Monthly list of publications

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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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April 1932
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v. : ; 24 cm.


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Agriculture -- Bibliography -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
bibliography ( marcgt )
catalog ( marcgt )
federal government publication ( marcgt )


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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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^^^^^^ l'l I: ::*7 .i e ...fst


6 rIre ture
0 ni:oted, mlay be
g.te '.o.a. W a an L. P. W, 'Bureau
n;eeded. reedistr, i-
is&tam i. s' be obtained from the
,taBi.iar i. tinf.,yD. C., but by purchase
i oB". "Bre: o" "'infime to. sodedonts of foreign
Da gejupwt ~,t o Dge i ,i, 4iact. Wis odise is not a part

4.1 At 9 tbWW*4& PW3LICATiONS

itt 3 J .u i widemvariety of subjects pertaining to
Ik. nest .Kel ly and C. J. Babcock, Bureau of Dairy In-
#1 ,T.. flS'ir3 1 i) B602F., rev.,) Price, 5.
4L.4i thl7ird iaynes, Bureau of Animal Industry.
15B~kI srew~ ce, 5t.
So~,aptict States W, L. McAtee, Bureau of Blo-
Pi... 4 ,n a.P.lsnnrw' itulletin 844F., rev.) Price, 50.
fi-f.owericdgoai:. 41. W. Creel and L. P. Rockwood, Bureau
4 "I". ',.' Bulletin..971F., rev.) :Price, 5t.
Sh if.a J.. ..A. Gamble. Revised by R. P. Hotis,
ltry. 1 p., illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 976F., rev.)
ams, Buru of Animal Industry. 28 p., illus.

j1#. .Au -Wof Animal Industry. 28 p., illua.
.teise.:and control. Alma M. Waterman, Bitreau of Plant
..I? ZWzi&iWaltJi 1., rev.). Price, 50.
Gr 4~ iL Yerkese Bureau of Plant Industry.
e1 Duetn 1567F., rev.) Price, 10o.
'W 3.: [s ,. Bureau of Plant Industry. 28 'p., illus.

*rap.n.4 o qp on the, arm. .Issued. by the idcltural:.lEngineering,. and Agricultural
v tbe -National. Fire ,Protection Association.

'(I an i di obo eo crops J.. R,.Paker, W. R.
.. i~og'. l l,. s., (Farmers'

:.i'tk ucal or scientific in nature and apply to a special
eJ anlW.a,4Rd31.KI and is succeeded by the
ai Mal h 0- 1'. 'tene, BUtteau of Dairy
Sgtions. Revised. by
iry, ( Iepartment Bullet~i

i. a ".tt. t ail:.) MK D. PNore, Bi
p "l ( T ..lh*le Bibtin .124"1T.)

E ;... : ;
? ),' '::!i ;':: ,1..
7 : : :: ':': ~. ....

