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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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March 1939
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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United States Department of Agriculture


MARCH 1939
Any five of the nontechnical publications listed herein, unless Indicated "For sale only," may
be obtained free upon application to the United States Department of Agriculture, Wahington,
D. C., an long as the Department's supply lasts. After this supply is exhausted, publications
may be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash-
Ington, D. C., by purchase at the prices stated herein. His office is not a part of the
Department of Agriculture.
Free distribution of technical material and periodicals is restricted.
Care and improvement of the farm woods. C. R. Tillotson, Forest Service.
26 p., illus. (F. B. 1177F., rev.) Price, 104.
Cleaning milking machines. L. H. Burgwald, Bureau of Dairy Industry.
Revised by Fred M. Grant, Bureau of Dairy Industry. 14 p., illus.
(F. B. 1315F., rev.) Price, 54.
Handling rough rice to produce high grades W. D. Smith, Bureau of Agri-
cultural Economics, 22 p., illus. (F. B. 1420F., rev.) Price, 104.
Native and adapted grasses for conservation of soil and moisture in the
Great Plains and Western States. Soil Conservation Service. 44 p., illus.
(F. B. 1812F.) Price, 100.
Date growing in the United States. Roy W. Nixon and Dewey C. Moore,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 8 p. (Leaf. 170L.) Price, 54.
The timothy crop. Morgan W. Evans, Bureau of Plant Industry. 6 p., illus.
(Leaf. 171L.) Price, 5w.
The bud-graft method of propagating vinifera grape varieties on rootstocks.
Elmer Snyder and F. N. Harmon, Bureau of Plant Industry. 5 p., illus.
(Leaf. 173L.) Price, 50.
Bean bacterial wilt. Florence Hedges, Bureau of Plant Industry. 6 p., illus.
(Leaf. 174L.) Price, 50.
Eradication of the cultivated black currant in white pine regions. J. F.
Martin, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 8 p., illus. (Leaf.
175L.) Price, 54.
The native papaw. H. P. Gould, Bureau of Plant Industry. 6 p. (Leaf.
179L.) Price, 54.
The storage of sweet cherries as influenced by carbon dioxide and volatile
fungicides. Fisk Gerhardt and A. Lloyd Ryall, Bureau of Plant Industry.
20 p. (T. B. 631T.) Price, 54.
Effect of cleaning seed cotton on lint quality and ginning efficiency. Francis
L. Gerdes, and Arvid J. Johnson, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, and
Charles A. Bennett, Bureau of Agricultural Engineering. 64 p., illus.
(T. B. 663T.) Price, 204.
Wintering steers on different planes of nutrition from weaning to 2'/ years
of age. W. H. Black, J. R. Quesenberry, and A. L. Baker, Bureau of
Animal Industry, in cooperation with the Montana Agricultural Ex-
periment Station. 20 p., illus. (T. B. 667T.) Price, 104.
Bruising, freezing, and chemical injury of potatoes in transit. R. C. Wright,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 23 p., illus. (T. B. 668T.) Price, 65.
Grass culture and range improvement in the central and southern Great
Plains. D. A. Savage, Bureau of Plant Industry. 56 p., illus. (Cir.
491C.) Price, 104.
Control of the corn earworm on Fordhook lima beans in eastern Virginia.
Loyd W. Brannon, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, in co-
operation with the Virginia Truck Experiment Station. 15 p., illus.
(Cir. 506C.) Price, 54.
Control of black rot of pineapples in transit. C. 0. Bratley, Bureau of Plant
Industry, and A. S. Mason, Puerto Rico Experiment Station. 12 p., illus.
(Cir. 511C.) Price, 54.
Breeding areas and economic distribution of the beet leafhopper in New
Mexico, southern Colorado, and western Texas. V. E. Romney, Bureau
of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 15 p., illus. (Cir. 518C.)
Price, 54.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States Department of Agri-
culture. 22 p. (M. P. 48M., rev.) Price, 50.'
The principal laws relating to the establishment and administration of the
national forests and to other Forest Service activities. Forest Service.
40 p. (M. P. 135M., rev.) Price, 104.
A graphic summary of farm animals and animal products. (Based largely
on the census of 1930 and 1935.) 0. E. Baker, Bureau of Agricultural
Economics. 88 p., illus. (M. P. 269M.) Price, 104.
Plans of farm buildings for Western States. Bureau of Agricultural Engi-
neering and the Extension Service in cooperation with several colleges
and universities and their cooperative extension services in agriculture
and home economics. 120 p., illus. (M. P. 819M.) Price, 60f.
Housing requirements of farm families in the United States. Maud Wilson,
Bureau of Home Economics. 40 p., illus. (M. P. 322M.) Price, 104.
The farm-housing survey. Bureau of Home Economics, in cooperation with
the Bureau of Agricultural Engineering, the Extension Service, and
Office of the Secretary. 42 p., illus. (M. P. 323M.) Price, 154.
Forest resources of southeastern Texas. J. W. Cruikshank, I. F. Eldredge,
and P. R. Wheller, Forest Service. 37 p., illus (M. P. 326M.) Price, 204.
Land facts on the southern Plains. Glenn K. Rule, Soil Conservation Service.
22 p., illus. (M. P. 334M.) Price, 300. For sale only.'
Japanese beetle. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. .1 p. (Pic-
ture Sheet No. 4.) Price, 54.
Bureau of Animal Industry. Service and regulatory announcements. Index,
January-December 1938. Pp. 153-155; January 1939. Pp. 1-11. (S. R.
A.,-B. A. I. 381), February 1939, pp. 13-23. (S. R. A.,-B. A. I. 882.)
Price, 54 each.1
Quarantine and other official announcements. Service and regulatory an-
nouncements. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. October-
December 1938. Pp 123-156. (S. R. A.r-B. E. P. Q. No. 137).'
Notices of judgment under the Caustic Poison Act. Food and Drug Adminis-
tration. Pp. 25-26. (N. J., C. P. 87-88.)
Notices of judgment under the Food and Drugs Act. Food and Drug Ad-
ministration. Pp. 175-191. (N. J., F. D. 29426-29450). Drugs; pp.
193-296. (N. J., F. D. 29451-29750). Foods; pp. 297-326. (N. J., F. D.
29751-29800). Drugs.'
Notices of judgment under the Insecticide Act. Food and Drug Administra-
tion. P1. 399-413. (N. J., I. F. 1636-1655).'
Standards under the Tea Act. Effective May 1, 1939. Food and Drug Ad-
ministration. Service and regulatory announcements. Tea No. 13. 1 p.
(S. R. A., T. No. 13).'
1607. Soils and men-A summary. Pp. 1-44. 104.
1627. Soil nitrogen. Pp. 361-376. lillus. 50.
1628. Phosphorus deficiency and soil fertility. Pp. 377-396. Illus. 104.
1629. Soil potassium in relation to soil fertility. Pp. 397-405. 54.
1631. The use of cover and green-manure crops. Pp. 431-444. Illus. 54.
1632. Farm manure. Pp. 445-461. Illus. 104.
1633. The nature and use of organic amendments. Pp. 462-468. Illus. 50.
1634. Determining the fertilizer requirements of soils. Pp. 469-486. Illus. 50.
1635. Fertilizer materials. Pp. 487-521. Illus. 100
1636. Mixed fertilizers. Pp. 522-545. Illus. 104.
1639. General aspects of the soil-erosion problem. Pp. 581-608. Illus. 50.
1640. Forests for erosion control. Pp. 609-614. 54.
1642. Strip cropping. Pp. 634-645. Illus. 50.
1644. The coordinated approach of soil-erosion control. Pp. 666-678. Illus. 50.
1645. Special dry-farming problems. Pp. 679-692. 50.
1646. Irrigation in the United States. Pp. 693-703. Illus. 50.
1647. Soil, water supply, and soil solution in irrigation agriculture. Pp.
704-716. 54.
1648. Drainage in arid regions. Pp. 717-722. Illus. 54.
1 Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington. D. C.
SThese may be obtained from the issuing bureau.

