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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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August 1933
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Agriculture -- Bibliography -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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s:'.:'":..;."" ;: '' .. .- ; ....... : i -
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U4 $ates Sent of e '
iM; O-,::aNTHL flr OF PUBLICATION K m \ \ ,

.. ..... AUGUST 198B
li ted fhereitn tar be purchased from the Superintendent of Doen
r W se, hington, D.C. A hi office is not connected with the
A not sel publications, PLEASE SEND NO REMIT-
ifof Azrkictine.
stIgtd8_ Jhd utechtt lsil language a wide variety of subjects pertaining to
fl leandhiot r iS~alk beetle in the Southern States and its control. W. J.
; : ; ~.40ry Fox. Buresa of Entomology. 6 p., illus. (F.B. 875F.,

eas. feilr. Stevens, Bureau of Plant Industry. 18 p., illus.

aufa Silver. Bureau of 'Biological Survey. 21 p., illus. (F.B.
e Syj Price, 54.
.e..i. nu .podu.te by parcel post. Lewis B. Flohr, Bureau of Agricultural
0. 4 p., Il s. (F.B. 1551F., rev.) Price, 5#.
0#* ria' material of the same general character as that eatried by
ext that the leaflets are cfnfined to specific practical directions,
L. in nand methods. They are brief and concise, written in informal,
....i it:to eight pages.
tu --l f in areas freed of ticks. .John R. Mohler. Bureau of Animal In-
1iis tteaflet'5T1X, rev.) Price, 5#.
e ticial suggestions to' livestock owners in tick-free areas on the introduc-
.: a of improved cattle. Also contains Information

Ssi&tha tSfl I. ed lt of sdcieetific and research work applying to
o0 bflity .rBhe cities are limited as they are intended pri-
suectma ecialists.
*.ganksQic i colloids. M. S. Anderson and Horace G.
tr ar Soil.4 82 p. (Technical Bulletin 377T.)
b...t...q tl:gai 0.noild:as such, and special information con-
.. t o w...9 Q .PBe various methods used in extracting

ir, a e Infor i aterlil of the same general

4 fJa i Ot ewd Vig ina-ty pe anauts. J. H. Beattie,
Battqeta,: in operationn with the Vir-
Si: "' i' .. (Ciitlkr 272C.) Price, 5r
n: ... tn th..s pdofuce large-sized, Vp1tnp,
n 'r .tt o M e ntpinss suci a.rai is

Ui";.. ..... ..,.

S.. .. .
i!!:iS' Li:ii;iti:'s i ;:::it !',,,', ",:.., :... : i ~ ai r; e e .... ...
i"'!i !ii i',;;iii :i, ,,:ite ,,,,',; ::::,;;':', ',, ,

1 K j nt J tkrol af egt borer by Md
prior td i cir rio4 f fioti r:f ergm ce are
X inttih tiai f a-
pV "basis of obtained rom these iPv i
Three bacterial p tomato frit. Mary K BuryffAdBeliens
/.try. [5,* CO;te u ,,- Wi.
s e bln e & e. t 0A .e e ghi h n i tti .st.ate i t-*i
tf dt Mds. A fourth it 1 f unknown origin. sibailr tp
5rb l)rev et ifsei%?tm ithtbi.4lueese, *'- sx
'*** f .....i..... : i ? .... ;^^M:;;t

This series includes those publicatijns of a t.;e : "il
within any of the other series issued by the Department. parti~mial. tli .:
than detavo. Such publications were .Iormerly isued. as MTh l ;^o.
Black..currant spreads white-pie )Uipter. r it. $am= .- ..:.ll.
Plant Industry. 8 p., iIlus.' ({Mscellaneous .Pulica4o S'I .
Our forests; what they are and. what they mean to us. Mariee...
Forest Service. (Miscellan&Ais lubilih ti bi lB"MP.) Price, 5fi: 'u::.
Traces the importance of a forest hackgroung from the ieapiest .i
to the present. Forests are described as t he 'backbone of the ofl
conservation of our trees is an urgent problem to all Ametitanh. 'Usa'.
herewith contained may be used in ,Arbor Day programs. ..i.

