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Monthly list of publications
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July 1929
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or.To,.- --------------- -_---__ ,---__.___.- -

': States Department.of Agriculture

I.; JULY, 1929

b iOn ttances to the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
S..h, publications listed herein, except those otherwise noted,
f fe upon application to the, United States. Department of Agri-
iD. C, as long as the department's supply lasts.
~ssupply is exhausted, publications may still be ob-
peintendent of Document; 'Government Printing Office,
S 4 l* purchase only, and at the prices stated herein..
to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His
j4lDartment of Agriculture.

toAjT: i.,:.' ,LBULLESS .
11 ..i.. sontechnical language a wide variety of subjects pertaining to the farm and

,~sati g to trees and- tpLith crops. By D. E. Lantz, late
lifeku of Biological Survey. Pp. 14, figs. 4. May, 1929.
702F., Revised.) Price, 5.
objectionable becidae 6f their izjdries td orchards and farm crops,
i1This futitin describes li detail the different methods of control.
il ppiftP feverrl of cattle. *By: Henry J. Washburn,
',of Animal l~nitry. Pp. 6. June, 1929. (Farmers'
M.. "a.d.) Price, 54.
(Wl ii~oidi aV i ttlded with a very high mortality, which attacks
I cattle p. Tii lipubication describes symptoms, methods
i tbof'tbI dis i ai dgibs ios for disinfection of the premises.
op. potatoes.. By William Stuart, senior horticul-
S4 .P. 34, fis. 22. March, 1929. (Fa'rmers'
10. m. .... ..

tAi1 4 ^.029. 1(FarmerW' Bulletin 1419-F-, Revised.)
ec .' m m

me l a Eh a snthat this n mg bo so maintaineds to be more
frv4 tan$ the average hberset This publication discusses the
Sof proper rne
I: aai ud t::.s : op or arne i. ,
i; Bull'tii1: ..

MY : '. .
m m': !MA ~Emm 5 : .' m: m
im: 4 Emmm m m' m m
T' ,:q:.... ,: : ,4 ".? : ":f "
.,.,:",L ;q" ..,,...,,,.t]:.,.: ...W ..

