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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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June 1937
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-Oct. 1944.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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United States Department of Agriculture


JUNE 1937

Any five of the nontechnical publications listed herein, unless indicated "For sale only", may
be obtained free upon application to the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington,
D. C., as long as the Department's supply lasts. After this supply is exhausted, publications
may be obtained from the Superintedent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash-
ington, D. C., by purchase at the prices stated herein. His office is not a part of the Depart-
ment of Agriculture.
Free distribution of technical material and periodicals is restricted.

Irrigation of small grain. W. W. Laughlln, Bureau of Agricultural Engineering.
14 p., illus. (F. B. 1556F., rev.) Price, 50.
Use of concrete on the farm. T. A. H. Miller. Bureau of Agricultural Engineering.
60 p., illus. (F. B. 1772F.) Price, 10g.
Homemade bread, cake, and pastry. Florance B. King, and Adelle B. Freeman,
Bureau of Home Economics. 30 p., illus. (F. B. 1775F.) Price, 10p.
Strip cropping for soil conservation. Walter V. Kell and Grover F. Brown, Soil
Co-tervatiou Service. 37 p., illus. (F. B. 177CF.) Price, 50.

Drought survival of native grass species in the central and southern Great Plains,
1935. D. A. Savage, Bureau of Plant Industry, 55 p., illus. (T. B. 549T.
Price, 100.
Marketing onions. J. W. Park, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. SS p., illus.
(T. B. 555T.) Price, 150.
Incidence and development of apple scab on fruit during the late summer and while
in storage. Cyril O. Bratley, Bureau of Plant Industry. 46 p., illus. T. B.
5G3T.) Price, 10.
Comparison of feeds for fattening beef calves before and after weaning. W. H.
Black, Bureau of Animal Industry, and E. A. Trowbridge, University of
Missouri. 12 p. (T. B. 564T.) Price, 5f.
Comparison of feeds for wintering steers in the northern Great Plains. W. H. Black,
Bureau of Animal Industry, and 0. R. Matbews, Bureau of Plant Industry,
10 p., illus. (T. B. 565T.) Price, 50.
Soil erosion and stream flow on range and forest lands of the upper Rio Grande
watershed in relation to land resources and human welfare. Charles K. Cooper-
rider and Barnard A. Hendricks, Forest Service. 88 p., illus. (T. B. 567T.)
Price, 150.
Decay in merchantable oak, yellow poplar, and basswood in the Appalachian region.
George H. Hepting and George G. Hedgcock, Bureau of Plant Industry.
30 p., illus. (T. B. 570T.) Price, 5q.
A serviceability test on blankets made from four blends of wool. Margaret B.
Hays and Ruth E. Elmqulst, Bureau of Home Economics, and J. I. Hardy,
Bureau of Animal Industry. 24 p., illus. (T. B. 572T.) Price, 50.
Biology of the tobacco moth and its control in closed storage. W. D. Reed and
E. M. Livingstone, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 39 p.,
illus. (Cir. 422C.) Price, 10.

S ..2

Use of soil-moisture and fruit growth-records for checking irrigation practices in
citrus orchards. C. A. Taylor, Bureau of Agricultural Engineering, and J. R.
Furr, Bureau of Piaiit Indutrry. 24 p., illus. (Cir. 426C.) Price, 51.
Flight speed of birds. M "i.y Thacher Cooke, Bureau of Biological Survey. 14 p.
(Cir. 428C.) Pric-. 5.

Summary of State and territorial plant quarantines affecting interstate shipments.
Maud, A. Thompson, Eureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 132 p.
(M. P. 80M, rcv\.) Price, 15&.
Co.m-parison of various chemical quick tests on different soils. MA. S. Anderson,
W. M. Noble, Bureau of Che-mistry and Soils. 24 p., illu. (M. P.
259M.) Price, _-.
A graphic summary of physical features and land utilization in the United States.
O. E. Baker, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 57 p., illus. (MA. P.
2jo1t.) Price, 1.00.
Post-mortem examinations of wild birds and mammals. J. E. Shillinger and William
Ru-h, Bureau of Biological Survey. 16 p., illus. (M. P. 270M.) Piice, 5c.

