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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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November 1922
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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or Street No------------------------

*.. : : 4,
: fTown--------------- ---------------

:$ted States Department of Agriculture,


S, [NoVEMBEl, 1922.]


Sno remittances to the U. S. Department of Agriculture.

lpy. of the publications; listed herein, except those otherwise
obtained free' upon application to the Chief of the Division of
VUsited States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.
S:department's supply lists.
ipartmient's supply isa exhausted, publications can still be
the'Superintendent of documents, Government Printing Office,
tfti,. C., but by purchase illy, and at the prices noted herein.
Te.ittanices- to the Sup6rintendent of Documents direct. His
lpae*of the Departmeat of Agriculture.
4 *eit a84 the Tdepartment!s somewhat limited supply of the current num-
l...uletlis lasts. they maybe obtained by all applicants free of charge.
alr te at 5 cents per copy tnless otherwise noted.
1~ bti nd- flPoanuas t oebooms. By Flora W. Patterson and Vera K.
,Met OSefi Drpathmlogitl Collections, Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp.
.el en J i'd 1s22. (1F erhst' Bulletin 796.)
'l:.ei lpdetribtiution.
i~~e t, ubCa ute. By Frdnk W. Farley, Senior Animal Hushandman.
taeisn- Bureau of Ainimal Industry. Pp. 14, figs. 16. Revised

i ie Farum. By J. A. Gamble. Market Milk Specialist, Dairy
t nHlimatlndustry. P t. 16, figs. 8. Revised October. 1922. (Farm-

t.i. iby thM M Eb*. By George W. Pope, Veterinary Inspector,
Sjj .!f ot Animal Industry. Pp. 4, figs. 6. Revised October,
e a.... I. ...
i fari If.Ls, Veterinary Inspector, Zoological Division,
Pp. 28, fl. 11. Revised SeptembeN 1922. (Farmers
eg lk aneltb g mange and suggests methods of. eradication.
KIige Husbandry Division. Pp. 22, figs. 18. Con-
nustry, June, 1922. (Farmrs' Bulletin 1868.)
f eea Farmers' Bulletin 765.
Henderson, Junior Agricultural Economist,
Jiculturt] Economics. Pp. 51, figs. 11. Octo-
e cents.
Sand describe briefly the land in the United
tell the prospective settler something about
types of farming prevailing in the different
apply for information.
er junior Agricultural Econoist, Office of.
SPp. 24. July, 1922. (Farmers' Bulletn.
ih arile when dairy farms are rea ed on

... :... i. .... J r "E ii:" .

','o ..... .. .. ..