O tcaIut ua L4LA JquWAAW as tn a na ss usa aC i *s Oa .us tUU ta U nau a enusam a.sasa uj a tasr a gm
range and in the feed lot is discussed in this bulletin and illustrated by drawings and ho
Details concerning silos, barns, and concrete work which have previously beenpesented it1
locations are not included, but reference is made to the publications contaimng such detail fe ': :'::';....
The southern pine beetle: A serious enemy of pines in the South. '.
St. George, associate entomologist, and J., 4A Beal asistsint e
Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 18, figs. 171 May, 1929. (Farmers' l
1586-F.) Price, 5..
The periodic widespread devastations of the southern pine beetle hard been responsible. for l
destruction of more merchantable pine timber in the Southern States than has any other agency. T
bulletin describes the insect and its work, its life and habits, and the methods that have been pintO-V
to prevent and suppress outbreaks. .. ,
Beef production on the farm. By W. H. Black, senior animal husbandman, j 4'X
E. W. McComas, associate animal husbandman, Bureau of Animal Indus ri
Pp. 14, figs. 9. May, 1929. (Farmers' Bulletin 1592-F.)' 'Price, 50.
This is a practical report covering development of beef cattle in the United States, breeding qt*ab: i
feeding and management, salt requirements, feeding cattle for market, sanitation, diases:preW *tioh, 4i|:
The bollworm or corn ear worm as a cotton pest. By F. C. Bishopp, pril...
entomologist, Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 14, figs. 12. June, 1929e. r ,1-
mers' Bulletin 1595-F.) Price, 5.. .
A popular account of the bollworm as a pest of cotton and suggestions as to how it olty'be a
The insect is described; its habits are outlined; and control by means of fall plowing and 'ohe wt ,i
practices and the use of poisons and trap crops is discussed. ,?.
Cattle grubs or heel flies with suggestions for their control. By F. C. Bi i:
principal entomologist, E. W. Laake, associate entomologist, and R. W.:
associate entomologist, Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 22, figs. 19. Jiunie;:i
(Farmers' Bulletin 1596-F.) Price, 5.
A popular account of an important pest of all classes of cattle in the United States; the biologg~j;, s_'nsi
sonal history, and habits of the insects are briefly described, the various types of injury outline&di 'l
methods of control suggested. This bulletin is of interest to cattle owners, butchers, hide dealers, fte:-'
ners, and leather manufacturers.
Dehorning, castrating, branding, and marking beef cattle. By W. H. Bbr
senior animal husbandman, and V. V. Parr, animal husbandman, Butrem' li -
Animal Industry. Pp. 12, figs. 11. May,, 1929. (Farmers' Bulleti4n, j O
Price, 50.
This bulletin is intended primarily for beef-cattle producers. When properly performed, at :siehl
tions described cause a considerable increase in the quantity and quality of the beef supdy..i. ,i
improvement in the quality of the leather produced. Practically all the information whf- ht
and cattleman need in connection with the four operations is given. *:::
This series carries popular material of the same general character as that carried by the .vBnnulmeSt
letins, except that the leaflets are confined to specific practical directions, recommendations, ziit
and methods. They are brief and concise, written in informal, popular style, and are limited to.-li!t.'N:I
than eight pages.
Planting southern pine. By Philip C. Wakeley, assistant silvicultiurist;, 1.ifiII
Service. Pp. 8, figs. 4. April, 1929. (Leaflet 32-L.) Price, 56.:
By plantingit to trees, much of the farm land of the South that is unfit for cultivation canbe e
from a liability to an asset. All the southern pines grow rapidly, and at an early' ',
saw logs, and other valuable products. The methods of planting pine that have proved mst
in the SoutH ar described in this leaflet.
Maintaining the health of livestock in transit. By A. W. Miller, Chibef P"
and Stockyards Division, Bureau of Animal Industry. Pp. 8, figs. 8., M
1929. (Leaflet 38-L.) Price, 50.
Although in recent years much improvement has been made in equipment used for shlppkagv
And in safe and humane handling of them, great losses occur. This publication gives eOomRan
for preventing shipping fever and other ailments which occur among livestock in transit. ThAe
is intended principally for livestock shippers, but it contains information of interest-also taW teri
railway officials, market agencies, and others engaged in handling livestoc.6 Among the qs ii
tions are specific directions for feeding, watering, and caring for livestaul before, during, anai,

r. :: :4,

Csartment Bulletins are technical or scientific in nature and apply to a speu..-. p, Industry, or
Thiseries ends with No. 1500, and Is succeeded by the Technical Bulletin series. The editions

uti.a of the classes and varieties of wheat in the United States. By J.
Alen Clark, senior agronomist, John H. Martin, associate agronomist, Karl S.
Qirxienberry associate agronomist, John R. Hooker, scientific aid, C. E.
h Eighty, principal agronomist, and Chester N. Dubois, formerly junior cal-
,l,::; j~i ;Btureau. of Plant Industry. Pp. 68, figs. 92. May, 1929. (Depart-
S.ment Bulletin 1498-D.) Price, 20f.
.L iehnical bulletin for agronomists,. county agents, millers, and grain dealers, showing the
S o and areage of the classes and varieties of wheat grown in the United Rtates. The impor-
f bach variety in each State in 1919 and 1924 is shown by tables of total and percentage acreages.
;. dlMtlbution -of the more important varieties is indicated by dotted maps. The changes occurring
popularity of different varieties are shown.

g: h" Bulletins contain the results of scientific and research work applying to a special crop,
E rrgr icality. The editions are limited, as they are Intended primarily for scientific workers and
suibeWt-attet specialists.
i: isftfry of the codling moth in northern Georgia. By E. R. Van Leeuwen,
associate entomologist, Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 95, figs. 21. June, 1929.
t(Te-hnial Bulletin 90-T.) Price, 20t.
Presents the results of a 2-year study of the life history and habits of the codling moth in one of the
S most southerly of the commercial apple regions of the United States. The report is one of a series of
similar reports on this insect from various apple districts representing widely different climatic con-

