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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
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August 1930
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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Abessmen of griulture.


1 to -GTIVSTf, 1930

at'*ed*ithaces! to the UM Si Department of A.griculture

dewattment's 4uvpply lass.' Free distribution :of periodicals s
ly iseilaste,'ubictions may still be obtained from the
Gve Maent, Prioting, Office, Washington, D. C., but by pur-,
otted herein..
8thte 8- ttinteadentt of- Dotumentts direct. Ais office is not. a


Wu 9 ateahnica laUMage awide variety of subjects pertaining
ikle. : Sheets, 96I uea of Animal Industry. Rev!sdb
21i)p., 'figs 18. (Farmer Bulletin 612 F.0 slightly revised.):

j led 3. -L. Alarlatt,: Bureau of Entomology. 4 p., figs. 2.:
Mtia-SP,9, Itwied.Y) Price '504
ru>h-Slawonsai Bureau of. Animal Industry. 34 p., figs. 2.:
128 V,, revised.): Price5.
OWats. I, H. Burg-wild, Bureau of Dairy Industry. 14 p.,
Bulletin 131p if., pevised.) Price 50.
)TNeil P., $teveps, Bureau of Plant Industry. 18 p., figs. 9.
14-1458 ,p., revised.) Price 0t.
erft-tltes, or white, aAts T. E Snder Bureau ofEnto-
1W, tti h47 U., erevsd)Prc
by pirzel post. Lewis B, Flqhr, Bureau of Agricultural,..
(Fariles' 111etin, 155F. revised)Pie1#
Ot, gurau of Animal. .Indjugtry._ 10. p., ftg.6

re eiults of sie'lntifiC' W4 research work applyn
TlR r'e editios are limited, as-they are intene
a abeci-mantter speelalift&e I-,.; .1
S trium phasWol- W. 3;-4m'unvr
4 pp0, le,2. (Teehnicetl BEtllain 1

elw.Michael Shapovalov, Bureau of
(Technicul Bulletin 189 T.) Price 100.

Traps for the Japanese beetle. E. R. Van Leeuwen.and F. W. Metzger, ~ j
of Entomology. 16 p., figs. 6. (Circular 130 C.) Price, 50. .
Fighting the corn borer with machinery in the two-generation area, 0:. 1
Ohio State University, and R. B. Gray, Bureau of Public Roads, coIla p
ing with L. H. Worthley, Plant Quarantine and Control Administratihe
D. J. Caffrey, Bureau of Entomology. 50 p., 36 figs. (Circular 182
Price 150.
This ierles Includes those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do lam'
within any of the other series issued by the department, particularly those of a Isaie
than octavo. Such publications were formerly issued as Miscellaneous Clrcu1la-.
Recommendations of the' Bureau of Animal Industry on problems -of :li|
production. 14 p. (Miscellaneous Publication 81 MP.) Price 5. ::
How the national forests of California benefit the State. S. B. Show,.lB
Service. 8 p. (Miscellaneous Publication 82 MP.) Price 50.
The world wheat outlook, 1930, and facts that farmers should consider. VPt.
by the staff of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 40 p., figs. 8::,i:
ceUaneous Publication 95 MP.) Price 100.
These reports consist of two parts: (1) A soil map in colors showing the ei
distribution of the different soils in the area covered by the survey; and (2) :a
report containing brief descriptions of the area, its climate and agriculture, andi
descriptions of the soils. They are of Interest and value primarily to reultetim
area surveyed and to soil specialists. All1 requests for _Bil Surveysare Mrefeq
Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, whiel cointrols'their distribUtion.
Alabama, Montgomery County. (1926, No. 12.) 250. ::i .
Maryland, Prince Georges County. (1925, No. 30.) 20?0.
Massachusetts, Dukes and Nantucket Counties. (1925, No. 28.)Y Pric
Ohio, Muskingum County. (1925, No. 26.) 250.
Such notices of Judgment, decisions, and instructions as are neesarei'n CIA
ment of regulatory acts are contained In these announcements: They :ae i
or as necessary by certain bureaus. Free distribution Is limited to personss:
of the department, to public officials whose duties render it neeesar!-'tb toit
such information, to journals especially concerned, and to ma nufatur m er audindl
business is affelied by the announcements. ..... ..
Information, instructions, rulings, etc., concerning the w.rk of the
Animal Industry, for July, 1930 (8. R. A.-B. A I. 278), pp. 47 fi
for August, 1930 (8. R. A.-B. A 279), pp. 57-64 price t .

