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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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January 1936
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-Oct. 1944.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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United States Department of Agriculture


Any five of the nontechnical publications listed herein, unless indicated "'For sale only", may
be obtained free upon application to the United States Department of Agriculture. Washington,
D. C., as long as the Department's supply lasts. After this supply is exhausted, publications
may be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents. Government Printing Office, Wash-
ington, D. C., by purchase at the prices stated herein. His office is not a part of the Depart-
ment of Agriculture.
Free distribution of technical material and periodicals is restricted.
These bulletins discuss in nontechnical language a wide variety of subjects pertaining
to the farm and farm home.
Castrating and docking lambs. D. A. Spencer, Bureau of Animal Industry, and
E. W. Baker, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 12 p., illus. (F. B. 1134F,
rev.) Price, 50.
Dairy cattle breeds. Amer B. Nystrom, Bureau of Dairy Industry. 32 p., illus.
(F. B. 1443F., rev.) Price, 50.
Modernizing farmhouses. Wallace Ashby and Walter H. Nash, Bureau of Agri-
cultural Engineering. 62 p., illus. (F. B. 1749F. Price, 50.
Roof coverings for farm buildings and their repair. A. D. Edgar and Thos. A. H.
Miller, Bureau of Agricultural Engineering. 30 p., illus. (F. B. 1751F.)
Price, 5.
The Technical Bulletins contains the results of scientific and research work applying to
a special crop, industry, or locality. The editions are limited as they are intended
primarily for scientific workers and subject-matter specialists.
Timber growing and logging practice in the Southwest and in the Black Hills region.
G. A. Pearson, Southwestern Forest and Range Experiment Station, and
R. E. Marsh, Forest Service. 80 p., illus. (T. B. 480T.) Price, 100.
The composition and constitution of the colloids of certain of the great groups of
soils. Horace G. Byers, Lyle T. Alexander, and R. S. Holmes, Bureau of
Chemistry and Soils. 39 p. (T. B. 484T.) Price, 5o.
Explosibility of agricultural and other dusts as indicated by maximum pressure and
rates of pressure rise. Paul W. Edwards and L. R. Leinbach, Bureau of
Chemistry and Soils. 24 p., illus. (T. B. 490T.) Price, 50.
Artificial reforestation in the southern pine region. Philip C. Wakeley, Forest
Service. 115 p., illus. (T. B. 492T.) Price, 150.
Decay following fire in young Mississippi Delta hardwoods. George H. Hepting,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 32 p., illus. (T. B. 494T.) Price, 5(-.
Utilization and cost of power on Mississippi and Arkansas Delta plantations. L. A.
Reynoldson, Bureau of Agricultural Economics; W. R. Humphries, Bureau
of Agricultural Engineering; S. R. Speelman and E. W. McComas, Bureau
of Animal Industry; and W. H. Younimau, Bureau of Agricultural
Economics. 47 p., illus. (T. B. 497T.) Price, 50.
This series carries the less technical and more Informal material of the same general
nature as that in the Technical Bulletin series.
The migration of North American birds. Frederick C. Lincoln, Bureau of Bio-
logical Survey. 72 p., illus. (Cir. 3G3C.) Price, 100.
Industrial fumigation against insects. E. A. Back and R. T. Cotton, Bureau of
Entomology and Plant Quarantine. 52 p., illus. (Cir. 369C.) Price, 50.
Varietal suitability of peaches for preserve making and factors affecting the quality
of the product. H. H. Moon, C. W. C'ulpepper, and Joseph S. Caldwell,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 22 p., illus. (Cir. 375C.) Price, 50.

