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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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March 1932
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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wt ii alo.~ wmittaces to the Jp4te4.ttes Department of Agriculture


rt publiestions listed herein, except those otherwise noted, may be
Utsle tiotlael'Tatted States Department-of Arriealture, Washingtn,.
Iartment'sl apply la.ts. As. miiar a. Se additional publications nay
ant mives sufficient proof that they are urgently needed. Free distrl-
wrM thl ihde, :..- ,= .:...' "'
ip.l .l uslP g. bic l m .'s, sotip bea obtained from the
ial n'GairenieEn t Printing OBce,; W#ashintop, D. ,C., but by pqrchsae

e t bofm-' m eg .aie ;publkeations ais not to residents of foreign
*.". t6 Ige ter"intdentt of.ocuaments direct. i office is not a part

i -'* 'PAlia &S' BULLETINS
fi Mim n t.uapmntechaical language a wide variety of subjects pertaining to

Iin doodlings on the farm. C, Tillotson, Forest
1 '. J -i'.. I... (Il'~ ,(A tlrers' Bulletin 1123F., rev.) Price, t.
k n.i.~i ie man : C iUjpgi, uing, and canning. K. F. Warner, Bureau of Animal
iustry. p., lilus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1186 F., rev.) Price, 10.
i da. r-ouea.: nErnest Kelly and K. E. Parks. Revised by R. P. Hotis,
':: ai : of Dairy .Ind ustry 18 p., ilus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1214F., rev.)

,r. E .andk ireclaim -them. C. E. Ramser, Bureau of'Agricultural
upi6 .1 Us. (Parmers Bulletin 1234F., rev.) Price, 10..
4i of. cabag: for market. Charles W. Hauck, Bureau of Agricultural
'i 14 p., ilium., (ianmers'.BrL-etin 1423F., rev.) Price, 5f.
gha tte Chatfield, Bureau of Home Economics. 14 p. (Farm-
%OB re .e Price, 5i.
t .tt-bset ei 0emand r b crop rotation. Gerald Thorne. Bureau of Plant
:'I;Kp., las' (F'armers' Bulletin 1514F., rev.) Price, 50.
'. Joh I)M. l Bole B u1reau, of Animal Industry. 30 p., illus. (Farm-
10 5.F; ,rey)' Price, 50.
i r .fteiitof poultry. John S. Buckley, Hubert Bunyea, and Eloise
Blteau it Anitial jnduistry. 62 p.,'illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1652F.,

i '"''4 B1l'4amdng, tn tkeet cora-borer conditions.- Kenneth H. Myers,
t q ogfi ~iral Ec~bmics. 26 p., illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1681F.)
'. .' .AFLET:
i:: .., .. ; .;'.; ..I ILE .S:

.:. .::i: .,.,:: l i ittar material of: the same general character as that carried by
:.:.:.:.';a Lt~ ltealmete are cqnflned to. specific praeileal directions,
;: A::II: ii They are brief apd concise, written in informal
a:i:ug:of ;1iv stock by plants that prqdce hydrocyanic acid James F. Couch,
::i;'atl' AnJftal Industry. 4 p: (Leafldt 88L.) Price, 50.
i ;:at i in .-'Inlp kiMd -iambs, 'M. M1. NX1ighbert, Bureau of Anl-
1i, c. !.L; "':. UTt,5 .r"O
.* aO :- ..i. < .. 7.. L T'',
..flu' smtc.bit.Bletn.iali Ite' nsilts oa selentiflc and research wdrk appllyng to
1 ai ati jso ar. .i.nrted., as they Ire intsed
ir"b: tl.ogy. AA d* fi' I' t: %tie mageot in Washingtoni Cbunty, M
SI. Lattip:iift!. IlI els meeau o6f Eziten oldgy. 7T p., IlhiE. (Tech-

iT .. ... ...

:.% ; ;:i, i:. ,. .:: ::.: .... ... ... ...
~~:.;I =: i


,.=,.'Lli .:" a J." "

