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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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May 1914
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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This circular will be sent regularly to all who apply for it.






WASHINGTON, D. C., Mlay SO, 1914.




[MAY, 1914.]
No publications are sold by the Department of Agriculture
send money to this office.

therefore do not

Copies of publications listed herein will .be sent free upon application to the
Editor and Chief, Division of Publications, Department of Agriculture. Wash-
ington, P. C., as long as the supply lasts.
When this department's supply is exhausted publications can be obtained
from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washing-
ton, D. C., by purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.

Send all remittances to the Superintendent of Documents direct.
Is not a part of the Department of Agriculture.

Yearbook of the. U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1913.
21, frontispiece. Price, cloth, 75 cents.

His office

Pp. 541, pls. 54, figs.

Yearbook contains the annual re
es; 14 miscellaneous articles, 291

index, 27 pages. The
ment stations, and of
States, and statistical
of the principal crops
Only 6 outl o each


port of i

the Secretary
an appendix,

of Agriculture,
150 pages; and

Appendix contains lists of agricultural colleges,
officials in charge of agricultural interests in the
tables covering production, prices, exports, and
and farm animals.
100 copies of the Yearbook are assigned to this

whicl is" insufficient to supply ev
:s. Other applicants are therefore



n its regular correspondents and co-
respectfully referred to their Repre-

sentatives or Delegates in Congress, to whom the other 94 per cent are allotted
for distribution, or to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing
Office, Washington, D. C., who has it for sale at 75 cents per copy.

Annual Report of* the Porto Rico
Pp. 34, pls. 3. Price, 5 cents.




for 1913.


Journal of Agricultural Research. Vol. 2, No. 2. May, 191
havior of Cup Current Meters Under Conditions not Cov
IRatings. By Fred C. Scobey.-Eremocitrus, A New Genus c
resistant Citrous Fruits from Australia. By Walter T.
of Bacterial Transformations of Soil Nitrogen to Nutrition
fBy Karl F. Kellerman and R. C. Wright.-Aroma of Hopi
Volatile Oil with Relation to the Geographical Sources
Frank Rabak.-Lesser Bud-Moth. By E. W. Scott and J
New Wood-destroying Fungi. By James R. Weir. Pp. 77,
Price, 25 cents.

14. Contents: Be-
,ered by standard
)f Hardy, Drought-
of Citrous Plants.
s: A Study of the
of the Hops. Byo
r. H. Paine.-Two
pls. 8-10, figs. 28.

NOnT.-THB JOURNAL or AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH will be distributed free only to
the libraries of agricultural colleges and experiment stations, to large universities,
technical schools, and such institutions as make suitable exchanges with the depart-

74 pag




NoTE.-Contain information, instructions, and notices of a regulatory naktre. Issued
monthly by certain bureaus. Free distribution limited to individuals, firm establish-
ments, and journals especially concerned. Others desiring copies may obtai/ them from
the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, at 5 cents each.

Bureau of Animal Industry.

Bureau of Chemistry.
Same, April, 1914. P

April, 1914.

March, 1914.


Pp. 45-56.

Pp. 109-200.





12, 1914.


Federal Horticultural Board.

April, 1914.


May 18, 1914.

Insecticide and Fungicide Board.

April, 1914.

Pp. 31-50.



Bureau of Plant Industry.

April, 1914.

May 27, 1914.


Soil Survey of Conecuh County, Alabama.
of the U. S. Department of Agriculture,
Department of Agriculture and Industries
Soils, 1912.) Price, 15 cents.

By L. Cantrell and R. A. Winston,
and F. W. Kolb, of the Alabama
. Pp. 48, fig. 1, map. (From F. O.

Soil Survey of Covington County, Alabama. By R. T. Avon Burke, of the U. S.
Department of Agriculture, and A. M. O'Neal, jr., W. E. Wilkinson, N. Eric
Bell, and J. B. Wilkinson. of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and
Industries. Pp. 37, pl. 1, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1912.) Price, 15
Soil Survey of Boone County, Indiana. By W. E. Tharp, of the U. S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture, and E. J. Quinn, of the Indiana Department of Geology.
Pp. 39, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1912.) Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Montgomery County, Indiana. By Grove B. Jones, of the U. S.
Department of Agriculture, and C. H. Orahood, of the Indiana Department of
Geology. Pp. 26, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1912.) Price, 15 cents.

