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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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November 1931
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Agriculture -- Bibliography -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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University of Florida
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Ih'".tia general publication li t l slpbo except these otherwise noted, may be
qtsitu tfl..,D.emq t of Aal iculDpre, Wahingt n,
"le .appIchnt gives a point p lthti'is alt tcr itee ed6d Free aistri-
u ie tedi piubikiqgts maur ..till b1 obtained from the
Nmgtjh lb9tJRfflbash 'A',in e, D. VC.' but by purchame
p ieei stated herein.
o! f elgba s. puIctleionsa .a B not .set. free to residents of foreign
Atle SJiltt~iatdent a Ddteft m te direct. His oeiles ii not a pirt

i.: .:;i f ,.'?-7" 'E'ER .. PUbLICATIONS
f .

iontepbnical languaega a wide variety of subjects pertaining

Al fr. :ed: S L, Itee ureatd bf Anifhal Industry. 14 p., illis. (Farm-

it. 0. B1~Yp: and 1 .. Wood, Biread of Entomology.
f'ik"irse BuIlleW n' 801W,, rev,): Price, 5. .
i '.M F., ;Betts and. W. R. Humphries. Bureau of Agricul-
f th., (Farmers'Bulletiu U132F.,g rev.) Price, 5t.
ld Ithdtis,' 0.hi '. :Pipe; Bureau of Plaint Industry. 34 p.; illtis.
p ii11i954a.l1 Mt.) .. Prie,. 10.
i '" ibf irrig.tion. James 0. Marr. Bureau of Agri0ilttral
24 p,, illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1348F., ,r1V.) Price, 50.
: eorE? lTti 'ai rlf)BA1fredr R. Lee, Btreau of Animal Industry.
B. ,B ..Btuhtlin 1409E., rev.) Price, 50.
-'A suintTar.v of Federal, State, and Provincial
i a aIai t .6. ',Grimes, Bureau of Biological Survey.
f F., V.)' Price, 5.0

.:. .- :: .ii :: .

U .: :
O'r I wtgalzpf1hbe aapuegegprar :that carried' ByDr
cdept hat b"e leaflets are confined to specific .raqtical directpiqs,
as, and methods. They are brief an'd concise, written in forniil,
.atg .to eight page.
i;, 'i,4t ley Pi.~otiti, Bureau of Bi'ologireal Su rey. 6 p.,
*E;fia ^ifC ;, 4.. ,..
::,;i3:>: -4*" 'f'!!^4; H V '' W .A .,* :; '*

.- .,of nae.i ,p4tr e vqirk:.app93yde to
W -ndin .b!:J ttier e & ali in. I
Ii4A attd~- Tadtery!. (. '.t h 6hI1, Neil E. Stevens. and
,tl'kt:!t^latit'a rtlla'st'y r5 sp,' illM .-; 'Technieial Bulletin:'

Smlifof SdulRf h6il~% thigh lower chipping. Eloise Gerry,
V*i' Bulletin :r.262T.) Pricelfig. '
1 ) .... .. .. "
A)M .e OBreau of Puatii I aRbals; and :W..,
,. .,,., ,, i "
:, "'... l*ia'i 'i ement'li'c c:. :It+
o.d ulrs

a: :. E"

.... ... ...... ...... .., .


;. '. .:, :. ,.: .

