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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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June 1936
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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United States Department of Agriculture


JUNE 1936
Any five of the nontechnical publications listed herein, unless indicated "For sale only", may
be obtained free upon application to the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington,
D. C., as long as the Department's supply lasts. After this supply is exhausted, publications
may be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash-
ington, D. C., by purchase at the prices stated herein. His office Is not a part of the Depart.
ment of Agriculture.
Free distribution of technical material and periodicals is restricted.
These bulletins discuss in nontechnical language a wide variety of subjects pertaining
to the farm and farm home.
The home production of onion seed and sets. W. R. Beattie, Bureau of Plant
Industry. 20 p., illus. (F. B. 434 F., rev.) Price, 50.
Diseases and parasites of poultry. John S. Buckley, Hubert Bunyea, an(' Eloise
B. Cram, Bureau of Animal Industry. 70 p., illus. (F. B. 1652F., rev.)
Price, 100.
The series carries popular material of the same general character as that carried
by the Farmers' Bulletins except that the leaflets are confined to specific practical
directions, recommendations, remedies, and methods. They are brief and concise,
written In informal, popular style, and are limited to eight pages.
Growing the Jerusalem artichoke. Victor R. Boswell, Bureau of Plant Industry.
8 p. (Leaf. 116L.) Price, 50.
The Technical Bulletins contain the results of scientific and research work applying
to a special crop, industry or locality. The editions are limited, as they are intended
primarily for scientific workers and subject-matter specialists.
Variations in naval-stores yields associated with weather and specific days between
clippings. V. L. Harper and Lenthall Wyman, Forest Service. 35 p., illus.
(T. B. 510T.) Price, 50.
Determination of the influence of various weather factors on gum yield should
aid substantially in fundamental research in gum formation and fow, particularly
as related to dry facing and as affected by insect attacks, defoliation by fire, and
chipping methods.
Irrigated crop rotations in western Nebraska, 1912-34. Stephen H. Hastings,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 36 p., Illus. (T. B. 512T.) Price, 50.
This bulletin is devoted to a presentation of the results of a comprehensive series
of rotation experiments conducted at the Scotts Bluff (Nebr.) Field Station.
In view of the fact that the results cover a 23-year period, they make a substantial
contribution to the knowledge of the crops and rotational practices best adapted
to maintain or increase crop yields.
Further experiments on the control of barley smuts. R. W. Leukel, Bureau of
Plant Industry. 12 p. (T. B. 513T.) Price, 50.
The recent development of new fungicdal dusts, some of which were effective In
controlling barley stripe and black loose smut, made it seem desirable to continue
experiments on the control of covered smut with dust fungicides.
Studies of the culture and certain varieties of the Jerusalem artichoke. Victor R.
Boswell, 0. E. Steinbauer, and M. F. Babb, Bureau of Plant Industry;
W. L. Burlison, Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station; W. H. Alder-
man, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station; and H. A. Schoth, Bu-
reau of Plant Industry, cooperating with the Oregon Agricultural Expert.
meant Station. 70 p. (T. B. 514T.) Price, 100.
Since the history description, and present uses of the Jerusalem artichoke are
extensively treated in a previous publication, the present bulletin deals chiefly with
the cooperative experiments and their relation to crop production.
Species of Capillaria parasitic in the upper digestive tract of birds. Eloise B.
Cram, Bureau of Animal Industry. 28 p., illus. (T. B. 516T.) Price, 5f&
Data concerning natural cases and experimentally produced cases of Infestation
are presented, including observations on the life history and pathogenicity of the
parasites. Nine additional species are also considered.


