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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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January 1934
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Agriculture -- Bibliography -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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the farm environment for wild life. Wallace B. Grange and .W. L.
BiBureau of Biological Survey. 62 p., illus. (F.B. 1719F.) Price, 50.
'Or sti-dried brick for farm buildings. T. A. H. Miller, Bureau of Agricul-
e m. I8:p., Illus. (F.B. 1720F.) Price, 50.
,l;i11ies. .p:uiar material of the same general character as that carried by
l i B etins except that the Leaflets are confined to specific practical directions,
F4i: remedies and methods. They are brief and concise, written in In-
; yuij a style, aBd are limited to.eight pages.
*i tuhbcultaisa from poultry and swine. Elmer Lash, Bureau of Animal
8 p., illus. (Leaf. 102L.) Price, 50.
E aitt in :btLayg sheets and pillowcases. Ruth O'Brien, Bureau of Home
isaes8' p., ilus. (Leaf. 103L.) Price 50.
a. contain the results of scientific and research work applying to
Sor locality. The editions are limited as they are intended pri-
igbites and aubject-matter specialists.
dit teli'crn'iborer. E. G. Davis, J. R. Horton, C. H. Gable, E. V.
i A. -1nBlachard, and Carl Heinrich, Bureau of Entomology. 62 p.,
"D .4) .P .,ce "100.
i- operation of drainage pumping plants in the upper Mississippi Valley.
i. : Stlton. Bureau of Agricultural Engineering. 60 p., illus. (T.B.

Sof water in flumes. Fred C. Scobey, Bureau of Agricultural Engineer-
," Iluis.- (T.B. 398~.)-. Price, 150.
o fqclaypan soils. Irvin C. Brown, T. D. Rice, and Horace G. Byers,
ot 9hsmlgtry und Soils. 43 p. (T.B. 399T.) Price, 50.
N~:i~. r studies on. t. behavior of the larvae of the swine kidney worm,
j.i'aitnie .. L. A.. Spindler, Bureau of Animal Industry. 18 p.

i.:. :. i. CIRCULARS
t f":. tlboes:- technical and more informal material of the same general
I he Ted7imual Bulletin series.
lit .he varieties and cla-pes of wheat in the United States in 1929.
l. and K. S. Quisenberry, Bureau of Plant Industy 76 p.

i a on the tpecan and its control. Howard Bakqr, Bureau o to-
Ei,.muts, (Ort 2950.) Price, 5. ,
:l It. O;hrlistie and Nell R. S8elens, Bireau o Plant Industry
... "
H0r. 29070.) Pries, 50.' 1.
reopen train as indicators of P roductio t(gh B
e stem New Y.or A T. .Sweet, u o ab ils

ior::;.a Asickness). James itton cout4 B e of Animal Ind
.ll' 1 .) Pric ..
iL ] ; ,i:'',t',"" ,. :::.. :...

