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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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May 1940
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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United States Department of Agrijculture


MAY 1940
Any five of the nontechnical publications listed herein unless indicat-d "For sale only," may
be obtained free upon application to th.- Ulnild Sant's Department of Agriculture. Wa.hington,
D. C., as long as the Department's supply lasts. After this supply is rxhau'ted, publications
may be obtained from the Superintnndent rf Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash-
ington, D. C.. by purchase at the prices staled herein. His office is not a part of the Depart-
ment of Agriculture.
Free distribution of technical material and periodicals is restricted.
Bean growing in northern Idaho, eastern Washington, and eastern Oregon.
Byron Hunter, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 17 p., illus. (F. B.
1509F., rev.) Price 5c.
Feeding, care, and management of young dairy stock. Joseph B. Shepherd
and Fred W. Miller, Bureau of Dairy Industry. 44 p., illus. (F. B.
1723F., rev.) Price 100.
insects and diseases of the pecan and their control. G. F. Moznette, C. B.
Nickels, W. C. Pierce, and T. L. Bissell, Bureau of Entomology and Plant
Quarantine; and J. B. Demaree, J. R. Cole, H. E. Parson, and John R.
Large, Bureau of Plant Industry. (F. B. 1829F.) 70 p., illus. Price 100.
The culture and use of sorghums for forage. J. H. Martin and J. C. Stephens,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 42 p., illus. (F. B. 1844F.) Price 100.
The liming of soils. Edmund C. Shorey, Bureau of Plant Industry. 26 p.,
illus. (F. B. 1845F.) Price 50.
The sweetpotato weevil and how to control it. K. L. Cockerham, Bureau of
Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 8 p., illus. (Leaf. 121L., rev.)
Price 50.
Pondery mildew of ornamental plants. Freeman Weiss, Bureau of Plant
Industry. 4 p. (Leaf. 197L.) Price 50.
A study of rapid deterioration of vegetable seeds and methods for its preven-
tion. Victor R. Boswell, E. H. Toole, Vivian K. Toole, and D. F. Fisher,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 48 p., illus. (T. B. 708T.) Price 10p.
Stains of sapwood and sapwood products and their control. Theodore C.
Scheffer and Ralph H. Lindgren, Bureau of Plant Industry, 124 p., illus.
(T. B. 714T.) Price 200.
Fertilizer experiments with rice in California. Loren L. Davis, Biggs Rice
Field Station. Biggs, Calif., and Jcnkin W. Jones, Bureau of Plant Indus-
try. 22 p., illus. (T. B. 718T.) Price 5.
Production and consumption of manufactured dairy products. Edmund E.
Vial, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 77 p., illus. (T. B. 722T.)
Price 150.
Milk and butterfat production by dairy cows on four different planes of feed-
ing. R. R. Graves, George Q. Bnlvtem:n. J. R. ShepliherI Binrev:u of Dairy
Industry, and George B. Caine, Utah State Agricultural College. 36 p.
(T. B. 724T.) Price 10c.
Development and use of baking powder and baking chemicals. L. H. Bailey,
Bureau of Agricultural Chemistry and Engineering. 18 p. (Cir. 138C.,
rev.) Price 5C.
S X P cotton in comparison with Pima. T. H. Kearney, R. H. Peebles, and
E. Gordon Smith, Bureau of Plant Industry. 15 p., illus. (Cir. 550C.)
Price 100.



