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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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September 1931
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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University of Florida
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S|u lPKREAWX an 1Ya5LTX iaA UaD TO
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,. u '"WftAL 'US'f
.441 W - -------
.< ".. t" p .4 ,

United States Department of Agriculture
1 *... : EPTEMBE, 1931

so Mfl'*ttances to the United States Department of Agriculture
.ila. the gsena pablIatios listed herein, except those otherwise noted, may be
++."+ O~ty or .2moo.,___. -------,-----,

Uan tepc n to Ihs United States Department of Agriculture, Washington,
as the deprtmet 's apply lasts. As many as five additional publications may
f qpgTsat uives saleltent preo that they are urgently needed. Free distri-
=VM'** is exhausted, publications may still be obtained from the
M D.*ieu ftwSement Printing Office, Washington, D. C. but by purchase
ISlI* tS fthe Superlatendent of Boeaments direct. His Effice is net a


'"' tbtrds in ino theastern United States. W. L. McAtee. 18 p., illus.
.it bfalletin t621 .r ev.) Price, 5 p.
pl a 'rl in the Southeastern States. Clyde u. Leighty, Bureau of Plant
14 p., ills. (Farmers' Bulletin 885F., rev.) Price, 5t.
psg u he Pascic States.. .0. F. Kinman, Bureau of Plant
OIp illS (Iarmers' Bullethi 13721., Drev.) Price,
IL IpeUll, Burn of Animal Industry. 37 p., il uet

.e..f urntire. N. A. Back and IL T. Cotton. 83
........... W O r. .Price, 109.
it. V.. L Wildermuth, and G. Davis,
".....E, ton' Bull(Farmers' Bulletin 1668Pr.) Price, 50
iit.." Southeastern P. Bheldon and Frank G. Grimes, Bureau a
,A ul14.14 armrSjl- ul0 Prnaern' Bulletla 1684F.) Price, 5 6.

M cof tib -Hs feewi character -as that carted by
A ot.o sI ecale ractceal directions,
brief are an d oone Written in for-

E -J PB ian Burea anof Dairy Ildustry. 4 p.,. ilus. .
'r- re)iu s .
ab^iS+ sss sss~'^H~li ffoFs J... J'-- s El-, :0 .. .
f. i =j :g|B^,!""S!^ it. +Y Wileru~ ari ^.^ ^Bm

Indicate below, by number bulletins desred. Detac this bLank and satfn t i t.e.nliW:l
U. 8. Department of Agrlultu% Ofles of Informatain, Wamshfton, D. iLt n mrem thA ,

Farmers' ele Teohnical lrnulsr MIlsellaneous Othe. Pumn.. I
Bulletins aet Bulletins Circula ulation Otr

--- ---------------------------- -----....

Rompers. Clarice Loulsba Scott, Bureau of Home Economics. 8 p., illunag.:
(Leaflet 79L.) Price, 50. :
Cooking cured pork. Lucy M. Alexander, Bureau of Home Economies and.:
Bureau of Animal Industry, and Fanny Walker Yeatman. 8 p. (Leaflet
81L.) Price, 50.
The Technical Bulletins contain the results of scientific and research work applyil
to a special crop, industry, or locality. The editions are limited, as they are ntende ii
primarily for scientific workers and subject-matter specialists.
Biology of the Indian-meal moth on dried fruits in California. J. C. Hamlin, W.D. :
Reed, and M. E. Phillips, Bureau of Entomology. 27 p., illus. (Techniefl '
Bulletin 242T.) Price, 50.
Arsenical and other fruit injuries of apples resulting from washing operations. D. F. ':!
Fisher and E. L. Reeves, Bureau of Plant Industry. 12 p., illus. (Technical : '
Bulletin 245T.) Price, 10f.
Timber growing and logging practice in the southern Appalachian region. E. H :..
Frothingham and B. Y. Stuart, Forest Service. 93 p., illus. (Technical BaE::
letin 250T.) Price, 30#. ;
Suitability of brush lands in the intermountain region for the growth of natural or
planted western yellow pine forests. F. S. Baker and Clarence F. Korstila. i
83 p., illus. (Technical Bulletin 256T.) Price, 25f.
This series carries the less technical and more informal material of the ame gw* e t,.!
nature as that in the Technical Bulletin series.
Plowing as a control measure for the European corn borer in western New York.:,::'il
H. N. Bartley and L. B. Scott, Bureau of Entomology. 28 p., illus. (Cireal I
1650.) Price, 10*.
Cycles of growth in cotton root rot at Greenville, Tex. Homer 0. McNama atl
Dalton R. Hooton, and Dow D. Porter, Bureau of Plant Industry. 18-p.i.
illus. (Circular 173C.) Price, 5t.
Experiments for the control of the San Jose scale with lubricating-oil emulsdon$ el
the Pacific Northwest. E. J. Newcomer and M. A. Others, Bureau of ]MtWIll
mology. 12 p. (Circular 175C.) Price, 50. "
Control of Botrytis rot of pears with chemically treated wrappers. Jacquelin S.. ,iir
Cooley and J. H. Crenshaw, Bureau of Plant Industry. 10 p., illus. (.0ii
cular 1770.) Price, 50.
The production of dairy cows as affected by frequency and regularity of aUiin- ;
and feeding. T. E. Woodward, Bureau of Dairy Industry. 10 p., illus. .(Cir
cular 180C.) Price, 50.
Factors for converting percentages of nitrogen in foods and feeds into percentage .
of proteins. D. Breese Jones, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils. 22. p. (CIrk -
1830.) Price, .