The crop and livestock reporting service of the United States. Prepared by
Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 104 p. (M.P. 171MP.) Price, ,15.:
The serphoid and chalcidoid parasites of the hessian fly. A. B. Gahan, Zuies
Entomology. 148 p., illus. (M.P. 174MP.) Price, 100.
Home demonstration work. Grace E. Frysinger, Extension Service. IA p. 1
(M.P. 178MP.) Price, 50.
Pood budgets for nutrition and production programs. Hazel K. Sttebel g.-
(M.P. 183MP.) Price, 5. -
Such notices of Judgment, decisions, and instructions as are necessary in the ed
ment of regulatory acts are contained in these announcements. They are issued da
or as necessary by certain bureaus. Free distribution is limited to persons ln the ~u
of the Department, to public officials whose duties render it necessary for them to
such information, to journals especially concerned, and to manufacturers and fimes
business is affected by the announcements.
To prevent the spread of splenetic or tick fever in cattle. Effective on and
December 1, 1933. Bureau of Animal Industry. Rule 1, revision 32.
(B.A.I. Order 343.)
Bureau of Animal Industry, Service and Regulatory announcements, Novemnber
pp. 101-107. (S.R.A.-B.A.I. 319) ; December 1933, pp. 109-118. (S.R.A.-
820.) Price, 50 each. .
Notices of judgment under the Food and Drugs Act Food and Drug AdiM
tion. (N.J., F.D. 20401-20550), pp. 211-274.1
Bureau of Plant Quarantine, Service and Regulatory Announcements, .u..-'
her 1933, pp. 197-244. (S.R.A.-B.P.Q. no. 11 6.) ...... .
List of intercepted plant pests (July 1, 1932, to June 30, 1933). Bureauk'i
Quarantine. (SB.RA.B.P.Q.) 64 p.1 .
Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be i
purchase or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 18, no. 1. January 1, 1984. Price, i5 a c.py4
year, domestic; 400 a year, foreign.'
A' brief general summary of current conditions, including pertinent utat
ing to production, ipovement, consumption, and prices of the unportant .ap
Dail .weather maps. limited editions. Not for general distribution.
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for all ta
S, ississppi River except IllUiois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Upper Mlehigan.
Igan, Alabana, Mississippriadd the extreme western portion of. lorifa.
except Aujdays and holidays. .150 a month, $3 a year; daily4 includi iI
Sida, 30 month, $8.60 a year. Sunday and holiday. mas oly,
e |ubbcL~ ns, T.B 5 y ear. Maps DD, B, and CM, shol g
condition forcast, e issued at numerous stations throughout th'
SStates; 20co a, i 2h a rear.r ::

'TlneBe may be obtained remL t'le issuing bureau.
SPayable to the Superlate dent of Documents, Government Printing Offie, .
S ": ": :

..... .....

aiu FXios puan recuma v. o0, jiaex numDer. January--une I1uu. frice,
iper 'vo=ume (2 volumes a year) consisting of 6 monthly numbers and
i6i ; $150 per volume, foreign. Single number for sale only. Price, 150.'
A:.. te-knical view of the world's scientific literature pertaining to agriculture.
E no service review. VoL 4, no. 8, December 1938. Illus. Price, 5t a copy;
L: a year, domestic; T75 a year, foreign.
I:."' issued monthly by the Extension Service, of which it is the official organ, for the
i.atribution of administrative information.
iiaof agricultural research. Price, $2.25 a year domestic; $3.50 a year for-
Sigia. Not distributed free to individuals. Each issue, price, 100. Reprints,
W each."
i f primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only. Issued
k volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certain
l'.i.btir ries and to institutions or departments doing research work.
-i-. Vol. 47, no. 10. Illus. November 15, 1933.
r n tents:
:.-i;tnxtimated data on the energy, gaseous, and water metabolism of poultry for use
:., in planning the ventilation of poultry houses. Key No. I11.-57. H. H. Mitchell
*:': and. M A. R. Kelley.
S : tewart's wilt disease of corn, with emphasis on the life history of Phytomonas
i"" stewarti in relation to pathogenesis. Key No. Wis.-59. S. S. Ivanoff.
;if I:: eritance of characters In rice. Key No. 0-874. Jenkin W. Jones.
OiN:'ientity and host relations of the Elainoe of lima bean. Key No. G-875. C.
:.; Dner and Anna E. Jenkins.
S."If''te of entrance and periods in the life cycle of Oronartfum ribicolo on Pinus
t .iatnoola. Key No. G-877 H. Lachmund.
r;t lbcrease in growth of loblolly pines left after partial cutting. Key No. F-66.
A.. '. L.MacKinney.
Ibl weather review. Vol. 61, nos. 9 and 10, September and October 1933.
o. Price, 150 a copy; $1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a year, foreign. Not
eigierid distribution.
Sea'.ds. Vol. 14, nos. 10 and 11, December 1933 and January 1934. Price,
S.copy, $1 a year, $1.50 a year, foreign.'
weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 1-4, January 2-January 23, 1934. Price,
! p.'ear, domestic; $1 a year, foreign.'
;agreement for milk-Chicago milk shed, Series 1. (M-1.) 32 p6