2 .9

The Velvet Bean. By C. V. Piper. Agrostologist in Charge, and W. J. Morse, Agronomist l
Office of Forage-Crop Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp. 27, figs. 14.
(Farmers' Bulletin 1276.) .
A revision and extension of Farmers' Bulletin 962. 1r
Plain Concrete for Farm Use. By T. A. H. Miller, Agricultural Engineer, Division ot
Agricultural Engineering, Bureau of Public Roads. Pp. 27, figs. 19. October, 1922.
(Farmers' Bulletin 1279.) :
This bulletin discusses the requirements of good concrete and describes the making
and placing of plain concrete according to best practice.
Apple-Orchard Renovation. By H. P. Gould, Pomologist. Office of Horticultural and
Pomological Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp. 32, figs. 25. October, 1922. ..
(Farmers' Bulletin 1284.)
Of interest to persons who are anxious to renovate an apple orchard that has been "
mismanaged or neglected. -.:.:..'
The Red-Necked Raspberry Cane-Borer. By F. HI. Chittenden. Entomologist in Charge, .
Truck-Crop Insect Investigations, Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 5, figs. 5. September, ii
1922. (Farmers' Bulletin 1886.)
This bulletin describes the injurious work of the red-necked raspberry cane-borer, dis- ..
cusses its seasonal history and habits, and gives a remedy for its control.
The Bulk Handling of Grain. By E. N. Bates, lpvestigator in Grain Handling, and A. L.
Rush, formerly Investigator in Bulk Grain Handling, Grain Investigations. Bureau of
Agricultural Economics. Pp. 22, figs. 17. October, 1922. (Farmers' Bulletin 1890.)
Discusses the advantages derived from handling grain in bulk rather than in bags. ..
Prepared with special reference to the Pacific Coast States. .
rt-The publications listed below are technical or scientific bulletins applying to a spe-
cial industry or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be furnished free to persons
who can use such specialized information as long as the supply lasts.
The Microscopical Examination of Flour. By George L. Keenan, Microanalyst, and Mary
A. Lyons, Microanalyst, Microchemical Laboratory. Pp. 32. Contribution from the
Bureau of Chemistry. Revised August, 1922. (Department Bulletin 839.) Price, 5
tents. ::a
Of interest to chemists and food inspectors. ..r
Portland Cement Concrete Roads. By James T. Voshell. and R. E. Toms, Bureau of
Public Roads. Pp. 07, figs. 15, pls. 10. October 21, 1922. (Department Bulletin 10il,)
Price, 15 cents.
The purpose of this bulletin is to supply reliable information on the subject of con-
crete pavements for the use of highway engineers and others interested in the il-*
provement of public roads. 'i
Beaver Habits, Beaver Control and Possibilities in Beaver Farming. By Vernon Bailey,
Chief Field Naturalist, Division of Biological Investigations, Bureau of Biological Buyr- -
vey. Pp. 31, figs. 7, pls. 7. October 18, 1922. (Department Bulletin 1078.) Price.
15 cents. -.
Discusses methods of dealing with beavers when their operations conflict with agri' ":
culture and other human activities, methods of transporting them to localities where.. -::
they may le conserved as a valuable and interesting natural resource, and methods of
utilizing them as an important supplement to the fur supply by establishing them. I .
suitable climates, particularly in certain waste lands and other areas unsuited to l
agriculture. .
The Production of Tulip Bulbs, By David Griffiths, Horticulturist, Office of Hortieol- .:"i
tural and Pomological Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp. 48, pis. 20. :
October 19, 1922. (Department Bulletin 1088.) Price, 20 cents.
Contains directions for the production of tulip bulbs on a commercial scale, and..
discusses the future of the tulip bulb industry in America.
Alfalfa Root Studies. By Samuel Garver, Assistant Agrostologist, Bureau of Plant In- "
dustry. Pp. 28. figs. 19. (Professional Paper.) Nov. 3, 1922. (Department Bhulletin
1087.) Price, 10 cents. .i
This bulletin, as results of experiments conducted at the Redfield Field Station a in
South Dakota under varying conditions, shows that the main factors tending to pro-
duce modifications in tap roots of Alfalfa are soil, cultural treatment, and injuries. "|;
Life History of the Kangaroo Rat. (Dipodomys pectabilis spectabilis Merriam.) By. .
Charles T. Vorhics, Entomologist, Agricultural Experiment Station, Univerit of
Arizona; and Walter 1'. Taylor, Assistant Biologist, Bureau of Biological Survey, U. S.
Department of Agriculture. Pp. 40, pls. 9, figs. 3. (Professional Paper.) Septembr
13, 1922. (Department Bulletin 1091.) Price, 15 cents.
Contains a summary of the results of investigations of the relation of a subsseoqes .
of Kangaroo rat to tbh carrying capacity of the open ranges, being one phase.of a
general study of the life histories of rodent groups as they affect agriculture, forestry. ,
and grazing.
Impounding Water in a Bayou to Control Breeding of Malaria Mosquitoes. By D, L.
Van Dine, Entomologist. Investigations of Insects Affecting the Health of Man, .
Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 22. figs. 2, pls. 9. October 20, 1922. (Department Balf- :::
tin 1098.) Price, 15 cents. .
This bulletin discusses the methods used in and results obtained by impo dil4g ai
water in the bayous of the lower Mississippi delta region in order to control malai- i t
development. iji
Unit Requirements for Producing Market Milk in Delaware. By J. B. Baiu, Market Milk
Specialist, and Ralph P. Ilotis. Assistant Market Milk Specialist, Dairy Division,
Bureau of Animal Industry. Pp. 16. Nov. 2, 1922. (Department Bulletin 1101.)
Price, 5 cents.
Discusses the cost of producing and marketing milk in Delaware.. .:.
Legal Phases of Cooperative Associations. By L. S. Hulbert, Assistant in Cooperatiue l
Marketing, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Pp. 74. October 23, 1922. (.iSt-
ment Bulletin 1106.) Price, 15 cents.
A discussion of the legal phases found in the decisions, of courts -of last reStart
in this country, relative to cooperative associations. The Frinciples applied an .. n-.
nounced in these decisions are set forth in the bulletin, together with referen t !'~ : :'-
the cases cited. .:...