e :, to...... L& ... .....q

iawaras ana v...' raj, JU:K I4U oJr...QTamgrC iA,:.~npW mw" .: ~p. .
(Technical Bulletin 272T.) Price, 20). ...
This series carries the less technical and more informal material of the sa0~p
nature as that in the.Technical Bulletip series.
Variety tests of sugarcanes in Louisiana .during the crop year 1929-30. eU
Arceneaux, I. E. Stokes, and R. B. Bjsland, Bureau of Plant Indi"sti
p. (Circular 187C.) Price, 50. ; .
Control of the satin moth by spraying in alternate years. C. W. Colli 1
Clifford E. Hood, Bureau of Entomology. 12 p., illus. (Circular 1890.) .Puik
Progress report on mechanical application of fertilizers to cotton in South CihWl
1930. G. A. Cummings, Bureau of Agricultural Engineering; A. L. Mehr4
and G. H. Serviss, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils: and Ward H. Sachs, The
National Fertilizer Association. 32 p., illus. (Circular 192C.) Price, 10I. .'
Manure piles and feed lots as sources'of European corn borer reinfestaitioin. IL.
Scott, Bureau of Entomology. 15 p., illus. (Circular 1940.) Price, 50.
Tests of spray irrigation equipment. F. E. Staebner, Bureau of. Agrcultizit
Engineering. 30 p., illus. (Circular 195C.) Price, 100.
These circulars include those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do n4.Ot
within any of the other series issued by the department. The series closed with N1.
and is replaced by the Miscellaneous Publications series.
The relations between crop yields and precipitation in the Great Plains areas. i
rotations and tillage methods. E. C. Chilcott, Bureau of Plant Industry. ,l
p., illus. (Miscellaneous Circular 81M.C., Supplement 1.) Price, 50.0.
Judging dairy cattle. A. B. Nystrom, Bureau of Dairy Industry, and c.'
Schopmeyer. Extension Service. 30 p., illus. (Miscellaneous Clreut
99MC., rev.) Price, 10. '
This series includes those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do not 1M,:
within any of the other series issued by the department, particularly those of a IW
other than octaro. Such publications were formerly issued as Miscellaneous CircUta.
The influence of weather on crops: 1900-1930. A selected and annotated bibliqi
raphy. Compiled by A. M. Hannay, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 24*.
(Miscellaneous Publication 118MP.) Price, 40. i
The manufacture of low-acid rennet-type cottage cheese. H. L. Wilson and 0G f'
Trimble, Bureau of Dairy Industry. 11 p., illus. (Miscellaneous Pubil.
tion 119MP.) Price, 50.
Bibliography relating to farm structures. Guy Ervin, Bureau of Agricultaur;l8 i
gineering. 43 p. (Miscellaneous Publication 125MP.) Price, 100. :
Tables giving statistics relating to one or more closely related agricultural commodity,~
Of Interest to persons engaged in marketing or any business affected by agricult2iat
Car-lot shipments of fruits and vegetables from stations in the United Stated s.. Wi
the calendar years 1928 and 1929. Prepared by the Bureau of Agricultuaii
Economics. 152 p. (Statistical Bulletin 358.) Price, 250.
Stumpage and log prices for the calendar year 1929. Henry B. Steer; Forest Servit
61 p., illus. (Statistical Bulletin 36S.) Price, 15f. :.i
These reports consist of two parts: (1) A soil map in colors showing the eltent
distribution of the different soils in the area covered by the survey; and (2) a
report containing brief descriptions of the area, its climate and agriculture, and
descriptions of the solar. They are of interest and value primarily to resideIbts i i:
area surveyed and to soil specialists. All requests for Soil. urveya are referred to *6
Bureau of Chemistry and Boils, which controls their distribution. .-lil
Maryland, Calvert County. (1928, No. 13.) Price, 20f..
Michigan, Mecosta County. (1927, No. 18.) Price, 100.
Nebraska, Thayer County. (1927, No. 20.) Pric, 150. !iI
Nebraska, York County. (1928, No. 10.) Price, 20# .,



.. ,..;' V. 4 :.:j i AND REGULATORY ANNO NCEM~ NTS
.2* apt luf.gament, decisions. and instructions As are seemesary In the enforcement
tryacts are contained in these announacedents. They are issued monthly or as
w by certain bureaus. Free distribution is limited to persons in the employ of
S rtmnen to public officials whose duties render it necessary for them to have such
on,... t- journals especially concerned, and to manufacturers and firms whose
s Is afected by the announcements.
S~farmatwion, instructions, rulings, etc., concerning the work of the Bureau of
s1i l Industry for September, 1931. pp. 89-97. (S. R. A.-B. A. I. 293.)

October. 1931. pp. 99-106. (S. R. A.-B. A. I. 294.) Price, 50.
~ti4,itf judgment under the food and drugs act. Food and Drug Administration.
S101-129. (N. J.; F. D. 18176-18200.) Price, 50.
.81-150. (N. J., F. D. 18201:18225.) Price 5f.
F.51--188l. (N. J., F. D. 18226-18300.) Price, 50.
l t the.spread of splenetic or tick fever in cattle. Rule 1, Revision 30.
S(B. A. I. Order 332, effective December 1, 1931.) Price, 50.
.:of the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry. J. R. Mohler. 77 p.

i it of the Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey. Paul G. Redington.
3.p. Price, 100.
tE : of the Chief of the Bureau of Chemistry and Soils. Henry G. Knight.
Price, 100.
B g t o the Chief of the Bureau of Dairy Industry. 0. E. Reed. 35 p. Price, 50.
ort.of the Chief of the Bureau of Entomology. C. L. Marlatt. 87 p.