S ths seies interludes those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do not fall
:itlhin any of the other. aers toaumd by the department, particularly those of a sizse
ri other than octave. Such publications were formerly issued as Miscellaneous Circulars.
S Officials and organizations concerned with wild-life protection, 1931. Frank 0.
ii Udme,. Bureau of Biological Survey. 13 p. (Miscellaneous Publication
.. 122MP.) Price, St.
I, i::s. t of technical workers in the Department of Agriculture and outline of depart-
: meant functions. Office of Personnel and Business Administration. 165 p.
(Mmaisellaneous Publication 123MP.) Price, 250.
These reports consist of two parts: (1) A soil may in colors showing the extent and
IJtbution of the different soils in the area covered by the survey; and (2) a printed
cii containing brief descriptions of the area, its climate and agriculture, and detailed
I...rieptions of the soils. They are of interest and value primarily to residents of the
:ara surveyed and to soil specialists. All requests for Soil Surveys are referred to the
igeau of Chemistry and Soils, which controls their distribution.
a The Gila Bend area. (No. 4, 1928.) Price, 15Sf
I.i. lifornia, The Santa Ynez area. (No. 15, 1927.) Price, 200.
:: olorado, The Arkansas Valley area. (No. 24, 1926.) Price, 500.
Ildaho, The Jerome area. (No. 16, 1927.) Price, 150.
I Iowa, Buchanan County. (No. 33, 1926.) Price, 150.
iiwa, Butler County. (No. 5, 1928.) Price, 200.
Iowia, Union County. (No. 14, 1927.) Price, 150.
Kansas, Crawford County. (No. 3, 1928.) Price, 100.
liii York, St. Lawrence County. (No. 34, 1925.) Price, 500.
Sach notices of judgment, decisions, and instructions as are necessary in the enforce-
mi:: ent of regulatory acts are contained in these announcements. They are issued monthly
.ii at necessary by certain bureaus. Free distribution is limited to persons in the employ
f tbe department, to public officials whose duties render it necessary for them to have
Mtei:: Information, to journals especially concerned, and to manufacturers and firms whose
bu!! i iiite is affected by the announcements.
No;:lt"licises of judgment under the food and drugs act. Food and Drug Administra-
'ic!$!i:: pp. 31-66. (N. J., F. D. 18051-18100). August, 1931. Price, 50.
I bieilj::ili eS of judgment under the insecticide act. Food and Drug Administration.
: g 994 04. (N. J., I. F. 1206-1210.) Price, 50.
itice of judgment under the regulations of the Naval Stores Act. Food and Drug
Aminl strattion. 1 p. (N. J., N. S. No. 4.) Price, 50.
: modification of European corn borer quarantine regulations. Plant Quarantine
#ad Control Administration. 3 p. (PQOA--Q43.-Revision of Regulations
I';!:: and 6, Effective August 15, 1931.) Price, 50.
!:iii~;.i'pection and certification regulations to meet foreign sanitary requirements.
If: lQ nt Quarantine .and Control Administration. 3 p. (P. Q. C. A.-San. Exp.
,.: .::: .T Price; 1 0.
i!BE. i i standards for apples. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 8 p. (8. R. A.,
:A. E. 93, Revised, Amend. 1). Price, 50.
i S OgDIttoni for warehousemen storing dry beans. Approved June 2, 1931. Bureau
at :;L: e rAgeltural Economics. 21 p. (S. R. A., B. A. E. 130.) Price, 50.
I s;::., ~~4d regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture governing the inspection and
Si:,: ::cation of dressed poultry and dressed domestic rabbits for external condition
and of dressed poultry and dressed domestic rabbits and edible products thereof
fot condition and wholesomeness. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 10 p.
(. R. A-B A. 131.) Price, 5f.
iili; rmation, instructions, rulings, etc., concerning the work of the Bureau of Animal
SIndutry, August, 1931. pp. 81-88. (8. R. A.-B. A. I. 292.) Price, 50.
i- I igrtory-bird treaty act regulations and text of Federal laws relating to game and
birds. Bureau of Biological Survey. 18 p. (S. R. A.-B. S. 76.) Price, 50.
,li.: tions for the enforcement of the Federal food and drugs 'act. Food and
I 'g Administration. 10 p. (8. B. A., F. D. No. 1. Rev. 10.) 50.
eIiljid;; s and standards for food products. Food and Drug Administration. 19
p. (8. A., P. D. No. 2, Rev. 2) Price, 50.
C~i o of coal-tar food products. Food and Drug Administration. 10 p.
Sa ,P. D. No. 8, Re. 1) Price, 50.