cern 4vs *.C/. *: F
These reports consist of two parts: (1) A soil map in colors sa .l
distribution of the different ".'Is in the. are covered by thle surv and.i:
report containing brief descriptions of the area, its climate .aadagricituiN
descriptions of the soils. They are of interest and value prnamily toe
area surveyed and to soil, specialists. AH requests for Boil Sutrveys fte-j
Bureau of Chemistry and Sollt, whieb controls their distribution
Iowa, Crawford County. (No. 30, Series 1928.) Price, 200. F
Texas, Midland County. (-No. 31, Series 1928.) Prie;.. 20;. s .;
Such notices of judgment, decisions, and institutions as are necessary'
ment of regulatory acts are contained in these annu~meements. They are
or as necessary by certain bureaus. Free dti(eistfui is. limited to penen
of the Department, to public officials whese -duties renger .Jt ecew ry
such information to journals especially concerned,, and to M tafqtyrera a.1
business is affected by the announcements.' .;,
Service and regulatory announcements, Bureau of nil i nal I t
pp. 51-59. (S.R.A.B.A.I. 314.). Price, 50.
Packing materials quarantine; amendment no..1 to notice of qut.i a
Bureau of Plant Quarantine. 1 p. (B.P.Q.-Q. 69.)^ -
Index to Service and regulatory announcements 1932, I ea
tine. 3 p. (S.R. A.. B.P.Q. Index, 1902.)' 9 2' AA" .
Service and regulatory annotincements, Bureau P:.lant Qwa: o tas
March 1933. pp. 137-175. (S.R.A.-B.P.Q. No*l '4.
Notices of judgment under the Insecticide F.At, '*0t1 ad d ,W!'
pp. 151-161. (N.J.I.F., 1261-1275.)1
Notice of judgment under the regulations of. -the Naval,
Drug Administration. 1 p. (N.J.N.S. No. 6.)' ; .:. :.:'
PERIODICALS .. ... ...
.. .... "*:::' .;, :: ..',; :! '.:',:L, i"
Free distribution of periodicals Is a:efinitely:"estricted... :l ~ I i tli
purchase or subscription from the Superintendent of .Dpeumenti .
Agricultural situation. Vol. 17, no. 8, August 1, io. .; 01i"' e: 4
year, domestic; 400 a year, foreign, .... .::i.-.,
A brief general summary of current conditioninekllmsd"i
ilg to production, movement, consumption, and prigi .ea ;. ie
.These may be.obtained from the ismisAg bureau.
*Payable to the Superintendent of.Doeei ats, ovama i

4;.. .... ...< : -

!*~ ieojii etsstsociek ~ ledm I cMdwituis annd prices of agricultural -rod-
a; aI Aaoies i-rspnt-:~ qs8 a~liE~ri* ot forelgt and domestic.
Wieafter niaps. limited edifils:.o.Not tor general distribution.
lfitw& weather conditions for Un~SiA States kand forecast for all States east of the
"iB Ji i River except Illinois :W, $usonsa Indiana, Utper Michigan, Lower Mich-
V,'l .F Miesssxpi, and ta f extrtme western portion of Florida. Price daily.
Ct .ndeay and holidays, 25 a month1 63 a year; daily, including Sundays and
ti80 6nth. $3.60 a year. fl day and holiday .maps only, 500 a year.
subscriptions, $7.2 a year.: ass DD,, and CM, showing the weather fortecats are iss edi at numerous stations throughout the United
200 a month, $.40 a year.'
station record. VoL 69, no. 2, August 1933. Price, $1 per volume
6'a year) consisting of 6. monthly numbers and index; $1.50 per
i'-foreign,1 Single number for sale only. Price, 15f.'
Mt .cal review of the world's scientific literature pertaining to agriculture.
!lumes a:year, of 10 numbers each; 1.00 a volume, domestic; $1.50 a volume.

ioeri rsiew. Vol. 4, no. 4, July 1933. Illus. Price, 50 a copy;
Sr .. domestic; 450 a year, foreign.'
lim Ai ti~lthly by the Extenslon Service, of which it is the official organ, for the
if io;.eto administrative information.
airder. ol. 9, no. 4, July 1932. Price, 5* a copy; 250 a year, domestic;
r foreign '
e tate forestry, forestry education, private forestry, and the work of the

l tcRultural research. Price, $2.25 a year domestic; $3.50 a year for-
t~^ 4tPtributed free to individuals. Each issue, price 100. Reprints,

Interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only. Issued
S'a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certain
Laid to institutions or departments doing research work.
l o. 11. Illus. June 1, 1933.
ts nigripes and L. Piniariae, fly parasites of certain tree-defoliating cater-
a:.. no. K-241. Philip B. Dowden.
i sity and water absorption of forest soils. Key no. F-63. John T. Auten.
fno of Pusarium resistance in Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi. Key no.
ai L.:.. Blank and J. C. Walker.
.fSE'is floiurne on the nutrition of swine, with special reference to bone and
,: Bp composition. Key no. Ohio-12. C. H. Kick, R. M. Bethke, and B. H.
i 't content of Baldwin apples and apple products. Key no. Mass.-35.
l Wears, M. M. Cleveland and J. A. Clague.
angregation in a sectorial chimera of the Bartlett pear. Key no. Mich.-22,
: .rd inter, J. WCrist, and R. E. Gibson.
i 4i:: 0o..12. Illus. June 15,. 1983.
fy.f reproduction in Oeratoatomella fbriata.. Key no. G-845. C. F.
e. H a r er, .. .. ..... .... ..
Shegg pwap,. ;:."a.&l5y. besf lf0 'in bed of the cultivated mushroom. Key no. G-851. Vera
easx and B d 4 B. Lambert.
So ,aii of gelafind; heat starch. Key no. I11.-53. Sybil
ana kin Webbeir`:
f luas ioNm f ioouU breeds of settle. Key no. IU.-54. O. R. Overman
"iReta ,.t6 to i0at rust and barbing of awhs in barley crosses. Key
i.s -8i 1S. Leroy Powers and. Lee HineBs
s stofi' testsith various ftmignats on codling-moth larvae. Key no. N.J.-26.
sts i Tr m~slkg aito gA0phic records of catalase activity of plant tissues, and
.. ta .iuted g Io i.. .fy no, N,. (Cornell)-23. Arthur J. Heinicke.
7,::,1. Ilai. JI 1,, 198&
lUt Cll studies of itterotiallim nli PErSol gremtii. Key no. G-846.
r 0 Kis lea nd rgo-e noaaic of potato. Key no G-853.

..i..".-ltt:af .. ...:.: .h .... .. .. ..
:: ::.: :. : :...: : :. ......:= ;::. .. : .
: ...; : :. s .: : ::" "
'" ': ;' i;
..: ...'. ,.:' .r .. '::" :. .. ... ,":: : :
::, :. ". : :' ':: ..:' : '. :. ":"' .: E :.| i ; "~ ':: :" ,:. ... ... .. .... ...- .
F ;ii. .:"!!:'. ,' ." ~ ~ :..'",..i 1' ':" 1. .. ...
~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .,.....;. .... ....... .. ..

i ..::.. ..

. : "


'" :,,..:|!'" :lli i! E.. ... .. .. .. ..,, .. *,:.: ; ,:*. .. ; ..,::,:u;:ii| i
... ,: :.. .. ... .. .. U N IV E R S IT
-: 11 i lllli.iM 111111

:7. 9h 3 1262

Journal of agricultural resqwpMe-Conitbtteal .,T ;N ,.n
Contents- Continued "A :-: '
Effects of plant SaPa E on nulu r wn ma.F
no. G-855. A. EL i TL ton..
Iqeimeter experime:l of an
N.Y. (Coirnell)-2.' .'a. I .As
-------vol. 47, no. 2. Illus y 15,1983.
Contents: ..... .... :
Variability In the peailt lat, jfafi 'hl
Wis.-56. WilliamC. dE..
Inheritance of ret'to, h gi
Key no. G-850, W K. Smith. ,
Growth of the. cotton oot-rot fungus I
ammonia on thd fungus. Key' no. G-.W ..t.. .
Kenneth C. Gunn.
Distribution and rate of fall of conifer seeds4 ,ls '...b.w
vol. 47, no 3 Ilis. Augustl, 18, 19 .
Contents: o l : .
Yield and protein content of hard. red Spring .il.ea
temperature and low moisture.. Key no. M.Dak..L."1.
Rubber content of various species of goldenrod. Key -n 0
Polhamus. ir
Iniury to pear, caused by aper'ines ird wit
0-856. D. H. Rose and .M. Luts. *" ": .
Vitamins C and A in blueberries. Key n'o Ma..-flO ,
rW a m .* a- -
The law diminishing returns in Agriu lturdn e,' no. OIfW i.-
Some factors affecting the electrolytes of the i tari h granules .K
Edwards and J. C. Ripperton.
Public roads. Index to volume 13, March 19532-iFlebRnt
14, no. 5, July 193. Ilus." Price, 104 a cpy; $1 li .

Gives detailed weather conditions of preceding e' ir e'
meant of crops and farm operations. Limited edition. ;

SPayable to the Superintendent of Documents, Gov eiomet rintg
D.C. .
rsa_._'_______-__"____.__'_*- :. 'i

,* .... ... : .* : *. : ; .e.
Please send publications am cheselumd pipesdh td: im.uil of .Msl.d
S :. : .*< ... I: :.. E i

Rural Route or Street No.-... -----------.,_

State .------------------ .- ----- ---.--- _. .-.... .....- ..

......;.. .1
.. : "-: : "" ,. :. : l fii::1 : ":"i:
:.- *'i: ; ,i r:: t,:;:.'1
.. ** i '.r wli,

..... .. .,* ..2 h. I1 .,
;t;:,. '. > ;.;* .''.ii:.

. ".. : :.. : :. : :.:.': .. ..
S1. J.


S. ,: ..... 1 ; .. .; .:
T:', ::i,'"! ',


)8903 7039


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