Relation of the depth to which the soil is wet at seeding time to the yield of
spring wheat on the Great Plains. John S. Cole and 0. R. Mathews,
.....- -.- r-eau of Plant Industry. 20 p., illus. (Cir. 563C.) Price 50.
List of available publications of the United States Department of Agriculture.
January 2, 1940. Compiled by Fred L. Zimmerman and Phyllis R. Read,
Office of Information. 212 p. (M. P. 60M., rev.)
Bureau of Animal Industry. Service and regulatory announcements. April
1940. Pp. 41-50. (S. R. A.-B. A. I. 396.) Price 25o a year, 5e a copy.'
Coffee quarantine. Notice of quarantine No. 73. Effective April 1, 1940. Bu-
reau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 2 p. (B. E. P. Q.-Q. 73.)'
Notices of judgment under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Food
and Drug Administration. Pp. 1-31. (D. D. N. J., F. D. C. 1-75.) Drugs
and devices; pp. 33-62. (D. D. N. J., F. D. C., 76-140.) Drugs and
Notices of judgment under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Food
and Drug Administration. Pp. 39-79. (F. N. J., F. D. C. 151-325.)
Notices of judgment. under the Insecticide Act. Food and Drug Administra-
tion. Pp. 457-467. (N. J., I. F. 1711-1730).'
New York, Cattaraugus County. (No. 12, series 1935.) 65 p., illus. Price
North Carolina, Stokes County. (No. 20, series 1934.) 39 p., illus. Price 25C.
1714. Practical nutritive requirements of poultry. Pp. 7S7-843. Price 100.
1718. Feeding requirements of gallinaceous upland game birds. Pp. 893-924.
Price 100.
Citations to literature in the Journal of Agricultural Research, Technical
Bulletins, Circulars, and Miscellaneous Publications (other than bibliog-
raphies). Carolyn Whitlock, Office of Information. 17 p.2
Membership of land use planning committees. Bureau of Agricultural Eco-
nomics in cooperation with Extension Service. 8 p. (County Planning
Series No. 2.) Price 50.
The land use planning organization. Bureau of Agricultural Economics, in
cooperation with the Extension Service and Soil Conservation Service.
8. p. (County Planning Series No. 3.) Price 5c.
A special report. The w wholesale fruit and vegetable markets of New York
City. William C. Crow and W. T. Calhoun, Bureau of Agricultural Eco-
nomics; and J. W. Park, Agricultural Marketing Service. 123 p., illus.
Price 25c.
Forest outings. Russell Lord, Forest Service. 311 p., illus. Price 750,
paper; $1.25, buckram. For sale only.
G-96. Agricultural adjustment, 1938-39. 142 p.'
Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by purchase
or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 24, No. 5, May 1940. Price 5c a copy; 500 a
year, domestic; 700 a year, foreign.'

1Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C.
SThese may be obtained from the issuing bureau.
"These may be obtained free upon application to the Agricultural Adjustment Administration.

Indicate below, by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins desired. In order to assure
prompt delivery detach this frank and return in stamped envelope to United States Department
of Agriculture, Office of Information, Washington, D. C. List no more than five publications.
If more are desired, please apply to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,
Washington, D. C., enclosing remittance to cover cost of publication. Requests for change of
address must show old as well as new address.
Be sure to write your name and address plainly on reverse side of this form.

Bulletins Leaflets Other publications

Crops and markets. Vol. 17, No. 4, April 1940. Price 10 a copy; $1.00
a year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'

Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for all States east of the
Missi.sippi River, except Illinois, Wiscunin, Indiana, Upper Michigan, Lower Michigan,
Alabama, Mississippi, and !he extreme weterri portion of Florida. Price. daily, except
Sunday and holidays, 25C a month, $3 a year; daily, including bunday and holidays, 31'u
a month, S3.60 a year. Sunday and holiday maps only, 60" a year. -'ur'=iin subscription.
$9.10 a year. lMaps DD, E, and CM, showing the weather conditions and forecaits are
issued at numerous stations through the United States, 20 a month, $2.40 a year.2

