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Monthly list of publications
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June 1934
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United States Department of Agriculture


.. :' .. JUNE 1934

~l i' l ofe the nontechnical publications listed herein, except th6se otherwise noted, may he
u WeIP9 appHiation to the United Statts Departirient'of Agriculture. Wahington.
I .asl a the Department's supply lasts, After tis~aply i exhausatud, uublicatio
Stained from the Superiatendbtt of Documents, Gtovernment Prnting O e Wah-
R: al!D.(L. by purchase at the pi"es stated hereinf is. oSc4 fi hdt q r'of the
: :et: sf Atriculture.
r 4 d01 fribatin of technical materiel and periodicals s ;emricted. \
Sept in the cae of exchanges, publications are not sent iftc t residents of foreign
a a *.... (. t '
; -::. ..... .l ... .. ; t ,

S These bulletins discuss in nontechnical language a wide 4rlety of subjects pertaining
I: tF e f4ms, and farm home. '
Pumping from wells for irrigation. Paul A. Ewing, Bur tu .of Agricultural
Engineering. 29 p., illus. ,(F.B. 1404F., rev.) Price, 54.
I Methods and costs of filling silos in the North Central States. Kenneth H.
SMyers, Bureau of Agricultural. Economics. 22 p., illus. (F.B. 1725F.)
SPrice, 5.
: Based on data collected in 1928 and 1929 by the Farm Organization and Manage-
meat, University of Illinois, in cooperation with the Bureau of Agricultural Eco-
nomies It is believed the conclusions are approximately applicable to most parts
of the country where upright silos are used.
Selecting bhens for egg production. J. P. Quinn, Bureau of Animal Industry.
18 p., ilues. (F.B. 1727F.) Price, 54.
research has indicated that there is no relationship between egg production and
'* the measurements of the head and body. A hen's ability to lay is determined pri-
marily by her breeding. A few years of Intelligent selection will lead to the
Development of high-laying strains
Growing barley for malt and feed., H. V. Harlan, Bureau of Plant Industry.
14 p., illus. (F.B. 1732.) Price, 54.
The growing of barley should .be continued on a healthy basis free from violent
shifts of acreage on account of large premiums or lack of premiums for malting
harley. The soundness and permanence of the barley acreage is dependent on
the combined judgment of the individual planters.
The Technical Bulletins contain the results of scientific and research work applying to a
special, crop, industry, or locality, The editions are limited as they are intended primarily
for cibentifc workers and subject-matter specialists.
ihe external anatomy of the red date scale, Phoenicococcus marlatti Cockerell, and
its allies. F. S. Stickney, Bureau of Entomology. 163 p., illus. (T.B.
404T.) Price, 154.
In addition to a detailed study of the external anatomy of Phoenicococcus marlattl
and ts 11 apparent relatives, this bulletin discusses those parts of some other
cocelds that appear to throw light on their relationships to the Phoenicoeclni.
Western duck sickness: A form of botulism. E. R. Kalmbach, Bureau of Biologi-
cal Survey and Millard F. Gunderson. University of Minnesota. 82 p.,
Illu. (T.B. 411T.) Price, 100.
Recent investigations have removed the problem of duck sickness from the field
of chemical toxicology to the realm of bacteriology. The disease has been asso-
elated definitely with the toxin of a common saprophitic bacterium, Clostridlum
botulinum, type C, an organism best known in the United States as a frequent
cause of llmberneck in poultry and forage poisoning in livestock.
Trahsnmission of anaplasmosis by various species of ticks. Charles W. Rees, Bureau
of Animal Industry. 18 p., illus. (T.B. 418T.) Price, 5f.
,.,, .the purpose of the investigations described In the bulletin was to determine
whether other species of ticks prevalent over wide areas of the country might also
be .ectora of, aapLasa poas.
PIorae-cop field experiments at West Point, Miss. T. F. Akers and H. L. West-
ove, 'Bureau of Plant Industry. 20 p., illus. (T.B. 419T.) Price, 54.
These esperiments have not been of sufficient duration to give conclusive results,
butIm Is quite bvidknt. that the decline in yields and in longevity of stands is asso-
Wi" the lackL. available phosphorns, hums deficiency, and poor cultural
** ., fliW^g5LWi 1* J *** *'

