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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
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December 1930
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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ah, .

; Name ------------ -- ---------------- .
A.:'.."::.. .,
Rural Route or Street No- --_-----__ ------- '

United States Department o rfAgiculture

ed o remittaes to the United States Department of Agriculture
Scopy fc any of the general publications listed herein, except those othrwe noted, may

be obtained free upon application to the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington,
'D. C., as long as the department's supply lasts. Free distribution of periodicals is restricted.
i. After the department's supply is exhausted, publications may still be obtained from the Super-
intendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C!, but by purchase only,

ad at the prices stated herein.
l: 4WSend no remittances to the Superinted States D department direct. of Agriculs not a part

ie tSke Department of Agriculture.
These bullet any of the general p nontechnica lstguage a wide variety of subje oth-rwe noteining to
e obtained free upon application to the United States Department ome. Agriculture, Washington
Cabbage., as long as th e department's supply of Plasts. Free d Industribution of periodicals is restricted.
After the department's supply is exhausted, publications may still be obtained from the Super-

itendent of Documents, Government 5.Printing Office, Washington, D. C, but by purchase only,

Tobacco culture. W. W. Garner, Bureau of. Plant Industry. 22 p., illus. k Farm-
er' Bullthe prices stated herev) Price,

Potato storage and storage houses. William Stuart, Bureau of Plant Industry.
2., lus. (Farmers'o th Supertintendent of Documents direct is oe is not a part

e brculsiset in livestock: Dein nontection, control,gu and eradication. subjn A. rtning to
and Alexander E. Wight, Bureau of Animal Industry. 21 p., illus. r Fer l-
e Bulletin 106433F., rev.) Price, 5 10
Towngb and utilizing sorghum for forageau Plant Industy. n p. E. petty, Bureau
SPl.. er t Industry. 32 p., illus. (Farmers' Bulletn 115F., rev. Price, Price.
... oato storage an d storage houses. Willing. ame H. BeattieStu Bureau of Plant dust
dustr. 17 p., illlus. (Farmers' Bulletin 84233F., 5rev.) Price, 5.
Pirm:nent fruit and lvestock: Detection, control, and eradication. olant ierutry
and C. P. Close, Office of Cooperative Extension WIndustry. 21 p., illus. (Farm-
r;-.":. ers' Bulletin 1069F., rev.) Price 150.
: Ami rowing and utle s as agricultural pests and as fur producers. The. H. SGett, Bueafer,
Bureau of Biological Survey. 21 p., illus. (Farmers' Blletletin 1247115., rev.).)
e manning of leathernning and manufacturin. H. Beattie, D. Clarke. and F. Plant
: Veitc, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils. 2( p., rill. (Famers' Bulletin5
lf:::^:;, -,Pamaanent fruit and vegetable gardens. W. R. Benttie, Bureau of Plant lnith].try,
fi and C. P. Close, Office of Cooperative Extension Work. 1S p., illus. (Farm-

er lletin 1242F., rev.) Price,
Citrus fAmerican moles as agricultural pSouthwests and as fur producersS.Th Pomeroy, and Sc E.
Caryl, Bureau of Biological S urvey. 46 p., illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 147Fe.)
.... ; *.-*:- !ti3 ce, 5i.
l:?: Mom... Hbne tanning of leather and small fur skins. R. W. Frey, T. D. Clarke. and F. P.
Veitch, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils. 2S p., illus. (Farmcrs' Bulletin

134., re).) Price, 100.
i;,,il. Citrus fruit growing in the Southwest. A. D. Slauiel. C. 'S. P'oneroy, and R. E.
Ipi"f Caryl, Bureau of Plant Industry. 46 p., illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1447F.,
ii;i; '::; -Iv...:: ) P rice, 10.
Wt jil;'; gipsy moth and the brown-tail moth. A. F. Burgess, Plant Quarantine and
i flifrol Administration. 33 p., illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1623F,) Price, 10.
: *:.'4;0 Mg sweet corn for the cannery. J.. H. Beattie, Bureau of Plant Industry.
ir1'., jillns. (Farmers' Bulletin 1634F.) Price, 100.
B"i srstprcti6n of chimneys and fireplaces. Division of. agricultural engineer-
.i... Bureau of Public Roads. 18 p., illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1649F.)
'; *ce, 5<. I I
#lUiaxaeedi production by power farming methods in the Northern Great Plains.
ii!IAI:0. Dillman, Bureau of Plant Industry, and E. A. Starch, Montana Agricul-
,,it.ui al EIperiment Station. 17 p., illus. (Farmers' Bulletin 1650F.) Price .50.

i !. :i!: '...