Dairy work at the Huntley Field Station, Huntley, Mont., 1918-1927. By T. W.
.Moseley, associate dairy husbandman, Duncan Stuart, associate dairy hus-
bandman, and R. R. Graves, principal specialist in dairy cattle breeding,
Bureau of Dairy Industry. Pp. 48, figs. 14. June, 1929. (Technical Bul-
S tiln 116-T.) Price, 15t.
This gives results of experiments conducted at the Huntley station, which are of special interest to
d ifry farmers in irrigated regions and also of interest to dairy farmers in all parts of the United States.
:* ierp are data on pastures, feeding, weight variations, and breeding.
Comparative influence of different storage temperatures on weight losses and
v.ita.ity of seed potatoes. By William Stuart, senior horticulturist, P. M.
Lomibard, associate horticulturist, and Walter M. Peacock, associate horti-
culturist, Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp. 18, figs. 7. May, 1929. (Technical
Bulletin 117-T.) Price, 50.
This publication is primarily written for those technically interested in the storage of potatoes. A
review of the previous investigations is given. The potatoes were stored in the Aroostook farm potato-
storage house, Presque Isle, Me., Marble Laboratory, Canton, Pa., and in the cold-storage plant at
the Arlington Experiment Farm, Rosslyn, Va. The tests were made at the Virginia Truck Experi-
ment Station, Norfolk, Va., the Arlington Experiment Farm, and the Aroostook farm.
elation of Jusk covering to smut of corn ears. By C. H. Kyle, senior agrono-
mist, Bureau of Elant Industry. Pp. 8, pls. 2. May, 1929. (Technical
.: ,Bulletin .120-T.) Price, 54.
::A te-nieal presentation of data showing the positive relation between well-developed husk cover-
t. "ngs and freedom from smut on ears of corn. The data were obtained in 1926 at the Arlington Experi-
'meht.Farm,: Rosslyn, Va.
Some factors affecting the marketing of wool in Australia, New Zealand, the
Union of South Africa, England, and France. By J. F. Walker, consulting
.:i ebik list, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Pp. 94, figs. 37. June, 1929.
S(Technical Bulletin 124-T.) Price, 25l.
I ; Te bulletin discusses production conditions in various countries and the adaptation of the industry
": taibcal conditions. Considerable attention is given to efforts in sheep breeding to obtain higher yield
"'i ad better quality of wool. Cooperative marketing of wool is making progress in all of these countries.
2EtiVe costs'of extension methods which influence changes in farm and home
i: practices. By H. J. Baker, Director of Extension, New Jersey, and M. C.
Wilson, in charge Extension Studies, Office of Cooperative Extension Work.
: p ,l ,.l figs. 12. June, 1929. (Technical Bulletin 125-T.) Price, 100.
:'. Tjik atudy interprets the results ascribed to various extension methods in terms of their relative
i:.: costs. Standards are thus set up which may guide extension administrators and supervisors in bud-
Il abti!n' ah AUnd and planning work, and extension agents and subject-matter specialists in directing and
iati .i fg ciit their own efforts.

,, I ,

.I' .:

