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Monthly list of publications
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December 1913
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This circular will be sent regularly to all who apply for it.


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; December 31




[DECEMBER, 1913.]

NoTE.-Copies of any of the publications listed herein; except the Journa

Agricultural Resi

the Weather Bureau


of the


earch and separates therefrom and publications of
, may be obtained free upon application to the Editor
division of Publications. United States Deoartment of


Agriculture, Washington, D. C., as long as the department's supply lasts.
PThe edition of many of the publications is necessarily limited, and when same is

exhasted applicants are respectfully referred to the superintendent of documents,
nat tment Printing Office, Washington, i). C., who, under the provisions of the
joi rp ioution of March 28, 1904, is empowered to have reprints made and sell them
4hpiieea hereMingiven. -Do not apply to the superintendent of documents for pub-
eaiOsawe hot sending the price of same. as he does not distribute mem

price of any document, unless otherwise noted, is 5 cents.
f Agriculture does not distribute or control the distribution of the
lepartnents of the Government, the State boards of agriculture, or of
experiment stations.



Report of the Secretary, 1913. Pp. 58.
Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry; 1913.
e oir of the C hemist 1913. Pp. 9.
fthe Forester, 1913. Pp. 56.
Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Plant Industry, 1913.
Report of the Chieofof the Bureau of Statistics, 1913. Pp. 6.

Pp. 34.


The Journal of Agricultural Research.


By E.

Vol. 1.

Nasturtium Lea

Callienhialtes Para


December; 1913.


G. Parker.-A Bacterium Causing a Dis-
ives. By Nellie A. Brown and Clara O.

i Codlinm Moth. By R.


v y











Ph. D.,
The r

and edi



at Station Record. Vol. XXIX. No. (3
editor. Pp. 501-600. Price, 15 cents.
record contains numerous abstracts of t
ent stations and kindred institutions i
trials on topics of special interest in

and foreign experts, and r
of documents has fixed the
a year, nine numbers each,

lotes on the exJ
price of this ser
at $1 a volume.



~ S

Abstract number.

-he publications
n this and other
agricultural sci
aent stations: T
which is now issue

W. Allen;

of the agricultural
countries, articles
ence by American
'he superintendent
led in two volumes


Soil Survey of Clarke County, Alabama. By C. S.
the U. S. Department of Agriculture, and P. II. A;
Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.
(From F. O. Soils, 1912.) Price, 15 cents.


Waldrop and L. Cantrell, of
rary and N. Eric Bell of the
Pp. 31, pl. 1, fig. 1, map.

Survey of East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. By Charles J. Mann and Percy
Wood. Pp. 41, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1912.) Price, 15 cents.
Survey of LincolnCounty, Mississippi. By A. L. Goodman, of the U. S. Depart-
ent of Agriculture, and E. M. Jones, of the Mississippi Geological Survey. Pp.
, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1912.) Price, 15 cents.

A Reconnoissance Soil Surve&
of the U. S. Department of
Pennsylvania State College.
15 cents.
Soil Survey of Harrison Couni
Pp. 47, pi. 1, fig. 1, map.

y of Northeastern Pennsylvania. By Charles F.
Agriculture, and J. M. McKee and W. G. Ross,
Pp. 63, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1911.)

ty, Texas.
(From F.

By Cornelius Van Duyne and W. C.
Soils, 1912.) Price, 15 cents.

of the



The Fish-Scrap Fertilizer Industry of the Atlantic Coast. By
Scientist in Soil Laboratory Investigations. Pp. 50, pls. 6.
the Bureau of Soils. Dec. 27, 1913. (Department Bulletin 2.)

J. W. Turrentine;
Contribution from
Price, 10 cents.

A part of the general plan to survey the Nation's assets in fertilizer materials. The information is
largely statistically expressed in terms of equipment, output, and present and proposed development,
and is of special value to manufacturers of the fertilizers, but of course of general interest to farmers
who are purchasers of fertilizers containing fish scrap.

An Economic Study of Acacias. By Charles Howard
Pp. 38, pls. 11. Contribution from the Forest Service.
ment Bulletin 9.) Price, 10 cents.

