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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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August 1934
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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SUnited States Department of Agriculture


n"'~ y t'a ve of the nontechnical publications listed herein, except those otherwise noted, may be
Obtained free upon application to the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington,
B]C., as long as the Departments supply lasts. After this supply is exhausted, publications
wa be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash-
:inton, D.C. by purchase at the prices stated herein. His office is not a part of the
S eartment of Agriculture.
Stree distribution of technical material and periodicals is restricted.
4. xeept in the eas of exchanges, publications are not sent free to residents of foreign
The red spider on cotton and how to control it. E. A. McGregor, Bureau of
EAMtemology. 12 p., Illus. (F. B. 831 F., rev.) Price, 54.
Itc nting damage by termites or white ants. T. E. Snyder, Bureau of Ento-
mal9gy. 22 p., illus. (F.B. 1472F., rev.) Price, 54.
FIai-fber production. B. B. Robinson, Bureau of Plant Industry. 26 p., illus.
(F.B. 1728F.) Price, 5.
Machinery for dusting cotton. R. C. Gaines, Bureau of Entomology, and D. A.
Isler, Bureau of Agricultural Engineering. 14 p., illus. (F.B. 1729F.)
SPrice, 54.
Crested wheatgrass. H. L. Westover, Bureau of Plant Industry. 8 p., illus.
(Leaf. 104L.) Price, 54.
One of the most promising dry-land grasses for eastern Oregon and Washington
and northeastern California. In Colorado crested wheatgrass is reported to give
good results as a pasture crop at altitudes of 5,000 feet or more, but it has not
appeared promising at lower altitudes.
fhortening the rest period of the potato. William Stuart and E. H. Milstead,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 32 p., illus. (T.B. 415T.) Price, 54.
Studies upon which this report Is based were primarily undertaken with a view
to securing additional information in regard to varietal responses to chemical treat-
ments for breaking the rest period.
Beef production and quality as influenced by crossing Brahman with Hereford and
Shorthorn cattle. W. H. Black and A. T. Semple, Bureau of Animal In-
dustry, and J. L. Lush, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. 54 p., illus.
(T.B. 417T.) Price, 104.
SThough necessarily the data presented are based on averages for the experimental
cattle, individual records of the animals and their meat varied materially. Sucl
variations, In the light of well-established principles of animal breeding, strongly
indicate the possibility of improving types of beef cattle both in feed-lot efficiency
'and quality of meat.
Shrinkage and heat penetration during the roasting of lamb and mutton as influenced
by carcass grade, ripening period, and cooking method. Lucy M. Alexander,
Bureau of Home Economics, and Nancy Griswold Clark, Bureau of Animal
Industry. 27 p., illus. (T.B. 440T.) Price, 50.
An initial attempt to supply much-needed information. It presents data on dif-
ferent methods of roasting legs of lamb and mutton, ranging in grade from Choice
to Cull and in ripening period from 2 to 24 days after slaughter.
Community.production of Acala cotton in New Mexico. A. R. Leding, Bureau of
Plant Industry. 24 p., illus. (Cir. 314C.) Price, 54.
:It has been demonstrated that by the adoption and maintenance of a good
variety of cotton, which is well adapted to cultural conditions, commercial quan-
tities of a uniform and high quality staple may be produced. Increased returns
from the crop have been realized.
A new method of self-pollinating cotton. W. W. Ballard, Bureau of Piant Indus-
try. 4 p., illus. (Cir. 318C.) Price, 54.
A new method of obtaining self-pollinated seed has been develop pud, tested at
the United States Acclimatization Field Station near Charleqton, S.C. This m6fhod,
here described, Is much more rapid and equally or more effective than method
formerly used.


Outbreaks of the Dutch elm disease in the United States. Curtis May, Bureau of
Plant Industry, 19 p., illus. (Cir. 322C.) Price, 5W.
This publication acquaints sljde-tree owners, foresters, arborist, nurserymen,
and others working with trees with the menace of the disease, and may stimulate
them to forward specimens from unhealthy elms to State and Government labora-
tories for diagnosis, so that the distribution of the disease may be ascertained and
control policies formulated at once to meet the situation.
Protecting plants in the home yard from injury by the Japanese beetle. -W. E.
Fleming, F. W. Metzger, and M. R. Osburn, Bureau of Entomology and
Plant Quarantine. 13 p., illus. (Cir. 326C.) Price, 50.

