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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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-Oct. 1944.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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This elrealar will be sent regularly to all who apply for it.

United States Department of Agriculture,

H WAsHIaGTON, D. C., August 31, 1916.
[ABansV, 1916.]

.i:.lof any of the publications listed herein, including those with price
Iiteeopt the Journal of Agricultural Research, Experiment Station
i Serrvie and Regulatory Annonneements, and publications of the
U'rteau, may be obtained free upon application to the Editor and
the Division of Publications, United States Department of Agricul-
H tlgt n, D. C., as long as the department's supply lasts.
2 l& apartment's supply of the publications listed below is exhausted,
tion of which the price is indicated can still be obtained from
tendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
by purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.
.1 aittaees to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office
t of the Department of Agriculture.

a;ig number of requests for publications is being received daily
ointn.with incomplete addresses. Many correspondents fail to sign
... Boome do not give post-omice address. Persons living in large
t fuirnish the street address; and some give as the post-office
.Atrame of an office that has been discontinued for years. The de-
I C able to handle correspondence unless the signature is legible
pice address given in full, with street number or rural route
hi't c ease may be. Correspondents are therefore earnestly re-
,see that the complete address is given in all communications
| :" fhis department.

Hf s'ftmd g t Foarmers' Bulletins for the reason that the department's supply
S.e.t aumober ais ordinarily sufficient to make it possible to send them free to nil

a':m Wasted Land on Farms. By James S. Ball, As-sis'lnt ini FIri
P. p. 18, gs. n 12. Contribution from the Office of Form MIninge-
fg:ff. 1,IU'bL : farmers' Bulletin 745.)
drsylts of.l. based on area records from 1,703 farms distrilniitdJ
S.. tiase iewe to call attention to the fact that there are corlain
.:tl fi tan which contribute nothing to. the farm income. and to suggest
through wahleb more or less of such nonproductive land may be re-
q a;e ag3 fa ra nt.
k ,h Elqiatxa Dry Lands. By N. C. Donaldson, Scientific Assist;int,
t .Ar'ea':l tavestigiations. Pp. 23, figs. 11. Contribution from (l11
49| Plant Industry. Aug. 12, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 749.)
t&farimers and xrospeetive settlers in Montana.
.. Thom pson, Horticulturist, Office of Horticultural and
;ijifiigaton,. Bureau of Plant Industry, and H. S. Bailey,
....i|:.Caem... t, Bureau of Chemistry. Pp. 16. Contribution
t: PRlnt Industry and the Bureau of Chemistry. Aug. 4.
,t* i anS da managers of oil mills, oil dealers, and business
.HAil iif olirfng or who contemplate growing peanuts.

:: :: :: :: :: ... .. .. .
: : ;;;::!!ii: :~~. :..... i .... .........:. ,; ;