Shinn, Forest
Dec. 5, 1913.


Attention is called to the economic importance of the leading acacias with the idea of bringing about
more general planting, as many species have proved themselves to be entirely at home over large areas,
and in fact have become naturalized, in California. Warning is given, however,that fuller and extended
work on the growth and products of acacias, based on American-grown trees, is necessary before exten-
sive commercial operations are undertaken, as the rates of growth and the yields of various species
on different soils, especially under plantation conditions, have not been definitely determined.

The Management of Sheep on the Farm.
of the Animal Hullsbandry Division.
the Bureau of Animal Industry. I
Price, 10 cents.


By Edward L. Shaw and Lewis L. Heller,
p. 52, pls. 4, figs. 15. Contribution from
c. 17, 1913. (Department Bulletin 20.)

A popular article of interest to farmers everywhere, treating of the raising of sheep on farms (not
the western ranges), showing how to establish a flock, size of flock, how to care for it, the feed and its
production, shearing and care of the wool, cost of maintenance per head, and value of sheep as soil
Improvers and weed destroyers. Thousands of farms which now raise no sheep and many others
where the size of the flock should be increased would show an added profit to the farmer if sheep raising
was made a prominent factor in their management. Mutton is the logical solution of the high cost of
._ *- j j j j a

1"6 :""
I k


i *I *1' ~~i ~r




American Medicinal Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds. By Alice Henkel, Assistant,
Economic and Systematic Botany. Pp. 16, figs. 12. Contribution from the Bureau
of Plant Industry. Dec. 18, 1913. (Department Bulletin 26.) Price, 5 cents.
A lit of 14 plants furnishing medicinal flowers, fruits, and seeds, with synonyms and pharma-
copceia name, the common name, habitat, range description, and information in regard to the col-
lection, prices, and uses of the parts which seem to be in greatest demand at present. Of interest to
collectors, growers, and drug dealers generally.
Behavior, Under Cultural Conditions, of Species of Cacti Known as Opuntia. By
David Griffiths, Agriculturist, Office of Farm Management. Pp. 24, pis. 8. Con-
tribution from Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec. 30, 1913. (Department Bulletin
31.) Price, 10 cents.
Investigations conducted at Brownsville and San Antonio, Tex., and Chico, Cal., upon over 1,000
varieties of prickly pear and cane cacti have accumulated a large number of data, a few of the salient
features of which are detailed in this paper. Full details are reserved for future publications, but
scientists and stock raisers living in the cacti-producing country will find here points having a bearing
on some of the economic aspects of this group of plants.

Nitrogenous Fertilizers Obtainable in the United States.
Scientist in Soil Laboratory Investigations. Pp. 12.
Bureau of Soils. Dec. 8, 1913. (Department Bulletin 37.)

By J. W. Turrentine~
Contribution from the
Price, 5 cents.

A report on the production and consumption of sodium nitrate, sulphate of ammonia, artificial
nitrates, calcium cyanamide, tankage, and dried blood in the United States, which is of special
interest to the manufacturers and users of fertilizers, because of the agronomic necessity which com-
pels the use of nitrogenous fertilizers and the scarcity of nitrogenous compounds available for fertilizer

American-grown Paprika Pepper. By
Rodney H. True, Physiologist in C
logical and Fermentation Investiga
the Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec.
5 cents.

Thomas B. Young, Scientific Assistant, and
charge, Drug-Plant, Poisonous-Plant, Physi-
tions. Pp. "24, figs. 11. Contribution from
16, 1913. (Department Bulletin 43.) Price,