Soil Survey of Barton County, Missouri.
of Missouri, and Floyd S. Bucher, o

fig. 1, map.

(From F

By H. H. Krusekopf, of the University
f the U. S. Department of Agriculture.

O. Soils, 1912.)

Price, 15 cents.


The Topographic Features
Reference to the Possible
Fertilizer Investigations.
of Soils. (Professional ]
Price, 25 cents.


of the Desert Basin
Occurrence of Potasi
Pp. 65, pls. 6, map.
aperr.) May 8, 1914

s of the United States with
i. By E. E. Free, Scientist in
Contribution from the Bureau
(Department Bulletin 54.)

This paper describes a topographical examination which has been made of the desert
basins of the United States, with a view to the possible discovery of potash in com-

mercial quantities, and
of fertilizers.

is intended particularly for those interested in

Suitability of Longleaf Pine for Paper Pulp.
Engineer in Forest Products, and Robert E.
ucts. Pp. 26. Contribution from the Fore

apartment Bulletin

Price, 5 cents.




the production

Henry E. Surface, Chemical
per, Chemist in Forest Prod-
>rvice. May 29, 1914. (De-

PRonnrt- nf n Q'iaPQ ef t+ata in nonnnrntinn with thn TTnivrsi tv nf WiRonnsin




The So-called Tobacco Wireworm in Virginia. By G. A. Runner, Entomological
Assistant, Southern Field Crop Insect Investigations. Pp. 30, pls. 2, figs. 5.
Contribution Afrom the Bureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.) May
18, 1914. DLepartment Bulletin 78.) Price, 5 cents.

This blfetin is descriptive of an insect enemy
interest lithe eastern tobacco and corn districts.

of tobacco


Of especial

The Control of the Codling Moth in the Pecos Valley in New Mexico.
Quaintance, in Charge of Deciduous Fruit Insect Investigations.
4. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. Apr. 30, 1914.
ment Bulletin 88.) Price, 5 cents.

By A. L.
Pp. 8, figs.

This bulletin
Valley, N. Mex.

describes the codling moth as it affects fruit growing in
It is of interest to fruit growers in the Southwest.

the Pecos

The Death of Chestnuts and Oaks Due to Armillaria mellea. By W. H. Long,
Forest Pathologist, Office of Investigations in Forest Pathology. Pp. 8, pls.
2. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.)
May 22, 1914. (Department Bulletin 89.) Price, 5 cents.
A record of the results of field investigations of the condition of chestnut and oak
in Chenango County, N. Y.
The Rose Aphis. By H. M. Russell, Entomological Assistant, Truck Crop and
Stored Product Insect Investigations. Pp. 15, pls. 3, figs. 4. Contribution
from the Bureau of Entomology. May 19, 1914. (Department Bulletin 90.)
Price, 5 cents..
This bulletin is of interest to rose growers everywhere.
Cost and Method of Clearing Land in the Lake States. By Harry Thompson,
Agriculturist, and Earl D. Strait, Scientific Assistant, Office of Farm Manage-
ment. Pp 25, figs. 10. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry.
May 16, 1914. (Department Bulletin 91.) Price, 5 cents.
This bulletin gives details of cost and methods of clearing land in the Lake States
and is of special interest to settlers in the logged-off sections of Michigan, Wisconsin,
and Minnesota.
Destruction of Germs of Infectious Bee Diseases by Heating. By G. F. White,
M. D., Ph. D., Expert Engaged in the Investigation of Bee Diseases. Pp. 8.
Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. May 15, 1914. (Department
Bulletin 92.) Price, 5 cents.

This paper
read before
Ithaca, N. Y.

is of interest
the New York

Tobacco Insects in Hawaii.
May 25, 1914. (Bulletin
Price, 5 cents.