: ... : ..*.. .....


lisi .. or t eMI e l lSntisaMoan f Ie rgaie Salts. By William H.-Fry, Scientist
bii" "InaveButeens, Bureau of oi1ls. Pp. 22. November 6, 1922. (Depart-
S.cifa 3i U Sa310 Price, 5 cents.
Or Iftu ie to camits and investigators.
..... a' e ritLtta~ mr ,s By O. B. Cook, Bionomist in Charge of the Office c
F:! .lattlrtan and Awatptatlon Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry. PPf
i:Noivember 2 1922. (epartmnst ulletin 1111.) Price, 10 eents.
A dlicnau in of the advantages that are derived when one variety of cotton is
*,,iii '. : 4l f it asingle community.
i?: i t and Stac-Bnur of Rise and the Hot-Water Seed Treatment. By W. H.
S:PathdVlogist in Charge of Smut Investigations Office of Cereal Investigation.s
a reau of Plant Industry. .p. 11 pls. 6, figs. 2. (Professional Paper.) November
S32. t(Department Balletin Ilia) Price 10 cents.
I" Vvktionlg ,the ingredients for Ice Cream and Other Frozen Products by the Balance
:: aL By 0 1T. Williams, Dairy Manufacturing Specialist, Dairy Division Bureau
Animal industry. Pp. 13. November 6, 1922. (Department Bulletin 1128s. Price,
5 cents.
"::.. A technieal disessiqon of a method of calculating mixes of ice cream and other
frozen products. Of interest to manufacturers of such products.
to.:. e ut ag of Mill reeds. By G. C. Wheeler, Investigator in Feed Marketing, Bu-
i j .. e Acurltural Economies. Pp. 20, fig. 1. November 20, 1922. (Department
I:g. M a ) Price, 6 cents.
S A disecueio which aims to acquaint dairymen with the various phases of feed
.. .rm tit.g, enabling them to purchase their feed more advantageously and at the same
time place them in a position to determine with little effort what prices they should
S pay for Straight feeds delivered at their station.
i. raIMhd Bfarley, A Superior Variety for Irrigated Land. By Harry V. Harlan, Merritt N.
I and Louis C. Aicher Offie of Cereal Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry.
i.' p. figs. 2. October, 1922. (Department Circular 208.) Price, 5 cents.
s aA dlssion of experiments conducted to determine the yields of Trebl Barley under
varying conditions.
SIt e-Steakc Industry in Senth America. By L. B. Burk. Bureau of Agricultural
Economics and E. Z. Russell, Bureau of Animal Industry. Pp. 30, figs. 24. October,
1922. (Department Circular 888.) .Price, 5 cents.
A discussion of the present development of the live-stock industry of Argentina,
Ur mgay, Brazil, and Chile. Of interest to live-stock exporters and breeders.
u diw. Ealts Laboratory. Issued by the U. 8. Forest Service. Pp. 47, figs. 23. June,
S apartmentt Circular 881.) Price, 15 cents.
A brief account of the work and aims of the Forest Products Laboratory of Madison,
!f:Ma:::'nal Foreats of New Mexlea. Prepared in the U. S. Forest Service. Pp. 21, figs.
.& October 1922. (Department Circular 240,) Price, 5 cents.
W i faitmity of Pima Cotton. By Thomas EI. Kearney. Physiologist in Charge, Office
S a;,'i Alkali and Drought Resistant Plant Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp.
i. October, 1922. (Depa tmea t Circular 7.,) Price, 5 tents.
Deecribea- the methods which are used in the Salt River Valley of Arizona In pro
'Si:lsag pure planting seed of Pima long-etaple cotton and in conserving the uniformity
i eI. th6 variety.
a's .iR.uSu I n Gueam By Glen Brigs, Agronomist. Pp. 28, pis. 9. November 4, 1922.
: Bl.e..t ealG Arisultarsl Experiment Station.) Price, 10 cents.
iMnauaBii Cre for ouam. By Glen Briggs, Agronomlst. Pp. 29, pls. 14. August,
I" -. (ulle No. 4, Guam Agricultural Experiment Station. Price, cents.
,.:~R :: UsejOuif *e Virgin Islands Agricultural Experiment Station, 1921. By Johb B. Thomp-
ii;, Agronomist in Charge. Pp. 24, pIs. 3. October, 1922. Price, 5 cents.
Experiment Station Record. Vol. 47, No. 3, Abstract Number. October, 1922. Pp. 201-
':: 800. Price, 10 cents.
iip... i Vol. 47, No. 4. Pp. 301-400. September, 1922. Price, 10 cents.
: !;.' R.-The Record is a technical review of the world's scientific literature pertaining
p:1..', to a:riculture, issued in 2 volumes a year, 10 numbers each. Its free distribution is rc-
lii:: tcted to persons connected with the agricultural colleges, experiment stations, and
i! ..ilar institutions and to libraries and exchanges. The subscription price is 75 cents a
.i...volame (foreign subscriptions, 51.25 a volume), payable to the Superintendent of Docu-
.: entrs. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.
The Ofcial Record. Vol. 1, Nos. 44 to 48, November 1. 8, 15. 22. and 29. 1922.
S This publication carries official announcements and information concerning the
work of the department in general and of the various bureaus.
"Wii weather, Crops and Markets. Vol. 2, Nos. 19 to 22, November 4, 11, 18, and 25, 1922.
This publication is issued weekly and combines three important regular periodicals
S heretofore issued as The Market Reporter, The Monthly Crop Reporter, and the Na-
S tlonal Weather and Crop Bulletin, and which has been discontinued. The free distri-
S butionis restricted to individuals and institutions who are assisting the Department in
S disseminating information connected with agriculture.
S Others desiring publication can purchase it from the Superintendent of Documents,
i the subscription price being $1.00 a year. Address remittance to that official.
I:"..e. i.tuests efor soil surveys are referred to the Bureau of Soils for attention, the
id. ofe_ egntrolled that bureau.
0101L,:, ..-... 9.mibS:alm 11 s im T. Carter and M. W. Beck. Pp. 58, fig.
S*BB ot--. 0. S.a, 13 16) Price, 15 cents.