i" TM d

Arizona. Stephen H. iastisttlngsB iaau vlia; InaGntpr 3|EWW|
cular 200C.) Pride, I. ..
Agronomic work of the Big Spring, Tex,, Field Station--1915-1929.' FP. i .e
Bureau of Plant Industry. .32 p., illu; (Circular 202C.) 5,. .
The iron content of vegetables and fruits. Hiazel K. Stiebeling,.. B ix A .
Economics. 20 p. (Circular 206C.) Price, 50.
Agricultural investigations at he' .Uniited States Field Stgtion, Sacato, AiL I $
1930. C. J. King and H. F. Loomis, Bureu l of Plant Industry a ti p .J
(Circular 20GC.) Price, 10.
Market classes and grades of yearling beef. W. C. Davis, Bureau of A~ ri#ut
SEconomics. 27 p., illus. (Circular 208C.) Price, 200. :': .
Field tests of imported red-clover seed. A. J. Pieters and R. L. Morgan, ij.g"
of Plant industry, 24 p., illus. (Circular 210C.) Price, 50. "
Verticillium -wilt (Hadromycosis) of cotton in the San Joaquin" Valley f
fornia. Fred W. Herbert and James W. Hubbard, Bureau of Plant I dut
8 p., illus.. (Circular 211C.) Price, 50.
Summer fallow at Ardmore, S. Dak. Oscar R. Matthews and Veoerer I.ii
Bureau of Piant Industry. 15 p. (Circular 213C.) Price, 50. ':A
Market diseases.of strawberries from the Southeastern States, 1926 to 19300. X
.E. Stevens4 Bureau of Plant Industry. 4:1). (Circular 219C,) Prce, .
The Brainerd blackberry. George MI. Darrow and George F. Waldo q B1~
Plant Industry. 4 p., illus. (Circular 220C.) Price, 5. : :.
This series includes those publletilons of a miscellaneoua naftiteh. wblei-di 'GWiU
within any of the other series issued by the department, partl ul&try ai 4i
Other than octavo. Such publications were formerly Issued as Mllaicseanious i
Economic benefits of eradicating tuberculosis from livestock John -T.::.-1..
A. E. Wight, and L. B. lruest, Bureau of Animal Industry, ; N24.
(Miscellaneous Publication 6GMP., rev.) 'Price, lO, .i: ::
Bibliography of ethylene dichloride. W. A. Gersdorff, Bureau p i rii st'l..
Soils. 59 p. (Miscellaneous Publication Ix7MP.) Price, 10t. '
A dangerous neighbor for wheat, oats, barley, and'rye: The commonn,
Donald G. Fletcher. in cooperation with leaders in ehargesf barber ..
cation. Folder. Illus. (Miscellaneous Publication 131MP.) Pee
Research in farm structures; Henry Giese, Bureau of Agricultural
52 p., illus. (Miscellaneous Publication I MMP.) -Price, 15. *
The agricultural outlook for 1932, Prepared by ,the Statf of the1
Agricultural Economics: Assisted by the Agric~lturalF CUel~ ej 4d;
sion Services and the Federalr. i lri Board. WIo p (Ms4I
cation 144MP.) Price, 100,.:. .SSi
,These reports consist. of two parts: (1) A Hsoil map i coloFa. ahowgEtl..
distributloh of the different jolls In the area covered by the surev. a24.
report containing brief deserlttlons of the area. Jit cliMate and Lagriclu:lTfi
descriptions of the solls. They sarp of interest asd value primarily to
area surveyed and to sttl sapeciattt. Al reqtltid ot fbor SoT rveysA .
Bureau of Chemil.ry.and SoJls, which controlss their distribution, .
Georgia, Etbert Countyf D. 15. Series 108.) '

..: ... .. .. ... .. .'

.. .. ..; .. : ..
Nebraska, Jtanton Cou (No,J, Series 1W.) :PKC, 0", '
New jersey. The reehold 4rea. (Nt 192r.) P..1,e. .'
North arollna, Person County. (No. 14, Iemli F. 1Pe 4" --:

": "". :: :.: ..:. .. .::d:::... ...:l 4..:

A ;. ;. .. ::.
.;:' : :. .... .... .,: .. .. : .."i :
,:'..:' :i!!,: .' .: .... ,, : : ; : ..,: ..

L. :

V .... .. .

it: .nlUUuy r 4UiJUanuary, AjWA. AL p. \n. a. ..-O. A. .. )n. riae, ut.
rua:, s192.. pp. 15-24. (8. R. A.-B. A. I. 298.). Price, 5.
I Asim t 0nde the food and drugs act. Food and Drug Administra-
Sfn-298. (N. J., F. D. 18401-18450.) Price, 5t.
44S .. (N. J., I. D.. 18451-18500.) Price, 5t.
In io Mexican fruit-worm quarantine regulations. Plant Quarantine and
itAdinistration. 1 p. ..P. Q. C. A,-Q. 64, Effective, Match 5, 1932.)

