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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
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February 1930
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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1 italted States Department of g icutli
fiii^ ^ed no remittances o the U. S. Department i4 ic g i e '\ >
of any of the general publications listed herein, except those tse n hy
:ji .p.on application to thdb Uitdl States Department of Agn .ing-
as long as the department's supply lasts. Free distribution of periodicals is
h department's supply is exhausted, publications may still be obtained from the
a4t ikcuments. Govemment Printing Office, Washington, D. C.. but by
a, ad :t the pricls stated herein.
remittances to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office is not a
Department of Agriculture.
dicos.p in pontechuical language a wide variety of subjects pertaining
IE ipls and methods of control. C. L. Mariatt, Bureau of Entomology.
.". farmerss' Bulletin 740 F., revised.) Price, 50.
Ua .the biology and control of the more common ant pests of houses and
Alionbg the control measures is the formula for poisoned bait containing
tipplp te, wlbqh is of special interest.
i -I'Pr yse Metealfe and George A. Scott, Bureau of Animal Industry.
4':, (Farmers' Bulletin 825 P., revised.) Price, 5t.
iMieton of pit silos is recommended only where a combination of soil and
|leami e Bti ueh as the Southwest. This bulletin is intended
*n OWl0i0qpa where t:ilding materiaje ane csprce and high priced.
qpwr. Jobn P. Mohler and H. W. Sqhoening, Bureau of Animal In-
Si : figs. 5. (Farmers' Bulletin 1146 F, revised.) Price, 5D.
li etaill the .veawt, #FIptomp, and transmission of the disease, together
l asid o4pteome. Little benefit cen be obtained from medicinal treat-
":l ltly measures for the eradication of dourine are suggested.
sqit t g ft in stored grain. E. A. Back and R. T. Cotton, Bureau of
g l p.t., figs.;84. (Farmers' Bulletin 1488 F., revised). Price, 10W.
the farmer or grain dealer with the characteristics of each of a num-
lO that hu can .select the one best suited to the particular conditions.
S. summation problem is being solved in the farmer's bin or granary,
*:7 ji 9 v'sb' olp, ad i the elevator.
"as. M. A.. Jull and A. R. Lee, Bureau of Animal Industry. 22 p.,
farmers' Bulletin 1541 F., revised.) Price, 50.
lt-.e. mtBst -limportant coat factor in raising poultry. Therefore the sele-
i, .tlA iAoFod .9f feeding ape very important matters. This bulletin
e I~Iple of the different nutrients iad outlines methods of feed-
i-fiup niawutien: Culture, harvesting, and handling. H. B. Cowgill,
i4Planit Jadtistry. 38 p., figs. 12. (Farmers' Bulletin 1619 F.) Price, 10f.
a. di.peusslon of the utilization of by-products, and a description of the
tidi aiij ct gidts liable to attack sorgo, -together with suggested methods for
'i4 Wltten d a primarily for sorgo growerss and sorgo-sirup producers.
pf.ipplar material of the same general character as that carried by
a,11ilacpt that the leaflet are confined to specific practical directions.
iemfeiies; an;d methods. They are brief and concise, written In in-
irtle, and are limited to eight pages.
in. g .rg! -. Ioethe, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils. 5 p., figs. 5.
...... ) .. rce, S.
L)i:. 'rii niae nausea of fanL fires and. outlines practical methods to
i t .s lste re are held responsible for more than two-thirds of the esti-
li.let oif eli0o00,oooo.
S-it-. to out fori aw timber. W. W. Ashe, Forest Service. 5 p.,
a .e ILL.:) PrieM, St.
SilomEastion obtained by studying the logs handled in'a regular laging
i elres mtr enough logs in each case to represent a tree. By
stepar foellie the trees to sawing the logs into lumber, it was
: ..e in required to handle enough small logs than to handle a
Irae logs to producee ste ame quaatity.
7. ,