Harvard forest. Vetersnam, Mass., because ot abundance or material in uat vicinIty iii
That suffidient'! a tfavlrbeeri tak6ita:prmit2the drawing ofiteatsti ~maiilb ,ci f,;w :
!alyuein future 9pttings of t:ip se .,:: : .
This series e rires the les- technical Mid more-informal material of the same genteYal.ur'fl t :,:
the Technical Bulletin series. i .;H:. .iuI'
Home demonstration work under the Smtih-Lever Act, 1914-1994. BB'F: nee.
E. Ward, principal agricultrist, in charge Eastern States, Office ofyCt' .
Extension, Work. Pp. 36, figs. 14. June, 1929. (Circular 43-C.) P ria'4 .
This review of the first 10-year period of organized hometdemanitration work undeo the;'Stifli-'Li.
Act shows that the movement has not only been extraordinary in its growth from the standpoint ibd
numbers employed and funds expended, but thai itBhaisdeveloped on broad and practical lines af e :t
all individual and family life and community relationships.
The utilization of. browse forage as summer range for cattle in sogthtpW, i
Utah. By C. L. Forsling, Director, Great Basin Experiment Statiomn, ..i
Earl V. Storm, forest ranger, Forest Service. Pp. 30, figs. 7, pls,.f,;Pl~
1929. (Circular 62-C.) Price, 100. .
To prepetuate the better browse plants, grazing should be so managed that 10 to 0iper cent (of~t t ::
year's growth will be left at the end of the season. This publication is intended primarily for cattlumin."'
Work of the Huntley Field Station, Montana, in 1925 and 1926. By Dan Hansen ,:
associate agronomist and superintendent, A. E. Seamans, associate agronoitB
and David A. Savage, formerly junior agronomist, Bureau of Plant Indil ...:
Pp. 36, figs. 5. July, 1929. (Circular 70-C.) Price, 104. f: : : ,T
This report presents the results of investigational work with field crops and livestock at tie H flt ., q
Field Station in 1925 and 1926 and gives a summary of the more important experiments conducted at':
this station since it was established in 1910. The investigational work includes.experiments with:f.ioti
irrigated and dry-land field crops, and feeding, breeding, and' management experiments with 'iiy .
cattle and hogs. : i ii
The cold storage of eggs and poultry. By Thomas W. Heitz, associate, marketing
specialist, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Pp. 55, figs. 25. June0,t l09. ,..
(Circular 73-C.) Price, 15S.
This circular discusses the subject in such a way that the layman can get general. information reg-ad-.
ing the construction of warehouses, temperatures and humidities, and the preparation of goods bItorm "
going into storage and in coming out of storage. '
These circulars include those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do not fall within any *tfthe
other series issued by the department. The series closes with No. 110 and is replaced by the MiscellaMneon
Publications series.
Ramie, a fiber-yielding plant. By Lyster H. Dewey, senior botanist, Bureau .
of Plant Industry. Pp. 12, figs. 4. May, 1929. (Miscellaneous C1ie .
110-M.) Price, 50.
This is a brief popular paper designed to answer questions about the plant and its fibet and th'.
sibility of cultivating ramie in this country. Ramie fiber is now produced commercially only in Chi
and Japan. The fiber is remarkably strong and has other exceptional qualities, but it is not really
spun on machinery designed for other fibers and there is no established market for it. in the United
This series includes those publications of a miscellaneous nature which do not 1ll within anyoCf ie:ofh. ...i:i!
series issued by the department, particularly those of a size other than octavo. Such publieatie~i were
formerly issued as Miscellaneous Circulars.
Directory of field activities of the Plant Quarantine and Control Adtmiistirtiona.
Pp. 50, map. April, 1929. (Miscellaneous Publication 47-M.). Price, 10.
This directory gives a list of the administrative leaders in Washington and in the field.and a.brw l i.!
statement of the work of the administration. The list of field stations is arranged alphabetti~lly b1' r. I 'i
States, and gips for each the location, the name of the man in charge, and a brief statement of the work
conducted at the station.
The Food, Drug, and Insecticide Administration of the Department of Agrieulttre,.
Pp. 20, figs. 4. June, 1929. (Miscellaneous Publication 48-M.) Priee, 10i .!
This publication outlines the organization and work of the Food, Drug, and Insecticide Adminio :
tration which enforces six laws that are designed primarily to promote purity In and truthfullat4lii .
of fbods, drugs, insecticides, caustic poisons, and naval stores. It was prepared to ansWer the :i .::ny .i'
inquiries received as to the procedure under the six acts.