2 1 *

Fluctuations in prices of cotton futures Fontrncts. -U. D.fHowell, Bureau of Agri-
cultural Economics. 22 p., illus. (T.B. 4231.) PI're, 50. -
This study was made to detepnine the. extent and distribution of actual daily
and weekly fluctuations in cotton 'futures prices. A period- of 16 years was taken.
The price data presented are confined to those for New York cotton futures. contracts.
Marketing cantaloups and,.otber muskmelons.. J. W. Park, Bureau -of Agrleultural
Economics. 51 p., Illus. (T.B. 425T.) Price, 50. -'
Thd pbpplarify aid"' commercial importance of vqriousg varieties of antaloups
'have changed rapidly during recent years. Efforts are now being.made. to .develop
varieties and, methods of handling which will result in improvement of the quality
of melons on thq markets.'
This series carries the les$ technical and more Informal material of the same general
nature as that In the Technical Bulletin series.
Some hybrid Martagot 'lillies. David Griffiths, Bureau of Plant Industry. 15 p.,
illus. (Cir.,299C.) Price, 204. ..
The lilies described in this circular are first-generation hybrids. The breaking up
of characters has been wonderfully diversified, giving a range of variation that
would scarcely be expected. -
This series includes those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do not fall
within any of the other series issued by the Department, particularly those of a size other
than octavo. Such publications were formerly Issued as Miscellaneous Circulars.
Descriptions of types of principal American varieties of garden peas. D. N. Shoe-
maker, Bureau.of Plant Industry, and E. J. Delwiche, Wisconsin Agricul-
tural Experiment Station. 39 p., illus. (M.P. 170MP.) Price, 454.
The hurricane. I. R. Tannehill, Weather Bureau. 14 p., illus. (M.P. 197MP.)
Price, 54.
The word hurricane" is employed in its technical sense to mean a storm of
tropical origip with cyclonic wind circulation, and refers more specifically to those
which occur in the North Atlantic Ocean. the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea.
These reports consist, of two parts: (1) A soil map in colors showing the extent and
distribution of the different soils in the area covered by the survey and (2) -a printed
report containing brief descriptions of the area, its climate and agriculture, and detailed
descriptions of the soils. They are of interest and value primarily to residents of the area
surveyed and to soil specialists. All requests for Soil Surveys are referred to the Bureau
of Chemistry and Soils, which controls their distribution.
California, Suisun area. (Number 18. series 1930.) 60 p., illus. Price, 400.
Maryland, Queen Annes County. (Number 3, series 1931.) 24 p., illus.
Price, 304.
Nebraska, Dundy County. (Number 1, series 1931.) 44 p., illus. Price, 250.
Nebraska, Furnas County. (Number 16, series 1930.) 33 p., illus. Price, 250.
New York, Steuben County. (Number 2, series 1931.) 62 p., illus. Price, 250.

Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by pur-
chase or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 18, no. 6, June 1, 1934. Price, 50 a copy; 250 a
year, domestic; 404 a year, foreign.1
A brief general summary of current conditions, including pertinent statistics relat-
ing to production, movement, consumption, and prices of the important farm
Crops and markets. Vol. 11, no. 5, May 1934.. Price, 100 a copy; $1 a year,
domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Statistics concerning crops and livestock estimates ard market information; re-
ports on supplies, stocks,.commercial movement, conditions, and prices of.agricul-
tural products; and studies of prices and demahd, 'both foreign and domestic.
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for all States east of the
Mississippi River, except Illinois, Wisconsin,. Indiana, Upper Michigan, Lower Michi-
'Payable to the Superintendent of Documents Government Printing Oece, Washington,

