Monthly list of publications

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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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November 1932
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Agriculture -- Bibliography -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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!'' ,: :.'..". .' ... :;:'"q '

"I p $i' "i I f"' "; "" "

Ut .oi States Department of Agriculture

I N O. EY B -I S BER, 192

tih l listed herein mw be purchased from the Superintendent of Doau
0HKR Peffi,%o Wa* h nItan, D.CV AW hb 6910e 1s not connected with the
rtent doe notsell publications, please send no remittance to the

Hi ra'. (M9. B. 4501'., rev.) Price 5*.
Si. B! 'r-; rP1 rev.) Price, 50.
t .:''a.'ifriaedication by dipping. (F. B. 798':; rey) Price. 5.
flrn bginers. (F. B.. 840F., rev.) Price, 50.
tt::'fease crop yields: Methods followed& farmers of the Coastal
ill -Centtral Atlantic States in bQ .1 up soil fertility. F. B.

t.qmedemw:hives. (F. B. 961F., rpv,,). c Pz .14 i i
j~4 (FI!F. B. 909F., rev.) Price, ,
Oit rdu action. : (F B. 1039F. *I )\ Price, 50.
S..:pflitable in the Southern States. (. '171F., rev.) Price, 5f.
( ^ .4 120 '., rev.) Price, 5*. / ,\
doier region. (F. B. 1215F., rev.) .)
ehated tobacco barns for sweetpotato stora F\ (IF. B. 1267F.,

I t. B. S ,78F., rev.) Price, 5*.
.i.-(t&B; 1399F., rev.) Price, 5*.
.p, thods of producing, baling, and loading for market.
t h~keys for market. (F. B. 1694F.) Price, 50.
ti. t i." .i -the 84th. (Leaf. 85L., rev.) Price, 50.

j........ for fanr bfa m Adtv. _(Leaf, 7L.). Price, 56.
Sin the Intermotmnta.'iStates. :(Leaf. 98L.) Price, S.

nlder controlled condmips (T. B. 26T.) Price, 5.

product on o. the dr lands of Oregon, Washington, and

ents at .e v 0 Field Station, 1917-1930.

ani iP. yoriit ii umonid parasite of the pupa of
... ii.. .. ...... ..............

.' 'i" : t

Price, 50. : ..*
Leaf hoppers injurious toarteeal and forage tropw:. (i1O IC.) riC 2''"
Movements of the beet leaf hopper in 1930 in sout1irn IIflao. ("(ff ) l
... -. :: '
Sod webworms and their control in lawns and golf greens. (Olr. 2480.) P"w
American fruit and vegetable auctions ..(Oir. 2500.) : Price, 5* :;;. .
Directions for collecting f41~veting plants and ferns. (D.. O 6DO., ret) .M*
Directory.ef field, activl.es4f. ,tle Bureau of Biological Survejy (M.;?. J4
rev.) Price, 51. ':.
A milk-qdalityi improvcej t program for extension worker. (MIP ;: 141
Price, 50. I r.,
Motion pictures of the VUte& States Department of Agriculture (. P
Price, 50.
List of publications Of (the United States Department of Agriculture from $af
1926, to Decembe\ t93QJ inclusive. (M. P. 153MP.) Price, 5 '.
Florida, Polk County. (No. 39, Series 1927.) Price, 50f. *" '
Iowa, Sac County. (No. 24, Series 1928.) Price, 20 .J ,' ..s:. st~
Michigan, Branch County. (No. 23,: Series 1928.) : Price, 40. .:;, : t vsti:
Michigan, Chippewa County.:- (No. 86, Series 1927.) Prlice,.50: !.:il: ,,.,
*1 .. : .i.. .n ,
Regulations for warehousemen storing cherries in sulphur dioxide brine. (B,..i
B. A. E. 134.)1 .
Rules and regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture governing, the -gradic:
certification of butter, cheese, eggs, dressed poultry, and dressed d i
for class, quality (grade), and condition. (S. B. A.-o. A. E 187.) i*:
Regulations governing the sanitary handling and control of hides, fnhimke t
cuttings, parings, and glue stock, sheepskin. and goatskins and*parth;s p.
wool, and other animal by-products, hay, straw, forage, or similar materi'4
for entry into the United States. Effectite Detemnber 1, 1932. (AaiuM
B. A. I. Orer 385.)1 : .. 2,, ;, ,,.,.
To prevent the spread of splenetic or tick fever in ,cqtt -Rue I, Reviiabfl
fective on and after December 5, 1932. (B. A. I. Order .s.9.) .'
...,..;.*:.. 4 ....' K, S ..4 ,'1
Information, instructions, rulings, etc., concer4tg thb. work :f ;UiE.'
mal Industry for September, 1932. (S.R. .'A-B. A. '. 805. )
1--- October, 1932.:' (1.^R. A.-B. Al If.'st.' U ;P'
--- November, 1932. (8. R. A.-B. A. I. 307.) Pi. 5P ";
Notices of judgment under th'e food and drugs a ct g I.:t, ,I.'-I."'
'These may be obtained from the tealung bureau.