Experiment station record. Vol. 82, No. 5, May 1940. Price $1 per volume
(2 volumes a year), consisting of 6 monthly numbers and index; $1.75 per
volume, foreign. Single numbers for sale only. Price 150.'
Extension service review. Vol. 2, No. 5, May 1940. Illus. Price 100 a
copy; 750 a year, domestic; $1.15 a year, foreign.1
Journal of agricultural research. Vol. 60, No. 2, January 15; No. 3, February
1; No. 4, February 15; No. 5, March 1, 1940.
Journal of agricultural research. Price $3.25 a year, domestic; $4.75 a year,
foreign. Each issue, 150, domestic; 200, foreign. Separates, 54, domestic;
80, foreign.1 Not distributed free to individuals.
Separates. A small supply of each separate is given to the originating bureau or sta-
tion for its staff, cooperators, and for such other distribution as can be made. Others
interested may purchase copies from the Superintendent of Documcnit- Washington, D. C.,
at 6f each. The Office of Information has none for general distribution.
A-193. (In vol. 59, No. 10.) Experimental transmission of bovine venereal
trichomoniasis. Charles W. Rees and George G Garlick.
E-80. (In vol. L9, No. 10.) Amino acids in the corn kernel. Frank A. Csonka.
GC-11S. (In vol. 59, No. 8.) Formulas for determining th-oretical effect of c r-
lain genetic factors upon inheritance of quantitative characters, with special
reference to a study of a Lycopersicon hybrid. LeRoy P'o'.veis.
G-1139. (In vol. 59, No 10.) The D Rs P linkage group in sorghum. J. C.
St, phens and J. R. Quinby.
G-1140 (In vol. 59, No. 9.) Comparative study of the apple anthracnose and
perennial canker fungi. J. R. Kienholz.
G-1143. (In vol 59, No. 8.) Growth of millet in quartz sand and in sand-soil
mixtures. "P. L. Gile.
G-1144. (In vol. 59, No. 10.) Effects of nitrogen compounds and trace elements
on growth of Aspergillus niger. Robert A. Steinberg.
G-1145. (In vol. 59. No. 10.) Relation of carbon nutrition to trace-element and
accessory requirements of Aspergillus niger. Robert A. Steinberg.
G-1146. (In vol. 59. No. II.) Resistance to clubroot in varieties of turnip and
rutabaga. J. C. Walker.
K 30). (In vol. 59, No. 10.) Effect of temperature and moisture on overwinter-
ing pupae of the corn earworm in the Northeastern States. G. W. Barber
and F. F. Dicke.
Calif.-110. (In vol. 69, No. 7.) Retention of some phosphorus compounds by
soils as shown by subsequent plant growth. John '. Conrad.
Calif.-111. (In vol. 59, No. 12.) Susceptibility of species of Cupressaceae to
crown gall as determined by artificial inoculation. Clayton O. Smith.
T11.-70. (In vol. 59, No 11.) A study of hybrid vigor in a cross between Poland
China and Duroc Jersey swine. E. Roberts and W. E. Carroll.
Maine-2. (In vol. 59. No. 13.) The role of insects in the dissemination of
potato blackleg and seed-piece decay. Reiner Bonde.
Mich.-34. (In vol. 59, No 7.) Photo.ynthetic studies of mutational barrenness
in the Montmorency cherry. J. W. Christ.

1 Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington.
D C.
'These may be obtained from the lIsilina bureau.


3 1262 08903 7815




Rural Route or Strect .o

City or Tomi----

...-- - - - - -. --. - - _

N. Y. (Geneva)-16. (In vol. .9, No. 9 ) Occurrence and longevity of .4s:ocshla
pisi in setds of hairy vetch. WillardJ Cro-iier.
Ohio-28. (In vol 59, No. I.) Further studies on root characteristics of winter
wheat in relation to winter injury. C. A. Lamb.
Tex.-22. In vol. 59. No. In.) R lation of gain in weight to gain in en rgy
content of growing chick.. G. S. Frap, and E. C. Carlyle.
W;s.-lUJ (In vol. 59. No. S.) Eff.ct of niui-ture, fertility, and fertilizer plac2-
m.rnt on root rot of canning peas in WisconJin. J. C. Walker and F. L.
Mu bach.
Wis.-liT. (In vol. 59. No. S.) Relation of temperature and moisture to near-
will of pea. Walker J. Virpin and J. C. Walker.
Wis.-luS. (In vol. 59, No. 9.) Further studies of the effects of temperature and
other environmental factors upun the photoptriodic responses of plants.
R. H. Roberts and B. Esther Struckiieyer.
Wis.-109. (In vol. 59, No. 11.) Correlaied inheritance in oats of reaction to
smuts, crown rust, stem rust, and other characters. James H. Torrie.
Wis.-ll0. (In vol. 59. No. 11.) Injury to p"a vines caused by the feeding of
pea aphid. C. E. Dieter and H. F. Wilson.
Monthly weather review. Vol. 68, No. 2, February 1940. Illus. Price 200 a
copy; $2.00 a year, domestic; $2.75 a year foreign.' Not for general
Rural electrification news. Vol. 5, No. 9. May 1940. Price 100 a copy; 75
a year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Soil conservation. Vol. 5, No. 11, May 1940. Price 10c a copy; $1 a year,
domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 18-22, April 30-May 28, 1940. Price
50(, domestic; $1.50) a year, foreign.'
Gives detailed weather conditions of precee'ing weeks and thuir effect on development
of crops and farm operations. Limited edition.

SPayalail to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C.


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