nical BullePtins 84.J fttr!
..:"arm-nmasagee 't prosin .. .
Pacific Northwest M W.
Landerhoim, Wigo n 1
man,. Oregon Agrieultural l.ArntL
Agricultural Experiment Station. In- coe oi
periment Stations of Wash ~ibton,,. .eg4iqa..*~i. .,: i
Bulletin 287T.) .Price, 150. .t .
Land utilization in Laurel CbLUnt; .'g R:..f? ;o D.etu
Economics, .and W, D. INM., >a rIeit el- KMta.
with Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Btation. 10 .
*Bulletin" 289T. )- 2.. NPrice, 5. .: ** : .
Investigation i on 'harvesting ant handling i' : the i. :.
J. R. Magness, H. .eht: ,ind M. Atft oalfral.'J.
30 p., illus. *(Technicali 'Buled .OO- ) Pr ..t
The effect f air- drying on the hydi1 eGn-itonts aE oh'.thf
States 'and Canada. Erhent :H ii13 t Bi'u 06 Oihe" itry.m tIa
*illus.. (Technical Bulletin' 2lT.) '.rie,10*. t .t ,i., .I
Factors affecting the .developiim t t'1 ibse '~ nut ir arle aeniit
fungicidesW.R. .W. Leukel'. -Buiedu of .'Pla insti rr .jt )
Bulletin 293T.) Price, .Sf'
Susceptibility of barley to leaf rust (Puccinia anomala) and to p
(Erysiphe graminis hordee. .. B. Mains ad Mary i
Plant Industry. 34 p. (Techifal-.Bulletki ,T) PT..
Feeding puncture& of MiSrids and*oth~erplI$*tie tucHkt insects and'ti i
W. V. King and W. S. Cook, Burtanb f Entonidlogy.- 12 p .tllH
Bulletin 296T.) Prie, e "'..:..-. .: .. '.
Cotton improvement throug'type sekti, th special'" f
variety. 0. F. Cook, kBureau of Plant AIndt. I .,
Bulletin 302T.) Price,...30' ; ., *. .
I "".. .';., .*. i ," ,/,". i
i t'- .. 1vU
This series carries the less teclien t.and -asd 'ore. m .
nature as that hin the Techileal BElIetit el i .
Bud variation in peaches. A."'.D; :al. )
reau of Plant Industry. 22 j;,'iUus; (CieP
Small plants for pasteur in ,nl. d "Wd1A i,..1.
Bureau of Dairy In'lustry. U-2 l... (r n.
Cronartium comptoniae, the sweotfert blister us t of ptch '"pi.. l .:
and J. :R. Hansbrough. 272Mil M : ii 1 t) e
.. MIBC' W fB:.k .Ii!>UBiC W .K .... *| :...t.i 1
This series includes, those publlcatonas a tc ii ...
within any of the other series n eu.tbra tie depflt
than oetavo. Such publicaUetions We !rmed.
Protect white pine from blister rust. F. Martin, B
Folder, illus. (Miscellaneoup r : cat.i ,t
List of availe publications of i
,. J.h.aari .I. tt. 1
(Miscellaneous Publication lMOMsit& W.,
Film strips of;tle U. ,; 1.: Ipai ent o Agit f~ Ar
S-catip.n,.1M.: rev.) .Bleee, ,5*~,1gu ', '. t .: .ar .... ...... t
"4" ,4 i .*.. "- *
.. 4" ': .. -..,
.. ..:; .. .
....;. ... ".. "1.:;
.o : .. .. ... .:" ..
.,, ;" e "';" .,.." ." ." '" ,''7 ,' :

wu of Dairy lidutr y.. p p, illus. (Miscellaneous
ANI k svors. Frai Stanley W. MeBirney,
.B u: 4A0rieuIlturh E'~l ~iering. 16 p.; illus. (Mis-

S"' AX tyFt*Q UvA TORY AIfOU"NC. K T.fl
.n' deduhit,' and instr.eatioi~ p a.k'r aessary 14 the enforce-
Wfty act are eontalied in these announcements. Thby are issued monthly
a .b_.ii~gJ r:..ree dierfbution is limited to persons in; the employ
WeWt, .t o BQ ~II ~ hose Outies .render .it,peessary for them to have
_;i .f 'to ilsrhsjBipcl concerned, and to manufacturers. and firms whose
n Se introdaitio i t. the. United States of rinferpest and foot-and-
: Bureau bf Anital Industry. 2 p. (B, A. I. Order 334.
1 Ab1ay 1,1932.) Price,5 t.
instructions rulings, etc.,. concerning the work of the Bureau of Ani-
try (fF.March, 1932%, pp.. 25-35 (S. R. A.-B. A. I. 299.)- Price, 5t.
i. d4gment under the food and drugs act. Food and Drug Administration.
*A.;i. Ji S.FS, 18501-18550.)* Price; 5f.
fI i "udent'under the insecticide act. Food. and Drug Administration.
_ic N.,Jj:1F. 11=6-1220.) Price, 50. -:
qqrbob.r quarantine': Quarantine No. 43. Revision of regulations.
4l*q rantine and Control Administration. 10 p. (P. Q. C. A.-Q. 43.
ei,)ebyar:5,1902.) Price, 50.
N ieioriy 4iouncemneits, October-Deember, 1931. Plant Quarantine
.. istration. pp. 137-171, illus: (S. R. A. P.-Q. C. A. 109)
.&.d thie ',e-' act. Eflective May 1, 1932. Food and Drug Adminis-
": r :: a A.,'. No. 6.) Price, 50.
.;* ::" .SOIL SURVEYS .
jasi..sot otwo' parts,:. (1) .A. soil map in colored showing the extent and
aj the different soila ia.the area covered by the.survey; and (A) a printed
liz fI desuritiaslf te area, its climate and agriculture, and detailed
pWO'.l3 .1% io T.Irj ate. bt interest and value primarily to residents of the
O*il peit: e istu. All requests for Boil Surveys are referred to the
:.a%6l ..aIdi. BiS; w:which controls their distribution.
ns ".'.'o.. (No. 1 Series'1928.) Price, 15f.
SY ." 1(No. 4,g 1929.): Price, 10.
't No.2 SerIes 1927.) price, 201.
: ne on (No. 31, Series 1927.) Price, 51.
--------------- ------------------