I i:rectcory of field activities of thb Bureau of Biological Survey. Pp. 38, fig. 1.
lu* ue, 1929. (Miscellaneous Publipation 49-M.) Price, 100.
.i i~..i.' Aki~ isiszku iprialyfor5ibe use 6f the various offices of the Bureau of Biological Survey
~ 'iij ll~ f iietient employees and persons having regular official business with the bureau.
ir N ..wto find economic facts, and apply them as a basis for extension programs in
.i. 'iiee'"onomics, dairying, and forestry. By Florence E. Ward, principal agri-
e culturist in charge, Eastern States, Office of Cooperative Extension Work.
i -p'110. July, 1929: (Miscellaneous Publication 52-M.) Price, 54.
S This publication is of particular interest to State directors of extension, State leaders of home demon-
ii atmboi-w':ik, and the extension specialists in home economics, forestry, and dairying. The procedure
described in this publication was suggested at an extension conference last February.
S ch notices of judgment, decisions, and instructions as are necessary in the enforcement of regulatory
acts re contained in these announcements. They are issued monthly or as necessary by certain bureaus.
i ldistrisahion is Eimited to persons in the employ of the department, to public officials whose duties render
.tncsseary .for them to have such information, to journals especially concerned, and to manufacturers
oumit fas whose business is affected by the announcements.
i nfa rmation, instructions, rulings, etc., for May, concerning the work of the
I Burea of Animal Industry. Pp. 43-51. June, 1929. (Service and Regu-
latory Announcement, Bureau of Animal Industry, No. 265.) Price, 50.
Notices of Judgment under the food and drugs act. Compiled by the Food,
Drug, and Insecticide Administration.
N. J. F. D. 15901-15950; pp. 463-492. May, 1929.
'. J., F. D. 15951-16000; pp. 493-520. June, 1929.
r .., J., F. D. 16001-16050; pp. 1-21. July, 1929.
1q" J. F.'D. 16051-16100; pp. 23-45. July, 1929.
N. J., F. D. 16101-16125; pp. 47-60. July, 1929.
N. J., F. D. 16126-16150; pp. 61-74. July, 1929.
Adulteration and misbranding of seed of redtop, 1928. Pp. 2. July, 1929.
(Service and Regulatory Announcement, Bureau of Plant Industry, No. 15.)
'4 fnis':derports consist of two parts: (1) A soil map in colors showing the extent and distribution of the
different soils in the area covered by the survey; and (2) a printed report containing brief descriptions of the
area, its climate and agriculture, and detailed descriptions of the soils. They are of interest and value
primarily to residents of the area surveyed and to soil specialists.
Soil survey of Adams County, Nebraska. By F. A. Hayes, of the U. S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture, and D. F. Hyde, Nebraska Soil Survey. Pp. 1375-1422,
fig. 1, map. Series 1923, Number 41. [June] 1929. Price, 150.
Soil Survey of Butler County, Nebraska. By A. W. Goke, of the U. S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture, and G. E. Bates, Nebraska Soil Survey. Pp. 36, fig. 1,
f map. Series 1924, Number 20. [June] 1929. Price, 20f.
Boil survey of Garden County, Nebraska. By Louis A. Wolfanger, in charge, and
SA. W. Goke, U. S. Department of Agriculture, and H. E. Weakley and E. H.
Stricter, Nebraska Soil Survey. Pp. 1-55, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils,
Number 17, Series 1924.) Price, 30g.
Soil survey of Lake County, Ohio. By Arthur E. Taylor. Pp. 54, fig. 1, map.
Series 1925, Number 3. [April] 1929. Price, 25f.
Sadl survey of Lamar County, Georgia. By S. O. Perkins, F. A. Hayes, A. M.
SO'Neal, jr., and C. E. Deardorff. Pp. 21, fig. 1, map. Series 1925, Number 1.
1928. Price, 150.
Soil sarvey of Olmsted County, Minnesota. By J. Ambrose Elwell, G. B. Shivery,
.' 'BH. Hendrickson, Mark Baldwin, and A. T. Sweet. Pp. 959-1012, fig. 1,
map. (From Soils F. 0., 1923.) 1928. Price, 250.
Sail- survey of Platte County, Nebraska. By L. S. Paine (in charge) and F. A.
.. --Hayes, United States Department of Agriculture; and G. E. Bates, Nebraska
Soil Survey. Pp. 1423-1469, fig. 1, maps. (From F. O. Soils, Number 42.
Series 1923.) Price, 35$.

This 24-page publication issued monthly by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics ontaft .in .
general summary of current conditions, including pertinent statistics relating to production, .nzo i
consumption, and prices of the important farm products. Its general purpose is to furnish ttii
workers and others with a very concise picture of economic conditions in agriculture from month to o : i .
Free distribution islimited to department employees, State college workers, cooperators libiLea I
press. The subscription price is 250 a year, domestic; 400 a year, foreign; payable to tohe ShIi : i
of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. '..I :
Vol. 13, No. 7: Pp. 24. July 1, 1929.