"r !j:k^

.... .. .. ... ..... ......
..... .i N

r "w' -
: ,,: ". ..

ti l of jingmeat di the foo d and dgs. act. (N. J., F. D. 19851-19400.)'
ic;d $ugm undr :the .eod and drugs act. (Ni J., F. D. 19401-19450.)'
4 4 fti dgment under the ineeticide sat. (N. J., F. 1241 (Amended).)j
oi0 ..{R *plant aefeg2ard. regulations. Revision of regulations. Effective De-
beisbqr 11982. (B. P. Q.)
~l on of. date-palm scale inpjct quarantine and regulations. Amendment
i e December 1, 1832. (B, P. Q.-Q. 6.)'
ibrlwQRnran quarantine No. 52. Revision qf quarantine .and regulations. Ef-
lt.e October 29,1982. (B. P. Q.-Q. 52.)1,
iirada'southern national forests. Price, 5f.
aMiataI introduced by the 'Division of Foreign Plant Introduction, Bureau
| ..ind ,try, January 1 to March 31, 1931 (Nos. 90837-92336). Inventory
&t& EPriee, 10.
0rt of the Chief of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 1932. Price, 50.
i:t of the Chief of the Bureau of Agricultural Engineering. 1932. Price, 5t.
If 'th Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry. 1932. Price, 50.
:of theC"Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey. 1932. Price, 50.
**it of the Chief of the Bureau of Chemistry and Soils. 1932.. Price, 59.
p f, ithe qChief of the Bureau of Dairy Industry. 1932. Price, 5f.
i:th'e Chief of the Bureau of Entomology. 1932. Price, 5*.
6,of the Chief of the Bureau of Home Economics. 1932. Price, 50.
iB-:f :the Chief of the Bureau of Plant Industry. 1932. Price, 50.
f the Chief of the Bureau of Public Roads. 1932. Price, 5*.
Sthe Chief of'the Food and Drug Administration. 1932. Price, 5f.
:i tf r Chief: of the Grain .Futures Administration. 1932. Price, 5t.
-IS !%,*ibiief'of the Office of Experiment Stations. 1932. Price, 5f.
C -Chief of the Plant Quarantine and Control Administration. 1932.

::;oit~he Director of Information. 1932. Price, 50.
-i f the Director of Personnel and Business Administration. 1932. Price, 50.
t"vem Thrkster. 1932. Price, 5 .
of the Librarian. 1982. Price, 5f.
e"SecretiWrt rAgrieiure. 1932. Price, 10.
of the Soli itor,, 193. ,rice, 5t.
i iecals may be obtained by purchase or subscription from the Superintendent of
M.tial situation. Vol. 16, No. 11, November 1; No. 12, December 1, 1982.
5:'a copy; 250 a year, domestic; 400 a year, foreign.
i Cdimarkets. Vo 9, No.. 1, November, 1932. Price, 5 a copy; 000 a year,
; 8N 0 a year, foreign.
Sbe obtained from the issuing bureau.