SI. r( WhFe department Bulletins';re technical or scientific in nature and apply to a s~P
S' cr0p ~njdustry, or locality. Fhis series ends with No. 1500, and is succeeded Aby
TecnbMcal Baljetin series.. Tlee editions are limited.
I Chemist tand analysis ofwthe permitted coal-tar food dyes Ponceau BX, sLu
yellow FCLp, and bril iaix blue FCF. O. L. Evenson and H. T. Herrick, *fi
Dryg, and lqnecticide& Administration. 8 p. (Department Bulletin M1
C( D., Supplement .1 Bice, 5f.
( These three cotqrj h e been approved and added to the list of permitted .ecos
/ ood colors site Deqqlber, 1927. The chemistry and analytical methods for ti
S&ew dye9, as\weIlba revised method for lead, are contained in this publication.
This'/el'eities' rries the less technical and more informal material of the same esin
nature as that in the Department Bulletin series.
Federal legislation, regulations, and rulings affecting land-grant colleges and I
periment stations. Compiled in the Office of Experiment Stations and the.Ol
of Cooperative Extension Work. 60 p. (Department Circular 251 0,,
vised.) Price, 100.
How to conduct milk and cream contests. Ernest Kelly and R. J. Posson, ]
vised by C. J. Babcock and C. S. Leete, Bureau of Dairy Industry. 22.
figs. 5. (Department Circular 384 C, revised.) Price, 50.
These contests may be classified as (1) those in which the samples are submit
voluntarily, and (2) surprise contests in which samples are unexpectedly collet
from the distributor or producer. This bulletin tells how samples should be i
pared, packed, shipped, and handled at destination. It also describes the varl
methods of analyzing and testing the samples.
The Technical Bulletins contain the results of scientific and research work applying
a special crop, industry, or locality. The editions are limited, as they are int-al
primarily for scientific workers and subject-matter specialists.
Flax cropping in mixture with wheat, oats, and barley. A. C. Arny, Minnesi
Agricultural Experiment Station; T. E. Stoa, North Dakota Agricultk
Experiment Station; Clyde McKee, Montana Agricultural Experiment S
tion; and A. C. Dillman, Bureau of Plant Industry. 47 p., figs. 10. (Te
nical Bulletin 133 T.) Price, 100.
Reports experiments conducted over a wide area during a period of four or i
years, and the results indicate to what extent and in what areas this mixed cropj
is likely to be successful.
Field studies on the rust resistance of oat varieties. M. N. Levine, E. C. Staks
and T. R. Stanton, Bureau of Plant Industry. 36 p., figs. 4. (Teehil
Bulletin 143 T.) Price, 100.
In the Southern States the two rusts of oats develop independently of their alted
hosts and the production of rust-resistant varieties assumes paramount imprti
In the North, the barberry eradication campaign is far from completion and :t
is no organized attempt to eradicate buckthorns. Hence the importance of teSm
rust-resistant varieties for Northern States also.
The flow of water in riveted steel and analogous pipes. Fred C. Scobey, B
of Public Roads. 136 p., figs. 10, ps. 6. (Technical Bulletin 150 T.) Pr1ce
Gives the results of 98 tests made by the author on 29 riveted steel$ ipei 4
in 'diameter from 4 to 168 inches; also 1,080 tests made by other engmee ta 1
reaches of pipe. Of interest chiefly to hydraulic engineers and other ofileia slel
ing and operating metal pipe lines (except cast iron) used for irrigation, poweqg
other purposes.
Selective logging in the northern hardwoods of the Lake States. Raphael fl 4
R. D. Garver, Forest Service. 47 p., figs. 5. (Technical Bulletii 1:(I
Price, 100.
Presents the comparative results of selective and clear cutting on typiueal w
operations in the northern hard ood type of timber in the Lake StaterS O4Fi S
to timberland owners not only in these particular forests but in other ..i
regions as well.
The kiln drying of southern yellow pine lumber. L. V. Teesdale, Forest e
67 p., figs. 9, pls. 9. (Technical Bulletin 165 T.) Price, 200.
Shows (1) how to control drying conditions in the kiln, :(2) the propwe 1
of handling stock before and after kiln drying, and (3) how observance oe: I.p
kiln operation and handling methods is economically advantageous.
The application of silviculture in controlling the specific gravity of wood.
H. Paul, Forest Service. 20 p., fig. 1, pls. 12. (Technical Bulletin .1j
rice, 15.
Gives the results of silvicultural studies which show that the' specific gravity
woods studied may be modified by controlling local factors which affect the
either of forest stands or of individual forest trees so that it becomes posauibll
natural limits, to regulate the specific gravity of wood according to the pi
use in view. .