These 42 sections, issued monthly, contain weather statistics for 42 separate sections, each e-mariegai-,.
ing, as a rule, to a State. An annual summary is also issued. The subscription price isl:50 i .,:
for monthly information in regard to 1 section; 350 a month for data regarding all 42 section ir.l
year, including the annual summary; 500 for the annual summary of the data for the 42 sectipu mb.:
scriptions should be made payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printins!Ofui
Washington, D. C.
Vol. 16, No. 4. April.
The Clip Sheet is made up of short interesting stories concerning the department and the applicationlf.:.. .':
new ideas and discoveries in the field of agriculture. From 8 to 10 stories, varying from fillers of a few lii:.. ':
to articles of 200 to 300 words are included in each weekly issue. It is distributed free to newspape .imgl ,.
other interested publications and to writers. There is no subscription list.
No. 575. July 7, 1929. .
No. 576. July 14, 1929.
No. 577. July 21, 1929. :.
No. 578. July 28, 1929. .
Statistics concerning crops and livestock estimates and market information are contained in tMhis i
publication. It contains reports on supplies, stocks, commercial movements, condition and pri f i
agricultural products covered in the work of marketing and crop estimating, and studies of pr q i
demand both foreign and domestic. It is of particular interest to economists, statisticians, and piwi :.:
whose business is affected by agricultural production and marketing. Free diatributidp isi
those who collaborate with the department. The subscription price is 60$ a year, domestic; BS ir
foreign; payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washtwnetib .
Vol. 6, No. 6. June, 1929.
Edition 1.-These maps contain forecasts for all States east of the Mississippi River, aMpthcet !
Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. Each map is 16.4 by 22.7 inches. These maps are not, iss a '
Sunday or holidays. Editions issued at Washington, D. C., are 250 a month, $2.50 a year. These iia
can not be furnished in quantities unless the order is placed with the Superintendent of Doealiml
Washington, D. C., in advance of issue. ... '
Edition 2.-These maps contain forecasts for the entire United States. Each map is 16.4 by 2''if In :l
The Sunday edition does not contain as much information as the editions for week days. 'T h sl-iu i
price is 300 a month, $3 a year. Maps can not be furnished in quantities unless the order is plaeli
the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C., in advance of,issue.
Daily weather maps (Maps DD and E, 11 by 16 inches, and Map CM, 8 by 12 inches),shi
weather conditions and forecasts, issued, except Saturdays and holidays, at numerous sati onit i
out the United States; 20 cents per month, $2.00 per year, payable to the Superintendent of Di
Government Printing Office, Washington, D. 0.
A : I :