2 :I


This series includes those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do not fall
within any of the other series issued by the Department, particularly those of a size
other than octavo. Such publications were formerly issued as Miscellaneous Circulars.
Present guides for household buying. Ruth O'Brien and Medora M. Ward, Bureau
of Home Economics. 36 p. (M. P. 193MP., rev.) Price, 5.
Studies of family living in the United States and other countries: An analysis of
material and method. Faith M. Williams, Bureau of Home Economics, in
cooperation ,with the Social Science Research Council and the Institute of
Pacific Relations, and Carle C. Zimmerman, Harvard University. 617 p.
(M. P. 223MP.) Price, 60.
Home dyeing with natural dyes. Margaret S. Furry and Bess M. Viemont, Bureau
of Home Economics. 36 p. (M. P. 230MP.) Price, 5.
Tables giving statistics relating to one or more closely related agricultural commodities.
Of interest to persons engaged in marketing or any business affected by agricultural
Car-lot shipments of fruits and vegetables from stations in the United States, for
the calendar years 1932 and 1933. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 150 p.
(S. B. 50SB.) Price, 150.
Stumpage and log prices for the calendar year 1934. Henry B. Steer, Forest
Service. 61 p. (S. B. 51SB. Price, 10.
Such notices of judgment, decisions, and Instructions as are necessary in the enforce-
ment of regulatory acts are contained in these announcements. They are issued monthly
or as necessary by certain bureaus. Free distribution is limited to persons in the employ
of the Department, to public officials whose duties render it necessary for them to have
such information, to journals especially concerned, and to manufacturers and firms whose
business is affected by the announcements.
Gypsy moth and brown-tail moth quarantine (Quarantine no. 45.) Revision of
quarantine and regulations. Effective November 4, 1935. Bureau of Ento-
mology and Plant Quarantine. 8 p. (B. E. P. Q.-Q. 45.)1
Bureau of Animal Industry, Service and Regulatory Announcements. November
1935. Pp. 157-170. (S. R. A.-B. A. I. 343.) Price, 50 each.'
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Service and Regulatory Announce-
ments. July-September 1935. Pp. 49-69. (S. R. A.-B. E. P. Q. No. 124.)'
Amendment of July 8, 1930, to Federal Food and Drugs Act and requirements there-
under. Food and Drug Administration. 12 p. (S. R. A., F. D. No. 4,
Rev. 3.)'
These reports consist of two parts: (1) A soil map In colors showing the extent and
distribution of the different soils in the area covered by the survey and (2) a printed
report containing brief descriptions of the area, its climate and agriculture, and detailed
descriptions of the soils. They are of interest and value primarily to residents of the
Nebraska, Valley County. (No. 4, series 1932.) 38 p., illus. Price, 25f.
Handbook of official United States standards for beans. Revised effective August
1, 1935. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 34 p. Price, 10.
Plant material introduced by the Division of Plant Exploration and Introduction.
Bureau of Plant Industry, October 1 to December 31, 1933. (Nos. 103777-
103988.) 14 p. (Inventory 117.) Price, 50.
Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, 1935. Lee
A. Strong. 96 p. Price, 10.

'These may be obtained from the issuing bureau.
SPayable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C.

Indicate below, by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins desired. In order to
assure prompt delivery detach this frank and return in stamped envelope to United States
Department of Agriculture, Office of Information, Washington, D. C. List no more than
five publications. If more are desired please apply to Superintendent of Documents.
Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., enclosing remittance to cover cost of
publication. Be sure to fill in blank form on reverse side.

farmers' Leaflets Other publications

Report of the Director of Personnel, 1935. W. W. Stockberger. 6 p. Price, 50.
Free distribution of periodicals Is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by pur-
chase or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 20, no. 1, January 1, 1936. Price, 5f a copy; 25*
a year, domestic; 404 a year, foreign.2
Crops and markets. Vol. 12, no. 12, December 1935. Price, 100 a copy; $1.00
a year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Statistics concerning crops and livestock estimates and market information; re-
ports on supplies, stocks, commercial movement, conditions, and prices of agricul-
tural products; and studies of prices and demand, both foreign and domestic.
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for all States east of the
Mississippi River, except Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Upper Michigan, Lower Michi
gan, Alabama, Mississippi, and the extreme western portion of Florida. Price daily,
except Sundays and holidays 250 a month. $3 a year; daily, including Sundays and
holidays, 30t a month, $3.66 a year. Sunday and holiday maps only, 500 a year.
Foreign subscriptions, $7.25 a year. Maps DD, E, and CM. showing the weather
conditions and forecasts. are Issued at numerous stations throughout the United
States, 200 a month, $2.40 a year.'
Experiment station record. Vol. 72, Index number. January-June 1935. Price,
$1 per volume (2 volumes a year) consisting of 6 monthly numbers and
index; $1.50 per volume, foreign. Single number for sale only. Price, 150.'
A technical view of the world's scientific literature pertaining to agriculture.
Extension service review. Vol. 6, no. 12, December 1935. Illus. Price, 50 a
copy; 500 a year, domestic; 754 a year, foreign.'
Issued monthly by the Extension Service, of which it Is the official organ, for the
distribution of administrative information.
Journal of agricultural research. Price, $3.25 a year domestic; $4.75 a year for-
eign. Each issue, 154 domestic; 200 foreign. Reprints, 54 domestic; 8t
foreign.' Not distributed free to individuals.
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only. Issued
in 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certain
libraries and to institutions or departments doing research work.
---- Vol. 51, no. 5. September 1, 1935. Illus.
The relative protein efficiency and the relative vitamin G content of common
protein supplements used in poultry rations (N. Y. (Cornell)-30). H. S. Wil-
gus, Jr., L. C. Norris. and G. F. Houser.
The nutritive value of the proteins of corn-gluten meal, linseed meal, and
soybean-oil meal (N. Y. (Cornell)-29). Kenneth L. Turk, F. B. Morrison, and
L. A. Maynard.
Nutrient-solution purification for removal of heavy metals in deficiency investiga-
tions with Aspergillus niger (G-978). Robert A. Steinberg.
A simple, accurate method of computing basal area of forest stands (F-70).
C. Allen Bickford.
The effect of one and of two seedling lethal In the heterozygous condition on
barley development (Colo.-9). D. W. Robertson and W. W. Austin.
Boil-tvmperature studies on Florida cigar-wrapper tobacco (Fla.-18). Randall
R. Kincaid and L. O. Gratz.
The development of the barley spike (111.-60). O. T. Bonnett.