. i :

productsct. Is l. nace, U. u. Unuren, ana k. u. roore, Bureau of tnemistry
ia Sd Soils. 16 p., fig. 1. (Circular 98 C.) Price, 50.
SThis variety brought such highly satisfactory returns to the growers that supply
;.t fruit has outgrown demand, with the usual disastrous effect on price. To correct
lmaliket conditions, growers have adopted standards regulating quality and maturity
'pt fruit offered for shipment and are attempting to regulate distribution.
tihe normal breeding season and gestation period of martens. Frank G. Ashbrook
t I d Karl B. Hanson, Bureau of Biological Survey. 7 p. (Circular 107 C.)

.i. Describes the breeding experiments with martens conducted by the Biological
itaiey since 1913. Brief accounts are given of research in other countries.
hIjNitisnm of the Mediterranean fruit fly in Hawaii, 1922-1924. H. F. Willard,
ifltant Quarantine and Control Administration, and T. L. Bissell, Bureau of
gi;jatomology. 12 p. (Circular 109 C.) Price, 50.
'e use of introduced insect parasites has been found a more promising control
wii rnoture under the peculiar horticultural conditions of Hawaii than are the artificial
I.?,trol methods of spraying and the destruction of infested fruits employed in com-
I::ercial fruit-growing areas in certain other parts of the world.
|i'hJfta series includes those publications of a tiscellaneois nature which do not fall
iti* ,any of the other series issued by the department, particularly those of a size
pi.t than octavo. Such publications were formerly issued as Miscellaneous Circulars.
F-ist plantations at Biltmore, North Carolina. Ferdinand W. Haasis, Forest
iService. 30 p., fig. 1, pls. 11. (Miscellaneous Publication M. 61.) Price, 150.
G !:. :ives the history and a statistical summary of the plantations, planting costs,
wtslts with species planted, discussion of factors affecting success and of thinning
'ijpertiona, and some comment on the work as a guide to future planting.
*i4ietory of field activities of the Bureau of Plant Industry. 108 p., fig. 1. (Mis-
ltaaeous Publication 64 M.) Price, 150.
A.: list of the locations where the bureau carries on experimental activities, together
h a description of those activities, names of persons in charge, and directions for
bing each place. Of particular interest to department employees and cooperating
iduals and agencies.
Df Bulletins of the Agricultural Experiment Stations for the calendar years 1927
1928. Catherine E. Pennington, Office of Experiment Stations. 78 p.
Miscellaneous Publication 65 M.) Price, 150.
ihe bulletins are listed numerically under the stations,, which are in alphabetical
ngement. An Index of authors and one of subjects are included. This publication
icUntinuation of Department Bulletin 1199 and its three supplements.
i:tuw outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in southern California. John R.
a and Rudolph Snyder, Bureau of Animal Industry. 16 p., figs. 10.
telaneous Publication 68 M.) Price, 50.
Srl~~. in detail this outbreak and the steps taken to eradicate the disease. .The
':uiteome was due to early discovery; assistance by local agencies; favorable
de:t the people; and assistance of the press in withholding sensational articles.
liicultural outlook for 1930. Prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Agri-
.J Economics, assisted by representatives of the Agricultural Colleges
tension Services and the Federal Farm Board. 64 p. (Miscellaneous
atia 73 M.) Price, 100.
sembles the world-wide and nation-wide supply, demand, and price facts, which
Steadily available to farmers. Shows as nearly as possible the probable trend
n toward the time when the products of the next season's operations will
:iteorte consist of two parts: (1) A soil map in colors showing the extent and
tiin of the different soils in the area covered by the survey; and (2) a printed
-tSuialg brief descriptions of the area, its climate and agriculture, and detailed
oi f the soils. They are of interest and value primarily to residents of the
e, and to soil specialists. All requests for Soil Surveys are referred to the
S tChemiatry and Soils which controls their distribution.
ihe Oroville area. Price, 250.
County. .Price, 15t.
aasaw County. Price, 154.
puckolls County. Price, 200.
't Hyde County. Price, 200.
iEtumet County. Price, 250.

:. .. .. ...