Indicate below, by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins desired. In order to assure
delivery detach this frank and return in stamped envelope to United States Department of Agriculture,
Office of Information Washington, D. C. List no more than five publications. If more are desired, please
apply to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.,enclosing remit-
tance to cover cost of publication. Be sure to fill n blank form on reverse side.

Farmers' Leaflets Other publications

1651. The soil requirements of economic plants. Pp. 758-776. Illus. 100.
1652. Some relationships of soil to plant and animal nutrition-The Major
Elements. Pp. 777-806. Illus. 100.
1653. Neglected soil constituents that affect plant and animal development.
Pp. 807-829. Illus. 100.
1654. Selenium in soils. Pp. 830-834. 54.
1655. Plants as soil indicators. Pp. 835-860. Illus. 100.
1656. Soil and society. Pp. 863-886. Illus. 100.
1657. The physical nature of soil. Pp. 887-896. Illus. 54.
1658. Water relations of soils. Pp. 897-910. Illus. 50.
1659. General chemistry of the soil. Pp. 911-928. Illus. 104.
1660. Soil organic matter and soil humus. Pp. 929-939. Illus. 50.
1661. Fauna and flora of the soil. Pp. 940-947. 50.
1662. Formation of soil. Pp. 948-978. Illus. 100.
1663. Soil classification. Pp. 979-1001. 104.
1664. Soil maps and their use. Pp. 1002-1015. Illus. 54.
1666. A glossary of special terms used in soils Yearbook. Pp. 1162-1180. 50.
1667. Literature cited for Yearbook of Agriculture, 1938. Pp. 1181-1207. 100.
An annotated check list of the parasites of animals in Puerto Rico. H. L.
Van Volkenberg. 12 p. (P. R. Cir. 22C.) Price, 50. For sale only.1
Barriers to internal trade in farm products. George R. Taylor, Edgar L.
Burtis, and Frederick V. Waugh, Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
104 p., illus. Price, 254.
Codes for cloud forms and states of the sky according to the international
system of classification. Weather Bureau. (Cir. S., W. B. No. 1249.)
100 p., illus. Price, 150.'
Erosion and related land use conditions on the Minot area, North Dakota.
Nicholas Holowaychuk and William C. Boatright, Soil Conservation Serv-
ice. 37 p., illus. Price, 650. For sale only.'
From ridge to river. Soil Conservation Service. 14 p., illus. Price, 54.
Handbook of fire control equipment. Forest Service. Illus. Price, $1.00.
For sale only.1
Hands to save the soil. Civilian Conservation Corps' in collaboration with
Soil Conservation Service. [24 p.], illus. Price, 104.
Rural zoning and your county. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. [14 p.],
illus. Price, 54.
Problem-area groups of land in the southern Great Plains. H. H. Finnell,
Soil Conservation Service. 40 p. Price, 300. For sale only.1
G-86. Agricultural adjustment 1937-38. 385 p. Price, 30S.1
WR Leaflet No. 301. Give the range a chance. 4 p.'
Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by purchase
or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 23, no. 3, March 1939. Price, 54 a copy; 500 a
year, domestic; 700 a year, foreign.'
Crops and markets. Vol. 16, no. 2, February 1939. Price, 100 a copy; $1.00
a year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.1
s Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington. D. 0.
*These may be obtained from the issuing bureau.
These ma be obtained free upon application to the Agricultural Adjustment Adminis-