S : "\ : :. LEAFLETS
'bis series cArries popular material of the same general character as that carriedby' y
tbhe Farmers' Bulletins, except that'the leaflets are confined to specific practical directions,.
Recommendationss, rmedies, and methods. They are brief and concise, written in infor- "
mat, popular sfyle, and are limited Lo eight pages.
er.lizers for pecp soils. 1 Skinner, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils. 8 ";
Ills. (Leaflet 7tL.) Priq, 50.
The Departmuet ISuwtb 4ae technical or scientific in nature and apply to a spectiSI
crop, induarn, lo i., l this series ends with No. 1500, and is succeeded by thfe.- L.:
Technical Bullei eri 'he rI editions are limited..
Vesicula 'rsfrematitfa 6f horses and cattle. John IR. Mohler, Bureau of Animal In- ; B
dustry. 10 pp. (Department Bulletin 662D., rev.) Price, 5.
The Technical Bulletins contain the results of scientific and research work applying
to a special crop, industry, or locality. The editions are limited, as they are intended ; .
primarily for scientific workers and subject-matter specialists.
Experiments on the processing and storing of Deglet Noor dates in California. :
A. F. Sievers anti W. R. Barger, Bureau of Plant Industry. 24 p., illus.
(Technical Bullepn 193T.) Price, 15t.
A biological study of the Trichogramma minutum Riley as an egg parasite of the
oriental fruit moth. Alvah Peterson, Bureau of Entomology. 22 p., illus.
(Technical Bulletin 215T.) Price, 50.
Effect of irrigation water on vigor and vitality of seed potatoes. W. C. Edmundson...
Bureau of Plant Industry. 7 p., illus. (Technical Bulletin 216T.) Price, .:..
Mountain-laurel (Kalmia latifolia) and sheep laurel (Kalmia angustifolia) as stock-.i:-
poisoning plants. C. Dwight Marsh and A. B. Clawson. 23 p, illns. (Techn t
cal Bulletin 219T.) Price, 10C.
This series carries the less technical and more informal material of the same general.
nature as that in the Technical Bulletin series.
Methods of eradicating buckthorn (Rhamnus) susceptible to crown rust (Puccinsia
coronata) of oats. S. M. Dietz and L. D. Leach, Bureau of Plant Industry.
10 p., illus. (Circular 133C.). Price, 10f.
Suggestions for the management of spruce stands in the Northeast. Marinus West-
veld, Forest Service. 24 p., illus. (Circular 134C.) Price, 100.
Hardiness and yield of winter-wheat varieties. Karl S. Quisenberry and J. Alien
Clark, Bureau of Plant Industry. 31 p., illus. (Circular 141C.) Price, f5t
Tiphia popilliavora Rohwer, a parasite of the, Japanese beetle. J. L. King and.
J. K. Holloway, Bureui of Entomology. 12 p., illus. (Circular 1450.)
Price, '10. -
The spread of cranberry false blossom in the United States. Neil E. Stevens,
Bureau of Plant Industry. 19 p.. illus. (Circular 147C.) Price, 5. .
These circulars include those publications of a miscellaneous nature which' do' "h6tf'l l
within any of tile other series issued by the department. The series closed with No. 119 :..."
and is replaced by the Miscellaneous Publications series. ', .
What the national forests mean to the intermountain region. Prepared by the '!
Intermountain Region of the United States Forest Service. 22 p., illdas. :r
( Miscellaneous Circular 47MC., Rev.) Price, 10. i
This series' includes those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do not fall :
within any of the other series issued by the department, particularly those of a sie.::
other than octaro. Such publications were formerly issued as Miscellaneous Circular. "'
Cotton or weevils. J. L. Webb, Bureau of Entomology, and F. A. Merrill, Exten- :
sion Service. 17 p., illus. (Miscellaneous Publication 35MP., rev.) Price,
loo. L,
A bibliography of the history of agriculture in the United States. EVerett E.';:,l
Edwards, Bareau of Agricultural Economics. 307 p. (Miscellaneous PUblI-;':
cation 84MP.) Price, 450.
Classified list of projects of the agricultural experiment stations, 1930. Compiled in !
the .Office of Experiment Stations. 252 p. (Miscellaneous. PtIlitatibNt ;*;
89MP.) Price, 359

x .. :::