itercepted plant pests:: (L'%t of pests recorded during the period of
.L 1I 1930, to June 30, 1931, inclusive, as intercepted in, on, or with
Sgad plant products ;entering United States territory.) pp. 201-368.
A.-P. Q. U. A.) Price, 5t.
:-..... .'.
:iof New Mexico. Vernon Bailey, Bureau of Biological Survey. 412 p.,
j t;( :!~' tth American Fauna No. 53.) Price, $1.00.
mtcal, introduced by the Division of Foreign Plant Introduction, Bureau
~pt Industry, April 1 to June 30, 1930 (Nos. 86756-88432.) Inventory No.
AXI41, Price, 10O.
--ftibtlon of periodicals isl definitely restricted. They may be obtained by
VtA .ription from the Superintendent of Documents.
l. t.ituation., Vol. 16, No. 3, March 1, 1932. Price, 5e a copy; 25S a
lCotestie; 40t a year, foreign.'
i fiinral summary of currtdt conditions, Including pertinent statistics relat-
Setion, movement, consumption, and prices of the important farm products.
ii qtL a. VoL 18, No. 11, November, 1931.
i.: tio sl,. containing weather statistics for 42 separate sections, each corre-
Ss.'rule, to a Stute. Monthly information fbr 1 section is 50l a year,
.,if jng all 42 s etions, 35o a month, or $4 a year.' Not for general

& i4trkets. Po...-, No. 2, February; No. 3, March, 1932. Price, 5f a
year; domestic; 850 a year, foreign.'
Iaeis.. coreerning crops and.livestock estimates and market Information: reports
.ies, stocks, commercial movement, conditions and prices of agricultural prod-
stidlee:on prices and demand, both foreign and domestic.

jlle4upepritendentt of Documents, Government Printing Offlce, Washington,

-i~;~ ~~~-:-; -. -- -- -- -- -


uz r .':'. iNES
:i: *0'-' .-E.j D

..... '' -_-------------,- -

'".-------,- --.

Yi t..
K7. .
ii:.: : [ .. :..i : : H.. A:


4 3 1262 08903 6908

aily. weather mape. limited .itinsJ o
'" ows weather conditions for United States it
b..lws i i Rivert except i tilnoic Wiseenau.n, entl
gas. ilma, i sMislssidppi, and the' eextremewt
exceip Sundays and holIda.. .250 a mot $.. t.t.
holidays, 80* a month. .0 a year
-Foreign subscriptions. .7.25 a year,. Mapa- Xt..
editions and forecasts are Issued at numeroistplaeb
20C a month, $2.40 .a year.'
Experiment station record. Vol. 0., No4 ,' tA ri',:2 '
sale only. Price, 100.? .. tW
A technical review of the worlds ecienttfii literar~ iw-I Wl-
Volumes a year, of 10 numbers each;, T a oTup. 4
Extension service review. Vol. 8,
500 a year, domestic; 75f a .year, frein.
Issued monthly by the E.xtensin''t.Mee,"" "c.i'*e "i"T
distribution of administrative information. *t"
Forest worker. Vol. 8, No. 1, January, 192 Priice, fc
domestic; 350 a year, foreign.1..
News of State forestry, forestry education, l .a te foreft... ..
Forest Service.
Journal of agricultural research. .Vo.:, 4 1 XNo. ~ i ia .
200 a copy; $4 a year, domestic; $5.25 yeat, i., '.
to individuals.
Of primary interest to agrieulRm nal sicentiats aI ndI advanced stude
In 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. .Free distribution is
libraries and to institutions or departments dog research b wo
are distributed free to those design them, as (gyg as the lmit4 p
Monthly weather review. Vol. 59. No. 12, Ir&omber, .193'.. i
copy; $1.50 a year, domestic; d 25 a year, foreign. .It. ev
tion. -.
Contains (1) meteorological contributions and blbllography, ( '
the month with an interpretative summary, and (3): cllmatologalel tabes.
Public roads. Vol. 12, No. 12, February; Vol. 13, No. 1, Illllirt
Price, 10* a copy; $1 a year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreisi:: '.
Snow and Ice Bulletin. Noa 12-16, March 2, 9, 16, 2S, Sfi t 1
500 a year. Free distribution limited to coopdrators with 1Bi
Issued on Tuesdays during the winter. Based di data f:'brom ^
and selected cooperative stations. As far as ,practicable ,a ",ll yPrt
are given.
The official record. Vol. 10, Index, Jan. 1-D~. '26, 1p; -i
February 27, March 5, 12, 19, 26,.1982. 'Price, 5 a op r. fif
$1.10 a year, foreign. ...
Contains official orders 'and mlseellaned~s informalkm b eon
activities and such other matter as should b6 'brought'tobempleytee '
Weather outlook. Limited edition. Not for general distributiion.,t.
Prepared at and distributed from .the following forecast Aet
Bureau: Washington, D. C., New Orleans, La., C1icagol II4.
Francisco, Calif. ......
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Not for general. it*'I .
Gives detailed weather conditions of precedlng, weelmks:nud w
of crops and farm operations. Limited edition.
1 Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Govefmn .tit l

Indlcate below, by numbers, bulletins desired. In order to u13.a t
and return in stamped envelope to U. S. Department of APgrloutu
D. C. List no more than five publications.

Farmer's TechnBm c l
Bulletins Lflets Bulletins Pbltim

... .. .......
... .... .-.. .7-7 7

NO. i '++
ip! A :. a.i: ... i:..:

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