The publications listed below are technical or scientific treatises or btillti s
to a special industry or locality. The elttson is limited, but they will be furtle C
persons who can use such specialized information as long as the supply lasts. ~f,
to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Supertatendeat of Dacuments..
Comparison of the Baclerial Count of Milk With the Sediment or N 'Dirt
By H. C. Campbell, Expert in Milk Hygiene, Pathological Division. :l|
pl. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry. (Pro-esi
Paper.) June 29. 1916. (Department Bulletin 361.) Price, 5 eents.
Of special interest to milk inspectors and pure food officials.
Brick Roads. By Vernon M. Peirce, Chief of Construction, and Chardl
lMooreelild. Senior Highway Engineer. Pp. 40, pis. 12. figs 4. Conzrlbni
from the Office of Public Roads and Rural Engineering. (Prnftil
Paper.) Aug. 25. L916. IDepartment Bulletin 78.) Price, 15 cent.
This ts a revision of Department Bulletin 246, entitled Vitrified BzA*t*kgafa
for Country Roads. A
Disadvantages of Selling Cotton in the Seed. By Charles F.' Ori U.
tific Assistant. Pp. 19. Contribution from the Office of Martretitid lt
Organization. Aug. 9, 1916 (Department Bulletin 375.) Price, 5
Should be of Interest to cotton producers, ginners, and buyers generally.
The Argentine Ant: Distribution and Control In the United States
Ernesl It. Barber, Scieutifie Assistant Southern Field Crop Insect ...i
gariins. Pp. 23. figs. 4; Contribution from the Bureau of Entom 4K
(Professional Paper.) Aug. 18. 1916. (Department Bulletin 377.)
5 cents. i
Gives life history and habits and methods of control of this insect. :Vi
Interest to residents of southern States. ,
Fish Meal: Its Use as a Stoee and Poultry Food. By P. 0. Weber, Ohe
Charge. Animal Physiological Chemical Lahuratory. Bureau of Oheiol
Pp. 21. Contribution from the Bureau of Chemistry and the Bureau tof
nml Inrdustry. (Professional Paper.) Aug. 22, 1916. (DepartMbitI
letin 378.) Price, 5 cents.
The object of this publication la to set forth the value of fish meal as a ij
domestic animals in order to stimulate Its more general use as a supplemleataK. l
feed and to encourage its manufacture for that purpose.
Dust Explosions and Fires in Grain Separators In the Paslef 1 orth
By Duvid .. Price, Engineer in Charge of Grain Dust Explosion Invet
tions. Bureau of Chemistry. and E. B. McCormick. Chief. Division bf i
Engineering. Office of Public Roads and Rural Engineering. Pp. 22. pI s
Contribution from the Bureau of Chemistry and Office of Public Rode i
Rural Engineering. Aug. 4, 1916. (Department Bulletin 379.) Pr
cents. '
Gives the nature and causes, and the methods of prevention of'dust e 'ia ..
New Sorghum Varieties for the Central and Southern Great Pla4tik,
H. N. Vinall, Agronomist, and R. W. Edwards, Soientific Assistant, Ol
Forage-Crop Investigations. Pp. 16, figs. 7. Contribution from the Rhie
of Plant Industry. Aug. 15, 1916. (Department Bulletin 388.) P. iM
Gives description and value for forage of Dwarf Hegari, Improved rsterigiit
Feterita, White Milo. and Schrock Kafir.
Lessons on Tomatoes for Rural Schools. By E. A. Miller, Specialisti. A
cultural Education. Pp. 18. figs. 5. Contribution from the State.e Iji
Service. (Professional Paper.) Aug. 23, 1916. (Department h.l
392.) Price, 5 cents. ..
For the use of teachers in southern rural schools. .
Factors Affecting Interest Rates and Other Charges on Short-TIuE"...
Loans. By C. W. Thompson, Specialist in Rural Organisation. Pp%1t
Contribution from the Office of Markets and Rural Organizatioe
1916. (Department Bulletin 409.) Price, 5 cents.
This bulletin discusses the reasons for variations A interest rates ~l.
farm loans, giving special attention to those causes of variations irhel t
fed by Individual or collective action. :..ii


giuence of Age on the Value of Dairy Cows and Farm Work Horses. By
; J. C. McDowell, Agriculturist, Office of Farm Management. Pp. 12. figs. 5.
Contribution from the Office of Farm Management. Office of the Secretary.
(Professional Paper.) Aug. 24, 1916. (Department Bulletin 413.) Price,
5 cents.
This bulletin is of interest to stock-ralsers generally.

Important Insects Which May Affeet the Health of Men or Animals Engaged
In Military Operations. Pp. 24. figs. 15. Prepared by the Bureau of Ento-
:. mulogy. Aug. 12, 1916 (Circular No. 61, Office of the Secretary.)
Price, 5 cents.
: RuBales and Regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture under the United
States Cotton Futures Act of August 11, 1916. (Circular No. 64, Office
iof te Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.
~ r,,ttoA Agricultural Outlook. By Charles H. Greathouse, In Charge of In-
) eng, Division of Publications. Pp. 71. 1915.
The Agricultural Outrnob superseded the Crop Reporter, and was Itself superseded
by the Monthly C'rop ReprtL It covered the time between October. 19Al3, and April,
S115, and was issued as Farmers' Bulletins Nus. 55R, 560. 5H3, 571), 575. 581. 384,
690 598. 604, 611, 615. 620. 629. 641. 645, 651, 665, and 672. Tals Index will be
nuse to those who have kept a file of said bulletin.