Tells how to grow, cultivate and cure the crop, and discusses the economic, as well as the agricul-
tural, phases of cultivating and marketing red peppers of the type furnishing the Hungarian paprika.
It is specially interesting to the farmers of the South Atlantic and Gulf States or other localities with
a long growing season and ample and well-distributed rainfall.
The Blights of Coniferous Nursery Stock. By Carl Hartley, Assistant Pathologist;
Office of Investigations in Forest Pathology. Pp. 21. Contribution from the
Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec. 12, 1913. (Department Bulletin 44.) Price,
5 cents.
A discussion of blights occurring in coniferous trees in nurseries, in which sun scorch, winterkilling,
mulch injury, needle diseases, and red-cedar blight are described. Distinguishing characters and pre-.
ventive measures have been determined.
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Soils of Virginia so far Identified in the Soil Survey.
Pp. 21, figs. 7. Contribution from the Bureau of Soils. Dec. 15, 1913. (Depart-
ment Bulletin 46.) Price, 5 cents.
A brief desc-ript on of the different soils of Virginia, found in the 12 widely separated areas surveyed
by the Bureau of Soils. Parts or all of 31 if the counties of the State are included, and the paper con-
tains information of value to all farmers of the State.

ie Shrinkage of Shelled Corn While in Cars in Transit. By J. W. Duvel, Crop
Technologist in Charge of Grain Standardization Investigations, and Laurel. Duval,
formerly in Charge of the Grain Standardization Laboratory at Baltimore, Md.
Pp. 21. figs. S. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec. 19, 1913.
(Department Bulletin 48.) Price, 5 cents.

The data contained comprise the results of four special shipments of corn from Baltimore, Md., to
Chicago, Ill., and return, and show a natural shrinkage in commercial corn during transit and while


rI ujr"' A" n--.""i "; ;""""~"


The Abutilon Moth. By
Stored Product Insect
of Entomology.) Price,
A technical paper, giving
ography of a pest that badly



F. H. Chittenden, Sc. D., In Charge of Truck Crop and
Investigations. Pp. 10, pls. 5. (Bulletin 126, Bureau
5 cents.
the habits, synonymy, description, experiments in control, and bibli-
injured okra, hollyhock, and abutilon at Diamond Springs, Va., in 1909.


Bean Growing in Eastern Washington and Oregon, and Northern Idaho. By Lee W.
Fluharty, Assistant Agriculturist, Office of Farm Management. Pp. 12, 5
Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec. 8, 1913. (Farmers' Bulle-
tin 561.)
The Organization of Boys' and Girls' Poultry Clubs. By Harry M. Lamon, Senior
Animal Husbandman in Poultry Investigations. Pp. 12, figs. 6. Contribution
from the Bureau of Animal Industry. Dec. 18, 1913. (Farmers' Bulletin 562.)
The Agricultural Outlook. Contribution from the Bureau of Statistics. Dec. 27,
1913. Estimated Farm production for 1913 Compared with that of 1912. Pp. 35.
(Farmers' Bulletin 570.)
NOTE.-The Agricultural Outlook will be issued at irregular intervals as a
Farmers' Bulletin, superseding the Crop Reporter, which has been discontinued,




Work and Expenditures of the Agricultural Experiment Stations, 1912. By E. W.
Allen and J. I. Schulte. Pp. 43-231, pl. 10. (From Annual Report Office of
Experiment Stations, 1912.)
Statistics of Land-Grant Colleges and Agricultural Experiment Stations, 1912. By
Butler B. Hare, Assistant in Agricultural Education. Pp. 233-277. (From Annual
Report Office of Experiment Stations, 1912.)


Publications of the Weather Bureau
Weather Bureau or the Superintendent
at the prices noted herein.
Bulletin of the Mount Weather Observal
B. No. 517.) Price, 25 cents.
Snow and Ice Bulletins for December
weekly during the winter season, bas
stations, supplemented by reports fr
25 cents a year.
National Weekly Weather Bulletin No.
ture and rainfall, with a summary of
States. (Weekly April-September, M

RPraitnmi nf Anrrrirufltnr


are obtainable only from the Chief of the
of Documents, Government Printing Office,

vol. 6, pt.

Pp. 35-60, figs. 12.


2, 9, 16, 23, 30. These bulletins are issued
ed upon data from regular Weather Bureau
com selected cooperative observers. Price,

31, for December, 1913, reporting tempera-
weather conditions throughout the United
monthly remainder of year.) Price, 25 cents

Editor and Chief Division of Publi m tns.


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