Fats, oils, and oleaginous raw materials-production, prices, trade, disappearance in
the United States, 1912-35, and available data for earlier years. Anne De\wee.,
EBure:au of Agricultural Economics. 123 p. (S. B. 59SB.) Price, 10l-.

Amendment to regulations 1, 10, 15, 16, 17, and 18, B. A. I. Order 211-revised.
(Regulations governing the meat inspection of the Uni-td States Depart-
ment of Agriculture). Bureau of Animal Industry. 4 p. (Amendment 3
to B. A. I. Order 211-rev.)
Modification of Japanese beetle quarantine regulations. Effective May 10, 1937.
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 3 p. (B. E. P. Q.-Q-iS .'
Notices of judgment under the Food and Drugs Act. F.',nl and Drug Arldini.sti'a-
tion. Pp. 231-3U;. (N. J., F. D. 26ti52-26725). Foods.1

Indiana, Rush County. (No. 44, series 10' 1.) 36 p., illus. Price, 35?1.
Michigan, Iron County. (No. 46, series 1930.) 2) p., illus. Price, 45c.
Nebraska, Greeley County. (No. 4, series 1933.) 36 p., illus. Price, 250.
New York, Rensselear County. (No. 15, series 1932.) 70 p., illus. Price, 50d.
Pennsylvania, Indiana County. (No. 27, series 1931.) 52 p., illus. Price, "-;.

Regulations relating to game land fur animals, and birds in Alaska, 1936-37. 32 p.,
illus. (Alaska Game Cir. 13.) Price, 50.
Regulations relating to game land fur animals, and birds in Alaska, 1937-38. 32 p.,
illus. (Alaska Game Cir. 14.) Price, 100.
Winds in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere over the United States.
Loydc A. Stevens, Weather Bureau. 27 p., illus. (W. B. Supp. 36.)
Price, 400.

1 These may be obtained from the issuing bureau.

Indicate beloiv, by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins desired. Tn order to
assure prompt delivery detach this frank and return in stamped euvplope to United States
Department of Agriculture, OfliCe of Information. Washington. D. C. List no more than
five publications. If more are desired please apply to Suprrintendent of Documents. Gov-
ernment Printing Office, Washington, D. C.. enclosing remittance to cover cost of publica-
tion. Be sure to fill in blank on reverse side.

BFarmer' Leaflets Other publications


Free distribution of peri'-dicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by pur-
ch::se or subscription from the Supeiriintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 21, no. 6, June 1, 1037. Price 50 a copy; 25% a year,
domestic; 450 a year, foreign.2
Crops and markets. Vol. 14, no. 5, May 1937. Price, 100 a copy; $1.00 a year,
dome.stit; $1.50 a year, foreign n.
Statistics ,.nrier-uiin arnd livestock estimates and market information: reports
on supplies, -< .oks. .linrrI.rcili movement, cndrlitinn.-. and prices of agricultural
products; and stidirsl of pric-'s and demand, both foreign and domestic.
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.
Shows weather conditions, for United States and forecast for all States east of the
Mis-i-'[:'pi River, -xteli Illinois. Wi .an. Ala.:inmi. Mississippi. and the I-xtr--me western portion of Florirlda. Price daily,
VY-' Pit Suin l:I1- arnd hnolin-'u. 250 a mionrlh. $: a year; daily, including Sundays and
hililay--. :3c ai mni,-nth, .$:: a your. Suindi.i and hillilav niaprs only, 500 a ypar.
FI-'lr'i, s'L-i-,ripiioln-.. .$7.2-'7 a year. Mnp, DD, E, and CM, showing the weather
Cronlitio.'n- .inIl fllri(:st- are issued at numerous stations throughout the United
States, 2U' a mliuth, $.2.4-0 a year.2
Experiment station record. Vol. 76, no. 6, June; vol. 77, no. 1, July 1937. Price,
$1 per volume (2 volumes a year) consisting of 6 monthly irimlll lrs and
index; $1.75 per volume, foreign. Single number for sale only. Price, 15t.
A technical review of scientific literature pertaining to agriculture.
Extension service review. Vol. 8, no. 6, June 1937. Illus. Price 50 a copy;
.50 a year, domestic; 900 a year, foreign.2
l--'ir-il monthly Ih the Extension Service, of which it is the official organ, for the
distrilidtiuo of administrative infurnintinn.
Journal of agricultural research. Price $3.25. a year; $4.75 a year, foreign. Each
islsue, 1.0, doitiistic; 200, foreign. Separates, 50, dilnestie; S', foreign. '
(Not distributed free to individuals.
Of primary interest to acriciliuraln scientists and :nlviantnd students only. Issued
in 2 volunims a yo:r, of 12 numbers each. Free distril tion is limiied'l to certain
libraries and to institutions or departments ding research work.
--- Sepapratef A small supply nf each s praton is giv,'n to t0P nricinating bu-
reau or sition for its staff. (i(orplr:itors, and for such wrher dis-rilbution as can be
in:idp. ftllihrs interrested ni;' y i)iilriie ~ copies from the SuperinteindOnt of Ilocu-
ni,'it., 'Wall V lunitnio, D. C., at 5 ea( ii.
A-175. (In vol. 54. no. 6.) A criterion for testing the accuracy of trap-nest
records. \'Valtr A. Hllndiriv:s.
Calif.-79. (In vol. 54, no. 5.) tCrowlh. reprodin tion. feeding. and wine d\eelop-
ment of the nm.a:ly plum aplid in I Il.Itiiin to climatic factors. Leslie M. Smith.
Calif-Si. (In vol. 54. no. 5.) The relation of light to the diurnal cycle of
sporulation of certain downy mildews. C. E. Yarwood.

