
By H. W.

Bearce.-Life History of the Melon Fly. By E. A. Back and C. E. Pemberton.--
Identification of the Seeds of Species of Agropyron. By Robert C. Dahlberg.
Pp. 187-282, pls. xxxii-xxxvii, figs. 4. Price, 25 cents.
NOTE.--TH JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH will be distributed free only to the libraries of
acgriultural colleges and experiment.stations, to large universities, technical schools, and such institu-
tions as make suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be sent free to individuals. The
Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, the price being $2.50 per
year, 12 numbers.

eriment Station Record, V(
h. D., Editor. Pp. 501-600.

XXXI, No. 6
Price, 15 cents.

Vol. XXXI, No. 7, November, 1914.
Vol. XXXI, No. 8, December, 1914.
Vol. XXXI, No. 9, Abstract Number.

. Abstract Number.

Pp. 601-700.
Pp. 701-800.
Pp. 801-900.

W. Allen,

Price, 15 cents.
Price, 15 cents.
Price, 15 cents.

The record contains numerous abstracts of the publications of the agricultural experiment stations
anA rinrl A riT inftintinn in thii anAd ntho* nnnntnoric artailon and lalitAriQa) An tnnit 'f crmS n inforaot



Soil Survey bf Habersham County, Georgia. By David D. Long, of the Georgia State
College of Agriculture, and E. C. Hall, of the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
Pp. 48, fig. 1, map. (From F. 0. Soils, 1913.) Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Jones County, Georgia. By David D. Long, of the Georgia State
College of Agriculture, and G. A. Crabb, L. L. Brinkley, Risden T. Allen, and
E. J. Grimes, of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Pp. 44, fig. 1, map. (From
F. O. Soils, 1913.) Price, 15 cents.


Cereal Experiments at Dickinson, North
Assistant, Office of Cereal Investigations.
the Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec. 17,
10 cents.

Dakota. By J. Allen Clark, Scientific
Pp. 44, pi. 1, figs. 7. Contribution from
1914. (Department Bulletin 33.) Price,

This bulletin is of interest to agronomists and cereal breeders generally, and to farmers in the northern
Great Plains States.
Inland Boat Service: Freight Rates on Farm Products and Time of Transit on Inland
Waterways in the United States. By Frank Andrews, Chief, Division of Crop
Records. Pp. 36. Contribution from the Bureau of Crop Estimates and the Office
of Markets. Dec. 12, 1914. (Department Bulletin 74.) Price, 5 cents.
A discussion of the transportation of farm products by inland water carriers and statistics of opera-
tions in September and October, 1912, are contained in this bulletin.
Norway Pine in the Lake States. By Theodore S. Woolsey, jr., Assistant District
Forester, District 3, and Herman H. Chapman, Professor, Yale Forest School. Pp.
42, pis. 6. Contribution from the Forest Service. (Professional Paper.) Dec. 4,
1914. (Department Bulletin 139.) Price, 10 cents.
The manuscript describes the life history of the Norway pine, its requirement upon soil, moisture,
and climate, its rate of growth and yield, and the best methods for its management.
The Clyde Series of Soils. By J. A. Bonsteel, Scientist in the Soil Survey. Pp. 60,
pls. 10. Contribution from the Bureau of Soils. Dec. 17, 1914. (Department
Bulletin 141.) Price, 15 cents.
This bulletin discusses the origin, characteristics, and uses of the Clyde series of soils; it is suitable for
distribution in New York, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
The Miami Series of Soils. ByJ. A. Bonsteel, Scientistin the Soil Survey. Pp. 59, pls.
13. Contribution from the Bureau of Soils. Dec. 29, 1914. (Department Bulletin
142.) Price, 15 cents.
This bulletin is of interest to those engaged or desirous of engaging in farming in the North Central

The Manufacture of Acid Phosphate.
terlizer Investigations. Pp. 28, pls.
Dec. 24, 1914. (Department Bulletii

By William HI Waggaman, Scientist in Fer-
5. Contribution from the Bureau of Soils.
1144.) Price, 10 cents.

Describes the manufacture of acid phosphate from phosphate rock, detailing the chemical and mechan-
ical changes involved. Of interest to fertilizer manufacturers generally.
The Use of Radioactive Substances as Fertilizers. By William H. Ross, Scientist in
Soil Laboratory Investigations. Pp. 14. Contribution from the Bureau of Soils.
Dec. 11, 1914. (Department Bulletin 149.) Price, 5 cents.
This bulletin discusses the fertilizer value of radioactive materials; it is suitable for distribution in
any part of the United States.
Wood Pipe for Conveying Water for Irrigation. By S. O. Jayne, Irrigation Manager.
Po. 40, Dls. 4, figs. 7. Contribution from the Ofce of Experiment Stations. (Pro.


The Dasheen, A Root Crop for the South. By Robert A. Young, Botanical Assistant,
Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction, Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp. 10, pls. 3.
Dec. 5, 1914. (B. P. I. No. 1110.)
This paper deals with experiments in the cultivation of the dasheen, and in the cooking and prepara-
tion of the tubers for the table.
Single-Stalk cotton Culture. By O. F. Cook, Bionomist in Charge, Crop Acclimatiza-
tion and Adaptation Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp. 11, figs. 12.
Dec. 14, 1914. (B. P. I. No. 1130.) Price, 5 cents.
This paper is of interest to cotton growers in all sections of the United States.