Journal of Agricultural Research. (Issued weekly. For sale only.)
Vo, 6. No. 18. July 31. 1916. Contents: Life Cycles of the B'c-teria. By
F: F. Lohnis and N. K. Smith.-A Respirution Calorimeter. Partly Automatic,
for the Study of Metaholic Activity of Small Magniitudle. By C. F. I.arg-
worthy and R. D. Milner. Pp. 675-720. pls. A-Q, XCII-XCV, fig. 1. Price,
25 cents.
sa;me, No. 19. August 7. 1916. Contents: Mottle-Leaf of Citrus Trees in Re-
IP larion to Soil Conditions. By Lyman J. Briggs, C. A. Jensen, and .I. W.
S McLane.-Vegetative Succe.sion Under Irriga#rion. By J. Francis Macbride.
EPp. 721-759, pls. XCVl-CV. figs. 4. Price. 25 cents.
Same, No. 20. August 14, 1916. Contents: Agricultural Value of Impermne-
able Seeds. By George T. ilarrington.-Mendelisni of Short Ears in Sheep.
By E. G. Ritzman. Pp. 761-798. pi. 1. figs. 6. Price. 10 cents.
Same, No. 21. August 21. 1916. Contents: Life-History Studies of Cirphis
unipuncta, the True Army Worm. By John J. Davis and A. F. Sutter-
thwait.-lnfection of Timothy by Purcinin gramninis. By E. C. Stakmnn and
F. J. Plerueisel.-Control of the Powdery Dryrot of Potatows CausedI by
Fusariunm trichothecioides. By O. A. Pratt. Pp. 799-&32. pts. CVII-CVIII,
figs. 2. Price, 15 cents.
Same, No. 22. August 28. 1916. Contents: Use of the Moisture Equivalent
for the Indirect Determinatlon of the Hyrroscopei Coefficient. By F'red-
erlek J. Alway and Jouette C. Russel.-Theri lochus conotrachell. a Pirasite
of the Plum Curculio. By R. A. Cnshman.-Effect on Plant Growth of
Sodium Salts in the Roil. By Prank B. Headley. E. W. Curtis. and C. S.
Scofleld. Pp. 833-869. pl. CIX. figs. 17. Price. 10 cents.
NoTl.-Beginning with Volume 5. The Journal of Agrlecultural Rpearch will be
issued weekly and distributed free only to the libraries of a.rrlcultural colleges and
experiment stations, to large universitirp, technical schools, andrl uch institurions as
make suitable exchanges with the department. ft trill n t he sent free It indiriduals.
S The Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, the
p.:- price being $3 per year; 52 numbers.
Experiment Station Record. Vol. XXXV, No. 1. July, 1916. E. W. Allen,
Ph. D., Editor. Pp. 1-100. Price. 15 cents,
SNoTr -The Record is a technical review of the world's scientific literature pertain-
ing to agriculture. It is not Intended for general distribution, and its tree diatrihu-
tion Is restricted to persons connected with the agricultural colleges, experiment sra-
7 *" tons, and similar institutions, and to libraries cnd exchange. It can not be sent free
to Individuals having no official connection with public institutions. The Superin-
tendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, which is issued
in two volumes a yeag, te number each, at $1 a volume.
S o S;e, VYoL XXXV, No. 2. August, 1916. Pp. 101-200. Price, 15 cents.
Hi r

".* "L: V.I":. ". ..**: i..i UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA

A. oIhlllllIlliEiliIu|111| hi
"4 3 1262 08853 1842
:..... .

The Monthly Crop Report. Vol. 2, No. 9, August, 916. 1 i
of Crop Estimates.) :...
Contains data relating to agriculture, Including estimatesf *p1f
yield, prices, and value of crops and live stock. Ftr free :datribntlior'.
These contain only information, instructions,. and notices governing the esaf
food and drugs act. meat inspection. 28-hour, and quarantine laws. and the var"pi
tons of the department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus Free distriblu toj
to persons In the employ of the department, to public officials whose duntes de
sary for them to have such information, to journals especially concerned. :id to
turers and firms whose business Is affected by same. Others desiring copies are
fully referred to the Superintendent of Documents. Government Printing O .t e
them for sale only, at prices noted.
Bureau of Animal Idistry. No. 110. June, 1916. Pp. 49-60. Jtu .4
Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 111. July, 1916. Pp. 61-65. Ig,
Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Biological Survey. No. 10. Regulations for the Protectlin i
Moose, Caribou, Sheep, and Mountain Goats in Alaska. Pp. 2..F
1916. Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Biological Survey. No. 11. Regulations for the Protection o.ui
tory Birds. Pp. 6. Aug. 21, 1916. Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Chemistry. Supplement No. 17. [Notices of Judgment Not.!
4350.] Pp. 427-504. Aug. 8, 1916. Price, 10 cents.
Federal Horticultural Board. No. 29. June, 1916. Pp. 73-83. Aug.-
Price, 5 cents.
Federal Horticultural Board." No. 30. July, 1916. Pp. 85-92. AWg.
Price, 5 cents. -
All requests for soil surveys are referred to the Bureau of Soils for attentlm -
bution of same being controlled by that bureau... 1"1
Soil Survey of Dunklin County, Missouri. By A. T. Sweet and B. W.I
of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, and H. H. Krusektff
dorff, W. I. Watkins, and E. W. Knoble, of the University of h
47. pls. 3, fig. 1. map. (From F. O. Soils. 1914.) Price, 15e ie. itl.I
Soil Sur.ey of Wayne County, North Carolina. By B. B. Derick, g
Department of Agriculture, In Charge. and S. O. Perkinso .n 1
Dowell, of the North Carolina Department of Agricultutre.n M-::::'
map. (From F. 0. Soils, 1915.) Price, 15.cents. ::
Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only frmu the0 Chiit
Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Ofil
noted herein.
Monthly Weather Review. (For sale only.) Vol. 44, "No (.5 :
Pp. 243-319, charts 9. figs. 14. Price. 25 cents a copy, $2.50 ai!i
able to the Superintendent of Documents. :
Special articles: Solar and sky radiation measurements during
I1. II. Kimball.-Free-air data by anj of ending li wittsq~
July, 1914. By W. R. B ir -oca symbols.'. '.*
cient of correlation as a measure' :flationlbip. By Chas. : .
Cbinn. 1900-1911. By tCo-Cbing Cbu.-American definition of
jr.-Two abnormal pressure distrlbutons In Italy. By F. Ele i
of water supply. By W G. Reed.--Simple wind-velocity indiestdkf
Diurnal variation of underground temperature. By S. Sato.--At
Voelkov, 1842-1916.--The'Chinese Weather Bureau. By Co-Ch,~Wti
SWeather Forecasting in the United States. By a Board io'
Henry, chairman, Edward H. Bowie. Henry J. Cox and
field. Pp. 370. figs. 199. 1016. (W. B. No. 588.) Priet.
Contains a general description of the science of weather to
the thethods and processes used. No copies available for fre die ti
National Weather and Crop Bulletin, Nos. 20.21, 22, 28, 24. Au
Sporting temperature, rainfall, and crop conditions ,I.ofl
States. (Issued weekly, on Wednesday .A.rIl to October; i
der of year.) Price, 25 cents & yext *r ; .':

Editor and :OMeuJ
8 ws rafHI O: uaovNxflu "A
4" A1r N 06 :6 ":V= NM ..:-:;..'
A ... :. !
.. :: .:,,,: i
,,.:.; ;:".': i : :.;i: i.2

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