IIIImmhllIi11111111 I
3 1262 08903 6619

Such notices of judgment, decisions, and instructions an are nepesa,-y .
ment of regulatory acts are contained in these announceen p. 'b.y .ii'
or as necessary by certain bureaus. Pree diefftMuts s I tmied 0 ft
of the department, to public officials whose duties render it pneeshar- !,
such information, to journals especially eonmerned, sad to manj
business is affected by the announcements. '
Regulations for warehousemen storing nuts. 21 p. (8. S-. A illW
Price, 50. 4
Regulations governing the preparation, sale, barta,, exob awh e,
portation of viruses, serums, toxins, and analogous produte intae p
the treatment of domestic animals. Effective on and aftr i
Bureau of Animal Industry, 1 p. (Amendment 6 te B. A. ,1,
Index to Service and Regulatory Announcements, Bureau of Aninal'
pp. 115-117. Price, 5.
Information, instructions, rulings, etc., for January, concerning tebeI'='
Bureau of Animal Industry. 8 p. (8. R. A., B. A. 2L 28)
Notices of Judgment under the food and drugs act. Compiled'by b i th
and Insecticide Administration. N. J., F. 1D.0551'16.l75 PP'
16600, pp. 381-898.
Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may b Eii
purchase or subscription from the Superintendent of Docume ts.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 14, No. 2. February 1, 1930. Price, $ta
a year, domestic; 400 a year, foreign.1
A brief general summary of current conditions, ineindig perltJnt
to production, movement, consumption, and prices of the important
Climatological data. Vol. 16, No. 11. November, 1929.
In 42 sections, containing weather -statistie for 42 separate -see'o
spending, as a rule, to a State. Monthly information dfor 1 aetior.a
data regarding all 42 sections, 850 a menth, or $4 a year? :Not for
Daily Weather Maps. Limited editions. Not for general di
Shows weather conditions for United States and boresast aore ali
Mississippi River, except Illinois, Wisconsin, Jadians. Unpeir
gan, Alabama, Mississippi, and the extreme western portion o
except Sundays and holidays, 254 a month, T2.50 a year; datly, .tl ,
holidays, 800 a month, $3 a year. Sunday and -holiday maps .n
Foreign subscriptions, $6.65 a year. Maps DD, E, and CM, towi
editions and forecasts, are issued at numerous stations throughout the .
200 a month, $2 a year.2
Journal of Agricultural Research. Vol. 40, No. 2. January l, IWO)
ruary 1, 1930. Illus. Price, ~2 -a cOpy; $4 a year, .domnept;
foreign.' Not distributed free to isdividdloe.
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and sadvael atioath
in 2 volumes a year, of 12 numbers eadh. SBree distribution is lie
ries and to institutions or, departments doing research work.
are distributed free to those desiring them as 'long as 'the limitedl .
Monthly Weather Review. Vol. 57,.No. 11. Noveidber, .199.
copy; $1.50 a year, domestic; $2:25 a year, foreign?: /ot-frg
Contains (1) meteorological contributions :aed bitlif ty, .
the month with an interpretive smUnary, ant .CB) 'icnttdlglg
The Official Record. Vol. 8, Index: Vol. 9, No. 0-. FebrlwM
Price, 50.a copy; 50W a year, domestic; ,$1.0a year, toreg1
Contains official orders and miscellaneous information co' l
activities and such other matter as shoOld 'be brought ito eap
Public Roads. Vol. 10. Price 104 a copy; $1 a year dome.
No. 12, February 19830. JUus. Cenmets: (1). The ANllqtiai
(2) Need for simplification of sizes in sand and gravel industry. i
Snow and Ice Bulletin. Nos. 8-12. February 5, 12,, 19, 2-6,
500 a year.' Free distribution limited to socpgjptI ::. :
Issued on Tuesdays during the winter. 'Based $na 4ta bu h,
and selected cooperative stations. As War as pactlettJtl l
are given.
Weekly weather and crop bulletin. Nos. 5-8. "T:eb '4
Erice, 504 a year, domestic; $1 a year, foreign.*
Gives detailed weather conditions of preceding weeks te.lih h
of crops and farm operations. Limited edition.
Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, GoveStment'tJ
D. C.
0+ i

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