tp ef t ttilon Record is a technical review of the world's scientific literature pe
t i. Ech volume icontauins about 3,500 abstracts of current research in the various fields a
with brief note on the progress of agricultural education and research and monthly eo
n sminepbase of its advancement. It is particularly designed for the use of research workeira,
ftesin specialists, and others desiring to keep abreast of the new information in the various
ariailture and as a work of reference for ascertaining the status of research in these fields. Free
ti ealuustnlted]manJql to workers in agricultural colleges and experiment stations and similar
yPB ns*rri, an exetlchaes. The subscription price is 750 a volume, domestic; $1.25 a volume,
gpa]aite ato:te, Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Ofice, Washington, D. C.
? V: : 0, Index Number. July-December, 1928. Price, 10Q.
-. Vol. 60, no. 7. May, 1929. Price, 100.
Vol. 60, no. 8. June, 1929. Price, 10 .
:Vol. 60, no. 9. June, 1929. Abstract Number. Price, 10 .
s.T of Agricultiual Research is of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced
SiiiaimE eondy. Free distribution is limited to certain libraries and to institutions or departments doing
n imasrl werk. The Superintendent of Documents will receive subscription for this publication; $4 a year,
d~iestic; $5.2a year foreign. Eacbarticle in the Journal is reprinted as a "separate." The number of
keo' its ior separates is limited. They are distributed free to those desiring them as long as the supply lasts.
i Vol. 38, No. 11, June 1, 1929, illus. Price, 20t.
S tWlestdic stimulation of plant growth.-(G-669). G. N. Collins, L. H. Flint, and J. W. McLane.
...i'+* A(.riterion of the'differentiation of varieties or of experimental areas with respect to their capacity to
III:0 seedling stands of cotton.-(G-672). J. Arthur Harris, George J. Harrison, and Edna K.
a Smuts and rusts produced in cereals by hypodermic injection of inoculum.-(O-673). Marion
Griffiths Zehner and Harry B. Humphrey.
Aphodiusa rawariua (Coleoptera), an intermediate host for IHymenolepis carioca (Cestoda).-(A-129).
frMyrna F. Jones.
The effect of the digestive processes of animals on the viability of corn and sorghum smut spores.-
(Kans.-S6). C. H. Ficke and L. E. Melchers.
SNatural crossing between oat plants of hybrid origin.-(W. Va.-5). R.. Garber and M. M. Hoover.
SVol. 38, No. 12, June 15, 1929, illus. Price, 20t.
a theological symptoms in legumes caused by the potato leaf hopper. (G-671). John Monteith, jr.,
'dZ., A. Hollowell.
Frit-bud development in the tung-oil tree. (Fla.-3). Charles E. Abbott.
Effect of lime materials on the outgo of sulphur from Hagerstown silt loam soil. (Va. (Blacks-
lIrg)-7). W. B. Ellett and H. H. Hill.
Vol. 39, No. 1, July 1, 1929, illus. Price, 200.
': "'i' elopmnent: of flower and seed in some varieties of sugar cane.-(G-648) Ernst Artschwager,
B. W. Brandes, and Ruth Colvin Starrett.
Sulphur-spray residues and the swelling of tin cans packed with peaches.-(G-677). C. W. Cul-
pepper and H. Moon.
T Studies on Sc&ertium ro.fsii, with special reference to the metabolic interchange between soil in-
Iabitants.-s(Ahk.-14.) H. R. Rosen and Luther Shaw.
The'rate of spread of potato virus diseases in western Nebraska.-(Nebr.-8). R. W. Goss.
The respiration factor in the deterioration of fresh vegetables at room temperature.-(Okla.-13).
Marjorie P. Benoy.
; 'Vol. 39, No. 2, July 15, 1929, illus. Price, 200.
A physiological study of rooting and callusing. in apple and willow.-(G-670). Charles F. Swingle
Occurrence of the zonate-eyespot fungus Hleninthoaporium giganteum on some additional grasses.-
S (0-684). Charles Dreschsler.
" ... Modification of western yellow pine root systems by fertilizing the soil at different depths in the
mursery.-(F-45). W. G. Wahlenberg.
The use of dressed-beef appraisals in measuring the market desirability of beef cattle.-(Tex.-7)
Ity L. Lunh, W. H. Black, and A. T. Simple.
-::. his publication contains (1) meteorological contributions and bibliography, (2) an interpretative
m"ammary and charts of the weather of the month in the United States, and on adjacent oceans, and
;.:i'. (3) climatological tables dealing with the weather of the month. The contributions are principally
afolows (a) Results of observational or.-research work in meteorology carried on in the United States
o other parts of the world;,(b) abstracts of important meteorological papers and books; and
) hob s. The subscription price is a1.e0 a year, domMtic; $2.25 a year, foreign; payable to the Super-
Itaendnt of Documents, God0rnment Printing Office Washington, D. C.
iYo. 5*7, No. 3, March, 1929. Pp. 85-126, illus. Price, 150.

"' :
::E.: .'<1 .