Forest and range resources of Utah: Their protection and use. Prepared by the
Forest Service Intermountain Region, in cooperation with Utah Department
of Public Instruction. 102 p., illus.- (Miscellaneous Publication 90MP.)
S Price, 300.
The agricultural outlook for the Southern States, 1930-31. Prepared by the staff
of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, assisted by representatives of the
agricultural colleges and extension services of the southern States and the
Federal Farm Board. 50 p. (Miscellaneous Publication 102MP.) Price, 10t.
The world cotton situation, with outlook for 1931-32 and the long-time outlook for
southern agriculture. Prepared by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
76 p., illus. (Miscellaneous Publication 104MP.) Price, 10O
Tables giving statistics relating to one or more closely related agricultural commoditic .
Of interest to persons enngagd in marketing or any business nffected by agrivilturail
S production.
S Wheat futures: Volume of trading, open commitments, and prices from January 3.
1921, to December 31, 1929. Prepared by the Grain Futineu A.dmiinistrntion.
S 212 p., illus. (Statistical Bulletin 31S.) Price, 35<.
7 "These reports consist of two parts: (1) A soil map in colors the extent nord
distribution of the different soils in the area covered by the survey: and (2) a printed
S report containing brief descriptions of the area. its climate and auriciuture, and detailed
descriptions of the soils. They are of interest and valuL primarily to residents of th'
area surveyed and to soil specialists. All request for Soil Surreys are referred to the
S Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, which controls their distribution.
Georgia, Lee County. (1927, No. 4.) Price, 150.
Texas, Navarro County. (1926, No. 20.) Price 2C0.
Such notices of judgment, decisions, and instructions as are IecePFsaty in the enforce-
ment of regulatory acts are contained in these announcements. Theyr it issued monthly
or as necessary by certain bureaus. Free distribution is limite-d to prcsuns in the employ
S of the department, to public officials whose duties render it uncessary for them to have
S such information, to journals especially concerned, and to mnnufnlctureria and firms whose
business is affected by the announcements.
S Information, instructions, rulings, etc., concerning the work of the Bureau of Ani-
mal Industry, for Novembzr, 1930. pp. 93-103. (S. R. A. B. A. I. 283.
Price, 5.
S List of pests intercepted on imported plants and plant products during the calendar
S year1 1929. Plant Quarantine and Control Administration. pp. 249-331.
(S. R. A.-P. Q. C. A. [101, Sup. 1].) Price. 10t.
Modification of pink-bollworm quarantine regulations. 1 p. (PQC'A-Q5r, effec-
I f tive November 17, 1930.) Price, 50.
Notices of Judgment under the food and drugs act. Food and Drug Aiministra-
tion. N. 3., F. D. 17051-17075, pp. 25-42; N. J., F. D. 17101-17125. pp. 77-?S;
S N. J., F. D. 17126-17150, pp. 87-98. Price. 54 each.
" Regulations for the enforcement of the Federal food and drugs act. (Te'uh tevi-
1 sion.) Food and Drug Administration. 20 p. (S. R. A., F. D. No. 1.)
Price, 50.



;N "

Service and regulatory announcements. April-June, 1930. Plant Qunlrantine and
Control Administration. pp. 33-3S. (S. R. A.-P. Q. C. A. 103.) Price, 100.
To prevent the spread of splenetic, southern, or Texas fever ih cattle. Rule 1,
Revision 29. Effective December 1, 1930. 3 p. (B. A. I. Order 328.)
Cooperative extension work, 1928. Prepared by the Office of Cooperative Exten-
sion Work. 134 p., illus. Pr:ce, 300.
Information for prospective settlers in Alaska. H. W. Alberts, Director. 27 p.
illus. (Alaska Circular 1, rev.) Price, 100.
Report of the Director of Information. M. S. Elsenhower. 25 p. Price, 5.
Report of the Director of the Extension Service. C. W. Warburton. 08 p.
Price, 100.
Report.of the Secretary of Agriculture. Arthur M. Hyde. 96 p. Price, 150.
Report of the Solicitor. Elton R. Marshall. 27 p. Price, 5.