i iiiig : iii :!ih i :.'!::" '!' .','i!:i ,,:;:..i ,: :.. .,: :;. ,..:.. .." .


lUlllllllllllllllAlllll 1
3 1262 08903

Boil Survey of the El Centro Area, California. By A. T. StrahtT0, 0~ :-." i r
Kocher, and E. C. Eckmann, of the U. B. Department of Agricul't | '
mon, of the University of California. Pp. 59, pis. 4, fig. 1, ma p.( r
1918. ) Price, 25 cents.
Soil Survey of Frederick County, Maryland. By W. 3. Latimer atnd R.-.
of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, and 0. C. Bruce, of the M
tural Experiment Station. Pp. 82, fig. 1, map. (From F. S0 Boils, .B11r l
Soil Survey of Mitchell County, Georgia. By David D. Long, of the G.g'ai
lege of Agriculture and Mark Baldwin, Earl D. Fowler, H. W. Hawker, aitfl
of the U. S. Department of Agriculture., Pp. 37, fig. 1, map. (Frtom P, 0
Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Nicholas County, West Virginia. By S. W. Phillips. Pp., 31, fig. -i:
(From F. 0, Soils, 1920.) Price, 15 cents. ..
Soil Survey of Orange County, Florida. By J. E. Dunn, Mark Baldwin, anll Cf
Mooney. Pp. 25, fig. 1, map. (From F, 0. Soils, 1919.) Price,- 16 cents. .'. "
These contain only information, instruction, and notices governing the Aord tfea
the food and drugs act, meat inspection, 28-hour, and quarantine laws, and the I" ""
regulations of the department. Ibsued monthly by certain bureaus. Fr-ee i
is limited to persons th the employ of the department, to public officials w* Oe t!
render it necessary for them to have such information, to journals especially e
and to manufacturers and firms whose business is affected by same. Othene
copies are respectfully referred to the Superintendent of Documents, GovernmentE
Office, who has thetm for sale only at prices noted.
Bureau of Animal Industry. No..186. October, 1922. Pp. 113-124. Nov lmbei aj i
Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Chemistry. Supplement 140. Notices of Judgments 10451-10500. Be
15, 1922. Price, cents.
Same. Supplement 143. Notices of Judgments 10601-10650. Pp. 339-367. 'i.
8,. 1922. Price, cents.
Federal Horticultural Board, No. 72. January-June, 1922. Pp. 09.. October. 24
Price, 10 cents. : .: I
Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only- from the Chief of te-'
Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,- t`th
noted herein. .. .. .-
Monthly Weather Review. Vol. 50, No. 8. August, 1922. Pp. 393-451, figjse
9. Price, 15 cents -a: opy, $1'.50 a' year. Payale to the' SpetiaenMat d"I
ments. :
Special Articles: The earth's atmosphere as a circular orter. Bj".A.' .
J. Bjcrknes and H. Solberg on meteorological conditions for the forma ton f'
A. J. Henry.-Precipitatioh in Oregon. By H. L. -Wells.-The rainfall of
A. J. Henry.-The Etesiens. By J. S. Paraikevopoulos.-Relation of 'subligUht l:
development. By G. D. Hearn.-Temperature of air in the ice cavern of 10i
D. L. Steiner.-Severe storms near West Chester, Pa.-The Charldtteaville(:1:i:-
tornado of August 7, 1922. By A. W. Giles. .
NOTE.-The Monthly Weather Review is sent free to cooperating meteor.
Ices, universities and institutions of learning..which offer courses 'of il
meteorology, and to a limited number of 'individuals and students liteo
science of meteorology who make application for the Review, addrpssueft 'Ib
the U. S. Weather Bureau and showing sufficient reasons why they shholff d? '
free of cost.

Chief, Div 4slo o7 'P

R E. ..... .
". "O" ".'e. ,i. .
.. ..r

.::-' fi

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