A. ,. ..

II II lll lil llll l lllllH|I I
3 1262 08903 7088

bDa41 'weather maps.. Limited editl oese .:j Not for al l I
Sri, dally, except Sundays and holidays, .25 a month, $83 y
I a year. Foreign subscriptionst $7.25 a year. Maps DD, E, Ant.Clt
conditions and forecasts, are issued at pumerol t p
200 a month, $2.40 a year.
Ei.periment station record. Vol6. ,Index nuniaec y'r ..W
Single number for sale only. .Price, 10. .
PFrest worker. Vol. 8: No. 6 ?Nvemb'er, 1982: i.i
domestic; 350 a year, foreign.' I .. ; .4,p9jf l.filri
Journal of agricultural': eseafch. Price, $ y6r m~teti~"dl
foreign. Not distributed free to liidiid.AlsdJ *,i ''.i ,' : P
--- Vol. 45, No. 9. Illus.; Novemii e r 1, 19te. TPrice, 10.
A cytological study of heterothalllsa-iiai Pudein oisa; ie
physiological studies of potatoes in storage. Key No. 7.
. ,biity.of :ad ,aL4ogen, ..ea4ium,.am'.Dlw ,",.:"
S uhthod ofb eaI dthit 'ioeWdlentof thr
agrees. Key No. Iowa-21. Oxidation-reductio ptet a ii i
centration of a soil. Key No. N. C.-28..
Vol. 45, No. 10. Ilus. November 16, "iS1932. Pc '.
CONTENTS: : .' 'i :~';';. : :,o '.ha l if
Quality, size, capacity, gross anatomy and histology of cow :u
milk production. Ker fo. ,13rl,. Relation: of,t
wheat kernel to infection by Gibberellas abimue. j" b-0 ..
study of. th.ehemial cmpqltion o grasa ftropI lo-ttexW9 il
sively. Key No. Mass.- '..
----Vol. 45; No. 11. Illus. 'Decemelr 1, 19i2: PO*!i. 1
CONTENTS:: .. *"....: 4. .,..
Comparison oconformation natom, cond skelefiioutx w
of a dairy breed. Key No.. -13. Efciency factors ai thqIo tiei:
optimum fertilaer ridtlos' :Xey No. Ill.... i,.a. U our t.t .5lfi.
--- Vol. .45, No. 12 .Illus: .Decemiber f4 1 93 8 b ; rfi l e I:d
Efficacy of diffwent. trains .. f i8reebI o::.b a4aM Mifr
feetious abortion. Key No. A-152. Distribtlion of the oftte
soil and in. plant tissues In relation toe .streot4]
DeterminafSon of the errors of estimate 'ofa ftm nnu
tbhe bottomlant .:hardwood.. fort. r i!on :., o. 1,4.~
grades. Key NO.N. rY.T Cornen)-2r .
Monthly weather review. Vol. 60; 14& 8" uUt i t
copy; $1.50 .a yer, domestic; $2.25 a. yea, .,p .,":
tion. "
Public roads. Vol. 13, No. 9, Novetribert19A. lOe t
domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.
Th& official record. Vol. 11, Not '-4-l tIofdtiahW?
5I a:copy; 440O a year, domestic;. $1.10 a year,, forei~
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 44-52,. IToveir
Price, 500 a year, domestic; $1 a year, forei ,.

rate o-r -tre-i No------------------------
PIea. "m publications as hehcd w., p.....m ':'L
N ame.B% ... ....
Rural Route or Street No. .-:"

..... ..--"--------------"----. .. ,,: his

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