Winter Wheat Varieties for the Eastern United States.
omist in Charge of Eastern Wheat Investigations.
from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec. 12, 1914.

By Clyde E. Leighty, Agron-
Pp. 14, figs. 6. Contribution
(Farmers' Bulletin 616.)

-Of interest in the wheat-growing sections of the eastern United States.
How to Attract Birds in Northeastern United States. By W. L. McAtee, Assistant
Biologist. Pp. 15, figs. 11. Contribution from the Bureau of Biological Survey.
Dec. 14, 1914. (Farmers' Bulletin 621.)
Means of providing a food supply for wild birds about the homestead are especially described in this
Basket Willow Culture. By George N. Lamb, Scientific Assistant, Forest Service.
Pp. 34, figs. 24. Contribution from the Forest Service. Dec. 10, 1914. (Farmers'
Bulletin 622.)
This bulletin is of interest to those engaged in or contemplating basket-willow culture, and is appli-
cable to all portions of the country where willows are grown.

Cotton Wilt and Root-Knot. By W.
Truck Disease and Sugar-Plant I:
from the Bureau of Plant Industry.

W. Gilbert, Pathologist, Office of Cotton and
investigations. Pp. 21, figs. 15. Contribution
Dec. 12, 1914. (Farmers' Bulletin 625.)

Contains description of cotton wilt and root-knot and methods of prevention.
The Carpet Beetle or "Buffalo Moth." By L. O. Howard, Entomologist and Chief
of Bureau. Pp. 4, fig. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. Dec. 2,
1914. (Farmers' Bulletin 626.)
This bulletin is of interest to housewives in the Northern States.

The House Centipede. By C. L.
Pp. 4, figs. 2. Contribution
(Farmers' Bulletin 627.)

Marlatt, Entomologist and Assistant Chief of Bureau.
from the Bureau of Entomology. Dec. 15, 1914.

This bulletin is of interest to housewives throughout the United States.
Entomology Circular 48.

Growing Peaches: Varieties and Classification. By H. P. Gould, Pomologist in
Charge of Fruit Production Investigations, Office of Horticultural and Pomological
Investigations. Pp. 13. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec.
30, 1914. (Farmers' Bulletin 633.)
This bulletin is intended for general distribution.
The Larger Corn Stalk-Borer. By George G. Ainslie, Entomological Assistant,
Cereal and Forage Insect Investigations. Pp. 8, figs. 4. Contribution from the
Bureau of Entomology. Dec. 7, 1914. (Farmers' Bulletin 634.)
Gives description and habits of, and methods of control of the larger corn stalk-borer. Of especial
interest to farmers in the Southern States.

What the Farm Contributes Directly to the Farm'


s' Living. By W. C. Funk,


It is a reprint of Bureau of


3 II262 08853 3III I
3 1262 08853 1347

The Agricultural Outlook. Contribution from the Bureau of Crop Estimates. .
31, 1914. Pp. 45, fig. 1. (Farmers' Bulletin 645.)
Contents: Yearly crop summary, 1914.-Winter wheat and rye sowings and condition.-The Appl
crop.-ForecteS of average sugar and cane yields .in Louisiana, 1914.-Florida and California cro
report.-Treind of prices of farm products.-Agricultural products shipped into cotton States.-Cod-
storage holdings of apples.-The wheat crop of the southern hemisphere.--Acreage, yield per acre, pro-
duction, prices, and total value of principal crops, 1914, and acreage and condition of winter wheat and
rye (tables).-4rid~ of farm products (tables).


By direction of the Secretary the following "Special Cir
pared in certain bureaus for distribution among farmers in th
to diversify their farming operations:
By the Bureau of Animal Industry:
Feeding Farm Cows in the South.
Advantages of Dairying in the South.
The Feeding and Care of Dairy Calves.
Marketing Butter and Cream in the South.
How Soathern Farmers May Qet a Start in Pig Raising.
Horse and Mule Raising in the South.
Producing Sheep on Southern Farms.
Suggestions on Poultry Raising for the Southern Farmer.
Making Farm Butter in the South.
Shall Southern Farmers Build Creameries?
Do You Keep a Cow?
The Production and Care of Milk and Cream.
Conveniences for Handling the Farm Cow and Her Prodi
By the Bureau of Plant Industry:
Permanent Pastures for the Cotton Belt.
Sorghum for Forage in the Cotton Belt.
Rye in the Cotton Belt.
Winter Wheat in the Cotton Belt.
Winter Oats in the Cotton Belt.
Rape as a Forage Crop in the Cotton Belt.
Hairy Vetch for the Cotton Belt.
Soy Bean in the Cotton Belt.


culars" have been pre-
.e cotton belt who desire



Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the Chief of the Weather Bureau or the
Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, at the prices noted herein.
National Weather and Crop Bulletin, December, 1914, reporting temperature, rain-
fall, and crop conditions throughout the United States. (Issued weekly, on Tues-
day, April to October; monthly remainder of year.) Price, 25 cents a year.
Snow and Ice Bulletins for December 8, 15, 22, 29, 1914. These bulletins are issued
weekly during the winter season, based upon data from regular Weather Bureau
stations, .supplemented by reports from selected cooperative observers. Price, 25
cents a year.
Jos. A. AlNOLD,
Editor and Chsef Division of Publicatios.

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