9.7. AT.G.,:LTURN P Ar FiO .R VA- UR a
Va .C.

i- --:- - -
I. "V" ;' "----- "------ --------

~$ t~i~~,__-iL,-LIr7--------------
HP o
; -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
l .04 ii" rb .:


3 1262 08903 6916
: PERZOQDX A i: ;s
Pree distrirurtis 'e perieal eaj s defiSl1jt :W
purchase or subscription from the Superintendent of Dofi
Agricultural ahtation. Vol. 16, N. 4, AIril 1. 4f
domestic; 40g a year, foreign.- .
A brief general summary of current conditions, LtH .....
Ing to production, movement, consumption, and prV4W i:!A.
Climatological data. VoL 18, No. 12, Decemberl iOS i i .
In 42 sections, containing weatbhear atetl
sponding, as a rule,, to a .-StAte. 1onthly itut
for: t regarding all 42 sections, an o uth or"*T
distributios. .. ..
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not i :
Shows Weather conditions for United StatB a..
Mississippi River, except Ilinois, Wta. aOM .Ia .i,
gan, Alabama, Msisspp, and te extreme. es ter"i g sl
except Sundays and holidays, 25 a month, ,$3.00 It' r da
holidays, 30S a month9 $8..60 a year. unda
Foreign subscriptions, $;25 a year. Maps V .
conditions and forecasts,.%e issued at numeroqas t
200 a month, $2.40 a Year..... ,.
Experiment station record.- Vol. B, No. 5, Apr.l Pt.% it
number. Single numbers for sale only, : W: ?
A technical review of the world'. slciletiefic jimitt
volumes a year, of 10 numbers each; 750 a .oldne, ; omestie a
Extension service review. Vol. 3. No. 4, A prit *'.'
500 a year, domestic; 75* a year, foreign -.
Issued monthly by the Extension Service, of which t the a
distribution of administrative infoanatiomn .' *: .
Forest .orker. VoL 8, No. 2, March, 192 P:; '' cl
domestic; 35* a year, foreign.1..'r". >I
News of State forestry, forestry education, piate tbrehtryj a& t''4
Forest Service.. .... : ..- r ,! : ;
Journal of agricultural research. Vl..44,. NoM : ]bitwbI. Ul,\. O
200 a copy; $4 a year, domestic; $5.25 a year, 0reignl altVtdlitti
to individuals. : : '. ....'
Of primary interest to agricultural sailntits and "afl' tcdafi l e l.)
in 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free. ata RM t.r4
libraries and to institutions or departments doing r^v Wha. 0,
are distributed free to those desiring them, as long a'e limtt
Monthly weather review. Vol. 60, No. 1, January, 1932. Niael
copy;.$1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a yead, tor4i Ntit d4Wa1I
Contains (1) meteorological contributions and.bibliography, (2) 'weather chtih
the month with an interpretative summary, ad' (8) climatological. tables. .. .
The official record. VoL 11 Nos. 14--1., April i: 9 ,'6 2i 8 S 1 Wls
copy;. 50 a year, domestic. $.10 a year, if L : Q
Contains oi orders and ,nit ellanolis, rzp : pb
activities and such other er matter has,. h. ber' i aI
Weekly weather and crop bulletin ..-NoL. 17; 4 i-4 il li.Tl .t .f ...
50* a year, domestic; $1. a yeai; foreigii.. ,1 ;. ,I....,:, *J' ..i ,
Gives detailed weather condit4ona v precedin> S e.
of crops and farm operation. AinLt .e i tfi .
'Payable to the Superintend ii of Docinuent. ent
D C. .. g.. ....' '
.,. ".. : -.- .. e .t "* .. 4rw4-Sr

Indicate -blowi, by numbered, bulletins. di. ~"
and return in stamped envalepe to 8. Department di
D. C. List no more than five publications. 4 .' :tI
Farmers' Leafle Technical Cieiahmu l ,I
Bulletins Bulletins Publication

-- --- -- A

%. -.'- .. ... .


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