3 1262
4 :'
..* :. .
General index to Experiment Station Record, VlVe i to 5~i, 4M Si
C. Gandlach, Offce of Experiment Stations. p. PriA 4$i
For sale only.
Plant material introduced by the Division of Fornii Plat Iarep
of Plant Industry, January 1 to March 31, 194,. (Mep. 82 #
(B. P. I. Inventory 102.) Price, 20. ,>,[ .
Free distribution of periodicals sl definitely restricted .i L pla bi
purchase or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 15, No. 9, September 1, 1931. Price, 5. a..
year, domestic; 40W a year, foreign. .. .
A brief general summary of current conditions, including pereat q
ing to production, movement, consumption, and prices of the lamportnt
Climatological data. VoL 18, No. 4, April; No. 5, May, 1981. :
In 42 sections, containing weather statistics for 42 separate mt '
spending, as a rule, to a State. Monthly information for 1
for data regarding all 42 sections, 35# a month, or $4 a i yeas Y t Sli
distribution. : *:i.
Crops and markets. VoL 8, No. 8, August, 1931. Price, 5t aiii
domestic; 85f a year, foreign.'
Statistics concerning crops and livestock estimates and market lIto.1'I
on supplies, stocks, commercial movement, conditions and prices: di1
ucts; and studies of prices and demand, both foreign and do Nestlc, ;,f i,
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distrbti.
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for L Bt
Mississippi River, except Illinois Wisconsin, Indiana, Upper Miie a:L
gan, Alabama, Mississippi, and the extreme western portion M1 fic~ii j
except Sundays and holidays 250 a month, $3.00 a year; dally, inclu
holidays, 300 a month, $3.0 a year. Sunday and holiday map
Foreign subscriptions, $7.25 a year. Maps DD, E, and C
conditions and forecasts are issued at numerous stations throughout .
200 a month, $2.40 a year.' 4 ,1
Experiment station record. VoL 65, No. 4, September; No. :Sl
Single numbers for sale only. Price, 10f.
A technical review of the world's scientific literature pertailnig 1 h
volumes a year, of 10 numbers each; 750 a volume, domestic; $1.25 .k.a'
Extension service review. Vol 2, No. 9, September, 193s1. I &
copy; 50* a year, domestic; 75# a year, foreign.'
Issued monthly by the Extension Service, of which it is theA .i|j
distribution of administrative information. .
Journal of agricultural research. Vol. 43, No. 2, July 15; Noe. DJ
August 15, 1931. Ilus. Price, 200 a copy; $4 a yea0r, domestic
foreign.' Not distributed free to individuals. .:!.;. .ia
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advancd stMidW
in 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribftlan l t
ries and to institutions or departments doing research work. s
are distributed free to those desiring them as long as the ItiWt' sp
Monthly weather review. Vol. 59, No. 6, June, 193l Il
$1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a year, foreign.' Not for,
Contains (1) meteorological contributions and bibligraphy (2)
the month with an Interpretative summary, and (3) ma iog
Public roads. Vol. 12, No. 6, August; No. 7, September, l
a copy; $1 a year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.1 :' I
The official record. Vol. 10, Nos. 35-89, August 29, Septelb .
Price, 50 aAopy; 504 a year, domestic; $1.10 a year,` fo.
Contains official orders and miscellaneous information eo d
activities and such other matter as should be brought to
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nop. 35-88, Sept0eli
Price, 500 a year, domestic; $1 a year, foreign'.
Gives detailed weather conditions of preceding weeks at'
of crops and farm operations. Limited edition. : |.

1 Payable to the Superintendent of Docnmenta QoverviB.. :
D. C.

NN, i


08903 8276




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