Porto Rican
Pp. 24, pls.
Price, 5 ce

to beekeepers in all parts of the
State Beekeepers' Association,

By D. F.
34, Haw

Beekeeping. By E. F. Phillii
)ns, Bureau of Entomology;
2. (Bulletin 15, Porto Rico


Fullaway, Entomologist.
aii Agricultural Experim


s, Ph. D., In Cha:
J. S. Department
Agricultural Expe

States; it was
y 10, 1914, at

Pp. 20, figs. 9.
lent Station.)



of Agriculture.
iment Station.)

Bighead in Sheep.
periment Station.
May 4, 1914.

By H.
Pp. 6.

J. Frederick, Veterinarian, Utah Agricultural Ex-
Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry.

This paper gives the results of investigations
*r-TA,--!- A -->.:-.-, 1^--,--, 1 T nn n, L.>, O .*, C1-^ 2^ nu3 j~-

made by
T">- ^ --A

cooperation between


A- _


ti jg u262088iu5iia liniuni 1111111l
3 1262 08853 1255

Breeds of Sheep for the Farm. By F. R. Marshall, Senior Ant
in Sheep and Goat Investigations, Animal Husbandry Divisit
10. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry,
,(Farmers' Bulletin 576.)

Pp. 16, figs.,
S2, 1914.

Discusses the breeds in a way to enable those not familiar with them to know which
are likely to meet their requirements.
The Making and Feeding of Silage. Contents: Making and Feeding Silage.
By T. E. Woodward.-Silage for Horses. By George M. Rommel.-Silage for
Beef Cattle. By W. F. Ward.-Silage for Sheep. By E. L. Shaw. Pp. 24,
figs. 6. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry. May 18, 1914.
(Farmers' Bulletin 578.)
Gives methods and costs of growing and harvesting silage, feeding value, and in-
structions for filling the silo. Adapted for general circulation. Supersedes Farmers'
Bulletin 556.
Uses for Chestnut Timber Killed by the Bark Disease. By 3. C. Nellis, Forest
Examiner, Forest Service. Pp. 24, figs. 8. Contribution from the Forest
Service in cooperation with the Bureau of Plant Industry. May 16, 1914.3
(Farmers' Bulletin 582.)
This bulletin contains important information as to the utilization that may be made
of chestnut timber killed by the bark disease and should be especially valuable to
woodlot owners throughout the region affected.
The Common Mole of the Eastern United States. By Theo. H. Scheffer, Assist-,
ant Biologist. Pp. 10, figs. 4. Contribution from the Bureau of Biological
Survey. May 14, 1914. (Farmers' Bulletin 583.)
This bulletin treats of the mole east of the one hundredth meridian. It contains an
account of its habits, the nature of the damages committed by it, and the methods
employed for its destruction. It also seeks to remove some popular misconceptions
concerning this little animal. It is of interest to gardeners, lawn makers, caretakers
of parks and cemeteries, etc.
Natural and Artificial Incubation of Hens' Eggs. By Harry M. Lamon, Senior
Animal Husbandman in Poultry Investigations, Animal Husbandry Division,
Pp. 16, figs. 3. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry. May 5,
1914. (Farmers' Bulletin 585.)




and artificial.

Of interest

to poultry raisers everyT

The Agricultural Outlook. Contribution from the Bureau of Statistics
Estimates). Pp. 21. May 22, 1914. (Farmers' Bulletin 598.)
Reports condition of winter wheat, rye, hay, pastures, and spring plowing. S
of sugar and cotton crop of 1913.



Health Laws.
Pp. 125-134.

By Francis G. Caffey, Solicitor, U
(Separate 619, Yearbook, 1913.)

The South American Meat Industry. By
Animal Industry. Pp. 347-364, pls. 8.
5 cents.

S. Department of Agriculture.
Price, 5 cents.
A. D.Mlvn hifo teBreuo

A. D. Melvin, Chief of the Bureau of
(Separate 629, Yearbook 1913.) Price,


Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the Chief of the WOather
Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, at the prices
noted herein.

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