IllIllHlllf IIIIIIIII I IllI lll llllllI I Ill II I
3 1262 08903 7484


University of Florida
Alachua Co
D ALL 98 Fla


Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for all States east of the
Mississippi River, except Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Upper Michigan, Lower Michi-
gan, Alabama, Mississippi, and the extreme western portion of Florida. Price, daily,
except Sundays and holidays, 25f a month, $3 a year; daily, including Sundays and
holidays, 800 a month, $3.60 a year. Sunday and holiday maps only, 600 a year.
Foreign subscription, $9.10 a year. Maps DD, E, and CM, showing the weather condi-
tions and forecasts are issued at numerous stations through the United States, 280 a
month, $2.40 a year.1
Experiment station record. Vol. 80, no. 3, March 1939. Price $1 per volume
(2 volumes a year) consisting of 6 monthly numbers and index; $1.75 per
volume, foreign. Single numbers for sale only. Price, 150.1
Extension service review. Vol. 10, no. 3, March 1939. Illus. Price, 100 a
copy; 750 a year, domestic; $1.15 a year, foreign.'
Journal of agricultural research. Price, $3.25 a year, domestic; $4.75 a year,
foreign. Each issue, 150, domestic; 200, foreign. Separates, 50, domes-
tic; 80, foreign.' Not distributed free to individuals.
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only. Issued in
2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certain libraries
and to institutions or departments doing research work.
Separates. A small supply of each separate is given to the originating bureau or
station for its staff, cooperators, and for such other distribution as can be made.
Others interested may purchase copies from the Superintendent of Documents, Wash-
ington, D. C., at 50 each. The Office of Information has none for general distribution.
G-1104. (In vol. 57, no. 5.) Experiments on the transmission of potato viruses by
vectors. T. P. Dykstra and W. C. Whitaker.
G-1106. (In vol. 57, no. 6.) Applicability of nutrient-solution purification to the study
of trace-element requirements of Rhizobium and Azotobacter. Robert A.
G-1109. (In vol. 57, no. 9.) Differentiation of wood-decaying fungi by their reactions
on gallic or tannic acid medium. Ross W. Davidson, W. A. Campbell, and
Dorothy J. Blaisdell.
G-1114. (In vol. 57, no. 10.) Complete or partial inhibition of flowering in certain
plants when days are too short or too long. H. A. Allard.
G-1116. (In vol. 57, no. 11.) Correlations between biological essentiality and atomic
structure of the chemical elements. Robert A. Steinberg.
Idaho-14. (In vol. 57, no. 11.) Histology of apple fruit tissue in relation to cracking.
Leif Verner.
Mass.-49. (In vol. 57, no. 8.) Time interval between clutches in Rhode Island Red
pullets. F. A. Hays.
Minn.-108. (In vol. 57, no. 11.) Effect of exterior temperature upon press fluid, shear
force, and cooking losses of roasted beef and pork muscles. Alice M. Child
and Mary J. Satorius.
Va.-14. (In vol. 57, no. 6.) Morphology of the digestive tract of the blackfly (Simu-
lium nigroparvum). James A. Cox.
Wis.-98. (In vol. 57, no. 11.) Physiological conditions which produce wing develop-
ment in the pea aphid. Carl W. Schaefer.
Journal of agricultural research. Vol. 58, no. 3, February 1; no. 4, February
15; no. 5, March 15, 1939.
Monthly weather review. Vol. 66, no. 12, December 1938. Illus. Price, 20O
a copy; $2.00 a year, domestic; $2.75 a year, foreign. Not for general
Public roads. Vol. 20, no. 2, March 1939. Price, 100 a copy; $1 a year,
domestic, $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Soil conservation. Vol. 4, no. 9, March 1939. Price, 100 a copy; $1 a
year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 9-13, February 28-March 28, 1939.
Price, 500 a year, domestic; $1 a year, foreign.'
IPayable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.

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