... .. .....
*, 2: i? ...
.i% E:

.,- ,,~ ii::-

his '0i nxthods of cornberer control'. L, 11. Worthly, Plant. Quaran-
S:Rd- Control 'AdmhnstAf 01n, (P.. Q. C. XL.-Unnumbered.)
tad eurkm quarantines ancl other restricti" order: and, misceftaneous regula-
Plant Quarantine gtd, Control Administration. 7 p. (P. Q11 Q A.-
N fiction of European corn borer. regulations. Amendment to regulation 8.
,Utbctive, August 1, 1930r. 1, p. '(P. Q. C. A.-Q. 43.).
_casof judgment under the food and drugs act. 1% J. F. D. 16826-16850,
527430; N. J. IT D. 16851-16M7, pp. 541-557; X. J. F. D. 16876-16900,
4'40*-5W; N. J. Z. D, 16901-1025, p. 571-58.
tiine governing the entry of potatoes into the, United. States. Amendment
to Regulation 7. Effective Atlust 1, 1930. 2 p. (P. Q. C. A.-Potato

atos governing the meat, inspection of the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
dment -to Regulation 1, B. A. 1. Order 211, revised. 2 p. (Amend. 6 to
L I Order 211, -revised.): Price 50..
oans governing the recognition of breeds and purebred animals. 6 p. (B.
Orer =2.) Price 50.
p114ine blister-rust quarantine.' Quarantine No. 63, revision of' regulation&.
(P. Q. C. A.--Q. 63.) Price 50.


.Mdistributlon of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by pur-
'or gubseription from the Superintendent of Documents.
IturTO. situation. Vol. 14, No. 8.. August 1, 1930. Price, 50 a copy; 250
7ear, domestic; 400 a year, foreign.'
p rlfgeneral summary of current conditions, including pertinent statistics relating
p tulueDo, movement, consumption, and prices of the important farm products.
ooical data. 'Vol. 17, No. 4, April' :1930.
1642 sections, containing weather statistics for 42 separate sections, each corre-
as a rule, to a State. Monthly information for 1 section Is 500 a year; for
regarding all 44-sectrons, 350.a month, or $4 a year.1 Not for general distribution.
Ktfd, mrk lets., Vol.. 7, No. 7, July, 1930. Price, 5R a copy; 600 a year,
sic; 850 a year, foreign!
VkAn caneerning crolps and liv stockk estimates and market information ; reports
piles, okSte6, commercial movement, conditions and prices of agricultural prod-
an tudies-of prices. and. demand, both foreign and domestic.
..~ather rmaps. Limited editions. Not for general distribution.
weather conditions for United 'States and forecast for all States east of the
ppi River, except Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Upper Michigan, Lower Michigan,
a, ssipi n the extreme western portion of Florida. ,Price, daily., except
and holidays, 250 a month, $3.00 a year; daily, including 'Sundays and
_30t a, -month _$3 6,6k year 1.Sun iay andcj holiday maps only, 500 a year,
bcripticns, rt.29 a year. SI ani Chi showingtewahrcn
adforecasts, are IIssued at numerous 6talfoni~throughout thfe United States;
'A onth;- $2.44G a year.X
stationin recotfd. Vol. ft, No. 1, Jul~y, 1930. Single numbers, for sale

TteVical review- Of tie~world's scientific literature pertaining to agriculture. Two,
0 ear, of 10 numbers each; 754 d volume, domestic; $1.25 a volume, foreign.
V r ol. '6, Now 4. July, 1930. Price, 5, a copy; 250 a year,
Sa, year,. foreign.
4aeforestry, forestry education, private, forestry, and the work of the