Transit and storage diseases of fruits and vegetables as affected by initial carbon
dioxide treatments. Charles Brooks, C. O. Bratley, and L. P. McColloch,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 24 p. (T. B. 519T.) Price, 50.
This bulletin reports experiments in which initial gas treatments were used as a
supplement to ice refrigeration and gives a discussion of the benefits and limitations
of such treatments.
This series carries the less technical and more informal material of the same general
nature as that in the Technical Bulletin series.
Distribution of the Argentine ant in the United States and suggestions for its
control or eradication. M. R. Smith, Bureau of Entomology and Plant
Quarantine. 40 p., illus. (Cir. 387C.) Price, 50.
Production of sauer riiben. Harry E. Goresline and Lawrence H. James,
Bureau of Chemistry and Soils. 10 p., illus. (Cir. 3890.) Price, 50.
Variety tests of sugarcanes in Louisiana during the crop year 1933-34 and summary
of annual results 1926-34. George Arceneaus, I. E. Stokes, and C. C.
Krumbhaar, Bureau of Plant Industry. 81 p., illus. (Oir. 8960.) Price,
This series includes those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do not fall
within any of the other series issued by the Department, particularly those of a size other
than octavo. Such publications were formerly issued as Miscellaneous Circulars.
The vertical drier for seed cotton. Charles A. Bennett, Bureau of Agricultural
Engineering, and Francis L. Gerdes, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 22
p., illus. (M. P. 239MP.) Price, 50.
Such notices of judgment, decisions, and instructions as are necessary in the enforce-
ment of regulatory acts are contained in these announcements. They are issued monthly
or as necessary by certain bureaus. Free distribution is limited to persons in the employ
of the Department, to public officials whose duties render it necessary for them to have
such information, to journals especially concerned, and to manufacturers and firms whose
business is affected by the announcements.
Bureau of Animal Industry, Service and Regulatory Announcements. May 1936.
Pp. 47-58. (S. R. A.-B. A. L 340.) Price, 50.
Japanese beetle quarantine. Quarantine no. 48, revision of quarantine and regula-
tions. Effective March 16, 1936. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quar-
antine. 13 p. (B. E. P. Q.-Q 48).
Notices of judgment under the Food and Drugs Act. Food and Drug Admin-
istration. Pp. 405-416. (N. J., F. D. 24801-24825). Foods; pp. 417-453.
(N. J., F. D. 24S26-24925). Foods; pp. 455-484. (N. J., F. D. 24926-25000).
Foods; pp. 1-11. (N. J., F. D. 25001-25025.) Foods.'
Notices of judgment under the regulations of the Naval Stores Act. Food and
Drug Administration. 1 p. (N. J., N. S. No. 11).'
These reports consist of two parts: (1) a soil map in colors showing the extent and
distribution of the different soils in the area covered by the survey and (2) a printed
report containing brief descriptions of the area, its climate and agriculture, and detailed
descriptions of the soils. They are of interest and value primarily to residents of the
area surveyed and to soil specialists. All requests for Soil Surveys are referred to the
Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, which controls their distribution.
Arizona, Tucson area. (No. 19, series 1931.) 60 p., illus. Price, 454.
Montana, the Gallatin Valley area. (No. 16, series 1931.) 36 p., illus. Price,
North Carolina, Franklin County. (No. 21, series 1931.) 24 p., illus. Price 54.
Oklahoma, Craig County. (No. 24, series 1931.) 41 p., illus. Price, 350.
Virginia, Nansemond County. (No. 6, series 1932.) 39 p., illus. Price, 304.

SPayable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C.
'These may be obtained from the issuing bureau.

Indicate below by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins desired. In order to
assure prompt delivery detach this frank and return In stamped envelope to United States
Department of Agriculture, Office of Information, Washington, D. C. List no more than
five publications. If more are desired please apply to Superintendent of Documents, Gov-
ernment Printing Office, Washington, D. C., enclosing remittance to cover cost of publica-
tion. Be sure to fill in blank form on reverse side.



Average conditions of wind and weather, North Atlantic Ocean and West Indian
waters. W. F. McDonald, Weather Bureau. 9 p. Price, 5t.
Handbook of official hay standards, including straw standards. Bureau of Agri-
cultural Economics. Revised effective April 1, 1936. Price, 50.
Highway bond calculations. Laurence I. Hewes, Bureau of Public Roads, and
James W. Glover, University of Michigan. 51 p. Price, 100.
Index to Department Bulletins, nos. 1-1500. Mabel G. Hunt, Office of Informa.
tion. 384 p. For sale only. Price, 250.
Plant material introduced by the Division of Plant Exploration and Introduction,
Bureau of Plant Industry, January 1 to March 31, 1934 (nos. 103969-
105035). 41 p. (Inventory 118.) Price, 50.
Regulations relating to game, land fur animals, and birds in Alaska, 1936-37. 32 p.
(Alaska G. C. Cir. 13.) Price, 50.
Report of the Director of Finance, 1935. W. A. Jump. 22 p. Price, 50.


Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by pur-
chase or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 20, no. 6, June 1, 1936. Price, 54 a copy; 250 a year,
domestic; 45# a year, foreign.'
Crops and markets. Vol. 13, no. 5, June 1936. Price, 100 a copy; $1.00 a year,
domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for all States east of the
Mississippi River except Illinois Wisconsin, Indiana, Upper Michigan. Lower Michi-
gan, Alabama, Mississippi, and the extreme western portion of Florida. Price daily.
except Sundays and holidays 250 a month, $3 a year; daily, Including Sundays and
holidays, 30t a month, $3.60 a year. Sunday and holiday maps only, 50t a year.
Foreign subscriptions, $7.25 a year. Maps DD, E, and CM showing the weather
conditions and forecasts, are issued at numerous stations throughout the United
States, 200 a month, $2.40 a year.1
Experiment station record. Vol. 74, no. 5, May; no. 6, June 1936. Price, $1 per
volume (2 volumes a year) consisting of 6 monthly numbers and index;
$1.50 per volume, foreign. Single number for sale only. Price, 151.'
Extension service review. Vol. 7, no. 6, June 1936. Illus. Price, 5# a copy;
50 a year, domestic; 904 a year, foreign.'

Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington.
'These may be obtained from the issuing bureau.


llTU IIUIiiL ii IIIII ilE I lilhlE UIIIIIliii
3 1262 08903 7112


University of Florida

Library Gainesville
Alachua Co

D ALL 85 Fla

6-36 -

Journal of agricultural research. Price, $3.25 a year, domestic; $4.75 a year, for-
eign. Each issue, 150, domestic; 200, foreign. Reprints, 54, domestic; 80,
foreign.' Not distributed free to individuals.
Vol. 51. July 1-December 15, 1935. Title page, table of contents, and
index. Pp. 1243-1252. Price, 54.'
Vol. 52, no. 9, May 1, 1936. Ilus.
The diurnal cycle of the powdery mildew Brysiphe polygon (G-1011). Cecil
E. Yarwood.
Host range and physiologic specialization of red clover powdery mildew,
Erys8phe polygon (G-1012). Cecil E. Yarwood.
Chronic progit'vsive pneumonia of sheep, with particular reference to Its
etiology and transmission (A-169). 0. T. Creech and W. S. Gochenour.
Determination of the less refined mineral oils on leaf surfaces after spraying
(K-267). L. H. Dawsey.
Inheritance of resistance to the hessian fly In the wheat crosses Dawson X
Poso and Dawson X Big Club (K-268). W. B. Cartwright and G. A. Wiebe.
Quantitative demonstration of the presence of spores of bacillus larvae in honey
contaminated by contact with American foulbrood (K-260). A. P. Sturtevant.
The toxic effects of naphthalene on Bruchus obtectus and Tenebrto monitor
in various stages of development (N. Y. (Cornell)-83). Louis Pyenson and
G. F. MacLeod.
Some environmental factors influencing the development of hairy root on
apple (Wls.-76) A. J. Riker, D. H. Palmiter, and E. M. Hlldebrand.
- Vol. 52, no. 10. May 15, 1936. Illus.
Physiological changes in the rind of California oranges during growth and
storage (G-1009). E. M. Harvey and G. L. Rygg.
Field and storage studies on c ; es in the composition of the rind of the
Marsh grapefruit in Californ!i. G-1010). E. M. Harvey and G. L. Rygg.
The honeybee and the beehive in relation to fire bright (N. Y. (Cornell)--6).
E. M. Hildebrand and E. F. Phillips.
Monthly weather review. Vol. 64, no. 3, March 1936. Illus. Price, 15# a
copy; $1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a year, foreign.' Not for general dis-
Public roads. Vol. 17, no. 4; June 1936. Price, 104 a copy; $1 a year;'$1.50
a year, foreign.'
Soil conservation. Vol. 1, no. 11, June 1936. Price, 10# a copy; $1.00 per
year, domestic.'
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 22-26, June 2-30, 1966. Price, W6f a
year, domestic; $1 a year, foreign.'

1 Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washing-
ton, D. C..


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