V :f6 or nilk-Chicago milk shed. (M-2.) 32 p. Price, 50.
agreement for evaporated milk with amendment. (M-4.) 15 p. Price,

iiting agreement and license for cling peaches canned'in the State of California.
) 3 p. Price, 50.
~Ftiag agreement for dry skim milk. (M-10.) 18 p. Price, 50.
..iT... g agreement and license for fresh California deciduous tree fruits except
..e... (M-11.) 12 p. Price, 5f.
SfSi^ agreement and license for packers of walnuts grown in California, Oregon,
i 4 a.shington. (M-12.) 28 p. Price, 54.

bloW, by numbers N NUMERICL ODDEB, bulletins desired. In order to assure prompt delivery,
ht and return in stamped envelop to United States Department or Agriculture, Office of
Washington, D.C. List no more than five publications. If more are desired please apply
Bat of Documents, Government Printing Ofice, Washington, D.C., enclosing remittance

S Lea:lets ehi l eI Circulars %Msaus Other Publications
Bulletins Publications

ti6 the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,

":'4:E .
:: I,, ....

. i I


3 1262 08003 7237

Marketing agreement t ef o S ol"l of 6tortk ':Te ":""
Price, 50. .
Marketing agreement and lice:ui for h :re ofti' 1I'4
(M-15.) 15 p. Prick, 5e. 'R" .p
Marketing agreement 'for Calif6rt~ ia *1e industry. K 4'...
Code o01 fair competition. for the .tiported 4ate vpa th
Pred, 5. ....
Marketing agreement for. ue-cured.tobacco. (~')4.) ..: *
Code of fair competition for thc southern rflp alliig. I
Price, 9.
Code of fair competition for the distilled spirits industry. (Lg
'Code of fair competition for the .alcoholic, beverag esj;it
8 p. Price, 50. ..
Code of fair competition for the brewing industry. (M-KS.) ri tt
Marketing agreement for the. alcoholic beverages :inporiti do
the importers o' alcoholic beverages. (M-83.) 1* pi fLh~~ :
Code of fair competition for the distilled spirits rectif$ing inuiptiif
Price, 5t.
Code of fair competition for the alcoholic beverage wholeif i
.14 p.. Price, 50. "
Marketing agreement for the distilled spirits industry ePndilieiake. I
Price, 5t. .
Marketing agreement and license for California ripe "
.(M-37.). 22 p. Price, 50.. .,..
Marketing agreement for citrus fruits grown in the State 'of J-
shippers of. citrus fruits grown in the State of Flori a, /.
stabilization plan. (M-38.) 30 p.' Price, 5t. l
Marketing:. agreement for oranges'aend grapefruit grown
and Arizona and license for*shippers of oranges ad gtapritit
of California and Arizona, including a national. stabillji t
31 p. Price, 50. .
Marketing agreement and license for shippers of oranges ant ta
the State of Texas including a national stabilirtion i '. i .
Price, 5. .. .
Code of fair competition for the wine industry. (M11- .)". ,i.:.:;
Code of fair competition for the commercial and breeder hat :j.i
15 p. Price, 5. ....
Marketing agreement for Burley tobacco. (M -46 ) ? p. '!
Marketing agreement and license for Connecticut Vajlley
Type 61). (MA-4.) 17 p. Price, 54

.. r..


Rural Route or Btreet No----------------
(itp or Town --------- ------------
State --------------------- ----------- .........
~.Bla te--._. ... .... ..
1-84 '

r "i
.. %
St'l.o eo tetN .. ; ,, "$,. L=.' '4';: :, ;...
@ tll or To~~~on,*1, 1...' ........ ......
"E4"1 ""4''.;E :EE

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