S*. :

: '" '

i ii 1 1 II Ilii i
... : ". "; C E3 1262

J.wuna of agicultual, research. PI
IM oriw. t distzbted t
Of primary Interest to agricutural scents a
-t .,vIme.p a year, oE 12 numbers ,a.
S fliarle and to. institutions or denjortmiets do r Pe
are distritbted free to those del iig theto, ig
Vol. 41, No. 2. July 15, 1980. Illus, *
.. ,. .. .*.. l :11.i W lf:.,
Effeet of rye and vetch green manures oh the microfor ati
ncentration of two. acid and neutralized MbAl (-4i
.Harry Humfeld .. .. %i
.eodplogaster p:,foola, n. p., .a n ii
terminal shoots of the white pine. (- f.) ,
A method for determining the quantity iqo ef i etaibmabttutdsts A
ing. (Al.-14.) L. Englih. : :, :,, .
The value of potassium iodide as a supplement to the r ti ; di:
(I11.-41.) T. S. Hamilton and q. H. Kick.
A comparative study of the iprotedtive :'iti o' ertkA* bfiWt
ing air. (Kans.-59.) katherine HEess, E V. El ~!f, auidSt liWflt i
The limits of error of the. Babcoek tei t Ssriea*l. :XlrM~)*' W'
A. C. Fay, and K. M. Renner. i:
Genetic characters in relation to chromoaoientm i ambs In li
(Mnm.-67.) F. J. Stevenson. ,'l
Vol. 41, No. 3. August 1, 1980. U. :ulls V :. .:i.era
Anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract of the Yap&nese "bei*t
Millard C. Swingle. ...
The feeding rate of the Australian lady beetle, Radoliads
A. W. Cressman and Mrs. J. O. Dumestre., g
Vitamin G in certain meats and meat by-prodaete. (A-140.) li
and George G. Snider.
Relation between the vigor of the corn plant an its suStept .ib
ease). (G-735.) C. H. Kyle.
A comparative study of the eitrue blast bacterium and some otaheru .
(Calit.-54.) Clayton O. Smith ad Howard B.FB ... ptt. ..'.r:., ,
Some physiological studies of Phytomnase an .. :(Fa.-4.) i. *&-f
Bacterial stripe diseases of. suOgrcne In Louitans. (a.-.J
and C. W. Edgerton.
Molithly weather review. Vol. 58, No. 4. ApUIfl, 1M980.; 40It *
copy; $1.50 a year, domestic; $2.25 a year, foreign 1 Not .~fo
tion. ,..
SContains (1) meteorological contributions and bi.bgra ()l
the month with an interpretive summary, and (.2),e1 aA. ..
Public roads. Price, 10 a'copy; $1 a year, domestic; $td.0 a'. ft "
Vol. 11. No. 5. July, 1930. Illus. ":.' .,"'
CONTENT's: .. :. :. .i

Program for. International: Road Congrem animnca i..'.,
The official record. Vol. 9, 1No. .81 ,: .lt;n ',
Price, 5f a copy; 500 a year, domestic; $l.t0 a yeat,7 A
Contains official orders and mslcellanequs iafonpatlo
activities and such other matter as should be bruihtt
Weekly -weather, and crop ,bulletin. ,No0.: 81-4,. 4w. t..
50f a year, domestic; $1 a year,. foreign ..
Gives detailed weather conditions of. Jes ig rsa;eei a
of crops and farm operations: I1hite1 edi, oa .
*" ... ... .. ... .. .
I Payable to the Superintendent of liocuefti. ryiid roW
.. .*. .' ,i'. .i .:i, ..-.'. ...
S. .. .:' ; .i

...$..m.... .
: .;'i
: ::9!ii

.. a
.... No 9 ;
":: : :. "" .. J ".. ..
~i* .i; ":" "
.i;;l. ; .; .. :~i; i d :.:i i ;.: ::'{ .i,.: ; .: '..;:' :". 3. i: ::
.... .. ,:,..., .... ..,,, :, .... ..:.,. :,,, ;2 ..,: :'!! I' ', !



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