Parasites and parasitic diseases of dogs. Maurice C. Hall, Emmett W. Price, and
Willard H. Wright, Bureau of Animal Industry. 35 p., illus. (D.C.
338DC., rev.) Price, 50.

Handbook of United States standards for grading and marketing fresh fruits and
vegetables. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 168 p., illus. (M.P.
190MP.) Price, 15C.
These standards are recommended by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
Their use by all agencies engaged in the handling of such fruits and vegetables
should promote more uniform grading and should facilitate the marketing of these
Indiana, Vermillion County. (Number 20, series 1930.) 39 p., illus. Price, 200.
Iowa, Poweshiek County. (Number 29, series 1929.) 39 p. Price, 200.
Michigan, St. Clair County. (Number 27, series 1929.) 28 p., illus. Price, 350.
Minnesota, Hennepin County. (Number 24, series 1929.) 34 p., illus. Price, 300.

Regulations for warehousemen storing dried fruit under the United States Ware-
house Act. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 20 p. (S.R.A.-B.A.E. 88,
United States standards for grades of canned grapefruit. Bureau of Agricultural
Economics. 5 p. (S.R.A.-B.A.E. no. 145.)'
Regulations governing the elimination of cattle reacting to the blood test for
Bang's disease (infectious abortion) under the provisions of Public No. 142,
Seventy-third Congress. Effective on and after July 19, 1934. Bureau of
Animal Industry. 3 p. (B.A.I. Order 347.)'
Bureau of Animal Industry, Service and Regulatory Announcements, June 1934.
Pp. 51-61. (S.R.A.-B.A.I. 326.) July 1934. Pp. 63-70. (S.R.A.-B.A.I.
327.) Price, 50 each.3
Notices of Judgment under the Food and Drugs Act. Food and Drug Administra-
tion. Pp. 1-74. (N.J.F.D. 21001-21175.)'
Notices of Judgment under the Insecticide Act. Food and Drug Administration.
July 1934. Pp. 175-184. (N.J., I.F. 1296-1311.)'
Cumulative index to Service and Regulatory Announcements Nos. 1 to 117 inclu-
sive, 1914-33. Bureau of Plant Quarantine. 68 p. Price, 10l."

Yearbook of Agriculture, 1934. Milton S. Eisenhower and Arthur P. Chew.
783 p., illus. For sale only. Price, $1.00.
Sugarcane variety P.O.J.2878 in Puerto Rico. Robert L. Davis. (P.R. Bull.
35.) 45 p., illus. Price, 54.
This variety was introduced into Puerto Rico from Java in March 1927. Within
2 years after its introduction, the area on which the variety was grown had been
extended to several thousand acres-a hasty extension which proved disastrous in
some cases. In. view of the contrasting climatic conditions in various parts of the
island the behavior of this variety is discussed by localities.
VFre distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by pur-
chase or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
SThese may be obtained from the issuing bureau.
SPayable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash-
ington, D.C.


Agricultural situation. Vol. 18, no. 8, August 1, 1934. Price, 50 a copy; 250 a
year, domestic; 400 a year, foreign.'
A brief general summary of current conditions, including pertinent statistics relat-
ing to production, movement, consumption, and prices of the important farm
Crops and markets. Vol. 11, no. 7, July 1934. Price, 100 a copy; $1 a year,
domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Statistics concerning crops and livestock estimates and market information; re-
ports on supplies, stocks, commercial movement, conditions, and prices of agricul-
tural products; and studies of prices and demand, both foreign and domestic.
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for all States east of the
Mississippi River, except Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Upper Michigan, Lower
Extension service review. Vol. 5, nos. 6 and 7, June and July 1934. Illus.
Price, 50 a copy; 500 a year, domestic; 754 a year, foreign.'
Issued monthly by the Extension Service, of which it is the official organ, for the
distribution of administrative information.
Journal of agricultural research. Price, $2.25 a year domestic; $3.50 a year for-
eign. Not distributed free to individuals. Each issue, price 10#; 150, for-
eign. Reprints, 50 each.*
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only. Issued
in 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certain
libraries and to institutions or departments doing research work.
Vol. 47. July 1-December 15, 1933. Title page, contents, and index.
Pp. 1055-1064. Price, 50.
SVol. 48, no. 11, Illus. June 1, 1934.
Relation of barberry to the origin and persistence of physiologic forms of Puc-
cinia graminis (G-902). E. C. Stakman, M. N. Levine, Ralph U. Cotter, and
Lee Hines.
Size and arrangement of plots for yield tests with cultivated mushrooms (G--909).
Edmund B. Lambert.
Magnesium, calcium, and Iron requirements for growth of Arotobacter in free and
fixed nitrogen (H-25). C. Kenneth Horner and Dean Burk.
The normal development of the leg bones of chickens with respect to their ash
content (A-162). H. M. Harshaw, J. C. Fritz, and Harry W. Titus.
The lethal effect of low temperatures on the various stages of the confused flour
beetle (Minn.-84). Roy H. Nagel and Harold H. Shepard.
Increase of kernel weight in common wheat due to black-point disease (N.Dak.-
8). L. R. Waldron.
A statistical study of the relationships between the constituents of milk (Pa.-
48). Alex Black and LeRoy Voris.
Influence of calcium phosphorus intake on bovine blood (Utah-32). J. E. Greaves,
E. J. Maynard, and Wendell Reeder.
Survival of blister-rust mycelium in western white pine (G-908). H. G. Lachmund
and J. R. Hansbrough.

'Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,

---------- -----------------------------------------------------------

Indicate below, by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins desired. In order to assure prompt
delivery detach this frank and return in stamped envelop to United States Department of Agriculture,
Offloe of Information, Washington, D.C. List no more than five publications. If more are desired please
apply to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., enclosing remit-
tance to cover cost of publication.

Bulletins Leaflets Other publications


Ill 111 11lll111111111111111iBll iII II i B ll1 iNu I
3 1262 08903 7377

Journal of agricultural research. Vol. 48, no. 12, Illis. June 15, 1934.
Effect of leaf rust (Puceinia triticina) on yield, physical characters, and compp-
sition of winter wheats (G-905). Ralph M. Caldwell, H. R. KraybiU, J. T.
Sullivan, and Leroy E. Compton.
Inheritance of resistance to loose smut and covered smut in some oat hybrt4
(G-903). T. R. Stanton, George M. Reed, and F. A. Coffman.
Testing alfalfa for resistance to bacterial wilt (G-906). Fred Reuel Jones.
A gall similar to crown gall, produced on Gypsophila by a new bacterium (G-912).
Nellie A. Brown.
Experiments on iaravizing corn (G-914). George F. Sprague.
The microbial decomposition of successive cuttings of alfalfa hay under heroble
conditions (E-55). E. A. Beavens and L. H. James.
Press fluid from heated beef muscle (Minn.-85). Alice M. Child and Mary BilieI
Carbon dioxide formation by clean and scabby potatoes (Vt.-5). B. 1. ntitman.
Public roads. Vol. 15, no. 5, July 1934. Price, 100 a copy; $1 a year, $1X.40,
year, foreign'
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 31-35, July 31-August 28, 1934.- Price,
504 a year, domestic; $1 a year, foreign?
Gives detailed weather conditions of preceding weeks and their effect on -evwlol-
ment of crops and farm operations. -Limited edition.

The Agricultural Adjustment Act and its operation. (Revised) 13 p. (G-1.)5
Code of fair competition for the auction and loose leaf'tobacco warehouse industry.
Approved by the President of the United States. Code of Fair Cdmpetition
Series-Code no. 18. 20 p. (M-70.) Price, 54.
License for distributors of crude gum, cleaned gum, gum turpentine, and/or gum
rosin. License series-License no. 78, 7 p. (M-71.) Price, 5t.
License for agents, factors, and commission merchants engaged in marketing,
handling, or distributing crude gum, cleaned gum, gum turpentine, and/or
gum rosin. License series--License no. 77. i. (M-72.) Price, 50.
Marketing agreement and license for canners of cling peaches grown in %the State
of California. Marketing agreement series-agreement no. 47. License
series-License no. 75. 35 p. (M-73.) Price, 50.
Marketing agreement and license for shippers of fresh lettuce, peas, ana cauli-
flower grown in western Washington. Marketing agreement series--agree-
ment no. 49. License series-License no. 79. 30 p. (M-74.) Price, 5f.
Amendment to marketing agreement and amended license for southern rice milling
industry. Marketing agreement series-agreement no. 39. License series-
License no. 11. 62 p. (M-76.) Price, 100.

= Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
'These may be obtained free upon application to the Agricultural Adjustment



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