"Payable to the Superiutendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C.


Ill 11I lllllI llllIi lllinlllllll H I
3 1262 08903 7435



University of Florida
Gain eville
Alaohue. Co
D ALL 98 tia


Journal of agricultural research-Continued.
F-SO. (In vol. 54, no. 2.) Effect of climate on timber-growth fluctuations. Francis
X. Schumacher and H. Arthur Meyer.
G-1037. (In vol. 54, no. 1.) Sweet orange fruit scab caused by Elsinod australis.
Agesilau A. Bitancourt and Anne E. Jenkins.
G-1042. (In vol. 54, no. 5.) Influence of stripe rust on growth, water economy,
and yield of wheat and barley. Wayne M. Bever.
Iowa-26. (In vol. 54, no. 6.) Analysis of covariance of yield and time to first
silks in maize. George W. Snedecor and Gertrude M. Cox.
K-2b0. (In vol. 54, no. 5.) The relative quantities of oil deposited upon paraffin-
coated plates and upon plant foliage by oil sprays. Lynn H. Dawsey, A. W.
Cressman, and Julian Hiley.
K-251. (In vol. 54, no. 6.) Relative toxicity of the cresols as demonstrated by
tests with Cara:sius auratus. W. A. Gersdorff.
La.-6. (In vol. 54, no. 4.) The rosette disease of blackberries and dewberries.
A. G. Plakidas.
Minn.-07. (In vol. 54, no. 4.) A study of scab resistance in the potato. Henry
M. Darling.
Wash.-26. (In vol. 54. no. 6.) The chemical composition and nutritive value of
certain cereal bays as affected by plant maturity. Jerry Sotola.
Wis.-S2. (In vol. 54, no. 5.) Carbon dioxide exchange rhythm and fruitfulness
in plants of different reproductive habits. R. H. Roberts, James E. Kraus, and
Norman Livingston.
Wis.-S3. (In vol. 54. no. 4.) Factors relating to the control of ordinary tobacco
mosaic. James Johnson.
Journal of agricultural research. Vol. 53, 1936, Index; vol. 54, no. 8. April 15; no.
9. May 1; no. 10. May 15, 1937. Illus.
Monthly weather review. Vol. 65, no. 3, March 1937. Illus. Price 150 a copy;
$1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a year, foreign.' Not for general distribution.
Public roads. Vol. IS, no. 4, June 1937. Price, 100 a copy; $1 a year, $1.50 a year,
Soil conservation. Vol. 2, no. 12, April 1937. Price, 100 a copy; $1 a year,
Issued monthly by the Soil Conservation Service. Seeks to supply to workers and
cooperators of the Department of Agriculture engaged in soil-conservation activities
information of especial help to them in the performance of their duties.
Weekly weather aud ciop bulletin. Nos. 22-25, June 1-22, 1937. Price, 500 a year,
domestic; $1 a year, foreign.2

2Payable to the Superintendent of Documents. Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C.


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