2 These may be obtained from the issuing bureau.
SPayable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,


3 1262 08903 7286


University of Florida
Alaohua Co
D ALL 86 Fla


Journal of agricultural research. Vol. 51, no. 5. September 1, 1935. Illus.
Contents :-Continued.
The sequence of appearance, molt, and replacement of the juvenile remiges of
some domestic birds (Kans.-76). D. C. Warren and C. D. Gordon.
Macrosporogenesis and embryology of Medicago (Wis.-TO). D. C. Cooper.
- Vol. 51, no. 6. September 15, 1935. Illus.
Influence of the ingestion of colostrum on the proteins, of the blood sera of
young foals, kids, lambs, and pigs (A-167). Imogene P. Earle.
A study of the cause of variability in response of barley loose smut to control
through seed treatment with surface disinfectants (G-976). V. F. Tapke.
The sugar beet nematode and other indigenous nemic parasites of shadscale
(0-977). Gerald Thorne.
Scab of goldenrod caused by Elsinoe (G-982). Anna E. Jenkins and H. Ge
Oxidation and gas formation in the spontaneous heating of hay (E-64). E. J.
The construction of normal-yield and stand tables for even-aged timber stands
(F-71). James G. O.-borne and Francis X. Schumacher. factors influencing the rate of egg formation in the domestic hen
(Kans.-77). D. C. Warren and H. M. Scott.
*--- Vol. 51, no. 7, October 1, 1935. Illus.
A cytological study of the resistance of apple varieties to Gymnosporangium
juniperi-cirginianne (Wzs.-7:p. Charles J. Nusbaum.
Influence of the caitlobrdrate-nitrogen relation on nodule production by red
clover (Wis.-73). Carl E. Georgi.
The relation of foliage color to aphid resistance in some varieties of canning
peas (Wis.-74). Ed M. Searls.
Earliness of sexual reproduction in wheat as influenced by temperature and
light in relation to growth phases (G-975). H. H. McKinney and W. J.
The anatomy and histology of the transition region of Tragopogon porrifolius
(Ohio-1f). Lf-on Havis.
Effect of interior temperatures of beef muscle upon the press fluid and cooking
losses (Minu.-93). Alice M. Child and J. Agnes Fogarty.
The diffusible calcium in the serum of laying and nonlaying hens (N. J.-30).
Milton W. Taylor and Walter C. Russell.
Monthly weather review. Vol 62, Index. 1934; Vol. 63, no. 10, October 1935.
Illus. Price, 150 a copy; $1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a year, foreign.2
Not for general distribution.
Contain (1) meteorological contributions and bibliography, (2) weather charts for
the month with an interpretative summary, and (3) climatological tables.
Public roads. Vol. 16, no. 10, December 1935. Price, 10W a copy; $1 a year, $1.50
a year, foreign.2
Soil conservation. Vol. 1, no. 6, January 1936. Price, 10 a copy; $1 a year,
Issued monthly by the Soil Conser\ntion Service. Seeks to supply to workers and
cooperators of the Department of Agriculture engaged in soil-conservation activities
information of espec al help to them in the performance of their duties.
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. No. 53, December 31, 1935; nos. 1-4, January
7-28, 1936. Price, 500 a year, domestic; $1 a year, foreign.'

2 Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
D. C.

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