.'s .' "':. '., '




*' : *

This Spage weekly publication contains official orders an jia
the activities of the department, and such other matter as A 'wld 15
and others who have to do with the department' woirk.. 't*fre iC -
ployees, official cooperators, and the press. It may be purchad 'ts
Qoverpmept Printing Office, for 50 a year. .
Vol. 8, No. 27, July 4, 1929.
Vol. 8, No. 28, July 11, 1929. :. *. :. fl
Vol. 8, No. 29, July 18, 1929. .. :,.i
V.ol. 8, No. .30,. July 25, 1929.' ... .' ,. i": .
U. B UC. Q ADS .' ... ,, [ r ., ..
The results of invaetiwationu relating to the physical ad economic problems of road
by the Bureau of Publi; Roads and oontribabors odutdde the bureau are made saivlable i
through this medium. Free distributjis is.restricted to ,tate and. county
ipllaning or constructing public bighwys; Instidctks in 'higIwntateLgfa ng.l
exchange basis. The subscription prioj .$l a year, donegatie;, $1,fla ear, to~
intendent of Documents, Govermeni nt ing OCfie,,Wsht D.,C.
Vol. 10, No. 4. Pp. 65-84. June, 1929. Pride;, .'O 0. ,'I" :
.. \-" .. .; 4 4. ,*
Mechanics of progressive cracking in concrete pavements. By B. M. Wetergaard ....
Efset of type and gradation of coarse aggrgate upoqthe arregthos f eqn. ia. .BRB*,
A.weekly outlook forthe-various zones, preparedst andbdiatri btedh.~a
Bureau, as follows: Washington, D. C. (district; North and W i
Atlantic and East Oulf8:tates; district Ohio Valeyag nd i
ern Plains and WestultS taetes) ;Chicagoi B l. (distLit 5, egionet Wiat es
and lower Missouri Valleys: district 7, northern and central Great Plains);
ern Rocky Mountain region; district 9, southern it ocky Mountat ani P i
Calif. (district 10, far Western States). Limited edite f' Nfi fail tt(
For the period July 8-13. July 4, -1929.
For the period July 15-20. July 13, 1929.
For'. '22-27. July 20, 1929. .' ':.: .':; ii
For the period July 29-Aug. 3. July 27, 1929:. .1
S WEKEM WEATHER AND C ,B OP;'..., .: Z$Xld ,", I
*. .. n ; *<* ; ..,-r,.. ..?:c* ]*... i .im il^N' U
This publication gives detailed weather conditions of preceding eefc :
crops and farm options. In addition, it shows the variation of tepern
week, total rainfafor the season in ~inparisab jwith nornia~PIofitLIouussnaoiti
ness. The price is 50 a year, payable to the Superintendent of Documaentsw,
SWashington D. i. .. ..: : : n
For the week ended July 2. No. 27. ~ulyir 1.92 :, "'
For the week ended July 9.' No. 10, 980 .i '
pr 'the week ended uly. 1. NOR 1. 1:: ri
er the week endedJiy .2. I '% 24,
Ju 1 !'" 9 ."
****::.... ... .......Q.

": 0 K:"." ..':?,;- ii 6.

M....:. *: .:.: : ....



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ii!* '*
;;"- .:


: i :,. ., 11111.'1"11 l 11111 1 0111111111111
x 93 1262 08
: ." .. .I ..:... ." ".. .'.. _:-....

pressure over the eastern. oh Athnrt c and western *IBto.----A.'i*
S. : SI .. a .. -: ,i .' t... i: i n ".
ho. ... ...a

,Projections for w rd map.- ari.n ..... ..,.: ; .:

Wetad dry northeon.-I.a annehilA.rt iwtrwatwew*ka
A critical test of te plranery hypothesis of Bapweptg..A.4 trsf

V Tornadoes 4 Wistwtfim, April, 1929.-W; P. 1te2-7iPt. iuisk OU ."8'"
P c for worl ma .. Mar'.. .

Hail one April 21, -J. T Kendall, W:::. E. Barr B;r. I ,':; ,
Tptaoem in W 4 April 119-. p. Ste**t. q, '.
Projections for world aad w, e

Wet and dry northers.--l. n. u ; ..4 '2 3.j.. i..: [ {: .. .

Tornadoes In, Ark" nsas, April, CI116. I. .. 2... .z.. v. ., t;t ir#"n ::''1
4. ._. .. ,
Tornadoes in W is ,-W.,P ,.... ., ..... .
Hail on April 21, U.2Kedall W E. a'r.ruf t d 4. "
Squalls with rising barometer at Rosesbrg, Oreg,-; g.- 4tcq er, ..: u. ; .:

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