port of the Acting Chief of the Office of Experiment Stations. Walter H.
9~6L. 12 p. Price, 50.
tirt of the Chief of the Food and Drug Administration. W. G. Campbell.
Price, 50.
i of the Forester. R. Y. Stuart. 82 p. Price, 100.
R o"f the Chief of the Grain Futures Administration. J. W. T. Duvel. 11 p.
fl"e, 1e
giqprt- of the Guam Agricultural Experiment Station, 1930. 29 p., illus. Price, 150.
i#ad- of the Director of Information. M. S. Eisenhower. 13 p. Price, 50.
ii of the Librarian. Claribel R. Barnett. 15 p. Price, 50.
pi of the Director of Personnel and Business Administration. W. W. Stock-
terger. 19 p. Price, 5f.
of the Chief of the Bureau of Plant Industry. Wm. A. Taylor. 38 p.
tof the Solicitor. Elton L. Marshall. 41 p. Price, 50.
Sdistribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by
U haee or stbscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Awluturaml situation. 'Vol. 15, No: -11, November 1, 1931. Price, 50 a copy; 250 a
r, domestic; 40f a year, foreign.'
giafyabetothe Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.
-- ---- -------------------- --- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---


------------------------------------ --------------
ui ral Route or Street No----------------------
S, Cit1 or--Town----------------------------- -
S:h Btate ----------------------------------------------
Si; :.

V '

S 3 1262 08903 6866
-r :* ;,, ______,_

A brief general i t hio3
SInag to production, movePatent, icopsiptaj a piftt.the
llmatological dkta. "oi .No.: *,.4 f .e 9 .i '
In 42 sections, containing weather fat4iti c fe 1A ~
spending, as a rule, to a 8tate.. Monthly f ,ifoiEarttl I! 1 i
for data regarding all 42 sections, 385 a mouth, a F ta
distribution. ,, .
Crops and markets. Vol. 8, No. 10, October, 1931; Mri l, cW N M
domestic; 850 a year, foreign.
Statistics concerning crops and liestcek estildtea :an nart .t .
on supplies, stocks, .onmmercal .movement coad-tins. and ipr~e46'.
ucts: and studies of prices and demand, both foreign and do-~imi 0
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general, distrSiteai'
Shows weather conditions for United States and ftkedsiat talortalVal 1
Mississippi .River except Illinois Wisconsinu IndianUa, .: ". ..
gan, Alaba la, Missiipippl, and the extremie 'weter4 'tpe fp
except Sundays and holidays, 250 a month, $8.00 a year; i
holidays, 300 a month, $3.60 a year. .Sunday anda holiday umapa om p
Foreign subscriptions, $7.25 a year. Maps D, U, ald CM, ahowig teix
editions and forecasts are issued at numerous~ station tLhridoititti 'M
200 a month, $2.40 a year. .. ....Ir
Experiment station record. Vol. 64. Index Number. Yol& 60k i. :.II
1931. Single numbers for sale only. Price, 10 .
A technical review of the world's acientiflc UteFature. pertaBgto.g r
volumes a year, of 10 numbers each; 750 a volume, domestic; : 04NP2
Extension service review. Vol. 2, No. 11, November, 193QL ,, U t
copy; 50i a year, domestic; 760 a year, foreign, .
Issued monthly by the Extension Service, of which it is the offici6 ora .
distribution of administrative information.
Journal of agricultural research. Vol. 43, Nos. 7-8. O0t .Y i. t
Price, 200 a copy; $4 a year, domestic; $5.25 a ye4r, ,oie :.
tribute free to individuals. '.' :
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced student
in 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribution !Ut Ta
libraries and to institutions or departments doing research, woEzkt
are distributed free to those desiring them, as long as the limited
Monthly weather review. Vol..59, No. 8, August, 1931, .JllusrA
$1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a year,.foreign. N for er
Contains (1) meteorological contributions and phy, tl 7}
the month with an interpretative summary, lid (3)
Public roads. Vol. 12, No. 9, November, 1981. ;RIi: P:ifalns
year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.1 :
The official record. Vol. 10, Nos. 44-4T. Odtbbtef 1'v: eIvdf % St
Price, 50 a copy; 50f a year, domestic; $1.10 a year, foreign, .
Contains official orders and miscellaneous ihlorimtibi eoncedirohc~ i e.
activities and such other matter as should be brought to employees At
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 44-47, Novembera ,,
Price, 500 a year, domestic; $1 a year,: foreign '. ;. i
Gives detailed weather conditions of preceding weeKa .iad, their
of crops and farm operations. Limited edition. ..
Pay ble to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Pri~ting 430 l

Indicate below, by ntunbers, bulletins desired. In order to aMsife:
detach this frank and return in stamped envelope to U. S. Deprt
Office of Information, Washington, D. C. List no more than five public
Farmers fl Tecbnical, I-AI.ell .i
Bulletins eaets Bulletins r ars aMN .
--- --. ":.:1 ii : .....

... .. .. ....... ... ... ... ....

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