li11111111lll l IIIIItUuI II
3 1262 08903 6775

*Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. 'They :ma..e.
purchase or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 14, No. 12, December 1, 1930. Price, 5' F :a
a year, domestic; 400 a year, foreign.' -
A brief general summary of current conditions, including pertinent Btatwis ~
to production, movement, consumption, and prices of the Important'earn lm i
Climatological data. Vol. 17, No. 9, September, 1930.
In 42 sections, containing weather statistics for 42 separate sections,.. r;'
spending, as a rule, to a State. Monthly information for 1 section tQis 0 .t
for data regarding all 42 sections, 35f a mdnth, or $4 a year.D Not i:.
Crops and markets. Vol. 7, No. 11, November, 1930. Price, 5t a copy; 60Q a, t
domestic; 850 a year, foreign.1 : '
Statistics concerning crops and livestock estimates and market information r
on supplies, stocks, commercial movement, conditions and prices of agricultu
ducts; and studies of prices and demand, both foreign and domestic.
Daily weather maps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.': ::il
Shows weather conditions for United States and forecast for all States east'of oIi"-X
Mississippi River, except Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana. Upper Michigan, Lower M.ic .,
Alabama, Mississippi, and the extreme western portion of Florida. Price, dat/x
S*undays and holidays, 250 a month, $3.00 a year; daily, including SuBndays,
days, 30t a month. $3.60 a year, Sunday and holiday maps only, 50e a yeri
subscriptions, $7.25 a year. Maps DD, E, and CM, showing the weather
and forecasts, are issued at numerous stations throughout the United .st8 :
month, $2.40 a year.'
Experiment station record. Vol. 62, Index Number. January-June, 1930.: W !
numbers for sale only. Price, 100.' .
A technical review of the norld's scientific literature pertaining to agriculture.'M
volumes a year, of 10 numbers each; 75t a volume, domestic; $1.25 a volume, foWte.f ''.
Extension service review. Vol. 1, No. 8, December, 1930. Illus. Price .e, N:'
copy; 500 a year, domestic; 75f a year, foreign.'; a ':
Issued monthly by the Extension Service, of which it is the official organ, .:i
distribution of administrative information.. ::F: :"i'
Forest worker. Vol. 6, No. 6, November, 1930. Price, 5f a copy; 250 a^'"! .
domestic; 350 a year, foreign. -
News of State forestry, forestry education, private forestry, and the wdrk '.f* ii
Forest Service.
Journal of agricultural research. Vol. 41, No. 10, November 15; No. 11, Decefberk
Illus. Price, 200 a copy; $4 a year, domestic; $5.25 a year, foreign.' .:
distributed free to individuals. ....
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only, ...
in 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certrifltf
ries and to institutions or departments doing research work. Separates of: ';a.i. ... J
are distributed free to; those desiring them as long as the limited supply lasts.
Monthly weather review. Vol. 58, No. 9, September, 1930 Iltus, Priie,
copy: $1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a year, foreign).' Not f&' gex i:
Contains (1) meteorological contributions and bibliography, (2) weather "'eblrt,.:.
the month with an interpretative summary, and (3) climatological tables.' :.i:.
Public roads. Vol. 11, No. 9, November; No. 10, December, 1930. Illus. P Ai.
10c a copy; $1 a year, domestic; $1.50'a year, foreign.' .i
Snow and ice bulletin. Nos. 1-2, December 17, 24, 1930. 500 a year.':
distribution limited to cooperators with the Wedther Bureau. ,
Issued on Tuesdays during the winter. Based on data from regular i
Bureau and cooperative stations. As far as practicable all reports of snow
are given. .... .
The official record. Vol. 9, Nos. 49-52, December 4, 11, '18, 25, 193 ':
a copy; 500 a year, domestic; $1.10 a year, foreign.' ..' '..:.
Contains omicinl orders and miscellaiceius information 'chcernling the d
activities and such other matter as should be brought to employees' atten't.lo .....:i ...
Weekly weather and crop bulletin, 'Nos. 48-51, December 2, 9, 16, 23, 1930s, V
50c a year, domestic; $1 a year, foreign.' i
Gives detailed weather conditions of preceding weeks and their effect oilleml.1
of crops and farm operations. Limited edition.
i Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government printing Office,
D. C. t

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