.gan,. Alabama, Mlsissilppi, and therextreme Westdth portTofi of'lorlda. Price daily
except Sundays and holidays, 25 a month, $3 a year; daily, including Sundays and
holidays, 30 'a, month, $3.96 a year. Sunday apd holiday. maps only, 500 a year.
.F Foreign Aubscriptions, $7.25 a year. Maps D), E, and CM, showing the weather
conditions and forecasts, are issued at numerous, stations throughout the United
,. :States, 20f a moith, $2.40 a year.'
inperinent station record' Vol. 70, no. 6, June 1934. Price, $1,per volume (2
volumes a year) consisting of 6 monthly numbers and index; $1.50 per
S.. volume,- foreign. Single number for sale only. Price, 15 .
A technical view of the world's scientific literature pertaining to agriculture.
-Extension service review. Vol. 5, nos. 4 and 5, April and May 1934. Illus.
Price, 50 a copy; 500 a year, domestic; 750 a year, foreign.'
Issued monthly by the Extension Service, of which it is the official organ, for the
distribution of administrative information.
Journal of agricultural research. Price, $2.25 a year domestic; $3.50 a year for-
eign. Not distributed free to individuals. Each issue, price, 100. Re-
prints, 50 each.'
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only. Issued
In 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certain
libraries and to institutions or departments doing research work.
Vol. 48, no. 6. Illus. March 15, 1984.
Growth and injurious effects of Cronartinm ribicola cankers on Pinus monticola
.(G-888). H. G. Lachmund.
Run-of and erosion from plots of different lengths (Kans.-74). F. L. Duley and
F. G. Ackerman.
The absorption and evaporation of moisture from plant containers (Mass.-39).
Linus H. Jones.
The relation between abnormal orientation of the 4-day embryo and position of
the chick at hatching (Minn.-83). J. R. Cavers and F. B. Hutt.
Colorado and Virginia strains of codling moth in relation to their ability to enter
sprayed and unsprayed apples (Va.-13). Walter S. Hough.
The nutritive value of the proteins of alfalfa hay and clover hay when fed alone
and in combination with the proteins of corn (N.Y. (Cornell)-26). Kenneth L.
Turk, F. B. Morrison, and L. A. Maynard.
Vol. 48, no. 7. Illus. April 1, 1934.
Relation of length of day to growth of timothy (G-890). Morgan W. Evans and
H. A. Allard.
Distribution of oxygen and carbon dioxide in mushroom compost heaps as affecting
microbial thermogenesis, acidity, and moisture therein. (G--892). Edmond B.
Lambert and A. C. Davis.
Irregularities in the inheritance of the hairy-neck character transposed from Beoale
to Tritium (--893). J. W. Taylor.
The comparative effectiveness, in the dairy ration, of supplements of phosphorus in
the form of orthophosphorle acid, monosodium, disodium. trisodium phosphates,
and bone meal (I-16). William A. Turner, Edward B. Meigs, Edward A. Kane,
Leo A. Shinn, and Walter S. Hale.
Inheritance of resistance to loose smut in certain wheat crosses (Utah-31). D. C.
Tingey and Bion Tolman.
The manganese content of grasses and alfalfa from grazed plots (Idaho-10).
Donald W. Bolin.
-- Vol. 48, no. 8. IUus. April 15, 1934,, -.... .....
Plant-tissue relations of the sugar-beet curly-top virus (0-891). C. W. Bennett.
1 Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.O.

Indicate below, by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins desired. In order to assure prompt
delivery detach this frank and return in stamped envelop to United States Department of Agriculture,
Offce of Information Washington, D.C. List no more than five publications. If more are desired please
apply to Superintendent of Document, Government Printing office, Washington, D.O., enclosing remit-
tance to cover cost of publication.

Bunetn Leafleta Other publications


Ili111111 Hl1LllIN lIMlUI l lllll lllllE IllH ll
3 1262 08903 7195

-- Vol. 48, no. 8. Illus. r April 15, 1934 (Continued).
Chemical composition and yield of the Alaska pea as influenced 'cewt i. jfert-
izers and by the stage of development (G-894). Samuel L. o4 d iVctog
R. Boswell. *
Abnormalities in the flower and fruit of Copsinum frustescens IYCT. (Coimelj-2l.
H. L. Cochran.
Soil treatment in relation to clubroot of cabbage. (Wis.-60). R. RH. arnMona; 4
J. C. Walker.
Public roads. Vol. 15, no. 3, May 1934. Price, 100 a copy; $1%a year, $1.50 ;
year, foreign.1
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 22-26, May 29-June 26, 1934. Prisa'll'
a year, domestic; $1 a year, foreign. .
Gives .detailed weather conditions of preceding weeks and their effect on devel-.
ment of crops and farm operations. Limited edition.
Crop insurance features of agricultural adjustment programs. 5 p. (G-12.)
The weather, the farmers, and the nations food. Chester C. Davis, Administrator
Agricultural Adjustment Act 2 p. (G-13.)'
One year of the A.A.A.; the record reviewed. Chester C. Davis, Administratori
Agricultural Adjustment Act. 8 p. (G-14.)'
Research and adjustment march together. Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Agri-
culture. 2 p. (G-15.)'
Agriculture and foreign trade. Chester C. Davis, Administrator Agrieultural
Adjustment Act 2 p. (G-16.)'
Agriculture and the consumer. Rexford G. Tugwell, Assistant Secretary of
Agriculture. 2 p. (G-17.)'
Code of fair competition for the feed manufacturing industry. Approved by the
President of the United States. Code of Fair Competition Series-Code no.
15. 16 p. (M-63.) Price, 5f.1
Marketing agreement and license for packers of California raisins. Minkbting
agreement series-Agreement no. 44. License Series-License n. 59. 45
p., (M-64.) Price, 5i.9
Marketing agreement and license for California date shippers. Marketing Agree-
ment Series Agreement no. 45. License Series-License no. 61. 24 p.
(M-65.) Price 50.
Marketing agreement for buyers of stemming grades of cigar-leaf tobacco: Types 41,
42, 43, 44, 51, 52, 53, 54, and 55. Marketing Agreement Series-Agreement
no. 46. 6 p. (M-66.) Price, 50.
1 Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
2 These may be obtained free upon application to the Agricultural AdAustment



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